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Located inside Rewind Laser Clinic, 1600 Regent Ave W #5, Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B5, Canada




Timeless Beauty Dermaspa is a Skin care clinic located at Located inside Rewind Laser Clinic, 1600 Regent Ave W #5, Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B5, Canada. It has received 74 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of Timeless Beauty Dermaspa: Located inside Rewind Laser Clinic, 1600 Regent Ave W #5, Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B5, Canada

  • Timeless Beauty Dermaspa has 5.0 stars from 74 reviews

  • Skin care clinic

  • "I had my first custom facial with Mel and it was amazing"

    "I have had my fair shares of facials and scheduled my very first appointment with Mel last week out of panic"

    "This review is long overdue"

    "I just had a microneedeling appointment, Mel was amazing, very welcoming and friendly felt like I’ve known her for years she really makes you feel comfortable"

    "I’ve been seeing Mel for over three years for regular Fire & Ice Facials"


  • Jina C

I had my first custom facial with Mel and it was amazing. I unfortunately showed up very late due to not being able to find the location, and Mel accommodated my facial perfectly to address the most problematic concerns I had. She was so informative. She accessed all the products I was using, and my skincare routine, and advised me with her knowledge and expertise to finally target and get rid of my acne that I have been struggling with since I was a teenager. After my first facial I already saw improvements the next day with my inflammatory acne on my cheeks and forehead. Not only did she perform a soothing facial, but she gave me so much great advice and product recommendations. I bought them all and I cannot wait to come back in a month! Skin care was an investment I was not willing to make. But dealing with problematic skin for over five years really takes a toll on your self esteem and mental health. I am happy I was recommended to Mel. Mel was really assuring and confident we can work together to address my concerns and I trust it! The studio is very nice and clean.

  • Sarah Rogalsky

I have had my fair shares of facials and scheduled my very first appointment with Mel last week out of panic. My skin was angry, reactive and I had spent the evening before picking at it. Mel was warm, kind, funny and non judgmental. She went over what would take place at my facial and focused on calming my skin. I typically leave facials with a tomato red face as my skin is sensitive and reactive - this did not happen with Mel. I have never had a more effective yet gentle facial. Mel focuses on REPAIRING your skin barrier and does the most gentle extractions. A holistic facial if you will. My skin and myself left my appointment feeling much more calm. I can't wait for my next facial with Mel to continue to build on what she/we achieved during our first appointment. I can't recommend Mel enough. FINALLY, a true skin care specialist in Winnipeg that you can trust your face with.

  • Abigail Leigh

This review is long overdue. When you go to timeless beauty dermaspa, you are getting so much more than a facial. Are the facials great? Yes. Customized to your skin’s needs? Yes. (Trust me, I have the world’s most sensitive skin) Beyond that, though, Mel is clearly not only passionate about what she does, but her clients as well. She is empathetic, generous with her time, beyond accommodating, easy to talk to, and instantly makes you feel seen and heard. She is basically an aesthetician, therapist, and friend all in one. At this point I’m not really sure why you’re still reading this... go see Mel and find out for yourself!

  • Nevada Santa

I just had a microneedeling appointment, Mel was amazing, very welcoming and friendly felt like I’ve known her for years she really makes you feel comfortable. Very professional with explaining everything going on, such as products and preparing you for next steps. I had purchased the microneedeling a couple years ago on an amazing deal before the pandemic happened and she was the one to remind me about my pre paid apt almost 2 years after. (Most places would hope you forgot haha) Top service she really knows her stuff and takes pride in her research only using products she fully trusts. Very clean and nice spa as well.

  • Allison Kennedy

I’ve been seeing Mel for over three years for regular Fire & Ice Facials. I’ve followed her around the city and would follow her pretty much anywhere. It’s been a pleasure watching Mel grow her business and blossom into a true expert, all while following her passion. Her facials leave my skin glowing and her facial massage is perfection. She knows all her products inside and out and can educate as well as make your skin glow. I’ve recently started bringing my teenage son and she’s done wonders treating his skin and gently reinforcing the importance of a skin care routine. Five star experience, each and every time.

  • Lisa Webinger

I've never taken myself for a facial and didn't know what to expect. Mel is warm, engaging and welcoming. From the moment you set foot in the studio, until the moment you leave, she is tending to you on so many levels. She explains each step as she carries them out, and the room you're in is inviting, soothing and relaxing. You can't help but feel you've known her your entire life. My skin was rejuvenated and glowing, and my soul benefited as well. I was so relaxed and felt peaceful, well into the next day. I will be making this a regular part of my skincare regiment now. I cannot recommend her enough!

  • Danah Allyssa SanRam

Initially went here because of the good review and my face needs a lil TLC (tender, love and care) lol.. seriously though I have bumpy skin and acne break out so I know it’s time…I had a facial (blackheads and whiteheads removal) and high frequency treatment, I was happy with the overall service. Mel is really accomodating, always set my expectations in terms of the treatment that I am getting. The place is clean and hygieni.. Few days after the treatment my skin is no longer as bumpy.. in fact it’s no longer as bumpy. . I am definitely going back!

  • Keo

Mel was extremely kind and caring from start to finish. The level of detail she puts into the facial is nothing short of amazing. She paid attention to exactly what my skin needed and the entire process was pleasant and relaxing. My skin has never felt this healthy and I’ve never felt this comfortable in my own skin. I have not worn foundation in 2 years and people tell me I look younger now than I ever have before I started getting facials from Mel. 10/10 would recommend her services to anyone. What a wonderful beautiful person.

  • Susanne Hickey

I am so excited since I have had my 3rd treatment for the sun damage and discoloration on my face. I cant even notice it anymore. I have had other services that are equally as Impressive, as someone who smoked for 25 years and quit I got my teeth whitened and went from a color scale of 18 to now a 6, I am definitely not shy to smile anymore. My confidence is boosted, I feel great about my skin, it's looking more vibrant and youthful. I highly recommend this buisness and Mel, thank you for giving me my confidence back!

  • Anna Medina

I have never had a facial in my entire life before meeting Mel, because I don’t trust my skin with other people. I went through really bad acne during my teens and early 20s and since then I’ve always babied my skin. So you can tell how nervous I was to get this facial! But I couldn’t be happier that I chose Mel! She is amazing at what she does and she takes the time to educate you on proper skincare. She is not salesy and I love that about her, made me feel really comfortable. Will definitely be seeing her again!

  • Oyindamola Soremekun

It’s my first time seeing Mel and I am very happy to start my Skin Journey with her and can’t wait to see the growth of my skin overtime. She is very gentle with the skin and I like that she carries you along with whatever she is doing on your skin.She also makes sure to ask if you are not hurting, overall I would say if you are coming to Mel you are definitely in safe hands. She is amazing!!!!❤️ and please make sure you support her business .

  • Ali Strank

Mel is nothing short of amazing. A fantastic human, through and through. Each time I come see Mel, she pumps me up, and I leave feeling incredible. Her facial massages are truly revolutionary, and next level relaxation. Just such an incredible soul, it's all the best self care you could possibly need, rolled into an hour with a good friend. 12/10 would recommend...even though more people seeing Mel means it's harder for me to see her!

  • Cee Marie

Im a Very shy person, this was my first facial in almost 40 years cause I could never bring myself to go. She was amazing, she's so calming and just the sweetest little thing. She'll now be seeing me on a regular.!! She knows exactly what she's doing and is absolutely passionate about helping women build their confidence. If you can, always try to Support Local Businesses and I'd definitely recommend Melanie!

  • Ashleigh Steckly

I have been going for regular custom facials with Mel and using the IS Clinical products for awhile now and I have never felt more beautiful in my skin then I do right now!! Not only are the products amazing (my skin has never looked better) but so is she!!! She is professional, knowledgeable and her passion for what she does really shows!! She is the best and I will be a regular customer for life!! ❤

  • Roslyn Nicole

I had a custom facial with Mel, and I loved her services. Very nice location, very relaxing and clean. As a first time visit with her, she walked me through each step of the facial, I really enjoyed the experience, she was very passionate and knowledgeable. The experience was really relaxing :) Most importantly, my skin has felt wonderful in the days to follow, and I will definitely be a regular!

  • Genevieve DeGagne

I’ve been going to see Mel for both her IS Fire and Ice facials, as well as dermaplaning. I have pretty sensitive skin and Mel was so gentle and amazing. Keeping in mind my sensitivity, all of my concerns were addressed. We came up with an amazing and affordable skin care routine. Me being more on the fair side as well, Mel had amazing recommendations on how to keep my skin glowing.

  • Erica Daniels

I have been a client of Mel for almost a year now and she is amazing. She has done extensive research on the various types of skin, treatments and products and truly cares about the health of your skin. Each time I leave, my skin feels so much healthier and and notice a huge difference that lasts. So grateful to have found Mel at Timeless Beauty. Please go see her!

  • Leslie Hobson-Wilson

I don't have anything specifically wrong with my skin however, I had made the decision to start seeing someone to start taking better care of my skin and I AM SO HAPPY I CHOSE MEL. She is very knowledgeable, passionate and professional. My appointments might be quick but Mel's service leaves my skin glowing for literally days! I'm obsessed and highly recommend!

  • C G

Mel is the Best! She always gives that extra care and service and makes me feel important and special. I truly enjoy my micro needling sessions with her and my skin is always clearer, tighter and rejuvenated after! 100% recommend Mel at Timeless Beauty Dermaspa, and micro needling! She also carries IsClinical products which I use and love and recommend!

  • Brenda K

I had a total facial and microdermabrasion done on my face. It was WONDERFUL! Mel is so professional, dedicated, caring, and the service was 10/10! I definitely will be back and bringing friends! You MUST book to see Mel and her magic fingers! She is one of the best for her services! BOOk NOW and enjoy the pampering and excellent professional services!

  • C P

I recently had a custom facial with dermaplaning at Timeless Beauty Derma spa and it was amazing! Mel provides a relaxing and safe space for you to unwind and enjoy the services she provides. She explains everything as she is going and you can tell she truly loves what she does. The face and neck massage are wonderful. Will definitely be booking again!

  • nikki bosica

Mel is amazing at what she does. She was waiting for me when I got there and explained everything from start to finish for my custom facial. My skin feels AMAZING. She works with what you want and what works with your schedule and your every day life to help you find something that works for you. 100% recommend her. I can’t wait to go back!

  • Kate Garcia

My facial with Mel was everything I didn’t know I needed - from the gentle and nourishing products she used, to the massage and education she provided throughout my service, everything was perfect! 5 days later and I’m noticing my skin looks tighter and feels much more hydrated. I’m excited for my monthly facials going forward.

  • Brooke S

I've been seeing Mel for a year now, and I'm so happy I found her. She has helped my skin with her services,and product recommendations. Mel is honest, and trustworthy. Her space is clean, and comfortable. You can tell she's incredibly passionate, and it shows in her work. I recommend her to everyone!

  • mannat kaur

I went to this location to go get my facial done and met Melanie. It was a pleasure meeting her from the moment I said hi to her. She was very personable and made me feel comfortable and pampered. Would definitely visit again. The service was done very professionally and beautifully. Thank you …

  • Rebecca Bae

Went for a custom facial and to replenish my isclinical products. Was recommended by a friend and was not disappointed. Mel is so friendly and has a soothing presence. The facial helped clear up a pesky acne breakout and also got some samples for products which I have purchased the full size of.

  • Katy P

I got the Fire and Ice Facial from Mel. My partner commented on my glow when I walked into the house! She is so knowledgeable and answered all my skin care questions Can’t wait to go back, I’m looking forward to trying the micro-needling in the future. Thanks Mel!!

  • Tara Lynn Frykas

Mel is such a warm and welcoming presence. From the moment you walk in her door, you know you're in good hands. She's very attentive to your skincare needs, and also speaks to you as though you've been friends for a long time. Thanks for the great experience Mel!

  • Tiffany Lagace

This was my first time going to see Mel. She was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Super informative about the products being used and she's so friendly to chat with during the treatment! I'll definitely be booking again in the future

  • Rachelle Fedora

I booked a Fire & Ice Facial with Mel and it was amazing! She explained every step along the way and is very knowledgeable about skin care. I would highly recommend Mel and am looking forward to future services at Timeless Beauty Dermaspa!

  • Nicole McLennan

This is the first time I’ve left a facial actually feeling relaxed! Mel was informative, intentional and super down to earth; that really set the tone for such a fantastic experience. I’m so happy with the results already!

  • S Alsop

I saw Mel yesterday for a Custom Facial and Dermaplaning, I am already looking forward to my next appointment. She was kind, attentive and very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. Definitely give her a shot!

  • Michelle Wallace

Visited Timeless Beauty this week for the first time. Mel is incredibly knowledgeable and thoroughly explained everything that she was doing during my Fire and Ice facial. I'll definitely be back. My skin feels amazing!

  • Deanne Sutherland

I have been going to Mel consistently on a monthly basis and her facial services have improved my skin to the point I feel great going out without any makeup. She is a sweetheart and it is a joy to see her every month.

  • Key Oh

Mel is the only I person I trust with my skin! Nothing but good things to say. I always recommend her to my friends + family. Thank you for pampering me and making me feel brand new every appointment!! …


Mel has hands of an angel! I did not want to leave or for the experience to be over. I left with my skin feeling so hydrated, glowing and all one beautiful tone. I will be rebooking very soon. Thank you Mel!

  • Tamara LeBreton

I had the best facial ever from Mel!! She was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable! The experience was so much better then going to a spa where you are just a number! I would highly recommend her!

  • Bree-Ann Merritt

My skin feels so much better and it's still glowing a few days later! Mel was amazing and made me feel super comfortable during my first fire and ice facial. Definitely recommend her! Will be back for sure.

  • Sarah Deblaere

Mel is magic at what she does! She has helped my skin heal from sun damage, ace and hyperpigmentation. She does the best neck and face massage at the end. I highly recommend seeing this sweet lady.

  • Kateri Phillips

Mel is the absolute Queen of skincare. Look no further because you found the perfect person to treat your skin well. I've been going to her for over a year now and I will never go anywhere else.

  • Kathleen Dela Ysla

Mel is a very beautiful and kind woman she takes good care of me and my skin is so perfect now! I CAN FINALLY GO OUT WITHOUT MAKE UP! THANKS MEL FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO …

  • Alisen Kotyk

I had a lactic peel with Mel and she was just lovely. She went out of her way to make sure it would be safe while I was also having IPL done. I felt very taken care of with her.

  • Pawanpreet Kaur

Looking for professional Dermatologist and therapist? Visit Mel - Such a warm welcoming person who dont just help heal the skin but also help kill the demons - Thank you Mel

  • Crystal M

Mel is so kind and amazing! She walked me through derma-planing and the facial I got. She’s so sweet and makes sure I’m Comfortable. I am a life long customer for sure!

  • Nicole Webster

Mel is amazing at what she does and really loves her profession. She uses the best products and truly cares about her clients and their needs. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Emily J Barnowich

Mel is the BEST. She always gives the best experience and is so knowledgeable. She makes sure you’re comfortable the entire time. Best facial experience I’ve had!!!

  • Precious Gabriel

She was really nice and really helpful. The treatment that she did for my severe acne is already showing results after three days! 10/10 would recommend!

  • Renel Houle

Melanie was amazing! I felt so relaxed & comfortable. She really knows what she’s doing & gives great massages, so I’ll be definitely be going back :)

  • Benjamin Kissock

Went for my first facial. It was amazing and I felt totally comfortable and relaxed. Will definitely recommend to anyone looking to treat themselves

  • April Klippenstein

Mel is amazing. I always leave with radiant skin and after a couple sessions my skin has improved drastically! I 100% trust Mel with my skin. …

  • Kelsey Forbes

Mel was great! She was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I will definitively be back for another facial! Very affordable which is a plus!!

  • Susan Kirton

Mel is so attentive and knowledgeable. She customizes your facial for your face. I highly recommend you book an appointment soon. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • garry fidler

This was my first time at Timeless Beauty and my Fire and Ice Facial. My skin is still glowing. Mel was great and I’ll definitely be back

  • Jackie

I received a custom facial from Mel, and I’m looking forward to going back, it’s was relaxing and she was professional and sweet.

  • Julie and Kelsey

I hadn’t had a facial in years so I was nervous, Mel was great!! From the beginning to the end she made me feel very comfortable.

  • Julia Scott

This was my first getting a dermaplaning and a facial my face feels so soft and relaxed, I'm going back there again thank you.

  • Jennifer Hay

Mel is amazing! She is so knowledgeable about skin care and the entire experience is so relaxing. My skin just glows!

  • Ally Papko

Mel was amazing! Will be going back for sure. My skin looks and feels great, very happy with my experience!

  • Ana

I saw Mel for a facial and it was a great experience. My skin feels amazing and I will definitely be back!

  • Aynsley Strocen

Mel is extremely informative, knowledgeable and helpful. We will definitely be going to see her again.

  • Chantel Phillips

The facial and treatments were amazing!!! The ladies were wonderful. I would highly recommend.

  • Naomi Johnson

I highly recommend Mel. She is caring and knows her stuff. Makes my skin glows everytime.

  • Magda Chmurzynski

Mel was fantastic! So kind, personable, informative, amazing at what she does! ❤️

  • Carina Harris

Great experience ! Will be back for sure :)

  • brittaney bruce

Amazing facial :)

  • Heather Dixon
  • Marlee Olafson
  • Ashley Furlong
  • Sherry Dunn
  • Dan Duong
  • Beverly Bukich
  • xX Clarity Xx
  • Jan M
  • kaylee plante

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