The Grapevine Bar

823 reviews

2213 Butler St, Dallas, TX 75235



The Grapevine Bar is a Lounge located at 2213 Butler St, Dallas, TX 75235. It has received 823 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





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  • The address of The Grapevine Bar: 2213 Butler St, Dallas, TX 75235

  • The Grapevine Bar has 4.5 stars from 823 reviews

  • Lounge

  • "Outsider looking in"

    "Only because the Drink was Peachy and Amazing "

    "I've only been to the Grapevine Bar for about 20 minutes so here is my review"

    "Talk about a dive (in a good way)"

    "I normally have a great time at this establishment"


  • Liz Sadlo

Outsider looking in. Pros: If you're looking for that dive bar atmosphere, this is YOUR place. LGBTQ super friendly- this is what saved their rating from being zero stars. They offer a variety of good drinks and places within their establishment to park your butt to enjoy them - inside on a cozy couch, in the pool room, on the roof top, in the backyard while shooting hoops or just in the outdoors with a group of buddies. It's a very versatile place. Cons: I come from the service industry, as a bartender. It pains me to write this about my own kind - a bartender. I bought 3 rounds of drinks $5 drink credit card tipped $2 cash $5 drink credit card tipped $2 cash $9 drinks credit card tipped $5 cash I prefer to tip in cash because I know what it's like to have IRS in my business (wink) in a service industry that is worked hard and given very little credit. Let me do the math for you, I tipped at 47%. And this is the back lash I got. The bartender told a regular that I had tipped zero, and that regular customer confronted me! I politely told that customer that my credit card slip shows zero but the cash I left tells a different story and I didn't see what business it was of theirs to be questioning me on how to spend my money. After the regular left the area, the bartender came over to apologize for the situation. While I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, his apology was weightless and unmoving. He waited for his regular to leave before he did anything about it because he lied straight to his regular. That bartender was most likely looking to get us kicked out (like others have mentioned in recent reviews). I didn't tip based on personality or positive interaction - which is what a tip is based on. If I had, he would have gotten $zero. I tried to understand their frozen drinks and I just got their names. That didn't help much so I just ordered. I'm from out of town so thankfully this place is in my rearview mirror. This is my 3rd visit and each time has been to celebrate a local birthday. I don't know if there will be future visits but I can guarantee I won't be spending my money at this establishment. In today's time, with inflation not matching income, this bartender should treat his visitors just like his regulars and learn to be more truthful. To the owner, it's a good thing you're standing with a watchful eye because greedy bartenders like this are probably taking from you too!

  • Ms Tae

Only because the Drink was Peachy and Amazing .. . it was a good place to go to meet in a Public place.. from what I can tell.... the Dream team here is very friendly.. Energetic....and High Vibes... how ever... the kool Treehouse vibe.. and awesome small crowd was over shadowed by the female bartender.. with lost of energy...liicking her arms and hands..a bottle maybe..while explaining something to someone..very weired vibe... right before she notice me signaling for an ice breaker while waitning to ask about the Peach Balini that everyone is talking about... .. then she fixed my drink even after I asked to wait for the guy to fix it.... after staring at me Long enough to guess my bra size. Lol.. not really.. Anyways ... . She didn't wash her hands.. I was soo nervous for my first meet so... I just grabbed the drink..paid then walked away to find my vibe... till my ❤️ came a rushing in.. I overlooked the first impression and enjoyed my amazing night I didn't know was waiting on me. However.. it's a kool place to host girls night out or .. to go shoot some hoops and play a bored game..or cards.. or what ever it is that keeps the great vibes rolling...maybe shoot some pool... . I only stayed about 20 mins.. didn't finish drink.. there is no food here for the foodie.. not sure if they will let an Event Host like myself host an event here... but the vibes was definitely there.. Selfie vibes on Deck... They card at the door.. which is awesome.. There's many options to choose from when focusing on the kool details of the place. .. In just 20 minutes.. and a bit if Akwardness. I give this place a 8 out of 10... But I must say .. after this post.. parking will be hard to find.. I'm also an Lyft Driver and I will be blessing this spot with travelers.. so please put on your new undies.. go down to the Grapevine and tell them Ms.Tae sent'cha.. And save me some Peach Balinies

  • George Denton

I've only been to the Grapevine Bar for about 20 minutes so here is my review. All in all the atmosphere was decent and drinks were decent. My wife was having a stressful night and went to the restroom to collect herself. Her friend went in to console her and the bouncer immediately kicked all of us out because they have 1 person in the restroom at a time policy. They were happy to charge us for the drinks we couldn't envoy. Needless to say my already upset wife was further devastated being kicked out of a bar for the first time in her life, and we won't be returning based on their lack of sensitivity. We came to the bar to forget our worries and luckily we have many other options for better drinks and friendlier staff. You also have options, why not exercise them? I would recommend choosing somewhere that has a bigger bathroom because you risk getting kicked out when consoling a sad friend just because this bar has small restrooms. It may be a policy at lots of places, the way they handled the situation was amateur and inappropriate.

  • Graham Kist

Talk about a dive (in a good way). I stopped in just at the end of happy hour. It feels like you are stepping into some kind of grotto. There are multiple rooms, one with a pool table, different kinds of furniture, and a huge backyard outdoor area complete with basketball court. It wasn't too lively when I stopped in, so it was easy to get around, but I can imagine it getting packed later at night, especially on the weekends. Not sure what to get to drink, I wanted to try something specific to Grapevine. The bartender was a little curt, but I was also being indecisive. I went with the frozen margarita slushy, It was hot that day and I was in the mood for something refreshing. It was sold, a little tart, and a little sweet, (a little too much so for my taste, but that is personal preference.) Since I was by myself I didn't stay for too long, but it is a unique spot to stop in.

  • Leilani Smith

I normally have a great time at this establishment. Monday night I came in for a quick drink. 30 minutes later...Came out and someone had backed into my vehicle. Returning inside, I calmly asked to speak with a manager. Can't remember what her name was but she was behind the bar and blonde. I asked if there were cameras in the parking lot, so I can have information for a police report and insurance information. I was basically told in an extremely rude manner that there was nothing that she could or WOULD do. I was then followed out by a bouncer and this same manager. I'm 5'4 130lbs. Was it supposed to be intimidating? Also what was the point of you coming out if you WON'T help. I will not be returning to this establishment.

  • John Scott

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place yet.  I've only been once or twice *snicker* but they seem to have the whole bar thing down. Ok, truth be told, I come here just about everyday.  The bartenders are the best in the business, the drinks are cheap and strong, and the crowd is amazing.  A lot of bars that you walk into, just have bad energy.  You feel this weight on you and don't know why.  This place is the complete opposite.  When I'm having a bad day (lately it seems to be too many of those), all I have to do is come in here, and I immediately feel better.  There is just such a great vibe to this place. In conclusion, strong drink, low price, and great energy.

  • Sally Someone

I didn't have food here. Didn't even know they sold food. The bartender was awesome. I unfortunately went when it was slower so it was kind of empty. I loved that they had 2 pool tables, a basketball court, a seating area outside. The decor was great. Did give me gay bar vibes lol lots of couches to sit cozily next to someone. A music machine (I don't know the real name lol) and what looked like a stage. The bathrooms were cool, spacious and clean. And the price for drinks were not expensive at all. The parking lot was semi small and right off butler. Overall a cute bar.
Price per person
Food: 3
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4

  • trace hutton

I've been an old regular at the Vine for a long time. Its always been a place I could go to every night and meet someone new or show up once a year and hang out with old friends. Anyone can go and feel comfortable. With Covid its a little slower paced and not as easy to meet new people, but once you've walked through the door, your a Viner and you'll understand how it feels to belong unconditionally. They are open and always looking forward to serving new people. Just a side note., I never expected to, but I did meet my beautifully Wife there 17 years ago. Hope to see you there!

  • A Boling

This is a cool spot with cheap drinks. Pretty small indoors but the outdoor area is awesome. A lot of covered porch with heating, roof top seating, and a hoop that usually has basketballs. There's a pool table although I don't think its full size, electronic juke box, and frozen peach Bellinis that I get on the regular. Staff is great and friendly, one of my favorite local spots! The bathroom situation is odd, some indoors and outdoors but nice to have more then one. This spot is a gem, sad to hear they're moving but excited to see what the new spot will look like!

  • Richard Thomas

Really should be rated as a Top 5 bar in Dallas. It's just divey enough to make everyone comfortable. Great bartenders that pour a well made drink. Good selection of beers. Patio is a blast and everyone seems to be having fun when they are there. The little pool table in a cramped room makes it perfect to socialize and enjoy easy going pool matches. I enjoy all the comments from the peanut gallery when playing and meeting new friends. Basically everything a good bar should be. I hope it never changes.

  • Danny Egger

Cool little dive bar spot in a convenient location in Dallas. My wife and I stopped for drinks after her flight. About a 10 minute drive from Love Field. When we first walked in, seemed a little cramped and was pretty loud but we settled into it pretty quickly. It was comfortable, good music playing on the jukebox, friendly patrons and bartenders who know their stuff. Would definetly like to go back and experience the outside patio. Will return!!

  • Warbird Phoenix

A interesting mix of a small cozy dark lounge and dive bar. A hidden lgbtq+ and all gem for those who simply want to relax with a favorate spirit whether be it with friends or alone. A outside area is included in the back which is friendly for smokers and vapers with a second bar station complimenting the inside one for a overall great hangout spot off the beaten path in oaklawn. A very good choice to break from the mainstream nightlife.

  • Sergio Buchanan

The Grapevine Bar has been around for decades. One of my favorite hole in the wall bars in Dallas. If you want to shoot hoops in a lopsided basketball hoop or just sit back and watch the game this is a great spot. You must try the cumberf*ck drink, be careful though it's tasty but deceivingly strong. Take care of your bar tenders. They work hard for you, they'll treat you right but if you're a douche they aren't afraid to call you out.

  • Richard Para Jr.

The only reason this place even got any stars is because the staff was friendly and the patio would probably be cool in the right weather. The place was 100% a dive bar... The interior was small, cramped and water was literally pouring through the side door. They had to use a broom to push it back outside. It reminded me of many of the bars I went to in college... So if you're into that, then this is your spot!

  • Chelsey Evans

I LOVE THIS BAR. As a recent transplant to Dallas I was concerned about finding a good neighborhood bar to unwind at like I had in my last city. This place met my needs and more. It has a great variety of (cheap) drinks, great spaces to hang out, and a diverse crowd. We love the all day happy hours and being able to take friends here when they visit on weekends. I would recommend this to everyone.

  • Danny Slaughter

Look I love a dive bar. I love the prices, I love that it’s no expectations. But this bar is more of a dive than I expected and felt just dirty. The drink prices were admittedly very good, but you have to temper your expectations before going in. Maybe I’m overly sensitive since COVID has led to many places into a cleaning frenzy but it didn’t meet the expectation from the reviews I read here

  • Brandon Rose

The Bartenders are great and they make their drinks strong. They also have two patios one on the roof top and one on the ground level that is partially covered. They also have a basketball hoop as well.. they also have a pool table but it’s kind of in a cramped area with seating around it so it’s kind of hard to play pool.. this place is good place to just relax and have a cold beer!

  • Saint Cuba

Cool place, indie vibes and decent priced drinks. Would go back but somehow my card got "lost" and bartender had no idea where it was. When I mentioned I would just freeze my card he told me that I shouldn't. Big Red Flag. He was a white guy, he turned off the music in the bar after I asked if he knew where my card was and got defensive. Besides the theif everything else was good.

  • Harold Norsic

Excellent staff, service & drinks! Seriously, a great place. Good music, a nice vibe, and the people behind the bar know what you want to drink when you say "surprise me." I'd give ten stars if I could. The bathrooms & security are lowkey, but absolutely top notch. I cannot say enough good things about this place, and the staff that make it an amazing place to hang out.

  • Ceasar Ruiz

Thus is the new location for this venue that has been around since 1996. It's kept its charm charisma & eclecticism. You have to come and have Kevin make you a drink. Don't forget to sat hello to Alicia, Grapevine's very 1st employee.
Price per person
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
We Don't Serve Food

  • She MyBee

This bar has the one of my favorite places for over 10 years. such a incredible group of people conglomerate here from all walks of life from all styles of living it makes me proud. There's never a dull moment and for the most part everybody is friendly and welcoming and a lot of fun. and you got to love the Felix on the side of the building.

  • Christina Mansaray

My husband and I went here last weekend to grab a quick drink before exploring the area. The two gentlemen who worked there were great, giving us advice on where to enjoy our evening as we are new to the area and were very helpful when we asked for suggestions. The drinks were also cheaper than expected which is a big plus.

  • Franshayon Daniels

This place was real cool and laid back.. I loved the atmosphere & the vibe in there. I didn't get any food so no feedback on the food. Service was very quick and you didn't have to stand there and wait in no long line to get a drink. Awesome Place
Price per person
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Kevin Nicholson

A Dallas must. Fantastic mix of peoples in laid back surroundings. Vintage, throw back furniture and music from every decade add to the coolness of this bar. Huge patio perfect for daytime cocktails or late night party groups. Don't miss it!
Price per person
Recommended dishes
We Don't Serve Food

  • Daphne Norton

Not great. Someone tried to fight my son's girlfriend, and not one of the bartenders or managers was the slightest bit concerned! We had to leave since the only people keeping him from attacking her were his friends. What guy tries to fight a girl? Sketchy place. Won't be back.
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 3

  • Garrett Monroe

Grapevine is a great place to get your weekend started. The drinks are good, the bartenders are friendly, the patio is fun, and the atmosphere is inviting. Me and my friends love going here and we always have a great time when we are there. If you’re interested in a pick up game of b-ball Grapevine has you covered.

  • B.W. Hamilton

Great dive bar with a diverse crowd, zero pretense and delicious (but dangerous) frozen cocktails. There's a full bar and the draft beer list is small, but perfect, with some of the best local craft beers period. Huge back patio and cozy rooftop deck for good weather days and a fantastic jukebox for indoor ones.

  • ayren ratbane

These people are the best!! I work in business and these people are extremely down to earth, hospitable, and willing to help address problems that arise within their patrons in a reasonable and hospitable manner. I saw them in action today and was extremely impressed. Thank you so much for being awesome.

  • Oshone Malik C.S.1

We had a great time and we're new to the festivities of Dallas area. The drinks are good too,but we have not eaten there yet!? Juke DJ's made the selections so bring plenty of change!! Small and petite until you walk past the table.. outside the bar with heating! We will return!! OMS …

  • Hannah Asaff

I will definitely go back here again! Very cool bar - small inside with huge, funky outdoor space. When I went on a Thursday night, drinks were poured nice and strong. Another perk is that they have table service, which I wouldn't expect from a place with such a dive-y vibe. Highly recommend!

  • Josh Gause

Awesome "dive", but with a great atmosphere at the same time. They have good drinks, an outdoor patio with a rooftop patio as well. Outside they have a basketball court and interesting lighting fixtures. Inside is a vintage decor with years of use that makes it that much more charming.

  • Dayna Meixell

Fun, quirky neighborhood Hotspot. Shaded Outdoir patio with hoop, and rooftop seating underneath the stars. Friendly, skilled bartenders. Pool table, jukebox and eclectic decor. I love this little dive! A little advice- they're super busy! Use "facilities" at home before arrival.

  • Joshua Curry

Outdoor, Indoor - a great dive-esque bar for your chill needs :) everyone is nice, the atmosphere is nice, the drinks are good, and the other patrons are nice. I have a nice time drinking here :) plus, bring a basketball and shoot some hoops!!

  • Jr Ram

We were in the area dropping off a car for service so did a search on patio bars in the area. We walked into Grapevine bar, first time there and when my wife and I walked up to bar tender I asked him if bar in outside patio was open. He was

  • Orlando aguilar

Renewed my drivers license and only had my paper ID which is a legal document. I got reject at the bar by the bartender who has served me many times without checking my ID in the past. We ordered a round of 6 drinks but only carded 3, what

  • Keith May

The best little dive bar in Dallas (and probably in the whole state ofTexas). This has been my go-to spot since they opened their doors in the late 90's. It has grown over the years, but still has that authentic dive quality. On any given

  • Ann Carter

This is my first time at the new location. We went Halloween weekend and had a good time. People watching and hearing live band! Will definitely be back. It is a different atmosphere. I feel then the other location that was smaller. More

  • Nic D251

I enjoyed the place. Google shows they have food. I was advised they don't serve food but previously had a food truck that would serve there. I further was advised they don't mind you bringing "outside " food. e.g. Pizza delivery, etc..

  • The M’s

We had some great pomegranate frozen drinks here last weekend. The atmosphere was fun and friendly, and the music was a great mix of everything from 80s to today stuff. Appreciated the comfortable seating in the main lounge. I dig it!

  • Jim H

Good drinks and nice friendly staff. The crowd is very mixed, missing only pushy rude kids. Straight, gay, others, various ethnicities and creeds or whatever. I was comfortable there. Can get a little festive, but it’s a bar, right!?

  • Kassie Durham

Been there 4 times now, both daytime and nighttime. Pleasant and poppin' environment either way. Wonderful staff/ bartenders/ waitresses. I will continue to visit regularly. Happy hour all day on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

  • Olive B

Love visiting this hole in the wall. Funky atmosphere and good drinks. 2 things to note- they are NOT dog friendly, inside or outside on the patio. And they do not serve food but you can bring your own and have with drinks.

  • Tammy Lasagna

Great place for live music. Plenty of bartenders to keep up with the crowd, good selection of beer and booze, friendly staff. Sound engineering is good, which is important for the live music. Overall, we love it.

  • Andrea Pickard

Eclectic mix of people, strong strong frozen drinks, non gender conforming bathrooms, outside patio with lights, pool table is fun. Overall, fantastic place. I’ve had many tangeritas and I hope to have 100 more.

  • Lara Bernhardt

Frankie’s has a really cool space downstairs called The Underground for private parties with a full bar, stage, tv’s…could probably host 100ish people. Right in the heart of lots of fun downtown Dallas locals.

  • Jay Garrett

Had a blast with a very special lady there. Nice ambiance, ratchet old pool tables old speakers old chairs and not so old crowd. Basketball outside and affordable drinks even for a non-alcoholic like myself.

  • Nickalaus P Swan Swan APRN AGACNP-BC FNP-BC

Awesome atmosphere, best cozy dive bar in Dallas, people from all walks of life come here and everyone is welcome, great happy hours, you are guaranteed to meet new people and have a great time for sure !

  • Rin Derdimaj

Pretty good place. Liked the rooftop seating although it is a little unfortunate it's sided by a massive billboard. Was my first time here and I enjoyed it overall. I'll go back if I'm in the area.

  • Kenn Youngar

This needs to be on everyone's radar when looking for a great time. Chill atmosphere, eclectic crowd and friendliest of staff. Been coming here for almost 20 years and it keeps getting better.

  • Lori Matthews

I have been here many times in the past 16 or so years. It is an old shabby dive with a good mix of tunes playing. Good selection of beers on tap. The 2 story patio is what makes the place.

  • Angela Kaseopaya

it's kinda small, 1 pool table, but good music and the outdoor bartender was great. everyone is welcome, so if you can't handle being around a variety of people don't go, it's not for you.

  • Kelly Meeker Mecca

We (my husband & I) went last saturday night, and it was a great time. Very mixed crowd, really friendly people & staff, & our server (LORI) was AMAZING. Thank u for a night to remember.

  • jared shaffer

I've lived in dallas 20+ years. This spot is slightly divey but has a great upside. Friendly staff, big patio, a basketball goal, rooftop, and good music. Never had a bad time here.

  • David Helsem

Very comfy, eclectic mix of a bar. The bartenders are great, and the clientele can be a fun mixed bag. Happy hour all day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I always enjoy going there.

  • Matthew Cutright

Great dive bar!! Simple yet quality selections of beer, and the juke box is great!! The patio is the star of the show, complete with a basketball hoop for some great outdoor fun!

  • Glenn P

A new era has begun and the venue is great. This is a great spot to play basketball and grab drinks.
Price per person
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4

  • SF Klein

The new location is nice. Owners have tried really hard to carry the vibe of the old location over. The beer garden is great, and overall the new place is much bigger.

  • Nic R.

The new location is AMAZING. More space, great layout and affordable delicious cocktails. BEST DIVE BAR IN DFW. All are welcome to the bar. Cool laid back vibes

  • k a

Love this place! Thought I lost my beanie here Thurs Dec 22 but called and they didn't have it. If anyone sees a multicolor hand-woven beanie please let me know :)

  • Travis Springer

Definitely caters to the queer crowd. Not very welcoming
Food: 1
Service: 2
Atmosphere: 2
Recommended dishes
We Don't Serve Food

  • Zack Wilde Handley (Revenue Growth Advisor)

People watching and a great jukebox. Small pool table, lots of outdoor seating, and a surprisingly busy basketball half court....oh yeah and Strong Drinks.

  • Cole April

A wonderful experience. I visited from Mobile Alabama and this place is pretty cool. The drinks were very tasty and atmosphere was very calm & relaxing.

  • xlotuseater

The patio area was great. The uncovered area has a basketball court too. The best part is the bartenders though. They're extremely nice and friendly.

  • Kinzington McElvain

Well, the night we were bar hopping, we happened upon this tiny building that said the Grapevine on it. And we proceeded to drink and have fun!

  • Aub Driver

Excellent little nightclub spot! One of the few friendly bars of it's kind in the neighborhood. Definitely will stop back in for a stiff one.

  • Brian Dao

Cool little dive bar, affordable drinks, and the fact they have a basketball net in the back is very nice! Great for a chill afternoon/night.

  • Chelby Rhoades

Great ambience and great drinks! You can choose to hang out inside, outside, or head up to the roof which is a great place to bring a date.

  • Lewis

If y'all don't bring back the mylar wall, I'll change my rating to 4*. I love y'all.
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • K J

Great neighborhood bar with a unique atmosphere and affordable drinks. Its so sad they're closing after almost 3 decades of being there.

  • Alex Ojeda

Cool little bar with outside sitting, I don’t really live in Dallas to have a full opinion, but the staff was friendly and accommodating

  • Javier Howard

Awesome, eclectic vibes. Great service. Basketball court in the back is pretty unique. Would be a regular here if I lived here.

  • Carolyn Solis

I went to the old Grapevine and loved it. This place is 10 times as big, but a great place. The even kept the basketball goal!

  • Virdinell Henry

First visit but not my last. Omg they have a basketball court in a bar. Too cool!!! The staff friendly and professional

  • Jacob Ramjeet

My fav spot for a chill time for the past 21+ yrs. Possibly the best patio in town. The staff are amazingly friendly.

  • Elvira Rojas

Loved the atmosphere and the drinks were on point! The bartenders know what they’re doing and prices were good

  • Sam H

Great dive bar, sad to see it move, but excited to see what they do at the new location!
Atmosphere: 4

  • Eric Lear

They always serve them up right here! Play some billiards, relax on the patio. Nice vibe at this place.

  • Randy Diel

I mean, there's a basketball court out back of the bar.
Price per person
Service: 5

  • KC Williams

Nice chilled spot, court out back was pleasant.
Price per person
Atmosphere: 5

  • Tabbitha Garcia

Mama is perfect and amazing. Waiter was great too. Bartender was extremely rude and lost my card.

  • Silvio Rodrigues

I just loved this place, the drinks are amazing, they have a nice rooftop, and great back yard.

  • Mike Sheldon

A fun little place with good drinks and friendly atmosphere.
Price per person

  • Jimmy Nguyen

Great bar with great service, don't forget to check out the back area when you visit here.

  • Santiago Ortiz

Wish I had taken photos, what a cool atmosphere and you have to try the Bellini!

  • Cami R

Very eclectic vibe. Awesome affordable drinks and great music in the jukebox.

  • Robert Nelson Strobel

Great outdoor space. Weekend afternoons here go by far too quickly.

  • Daniel Morales

Always a nice place to meet up with friends or make new ones.

  • Allison Armstrong

Wonderful atmosphere, large selection

  • Hayley Austin

Excellent atmosphere and service! :D

  • Aron McLeod

Great bar, good prices

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