The Granville Strip

348 reviews

1050 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L5, Canada



The Granville Strip is a Adult entertainment club located at 1050 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L5, Canada. It has received 348 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of The Granville Strip: 1050 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L5, Canada

  • The Granville Strip has 4.4 stars from 348 reviews

  • Adult entertainment club

  • "I recently visited a performance-oriented gentleman's club that reminded me of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and I must say, it was a truly unforgettable experience"

    "I visited here with a group of friends tonight, and unfortunately, the overall experience left much to be desired"

    "I love to visit this club when I’m in Vancouver"

    "We had a wonderful time at this club"

    "I had a rather unpleasant experience at this club a few days ago"


  • John Pan

I recently visited a performance-oriented gentleman's club that reminded me of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and I must say, it was a truly unforgettable experience. This establishment deserves nothing less than a five-star rating for its exceptional service, incredible atmosphere, and world-class entertainment. From the moment I stepped inside, I was blown away by the stunning decor. The Bourbon Street-inspired design was both elegant and vibrant, with rich colors and intricate details that set the mood for a night of indulgence and excitement. The attention to detail was impressive, with every aspect of the club meticulously designed to create an unforgettable experience. But what really made this club stand out was the incredible performances. The talented dancers were truly breathtaking, with skill and artistry that left me in awe. Each performance was unique and engaging, with a level of energy and enthusiasm that kept me on the edge of my seat all night long. The staff at this club were also top-notch, providing exceptional service and catering to every need. From the attentive waitstaff to the knowledgeable bartenders, every member of the team was dedicated to ensuring that guests had an incredible time. Overall, I cannot recommend this performance-oriented gentleman's club enough. It is the perfect destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable night out, with world-class entertainment, exceptional service, and stunning decor that transports you to a world of indulgence and excitement. Five stars all around!

  • lala baba

I visited here with a group of friends tonight, and unfortunately, the overall experience left much to be desired. While we were there to enjoy some leisure time and the atmosphere, a particular incident with one of the dancers soured the entire evening. About 9pm, one of my friends, who is naturally shy, hesitated when approached by a dancer for a paid service. Instead of handling the situation with tact and understanding, the dancer's attitude took a turn for the worse. She rudely remarked, "You must pay something here, not just watch the naked dancer for free." This not only displayed a lack of professionalism but also left us feeling disrespected and unwelcome. Moreover, the dancer's choice of attire was questionable, and her long blonde hair under the dim lighting only added to the unpleasant atmosphere. It's disappointing to encounter such behavior in a place that should be focused on providing entertainment and enjoyment. Our experience was marred by this incident, and I would caution others to be wary of the less-than-friendly atmosphere created by some of the staff. Except this rude lady, all other people working here are so nice and professional.

  • Jake T

I love to visit this club when I’m in Vancouver. I always have a great time and it’s so nice to see some of the same girls on stage who I’ve seen before, they keep getting better and better. Love this place so much - and I’ve been to a lot of strip clubs on my travels. You guys are definitely my favorite one. I don’t normally leave reviews on individual girls because all the women at this place are 5 stars, but I just felt like I needed to drop a note cause I was super impressed. Last time I was in, there was an awesome dancer on stage, I’m bad with names but I THINK it was Veronica?? Anyway, I’m a classic rock guy so I was immediately hooked by the music - but man, this girl could dance. I personally have no idea how pole dancing works, and how she was able to do the things she was doing, but I could tell she was a fricken expert - I was so impressed by her moves! And she was hella beautiful. I’ll definitely be back to see her and all the other amazing girls when I’m in town next. Thanks for a good time guys!

  • Man C

We had a wonderful time at this club. All of the staff were incredibly personable and welcoming. The drinks were top notch and the overall environment was very fun. The GoGo dancers were amazing, and were my favourite part of the night. My partner and I had a joint lap dance, and this is the only reason for a lower than 5 star rating. The dancer was quite friendly, explained the rules, and that we were paying for one full song of dancing. She started half way through a song, instead of waiting for the next one to begin. I assumed the dance would continue into a portion of the next song to cover missing the first half of the song she began dancing to. This did not happen. We were both very disappointed. While I would definitely come back here, I wouldn’t get another lap dance.

  • Morvarid Salehi

I had a rather unpleasant experience at this club a few days ago. While I don't mind tipping staff for their services, I found the approach here to be quite aggressive. After tipping the dancers, I was approached by three different staff members, including bouncers and a massage therapist (I do not know why someone in her position should even do that), who insisted I give more tip. They claimed to have been monitoring me for 30 minutes (although this was not true) and said I had only 5 minutes to comply. It seems there's an unwritten rule at this place where people are pressured into tipping. This type of behavior left me feeling uncomfortable and not inclined to return. I believe in fair tipping practices, but the pushiness and tactics used here were definitely off-putting.

  • Biplov Baral

One of the classiest strip places I have been to period. The only time I have came out of a strip club and felt classy about it. Nate and rest of their door crew are friendly and welcoming, the girls are super pleasing to the eyes, and not pushy (makes a huge difference), the drinks server was super helpful, bartender super friendly and the drinks were on point. The whole vibe of the place is immaculate, and have not had a better experience before. Can’t recommend this place enough. Also, Elina made me feel some ways with that dance and Claire is a sweetheart. This place is a definite CAN’T MISS!!!

  • Patki Tawtananna

I love the fact that I have found a space where I could feel safe and be myself, without being judged. When I visited I felt safe and like I found a place where I would fit in. They are very welcoming and understanding. The employees and staff were very sweet and pleasant, and helped me relax. I had a lot of fun, and was in awe of the entertainers dancing skills, and skill at working with the patrons. They didn't shun me for being low income, they still talked to me and were kind.

  • Jack Kerr

I was at the Granville Strip last night and I was lucky enough to have Allison as my server. She’s a great server, super easy on the eyes, the nicest person and a ton-o-fun! What more do you want? The dancers and lap dancers are all little hotties and super nice too. The Granville Strip is a lot of fun but Allison makes it that much more fun! She’s a charmer! Cold beer and hot chicks, it’s the perfect combo. Thanks for making my night! ✌️

  • Curtis Brown

I had a great first-time experience here!! The bouncer was very friendly and helpful. Nate was amazing overall and even was nice enough to wave the entry fee for my birthday. Great vibes all around, and the tone with how welcoming and friendly everyone working here was definitely all fantastic!! Lots of talented performances, and I would definitely recommend everyone check out this place cause I certainly will be coming back for sure.

  • ZigzagZephyr 2018

I had an amazing time at Granville Strip! The atmosphere was electric, the dancers were friendly, and the highlight was the private dance with April. She's a gem, with mesmerizing moves and incredible charisma. The club's vibrant energy, stylish decor, and fantastic music make it a must-visit. Highly recommend for a night out in Vancouver! Thanks to April for an unforgettable experience! ;)

  • G-rant Make it better

We were visiting some friends downtown and ventured into The Strip with our very mixed group and had the best time. The talent was top notch and the music had us out of our seats. The go-go dancers were mesmerizing and set the tone for a fun night. I highly recommend this as a destination to start or end any fun night out. Seeing the dancers master the 3 story pole is worth the visit alone.

  • Jason Hunter

Amazing venue. Always do our guys nights here and have a blast. Servers are great and the time there is always enjoyable. Layla always puts on a fantastic show, treats her body as a temple, and all the hard work shows on stage and in appearances.  10 out of 10.  Get your money's worth and more.

  • Lillian S

Amazing place!!! Dancers were super nice, (and incredibly hot) and the bouncers were very nice too. Nate even let my friend in for free because it was his birthday!! Beautiful club, beautiful people. Definitely would recommend checking it out if your in the area and looking for a fun time.

  • Amanda Leigh

This space is a little slice of Vegas! Loved seeing the different types of entertainment, including showgirls in between the adult acts. Dancers are so under represented in this city, so I really loved seeing both strippers, and gogo dancers in the same space.

  • Tania Halmi

Nate was the first person we met heading in and he was great! Made my girls and I feel comfortable and welcomed. Let us know what it will be like inside and made our first time at Granville strip a great experience!! Will definitely be coming back:))

  • Neige Kelly

My friends and I recently visited Granville Strip and had the time of our lives! It was our first strip experience and we would gladly go back. We were lucky enough to be greeted at the front by Nate who was absolutely great! See you soon!

  • Rick Grimes

Having visited Granville Strip on two separate occasions, I can confidently say that it has consistently delivered a great time. The vibrant atmosphere and energetic ambiance make it an ideal spot for a night out. The staff's friendly and

  • Bruno Lopez

Good set and beautiful girls, however 2 things, I didn’t know you cannot touch or spank a girl while tipping, for me that was first time ever know thats its not allowed, an innocent mistake, however the guy came and started shouted at me

  • Jasmine T.

I had a great first time experience here! It was good vibes all around and Nate and Terry really set the tone with how welcoming and friendly everyone working here was. Lots of talented performances and I would definitely come back again!

  • Amanda Williams

We had an amazing experience at this strip club. One of the most professional clubs we’ve been to. Clean with great service. Terry at the front was very sociable and kind to us when we entered. Unfortunately I didn’t get his name but the

  • Alexis Larson

I came here for the first time for my best friends 19th birthday. Overall it was a great experience and I’ve come 3 more times since. One of the girls recognizes me every time and it genuinely makes me feel so special. It warms my heart

  • Ana Frenkel

I had a great time at this club, I would definitely come back someday. Very safe and professional with some amazing dancers. I felt very well taken care of. The staff and the owner have been wonderful and the shows were stunning!

  • Cassey Barron

Nate was super accommodating for my first ever strip club experience! He went above and beyond to provide me with an unforgettable first. He situated both my friends and I in the comfort of a private booth with primo viewing.

  • AIDS aiden carlson

Such an amazing establishment! The women are beautiful and the bouncers are awesome! Terry and Nate were very welcoming and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this night club to anyone! By far the best strip club on Granville!!

  • Edgar Morales

Got my first massage from Dana, and man, was it amazing. I definitely recommend coming just for the massage, but the girls are amazing at the same time. Best massage with a view come thru if you have never been before.

  • Tatiana Rensmaag

Loveliest establishment and employees!! Beautiful women, and nate and terry at the door are the most wonderful bouncers and are incredibly professional and lovely - 5 stars 10/10 best club on granville by far!!

  • Raieli Kage

The doorman was named Nate, and he was very respectful and nice to us. The room is nicely decorated and the women are talented. The staff are all super nice and it was generally a good experience

  • Shubra Gupta

Visited this establishment recently and was impressed by the inviting atmosphere. The staff was courteous, and the overall experience was enjoyable. It's a well-managed venue with a good vibe

  • Envy Clean

Took some friend here, it was very entertaining watching the girls, and cool to see a light show, also the girls seemed to be having fun on stage, unlike other clubs. Great club! …

  • JR S

Such a cool spot. The super high stage and tease showgirls in the cages remind me of Vegas. Definitely the best in Vancouver. Chefs kiss to those ladies outside. Absolutely stunning.

  • Kevin Alec

Really enjoy this place. Very addictive especially the girls. I'll keep coming back and introduce more friends to this great establishment. The doorman are very welcoming staff!

  • James Kan

When you feel stress need to relax, a tripped show will bring you out of pressure. Take a spot and seat down, get a drink. Watch the show, relax! Cash or credit, all good.

  • Gerry st cyr

When I’m in Vancouver this is a must stop for us, we go for the massage, Dana has amazing hands and is always so nice, oh and the girls are good also …

  • Ruby Turner

I came for my 19th birthday and it did not disappoint. Nate that works there took great care of my friends and I and we had so much fun. 10/10.

  • Tyrese Norris

First time at a strip club & it was a great experience. Loved the dance salem gave me before leaving, will definitely be back again

  • For a Whale

Here for the fundraising events from Tantra fitness, wonderful performance. Definitely the positive influence on the pole dances.

  • Christine Villadsen

Nate was so pleasant and welcoming! We had such a fun night and it started with him at the entrance! Thank you ♥️ …

  • Allan Dotson

Great club, hot girls. Medusa is the hottest, sweetest, and most fun dancer anywhere. She will treat you right.

  • Foram Masrani

We had an amazing time here. Nate and steve took really good care of us. They are the best people❤️

  • Ty

Dana the massage girl gives 11/10 massages, made the experience will be back just to see her:)