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Target is a Department store located at 302 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125. It has received 929 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 stars.





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  • The address of Target: 302 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, WA 98125

  • Target has 3.9 stars from 929 reviews

  • Department store

  • "I wish I could give Target ZERO stars at this point"

    "My trip to Target today got me frustrated and upset because of the Lack of Customer Service at the customer service desk from Amber"

    "I been looking all over from store to store to find a bike for my daughter"

    "Worst experience I have ever had"

    "Injured my ankle and for the first time in my 63 years, I need help with moving"


  • Janine

I wish I could give Target ZERO stars at this point. The sad thing is that this store isn't actually all that bad, but you better hope you don't have to get on the phone with their customer service. I ordered a furniture item and was sent the wrong thing, something not even close to what I ordered. I had to call to get it fixed, and encountered their pathetic excuse for customer service for the first time. No one I spoke to could understand what I was asking for until I had repeated it 10 times, when all I wanted was to send the wrong thing back and get what I originally wanted. After talking to TWO people when my request apparently wasn't actually followed through with the first time, I was apparently sent four emails in total for the sole purpose of giving me a return label, none of which I received. Strangely enough I don't really want a huge box sitting in my living room for a couple days with an item I don't want, so I ended up having to write 'return to sender' all over it and send it off, I still have not received a return label. I was assured multiple times on the phone (MULTIPLE) that my item would be here earlier than, or on the 5th. She reassured me that I would be given expedited shipping to compensate for their mistake. Apparently that didn't happen either because when I went to go check the tracking it's moving along nice and slowly with regular shipping, not even close to arriving when I was promised. I don't know if Target thought they would save money by hiring an untrained and incompetent excuse for a customer service staff, but that was a really poor move on their part. DO NOT order anything online from this company.

  • Kathy Woods

My trip to Target today got me frustrated and upset because of the Lack of Customer Service at the customer service desk from Amber. I brought back a birthday gift with the receipt from my daughter in laws purchase. My daughter in law used her debit card. Ambers handling of the transaction was less than satisfactory. I asked her if I could get a gift card because a gift to me and that returning the purchase to the debit card wouldn't work for me to purchase something else because it wasn't my debit card. She said, she couldn't do that and I would of had to have a gift receipt. I had the original receipt, she was frustrated and just stepped away, didn't say I have to speak to my manager or anything. Then when I was talking to Jeanette the person who assisted me and was nice and did the transaction to issue me a gift card (that I spent at the store), Amber interrupted and tried to interject her bias opinion that the only way to do the transaction was to return everything to the debit card. She ended up walking a way and getting on another cash register, she didn't say anything like, I'll leave you with Jeanette your in good hands. She acted like I did something wrong and treated me rude. It made the remaining store visit for me a bit uncomfortable, I felt like I was targeted and not treated fairly, like I had done something wrong and deserved the less that friendly customer service. I didn't like that at All!!

  • Jamie Denton

I been looking all over from store to store to find a bike for my daughter. I called to see if they had any bikes available. I was told they do, but it's not assemblied and they weren't sure when it would be done. They took my name and number to call me once it was. After calling other places to try to find a bike and even purchased online, paid for it, and got confirmation and time when to pick it up then waited 25 mind in the pick up lane for them to tell me it was not in stock and now have to wait 5-10 business days for my money to refund. I called this Target back and asked if I could just pick up bike disassembled and assemble it myself. The gentleman I spoke with was very helpful and answered my questions. He held the bike for us till the next day to pick up. The next day while we were on our way there I got a call from another gentleman stating we got the bike assembled for you and it's ready for you to pick up. I wish I got the gentleman name. He was so great, helpful, understanding and give great customer service. They helped out in do many ways and I am very appreciated. I would drive the distance again to get great service from them. Thank you for all your help.

  • Gina Appel

Worst experience I have ever had. I’ve done target pickup in the past with no issues. His time I ordered for pickup in store received and email on 9/5 saying it was ready and went in. A woman named Emily helped me and was very rude. When I showed her the pick up email she kept dismissing it and saying we don’t have it. She didn’t offer support in trying to figure out what was happening and we seemed to just not be on the same page so I asked to speak with a manager. I had ordered baskets which needed to be shipped after Northgate ran out. Then the order wasn’t filled and she offered no help. I then spoke with the manager on duty who cancelled my pickup and told me there were 4 in store. Rather than have to deal with coordinating with anyone else I let them know I would just grab them and check out myself. Shelf was empty even though I was told they would be on the floor and not in storage. Checked back in with the manager who said someone must have them. I don’t u sets tans how the baskets that I ordered from target got delivered to the store and put out on the shelf for other customers. Such a huge waste of time.

  • pat valle

Injured my ankle and for the first time in my 63 years, I need help with moving. I limped into the store with my daughter and saw only one electric cart. The gentleman sitting on it said he got halfway up the center aisle and it started to die. It had been plugged in For about 5 minutes. In the meantime, my daughter went to customer service to ask about another cart. None was provided, but a young woman sat in the cart and said it was fully charged. I hopped on, grateful, but wary. The cart is now dead, (it worked for about 15 minutes) leaving me stranded at back of the store, far away from the front door. It took four people to get it plugged in, in part because the outlets are locked and the fitting room attendant doesn’t have a key. It’s charging now while I wait for my daughter to try on clothes. All employees have been pleasant, that’s not the reason one star. One star because there is only one semi-functioning electric cart and only one place to charge it that is not locked. If I were someone with a chronic mobility issue, I would find it VERY difficult to shop here.

  • It’s Me

This one is kind of offensive. I came to the check out line to purchase a gift card for the holidays and this older white lady was training a man in that position. When I told them I wanted to put money on the gift card she asked me “You’re not getting scammed from those people in Nigeria to send gift cards to, are you?” And I just looked at her in pure disbelief. 1. It’s my money and you don’t question me on where or how I’m spending my personal money, it’s none of your business or concern. 2. It’s the holidays gift cards should be a common purchase. Then I went to the car and had waters from a drive up. I let them know I was there and they took forever. The guy comes and I put one case of water in my car, he grabs the other one and the water bursted everywhere. I had to wait 20 minutes for they to get my order again. I called 10-12 minutes in and all the manager said was “I’m so sorry about that.” I’m so done with this location, do not recommend!!!

  • Jes

Both floors of the store are newly renovated but not all the staff want to assist their customers. Perhaps customer service skills are not a mandatory thing at Target anymore. Also a lot of their products aren’t on the shelf when online says in stock. Sadly this store makes me not want to go back to a target ever. *Update - I haven’t been to Target for awhile. Just went this morning.. I did notice somethings there are cheaper, similar items that we (my husband & myself) BOUGHT at other stores are priced lower at this chain store than at their competitors stores. I did not request any help from staff this trip but I’m pretty sure they were following me around the store like I was a shoplifter! Perhaps I could of gotten better customer service because of this but it was early and I have dreadlocks so I guess I should of fixed myself up better ‍♀️ It will probably be awhile before I go back to this Target again.

  • Trent Davis

This store is mostly a usual Target store, though one of the urban 2-level stores with a parking garage. My two main complaints are that there are only a couple regular checkout lines. Yes, I prefer self check-outs normally but not when I have a cart-full of items. I’ve also placed mobile orders a couple times and the attendant who brings them out is completely rude, not saying anything and walking away when they’re done. They don’t tell me “have a great day” or “you’re all set” so I don’t know if I should pull out and leave or wait for something else. I’ve even said thank you a couple times and received no reply. On the other hand, there was a sweet older lady working the self check-out one of my first times here. She was extra friendly and helped make up for these other unsatisfactory experiences. I wish people could at least pretend they’re enjoying their jobs and spread joy rather than seeming aloof.

  • deborah paz

Northgate Target is the absolute WORST in customer service. I have NEVER had anyone answer the telephone after 5 pm when I call and I’ve literally phoned every department trying to get someone to pick up. This has happened every single time I have an issue with an order and try to get someone to help me resolve the problem. Tonight I received the wrong order when I used curbside pickup and I didn’t realize it until I got home to unload my items. Target says I have to send the items back in order to get my CORRECT items SHIPPED to me, yet my missing merchandise costs triple the price compared to the items I received. No one will answer the telephone to remedy the situation and I’m absolutely disgusted at Target management. Target needs to do better. Replace your management team if they aren’t capable of answering the telephone in the evening hours, at the VERY least. Shame on you Target!

  • Stephanie Fisher

They have reorganized things and it seems like there is a smaller selection of products than there was previously, especially in cosmetics. I appreciate that they tried to make the cosmetics section less like a drug store (I believe they recently partnered with Ulta so you can now earn Ulta points thru Target purchases), but the stock levels are quite low. Hopefully this will improve over time. It also seems like they have fewer price check scanners throughout the store. The last few times I've been here, there have only been 1-2 checkers and are relying mostly on self check out, which I don't love. Also, I can never find any shopping baskets available and maneuvering a big cart around the store when I only want a few things isn't ideal. I went to get some spray paint and there were literally three colors available (out of 30-40), which was frustrating.

  • yenchian lim

I loved shopping at Target before, but the past 2 trips over the last 2 months were terrible. On the previous visit, an alarm was on and no one could stop it. It was so loud and jarring and went on for hours. On the latest visit, we were there for school supplies, and although I was able to get the usual deals (spiral notebooks for 25 cents, color pencils for 99 cents, and crayons for 50 cents - no other retailer can beat these prices, really!), the air- conditioning was not working and it was so hot and stuffy that it was unbearable. Lots of items were out, including quad rule notebooks, but I guess I should not have left school supply shopping to this late. I can see that they are renovating the store, but the drop in the shopping experience (noise, heat) is quite unacceptable and I can no longer say that I love shopping at Target.

  • Paula Perez

I never write reviews until I have a bad taste in my mouth and that was today. First off I used to enjoy this Target but ever since the remodel it’s gone downhill, I go here mostly because this is the only store near me that sales the shampoo/conditioner I use as well as vegan hot cocoa. While shopping today I noticed that I was being watched by security, I’m very aware that I was wearing a backpack and that alone is suspicious however I always make sure it’s empty to keep it short and simple when I got the register not only did I see the bright security shirt girl with the glasses again but I also saw who I’m assuming is her boss a man. It was very clear that I was being watched. As I waited in line she waited at the door. Only leaving once I paid and left. Thanks, I look forward to spending my money on Amazon.

  • Donavon Archer

Typical not my job attitude from employees and no care for the part that is their job. Came from capital hill for 2 white button ups for work. Selected a backup item that also worked that was also in stock. Got to the counter to pick up and the shirts were white with brown stripes. Not right for what I needed so I said they are the wrong color they are supposed to be white. Guy behind the counter said order fills are not my job. Then told me they were ringing up as white. I said clearly they are not white. Anyway went to menswear found the same shirt marked as white striped. Then in the same area found the backup item I picked in the right size. So with minimal effort they could have got the right order. They just chose not to. Waste of time ordering online from here.


I stopped by, tonight, after leaving the movie I walk up to the cashier...she made an unnecessary, slightly non-of-her-business comment. I mean, I don't walk into businesses with some sort of preconceived notion about what "Customer Service" is...but, aside from this moment...I've asked the people stalking merchandise for help because the merchandise is chaotically all over the place..and 1 out 5 times, I don't get a confused blank stare. Also, the restrooms are a little gross-and never fully stocked. I've been to other locations-and the experiences have been better. I also noticed other reviews have included feeling like the employees have made them feel uncomfortable-I have definetly felt this way at this location.

  • Kelli Derum

Incompetent cashiers work here. Tried to do a price match and they told me that a store they do match with was not part of their "price match" policy. After 10 minutes of waiting, a supervisor finally brought a printed copy of all the approved price match stores. Told me to look online but there it only said we match selected stores--no list. Same cashier told another guest that the item they were returning was showing up "returned" already. How was it in their hand then? When another cashier came over, he successfully found the item and it was "not returned already." No apologies to guest for wasting their time and almost sending them out the door unhappy. Long lines. These issues seem to be a recurrence every time I go there.

  • Brett Cook

My wife and I were at Northgate target. We had purchased items in self check and then discovered gift cards we hadn’t seen before. We went to the check out to buy them and waited through three very long orders. The floor manager had another register open and asked the couple behind us to go! My wife spoke up and said” we’re next “. The manager said yes, but… and so my wife said, we are going over there. The floor manager said, “ you don’t have to be rude” ! I said, “ she wasn’t being rude”. The manager proceeded to announce how “rude people are and can’t believe how rude we were”! We are two 70 year olds buying two gifts cards and were next in line. This floor manager( dark haired larger girl) needs to learn customer service.

  • Danielle La Fave

Well the 5th floor of Target was amazing especially cashier Cindy with her morning enthusiasm! And the amazing Starbucks girl from Missippi and the guy !! But over in pickup They don’t care about your order or that you have a busy day and can’t wait all day for the stupid order Normally it take a few hours but with the guy saying it get done when it get done and cancel for all I care !! Which shows me that pick up associates are not there for the customers needs or time and doesn’t respect anything !! And I don’t need the pesty little department manager of pickup to get in my face to see what is said !! I just said he rude! I was just needing to shop since I’m on the time crunch and then once kool down and report

  • Jason Mlady

The returns and exchanges line is all the way to the door… Completely deflating my ability to do a quick order pick up from what I placed online in advance. Additionally the service worker at the pick-up counter informed me the line was too long to assist me to check out with three small items that I had with me from browsing the store while I waited for my pick up to be ready. Shopping carts were completely unavailable, so I had to carry these items by hand around the store the entire time. I’m a regular Target shopper and will certainly be making an effort to avoid this location in the future, as I much prefer the usual friendly and convenient experience to which I am accustomed.

  • Bridget May Aljasser

I am hyper-inflamed from post Covid syndrome. I can't walk more than 15 minutes a day. I had an ultrasound today at UW. Afterward, I went to this Target because it was near my hotel. I had forgotten my phone charger and didn't feel safe driving home tomorrow without my phone being charged. When I walked into Target, I realized I couldn't make it down to the electronics department to pick up the charger - it was too far for me to walk. The lady behind the customer service desk was nice enough to have someone bring a charger up to me and ensured it fit my phone prior to me purchasing it. Thank you for going above and beyond for me in my time of need. I really appreciate it.

  • Megan J. Merritt

Target get it together!!! A couple points for a store that’s literally making a ton of money; if you want people to spend more money they need a vessel to carry the objects they want to purchase…not a cart in sight, when I asked the checker the poor person said that everyone called in sick… dude…target…you literally make so much money you should pay your people more so they want to come to work!!! I basically should get rebate because I have to pull a cart from the parking lot and check myself out…I need an employee discount. Do better you are making to much profit on exploiting your customers!!! This place is a big bummer!!

  • Ron Whitener

I have a heart condition and COVID rates are surging in my city, so I have retreated to using contact free shopping as much as possible. I love using the Target app to shop. It is very accurate in what is in stock, and the order has always been filled within the 2 hours promised. When I get to the curbside pickup, it lets me say where my car is, the app saves my car model and color, and my preferred door to put my order into. I only had to wait a few minutes for someone to bring me my order, I showed them my code to confirm it was the right car, and they put the order into my trunk. I love it!

  • Shannon Link

Megan went above and beyond to help me find the item I wanted! Lately, customer service at many businesses is subpar. I am pleased to say employees at Target go above and beyond to help their customers. Megan tried to help me in the home dept. but couldn't find the item I was looking for. After I walked away to continue my shopping, she continued to look for the item and found it.! She then searched the store to see if I was still there. I was very surprised that she went to all that trouble. Megan is an amazing employee and I wish that all my customer service experiences were like this one.

  • Mandie Garrett

I get it, it’s a pandemic. But when you say something is going to be ready for pickup, and then “lose” one of the bags and then don’t have all the items that were already paid for and then “find” it but you’re “not allowed to process refunds over the phone” for goods that weren’t delivered and your customer service rep is snarky it just makes for a bad experience. It was literally less work to just count the $15 item as a loss (which I ended up doing). But I’m grumpy about it so I’m going to leave an honest review to make myself feel better because I’m petty like that.

  • Margo Jodyne Dills

Target has great prices and I can find almost anything I'm looking for at Target. But the reason I'm writing this review is because I ordered something for pick up and my experience was excellent. I was dismayed when I saw how long the line was for customer service. I needn't have worried. I no sooner took my place at the end of the line than a young woman walked up to me and offered to help. She had me out of the store in less than 5 minutes with my two large boxes. I was very appreciative. She had a sincere smile the whole time and was very polite.

  • Shauna Plunkett

I needed a duplicate receipt printed to balance my work credit card statement and provided customer services with the information and was told to call back later. When I did I was rudely informed by the "Head of Security" that Target's policy is to not reprint receipts for any reason. Terrible customer service. Never have I shopped at a store that was unwilling to assist with a simple issue such as reprinting a receipt. Unbelievable. There is nothing at Target that I cannot find in another store and trust my I will not be shopping with Target again.

  • Carly C

Nice big selection, convenient to the Northgate light rail station, and they have lots of self-checkout lanes open which I love! They seem to have some stocking issues, but I suppose everyone does these days. Also somewhat understaffed/poorly allocated - called the guest services desk 4 or 5 times throughout the day with no answer, so I just had to make the trip up to ask about their lost and found (and they didn't end up having the missing item, so an answer over the phone would have been quite nice )

  • Hanny M

I give it a ☆3 because of few times experience. Some of the staff are nice but most of them dont want to help. There are some people with the "security" jacket that actually can help better. They have 3floors in this building for Target, if Im not mistaken, so its huge place. It is 5,6,and 7th floor. Maybe even 8th,not so sure. They have pharmacy and as I know they also doing covid vaccine here, in case you need one. It wasn't easy to get schedule from my experience but hopefully they are improving.

  • Audrey Moreland

The parking lot signage is extremely poor once you get to the 4th floor, keep going up to the top for target. The signage for someone bringing something to your car is NOT the target symbol or a target bulls eye. You'll have to look up to the ceiling to see signage and it's not lighted, very dark. The customer service people do not answer their phones or will hang up on you after letting it ring 50 times or after putting you on hold. They stand and chat with each other instead of pick up the phones.

  • joy G

Why in the world would any Target store that stays open till 10pm, close the fitting rooms at 6pm?!?! Cart full of clothes just like others swarming around, then the employee by the fitting rooms tells me they’re closed for the night. I pointed out that it’s 6:15pm, and asked if this was the regular time it’s closing everyday, and she said yes. How does that make any sense at all?! Left really frustrated and disappointed. FYI everyone…get there before 6pm if you actually want to try something on.

  • Daniel Williams

I used to look forward to going to Target but those days are long gone at the Northgate location. Expect to stand in line for at least 20 minutes of you want to return something or want to checkout with a person. There was one checker working on Saturday afternoon and one person doing returns The store is also hard to navigate since staff seem to leave their restocking carts in the aisles in such a way as to block everyone else. The store is also dirty. I might as well have been at a Walmart.

  • Opto Skept

Two stars for having the item in stock, but my gift card didn't work right and the cashier at self checkout didn't seem to understand the problem. I had to flag her down twice since she was ignoring the call light, and then she didn't help. I was unable to use my gift card. There was a screen showing a video of me with a blinking red light saying I was being monitored, I assume because I was waiting for the checker to do her job. This experience really made my day worse. Epic fail.

  • Texas Portal

Today, I had a really bad experience with a fellow shopper. He was extremely rude and etc. I talked to one of the staff by the name of Amber for help, she was extremely kind, listened, helpful, caring. Amber I want you to know that you helped make a difference today and you're positivity was the light of my night. THANK YOU ! To the manager with the Harry Potter shirt, I thank you as well for being understanding. Good job you guys! There is some hope in this world.

  • Shannon

This Target is VERY lackluster. Woman’s clothing section is horrible and small. Shoe section is always a mess with empty boxes and miss matched shoes everywhere. Seems like it’s moving more towards grocery than shopping. Parking garage is horrible which isn’t necessarily Targets fault. Always has drug users hanging outside the doors and in the garage and always asking you for money. I travel up North more for better Target locations.

  • Megan Cosgrove

Not sure this relates to the rest of the store but this Starbucks is the best I’ve ever stepped foot into. The best service, friendly, communicative staff. It’s wild that this isn’t commonly seen anymore, but man it’s out of this world how much they care about their customers. So much so that the repulled my shots because she wasn’t happy with the consistency and asked me about my day while I was waiting for my drink.

  • Godessmissy12

The pharmacy people here are amazing. Honestly I am in between medical insurance plans and don't have her scription coverage and other pharmacies were trying to charge about $300 for a one month supply of my medication and at Target I got my medication for $10 I am so grateful and so thankful. Anybody who takes prescriptions knows it's not good to just stop taking them so I am very grateful for their help.

  • Harvey Greene

Wife and daughter were shopping. I'm a disabled vet, and sat down on a chair to rest and charge my phone so they could text me when done. Young kid dressed as a security guard told me I had to move. When I tried to explain, he very curtly told me that the charging stations were removed for CoViD and that no one was allowed to do that anymore. He promptly turned his back to me and marched off. Very rude.

  • Danny Tram

04/23/23: Haha I spent a wonderful time wandering around here. I felt like this Target is bigger than the ones in Seattle. It was stocked well with diversified products. The store was not crowded during my visit and it was located all the way to the 7th floor of the Northgate complex. The staff was fine and good. Target is doing well with their products and customer service. I have no complains

  • Elora Hoberecht

Tried to do a return but didn't have my card with me as it had been recently stolen. I had the card number, expiration, etc. And they refused to look it up for me. I used to work for Target, I know they can look it up. Instead the employee was short with me and couldn't bother to help me with this problem. Plus everything here tends to be overpriced. Won't be shopping at Target again.

  • Jamie Wagner

Every time I go to this location there are no carts or baskets and I have to wander all over the store or go get one from the parking lot. It just gets frustrating when it’s every single time I go to this target. The shelves seem to barely get restocked. There’s been multiple times where I just have to order what I need online because they never have what I’m looking for.

  • Cat V

They didn't have exactly what I wanted so I asked a nearby staff member and they searched their little system for me. Everybody I encountered seemed genuinely happy and helpful. Kind of a weird store with 2 levels, and they have those shopping cart escalators, which is neat. Parking in the garage was easy and free. Bathrooms are on the second floor by the checkout.

  • Becca Dodge

Super easy and convenient to use the drive up option.i will definitely be using that more often, especially since I have an 18 month old. Doesn't get much better than not having to get us all out the car and then shop when she will want everything and grab stuff etc and then load us back in. Instead just hang out for a minute, get my order and go. Crazy easy!

  • Washington Stadunks

Busy was hard finding leggings. Couldn’t find an associate to help. Did find help near health and beauty, while looking in that area. Which was nice. We got 9 oz fresh blueberries. They were not fresh bland without taste. We have been getting them from Whole Foods or qfc and they were fresh with flavor. So I was disappointed in the berries.

  • Tracy Callen

This review is specifically for whomever made the decision to lock up all the vitamins. Totally inconvenient. I have a cart full of frozen food and I want to look at multiple Vitamin's dosage, price and milligrams. No one to unlock, Pharmacy doesn't have keys,so I will be buying my vitamins elsewhere from now on. Amazon is more convenient.

  • Andrew M. Conger

I have been shopping here for a while and the management and staff are very rude especially when they're not busy and being on their personal cell phone talking to people when a customer is asking a question about a product and yell at you and say go find someone else to help you multiple times at the northgate target e and not on break..

  • Bob Lang

The store was in a very chaotic shape. It seems it was being re- thought. Departments were minimalist with very little merchandise to choose from and it appeared that the focus was mostly on grocery aisles. Is target becoming just another grocery store? Very confusing. I didn't shop and my entire experience took less than 15 minutes.

  • Heather LaBouy

The staff was working so hard today, cleaning carts for incoming guests, available for questions about inventory, and helping to create ease and safety in the check out area. Thank you for your hard work, Target continues to be a place where I enjoy spending money because it appears that employees are respected and cared for.

  • Christine S

They don’t have carts because people steal them, you bozos. The detergent is locked because people steal it, you bozos. This store is clean, organized, the associates are friendly, and it’s the best one in close proximity to me. Wayyyyy bigger and better selection than Downtown or Ballard with plentiful parking.

  • Jason Belack

A customer-hostile return policy makes shopping difficult. Can’t even get a placement item, need to refund and repurchase. The Northgate store always seems understaffed, and the employees that are there seem indifferent and unwilling to help, even answering text messages in the middle of customer interactions.

  • Chad B

A truly terrible experience today. People were fighting and scavenging the parking garage to get a cart, the first 5 items on my list were out of stock, and every available check-out was 5-carts deep while associates filled mobile orders. I walked out with nothing and I don’t plan on going back anytime soon.

  • Aztecan Goddess

Been shopping here since I moved to this area some years ago. And I love this Target ! Great prices, great products. Get in and out in good time. Staff are usually pretty helpful. I'm still waiting to be notified tho via email when my boots I want are available it's been months. :( But overall awesome store.

  • YonNosigra Cellyoraa

The parking garage has a low ceiling, most cars are trucks should be fine but wheelchair van's might have an issue. The store was great and the employees were kind and helpful. Plenty of room for my wife's wheelchair to move through the aisles and around displays. The elevators were nice and wide as well.

  • Jonathan Adams

This Target has just undergone a renovation, and the end result is so nice! I really like shopping here. Although the parking garage looks grimy, the store itself looks very clean. The staff are some of the best Target employees I’ve ever encountered. I can see why Seattleites rave about this location.

  • Rick Becker

Great Target, well managed. This is my go-to to get everyday supplies. Have always gotten good service, the store is super clean & well maintained and well stocked (as well as the supply chain can provide). Easy parking, good number of self check-outs (learn from this Lynnwood Target), nice employees.

  • Connie Eggers

I will NOT be buying my laundry detergent from Target again. The Seattle Northgate Target store has put all of it in locked cabinets that require a store employee to unlock. I understand that this is for theft prevention but inconveniencing every paying customer is not the answer. Find a better way.

  • bridgit adala

Always love shopping at my local target but my 5 star rating today is because of your staff at the northgate location. Big thanks to Scott(in the returns counter) for taking the time to help me out today, he was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. If i could give more than 10 Stars I would.

  • Aline Vida

I found parking to be easy to find, and I was also happy to see that there was a self check out because there were a lot of human cashiers that had open lanes. The option to have self check out really expedited my experience I was able to find what I was looking for in the staff was friendly..

  • Anthony Ketchum

This target provided toilet so good it got the bulk and the remainder without leaving little tears of tp after I did the duty. Definitely buying toilet paper here. One could even say I'll do more swiping to do more wiping and the only place I'll do that at is target. 5 stars …

  • ross kirshenbaum

incredibly long lines and poor processes for returns. spent 9/10 of my time in lines. bought three things, it took over an hour. staff seem overworked. also parking garage is a nightmare. it took me 20 minutes (this is not an exaggeration) to leave the parking garage. complete hellscape

  • Jett Tucker

This is a pretty basic Target, however, it is two stories so totally kills your target vibe. Not here for the multi-level targets. It's like a city target sans all the cuteness of an inner city environment. The employees here are nice tho. 6/10 solely because of the multi-level issue.

  • Kirstin Briefs

Target Northgate has some of the most helpful staff in one of the cleanest stores. Two floors help keep you focused on what you need and provide a nice break from being overwhelmed by so much on one level.Optical and Pharmacy are staffed and provide fast and courteous service. ⭐️

  • Paul Shiny

they gave me the wrong PS5. I preordered a PS5 slim and when I showed up, it was the old bulky version. They didn't have any others because they sold mine to someone else. I was up at midnight to preorder because they sell out quickly. Someone screwed me and has my PS5 Slim.

  • Tom Elwood

Curbside pickup was great. It's on the very top indoor level of the parade, South side - parking stalls are labeled. Make sure to let them know you're on your way to the store so they can have it ready for you - otherwise there's a few minutes delay once you get there.

  • Ben Kesseler

It's a target. It has stuff. This one has covered parking which is nice I guess, but makes you go and down between floors and you just hope you got everything on each floor, but you didn't, because their labels are not amazing, so, that's not great. It's a target.

  • Enrique Beracasa

Slow and disorganized cashiers, complicated layout (2-story shop), not all products are available, scarce or hidden price scanners, products should be displayed with their price. One very positive aspect: this store has a nice and free car parking, this is nice.

  • barbara Jeniker

My pleasant in store shopping experience was completely turned around when I went to check out. There was ONE CHECKER and a long line of complaining customers. I will NOT check out myself. I DO NOT want the CHECKER'S PAID JOB to become MY UNPAID JOB ! ! !

  • Andrea Petrusky

It was fast and so easy. I ordered something like this from another chain and we were waiting in the parking lot for nearly 30 minutes before we got our item. I couldn't believe how quick and easy this pick up went! And I was able to have my son with me.

  • kirklwa

Place was full and I didn’t see a place to ask where items were when I walked in. But I came across guys restocking shelves and asked them. They knew exactly where things were and took me to them. Super friendly and helpful. Props to the restock guys.

  • Matt

Clean store has a lot of stuff. Two floors to check out items on is a game changer. If you dont have a car its a little bit of a trek from the link station but if you’re willing to go i’d say its worth it, especially after the Ave target closed.

  • Travis Pearson

Have shopped at this location for many years out of necessity, but the location is steadily becoming worse and worse. They never have basics in stock like potatoes or milk, and everything they do have is marked up almost a dollar more than QFC.

  • Chris Poland

Awesome service by Steven who helped me with a return. What a great personality. He was both pleasant and efficient even with the long line. Hope management knows what a great employee they have. Date 12/6/18 Store Northgate Target Time 8:24 PM

  • Diana Joan Nazziwa

Little man likes to come here to make his Santa and birthday list. I enjoy running into people I know. Loads of parking available. Lots of ideas in the store for future projects. I get to do my steps in as we walk around the store. It's nice.

  • stephanie song

A bunch of items are now locked and require the assistance of a store clerk, i did not realize Tide detergent was such a tightly controlled substance. Forget it, I can get this stuff on Amazon or another store without so much friction.

  • Micalah Chau

Arun went above and beyond to help me with a damaged mirror, there was only two in the store and he brought them both upstairs to help me assess the damage and even let sco know to give me a damage discount. Thanks for the help!

  • Patricia Schnepf

Good place to shop. Most prices good. Staff quite helpful. They have pick up service and delivery via online ordering. Good selection of products and good return policy especially if you have their credit card called "RedCard".

  • Aaron Robinson

Has no cash registers open at all at 7 PM on a weeknight. I went to the customer service desk and asked if they could help me since I'm disabled and can't use the self check out, and they turned me away. Despicably bad service.

  • Lisa Hansen

Target really needs some good employees, people who want to help and are good at it. They need to bring more team members back to man the cash registers at the front of the store too! Nice store but lacking appropriate staff

  • Leigh Wright

This target has the worst customer service I have experienced at any target. Its shame cause it’s a large target, but I will chose to go to other ones in the future. They need to hire new people or train people properly

  • Jill Likes

I was just at the Northgate store, and at my granddaughters' insistence, we got in his check out line. What a wonderful man--he made us all smile. I'll definitely look for him again. Thanks Michael for making our day!

  • dina strait

It was ok, haven't been for awhile, too many robberies. Found a few things but the other stuff we ordered online. The grocery selection wasnt good.of they made it easier to do returns ? Who knows they could thrive

  • nancy tuksaudom

I had a pleasant experience shopping at Northgate target today. Two staff members generously offered to help me. One of them showed me how to find the item I wanted by looking at my app on my phone.

  • Heidi Rourke

What don't like about target the lines outrageous not enough help sometimes not enough staff sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays don't like going around 1pm or 3pm because the lines are outrageous

  • Ben Wada

I wish I could give negative stars. I bought something online to pick up and I got there waited in line for 20 min and they didn’t even have what I needed ? Such a phenomenal waste of my time.

  • Nora Stamper

Love this Target. Went in today and forgot coupons. Such a bummer, right? No! The cashier was like "Girl, I've got you" and saved me a Ton of money. Major props to this Target and their team.

  • TimWhiteMedia

This target is very organized and clean. I always find what I’m looking for when I shop here. The employees are very helpful and always direct me in the right direction if I need assistance.

  • Shandiin Joe

The Guy who stands in the front at self check out with a dark beard is rude for no reason. I think he hates his job or is just unprofessional. Otherwise it's a good store I like to shop here

  • Adam White

Laundry detergent and other basic items now behind lock and key. Good luck finding someone to unlock it since they don’t even staff cashiers during peak hours and only open self checkouts.

  • R R

Value for money. The Drive Up app makes pick up extremely efficient. You let the store know you are on the way. Then again when you arrive. They ca,e out with my order within 5 minutes!

  • Lynnea V.

I always feel like a nuisance at the CVS pharmacy and they hardly ever look me in the eye or even initiate any conversation - the experience is very different at other pharmacies.

  • Aryn

Don't love the parking garage but love this Target store. Employees are so nice and it's clean and neat. Got my glasses from them and the Dr and optician were great as well.

  • Kim Romano

If people could live in a Target store there’d be no more need for antidepressants. The bright airy clean space is filled with colorful arrays of fun and happiness.

  • George Mitchell

Horribly understaffed. If you're having trouble retaining employees, pay them more. The place clearly gets enough business with how long you have to wait in line.

  • Bri F

Nothing is ever stocked on the shelves, the worst customer service ever, people constantly stealing, never any carts, such a ghetto experience every time…

  • J E

I don't like all the steps you have to use to get around the shops here. The Target is pretty clean and has a unique set up compared to other Targets.

  • Ann Culligan

Target's downward spiral continues. Shelves are mostly empty, the store is a mess, and there are not enough employees to keep up with service needs.

  • Hemanga Krishna Borah

It is a multi-storied Target with everything you need, from groceries to equipments to clothing. I have been here quite a few times, and love it!

  • Nemecio Martinez

Always like to shop at this location, I love that I know where all the stuff is, and shop as fast as Usain Bolt, if you know what I mean.

  • Julia Hustler

Better selection than downtown. Parking garage is huge. Online order pickup is right inside the top floor main entrance. Helpful staff.

  • mark collins

Normally a great target. But the manager tonight locked the doors at 9:50pm. And wouldn't let me in to pick up an order that was ready!

  • Micah Reynolds

This location needs to be shut down. It’s full of homeless people and the employees don’t do anything about it.

  • Matty B

Fairly sizable, two-story Target. I appreciated the little Hanukkah section amidst the sea of Christmas cheer.

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