Sydney International Airport

11980 reviews

Mascot NSW 2020, Australia



Sydney International Airport is a International airport located at Mascot NSW 2020, Australia. It has received 11980 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars.



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  • The address of Sydney International Airport: Mascot NSW 2020, Australia

  • Sydney International Airport has 3.8 stars from 11980 reviews

  • International airport

  • "If I could award no stars I would… Do this airport’s staff think disabled people need their lives to be made a little more rubbish than they already are? On arrival (to join us at the end of our holiday)my daughter had an hour and forty minutes wait onboard until someone could be bothered to reconnect the air-bridge, up until that point they expected her (and other disabled passengers) to walk down steps and over to a bus to get to the terminal"

    "Coming into Australia for the first time is exciting, and Sydney Airport, as the first impression of the country, went well for the most part"

    "Sydney Airport is an unparalleled marvel of human achievement! From the moment I stepped foot into its hallowed halls, I was greeted by a symphony of efficiency and luxury"

    "This airport needs to raise awareness and make some serious improvements"

    "Sydney Airport is one of the busiest airports in Australia, and it can get crowded, especially during peak times"


  • M

If I could award no stars I would… Do this airport’s staff think disabled people need their lives to be made a little more rubbish than they already are? On arrival (to join us at the end of our holiday)my daughter had an hour and forty minutes wait onboard until someone could be bothered to reconnect the air-bridge, up until that point they expected her (and other disabled passengers) to walk down steps and over to a bus to get to the terminal. Sydney Airport staff, WAKE UP… they’re disabled… this probably means they can’t walk… ? Then, when she did disembark, the woman pushing her wheelchair moaned and swore until they reached the taxi rank where she was, unceremoniously, dumped. We all went home together on the same flight and when we got to the departures hall she was assuming that, like other civilised countries, there’d be a special assistance desk where she could make herself known and pick up the special assistance that she’d requested… like she does at every other airport she’s used. Not here though, there’s no special assistance desk… just an info desk and when she asked the lady there she was told she’d have to stand and queue like everyone else as no ‘special assistance’ would be forthcoming. She certainly wasn’t going to bother calling them to help… that wasn’t her job… We told our daughter to sit down and join us at the desk once we arrived at it, which she did and BA called for her wheelchair assistance. The chap pushing her this time was OK, didn’t moan or swear but, really, thinking that this ordinary good manners was a plus shows how upset she was by the woman ‘helping’ her on arrival. Disabled people have rubbish lives and, when you encounter them, people can make it a little less rubbish or, as in Sydney International Airport’s, decide to make it a bit more. Maybe staff there think that being disabled is their own fault? But it isn’t and helping… being pleasant… is what we should all do. But Sydney Airport staff don’t. They go out of their way to make disabled people’s lives as unpleasant as possible.

  • Alberto Rascon

Coming into Australia for the first time is exciting, and Sydney Airport, as the first impression of the country, went well for the most part. Passing through immigration was a bit of a mess since, before reaching the e-gates, you had to go to a kiosk asking for information that was already on your passenger declaration, which was a bit redundant. One of the kiosks we were using broke and just added to the annoyance of this process. After passing the e-Gates, you go through customs and the biosecurity check, which was a bit of a breeze, but the baggage claim looked a bit old and outdated, not the best impression. After passing through all that, the arrivals looked normal, and nothing out of the ordinary seemed to pop up. Coming back to take a domestic Qantas flight to Melbourne, was a different story. A much nicer terminal area, but that’s where the positives stop. The Qantas self-service machines drop off your bags took forever to get our bags checked in. There were no staff helping out, which didn’t feel professional at all. After that, going through security was another mess. There were a considerable number of people flying out on a Wednesday, but the line took forever, especially since the baggage X-ray machines took so long to get them screened. It was such an embarrassment. Food options in the domestic Qantas terminal were okay but seemed like they lacked options. Although the terminal looked very nice and presentable, the options are dismal. Sydney’s airport seems to be heading in the right direction for the most part, just that some important details like baggage screening seem to be left in the past.

  • Tristan Guo

Sydney Airport is an unparalleled marvel of human achievement! From the moment I stepped foot into its hallowed halls, I was greeted by a symphony of efficiency and luxury. The security checkpoint was a ballet of speed and precision, making me feel like a VIP jetting off to my own private island. Navigating the airport felt like a stroll through a high-end shopping district, with an array of designer stores that left me in awe. The terminal itself is a testament to architectural brilliance, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends modernity with comfort. The dining options were a culinary odyssey, offering a gastronomic journey around the globe. I savored delicacies from every continent, each dish a testament to the airport's commitment to excellence. The staff, a league of customer service champions, catered to my every whim with a smile that could rival the sunsets over Sydney Harbor. Boarding my flight was a breeze, thanks to the airport's impeccable organization. The departure gates, adorned with futuristic aesthetics, made me feel like a space traveler embarking on a cosmic adventure. In conclusion, Sydney Airport is not merely a transit hub; it's a utopia for the discerning traveler. Every inch exudes opulence, and every experience is a brushstroke in the masterpiece that is global travel. Simply put, Sydney Airport has set the gold standard for airports worldwide, leaving its competitors in the contrails of its unparalleled greatness!

  • S B

This airport needs to raise awareness and make some serious improvements. The discrepancy between the known train schedule and the airport's practice is a serious problem as this will def give the international travellers from all around the world a bad impression. And likely to leave a horrible reputation within this airport that could be avoided. They literally kicked out people who were waiting for the departures to the parking lots. And we all never be told abt this until the security and the police came... omg. The Sydney train operatesand goes to "International Departure" Station till 1:12 in the morning. It made me arrive here on time and its directly connected to the airport. Now my flight boarding starts at 5, as my flight was 6. I had to decide either to arrive there at 5:10 or 1:12 via train. And for international departure its a common sense that you do arrive at least 2-3 hours earlier than the boarding time. Now that I havent heard of any airports where the travellers officially get kicked out to the oustside of the building since the building is "closed", I thought the indian employee was joking, who called me darling.... (?!) They literally kicked me and bunch of people out to the cold parking lot, at this dark morning and said everyone has to wait outside. For no obvious reason. They said its the rules. Its np to close the building. my quesrion is why the train goes into the airport only to make ppl get kicked out again.

  • Ares RS

Sydney Airport is one of the busiest airports in Australia, and it can get crowded, especially during peak times. The Qantas Business Lounge is a great place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the airport, but it can also get quite busy. Traffic to the airport can be heavy, so it's best to allow plenty of time to get there, especially if you're flying during peak hours. The airport has four terminals: T1, T2, T3, and T4. T1 is the oldest terminal and is home to most of the domestic airlines. T2 is the largest terminal and is home to most of the international airlines. T3 is a newer terminal that is home to Qantas and its partners. T4 is the smallest terminal and is home to low-cost airlines. The airport is located about 9 kilometres from the city centre. There are a number of ways to get to the airport, including train, bus, taxi, and Uber. The train is the cheapest and fastest option, and it takes about 15 minutes to get to the airport from the city centre. The bus is a more affordable option, but it takes longer to get to the airport. Taxis and Ubers are the most expensive option, but they are also the most convenient. Sydney Airport is a major hub for both domestic and international travel. It is a well-equipped airport with a wide range of facilities and services. However, it can get crowded, so it's important to plan your trip carefully and allow plenty of time to get there.

  • Phil Langdon

Someone said it takes ages to get through the Sydney airport. I can understand that. You have to put your passport in the "kiosk" and get a little blue ticket. Then you have to take that ticket down to the gate and put it in and get your photo taken before you are allowed entry. That all sounds very simple and straightforward, but the instructions on how to do it, and where, are not very clear. For example there's about six kiosks back along the track a bit which nobody uses because no one knows they are there. Anyway, now you have to go and find your bags and there is a small TV screen right up high, which tells you which carousel your bags are on. You then have to go through customs, which if you haven't got anything to declare is very simple and straightforward. Even if you have got something to declare, it's very simple and straightforward. If you want to go to the domestic terminal, I suggest you stay in the international terminal until the last minute (well, 2 1/2 hours), because once you get to the domestic terminal, there is nothing to do nor see. When you check in, there are heaps of shops, food stores, coffee shops etc. Very nice food.

  • Rachel Spencer

A pretty good airport and the highlight for me are the mini trolleys for your carry on (after security). They're a huge help especially if your gate is a bit of a walk and/or you've done quite a bit of shopping! I do also like how the walking distance to your gate is mentioned on the flight screens throughout the international terminal. The domestic terminal is also connected to the international terminal and this is advantageous especially when you've got a connecting domestic flight. Parking structure is a bit of a walk from arrivals especially if you have lots of luggage but the trolleys are handy. Drop off zone is naturally pretty hectic but never had an issue when dropped off. Check in zone is pretty simple to figure out once you know which counter you need to get to but more of a sprinkling of signage is needed. Overall air con needs to be amped up in all areas (especially in summer). There is a variety of food options in the departure area but not so great in arrivals. Duty free shopping is pretty decent although I couldn't find the fountain pens I was looking for but perhaps this is too niche of a product to find in duty free.

  • Soo Hin Yeoh

As a busy airport just 1/2 hour from the city centre, Sydney Airport has been a convenient hub to all destinations in a Australia and New Zealand. However, as the airport is a monopolistic private business, it is extremely costly to travellers as they levy you on everything inc taking the train to the airport, even airport shuttles to airport hotels are charged $10.00. The airport has been operating in some form of a runway since 1911 but only in 1970, a new dedicated international terminal was put in place. Officially opened in May 1970 by Queen Elizabeth II, the first Boeing 747 "Jumbo Jet" by PanAm landed in the same year.. July 2022 The airport is currently understaffed to handle recovering air travel resulting in long queues of up to 1-hour on international departures Conveniently located just 8km from Sydney CBD, this was once one of our favourite airports due to proximity and efficiency, not anymore since pandemic

  • Greg Sharpe

When departing, don't believe the screens in the security line that say 15m waiting time. There's a famous quote that time flies when you are having fun, and here the 15 minutes actually takes 90 minutes. You can calculate how much fun that means... Also there are no separate lines for premium classes or top tier frequent fliers, so don't count on that to get to your flight on time. Although I made it to the gate on time, a lot of passengers didn't, and the flight was delayed two hours waiting for them to finish the security queuing & screening. So don't stress too much in the line, as your plane may wait for you (the airlines are suffering as much as you) On the plus side, the arrivals experience is pretty good. Streamlined machines for passport checking, and friendly quarantine folks welcoming you (and your bags) on your way out of baggage claim and into the country.

  • J C

Hard to review an airport after 20+ hours of travelling and arrivals doesn’t really have that much going on but the process from plane to arrivals was seriously smooth and we even got a friendly customs search. Borders were super friendly at 5am, baggage reclaim was quick and customs were super efficient. We had a connecting domestic flight were you have to locate a bus to drive you over to T2 which in this day in age seems a bit old school and takes about ten minutes dependant on traffic. However the driver was really nice and drops you right outside the terminal. Most modern airports have connecting shuttles, monorails or underground trains but Sydney rocks the old school. T2 doesn’t offer much non airside so don’t do what we did and arrive four hours early. But it’s a domestic airport so not to much to get excited about.

  • Ashlee Jayde

Sydney airport is a really nice airport, it’s well kept with a lot of space and really great staff. No matter if you’re flying in for a lay over in domestic or international there’s no shortage of delicious food spots, great shopping spots and just places to relax before you head out again. It is a little expensive in the food courts but then again what airport doesn’t have an expensive food court? It’s very easy to navigate regardless with so many options for everyone wanting to eat. One of my favourite things about Sydney airport is how easy it is to get on the train and get into the city. No need for an Uber or taxi you can jump right on the train and head to your hotel, local hot spots or even the harbour bridge on a layover if you wish. All in all great space, well located, no complaints from this Flyer.

  • Helen HL Leung

My last visit to the Sydney Airport was 30 years ago, I don't think they have changed much. This time I was at the Sydney Airport only for transit to Melbourne , but have a really bad experience . After going through the custom , I have to get the luggage and dropped off the bags again. The worst part was, we have to go through security check again at the domestic airport . I can understand the importance of the security check, but the poor management made the whole thing very hectic. Many passengers were in a rush to catch another flights, over 300 people were lining up in a small area, over 30C temperature outside, I didn't think they have turned the air-condition on ...... there was only one line of security team working , it's really a horrible experience there.

  • Suhil

Management are incapable and their operations needs to be reviewed. Echoing everyone else who has left a 1 star review. Arrivals process is terrible and confusing. Lack of signage. Lack of smart gates. Smart gates in random spots (again with lack of signage so people don't use them then queue up at the end where the last few machines are). After bag pick up its even worse. Line for people who are not declaring anything snakes around the baggage hall without a designated queuing area which blocks the whole place. People are walking back and forth trying to figure out where the line ends. Response from staff and border force - "its always like this". For a company that earns over $500 million in revenue and reported over $140 million in profits - it's in shambles.

  • jackie burke

What a massive airport! Lots of high end shops and stores. The only reason that I cannot give 5 stars was the signage for directions was brutal! I had to ask information (the lady was lovely) because I could not figure out where I needed to go! I have been travelling in foreign countries where English was not national language at it was WAY easier than Sydney and looking for Gate 52! It seems that the high end stores do not want directional signs above their shops- so it’s difficult to figure out independently where you are going. Didn’t have a chance to shop once I figured out where I was going. But the prices I saw were reasonable. $2 more than what I saw in city for a couple of items.

  • Rachel

For the most part they’re similar with the same setup and formula. Sydney airport is a nice Australian airport that looks like you’re in a shopping mall at times. But then again most airports do have that atmosphere. I’m not too fond of the distance though needed to get to the domestic terminal from the international. Otherwise a nice airport! Very good experience with security and customs. Smooth and quick getting through scanners and auto visa customs. Shopping experience is much better after customs. Took a while to get through ticketing area as each operator doesn't open the check-ins until 3 hours prior departure. Some great bars and shopping near the gates. Toilets very clean.

  • Csabi Bácskai

It's one of the worst airports, probably in all of human history. We had to get off the plane that was Auckland- Kuala Lumpur with that horrible stop in sidney, so after getting off you have to go through 'security' again having come from a plane transferring back to the same plane having had security checks at the first airport. So that water I had from new zealand was deemed incredibly dangerous. they are rude, unprofessional and the whole airport smells like bum holes. Because it is staffed with them. The layout is a disaster, stuff is all over the place, it's crowded and seriously uncomfortable to sit on anything 'round there. I really hope never to return.

  • Harsha Anjanappa

This lounge has so much more potential then it currently offers. Drink wise the choices are excellent with a wide variety of barista made coffees, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Food choices leave a lot to be desired with very limited options available. Breakfast food was still on offer till around 1pm and then lunch options came out which were not appropriate for the sized plates offered. The lounge is small and can't handle the amount of people using it. More comfortable seating options need to be available as well. Showers and more then two toilets would go a far way as well. A few changes will go a long way to make this an excellent lounge!!

  • Sunny Lemonade Nic

The arrival at Sydney airport was fine but the departure was a mess. Please arrive earlier than you would at other airports! There are very few check-in counters for big international flights. The queues were massive and some of the staff were very inefficient. It took us 1.5h to clear the check-in queue and then the staff had the nerve to tell us we better hurry up. This was the earliest we had ever arrived at an airport (we travel loads), and yet we just made it to the gate for boarding. We had a 10pm flight. All restaurants were shut. The lounge was closing down as well. Cleanliness was not an issue. This airport needs to be managed better!

  • Scott Hunt

Do not take a taxi from Sydney Airport! Be warned! On 18 Nov 2023 I was directed to a people-mover style taxi because we had a small child. Reaching the Opera House, the driver got annoyed we didn't want to plan a return journey. His meter read $88. He became aggressive about adding a tip. He then announced we owed $121 for road tolls. My child got anxious to get out of the car, so we just paid. The driver then announced it was more than $121 but I had my child safely out of the car. I called for my receipt but he quickly drove away. Don't even go to Sydney. Its the second time they have lost my bags. This airport has serious problems.

  • Roger Vino

In my experience, Sydney Airport surpasses even Pearson in terms of chaos, particularly with security checks. It might be worthwhile to consider implementing AI for enhanced security measures across all airports. While immigration lines were manageable, the gate layout proved confusing. Additionally, there's a need to monitor disability toilets, as I observed two able-bodied individuals using them for convenience. When addressed, one apologized, while the other justified it by citing luggage reasons. By the way, there's a need to address the acoustics as the interior of the airport appears to be quite noisy.

  • Lissy Phetiam

Check-in is usually a smooth process, assuming no one brings any banned items in their carry-on. The staff are very strict and humourless. The gift shops are very expensive so it's recommended to buy gifts for friends and relatives before you reach the airport. There's filtered, chilled water available near bathrooms throughout the terminals to refill your water bottle before a flight. Charging stations for electronic devices are far and few between, so bring a battery pack if you plan on using your laptop and phone for extended periods before a flight. Ample seating is situated near moat gates.

  • Rola Daoud

Greatest disappointment of my life. Had to go to syd airport for my transit flight (a 16hr layover) checkin opens at 2:30am for my flight. I was at the airport at 10pm and was told I have to leave the airport as they don’t allow people to stay past 11pm?? Excuse me but I was forced to stay at a hotel for 4 hours because Sydney INTERNATIONAL airport doesn’t let u stay past 11pm. That’s super disrespectful and disappointing. As a frequent traveler not a single international airport has done this. I was shocked. My understanding that international airport are open 24/7 clearly not Sydney airport!!

  • gagan grover

An easy accessible airport. It took me just 30min to get boarding pass, pass thr immigration and security. Security is very tight. They don't allow to carry Vegemite for more than 100ml. I had 150ml bottle and had to throw it. Even if I discussed with senior to throw half of the bottle but they didn't listen. So, guys either buy from duty free or carry one 100ml jar per person. If having bigger jar then put it in checked-in luggage. Also, remember that items in local stores are much cheaper than duty free. So, if you are planning to buy a non objectionable item, do buy it in local store itself.

  • Austin Kimble

Perfect place to visit if you’re looking to have a stress aneurism. Worst organized airport I’ve ever been through, and that includes LAX and third-world countries. Uber pickup station is almost impossible to find, overcrowded. When trains are down (which you won’t find out until you walk all the way down the stairs to the barricades), the cabs will charge you 3x “surge price.” The people organizing taxi pickups may split your queue and you’ll wind up at the back of both instead of the middle of one. Every time I fly home I lose all the relaxation I hoped to get from my vacation.

  • Ashton Samuel

Sydney Kingsford Smith is the biggest airport in Australia. It has a train line that connects both International and Domestic terminals to the city and beyond! In saying that if you are coming to Sydney to be in transit to go somewhere overseas, (because airlines like Qantas pretty much only fly out of Sydney (and I know that they are based in Sydney but still)) unlike places like Melbourne Airport it is so much of a hassle and adds more stress if your domestic flight is delayed to move through terminals in Sydney, when in Melbourne you can just walk between them.

  • sm Lam

Flight delayed for 2 hours. Yet, just less than 10 seats are available for the elderly or handicapped at the gate thus all >450 passengers had to stand for 2 to 2.5 hours. Rude staff answer near the gate when some passengers enquired her if got the right gate waiting. She replied she was too busy to answer. Saw a custom lady asking an elderly woman who appeared not quite understand English to check her bag and said "no" to the custom lady. That staff impolitely ordered her she couldn't say no to her check. Really an experience at an international airport.

  • عبدالله ABDULLAH

Sydney Airport is the busiest and biggest airport in Australia. Well connected with train . Clean . Well managed and maintained . Efficient security, customs , and immigration staff and facilities. Good variety of facilities, restaurants and Cafe's, lounges, local handicrafts shops, Free wifi . travel accessories, major and luxury brands are there. Clean and comfortable seating in waiting areas. Friendly and helpful staff. Foreign travelers need to check what items not to bring , so as not to violate local law. Customers are methodical and strict .

  • Arham Asam

A seriously underwhelming airport for a city as amazing as Sydney. International arrivals/departure is alright, but overall lacking in facilities. Despite being the only airport in Sydney it somehow isn't open 24 hours, so if you have a domestic flight at 06:00 you need to arrive after 04:00 which is extremely inconvenient considering public transport options require arriving before 04:00. To add insult to injury is that there are no bathrooms (at least labeled on the website or any that I could find), so you're left to wait in the cold for hours.

  • Selena ch

Do not take the taxis at Sydney airport!! Take it if you want to get ripped off and pay double. Look at how the meter jumps 10 cents every second, even if the car is not moving. And, the dubious taxi fare is calculated with an app. And misc add on included right before payment. Receipt was requested but not provided. AUD 94 is the price for a 12km ride from Sydney airport. Worst taxi ride I ever paid for in Australia. Tourists, please be careful and not be fooled by how well organised the airport arrival hall usher will direct you to the cab

  • Mr. Mo

Oh splendid! Nothing says "Welcome to our International Airport" like a hearty toss into the icy clutches of winter at the stroke of midnight. And, if the frigid temperatures weren't enough of a warm embrace, they've got the delightful aroma of flaming garbage wafting in the air just to give it that unique local touch. Now the cherry on top? A security guard, the epitome of customer service, barking "No, you can't stay, it's our government rule." Well isn't that just the epitome of hospitality in Australia? How positively enchanting!

  • Esteban

Pretty poopy experience at the international terminal. The floors and bathrooms are very old. There’s no eater bottle dispensers and the signage is bad. There’s not enough trash bins and recycling containers. And the ones that are available, look full of trash. The cleanliness overall is sub-par. Oh, but the duty free area is beautiful, with expensive stores, displays, lighting and smells. Everywhere else, it’s a mess. Not the best look for an international airport and the gateway into the country

  • David Endean

Most staff was curt, if not unhelpful. Once you're through security it's fine, but they need to rethink the security structure. We went in one line, then got told to go to another to supposedly alleviate congestion, then right as we were close to the front were moved to yet another because we had some longer items that couldn't go through fancy new scanners. In addition, traffic flow for departures is quite bad, alleviated only by the metro system. If you can, use the metro to get to/from.

  • Quỳnh Nguyễn

Sydney Airport impresses with its efficient system and clear flight information, making navigation a breeze for travelers. However, it was disappointing to encounter unfriendly and seemingly unhappy staff during my visit. Some of them were even seen using their phones while on duty, which did not contribute to a positive customer experience. I hope that the airport can work on improving the staff's demeanor and professionalism to match the excellence of its systems and flight information.

  • Ella Liu

Today at the Tax refund window at around 4:30, when I log my tax refund, the male officer made the announcement that “you are not Australian citizen like the other person so if you are logging the false records your visa will be canceled” I personally haven’t heard such discrimination in Australia before. Would like better experience in Sydney airport, I believe there are many people from all over the world with different visas, no one would like to hear words like that.

  • Emilia's Music

I expected more from this airport it is absolutely insane how many people go through it. Tax refund is terrible, we lined up for ages and wasn't able to get through in time before our flight so we had to leave the line and run to our gate. The check in is so confusing with check in gates all over the place from one side to the other. The boarding gates are on the other side of the airport which meant we had to run. Quite disappointing for such a big city like Sydney.

  • Tiffany Miller

International side is very well laid out and staff are very helpful. A lot of good shopping options for traveller's. Food options are sparse. The tax refund is a pain as you do not get told even with calling that you need to go to one desk before you check in so they can sight the items and receipts and then go to another desk once you are checked in and through customs. I couldn't get mine as the items were checked in already, which was rather annoying.

  • D Bevo

Myself and my daughter went to Sydney for the weekend to a concert, had issues on Sunday and had to head home early, our tickets were non-transferable as they were cheap tickets. Went to the customer service centre at the domestic terminal, explained my situation. They found earlier flights and no charge, unbelievable service, friendly and helpful. With the heat on qantas at the moment, i found the service to be top end, will always fly qantas

  • Uday Wali

Nice shopping area. Airlines may be short on staffing, so the gates may not have anyone to clarify doubts. Gate number for a scheduled flight may change in the last hour so keep watching. The display may say Relax but very often passengers will get tense. Status updates will show up eventually. Take it easy. There is also some confusion about gate numbers, like exit gate 10 has an entry gate numbered 10 (from inside) close by.

  • Cooper

Navigating through Sydney Airport during its expansion can be a bit chaotic, with unclear signs for arrivals and Uber pickup spots, plus muddy walkways that aren't great for luggage. However, inside the airport, you'll find a range of shops and facilities, and the staff are both friendly and quick to assist. Despite the outside confusion, the airport's internal amenities and helpful team make the overall experience positive.

  • Luke L'sk

The major airport in Sydney is quite organized and efficient. For international arrival, with a chip passport for some countries. You may complete the customs questionnaire on the machine to undergo a faster process and not need to line up to be interviewed by the officer. However, more machine may need to be operational since it may be slower while most of them are broken when I was coming to the country.

  • RM Muyani

Good system and reliable flight information but please make the directions more intuitive, arrows on signs are not very convincing due to poor architecture, sometimes it just looks like your going to a cafe or something, other passengers asking other passengers due to confusion. Gate 55/53/57 are a bit hot and not well air conditioned. Fair transit all in all. And yeah the face art exhibit was creepy

  • damien pearce

Passed through international on the way to Asia. Very good experience with security and customs. Smooth and quick getting through scanners and auto visa customs. Shopping experience is much better after customs. Took a while to get through ticketing area as each operator doesn't open the check-ins until 3 hours prior departure. Some great bars and shopping near the gates. Toilets very clean.

  • Katherine凯琳

The environment is not that bad, but the staff called Matt was so rude. We lined there and an elderly man ask me for some help. Matt shouted few times to us, but we haven’t do anything bother the staff. It was a disgusting experience. I thought Sydney Airport staff should be well trained, but it not seems like that. The staff needs to be more polite, especially the staff called Matt.

  • Karla Abeska

I’ve been to so many airports that work well and operate efficiently with adequate signage and polite staff. Sydney is the worst of all the airports I’ve been. Just a tip, if hundreds of people are confused about where to go because there’s no signage and no one telling us where to go - tell you staff that is a YOU problem, not an US problem. Absolute embarrassment for our country.

  • Ib En

The airport looks nice on the inside and has a good connection with the city; the train from international terminal or the bus from domestic terminal. The airport is rather boring through and there is no need to go early just to hang out in case you thought about it. The Wi-Fi is iffy at best, the selection of snacks is your standard ones, and the fast food chains are limited.

  • Jayson Patumaka

It's a very big and busy place, if you're flying out, it's best to get there with plenty of time to park and especially check in your bags in case something is wrong and to find your departure gate, sometimes they could change it or have delays, so allow time for everything so you won't be held up at customs because it can get very very busy. Safe trip wherever you're going

  • Yodaman Solo

I love airports! For the most part they’re similar with the same setup and formula. Sydney airport is a nice Australian airport that looks like you’re in a shopping mall at times. But then again most airports do have that atmosphere. I’m not too fond of the distance though needed to get to the domestic terminal from the international. Otherwise a nice airport!

  • Robert Mavric

Kicked out of the building at 11pm - 3am to "enjoy" 6⁰C in June 2023. All hospitality venues close 9pm far before that. I've never been to an airport where so little care for the passengers would be shown on a daily basis. If this is an international airport they for sure missed the trade. Not all passengers can arrive prompt 3 hours before departure. Really bad.

  • Ed Davis

Easy international arrival and breezed through customs. Be sure to scan your passport and get a "ticket" before going down a slight ramp where you scan your ticket and look into a camera before you can proceed to baggage claims. Also, (if you're not an Australian national) be sure to apply for your visa, through the "ETA" app,, well in advance of arriving.

  • Pineapple Properties

So you get on a plane, be check and scan. You arrive in Sydney for an international transit and get check and scan again straight after leaving the first plane?? For what ?? Make us lose our time? Lose our flights ? Moreover 2 lines and 4 workers aren't enough for 200 people. You should treat your staff and customers better than that. Never again for me

  • Joshua Rothman

I was very impressed with how automated the biometric passport self service lines are.. I had to wait 25 minutes to get my luggage but that is pretty normal the we days. The airport was veery clean. The biosecurity line was 20 minutes. I like how the Rideshare signs were so big and easy to find where the Uber are located. Great Job!!!!

  • Maree Moloney

Transition from one domestic flight to another easy. Found people with small suitcases on the small plane to Canberra held up the flight because they had to have their cases loaded into the back of plane while we waited about 30 minutes in a small, hot plane. There must be a better way to do this. The overall experience was good.

  • GTB

Failure of Sydney airport to build a link between the domestic and international is a critical failing and must be addressed soon. Every day passengers are caught out having to allow up to 3 hours connection between the two to ensure they don’t miss their flight. I have been caught several times. This is not good enough.

  • Elżbieta Penkowska

To move between terminals you need to pay 10$ train ticket one way which is ridiculous. There is barely any coffee/restaurant places before security so if you need to wait before checking in luggage there is nowhere to go and the 2-3 existing cafes have almost no place to sit. Overall not the best design for the airport.

  • Doyle

Irene was amazing at quantas sales desk, went above and beyond to ensure I made the next flight to London, in time for a funeral after I had missed my original flight. I was in a very stressed state and she was calm and professional and ensured all the details were updated for my next flight. She deserves a raise

  • Travis Davids

Clean, organized and efficient, no problems at all navigating through the airport. Everything runs like clockwork. There's tons of stores for shopping. The duty free stores are full of all sorts of Aussie treats. If you have access to the Air New Zealand lounge, definitely go there. Overall, amazing airport.

  • Chris Wardle

Bright, bustling domestic terminal – easy to navigate – with excellent public transport connections. Travel tip: If you're not overloaded with luggage, consider catching one of the frequent buses to Mascot Station, then hop on a train to the city, saving you the airport station’s costly access fee.

  • Nigel Baker

Worst airport experience I have ever had. 3:30 min to clear passport control. There must have been 1000 people in line and only 2 customs officers. Back at Sydney Airport a year later, guess what the same story, 2 Immigration offices and 1500 passengers waiting. At least you are consistent..,

  • Gopal Krishna

Excellent international airport. About half an hour car drive to Sydney downtown. Uber or taxi easily available. Reasonable charges. Wheel chair service for handicapped people could be improved. Rest is all fine. Custom was very friendly & highly efficient. Keep working hard guys. Thanks.

  • Christy Blake

Domestic terminal - Qantas. Forgot my phone going through security and was thankfully very straightforward to retrieve it. Decent selection of shops.and the usual convenience-store type places Only one place to have a drink pre evening flights and it does not have a pub feel or atmosphere

  • Al K

I'd like to say many thanks to awesome people working there. Especially to the border officer who yesterday returned my wife's passport which she has forgotten. He did an awesome job, finding my wife outside when she was rushing to the Murrays bus to Canberra. Many thanks for that.

  • Kay.Tolentino Gaspar

It's a bit of a walk from one gate to another but the good thing is food kiosks and restos are very near the gates, no worries of getting hungry before the flight. Big name brands at the duty free shops where passengers can enjoy a bit of shopping while waiting for their flights.

  • deepak dangi

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (colloquially Mascot Airport, Kingsford Smith Airport, or Sydney Airport; IATA: SYD, ICAO: YSSY; ASX: SYD) is an international airport in Sydney, Australia, located 8 km (5 mi) south of the Sydney central business district, in the suburb of Mascot.

  • Gurdip Singh

Had a very good experiance at Syndey airport/Internatipnal section. Airport was so clean and I had wibes like to being in shopping center. Check in and security check were easy and fast, almost fully automated. In big picture airport is big and gates that I saw were until 57.

  • Lucy Vivi

Must’ve missed the memo where Aussies need to pay premium for basic comforts. No complimentary blankets on flights? Seriously? What is this, a budget airline in the outback? Learn from China please and reduce your salary to African standards is fair for the rest of the world

  • Pak Soon Lau

Nice modern airport with latest technologies. Getting through immigration was a breeze as all you need to do is scan your passport and let the machines do the rest. But do make sure you are not carrying any food or restricted goods as the check at customs is very strict.

  • Mel McMillan

A very good Airport that is easy to negotiate your destination. Plenty of Shops and food outlets. Also plenty of lounge areas to rest while waiting for your Flight. Inside Airport it is clean and well maintained with excellent Toilet facilities that are clean and modern.

  • Ebubekir Tekin

It's truly one of the finest airports I've experienced. The passport control process was impressively swift, with no waiting time at all. The staff were remarkably kind, and getting to the city from the airport was incredibly convenient ✈️ …

  • Ctung Lee

Lovely airport! So glad to be back after 4 years since 2019 (and covid) The airport is really busy at like 7am (Australians do wake up early HAHA) but yea people are friendly and the shops are all opening already early in the morning . Well impressed!

  • Ayesh Baddage

Better than average Aussie airport. Love the landing view and the tidy architecture around the CBD. Ample spaces for resting and very nice washrooms with regular servicing. Multiple dining options and retail stores. Lovely vibe throughout.

  • Mail Stop

Flight QF73 cancelled due to technical problems so waiting for room accommodation for night and Qantas will inform tomorrow about next flight timing. I think it’s better to go in a plane without any technical problem. Safety First.

  • Colez G

No smoking area for an international terminal is lazy and elitist. Having to leave the terminal and go through customs for a cigarette is stupid. Easy decision for the non smoking management of Sydney Airport. Elitist title fits.

  • Amanda Patterson

Very large with 20 minute walk between gate and air new Zealand lounge. Air new Zealand lounge was average and airline was running behind because the gate we were at had another plane stopping our plane from coming into the gate

  • Shawn Sagar

Very good airport. Clean and modern look. Has a variety of duty free products and a number of restaurants to dine in. Staff were very friendly throughout the check out process. Bus shuttles are located right outside the airport.

  • Md Rashadul Islam

Spectacular view with outstanding services. Those people who are from abroad should keep into mind that in every visit to the underground train station at airport ( routing in and out) will cost nearly 20 Australian dollars.

  • Dan

I've been around the world and this is the most poorly run airport I've ever been to. Bad signage, weird confusing systems, huge ques without designated areas e.g arrivals in Declare and nothing to Declare. Awful experience.

  • Blake Airlington

HUGE Airport, you need to get a bus from domestic to international! And the bus is not good, at all! "Free" - yes, "crowded and stinks and sits around with doors locked in hot tarmac for ages for no reason" - yes

  • Toni F

First time - they sprayed the storage bins for cooties before they'd let us off! But, Border Patrol here are fast, efficient and courteous. Having a flat white and enjoying our super early morning arrival

  • Tina Earney

So many shops. Totally suggest booking into the Plaza Premium Lounge if you have a ling stopover during transit. 5hrs A$71/person. Food,free wifi,comfy chairs,views of the planes coming & going

  • Stephen Mcgarity

Hi ! Everyone ! Sydney Airport is very well setup & easy to check flight ✈️ details on big info screen. Happy Flying ✈️ From Steve Off Steve's Mobile Auto Detailing ! Newcastle …

  • Lena Boros

Sydney Airport has really become a very easy Airport to Travel in & out / Love the signage to get around & find what you are looking for!! Great Service of Trains to & from the Airport!!

  • Anand Ramaswamy

The crowd at Immigration and Bio Security check is long. Plan your connection flights accordingly. Plan 3 hours atleast for your next connecting flight. QANTAS Services are excellent!

  • Anastasiia Safonova

The airport and the whole terminal 1 doesn't work till 2.30am, so be prepared if you have early flight as there is no place to wait except carpark without any chairs and heating.

  • Parul Sharma

The airport is good and you have lots of options for Duty-Free shops. But the Qantas flight is not clean at all, the seats food tray even the carpets are very dirty. …

  • Javier Tan

Didn’t manage to see the entire airport but it was very well designed and clean! There was a substantial amount of greenery outside as well, making the airport very homely!

  • Wacky Willow

Not our favourite but is good. The staff could be friendlier especially at the transfer area. The experience would have been better if another aisle had been opened.

  • Chris Andrews

Awesome place to navigate around Love how easy it is to take the train from Sydney CBD to the international terminal More toilets are needed near departure lounges

  • Sunil Piers

It was raining in Sydney when we landed. While the Qantas transfer between T3 and T2 was efficient, our baggage was soaked and wet when we reached our destination.

  • Michael Quidlat

Close to everything, Trains and Buses to go where you need. After Landing got out in less than 30mins if you do it right. Fill out your Arrival Slip Correctly!

  • Rafael AF

Nice airport, clean eazy to navigate. Duty free shop offer many stuff to buy. Food shop a bit limited but still oke. Many seat avaliable and all well organize.

  • Dawn Benes

Virgin staff very caring, they take the time to answer slowly. Very kind for passengers. Waiting area, attendants, Pilots and flights all 100% experience. Tku

  • Nadezda Musatova

Very friendly and not too crowded when we flew in to Australia, quick baggage delivery and easy to get oriented when to go and what to do next.

  • Prasanna Kumar

One of the biggest domestic airlines in world. You have total of 46 gate ways and all amenities. Staff is really friendly and good to others.

  • Tiktiktok G.

This airport is good. There is a place that you can store you luggages. The service is good and most of the staffs are friendly.

  • L

Not so big airport, open lounge area is nice with lots power outlets. There're long queue when ppl arrive...

  • Darren White

I am getting used to Sydney airport. The transfer from domestic to international with Qantas is way easier

  • Ich Bin Gnade - Michelle Astorga

Clean, orderly and beautiful airport. Immigration and airport personnel are very disciplined yet friendly

  • H.W Lim (Michael)

super fast departure procedure. so much more tax free shopping stores. but poor quality lounges

  • Salus Yustian

Cozy airport, efficient checking system for foreigners entering Australia.

  • Joan Himelblau

Best airport, great shopping and endless delicious food options.

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