Sydney Airport DOM T2 Drop-Off

1511 reviews

Sydney International Airport, Domestic Terminal 2 Departures, Mascot NSW 2020, Australia


Sydney Airport DOM T2 Drop-Off is a Airport located at Sydney International Airport, Domestic Terminal 2 Departures, Mascot NSW 2020, Australia. It has received 1511 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.



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  • The address of Sydney Airport DOM T2 Drop-Off: Sydney International Airport, Domestic Terminal 2 Departures, Mascot NSW 2020, Australia

  • Sydney Airport DOM T2 Drop-Off has 4.2 stars from 1511 reviews

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  • "It looks as though the executive bureaucracy of Sydney Airport has spent a very long time not treading the ground that its customers have to walk every day"

    "This is the best airport I have been to in Australia"

    "Very busy and stressful"

    "Arrived late at one night recently at Sydney airport domestic terminal and followed signs to catch a train then I reached end of sign and it pointed to the direction where I got off the flight and access door to the railway station was closed"

    "If I could this place zero stars I would"


  • Pete Faber

It looks as though the executive bureaucracy of Sydney Airport has spent a very long time not treading the ground that its customers have to walk every day. Set it up and it will take care of itself. Ha! For starters, they might explain green parking indicators adjacent to zero empty spaces; number displays of free bays provided as a puzzle as to where they actually are, a maze as to where lanes in the car park lead, invisible routes to ramps up and down, unlit hidden Exit signs on the ceilings at, not before turns, much more. Signs: there's this idea of an information chain: give expected data, then at the next decision point, an intersection or a fork, GIVE THE NEXT DATA ELEMENT: provide the next sign to eliminate ambiguity or uncertainty. Then continue the chain until the objective is achieved. Exit->, at the next point say Exit^, then the next turn with <-Exit etc etc. Fundamental. Then there's arriving at your car and looking for where to go. Be anywhere and you should be able to see a sign that informs you where to head. Otherwise you drive around to dead-ends or circles. Guess and guess again. Leave a plane, collect you bags, and you want to go to a vehicle or collection point. Where are the 3D graphics that give you orientation and the first hints as to what direction to take? Ha! Even on minimal diagrams: You are here X, FACING THIS WAY [arrow]. Lifts? Only kidding: this one doesn't go to all floors. Why?? COO: take your people out from their desks and walk the floors the way your customers do. Fundamental.

  • Caity B

This is the best airport I have been to in Australia. Bag security is SUPER organised, so everyone keeps moving through. The security are very thorough and professional. Unlike the maroochydore security, the workers here are very polite and nice (the maroochydore airport security are known for being awful, and we just flew from there. So we were a bit nervous coming to the airport today) My hubby was selected for a random explosives swab test. The gentleman kindly let him know and waited patiently for my hubby to collect all of his belongings. The bag search was thorough, but not invasive; and the man kindly explained what he was doing and why. Everyone was visibly at ease and had plenty of room to unload and repack their belongings without needing to rush. And there are plenty of stations to charge your devices while you wait for your plane

  • Fiona Telford

Very busy and stressful. Not sure where the issue is as all staff from airlines + security + food services were helpful, efficient and working their hardest, but long lines and waits EVERYWHERE, nowhere to sit in Foodcourt, and just a general feeling of chaos and disorganisation to the whole operation. Layout is inefficient as people just needing to get straight to their gates have to make their way through the busy + crazy Foodcourt dodging people and making it even busier + crazier. Staff (including amazing food service and cleaning crew) are holding the place together, really.

  • Dream Lifestyle

Arrived late at one night recently at Sydney airport domestic terminal and followed signs to catch a train then I reached end of sign and it pointed to the direction where I got off the flight and access door to the railway station was closed. I had to ask one of the staff to let me access the station. The signs to station was poor directed and forgot about arriving at a late night flight then to catch train there.

  • Barry Duncan

If I could this place zero stars I would. $7 for a single sushi roll?? $4.50 for a freaking tiny chocolate bar??? This disgusting greed is a blight on the Australia's continued existence. Greed for greeds sake. Captured audiences shouldn't pay more. It's not a convenience. I hope every shop in this blighted hole goes broke.

  • nass “nassbar” bar

The Jetstar checkin and service staff were less than willing to assist in time of need, which caused us (two adults and children 6 and 1) to remain waiting in the airport for the next available flight for an additional 14 hours, needless to say we won't be flying them again, and will encourage our friends to do that same.

  • K C.

Comfortable seating, clean toilets readily available, a range of cafes etc, most open quite early. Bright and clean place. Everybody seems cheerful & more than happy to assist you with anything you may need. I just went to the pharmacy & received really detailed advice, a really good experience

  • Rolph Smith

The airport is a shambles! It took 25 mins to travel 0.3 km to the terminal on a bus from rentals. The road was blocked by a mobile crane abd taxi drivers lined up for lunch break .? NO body managing or minitoring traffic folws? NO body cares, no body managing airport activities ourside terminals? Crazy

  • Bob Ranchod

Park your car, kiss your loved ones goodbye and safe journey, wave and then drive away. Don’t wait too long, the parking wardens will get you. Can be quite congested at times as the planes all leave and arrive at the same time for some economic reason. Trolleys for luggage available. Hope this helps

  • Calebrimbor

Compared to the labyrinthine halls and twisting corridors of most airports, where even Theseus and his golden thread would run afoul, the layout was quite straightforward. Do not partake of the food or drink unless you carry a crow's weight in gold, or have a spare arm and leg. Friendly staff tho.

  • duane kuru

If you can snag a window view of the runway in the food section then it's a great view - could watch that all day and it helps pass the waiting time. Otherwise like all the bigger airports the queuing is a bit of a pain. But accepted as all part of the process of flying.

  • Francis Malinosky-Rummell

Pretty lousy to have to wait outside in the cold for the airport to open. You would think a big airport would be open 24 hours, OR that there would be information on their website about their open hours OR that Jetstar would tell you when checkin starts.

  • Michael Cox

What a great day! It started yesterday, booked car hire with Budget. Did not realise that collection was at the international terminal and I was standing in the Domestic terminal. No problem, budget sorted it all out. Expectations exceeded on all fronts.

  • negin ashrafi

i had flight early morning to brisbane at 7 am yesterday, there was a lady who asked for double check my bag taking out my stuff from bag saying you have knife, after checking my bag by a lady with hijab and becoming sure, she just

  • Danny Thompson

We arrived deliberately early for our flight, preferring to clear through and relax airside. The Check In and Bag Drop process was quick and efficient. The staff friendly and helpful. We were through to airside within 15 minutes of arriving.

  • J and A Stevens

Jetstar's drop-off zone is filthy. Slow and the longest lines. You can't line up until 2 hours before your flight. No where to sit. I got told i could sit on the floor buy the flight staff. But at 58 year old lady i am not sutting on the

  • Gregg Vee

Parking is an absolute nightmare. I could not find car rental returns. This was only accessible traveling north to the airport. Ended up dropping the car in Botany rentals and paying a $35 fee for returning car to incorrect depot. Had to

  • Matt Medland

Fast efficient service at Sydney airport. The staff were friendly and helpful and got us onto the Jetstar flight to Perth in no time flat and without having to walk onto the tarmac a long way as some other airports can sometimes do.

  • Jun Teh

First time in 10 years, can’t recall how this was last time. But it is quite convenient with lots of eateries opened even at 5am. I was afraid that they are all closed but I’m glad I had a nice brekky before my flight.

  • Steven Molnar

Due to carpark redevelopment between T2 and T3, it's a long walk around, but use the underground walkway that you use from both to access the train start underneath - much faster and easier esp if cold or raining

  • Boris Escobar

I was travelling with my family, 9 of us and Jo who was on duty today driving the red buggy car on Virgin domestic was so nice and helpful, People like Jo makes your day, she was so kind and good with my

  • Anna V

Impressed at ease of all the public transport in Sydney and surrounds Used Metro, ferry and train, all very accessible and easy to transfer from train to ferry and viseversa, very quick travel times too!

  • Robert Bennett

Generally a smooth and easy process, but the automated system couldn’t find my reservation… no problem, the customer service team was able to get me sorted out immediately! 100% for the support team!!!

  • Keith Newland

It's so much easier when you check in online and only have carry-on luggage! They didn't even ask my son to take all of his devices out of his backpack at security check - just put his phone on a tray

  • Richard Auchter

Such a poor attempt at an airport. So much infrastructure yet no rain cover to get to the pick up location. Front doors from roadway closed. Smokers at every entrance. 3rd world standard at best.


Easy early morning drive to Sydney Domestic T2 for a Jetstar flight to Adelaide at 3.30 am with minimal traffic However note that Sydney Domestic Airport opens only at 4 am so dont come to early

  • L2HfT

There is something wrong with the aircon or the air filtration. The entire check in hall smells like airplane fumes. Someone really should check the air quality in the hall. It is horrible!

  • Lindsay Charters

I like T2 Sydney it’s got a lot of eatery’s and shops to wander around in. The only headache is security like I am not 100% if that’s totally necessary but it’s there all the same.

  • Isabella Spalding

Apart from awful parking as it's a madhouse due to renovations,it was pretty good. Easy checking in and getting to departure gate. Friendly, helpful staff when we needed it

  • Nitin Nand

It's definitely better and cleaner than Melbourne Domestic. Security checkin needs improvement for example the white containers needs to be pushed by machine not by us.

  • John M

Blue Emu false advertising about every 15 minutes bus. One bus. Same driver. Waited over an hour. Crowded and pathetic. Office hours useless. Wish I could get a refund.

  • Timothy Jennings

Lot of road works going on and signs difficult to read signs. Just grin and bear it as it should be great when finished. Easy drop off once heading on right direction.

  • Thomas Schipke

Good just not enough room for cars to actually park vs the amount of people and cars waiting to be picked up, results in queues on the road that can cause havoc

  • Ali Kaveh

Always busy, with a line to enter, and waiting time to find a spot to drop off your passenger. I have never seen any staff to help drivers find a spot faster.

  • Lionel Kools

Still the same. Empty Sunday 5.15 AM ... It is empty ... Just a few peoples going to Adelaide. Covid has impacted so many businesses

  • Rodney Armour

A compact Airport, typically flows ok. Lots of food options. Long walk to vehicle passenger pick up, follow the green/yellow signs

  • Don Binara Bulathsinhala

Easy to navigate through. A well interconnected train network within the airport which makes travelling to the suburbs a breeze.

  • Les Con

Very quick with check in security was no hassle, there are a lot of new shops coming soon, prices typical airport pricing.


The driver took me here even if I was riding alone. I really appreciate it. The place is clean and looked well maintained.

  • Waiman Wong

Old Small but Busy! Can't wait the New one been built. Otherwise will be more air traffic jam than the Sydney road...

  • Maria Becroft

Get Uber eats. Sadly lacking in gluten free food. Terminal is not well designed for large numbers of passengers.

  • Pat Tate

All good today. Not so crowded. Gate 57 etc a long way for the elderly. Where has the" travelator " gone ?

  • Farida Fares

Thetaxi was very rud his boot was dirty he took the long way he told if i dont like it to get out of taxi

  • Cecilia Andrew

Fast & easy & helpful directions in where I needed to go to board my flight. Keep up the good work.

  • jesse sheehan

Great airport. Friendly staff. Good value for money. Would definitely fly to Sydney airport again.

  • clayton fox

Food court has improved since last time in the air. Granted, I haven't flown since precovid.

  • A Mc

For a very busy airport it works well. Brisbane airport should take some advice from them.

  • Samu Rai

School holidays but queues went quick plenty of places to eat drink and browse …

  • Eva Canetti

Excellent design. Easy to go from point A to Z. Quick check up security points.

  • Dhinesh

Good. The way to express pickup is very long

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