Sunnyside Aquarium

77 reviews

8/72-80 Hampstead Rd, Maidstone VIC 3012, Australia



Sunnyside Aquarium is a Tropical fish store located at 8/72-80 Hampstead Rd, Maidstone VIC 3012, Australia. It has received 77 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Sunnyside Aquarium: 8/72-80 Hampstead Rd, Maidstone VIC 3012, Australia

  • Sunnyside Aquarium has 4.0 stars from 77 reviews

  • Tropical fish store

  • "Great service"

    "Short story, terrible service"

    "Great range of fish and fish accessories , albeit overpriced"

    "Updated Review! I’ve visited Sunnyside in multiple occasions now! They’re in the midst of some refurbishing and as time has progressed, the store has become much more cleaner and vibrant"

    "I'd like to review the Sunnyside/Aquatic Escape Aquarium but I can't"


  • Shane Costa

Great service. Good range of fish. Helpful staff. Best little aquarium about. Some of the bigger ones could learn a thing or 2. As for the below reviews. Injecting ink? Grow up. And for the person who drove all that way, did you call and ask why? Maybe he had a family emergency, If he just could not be bothered I would understand your frustration but if he is a sole proprietor... sometimes these things happen. I find most aquariums i visit have a wait to be served as some customers are asking a lot of questions and advice. I agree if he was talking with friends about unrelated topics, for sure be pissed. My experiences here have been good. The shop owner has gone out of his way to assist me with replacing a broken tank. When he delivered it and a box was missing he calmed my frustration and came up with a solution. 2 other aquariums I went to made promises and did not keep them and one shop assistant was helping me, went to ask a question and started serving someone else... This place is definitely on par with some of the larger aquariums for price and quality. Make up your own mind but the below reviews are definitely a little harsh

  • Harold Zoid

Short story, terrible service. Long story bellow. 2 really poor experiences with this shop, both times with the owner bloke. First time, I was looking at his nano aquariums and he came over all helpful like, trying to sell me one. When I told him I was only after a new filter and asked him to tell me about the one he had in his, he said “they’re over there”, pointed to the other end of the store and walked off. Second time, I needed a particular plant in tissue culture, no other nearby aquariums had it in stock so thought I’d call this bloke. Asked if he had it in stock. He said yes, but hesitated. I asked why he hesitated because if there’s something wrong with it, I won’t waste my time driving there... he said no no nothing wrong with it, so I drove down there. Got there, had a look and the container was full of mould. He shrugged and said I could have $2 off. Yeah, nah mate. Plenty of better aquariums around, do yourself a favour and go to them instead of this one.

  • Sunny Bach

Great range of fish and fish accessories , albeit overpriced. However that is not my issue. I had recently purchased some fish food from here(New life spectrum thera A) a little tub of it for $50, and upon arriving at home and feeding some to my fish i discovered that it would expire in December 2016(purchased mid September 2016) I acknowledge that it was my fault for not checking the expiry date, however i am greatly disgusted that they are still stocking fish food that will expire in 2 months. Is there no one doing quality control? For those reading this, please don't make the same mistake i did and always check the expiry date and if you can help it, i would advise visiting another LFS because i will never be returning to this LFS. Very disappointed.

  • Matthew Bunin

Updated Review! I’ve visited Sunnyside in multiple occasions now! They’re in the midst of some refurbishing and as time has progressed, the store has become much more cleaner and vibrant. The staff I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with and informative and very knowledgeable on the animal’s living conditions and behaviour. The prices are very reasonable and there is plenty of variety in aquatic life. Would very much recommend this store! Original Review Tucked away in a tiny industrial complex, has plenty of fish and plant life, however not the best housing conditions, staff were difficult to find and products on the floor weren’t for sale? Anyhow brought a fighting fish!

  • Paul

I'd like to review the Sunnyside/Aquatic Escape Aquarium but I can't. When I came to the shop at 10:30am on Saturday it was closed despite stating its work hours 10am-6pm. It's frustrating to drive 40km each way to find the pace you want to visit closed but it's even more frustrating to talk to this shop over the phone previous day and be assured that it would be open the following day. Not a happy customer. Hey, shop owner, will you reimburse me for time and fuel wasted?

  • Angela B

Although they have an attractive range of fish - all of the fish we bought from this shop, with the exception of one, have all died. We checked the water quality in the tank and it was within the range. The owner was pushing us to buy multiple fish even though we'd heard not to buy too many at once. He assured us it was fine. He was also quite rude. We bought two lots of fish from this place but we will never go back again.

  • Dick Jones

Went to this place today and was disgusted at what I found. They sell Fish that have been injected with inks to make the fish look more attractive. When I saw the fish I thought they looked great but had never seen them before. When I googled the name I soon found out they had been injected with fluoro ink which is very painful for the fish. If you care about your fish then stay away from this place.

  • Carlos Spicey-Weiner

They have some impressive fish but the owners can be pushy. One day when I tried to buy one small discus, a female staff member said I had to buy all 3 in the tank or she wouldn't waste her time. On another occasion the guy wasn't to keen on selling the one I chose and tried selling me other much more expensive fish. After some debate he finally got the one I asked for. Hmmmm.

  • Kevin Dix

Extremely poor customer service, first time was ignored by the owner for 20 minute whilst he talked to his friends and served customers that arrived after us, second time was talking to shop assistant for some advice and owner asked the assistant to go and help him load a car leaving me standing there again for 10 minutes. Never going again.

  • Daniel Nguyen

The male owner keeps on pushing you to buy the expensive fish and when you refuse to buy it, he shows a sign of disappointment and ignores you. Even though I still come to the store and spend about $150 on his fish, he still does not treat me well.

  • Mel Be

Aquatica Aquarium is a great store to get all for Aquarium needs. I HIGHLY recommend them. The staff are always lovely and willing to be helpful. Best Aquarium store in the west easily. Fish are always healthy great range of all stock.

  • Joe M

Easily my favourite Aquarium in Melbourne. Great variety of fish and excellent advice on the care and maintenance for them. Very friendly staff always happy to help and the best prices for quality fish and products. A+++++

  • Sharlene Romero

Not happy at all with this place I have bought expensive fish and they have died can’t say it’s my water or tank it’s in 3 different tanks!!!!!! Will not be using this shop again …

  • Tiko Polidano

Great place have a crazy range of different fish stingrays Flower horns fancy goldfish And a pretty good Selection of betta fish bought one my self 100% recommend.

  • suman basnet

Saw this fish which like to live in group,ther were almost over 50 in one Tube like thing.. they have got so many fish,but not much option for fresh cold water...

  • Daniel Mychajlyshyn

Staff are very knowledgeable and always have the right solution to fit any budget. Very reasonable prices and an awesome range of products & livestock. 5 stars!!

  • Mitchy boy

Great service. Crazy fish tanks and very reasonable prices on fish that are usually expensive at other shops. Will definitely be going back soon.

  • Jay

I like the fish they have here but i feel he gets offended if you dont buy anything. Also had a similar experience "Kevin Dix" had below

  • T Luu

best selection of fishes and accessories. most friendly staff. treats you like a friend. highly recommended for aquascapers

  • melissa giacca

I went to the shop today and I have counted 8 dead fish,and I walked around and seen most of the tanks dirty and unhealthy

  • David Flint

Great selection of healthy fish and aquarium accessories. Prices are reasonable to slightly expensive.

  • Arvind Kumar

Best place with best staff members. A lot of options for fish, live plants and aquarium's accessories.

  • Saurabh Kanwar

Happy with service, the fish are healthy. Reasonable prices. Will definitely go back for more.

  • robert ireson

It's a pleasure to deal with people who have a passion for, and knowledge of, what they do.

  • Debra Hockey

Excellent and friendly customer service. The staff are welcoming and knowledgeable

  • Dylan Pham

Really healthy fish. I’ve had no problems with the fish I have bought here.

  • Filiph Sarker

Nice neat & clean aquarium. Varity of products & good customer service.

  • Rob Ljubic

Friendly helpful staff and great range of fish and accessories …

  • Jennifer Dunlop

Great selection of fish, awesome customer service! …

  • Rafique Khan

They have huge collection of fish, also expensive one.

  • Jorge

Great range, and helpful staff that are knowledgeable.

  • Bishal Gurung

Personal experience, great place... good service.

  • Nichole Medina

Amazing variety and excellent customer service!

  • Mark Sterlson

Plenty of choice of fish to buy despite corona.

  • Morris Ruberto

Awesome place with the best range I have seen!

  • Kumar Singh

Hidden gem! Amazing selection and knowledge!

  • Michelle Zee

Great range, great prices and helpful staff.

  • Kevin Augustine

The service and quality of fish was great

  • Paul Sammut

Nice healthy fish - particularly discus.

  • Janelle May

Great service and beautiful fish.

  • Colliemonster Lee (Colliemonster)

Amazing range and helpful staff

  • Ha Hai Chau Nguyen

Experienced and friendly staff

  • Kham TEH

Great place to window shop

  • Andrew Harman

will be better once done.

  • Jennifer Krause

Very helpful staff.

  • Kavya Sundar Reddy

Best in quality

  • Lorraine Crabbe

Awesome place

  • Subodh Shrestha
  • Taylah Spiller
  • Xavier Storm
  • Vee
  • tyrese Balasopoulos
  • Kayne Jansen
  • Food Lover “Fat girl from Malaysia”
  • Daiki Hirata
  • Trung Pham
  • Jeremy Simmons
  • Brett Chalker
  • Graeme Rutley
  • Tamsin Beckett
  • Guido Dereani
  • Nhan Le
  • Dave Spalding
  • Eco Friendly
  • Sloss
  • Goutham Kumar
  • Mel Truj
  • Adam Colley
  • Johnathan scicluna
  • Richard Branc
  • Eddy
  • travis rodier
  • HDuc Nguyen
  • Crystal Clear
  • Matt Riches

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