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2079 Dundas St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1J5, Canada



Subway is a Sandwich shop located at 2079 Dundas St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1J5, Canada. It has received 176 reviews with an average rating of 2.7 stars.





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  • The address of Subway: 2079 Dundas St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1J5, Canada

  • Subway has 2.7 stars from 176 reviews

  • Sandwich shop

  • "Jenn Palang, the owner has mental health issues"

    "Update: If you go there please turn on your camera or at least audio and record her"

    "I went to a Subway in Vancouver BC, on Lakewood Drive and Dundas Street, a lady was working on Sunday and had barely any vegetables, the lettuce was brown and looked soggy and very old"

    "ZERO STARS! Yes AVOID the Subway on Dundas between the Dominos and the Fish and Chip Place"

    "worst subway i have ever been to"


  • Jeannie Rush

Jenn Palang, the owner has mental health issues. You don't know when she is going to snap at you. She has been there for years and treats people less than quality customer service. I have not been there for at least a few years, due to the issue that people mentioned and my own previous experience, where I walked right out of the restaurant with her and her former staff treating me with rudeness. I thought I would try it again, and see if there is anything different. There were an elderly couple and their friend in front of me and they used a coupon that is through the head office. I was next in line and gave Jenn my own coupon and watched what would happen. If you buy one foot long, you get the second foot long for free. She pulled out one foot long and watched and she did nothing. I told her it was for 2 foot longs for the price of one. Jenn puts less of all the vegetables on everything. Instead of 3 tomatoes, she puts 2 or 1.5 for the tomato, for the vegetable is not a complete piece. Jenn should sell the company, but the problem is, she would not be able to find a job anywhere else for her attitude towards people would get her fired - so she keeps her business with misery. She feels stuck. Her prices are at the minimum, $7,8 or 9 for foot long. The head office does know about complaints of her, but there is no action. It has been noted previously. Do try to go somewhere else, if you can. Make this place your last resort.

  • Andy

Update: If you go there please turn on your camera or at least audio and record her. Put it on social media and take it to the authorities. It's the only way to expose her for the mean-spirited person she is.. I've just had an unbelievably terrible experience at this Subway. The 17 year owner of the premises, Pilipina Jenn Lapag was so rude to me I can hardly control my anger. Every request for what i wanted in the sub was an irritated demand. I finally asked her what was wrong and she went off the deep end. She pointed to the camera and said "i don't care what you say or do, go ahead write a complaint". She slammed the sub down and walked away, but not before calling me "white trash" and giving me the middle finger as she walked out the back. I have reported her to the police saying she went beyond rudeness or being unprofessional, She was abusive and would be fired on the spot if there were any management oversight. The police listened to my complaint but said there's little they can do... it's a subway issue. They're right. But how is the woman going to be removed when she owns and operates it seemingly in a vacuum? I'll never visit a Subway again and will make sure everyone I know hears about this person. My next move is to contact Subway management directly.

  • R Billz

I went to a Subway in Vancouver BC, on Lakewood Drive and Dundas Street, a lady was working on Sunday and had barely any vegetables, the lettuce was brown and looked soggy and very old. I asked for fresh lettuce stating the "eat fresh" slogan and this woman told me that the lettuce had been brown since Saturday and nobody else complained. There was no spinach, just brown gross looking lettuce. Obviously I was trying to order a 12" sub and another 6" sub with my son, willing to pay and spend my money, but this establishment was so poorly run, the owner literally said if I wouldn't take the brown lettuce I could get out of her store. I was disgusted and obviously left with my 5 year old son next door to the Dundas Restaurant where I told the owners about what had happened and ordered fish and chips instead of my first choice of a healthy sandwich for me and my son. The owners told me the woman will kick people out of her store for asking for extra pickles or mayonaise and many people complain to them about the treatment and poor quality of service they offer. I will not be returning to subway after this treatment and think Safeway has a great Deli. I'm so disappointed that Subway lets people run their business and represent your corporation in this manner.

  • Jerry Pender

ZERO STARS! Yes AVOID the Subway on Dundas between the Dominos and the Fish and Chip Place... This woman (the owner, Jenn something) should be stripped of her business license and franchise. I was screamed and sworn at by her because I was on my cell phone relaying an order for a friend as texts were not coming through. I tried to explain this to her (very politely I might add) but it was useless. No joke, I believe she may be mentally unstable. When I say screamed at, I mean top of her lungs completely losing her mind kind of screaming. There is another Subway 5 minutes away, or the guys next door at the Dominos are all right. Please never go there, and tell all your friends to not go there. The day I see that place closed I will throw you all a pizza party. Seriously though, I'm a normal, decent guy. The kind of guy that apologizes to the cashier for being on the phone when in line at Safeway. I don't need to be yelled and sworn at for wanting a sandwich, I already hate myself enough for indulging in fast food, I don't need to be berated by a proprietor also.

  • jay savy

worst subway i have ever been to..Asian lady was really rude and very cheap with the toppings on my sub-when i complained about it she kicked me out!! lol all i wanted was a healthier choice than Mcdonalds down the street.i asked for a foot long egg sub for my roomate with olives and lettuce and cheese toasted(thats it)she asked what i wanted and i said egg...she goes,and?...omg the egg was already on there!!lol it just looked like the melted cheese(not the usual 3 ice cream scoops of egg other subways do)so im like uhhhh ok ,can i get olives?she drops like 5 olives and i asked for more cause my roomate always gets lots-she said she would have to charge me extra,so i said fine and when she dropped like 6 more olives on it i just said,you know what,i dont even want this sandwhich,and then she kicked me out! lol also my veggie sub was crappily made sitting there waiting too(what a waste and a joke)...ended up going to McDonalds to grab stuff instead :( NEVER GOING TO DUNDAS SUBWAY EVER AGAIN!!!

  • kristen Anderson

Me and my elderly mom 74 years old came in to order 2 subs. Little did we know it would be the worst trip to a restaurant ever. My mom was deciding on what vegetables to put on her sub when the asian owner lady said... "hurry up i have things to do, you too slow old lady".. i was mortified since this was totally unwarranted and out of no where. I told her that she had no right to talk like that to anyone let alone my mom and that since she's already half made the subs as a courtesy ill pay for them and complete the order. As my mother asked her what sauces they had the asian lady yells "you order from old person retirement home, you take too long". That was the last straw and I told my mom we're leaving. I asked politely if i could have the phone # for head office but she said " no head office. i am owner" go figure. stay away from this place. Im taking subway off my list permanently

  • AAA Film

I went here a couple of years ago, and the crazy owner lady was working. Asked for more green peppers than the pathetic smattering she gave me and she said she would have to charge me extra. I told her that's ridiculous and she stood her ground, with an evil "I hate the world and everything in it" look on her face. I walked out laughing. Today I tried again as I figured this mentally ill woman would have been fired by now. Two younger girls were working and it seems like the crazy lady is still the owner. The steak bin was nearly empty, so they're scraping the bottom with the spoon. She put on a sad amount of shredded cheese, not even covering any meat, and she said that's all she could put. When I got to eating it, the amount of steak was non-existent; I might as well have been eating a veggie sub. DO NOT EAT HERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. I just hope I don't get food poisoning.

  • eseosa odemwingie

Not going to lie. I worked here for a year before I quit. She even blocked my number because I kept asking for my salary which she never paid, claiming she gave me cash. She took almost $300 out of my pay in the name of tax which was never ever documented. Her “accountant” did every calculation and she paid below minimum wage which is not allowed. I still don’t know how to go about this with the right authorities. Every review is true and more often than not she sells expired things and stale bread which should have been thrown away. She tells us to hide stuffs and lie to the subway inspectors. She really doesn’t deserve that store. She is very rude and me knowing all the secrets would actually not go there willingly to buy and neither should you. If you have the chance take a lot of pictures and video and send to the head office with her name and store number.

  • joe m

I was just verbally abused by the lady who owns the place. Asking if you close soon is me doing you a courtesy; instead, you attempted to belittle me for being too dumb to check the hours of operation posted on your door. I've driven past this Subway nearly every day for the past year and never went in because I thought the "food" would be gnarly. In the end it wasn't the food at all, it was the scorpion woman masked as a sweet little lady. Fortunately enough there's another restaurant next door called Dundas Diner, and they're also open late on weekends. If you dare enter this Subway, I recommend you record the whole thing for the sake of comedy, then get the heck out. Jen, I hope you find peace.

  • Nickolas Bochkarev

The lady called Jenny, who claims to be the owner, needs to be fired. I have never seen such a mean spirited person working at subway before. Refused to toast a wrap, even though at every other location they would do it, even if most people would not toast a wrap. I just like it toasted. She puts very little vegetables on your sub. She has this "I hate the world look on her face". I've never heard her say thank you, it's like she was hoping you never entered her store. Don't know what subway management were thinking when they gave her the franchise. It's the closest subway to me but I try to avoid it and sometimes walk an extra 15 minutes to go to another location.

  • Mike Ferraro

New Management! Unfortunate about all the legacy one-star reviews. It's a regular subway now, not cartoonishly awful! I live a block away and had stopped going, would drive to the one on Renfrew instead. Caught on that 1/3rd the toppings was their policy plus they'd almost always be out of the bread or drink I want--more than once I paid for a fountain drink and then the machine only has 7up, no warning or apology or fix just "yes we're out. [walks away]". So the horror stories were fun but I'm glad I can walk here again. I hope word gets out and it isn't too tough for the new management to dig themselves out of the hole.

  • Catharine Lansing

I was craving a sub so my wonderful husband went to buy me one, he was going to get one for himself too but after his terrible experience he decided against it. His so-called "sandwich artist" was incredibly rude to him and he left feeling very unhappy and in a bad mood. Seriously? She even slapped the sub down and said absolutely nothing to him. Having worked in the customer service industry for a number of years I'm very surprised that this woman still has a job where she is required to talk to people. My sub was terrible by the way, barely anything on it. Don't give this subway any of your time or money.

  • Sanya

Firstly, I used to work in the fast food industry - as a coffee wench - so I get it. Customers, for the most part, are to be despised, and given minimal attention and service. But the Asian lady - older, perhaps in her forties?, and short - who works there is terrifying. She has no problem unleashing her fury upon you. She's a little like the Soup Nazi, but as is the case in real life, less funny. More sad. She really hates her job. Hates it. She actually does such a terrible job and is so oddly aggressive that I think she wants to be shut down. Why else would you terrorize your clients? Really odd.

  • Paramjeet Singh

I was there last friday night around 930pm. One old asian lady was working there and she was terrible in customer service. She was so rude, i asked her to toast my sandwich, she said they don't toast after 9pm even they are open untill 12am. I asked why then she started arguing with me and i left the without buying anything. This is the worst subway location. She is terrible, she hates her job and she is in the wrong profession. Then i checked the reviews and no wonder they have 40 negative reviews with one star only. I wished that i checked the reviews earlier.

  • David S

Worst subway store ever! The lady who says she owns it is completely rude.. They are very cheap with their toppings. When I ordered a foot long sub, she gave me six black olives for the whole sub.. When I asked for more she tossed 4 more on and then said if I want more she is going to have to charge me. This goes with all the toppings. She is completely putting shame to the subway name and should be forced to shut down. Will never go there again.. Or even another subway because of this experience. Feel like 1 star is being generous.

  • Tomas Beblar

The woman who works there (owner I'm guessing) is the rudest person I've ever met in the service industry. EVER! I asked for onions and green peppers on my sub and she put on a TINY amount of both. When I asked for more she claimed there there was an extra charge for more vegetables. A lie. She refused to put on any more vegetables on my sub. Oh and the bathroom was "out of order" and the sub tasted like ass, nothing was fresh. I filed a complaint with Subway Canada. My advise, go somewhere else.

  • n0g4rdd3r

It's a shame people like Jenn Palag are allowed to run a business and mistreat customers as she often does. Not worth the visit. I noticed her attitude so I asked her, " Are you ok?" Well, she flipped and went off the handle. I don't hate her. Palag needs some serious help. I don't know why she thinks being a business owner gives her the right to mistreat potential (returning) customers. Worst Subway in Vancouver. C'mon Subway, get involved and pull her business from using the Subway brand!

  • Braeden “Pockets” Rangno

UPDATE-Restraunt is under new ownership. It's just a regular subway now. By far the worst subway i have ever been to. The owner is usually the only perosn there, she is rude and dismissive, wont comply to the most basics of requests and trys to put the bare minimum of ingredients every time. She complains openly if you order a 5 dollar footlong saying " she doesnt make any money". It is astonishing how she can continue to run this place while being so horrible. Subway needs to step in.

  • Tbeatch

I try and find a Subway every day for lunch as I’m a service tech working all over. This is the only Subway I have ever walked out on. Owner is extremely rude, would not let me wash my hands before I paid then literally yelled with the customer ahead of me when they wanted a few more olives. Subway if you’re reading this you need to strip this franchise before they ruin your reputation. If this were my first time trying Subway it would have been my last.

  • Shawna Montano

If I could give zero stars I would. Try another location. Very slow service (he was unable to make 2 sandwiches at once insisted on making 1 at a time), un-fresh veggies, out of cookies and most flavours of chips, was hassled when paying because we wanted to apply a coupon.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1
Recommended dishes

  • Aaron B

This is a horrible Subway franchise. Since ownership changed hands. Roushka, provided a horrible customer experience. This store consistently refuses to serve meatball subs in the evenings. @SubwayCanada. Get rid of this franchise owner, the service at this location terrible. The franchise owner brings in students who study instead of doing their jobs.
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Price per person

  • Triston Nelson

No joke the lady who owns the shop is so rude it's crazy. I asked for more toppings and she told me I had to pay extra....never heard of that. But ok I'll pay more. Then she gives me 4 more cucumbers!! For a foot long! And I'm paying extra! When I asked for more. Still willing to pay. She yelled at me. When I said I won't leave without my sandwich. She literally called the police. Don't ever go there.

  • Filip Hirňák

Owner of the restaurant Jenn Palang is a shame of hospitality industry. She shouldn't be working in any place where she can be in touch with people. Rude, snappy behavior right from the doorway. I like to have Subway every now and then but not with such an attitude. Someone from Subway Canada should do something about it. She is making bad name to the company. I am disgusted!!!

  • Jibran Humayun

This location has gone way downhill. I got a meatball sub and the meatballs were nearly frozen they were so cold. The next time I was there I told the employee about it and their answer was to toast it twice, and not apologize for the last time. It resulted in barely warm meatballs. Microwave it or something I don't care but that's not how you heat a meatball.

  • pdbaker01

After reading these reviews how could one not go there? This sounds like the greatest place in the world! True comedy is a rare thing in this world, and this place serves it up! Cold, rotten, rude and oh so sexy, if you come to Vancouver, this should be your first stop. A little ray of hilarious, soothing sunshine, when we might need it most.

  • Gluey2

Missed 5 toppings on sub. Did a mobile app order. Didn’t realize till I drove away. Won’t be coming back. I sent them my feedback and got a long winded reply that said sorry. But no refund. I just want a refund
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Dietary restrictions accommodated
Not sure

  • Paul Breland

When I went here under old management, the experiences weren't great. One time the bathroom was out of order. The next time, the pop machine was totally flat and the person wanted to charge full extra price for a bottle instead. On top of that, not very friendly. But under new management, yesterday's visit was perfect

  • Vishal Gill

Honestly this is the first review I've ever written. Worst Subway ever. The owner is the biggest jerk. Had the same exact experience as everyone else. After reading these reviews the next time I go in there I'm going to purposely set her off leave and never come back again 100% she's the biggest B for no reason.

  • QP Oncallmanager

The owner who is always at the counter is the worst lady ever, She is so mean that I have stopped going there, though I live 5 minutes walking distance from there, I now go to one on hastings which is 20 minutes away. She should stop working and hire some one else for that store. Soon no one will go there.

  • alex zackov

the owner is the worst human i have ever come across and i meet a lot of people everyday due to the job that i have. you can feel the evil coming off of her, go there order a sub and just walk out, trust me you are not going to want to eat it anyways. THE WORST SUBWAY I HAVE EVER BEEN TO (by far!!!!)

  • hummer 205

Under new management now!!! The previous owner Jenny is gone!!!! The new owners are great and long time subway franchisees. I've been to thier other locations and had a great experience right from cleanliness to great customer service and fresh food! Had an awesome experience today at this location!

  • Ale Cabiddu

I usually don't bother writing reviews but Jenn Palag, the owner of this Subway has to be the worst human being alive. I have no idea how this place is still open considering the way she treats people. I'd rather walk on black ice for miles to another location than see her angry face ever again.

  • Jordier Hillicci

The lady working at this location now at 7:20pm Nov. 22 should not be in customer service. Horrible energy and completely rude. Not to mention I was overcharged.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 3
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Gunter S

Worse subway I have ever been to. The owner Jenn Palag is straight up rude every time I've been in there. Brought in a coupon and she barks that she's not participating. Then starts bitching about the wage increase...shes the only one ever there. I'm done now and won't ever be going back.

  • Sarah Leggeat

I arrived at 10pm to grab a sub before work. I looked at the selection of meat and spotted two large flies stuck to the top of a container. I pointed it out to the worker and she said "oh they are hard to keep out of the restaurant. But it's okay as long as they aren't in the containers"

  • Joann Cottrell

I wish I could give zero stars. Very rude owner, the veggies are always browning from age, and they refuse to even put standard amounts of veg on your sandwhich. Dont bother asking for extra veg, they will flat out say no. I live locally and boycott this establishment.

this is the closest subway from my house so i've been there several times but i don't want to go back anymore. a lady who's working there is not friendly at all, even making me feel very uncomfortable. if they change the staff i would like to go back

  • Jennifer McConnell

Food is usually good, come here every Friday and I don't think they have wiped down the garbage bin yet. Tables are usually dirty, staff always in the back instead of taking the time to clean.
Food: 3
Service: 2
Atmosphere: 2

  • Sean Marsden

I've seen them have to remake 2 different orders on 2 different days. Maybe its cuz I'm hungry but I'm there waiting and a man behind me needed his sandwich remade. They ignored me to make his order. There's 2 of them and they can't be bothered.

  • Greg Andrews

I've never actually eaten here despite living nearby for years, but the infamous owner woman everyone's complaining about consistently parks her Mercedes SUV in a corner that isn't a parking spot, blocking two other parking spots.

  • hehe its me

I really do hope that woman finds peace outside of subway. Too bad too, only subway near me. no way in hell i'm facing that woman though. i wonder if she's the only employee i ever seem to see because hires quit in seconds?

  • Brian C.

Unfriendly staff, I needed to take my insulin and the staff would not let me use the washroom. She finally let me use it but told me that I can not use the toilet because she didn't want to clean it. I will never go back.

  • Bj Woods

Service was great, above and beyond. Food was what you would expect at Subway. Thanks!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4

  • Lindsay Cullen

you have heard the rumours.... this IS the worst subway in the greater vancouver area. Come here, order a sub and walk out when they refuse you more than 5 olives. Its fun! Edit: new management - way way better now.

  • Bopha D Snuts

I’ve been to this place lots and don’t get the reviews The people that work here are great, I go almost once a week and will keep going!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person

  • Richard Robbins

They were out of lettuce, out of spinach, out of the sauce I wanted, out of the drink I wanted, and the machine prompted me for an 18% tip. The chicken was soggy and gross, and I threw up when I got home.

  • Chris Doyle

The owner of this subway treated my daughter with great disrespect, bordering on assault. Not only should she not be a franchise owner, she should be arrested. Subway Inc., smarten up! Fire this hag.

  • Terita Peterson

Worst Subway EVER! Actually complained to Subway about this owner and her rudeness as well as the fact that she doesn't allow customers to use the washroom. They blew me off so no more Subway for me!

  • Omid Ghazizadeh

She( the owner/Jenn Lapag ) was extremely rude and even aggressive. She was also very cheap in regards of amount of food and ingredients I got from this store. She shouldn't be working with public.

  • P C

I just edited my bad review as the old owner was they are great. One woman who works there is so polite and friendly she goes above just a sandwich artist...or whatever they call them.

  • Aaron Wagner

Worst Subway experience for a while. Sauces were very runny like they were watered down. Worker told me that I was stupid for thinking the sauce (pizza , hotsauce and mustard ) was overly fluid.

  • Wilson Huang

Last three times I've been here have not been a good experience.. the bread is so skinny that it can't even hold the meat properly. I get that time are hard but skimping out on bread is lame.

  • E Der

Wish I read the reviews b4 I went to this location. Terrible service from rude asian lady and u can tell the meat portions have been reduced. Don't waste ur money worst subway location....

  • sunil sharma

The staff member is so rude and always on phone into room they always refused to cutmer to use washroom as well very bad custmer serivce never recommended to anyone
Dine in

  • Amirhosein Javid

To girl working in evening Thank you for being amazing Great customer service subway should be proud to have her in their team
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Krystal Beavers

Best sub-sandwichs. Bought it with my subway gift card from the international air and hospitality was a take out thanks classmates who walked with me to get it.

  • Josh Chourney

Same as other reviews, owner is a terrible person. She makes you feel like its a terrible inconvenience that you have come in to order food. Don't waste your money there.

  • Ben M.

Only one person working through lunch hour.... Waiting now 20 minutes plus three people ahead of me. Management needs to figure it out, will never come back again.

  • Lisa Rhone

Unfriendly staff refused my request for extra pickles. Dafuq - tuna subs are made to carry pickles to my face. F-, would not go back. Worst Subway ever.

  • TheRealReviewers 5 star

Old owner swore at me and fed me rotten vegetables. New owner didn't take my coupons! They microwaved my sub and then toasted it to a perfect hardness

  • Pinku Benipal

Wow! Finally new management is here. Yesterday I had my best Subway experience. New owner and his staff members are very friendly. Made my day. Thanks

  • vince disalvo

Bread was dry
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 3
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4

  • Emily Hembrow

Awful service. Got charged much more than usual for a footlong with minimal toppings and I didnt even ask for extra. Find a different subway.

  • Meghan Grant

The worst subway sandwich I have had. They only had white or brown bread available and the sauce was only in the very middle. disappointing

  • Kent Farquharson

Smallest portions I've ever seen. Washroom says its out of order unless you ask. Grumpy to boot. Really clean though...cuz no one goes?...

  • Kyle Bateman

Hate it whats wrong with the lady in there shes soooo mean how dose she stay open save ur self the frustration and do not go in there

  • Hobittman600

didn’t get to meet the owner everyone in these comments is talking about but the lady who served me was very kind and polite …

  • Grigory Snurnitsyn

Horrible service, my Groupon is not applicable only for paninis or grilled wraps. But she let me choose from only the chipped sub

  • Cal H

Charismatic server, fresh cut veggies excellent seating nice neighborhood
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Jacqueline Halpin

Worst subway I have ever been to I never write reviews but people need to know never to go to this subway owner is very rude.

  • Jarryd Dalton

I just had to go here after reading the reviews. It was as expected, awful... Don't do it... Spend your money somewhere else

  • Ryan Waldner

New owner new friendlier staff and the place is clean and the bathrooms are clean also. What a turnaround for this place

  • Cassie

Literally snickering at my disabled friend. Lady was beet red with embarrassment after I called her out. Not ok,

  • Rasi Z

My sandwich kept smelling what I thought was like a "Windex" odor!!!! It was so bad I had to throw it out.

  • W King (Notravelbudget)

Not appealing when you walk in. The sandwich artist must have learned from a throw/splash artist... each

  • Christopher Cotterill

May be under new management, but they are using old stale bread. Would not recommend this location.

  • Mike Arnold

This subway is more expensive than others and subs smaller and jen the owner is a mean peck peck

  • Amanda Jarrett

One server right after lunch. She was very busy but very efficient. Food was good Subway fair.

  • J C

She is not a happy person. Hire some staff... Update: new owners. Ding dong the witch is dead.

  • Lyndall McCormack

I went to buy egg salad subs - this franchise has discontinued it! Such a disappointment!

  • Gerry Delli Santi

It is cozy place with a great selection of sandwiches with lots of vegetables and sauces.

  • Vicky Pijnenburg

Not so quick but made subs to the way you wanted without skimping out on ingredients

  • cnm

I wonder if this woman(the owner) has any kids, if she does I feel sorry for them.

  • Karl Sauve

bread hard as a rock, soggy salad left on the counter. worst Subway I ever had

  • Ryan Watson

I used to live a few blocks away from this location... I miss that lady!!!!

  • Chun Hee

Hate it, crazy ass lady wont serve food correctly and is rude to customers

  • Dexter Widaiko

Typical fast food restaurant. No one speaks english and the service sucks

  • MPH Mobile Detailing MPH

Welcoming friendly atmosphere. Professional clean subway location

  • Morgan Latremouille

Quite possibly the worst subway I have ever been to in my life

  • Robert Hyra

Food was off tasting. I was in the can all that night.

  • Lauren Nicole

My hubby ate there Saturday and got food poisoning.

  • Jack Russell

Crazy lady doesn't work there anymore, hurray !!!!

  • Gideon Hay

Terrible service! aweful woman runs this subway!

  • s k y

forgot my pickles but they gave me extra lettuce

  • Roy Patel

The lady... should never interact with humans

  • Sydney Martin

Fast service I never wait in line long.

  • Tony Hai Nguyen

.Friendly staffs. Subs were made fresh

  • Emmanuel Gindo

Lovely place, courteous and friendly

  • Aphrodite Janeway

Way better than the old management!

  • kyle buis

Like the soup nazi, only not funny.

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