St. Joseph's School

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3261 Fleming St, Vancouver, BC V5N 3V6, Canada



St. Joseph's School is a Catholic school located at 3261 Fleming St, Vancouver, BC V5N 3V6, Canada. It has received 50 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of St. Joseph's School: 3261 Fleming St, Vancouver, BC V5N 3V6, Canada

  • St. Joseph's School has 4.9 stars from 50 reviews

  • Catholic school

  • "I don't usually write reviews and or give ratings, but I wanted to share my experience with other parents who might be searching for a good school for their child/children"

    "For all the 8 years of learning as a student at St"

    "Saint Joseph’s School is an amazing school that your children should attend! The staff is so welcoming and nice! For the past few years I have attended Saint Joseph’s, I’ve had honestly an amazing time with everyone"

    "I have been attending St"

    "Throughout my 8 years of attending Saint Joseph's School, I've noticed that all the teachers and staff always put their students first"


  • Jonas Bello

I don't usually write reviews and or give ratings, but I wanted to share my experience with other parents who might be searching for a good school for their child/children. As a young father of three children, I can confidently express that St. Joseph's School has played an invaluable role in shaping my family's journey, particularly for all three of my children. I wholeheartedly recommend St. Joseph's School to any parent seeking an exceptional educational experience for their children. My son graduated from the school five years ago, my daughter is graduating this month, and my youngest daughter will graduate in two years. For me and many other families, St. Joseph's School has been a pillar of support that extends far beyond providing a high-quality education for our children. What distinguishes St. Joseph's School is its unwavering commitment and dedication to nurturing and guiding every child. The school places great emphasis on developing each child's character and values, and its small class sizes ensure that personalized attention is given to each student within a nurturing and supportive learning environment. The students are instilled with values such as love, integrity, respect, care, compassion, and responsibility, which strengthen their faith as Catholics and form the foundation of everything they do. This focus on values permeates every aspect of the school's culture, creating a positive environment for growth and development. The staff and teachers at this school have made a lasting impact on the lives of our children. Their dedication to educating young people, fostering their growth, and nurturing their character is truly remarkable. They strive to shape perceptive and compassionate Christians and citizens who will go on to make a transformative impact in this world. If my words don't resonate with you, I strongly suggest contacting the school and scheduling a visit so that you can experience it firsthand. When you do, approach it with an open mind and heart, keeping in mind that there is no perfect school out there. However, with the right support and guidance from the school community, and most importantly, the parents, a strong foundation for your child is attainable. Thank you to all St. Joseph School staff and teachers who have helped our family through all these years. Sincerely, Jonas Bello

  • Vanessa Le

For all the 8 years of learning as a student at St. Joseph's, this school has impacted my social and spiritual life. It felt just like at home. Students at St, Joseph's are taught to be kind and always respect their neighbours. Being a part of this school is a great way to "Believe, Achieve, and serve!" This school has many welcoming students and teachers who will support you through your journey at St. Joseph's. St. Joseph's offers many opportunities to cooperate with others and expressing yourself as much as you want to. Every student is a big piece to puzzle; when we are all together, we are a completed community. The Staff members are all what it takes to get the community well and going. Teachers and EAs at St. Joseph's make sure to go above and beyond for all of the students that they teach. The Office workers always handle their job carefully and make sure parents are satisfied with their needs. This school is a faith-based community and we always attend mass to improve our trust in God. Attending Mass is an important part of our lives, because each time we hear a reading from the bible, there is always a way to apply it to our lives and others. St. Joseph's offers a variety of extracurricular activities for students! For example, the volleyball team is a great way to show your athletic skills. Everyone on the Volleyball team is very supportive and caring for each other. This school will be the start of life-long friendships. Many students at St. Joseph's enjoy themselves and learn well, and I hope your child will soon join our community too!

  • khylah anjel bernal

Saint Joseph’s School is an amazing school that your children should attend! The staff is so welcoming and nice! For the past few years I have attended Saint Joseph’s, I’ve had honestly an amazing time with everyone. The school is just amazing! They have a beautiful choir, and such amazing teachers. Each teacher has an amazing capability, which makes your experience way more fun. Saint Joseph’s made me feel like I actually lived in the school, that is how amazing it is. The school is super welcoming, and already feels like home in the first 1-2 years! I have learned a lot of skills throughout my years, and has a lot of extra curricular. I am really going to miss Saint Joseph’s School, for I have met a lot of amazing people, it’s easy to get along with everybody in the school, and the more you get along with them, the better experience. Each of the grade years were really fun, each teacher makes you have a fun, amazing and outstanding experience. If I am being honest, I don’t know if I would ever go to another rather then Saint Joseph’s School. Even though it is such a small community, the teachers will always put you first, and help you whenever. I really recommend Saint Joseph’s School, it’s amazing!

  • Felicia

I have been attending St. Joseph’s School for the past eight years. My elementary school experience at St. Joseph’s School has been primarily positive and I have learned many new things from this school. I’ve also noticed that the teachers and staff at this school are very supportive and caring. St. Joseph’s school is a very safe and welcoming community that allows you to develop your faith in God. One of the most amazing features of our school is the fact that we go to mass every week. This helps all the students to listen to God’s readings and teachings which then helps us to better apply them to our life. All of the teachers at St. Joseph’s School are very helpful towards their students. They are always willing to help improve each and every single one of their students academically and in general. If you’re looking forward to bringing your child to St. Jospeh’s School, you will most definitely not regret it!

  • tammy

Throughout my 8 years of attending Saint Joseph's School, I've noticed that all the teachers and staff always put their students first. As a grade 7 student soon to be moving on to high school, I look forward to showcasing my skills that all the teachers have helped me develop these past 8 years. All the teachers are welcoming towards all students and they accept each and everyone's differences in a respectful matter. One of the most amazing aspects of our school is that we study Religion daily and it has become apart of who we are; no matter if we're Catholic or not. This school is a small community that helps you do daily things Jesus' way which guides you through the right path to heaven. I know that you will not regret your decision of sending your child to Saint Joseph's Elementary School.

  • Younathan Abdia

St. Joseph's is an excellent school. Our son is getting the best education, care, and upbringing at St. Joseph. The leadership, teachers and staff are very knowledgeable and super nice. They are genuinely concerned about each student and want the best for them. One of the notable things is that older kids are super nice towards younger children. This depicts that teachers and leadership do not only want students to excel academically but they want them to be better people and contribute effectively towards society. St. Joseph is a very diverse and inclusive school. Children of different races, religion, color, and ethnicity are welcomed and loved. We are blessed that our son is part of this school and are looking forward to a wonderful partnership.

  • Amelie Silvestre

I have been going to saint Joseph’s since I was in kindergarten. My brothers and sisters have also went. This school year I have to say bye to saint joseph’s to move on to the next chapter of my life. I can say that I feel prepared thanks to saint Joseph’s exceptional staff. Saint Joseph’s is a heart felt community. We are a community that come together through our faith. We believe that no matter what happens as long as we are together we can get through anything. The staff at saint Joseph’s are amazing. They will go the extra mile just to help you. Saint Joseph’s offers activities for everyone. My favorites include volleyball, track, and cross country. These are only a few of Saint Joseph’s amazing qualities.

  • Andrew Silvestre

Saint Josephs is a small community focused school with lots of fun and caring teachers that go the extra mile! Saint Josephs has great field trips on the educational side and on the outdoor education side. Personally my favorite field trips were skiing and Outdoor Ed at Evans lake. Outdoor Ed is a great way for the students to bond together and grow strong friendships. I will mostly miss the spirit of the school when it's my time to leave. This is my last year of being at this school. I have been here since kindergarden up to grade 7. I have had so many great memories and have grown great friendships. I recommend this school from the bottom of my heart. Once a Eagle, always an Eagle!

  • Clio Delantar

St. Joseph’s is an amazing school! This is the last year I will be attending Saint Joseph’s, heading into high-school, after 4 years of attending the school. I will miss everything about saint joseph’s, because it was basically like my second home. I felt extremely comfortable in the saint Joseph's community. There were so many great memories made, that I will cherish in my heart forever. St. Joseph’s also has great teachers/staff, who will help u improve with anything, and support you at all times. Saint Joseph’s also has an AMAZING volleyball team, with a great coach who will train u hard and discipline you. I definitely recommend bringing ur children/child to our school! :)

  • Alicia Silvestre

If I had to pick three words to describe this school they would be "Everything In One". This school has loving teachers and staff always there to lend you a helping hand. Whether that be academically or in general. We also stand strong together as a catholic community. One of the most amazing aspects to our school is that we are a small community. Everyone knows everyone and we support each other like as if we were family. So please, if you are looking for a school that is loving, devoted and strong, seriously consider joining the Saint Joseph's School family and I promise you that you will not regret it.

  • Jonathan Dinong

I would recommend this school to anyone as it gives such a great experience to those who come here, i would know because i am a grade 7 student there. And all of my time here the teachers and EAs encourage you to good in your homework or just work in a friendly manner, and are just quirky in a good way. The students are friendly and would want to help out, they are the best people to be with while making memories at St. Joseph or even through a whole lifetime. And if you are reading this and you find you or your child at St. joseph i hope you have a great time there.

  • Aleesa Nguyen

This school was a great experience for elementary; the staff and teachers make a wonderful addition to this community. The principle of this school is responsible, and is aware of her students and teachers, Ms. O'Callaghan is also currently taking the position of french teacher. (Very good at it!) St. Joseph's promotes the faith and Catholicism. This school weekly takes the children to the local church to give them a chance to speak with God. The children at this school are happy (me!) and know St. Joseph's as their home away from home!

  • Jaime Escaler

My two daughters went to St Joseph's School and now my son is in Grade 7. With my eldest started in year 2000, we have been with the school for over 20 years now. Through the years, the Principals (yes we've been two principals) , teachers and staff are great and do care for welfare of the students. The school has a good learning environment and almost everyone knew each other. I highly recommend St. Joseph's to every parent who wants their children to have a high quality education and diverse community participation.

  • Catia Diogo

I have been in the Saint Joseph's Elementary School's community for 8 years, and I will say without question that this school has had a very positive impact on my life. From the caring teachers and staff, to the amazing education, it is a school that will make you say, '' Wow!'' They have plenty of activities for the students to enjoy like volleyball or choir, and their students love to learn and grow in the catholic faith. At Saint Joseph's School, there is something for every student! I HIGHLY recommend this school!

  • Be Ro

There are four major words to describe St. Joseph School and they are - One - Our school is one big community Holy - We are true to Gods holiness and never back down learning opportunity's Catholic - We devote Friday mornings to God, along with daily religious class to remind ourselves that we are Catholic and should never be ashamed of it School - We all grow in our faithfulness as a school community I have always and will always remember what I have learned here, and I say that behalf of the entire school and staff!

  • Vina L

I don't usually write or give reviews. But I feel that I should share my experience about the teachers and staff at St.Joseph. I truly believe that it is extemely important to give your child a good foundation to start and a trusting environment. The diversity, openness, acceptance and more at this school is profound. My son enjoyed every moment of his 8 years experience. He never wanted to stay home, even when he was sick. That tells you something :). HIGHLY recommend this school.

  • Katherine Rebenito

My son and 2 nephews went to St. Joseph Elem. School and now my daughter. You can see in them how the catholic teaching influenced and molded these kids into becoming good people. I am amazed at how all teachers know the students by first name. This school not just services the catholic community but also the non catholic - everyone is welcome! Kids with special needs are also welcome and have EA to support as needed. Thank you St. Joseph's Elem for everything that you do!

  • Jasmine Aujla

Saint Joseph School is a perfect example of a hardworking community. As a grade 7 student, I look up to determined staff members and passionate students. The staff ensure all students are learning at suited levels which is very considerate. Our school participates in catholic traditions, rituals and sacraments for children, an important part of Saint Joseph's. Overall, our school is a positive and accepting community and I thank you for reading!

  • Dr Krona Daniel

One of the best school we have come across!! We are so blessed to find this gem in Vancouver .. This school has given my child tremendous support and love. The whole staff is very well educated, professional, humble and friendly. We really appreciate the Principal & teacher’s dedication and compassion towards teaching and making a difference in each child’s life at St.Joseph’s. This school is very inclusive , possesses high morals and ethics !

  • Valero Family

St.Joseph is a fantastic place for children all the staff is wonderful always their to help the kids. Every classroom is open and bright! Sending my children to this school was a blessing. My kids can't wait to wake up and see what the school day is going to bring them! All the staff have determination , dedication that they all bring for all the students! St. Joseph is simply amazing

  • Quinn Tran

Our child started Kindergarten this school year. She enjoys the attention from being in a small class. The teachers and staff are friendly and helpful. We are surprised and amazed to see the principal waiting to greet the students by their names in the school yard every morning. The students are blessed to have such a caring community.

  • Switches

Definitely recommend as a Gr.7 student, from K-7 I have made friends and lost some and even reuniting, making friends here will be like meeting up with an old family member. You will even feel that with the teachers, they are amazing and very nice whenever you need help, and overall it's just a great school and you should go there

  • kc bernal

The 8 years I've been attending St. Joseph's school, The teachers and staff are great educators and very students, and the vibe is like a big family atmosphere. I have made a lot of memories at this school and will always carry those memories with me when i go off to high school. I will miss attending this school. <3

  • tr3

As a former student of this school, put simply, this school rocks. The close-knit community provides a sense of homeliness, and the environment is always clean and tidy. It's convenient location next to the park also allows for fun outdoors lessons from time to time. The people here are also very friendly and welcoming.

  • P. Nguyen

I can't say enough about St. Joseph's school. The teachers here are great and so caring. The School has a wonderful Special Education program, and all the kids get all the attention that they require and deserve. And what can I say about the parents community that is so supportive: They Rock !!!

  • Phan Anh Ngoc

My daughter started st. Joseph when she was in grade 4. Everyday when she came home and said: Mommy, I love this school. Small cozy school that everyone is so friendly and know each other will make you feel like home. I also ask 2 of my nieces move here and they are having so much fun now.

  • Fangyu Tung

My son is in kindergarten for only 1.5 month. He is very happy about his class and likes to sing songs that he learned from school. He is also proud of his reading learning and practice them every day. My family is really happy to see our son enjoyed his school life.

  • Georgia

Great school ! My son has attended St Joseph’s since kindergarten and he loves it, small class sizes and great classroom support for the children who need a little extra support. The staff are amazing they make you feel like you’re apart of a Community.

  • Lxmooy

For the 8 years that i have been at the school it has been awesome. the teaching was tremendous and the teachers were always there to help. The best teachers are the Gym teacher and the Grade 7 teacher. I really recommend that you go there.

  • Jessica Bui

This school is awesome! It's definitely the perfect place to learn new things and the atmosphere of the school is always cheery and comforting! I've meet many of my closest friends here and the teachers are very supportive and helpful!

  • Chloe Hirsch

saint josephs is an amazing school to go to because of the sense of community you feel as soon as you walk through the gates.All the students are extremely kind and accepting no matter what background you come from.

  • Elise Johner

St. Joseph’s school is the best school, and I’ve been there since kindergarten. The best part about our school is how kind and helpful the teachers are, and no matter what, they’ll always support their students.

  • Trevor Do

if u want a good and safe learning opportunity then saint josephs is the right school. Saint Josephs has a excellent staff to teach your kids about God and how he created us and so on.

  • Dominic Nguyen

This school is a marvellous place for making friends. The teachers are always so nice to everyone, everyone is nice to every race (the p.e teacher and the grade 7 teacher is the best.)

  • Lucas Reis

It is great place you can make friends easily and the teachers are great as well. Also it does not mater if you were not there in kindergarten you are treated like you were.

  • Nathalia Assunçao

My daughter goes to grade 3 and we love the school. She is no longer feeling “bored” about school. She wakes up excited to go. This is such a relief for us as parents

  • jasmine lee

All the teacher and staff at st. Joseph’s school are amazing. The teachers are very supportive and kind, and the school have a really friendly Community.

  • janice Le

St. Joseph's great. All my kids go there. They have the best volleyball coach.. we beat everyone who stands in our way.

  • Brian Ounsted

I went to this school in 1939, from grade one to seven. It was a great school then and hopefully it still is.

  • Harry Tran (TheCookieGod)

Saint Joseph is a great school due to the staff’s nice sense of humour especially Mr. Evans the gym teacher

  • anthony nguyen

This is a wonderful school that taught me so many new things this is why I recommend going to this school

  • Jamie Amos

I went here once a week from Grade 1 to 7. I really enjoyed it all nice teachers.

  • Kate Barnett

This is a wonderful school.

  • Wayne Andrews

Amazing school.

  • ky dong

nice school

  • spy crab

jump dragon

  • Margo Laus
  • Alvin
  • VJ Somera

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