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250 Watt Common SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 1X2, Canada



Shoppers Drug Mart is a Pharmacy located at 250 Watt Common SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 1X2, Canada. It has received 123 reviews with an average rating of 2.7 stars.





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  • The address of Shoppers Drug Mart: 250 Watt Common SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 1X2, Canada

  • Shoppers Drug Mart has 2.7 stars from 123 reviews

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  • "This pharmacy is very unprofessional and shows red flags of incompetence"

    "I've never had a bad experience with this pharmacy until today"

    "I had the pleasure of receiving exceptional customer service from Holly, a saleswoman at the beauty section of Shopper Drug Mart"

    "The Arab pharmacist very unprofessional and has zero customer service"

    "I had dropped off a prescription with my insurance as it was my first time here"


  • Kendal Sasvary

This pharmacy is very unprofessional and shows red flags of incompetence. I went to get my HPV-9 shot today, after waiting an hour because they were short staffed and there seemed to be a mix up/problem with every other customer in front of me, I finally was ready to be helped. I mentioned it twice that my doctor told me that it was supposed to be free until 26. The pharmacist owner told me he had no idea what my doctor was talking about, and that he put it under my coverage and that’s the price the system gave him. As a pharmacist owner, I trusted he knew what he was talking about and maybe I had been Miscommunicated too by my doctor. I paid the $78 and got the shot. After I left I found on the AHS website as well as the Gardasil website, that it is indeed covered for free up and including the age of 26. I called the pharmacy back and an older lady with an accent answered, I explained what happened and right away she was defensive. She told me I was right, but I went to a pharmacy to get the shot, not an AHs site, so that’s why I had to pay. She told me I agreed to pay and needed to call ahs and they may or may not reimburse me for this. So I told her my concern that she knew about this, so the pharmacy owner should have told me this before I paid, but instead he told me he had no idea what my doctor was talking about. This is frustrating because she was super rude on the phone, no apologetic, didn’t offer any help and by the end of the conversation she was accusing me of saying they forced me to get a shot in my arm, which is not the case. I am just concerned of why the pharmacy owner is incompetent at his job. He should have known this info and sent me to an AHS site so I could get it for free. Very unprofessional, especially the lady who just argued with me on the phone. Train your people some simple customer service skills. This is also not the first time I have waited around for over an hour because the pharmacy owner couldn’t figure something out regarding my prescription.

  • Rebecca K

I've never had a bad experience with this pharmacy until today. I dropped off a prescription around 3 pm and the pharmacist asked me when I wanted to pick it up. I told her I'd pick it up when she thought it would be ready. She responded with "I'll see if I can get it done now for you" and walked away. I was standing there for a few minutes when another pharmacist approached me and asked if the first person had given me a time. I told her no, and she said to come back in 15 minutes. I did a bit of shopping and came back 45 minutes later. I then talked with a new pharmacist and she told me that it wasn't ready and to come back in 15 minutes. I was a bit frustrated at this point because the initial pharmacist made it seem like she could do it right away. I decided to go home, and came back 5 hours later. I then talked to another pharmacist, which was the 4th one that day, and he told me to wait a second and they would get it ready. I sat down for a half hour, and finally decided to ask them what was going on. I spoke with the lady who had helped me earlier, and I wish I caught her name because she was very nice to me. She grabbed my prescription from behind her, and I asked her if it was ready that whole time. She told me that she didn't realize I was waiting for it, so I guess the guy who I had spoke to either didn't tell them I was picking it up, or they didn't hear him tell them. I understand things can get chaotic when it's a busy day for them, but the whole day was a lack of communication on their end. I would have much rather been told it was going to be a long wait, which im totally okay with rather than keep being told to come back in 15 minutes, even though I was giving them way more time than 15 minutes. I was so frustrated after realizing it was sitting there near the end and I had sat for a half hour for nothing. This is was the first time I had issues with this pharmacy but it was enough that I decided to switch.

  • Jas

I had the pleasure of receiving exceptional customer service from Holly, a saleswoman at the beauty section of Shopper Drug Mart. Her knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to assisting customers truly stood out, making my shopping experience a delight. I highly recommend seeking Holly's guidance if you're looking for valuable advice on skincare. Thanks to Holly's guidance, I left Shopper Drug Mart feeling confident in my purchase decisions and excited to start my new skincare routine. Her expertise and genuine care made all the difference in my shopping experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Holly to anyone in search of expert skincare advice. I want to express my gratitude to Holly for her outstanding customer service and valuable assistance. Her knowledge, professionalism, and genuine dedication to helping customers are truly commendable. Shopper Drug Mart is fortunate to have such an exceptional saleswoman on their team. If you're looking for an enjoyable shopping experience and expert skincare advice, make sure to visit Holly at the beauty section of Shopper Drug Mart. Thank you, Holly, for making my visit a memorable and worthwhile one. I will definitely return for your assistance in the future.

  • Robby Singh

The Arab pharmacist very unprofessional and has zero customer service. I went there to get my pregnant wife’s prescription refill and first a different rep told me to get her health card so I went back home to get that then I met this other lady who(had Arabic accent) who was very unprofessional with zero customer service skill showing no empathy to the situation. She tells me that “this prescription is from a different pharmacy so you need them to transfer here this is the regulation and I can’t do anything about it” I called the pharmacy and tried to transfer the prescription and my doctor from there kept calling the shoppers and they wouldn’t answer the phone. The lady came back telling me “as you can see we are very busy so we will call you when we receive the transfer in an hour” now it’s been 3 hours no call back and when I call pharmacy they don’t answer. Train your staff better at showing some empathy and teach them understanding of how would customer feel in specific situations. Seems like illiterate people work there. I am not the only one to review this bad, look at other complaints on google reviews about the pharmacists attitude.

  • Jordan

I had dropped off a prescription with my insurance as it was my first time here. They said it would take 40 minutes, no problem I went home and came back 60 minutes later. My bill was nearly $300, when I asked why it was so much money the same lady asked if I had insurance. I told them yes, I gave you everything when I dropped off. They made me sit for 30 more minutes before they could figure it out and see what was covered. That was the whole point of me dropping off insurance and coming back an hour later so I could not waste my time sitting there. Not happy with the pharmacy whatsoever, DO NOT GO HERE. The lines are always long and it's always busy. Their prescriptions are also 10x more expensive than any other drug store. $40 pills from here are $10 at other places. Even when i went to get my covid shots, there were 10 people waiting in line to be helped. I drove over to the 111th ellerslie and there was only 2 people there. The shoppers itself is nice, always has sales but I find they are quite overpriced compared to other shoppers. The one on ellerslie and 111th is much better.

  • Sheldon S (Rufkutz)

Hello. I’m just stating my disappointment with Shoppers Drug Mart as a whole company. Part with this store. But long story short. I pre ordered a VERY HARD TO GET PS5 and was confirmed multiple times that I’ll be able to pick up launch day. Today. All excited. Booked off work. Had old PS4 ready to transfer data then had a buyer. Unfortunately Ken Kirkwood (manager) informed me 8 hours prior to launch that my ps5 will not arrive on time. Not sure why and nor could he give eta. How do you not know where and when it’ll arrive? So now I’m to sit by email and wait for Ken’s email saying my ps5 has arrived. My brothers all got theirs this morning at their shoppers. But mine for some odd reason did not arrive. And it still hasn’t. It’s just upsetting to wait. All these months. And now shoppers is making me wait. Just a tip shoppers drug mart....stick to health items. Leave the tech to other stores. Thank you for your time.

  • Alina Vinod

PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF.!!! Went on October 16th, 2022 for taking photograph of my mom for her PR . After taking the photo they told us for one photo it is $32.!!! When asked they told charge extra charge is for the pen drive. Well in 2022 who needs a pen drive ??? All photo studios send the photo to mail which is the most easiest way…! Next on October 18th, 2022 around 5:36 pm I again went as I needed the stamp details with name of mother to submit to IRCC.. they don’t even record the name of the person whom they took photo Very weird behaviour from two staffs at evening shifts. Whatever… when I said Thank you as a courtesy they showed me weird face and told something in their language. Pathetic customer service

  • Relanko Poupe

Extremely unprofessional experience at this location. I recently called to inquire about a strep throat test, and was harassed with questions about why I would want to get the test. I then showed up to get the test, and when answering questions about my symptoms the pharmacists response to all the responses I was providing was “well this symptom isn’t associated with strep throat but I guess I can test you for your peace of mind”. As mentioned, this experience was very unprofessional and I felt as if the pharmacist was attempting to scare me out of this test simply so they did not have to work. Unbelievable that even in this day and age a pharmacist would be belligerent to a customer attempting to keep the general population safe.

  • Yufeng Zhou

I had an unfortunate experience at this Shopper’s Shop Mart location. A cashier, name PAWAN, who claimed herself to be the highest authority in the store, restricted me from buying more than four sale items, at the same time someone else bought 6 suncreams with another cashier. I’ve shopped at several Shopper’s Shop Mart locations before, and this is the first time I’ve faced such an arbitrary limit. Most stores encourage a high turnover rate, especially for sale items, so this behavior not only contradicts other branches but also hinders the store’s revenue potential. Disappointed and hope the management looks into this matter. I’ll also report this to the headquarter’s office to file a complaint.

  • Joanne Uhuad

Let me make one thing clear, this is the first negative review of any sort I have ever left, however a VERY much deserved negative review of PREET (the manager non the less)!!! PREET DISPLAYED BY FAR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS AND WAS EXCEPTIONALLY DISMISSIVE TO MY TWO DAUGHTERS. Thankfully the pharmacist Fady stepped in and was able the very simply and quickly resolve the disgraceful experience. The pharmacy team at this location seem to be quite nice and competent and the post office staff are great, however Preet's horrible customer service is the bad apple that has to ruin it for all the other employees in the store. Sadly, I now understand why this Shoppers has such bad reviews.

  • Kat Crowe

Save yourself some trouble and find a different pharmacy. The pharmacy gave me a wrong prescription. The last time I had this prescription filled they tried changing it then too. They then asked me to wait 5 days without my medication that I am to take twice daily. I’m certain that it is not good for me to just quit my medication and this seems very irresponsible for a pharmacy to recommend. The wait times for a prescription at this location is ridiculous! I’ll be switching pharmacies. Im sick and tired of all the screw ups and lack of customer service from this Shoppers location.

  • susan Eapen

Monika, Emanda and Ken are amazing at this location. Always helpful, trying to find other ways to support our needs and they care!! Monika has been our pharmacist since our child was 1 and Emanda as well. You won't be disappointed with their customer service and pride they take in their work and mostly their care and compassion for all of us. PLEASE, Be kind to them as sometimes they get busy, and guess what you will be pleasantly surprised at how they treat everyone that walks through their door! They offer advice, insight and of course get you your right prescription!

  • Debbie Hollohan

Shoppers used to be wonderful but since covid came along they've never recovered, Or should we say the staff itself never recovered? The hours are so bad now. And there are some days when you phone in to reorder your prescription via phone. That there isn't even an answering system on anymore. You're literally half to wait for the store to open. To talk to the pharmacist, this store is gone down hill severely is such a shame. Their have been times when I have gone to pick up my prescription and it is an isn't ready yet, and it's a day afterwards it's just ridiculous.

  • Ryan Robles

Writing strictly about my experience with the pharmacy at this location, particularly the shining star behind the counter, Monica. Every time we have been in she has remembered our faces; whenever I am in solo, she is genuine in checking in how my wife is doing, remembering she is pregnant. She has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable in answering any and all of our questions - taking her time. She has even gone out of her way to help with a problem I had at another location. We go out of our way (Sherwood Park) to pick up medication at this location.

  • Kim Anacleto

They have a new pharmacist in this store. She was very snarky for some reason. I was in line waiting for my turn to pick up my prescipriton, usually the pharmacist will wave at you to let you know that it's your turn. She just stared at me and said nothing. She also said that the prescription was not covered through my insurance. I went back home and called my insurance and they said that it is covered. **Edit: Store Manager called me and explained the situation. The lady was an intern/student which explains why she wasn't as familiar with the system.

  • Karmveer Brar

Super unprofessional people. I talked to them on phone before going .checked availability and eligibility and everything... When I went all they said is sorry we can't administer a simple flu shot. I offered full payment as my dad has to fly next morning. Now he need to fly without a flu shot. Imagine the only think the people go there for is flu shot and they can't even get that thing properly. I don't have words to express my frustration. And that pharmacist is so mean . Can not withstand her for a second .. I will never go again just to avoid her.


I went for passport size photo around,5:10 pm ..They said,,we are not clicking a picture after 5.bcoz it’s dark outside,,I think after 4 ,,outside is dark,,but they are clicking a picture inside the store not outside..and they have a lights in store,,,May be they don’t want to work after five,,, 10 days ago my relatives called them ,,then asked for photo,,they said ,you can come anytime during open hours,,they went 8:30 pm. and they clicked the picture.,and they had receipt and all ,,why they have a so many rules according to their convince.

  • Tyler Cline

Unbelievable experience yesterday and tonight. Wife dropped off prescriptions last night and was informed they would be ready for pick up today at 1pm. I went with my very young kids to pick them up to see line ups of people waiting. I waited 20min and once I was being helped, I found out none of the 3 prescriptions were ready. Was told today that they were running days behind. If your behind, you should be telling people at time of pick up, not telling them it would be ready the next day. NEVER GOING BACK!

  • Roni

I continue to find the pharmacy staff very helpful and understanding. Today, it took a bit of time to get my prescription due to the pharmacist being busy with a customer. It was encouraging to see that she did not rush with customer because of others waiting as I know that if I need help she will also be there to help me. I also appreciate the knowledge she gave me on all my prescriptions as this was not something my doctor had done. Good to know that my pharmacist is looking out for me and my health.

  • Chris

Gave this place one star because the pharmacist isn't bad, as for the rest of them I don't know what to say, they have automated tills so basically it's serve yourself the staff is too busy stocking shelves, would be a great place to rip off if you are a thief as there is never anyone up front, I go in here to get a lotto tickets and every time I have to hunt down a clerk to run my lotto stubs through. Take a hint get some night stockers for the shelves and leave the tills to the cashier's.

  • Michael Glynn

Pharmacy staff and very friendly and the store cleanliness is always pretty good. Stock of items is usually pretty good minus the shortage in kid medicine that everyone is currently facing in the late 2022 era. This place gets a 3 as the tellers don't usually man the front cash teller making you use the self checkout which I don't mind but don't always want to use it. The pharmacy despite being very friendly is super slow. Fix those 2 things and I'd give a 5 star.

  • Aryan mehta

I visit Shoppers last friday and the sale price was not coming up when I was scanning my items on self-checkout. Then, I called for assistance. The lady named Pawan helped to get sale price. She helped me on till and apologised because the sale was not active. She was so nice. She helped me with a smile otherwise usually cashiers hesitate when it comes to help the customers with price. She is doing wonderful when it comes to provide excellent customer service.

  • Rylan Dweet

Bought some sprite today ( 2 500ml bottles) , went home and started to drink one to find it flat and off tasting, looked at the best before and it’s September 04, 2023 ( SE0423 ) and today is September 10th, and guess what? That was the only reason I went to the shoppers, was to grab that! Why bother returning it and costing me more gas money while that’s already super high in price! . If these are out of date…. I wonder how old the food is…

  • Shr3DDy96

I went to shoppers to pick up some gift cards for Christmas. My friends and family went to use them and it ended up being fake gift cards. I went back to the store, the supervisor could care less to help me out and didnt apologize about the situation. I waited 15 mins for her to tell me to call the shoppers customer service line...I still have not been refunded for my gift cards. Such a waste of time and money. Never going there again.

  • S S

Very unprofessional and worst customer service. Customer Services Associate – a lady name Gurpreet was very rude on phone. I phoned her thrice to enquire about vaccine but her response was like so rude and with such an attitude as if she is a minister – poor illiterate girl does not even know how to speak correct English. I don’t know how Shoppers Drug Mart hired her. Very bad experience, will never recommend this location to anyone.

  • Schriver Old

The pharmacist is not only rude, he's also incompetent. I had to demand he give me his license number after recording what he did before he wound do his job and verify the medications they've been doling out for interactions. Good thing I kicked up a fuss because they do and I could have lost my kidneys! I moved everything over to the amazing Nadine at Sobeys Pharmacy across the street. Good riddance. Stop hiring men who hate women!

  • JDR

If I could give a zero I would as the staff and manager could not do math on a simple return of water bottle for water cooler on top of the the pharmacist never keeps a prompt stock and have to wait day cause of the lesson learned that I don’t go here any more as they do a very terrible job in all departments except make up and perfume as I have not felt with them yet but don’t intend to go back to that store

  • Vanessa Monson

Best pharmacy and the staff in the beauty department are always so friendly and knowledgeable! They greet everyone who comes in with a big smile! Monica and Ken at the pharmacy are wonderful and go the extra mile. It makes a big difference and I appreciate them. The lady at Canada post is also amazing. She is beyond efficient and keeps things moving during Christmas chaos while still being friendly and calm!!

  • Taylor Burns

Best pharmacy to go to! They’re always so fast and so kind. I appreciate all that they do. They’re always willing to answer questions and help me out when I need it. Thanks for being so great! Also, this beauty boutique is the best one out of every shoppers I’ve ever been too. The girls that work the beauty boutique are always so sweet and helpful, and very knowledgeable about their products. Thanks ladies!

  • Sharmeen Batool

Their photo technology either never works or they don't have USB to provide for digital copies. I called to confirm with the manager that USB are available for digital photos and drove all the way to find out they weren't available also completely denied that there was a call regarding . I had three trips to this location regarding digital photos. I think shoppers is the worst place to get photos done.

  • Sunaina Sharma

The pharmacy staff usually helpful but this time it was so miserable experience I have waited more then 30 minutes for pickup the prescription the pharmacist told me the medicine will be ready by 20 minutes we went for grocery and we came back after 40 minutes and medicine was still not ready and we waited at pick up counter for more then 30 minutes really upset with the service

  • jaskaran singh

staff is really rude there everything on sale but when i went for billing they said these things r not on sale either buy it or leave it. because of rude behaviour i leave merchandise over $300 and they dont have any remorse on the face they were laughing. i will never go to this store and i recommend to go there plz go to some other store plz send complains emails to head office

  • Parul Parul

Paulina from beauty boutique represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. Information was accurate, responses to queries were turned around very fast. Answers were clear...she is the best person in beauty boutique I have ever seen with great experience n knowledge...thank you so much for all ur help... You deserve 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Mommy & Cheeky in CanadaLand

The Pharmacist named Emanda is very helpful and approachable! She is very friendly and very well knowledgeable of her work. I asked for my daughters body cream and ointment and she explained me well the products. She even give me other options and explained the pros and cons of the items. Her costumer service skills is very excellent! 5 stars and thumbs up to you Emanda!

  • Katie Komo

Mean pharmacist who wouldn't refill my prescription. I guess you didn't want the dispensing fee and the prescribing fee. I work at a shoppers, I know you can do it. So went down the street and got the ones one Ellerslie and 91st to do it, and they did. Much better staff at the other location. Well worth the two minutes drive. DO NOT SHOP AT THIS SHOPPERS THEY ARE AWFUL

  • Brittany Gammon

While the staff are usually great to deal with, they are very very understaffed. I went to pick up a prescription on my lunch break that I was notified was ready for pick up the night before. I waited 30 minutes just to speak with someone as they only had 1 person working. No lunch for me today, which is a shame since my medication needs to be taken with food.

  • George Beckingham

Went in to buy a box of masks. Good selection of disposable masks is the only reason for the second star. No one at any of the tills, and the self-checkout wouldn’t scan my item. Waited a couple minutes to see if anyone was coming back to the tills, then set the box on the counter and left. They’re lucky if people don’t walk out with items.

  • Ashley Lessard

Called the pharmacy with questions about baby formula (if in stock and if it was still on sale) the pharmacy was very rude and told me I can only ask 1 question. Meanwhile I'm sick with covid and have to get people to go get these necessities for me so I need to know what I'm spending and how much to send to the shopper. Terrible service

  • Adriana S

I HAVE GONE THERE TOO MANY TIMES AND DURING THIS PANDEMIC I HAVE SEEN NOT ONE PERSON WIPE DOWN THE SELF CHECKOUT BETWEEN CUSTOMERS!!!! DISGUSTING!!!! Update: another reason I can't stand this place is how impossible it is to get a hold of pharmacy!!! Being on hold for 45 mins to an hour to speak to someone. Beyond ridiculous...

  • Steve Deer

Monica in the pharmacy department has been always so helpful and knowledgeable about any prescriptions we need. In addition to that the store is always well stocked and the Canada Post department always is available for what we need! Thanks Shoppers Harvest Pointe! And thanks so much Monica in the pharmacy department!

  • Conrado Sevilla

I went to the Pharmacy to inquire about Covid19 vaccination. The guy who talked to me was rude. I am eligible but he only asked if I was a health worker I said I worked in the school. Then he dismissed me saying teachers are not health workers. He didn't listened and not helpful at all. I'll do my business elsewhere

  • Cherryl - Ann Serquina

Pharmacy service USED to be pretty good when they first opened. Now they're going downhill. Service is too slow, they tell you that prescriptions would be ready within 30 minutes , you come back and it's not even processed. Will be transferring all our prescriptions to another location!!!

  • Kaiser Drogov

Me & my mom went to this shoppers to buy some lotions and shampoo. Preet followed us from the shelves up to the counter. She is definitely a racist. She kept on looking at us and told us we can’t buy all of those. She said there’s a limit. We left and decided to go Ellerslie shoppers.

  • Sudha Verma

The worse pharmacy I have ever encountered. Pharmacist lost prescriptions and no one did a follow up. No one notified, they had no record of anything and sad part is no one even had any clue about my list prescription. Very unprofessional people and negligence for someone's health.

  • Tinker Bell

I'm so glad to have a Shoppers so close. And it has a postal outlet now which is a bonus. Beauty counter isn't as expansive as I had wanted but still good and staff is helpful and friendly. I haven't had any problems here. Pharmacist is nice and seems to care about her clients.

  • Gurpreet Saini

Shopper is a great and quite popular place. However I have noticed they sell some things more expensive than other stores. One example is frozen pizzas that were $6.99 but when I checked from Walmart it was only for $2.99. so I think they can be more reasonable with the prices.

  • C Erickson

They need a big red mailbox here, I wanted to send something out before the Canada Post outlet opened, and couldn't fit my article in small slot and didn't want to leave it unattended. We are severely lacking for big red mailout boxes in the immediate area.

  • Kyle Vendel

Simian and Vidhi went above and beyond for me in helping me create a PC account, downloading the app and getting me 74,000 points!These ladies were amazing and patient with me and my lack of technical abilities. Thank you ladies,you are amazing!

  • Hiral Patel

Worst experience. Cashier refused to honour price code error on few items. Was asked to see the manager next day. New story that manager is on vacation and supervisor took off by saying that there was error on system.Waiting to see manager.

  • Samir Patel

Worst management. Item scanned with different price then a self. Watch your receipt before you leave the store. I spoke with three different supervisor/manager for the issue. If this store not close to my house then I wouldn't go again.

  • P M

I really don’t like posting negative reviews about places, however, I feel that I have to for this shoppers. Every single time I enter the store, whether it’s with my friends or by myself, I always find myself getting unsubtly getting

  • King

Never come to this location for your appointments unless you have loads of time. The wait time is unacceptable. What's the point of having appointments if you have to wait over an hour or so ... Completely unacceptable to overbook.


It was very bad experience at shoppers today . Staff is not helping specifically those stood near the till at exit point .I was not able to do self check in and I call them for help. She was very rude and not even helping.

  • navid habibi

i have been waiting for my son Rx for more then a week , and call them every couple of days and they mention oh tomorrow after tomorrow, and nothing for.more then a week, the last call was they don't find it,,,

  • Dennis Torregoza

Unprofessional staff. Strictly restrictive policies in this store that don't exist in any other shoppers drug mart locations. Definitely the last time I'll visit this store even if this is the closest to me.

  • kelly H

Danielle helped me get the Christmas present i wanted for my wife and went above and beyond to do so. She followed up on the phone and also looked into questions about the product with the representative.

  • Manpreet Singh

October20,2023 at 3:38pm. Called to confirm my appointment for flu shot, a male answered the phone and said will confirm. Put me on hold and never come back. The worst pharmacy and their customer service.


On 2 separate occasions I have dropped off prescriptions to be filled and picked up a few days later. Show up and they have no record of my prescriptions or refills. 0/10 would not recommend this place.

  • Dharminder Sidhu

This Shoppers Drug Mart has a brand new Canada Post location just recently opened within. Staff is very friendly. Canada Post hours are: Mon-Fri 9 am - 9 pm. Saturday and Sunday 12 pm - 5 pm.

  • T Pockin (B1indvapor)

Only three stars.... I do not feel it is the customers responsibility to express knowledge of legislation regarding medications in alberta to get the medications they need to live.. thanks.

  • Sidney Shi

They made two mistakes of my medication by switching the AM and PM medications. These errors could cost people lives and should never happen to anyone. Not satisfied with your service.

  • Gurraj Johal

Literally the worst customer service. I had asked the lady to help me find a cologne and she acted like she didn't care about anything. She is an Indian lady with brown blackish hair.

  • Adetoyese Oyedun

The pharmacy staff are so awesome and the beauty section staff are also very good. I was looking for a product and one of the ladies left what she was doing to help me get the stuff.

  • Karen Park

Save your time and go to another Shoppers!! To fill prescription for a topical cream upto 45 mins! then the post office 25 mins and still waiting with 2 people in front ?!? WTH...

  • ESB Rider

Take too long for prescription. 1st time it was 2 days. But if you're the only customer they will take 2 hours minimum but staff manage to use phone and gossip without any problem

  • Raj KVS

This is the worst one, every time there is a long wait and they tell you it is ready and then say you have to wait. Customer service is bad . I am moving to a different pharmacy

  • Danica Chrapko

Monica is a great pharmacist! She does everything she can to be helpful. She’s very friendly and understanding! She also takes the time to get to know you. Can’t ask for better.

  • Mike weihers

Spoke with a Paulina in fragrances and not only was she very helpful but also Super Knowledgeable!! I will certainly return and shop there just because of this experience!!

  • Dina Capulong

Ken and the pharmacy staff are always helpful and answer any questions I may have. I moved out of the area but stayed with the same pharmacy due to their great service.

  • Sharon Dopulos

Would not use the Canada Post at this location. Used it twice and neither item was delivered; obviously something wrong with staff/or process there

  • Sharlene Mohammed

The best post office staff that I’ve ever come across! Friendly, kind and they really get to know you! I highly recommend this post office.

  • Vineet Aggarwal

Not happy with services I felt bad After looking Such a bad service Communication level is very low of some Worker's Whom giving services

  • Josh Critch

Extremely understaffed at the pharmacy due to mass firings of thousands of health care workers for refusing an experimental vaccine

  • K L

I find the pharmacy staff unpleasant to deal with in definitely disappointed in switching as prev shoppers had a great experience

  • Kimberly Cochrane

Kiro was a huge help in the pharmacy tonight! He was so informative and a joy to be served by! Thank you for all your help ❤️

  • Jane Triska

The pharmacy staff are thorough and very kind. The store itself you have to fight for your life to find someone working.

  • houcine khanouchi

Worst service ever, they made you wait for so long just to explain how to use the medication. Never go back there

  • Richard Kaminski

Kiro in the pharmacy was absolutely amazing to deal with. Very helpful and informative. Thank you so much

  • ming lam

Different prices from others Shoppers stores and wouldn't price match the other Shoppers; very odd.

  • dilpreet kaur Dhillon

Called for an inquiry , was transferred three times and after waiting someone hung up .

  • Henk ten Wolde

Especially the staff at the perfume part of the shop are very helpful and friendly.

  • bharat sharda

Always go there but today did not like the service at all .mgr Preet was so rude.


Worst shoppers branch in Edmonton. Preet is a rude employee.

  • Prabhleen Bhupal

Lovely Staff! Katrina is very helpful and spreading smiles!

  • Sarb Hundal

Service is too show don’t have time for consultation

  • Tanay Patel


  • Nina Merrick

Professional customer service. Friendly staff.

  • Jo

5 stars for Diego! Excellent customer service.

  • H M

The best pharmacy location ️ …

  • manjot singh


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