Seville Water Play Park

794 reviews

20-28 Monbulk-Seville Rd, Seville VIC 3139, Australia


Seville Water Play Park is a Water park located at 20-28 Monbulk-Seville Rd, Seville VIC 3139, Australia. It has received 794 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Seville Water Play Park: 20-28 Monbulk-Seville Rd, Seville VIC 3139, Australia

  • Seville Water Play Park has 4.5 stars from 794 reviews

  • Water park

  • "If you're looking for the PERFECT place for your kids to play, have a party, escape on a hot day or just relax with with a book this is it! Literally this park now has everything you could want: *The wonderfully re-purposed town Swimming Pool which is now a brilliant waterplay area that's fun (and safe!) for kids of any age"

    "Came here with the family"

    "A great place to take the kids on a hot day"

    "This place is great"

    "Great place to take kids of all ages"


  • MSH

If you're looking for the PERFECT place for your kids to play, have a party, escape on a hot day or just relax with with a book this is it! Literally this park now has everything you could want: *The wonderfully re-purposed town Swimming Pool which is now a brilliant waterplay area that's fun (and safe!) for kids of any age. The addition of covered areas surrounding this area enhances the practicality on hot days. *Huge, well designed and spread out play equipment that caters for the youngest to the oldest users and has safe fall surfaces everywhere it's needed. *Brand new BBQ facilities at the playground end are a perfect compliment to the existing facilities. *Newly built toilet/change room block has completed this park perfectly and has full disabled access and ambulant facilities. It also includes a clever outdoor shower to rinse down after playing in the water or in the playground. *Large open grassed areas for kicking the footy and well established trees provide plenty of shade and places to setup for the day. *Right on main street, it's close to the shops and the ice cream shop!

  • Mr Bull

Came here with the family. I was really impressed by the amount of things available for kids. (The bonus everything was for free) There was heaps of things to do for kids like a little water park to play in and get wet and a small sandpit to have fun in this hot melbourne weather. They also had these small little trampolines built into the ground which i thought was really cool. Gotta give credit where it is due. This little park really impressed me. Make sure to bring your kids a change of clothes though.

  • Ian Slinger

A great place to take the kids on a hot day. Broad, shady trees with a view of the water jets and bubblers so you can keep an eye on the kids. The kids love triggering the water play and scampering among the fountains and plumes. When they get bored with that, there's a good playground as well. The only downside used to be the dodgy toilets, but they've just been replaced with a shiny new toilet block with excellent accessibility.

  • Niomie Mitchell

This place is great. One of my boys favorite water parks to play at. The water play area is a decent size plus it has a play ground for when the kids have had enough of the water. Not a lot of shade, so finding a shady spot can be hard on a really busy day. The only fault of this place is the wasps. On really hot days they like to come out in droves from the smell of the bbqs & picnics and then hang around the water area.

  • Kylie Redenbach

Great place to take kids of all ages. Playground right next to the waterplay park is great and has play features that you don't see at every local park. Everybody seemed to know to bring fold up chairs or picnic blankets. Still plenty of seating though. Only one toilet each but not far away. Parking right along the park. Short walk on footpath to ice cream shop or Woolworths across the highway if you ran out of supplies.

  • Muhammad Ali Assad

Great park for kids. Water play area with ample shaded area for picnics. Had changing rooms with showers and also separate toilets. A lot of dry playing options for kids also including a large sand play area. There is also a BBQ area but on busy days you may have to wait for sometime for your turn. In my opinion, this park had everything. We stopped here on our way back from cherry picking and had a great picnic.

  • Judith Brennan

This a wonderful place for everyone, even nanny & pa. The water sprouts are so much fun, noisy with all the screams of joy. The playpark has a variety of things from farm animals, train, and swings. Lots of area to sit on the grass (picnic blanket) for nibbles and drinks. A short walk to the shops to get something else like an ice-cream. The perfect place to enjoy a day with the family. Definitely worth a visit.

  • Adele L

This is a great space on a hot summer day. The expectation that it is more like a water park is slightly squashed when you arrive to see a small water play area but the children just enjoy it. There is a little playground next to the water play area and plenty of place to have a picnic. There are cafes around this venue which make it easy to buy food and coffee while the kids are having a play.

  • Rachael Gissing

Attended the splash park today with my partner & 4 year old daughter. Whilst playing tag in the water area my partner trod on a large piece of glass. We’ve just returned from the medical centre so that he could have it removed. Local anaesthetic to have the glass removed, stitches and antibiotics. Lucky it wasn’t a small child! Park needs to be cleaned and taken care of a lot better!

  • Alex Young

Seville Water Play Park is a public access water park comprising of a fairly spread out selection of water spouts and playground areas. A public toilet is nearby as well as external shower. Parking fills up quickly on a hot day but there are at least 3 parking areas nearby to accommodate. Best for toddlers and little kids - bring a picnic rug and snacks to relax in the shade nearby.

  • Katherine Masiulanis

Great playground complementing the water play area, which has been repurposed from being an open air pool. Large sand and water play area, large swing, and some lovely Sculptural elements in the playground of farmyard animals. Lots of grass to picnic on. Three one point it falls down is on toilets and change areas - one per gender is not enough for a park of this popularity.

  • TDMUZIC muzic is life

Worth the over an hour's drive for us, really nice well laid out kids water park, plenty of shaded bbq zones and very safe water fountain layout, my son loves it, only thing, theres no shaded space along the edge of the water park for comfortable supervision but other wise we'll be back for sure weather permitting, after all you never know with Melbourne.

  • David Gargano

What a great little space for the kids and parents to come and meet and mingle, especially in the the covid conscience climate that we live in. Nothing like the big theme parks but good wholesome, wet and socially enjoyable group fun.. If you want to take a walk in the park but think it's time to step it up a bit....visit Seville Water Play Park

  • Sarah Jane De Busch

Me and my family really enjoyed ourselves. It May need a little more money put into it but all in all we had an AWSOME time. We were visiting from QLD and happen to come along during a heat wave (40°). We couldn't play on the playground because it burnt our our feet after the water. However I understand that it not normal Melbourne weather.

  • Michael Pattinson

Although my wife and I were at this park to use the conveniences we watch the parents and their children having so much fun in the water park. What a brilliant idea it was fun just watching the water popping up in different spots and the children trying to find out where it would come from excellent place for young kids and adults alike.

  • Stephanie Whitworth

Drove for soooo long to get here from where I live but it was such a pretty drive! Rolling hills, beautiful scenery and winding roads.. all you want for a mini road trip :) The waterpark itself was fantastic and we had a good day out here :) My only qualm would be that as it was a super hot day, some shade would have been wonderful!

  • Craig Snelling

Wonderful community space. On a 39 degree day, kids and parents alike were very appreciative of the watery fun. My tips: Bring your own seats and shade. There are trees and shade structures not too far away, but if you want to be close to keep a close eye on your little one then you would do well to bring those things.

  • Raghav Tandon

Very fun playground and park. Perfect for families on a nice spring or summer day. The water pizza keeps the little ones busy and then afterwards you can go on the big swing and play around the park. It's very engaging and very unique. Highly recommend this park for families with kids between the age of 1 and 10

  • Paul Dossor

Great day out with easy parking, got there early and the kids had a ball using the fountain type water park. Stayed for around 2 hours and kids where all worn out. Parking is next to the park and easy to get to. There is a woolworths nearby if you need to buy drinks or snacks. Plenty of coffee shops near by.

  • Thomas Lopez

Great time here with the kids. Very child friendly and fun on a summer day. Facilities are a bit lacking, with one toilet. Plenty of shade to sit under and the park was big enough to have dozens of kids playing at one time. The other parks of the park are good also, with a traditional park my kids enjoyed.

  • Alice H

Big open space, the water park is great for kids of an ages. There is plenty of room to bring chairs and picnic rugs. Lots of shaded areas over the Tanbark, and near the car park. The playground is being upgraded currently, looks like it will be good. Plenty of parking area. Close to shops and supermarket.

  • Will Xian

Small but fun water play park. Not as big and nowhere near as much equipment as the one in Warburton but usually also much less crowded. Limited shade in the water play area but there's a few gazebo-type shade covers for a bit of respite. Play area with some equipment adjacent. Bathroom available.

  • Tillie A

So much fun for an impromptu trip! Lots to do for a toddler and seemed really safe water play for littlies. There's also a great playground right next to the water play park. Only thing I'd improve is to have a fence around the play areas as cars often drive really fast on the 2 adjoining roads

  • Ben Huxley

Lots of fun for the kids to splash around in on a hot day. It gets really busy so parking can be very difficult. The shade is only one side of the play park and the shady part is mainly made up of dirt; so bring a mat. It's a great free attraction, nice and near to the shops worth the visit.

  • John Robb

The old small Seville pool is reborn as fountains of water for the younger ages to play in. Good for all ages from walking toddler up. Good shade trees around the edge and a new shade pavilion nowadays almost finished. A very short walk to the town with cafes an icecreams for sale there.

  • Donna Krause

What a great idea! The old public pool has become a lazy river water play area. Perfect for babies, toddlers right the way through to adults to cool off on a hot day. Was nice and clean, rubber non slip play surface, shaded picnic areas and other play space away from the water feature.

  • Jani Willis

Lovely spot for some free family water fun. I did find that slight level changes caused a couple of trips as the kids were busy running around and couldn't or didn't see the lips etc. But over all good amount of grassed and undercover areas to sit and have a picnic or watch the kids.

  • Candice Overson

AUTISM and special needs FRIENDLY! Easy access and the people their were all very lovely. Nice quiet and respectable. Will be definitely coming back with my beautiful amd unique family again! Lovely town and amazing water park also the little ones, very safe! Very very safe …

  • Nikki Wellington

Loved the splash park and the proximity it is to a normal park and shops that include a bakery and parent saving coffees.....Parking was easy and there was even cover for those with fairer skin.....toilets could be better but all in all my family and I had a great time....

  • Sampson Fok

Great place to take the kids! They really enjoyed this area and constantly went in and out of the water. Unfortunately not too many shaded areas, so you'll need to plan accordingly. There is also a play area right next to this that the kids will have fun in as well.

  • Jonathon (Jonno)

This place is awesome. We've been here before. Though be mindful, the water play runs from September to April. No one mentions this on Google. It's still a great park non the less.
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  • Laura Hickey

The water play area is fantastic and with the recently built shaded area, it's perfect for sunny days. The play equipment is a bit far from the water play section which does mean you can't set up in one spot if you've got particularly young kids though.

  • Dean Lewis

Playground and water park. Perfect for a hot day. Children were very engaged, there for several hours yet still hard to encourage them to go home, they loved it. Also, kind of in town. Could easily walk into town for snacks, then walk back to the park.

  • x x

Had my sons 4th birthday here in January kids loved the playground and water area. Good spot for a family day out and Woolworths across the road good BBQ area and most of all its good fun for the whole family for FREE! Lol. Highly recommend …

  • C.S SFl

Great place for kids of all ages. My kids definitely loved it. Theres bbqs and covered seating areas really nice.also parking close to the park. However while we had lunch today there were a few bees and wasps wanting to eat with us as well lol.

  • Liz Gridley

Haven't visited in high summer but in other seasons, a very well kept park with lots of spaces so groups can feel separated and everyone can have a great time
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  • Michele 'HemlokHex' White

For a free facility, fantastic, but very busy, actually needs to be made larger for the volume that visit. Also take sun protection ~ there are shade houses, but the playground is full sun with surrounding trees... very easy to get sunburned!

  • Iva Izman

This is another cool water place and I reckon this is the biggest FREE water playgrounds in Melbourne. The kids had so much fun here. It was 37 degrees so hell yea I joined in to cool down as well!! Seville water play park is a long stretch

  • Viktor Lidström

An awesome place I like to take the kids to play on a warm day - there is an ordinary playground next to it and a couple of hundred meters away is a footy oval as well. Quite a lot of grass around to sit on or have birthday barbeque on and

  • Yasmin

A bit of everything here. Playground and waterplay area. Large sand pit area with some of it sheltered. Table and chairs with shelters. Also lots of grass area to bring your own chairs and tables. Great for picnics. Toilets. Today they had

  • Aaron Skinner

I take my son here he loves it with the playground and water park next to each other it's the best of both worlds - it could do with a bit more shade cover but it all clean and new :D The new additional toilets make this much better now.

  • Nasir Ali

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  • Jo

Great free place to visit with the kids but no dogs allowed. Rocky area for the kids to explore if they want to stay dry & a playground next door with oval. Bring the bathers & towel & press the sensor to make more water fountains

  • imee s

We visited this after going to Healesville Santuary and this is about 20 minutes drive. Big playground and lots of space for picnic. My son had so much fun on the water play! Definitely worth visiting specially on warmer weather.

  • Anthony Brown

This place is AWESOME!! The kids absolutely love playing here. I would probably recommend for kids from 0 - 11 years of age. Shade can be a bit of a premium, so come prepared. Great development/re-purposing by the local council.

  • Vin Ch

Great park and playground. The water park was still operational in the cooler months. Slightly damaged by recent heavy rains with sections closed off. Great alternative in summer when the Warburton water playground is heaving.

  • Daniele Guimarães

Perfect place to go in a hot day. Children have so much fun playing with the water, adults too. There are places with good shade for a picnic. Although no shades on the water area or playground. Certainly we'll go there again.

  • Keith Ealanta

Lovely place for a hot afternoon with kids. No fee for entry, plenty of parking. Ice-cream shop near (but out of sight - so no tantrums needed if you don't want to do it.) electric barbecues and plenty of dry play space too.

  • Sneha Matalia

It is an amzing suner playground/park for kids...there is a sandpit, jumping pods, tractor for pretend play, waterfountain play area!!! Must visit for a good 2 hrs with kids along with picnic spots and benches available

  • Melissa Stark

Magical place so pretty , dogs welcome, wish it was open all year . Romantic place to go at night to relax and get rid of stress. Especially when fountains are on with the lights flickering through and the moonlight.

  • fatema-tuz Zohra

Wonderful experience, toddler had a great day. Also has an adjacent park with swings and slides. Can plan a whole day of outing , bring your own food for the best experience. Quite sleepy town centre. Has toilets.

  • Zina Ewen

Lovely little place to spend the day. The area is nice, park close by and shops walking distance if needed Take your picnic rugs and make a day of it. At times parking can be tricky when it's busy, but worth it.

  • Claudia Oliver

Beautiful setting,great picnic area with tables and barbeques.Great play park for all. The water park area is great fun on a hot day as well. Not far to walk for ice creams ,coffee, subway fish and chips etcetc.

  • Tauba Goldberg

Such a great spot for a splash on a warm day! The one star off is that there isn't enough shade in places where you can actually watch your child. More parking would be good. The water play itself is fantastic!

  • Missy Berger

Great park and water space. So much space for the kids to run around. Good spot for a picnic. Nice and close to shops if you want take away. Toilets are thankfully being upgraded as that's the only downfall...

  • Jerry

For a public facility, it's very good. Has lots of shaded areas for picnics. Woolworths is just across the street if you've forgotten anything for your picnic. The water play area is a lot of fun for the kids.

  • rick scucchia

Great place to bring younger kids. Nice water park which has more improvements each time we come. Someone brought a dog in the water spray which scared some children. we decided to leave by that stage.

  • Lionel Messi

Really beautiful place. Kids absolutely love to splash water around. A good Playground as well and drive from Pakenham is very scenic too. Check dates of water fountain operation before you visit.

  • Ray D

Great place for the kids. There're plenty of undercover spaces but no chairs or picnic tables. Make sure to take your picnic mats, camping chairs/table if you're planning to spend some time there.


Went to the waterpark today for the first time, the kids absolutely love it. A good park alongside it as well.
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  • Denise Veiser

Seville water park is a wonderful place to take children and it's beautiful. We had so much fun, my nephew had the best time playing in the water, there is plenty of room to run and have a picnic

  • Darren Ball

Amazing place for people of all ages. Adequate shelter (artificial and trees), toilets, and fresh water for water bottle re-fills. The park is open, and is easy to watch your child/children.

  • Zabih Rezai

The water place is amazing for kids to play and enjoy experiencing water games, the other areas for adults. Great place to have a fun day at. Maybe a little small to fit as many visitors.

  • Sarfaraz Kamaliwale

It's an amazing park for your day picnic with family. On a good sunny day to get soaked under the fountains along with your kids is an refreshing experience. A recommended place to visit.

  • Todd Lucas

Great family park with the usual play equipment plus a water feature and a large space for the little ones running about in water fountains. Worth the drive from most of inner Melbourne.

  • Angela Lane-muir

Took my grandies here twice in the last few weeks. They loved it, and then dried off in the play park next to the water park. Extra bonus was the gelati van. Definitely going back there!

  • Jolene Martin

Fantastic free water play park to wear the kids out. Undercover picnic tables were great for the parents to sit and have a cuppa. Just a short stroll from the shops too which was handy.

  • Darren Gateley

Great place to bring the littlest members of the family on a warm to hot day. Parks for the kids to run around and one of the best free water play areas I've seen in a long time.

  • Colin Mackay

Apart from the 'obvious' recreational aspects of water play, this place offers diverse attractions and some excellent learning opportunities...Which could easily be improved on.

  • Ben Ward

Good fun for the kids on a hot day. Its free and there is plenty of grassy area for a picnic. There is also a park with play equipment for cooler weather. There are toilets too.

  • Karen Chen

I love the water play design. The kids have a lot of fun there! The nature play elements are absolutely great - messy play with sands; rock climbing etc. too nice for summer!

  • Samantha Coburn

So awesome my son loved it, shops across the road, public toilets, bbqs, a normal park there too .. wish there were more free splash parks like this around.. worth the visit

  • Sarfraz Memon

A nice place for kids. Plenty of water fun. Beautiful trees provide ample shade and space for families on a hot day. But there is only one hot plate for the whole park.

  • Yamur Sadiqi

The best free water park for all the kids and their families. The park has nice playgrounds and other amenities like BBQ and toilets. Definitely visiting here again.

  • Stephen H

Great place for a bit of fun with the kids, looking for a quieter spot just across the road is a little park with a few tables and a nice lawn area to seat and eat.

  • Vanessa Roy

Good amount of water play area and quite a few small shelters plus a large undercover area. Playground is fairly small but adequate. Overall, a really lovely park.

  • Steph P

Beautiful park, has lovely water play equipment/splash park. Needs a little more play equipment and benches and shade cover. But overall a great place for the kids

  • Ray Seamer

Great playground for all ages. Water park is fun and nice area to sit in the shade and watch kids play. Also close to take away so easy dinner or lunch options.

  • Nathan Bouman

Had a really good time there, my daughter has never been to any water park so it was nice that there is water entertainment for toddlers as well as bigger kids.

  • Lady M

Nice place... Children will love it coz they can play water play .. that have big sandpit area, lots of toys and big park.. even can do BBQ there …

  • Michelle Richardson

Best water park by far. Great play ground. Has toilets and shaded areas. We travel 40+ minutes to get there and will continue doing so as it is the best place.

  • Godly John

Great place for a hot day with kids! They loved the water fountains and the play areas. There's benches, shade, toilet and a water fountain! Good facilities!

  • Gerard M

Great little place for the kids to splash around in on a hot day. Couple of cafes and ice cream shops nearby, toilets close and a small park area as well.

  • Steven

Came in September. Water feature buttons not working. No sign explaining so I assume it’s broken. Doubtless very nice park in mid summer and operational.

  • Aaron Baldwin

Great park. Playground is really good and the water play area is fantastic. A good amount of shade around but does get busy on hot days. Loved it

  • moni lee

So many things for the kids to do, bush walks for the adults, very clean amenities. Close to other attractions . Great place to stay with kids.

  • Anthony Passe-de Silva

Amazing park - the water play set up is great fun & educational, the play equipment is wonderful for all ages, nice spot for some family time

  • Yanicka Vandy

My girls and I love it here. 8 year old more than my 12 year old but it's a nice place to come and picnic and there is a playground as well!

  • Vivek Waghmare

Amazing water park place for a day's picnic with your kids... You could even take your portable bbq and cook there... Playground is great...

  • Suneesh S U

Wish all the Councils in Melbourne do the same idea of water play park in their area!! Kids will enjoy a lott as they love water play!

  • Kaeli Haines

Great water park but is always busy on warm days which is to be expected would be prefect if it had more shade and seating for adults

  • James “Mokka”

Water was cold but we were warm. Great play area and park and facilities. Enjoyed a great pizza from within walking distance too

  • Alex “Yomama” Flynn

Nice little out door water play area. Good for both little kids and big kids. Plenty of shade to the sides for snack breaks ect

  • Saladz

An amazing spot for warm weather outing. Our kid had so much fun here. There was also a dry playground next to the water park.

  • Adorjan Racz

Great place for some water fun for the kids. Bring your own food though, getting a spot in nearby cafe to eat is very hard

  • Mary K

Beautiful place. My kids love the water play and playground next door. Fantastic place for cooling down on a hot weather!

  • Wade Moore

Fantastic place to take the family on a hot day. Heaps of shade and a great playground with an undercover sandpit nearby.

  • grogreen2001

Good picnic spot, kids play ground
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  • Molly Spunner

Ill be taking my 7 year old back here again, she had so much fun. Lots of shade but don't forget sunscreen and water.

  • Richard Yoon

It's our second time visit, it became one of best summer water park in eastern suburb. highly recommend to visit

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