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1555 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 4J2, Canada



Save-On-Foods is a Grocery store located at 1555 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 4J2, Canada. It has received 319 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Save-On-Foods: 1555 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 4J2, Canada

  • Save-On-Foods has 4.0 stars from 319 reviews

  • Grocery store

  • "Decided to try out their online ordering for the first time and wow, it was horrible"

    "Great bright store the pharmacy manager Razelle and her staff go the extra mile for you at the pharmacy Prescriptions or shots one of the best places to go! As for the grocery side wide range of fresh prepared foods"

    "Store looks nice and appears to be well laid out"

    "No too bad"

    "I finished my shopping and went to the cashier to pay"


  • J

Decided to try out their online ordering for the first time and wow, it was horrible. I left the personal shopper clear instructions and exactly what I wanted in the note area and I even called to make sure it was correct items when I received my email confirmation and she said yes. Drove all the way there and was met with something not even close to the Squishmallow what I wanted. The online picker did not apologize and kept claiming it was the right one because it had the same barcode but neglected to read my note as there are different varieties within each squad. She did not even apologize whatsoever for the misunderstanding and told me to go look for the squishmallow myself to exchange but they did not have any in stock. Was such a complete waste of time and gas.

  • Gary (Stoneyrock)

Great bright store the pharmacy manager Razelle and her staff go the extra mile for you at the pharmacy Prescriptions or shots one of the best places to go! As for the grocery side wide range of fresh prepared foods.some prices a lil off the wall but they price match if your willing to go through the hassle. Foods always fresh. Store is clean all staff so willing to help. One fellow Jag. I believe a grocery assistant manager always greets us and welcomes us with a smile and lil conversation Makes sure we are happy and got what we wanted. Great guy. If we forget something at till he’ll run get it! The assistant STORE manager lil rude but heh it’s retail We live 25miles to get there but worth it!


Store looks nice and appears to be well laid out. They use a lot of half shelfs to keep simular products together. Nice produce and a good variety. The meat counter offers a lot of choices from beef, pork, poultry and seafoods. You have to watch your pricing as you go through each department, comparison shopping is a must. Read the price tags thoroughly and don't confuse yourself with the points system they have in LARGE PRINT. Daryll needs to sharpen his pencil on his staple products. They do have some good buys, and it's a game of pennies with other stores. Will do another review in a few months to see if they have made price adjustments to Walmart, Freshco, and Superstore.

  • Leigh C.

No too bad. There are some things there I can't find at Safeway, but there's a lot of things I can't find at Save-Ons I can easily find at any other grocery store. The layout appears tidy and well organized but I still had a rough time finding a certain items and aisles. The cakes and flans are delicious. The bakery is my favourite aisle. The produce looks good. Plenty of choices. Prices are decent if you have the store points card and sticking to things that are on sale. But you're not really saving if you're paying full price. I find the back of the store is very dark.

  • CarCrazy 86

I finished my shopping and went to the cashier to pay. The Cashier Guy asked me how I wanted to pay? I said Cash. He then said that I couldn't pay by Cash, because they already had done their Cashout for the Day at 9:45pm. I was Not Happy to hear that at all and I told him so!! He Didn't seem to care about it either. Fortunately, I had my Debit Card with me, so I paid for my groceries with it. So, I'm writing this note, to let those who want to pay with Cash know, that after 9:45pm. No Cash will be Accepted at the Regent Ave. Location. SO NOT GOOD!!!

  • Rosemarie Sanchez McRae

I was so happy when they opened up a store near near me. Selection isn't as great as the one on McPhillips, however this store stocks my needs and I enjoy the current promo for their pharmacy for prescriptions meds. To really save on your groceries you gotta be careful with pricing and be resourceful with knowing what you wanna buy at a low price. Most of the deals are great at Save On, but some of the prices are a little steep. The More Rewards program is worth getting while shopping at Save On for the membership deals!

  • Abby Al

I went yesterday they had one cashier open and was three employees standing with her chatting and laughing instead of working. I had Waite for so long because the line was long and the self check out don’t except cash and I came from the mall to get my lunch from here. I went today as well got things and I open my fruit plate that I got and the strawberries were mouldy. I don’t understand why and it’s your first month. I left said thanks to the cashier twice didn’t even reply to me and was very rude!

  • C Luanne Griffin

Professional & Kind-Hearted I had the pleasure with talking with Nick the store manager concerning a business opportunity and it is so uplifting once again to talk to kind and helpful people. Thank you, for proving that thoughtfulness and professionalism go together. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to future collaborations. I appreciate your help in my new job as a sales representative. I’m sure Save on Foods know that you are such an asset to their company!!!

  • Darlene Major

When I got there, there were some very rude "Punks" outside the store harassing people. They were not very nice... I was a bit worried about leaving the store. I told the Security guard and said I might need him to walk me out when I was done shopping. He said he would.... gladly. And he did, and he carried my groceries for me. I was very thankful to him. I really enjoy shopping there!!! Everyone is so nice and so helpful. Thank You, Save On!!!!

  • biguncleshirley

Came back a year later. Thought I’d give it another try. You guys really aren’t interested in customer service at all are you. Smart phones on the other hand, that really gets staff’s attention. The name doesn’t reflect prices. I have never been trained on self checkouts & the rudeness & confrontation from staff that have because my ineptitude interrupted her phone time, made my first & only experience there unpleasant. This was on opening week. I will not be back.

  • Lee Hayes

Nice staff, brightly lit, spacious isles, fruits and veggies always look bright and fresh. Prices are good too. My favourite thing is the deli. Most places like Safeway, Sobeys etc have off putting roast beef (grey flavourless leather) and dry over cooked Turkey. You have to try their house brand roast beef (dark on the edges nice and pink in the middle), Turkey tastes like it was shaved off a thanksgiving bird. We’ve noticed it lasts longer before going bad too.

  • M Sun

Delivery is a fail, produce always arrives frozen, third time now even after calling last time and getting a credit back and adding comments in the order. Bread expires in 2 days, is old, dried out and hard. Tried a competitor, it was a fail too. It seems like delivery is a way for stores to use up expired stock. I thought more of Save On but I was wrong. UPDATE: Discussed with Mgr Kevin, he looked into situation and the next delivery was not frozen.

  • Mary F

Really great customer service over the phone. I needed to check if a particular veggie was in stock before coming and the staff member checked for me and even told me where it was located in the veggie section. It was a very friendly interaction. One of the few places that still sells dry fat free cottage cheese. I come here on that basis alone, and there are lots of good deals, a well organized store and friendly, available staff.

  • Nascar Chic

My go to place to shop lately. It is a convenient location for me to shop. The staff are very nice there. I was there around Christmas time and I think the manager/owner was the one to bag my groceries for me. Every time I have shopped there has been a good experience. Anytime I have shopped there, it wasn't very crowded and the cashier lines were not overly long. The points deals are pretty good as well.

  • John Helsdon

We purchased a block of Bothwell cheddar and we got home we noticed it was mouldy. My wife went to return it with the receipt and as she did not have the card I used to pay for it they refused the return. There was no offer of an in store credit or to exchange the cheese for another non-mouldy piece. We won’t be shopping here again. If you want a block of mouldy cheese for free it is at customer service.

  • sean friesen

The labelling wasn’t as perfect as I wish I it was for the multi cultural isle it took a bit to find but save-on-foods is always my go too store when I’m trying to make something fun because they have a far better selection when it comes to foods and spices/sauces that are less common in Manitoba. For example I’m convinced at this point it’s the only place to get kewpie mayo. All in all I like it

  • Nirmal Sasidharan

Came on 2021-Aug-21 morning at 11am. I needed to get something from the floral section. Here was absolutely no one available to help. Was asked me to go the customer service. There was no one there too. Was helped after i managed to speak to someone on the till who was serving another customer (felt bad for the other customer). Atlast a person came and did not even apologize for the delay.


I went to the store around 6:30pm today. The Sikh staff with turban was unhelpful and gave wrong information. When I asked where's the location of promo Bacon, he said out of stock. After I looked around, there were still have plenty. Second time, I asked him another question about pricing, he ignored and pretended not hearing me. Other staffs were very helpful except that Sikh guy

  • C P

I would recommend this business to everyone, The grocery store is a Brand new build looks really modernized inside and out, This was a very clean Environment, Excellent job on the construction. There prices for grocey could be a little Better tho. There Employees were well trained and Professional, Excellent job Save - On-Foods Employees and Management. Best Regards;

  • Jennifer Shepherd

I just placed my first delivery order, I received a heads up call from Craig, he was incredibly polite and advised there were some minimal substitutes. Excellent friendly efficient service. Was brought right to my door which is a godsend as I unfortunately am quite sick and don't feel comfortable going out in public.

  • Chad Penner

Fantastic place to shop and watch everyone else just walk out with FREE GROCERIES!!!! I work in KP Mall I do my lunch or shopping at save on, once and a while. Don't worry thieves NO security guard and a NO CHASE POLICY!! Makes me think that being someone that steals in todays society and no consequences....

  • Krissy P

It's a good store, prices are a bit higher than other stores. I love the bakery. They always have cute cupcakes and cakes. Their cinnamon rolls are my favorite. I'm giving it a 4 out of 5, because I'm disappointed it doesn't have a lot of the things the other save on stores have. Mainly the in store cafes.

  • Amanj life

Very nice staff and some items have good prices, some pre-packed items cheese and cold cut was at a good price. Although some fruits were a little expensive compared to places like superstore. Recomended for pre-packaged or ready to eat meals with quick lines and self checkout if your intrested.

  • Ted G.

Had a nice experience with the pharmacy staff. We booked our flu shots and arrived 15 minutes early. They took care of us right away and we were on our way in a few minutes. They gave us two coupons for any drink offered at their in store snack bar. It was a nice gesture and much appreciated.

  • Shay

Over priced on all food items. When they have a so called deal, its actually regular pricing.. The lay out is awful and their aisle signs don't help as they are confusing. I will not be going back, not worth it in the economy. Superstore am sorry I betrayed you for this place …

  • Mark Oleski

You can use rewards, coupons and price match here, so astute shoppers who are dilligent can get great deals. Very clean and lots of options although not as much as the international version of the store which I like better! Western family brand products is super mid though.

  • Clint s

The store is always nice and clean. It's not busy at the times I've been. Prices are a little higher than other stores. A few times that I went to buy something the items were expired. Once it was the whole shelf. Just make sure you check the date before you buy anything.

  • Michael Cairns

You only save if you get the card, account, and know the prices at other stores. Make sure to check your receipt as well since last time I went only half of my discounted items scanned properly and I had to go back and get them rescanned after seeing their error.

  • Arsalan Alizadeh

Had two encounters with a pharmacy staff and a grocery staff. Both were unbelievably rude and did not want to help. I'm so sorry for Save on Foods that has developed such culture among its workers. They obviously need some training on customer relations.

  • Matt Valcourt

Overall not my preferred grocery store. I should be better at checking expiry dates but half the time I’ll get home and the stuff is either expired or will expire the next day. The only saving grace for me is the pharmacy is very good and accommodating.

  • James macdonald

Tobias is the backbone of this company. Without Tobias, this company would not be where it is today. 10/10. The kid deserves a raise. Honestly though, I’ve never seen someone at a grocery store so helpful and full of life. I need to be more like Tobias

  • Jordan C

This store stinks. Like really bad. Half the store had the most putrid smell yesterday that it was difficult to even go in to those areas. It was also hard to find anyone working there even. Poor customer service compared to other locations.

  • Michelle Hachkowski

I went in for flowers and the guy helped me out on October 22 around 5pm was so friendly, very knowledgeable and he did such a fantastic job creating my bouquet for a bday gift. Would definitely recommend save on foods to friends and family!

  • Ivonne Da Silva

This place is a joke. Flyer started today and they did not have flyer items. Produce section was basically empty. Decided since I was there to grab a piece of fish but no one in sight to help me with that either. Left empty handed.

  • Vitoria Galesco

we were recording and we didn't know we couldn't, the employee was super rude to tell us to stop recording. we wanted to finish our shopping, the employees stared at us until we left, uncomfortable situation.

  • Nick Kingerski

Amazingly run and beautiful store. I love the idea of having a basket of free fruit for kids. These little things are what’s going to separate your grocery store from the competition. Great work management!

  • Shlomo Stackman

Very nice store like most save on food chains. Well kept, nice and clean. It's a smaller grocery store, but it still had a decent selection. It also had a security guard because Winnipeg be wildin as usual.

  • Jim Falloon

Wonderful community contributer! Picked up donated bag lunches for 200+ participants in Riverview Health Centre event today. Very pleasant and helpful store manager Kevin. Thank you …

  • Dahl Ritchie

Everything Excellent. Not Substantially more Expensive, Yet, Walmart, Cheaper. Nice Store, yet, As of the Other Day they Don't have "Cash Kiosks", like Dollarama. (Makes it easy/Quick).

  • Carla M

Why are the aisles so tight together? Iv never seen such a squished grocery store. You cannot pass anyone down the aisles that's how narrow it is. Prices are high. Wont be coming back.

  • Katya Miriam al-Yalahoui

Prices are normal, nothing extraordinary, but their bistro and fresh food; specifically the sushi, is better than any supermarket in the city. For $7 I can get amazing sushi, kudos.

  • crystal nowak

I usually don't shop here because it's usually more pricey or than other stores I just go here for sales the store is generally clean great customer service I don't have any issues

  • Brent Brentnall

Attleboro smaller than some Save-on's I've been to but new and tidy and clean. Wide isles and a broad selection of products slightly different than the usual fare around this area.

  • E.R T

It is a simple clean easy to navigate through the store. Good prices not the best but for a quick and get your stuff and get out it is good. Very well laid out store aswell.

  • Kristina Elkins

They had quite the variety of food! I'm really happy with their selection and I will be going back soon. Store was clean and also had a large selection of UK related food


That New store smell Last time I was in a new store a few days after opening was in BC years ago. Very busy and felt too busy for this day. But fun experience, Cheers

  • Yuri DC

It's an okay place to shop. There are items that cost more compared to other stores. However, this is the only place where I could buy Tamari sauce in the city.

  • Trish Kirby

Deli staff ignored I was as even there. Few items thru self checkout impossible due to “attendant needed “ and zero staff around or even came. A joke.

  • Flat Lander

Grocery store chain out of BC. Good deals on sale items but regular priced items can have a little sticker shock. Very clean and nice to shop in.

  • Devan Bungay

Love buying chicken just to be rotten. Best part is the cheese we bought was moldy! Bought two days ago... Thanks for the wonderful supper.

  • Justin Woodcock

Outstanding pharmacy. They really work hard on accommodating us and working with Jordan's Principle. Thanks so much to the great pharmacy team.

  • Miffi Mifster

Pleasant environment and good selections. Very nice, helpful staff. This is now our preferred grocery store. Also, delivery service very good!

  • Wendy Savage

Beautiful store to shop in. Shelves are stocked, even at night and Sundays. Friendly staff that go out if their way to assist the customers.

  • Michael Lord

I find the store always in immaculate condition. The things I go for are almost always the same and doesn't deviate that much to be honest.

  • Stella Hollens

Picked up the Strawberry black forest cake for our 59th anniversary.Was the most delicious cake ,at a very reasonable price...Thank you..

  • Trever

Super clean stores, everything is put together so well but the prices are definitely not the best . Also very nice selection at the deli.

  • Billy Walsh

Great selection of fresh produce ,meat ,some seafood ,full shelves too ! but prices are high for many items yet on par with major chains

  • Matthew Molnar

Another shopper stole a reusable bag from my cart, management told me to stop harassing other customers as I pointed out his thievery.

  • Robert Hanson

Has a lot of selection and awesome hot food section but if this was Safeway/Sobeys answer to No Thrills its not even close pricewise

  • Karen Backman

Need to lower their prices a wee bit to keep in line with other grocers. Fabulous staff at all the locations (I've visited) though!

  • Thomas Osei-Aning

Mike in Customer Service always makes my visits to Save on Foods a pleasant experience. Thanks for the help in the Self checkout.

  • Richard Haugh

July 17th, 2023. They had some clearance items in the back of the store. You would think it would be up front near the cashiers.

  • Al Verrier

Good selection but prices are expensive compared to Sobeys unless you're a member. The quality is also better at Sobeys/Safeway.

  • John T

Clean, organized and well lit. I come here to buy their pecan caramel brownie. I hope they make more. It runs out fast.

  • Anne Wiebe

Very pleasant staff. Clean. Great selection of luncheon meats in the deli. Over all great selection of groceries.

  • Krystle Stapon

Love this store but hate the prices. Their delivery is great and same with pharmacy but the prices in store aghh

  • Gilles Desrosiers

All grocery stores are great . They are all making money hand over fist and Johnny Q public pays the price !!

  • jeff too

Really shorted on ground beef. Just say we don’t have any. What store in Canada runs out of ground beef??

  • Craig Mostowy

I like the store... clean n efficient... employees are helpful n smiles... prices could use some work...


I ended up with a rain check. I only got 1/3 of my requested items. Given the run around.

  • Puff237

I really like this place for the fresh stuff is great and fast lunch is easy to grab....

  • Crys Millar

Excellent discounts and I was able to find certain items that other stores do not.

  • Stephen Cross

Typical grocery store. Nothing special. Bring back the free samples.

  • Jerome Swarath

Beautiful store fantastic selection of products but a d Bit pricey.

  • Cameron Gray

Its a good place to find stuff not as common at other places.

  • Donna Grace

The store is so clean, the staff and manager is so nice

  • Mailee

The staff is so nice in every department


This shop looks like Aldi in the USA.

  • chefjron

Plant prices were really good

  • Cheryl Jensen

good prices great food items

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