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Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Employment Lawyers is a Employment attorney located at 580 Hornby St #520, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B6, Canada. It has received 450 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Employment Lawyers: 580 Hornby St #520, Vancouver, BC V6C 3B6, Canada

  • Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Employment Lawyers has 4.8 stars from 450 reviews

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  • "Martin Willemse is the best & most compassionate lawyer EVER"

    "I was contacted by a girl named Natalie and she was tremendously rude"

    "I was recommended Samfiru and Tumarkin via a friend dealing with a nasty severance dispute"

    "Sandy Chen from Samfiru was extremely knowledgeable and relatable"

    "After a 14 year career with a telecommunication sales team and leading them to a number one spot, I was devastated to learn that my department was being closed and my team and I were all being let go"


  • Sahar Sharelo

Martin Willemse is the best & most compassionate lawyer EVER. He has been an angel sent from above to help me through the most difficult chapter of my life and I’m forever grateful. When I first met Martin, I was at rock-bottom.. feeling lost, scared, confused, and hopeless with the situation I was facing with my disability claim. Martin was quick to make me feel seen, heard, validated and was ready to fight for me to the best of his ability. I will never forget the feeling of relief and weight lifting off my shoulders as I left his office that day.. knowing I have someone on my side and that it’s not all in my head. Throughout my journey, Martin was always so kind, professional, extremely communicative, knowledgeable, but most importantly COMPASSIONATE. You can see/feel how much he cares for his clients and wants to do right by them. When your someone who doesn’t understand the legal world and your head starts spinning and spiralling multiple directions at once of possibilities, scenarios, and outcomes—then someone like Martin can reach out of their hand and pull you back down to earth while being realistic, addressing all your concerns, questions and fears in a timely manner was EVERYTHING to me. I’m so grateful to have met Martin and have him apart of my team. I also want to take a moment to recognize Martin’s Assistant, Shannon. Shannon was always an absolute pleasure to speak with on the phone. Shannon always listened to my concerns, made me feel heard by recognizing my thoughts and feelings, and took the time to carefully explain to me everything I didn’t understand.. even if that meant she needed to repeat herself a few times due to my disability. Shannon is very patient, has this incredible sense of urgency about her whether it was responding to emails, communicating things and diligently following up. I’m tearing up as I write this review because from the bottom of my heart, I’m forever grateful for Martin & Shannon. It’s not every day that you find a good lawyer & assistant who are extremely organized, knowledgeable, and customize their efforts for each case. If you are looking for a disability lawyer, I HIGHLY recommend Martin Willemse.

  • Alisha Singh

I was contacted by a girl named Natalie and she was tremendously rude. I would'nt recommend this lawfirm to anyone. I had told her that I reached out and left a voicemail around a month ago and she kept blaming me and saying that it was my fault and that I had three missed calls. There needs to be a certain level of professionalism and politeness when dealing with clients. I wont be using this firms services due to this horrible experience with Natalie. Very cold and no empathy in her voice as well. You aren't doing me a favor. I am paying you for your service. ***UPDATE*** Kari the Client Relations Manager just contacted me back and she was AMAZING WOW! insanely empathetic, very compassionate, conscientious, understanding, hard working, approachable and overall has a beautiful heart and soul. What a truly amazing human being. She went out of her way to help me and literally gave me 10 resources to further help me in the issue that I was wanting some clarity on. What was such a simple question in which Natalie didn't help with Kari helped and resolved the issue by providing me with clarity and a plethora of resources. If you contact Samfiru Tumarkin it is a must to speak with Kari she will brighten your day I 100% guarantee you this. She also is super speedy regarding responding back to your phone calls! Thanks so much Kari for rectifying the situation. Much Love, Alisha

  • Tyler Loconte

I was recommended Samfiru and Tumarkin via a friend dealing with a nasty severance dispute. I followed their website intake system and spoken with Julia- who was outstanding and helped me over the few days it took for me to gather all the information I needed to properly speak to my lawyer Stephen Gillman. Once I gathered what I needed I had an appointment with Stephen the following afternoon. Their shared office space confused me for a moment but their unnamed receptionist for the floor was helpful in getting me where I needed to be and informing Stephen i was there. Once my appointment time came Stephen met with me and was prepared as I expected him to be. Courtney his assistant greeted me and helped me into Stephen's space- she was great and I'm super appreciative she didn't shake my hand and gave me a warning that she was sick for my benefit. Speaking with Stephen he used visual representations to very elegantly and simply explain to me what I needed to know about employment law relevant to my situation. He gave me good advice, that by the time I left I fully understood and agreed with. I walked away satisfied and with a handful of his business cards to recommend to a few people going through similar situations to me. If you're reading this, I would absolutely recommend both Stephen, Courtney and Samfiru Tumarkin LLP to represent you if you need them.

  • Ian Dyck

Sandy Chen from Samfiru was extremely knowledgeable and relatable. During one of the most difficult times in my life Sandy stood up for me when my then employer terminated me. No matter how hard I tried it was not enough for my employer. And no management training was provided after many requests, also the tools I needed to succeed in my particular position were denied. I was the blame for employee behaviours I had absolutely no control over (2 bereavements, 1 sick and no replacements that I could authorize which killed my productivity numbers running me into the afternoon shift - it was a disaster - and yet I was supposed to pull a rabbit out of the hat and make it all happen anyway. Unbelievable…) Anyway, It was deemed a constructive dismissal determined with about a fraction of the information I had provided him. The place was beyond toxic - it was cancerous. Sandy provided me the esteem required to stand up to these proud bullies. Anyway, long story short, I got what I needed and Sandy managed to leverage the case to get above what I expected the company to pay out. So. All in all, a fantastic performance by Sandy with the backing of Samfiru LLP, that enabled my voice to be heard by the bloody devil themself. I am healthier now.

  • Robert Lobson

After a 14 year career with a telecommunication sales team and leading them to a number one spot, I was devastated to learn that my department was being closed and my team and I were all being let go. Not sure where to go, what to do, or who to turn to, a former colleague had referred me Samfiru Tumarkin with Lia Moody and her team. I was quickly introduced to Lia and her assistant Courtney in the Vancouver office. Both ladies were amazingly supportive and understanding. Lia was quick to confirm what I had expected and that was I had not been treated fairly with respect to my severance allowance. Lia and her team were quick to get the ball rolling and started working on my case. Throughout the entire time Lia and Courtney were consistently keeping me up to date and well informed. Lia provided me her insight which allowed me make better decisions with respect to my case. They were very professional, informative and truly demonstrated they had my best interests at heart. Within the matter of a few months we were finally able to reach an agreement with my past employer for nearly double what they had offered. I would highly recommend Lia and Courtney. They are the best team! A winning Team! Robert A Very Satisfied Client

  • Paul P

I contacted Samfiru Tumarkin after being placed on an unpaid leave with my employer. Darren Sall was the lawyer assigned to me. I am extremely impressed with the legal advice provided by Darren. Darren took the time before my initial consultation to review all documentation I had provided and was familiar with my situation before our first call. Darren took me through all aspects, options available and the potential outcomes of my employment situation. Darren's explanations were easy to understand and he took the time to make sure I understood everything and answered all of my questions. Darren was kind and patient. I felt much better after speaking with Darren; he gave me a great deal of confidence knowing I had someone who was "on my side", and looking out for my best interests in the matter. The matter is now very close to resolved; I am very happy with the outcome. If I find myself in an employment situation in the future, I will contact Darren and will recommend him to both family and friends who need legal employment advice. Darren went above and beyond when working with me. I am sure Darren has heard this many times, but if you need employment legal advice, "Better Call (Darren) Sall" Sincerely, Paul P

  • Corey Price

I cannot recommend Samfiru Tumarkin, specifically Lia Moody, enough. I had received notice that after 12 years with a company they were closing the branch and terminating the employment of all employees. The company had claimed that the amount of notice we were all given negates any severance they would be obligated to provide any employees. This sounded accurate in the way it was worded, however I still wanted to contact someone to figure out my rights and if this was accurate. Having heard radio adds for Samfiru Tumarkin, I contacted their Vancouver location and was put in contact with Lia Moody. She was incredible from the beginning of the process right through to the end. She let me know that due to my managerial position, the notice I was provided was nowhere near sufficient and was immediately to work on a letter to the company. Lia was in constant contact with me throughout the process and was supportive and answered any questions I had in a kind and easily understandable way. She made a stressful time in life enjoyable and left me feeling confident in my self worth. This was the best legal experience I have ever had and am forever grateful to Lia and her team.

  • Scott Murray

When I started this journey I saw a tv Ad by Samfiru Tumarkin LLP the first time I saw Dan Balkaran I googled site and there was Dan Balkaran again I read his bio fate I went with Dan Balkaran best decision in a long time! Right from the start Dan Balkaran went to work walked me through everything in layman terms. Also Dan Balkaran has a dynamic support Dream Team! Highly educated so professional helped me through a lot! Leanna Assels took the lead but a baby was in the stars so Morgan Conway stepped in without missing a beat ran with it to the finish line! Along the way Anna Jensen and Lisa Nguyen stepped in seamlessly when needed. Dan Balkaran is a scholar and a gentlemen! He is the salt of the earth morals ethics principals and empathy he's got it all! If this is what your looking for then Dan Balkaran has to be your Choice and comes with a Dream support Team! Mine was a 20yr Severance case which turned out in my favour thanks to Dan Balkaran and his Dream Team! Also Dan and his wife were expecting a baby and he worked hard to the finish line! Thanks everyone First Class Service!

  • Rosanna Wu

A group of us got laid off due to covid. I am more than thankful to have retained Lia Moody. I am writing this review as I myself came here 3 months ago also read about the good reviews on Lia. It started out with an informative Zoom Consultation. Later on was mostly emails exchange because of covid. The process took about 3 months. One thing to note for anyone who is worried and unsure about the unknown hefty lawyer fees. You can always go with the contingency option! (1/3 of what Lia can get for you goes to her, 2/3 you keep for yourself). You don't have to worry about receiving a monthly bill etc. Hourly rate is a great option as well if you are confident with your case. But back to Lia, she really cares and wants the best for you - whether it is to "get your job back" or to suggest the best option to go further or to settle. I do not feel pressure to decide. It was still a stressful process to go through but it was definitely more comforting and reassuring to have someone as competent as Lia to fight your case! I can't thank her and Courtney enough!

  • Orlando He

I spoke with Dan Balkaran at Samfiru Tumarkin about my dad's termination. My dad had immigrated to Canada in the 80s and had worked at his company for almost 20 years. His termination rocked our family, but luckily we came across Dan. Dan went above and beyond in counseling us and really made us feel as if we were in good hands. He was responsive and always answered our emails promptly. He explained legal concepts thoroughly, but still in a way we could understand easily. However, what I appreciated the most about Dan was he made my dad feel heard and vindicated. My dad felt incredibly hurt by how the company had treated him, but because English was not his first language he felt he had no voice and therefore no rights. In the end, we were able to increase my dad's severance package significantly and reclaim some of my dad's dignity, in large part thanks to Dan. I would recommend Dan to anyone seeking legal advice. I have no doubt he would be a formidable force in your corner.

  • Michelle Szymlowski

My previous interaction reviewing an employment contract left such lasting impression on me that I knew I needed to find Jenson Leung when it came time to review a severance package. I reached out to Jenson's lovely Contact Assistant Sara Fahy and she was able to book me in for a consultation call that same day. I sent over my related documents and waited for my appointment. Within 30 minutes Jenson, was able to advise me on all of the potential scenarios, actions I could take with each scenario, and answered all of my questions. I am so pleased with the quick turnaround and very grateful for your help Jenson Leung. I will definitely be back if I require help with any employment law matters. If you are on the edge and can't decide if you want to go with Samfiru Tumarkin I highly recommend checking out their website. I used their Severance Calculator, Pocket Employment Lawyer, and watched their Employment Law Show on YouTube to educate myself more on my specific issue.

  • Roya Fani

After being dismissed from a six-month employment, I was unsure about what steps to take. Initially, I contemplated signing their two-week settlement and moving on. However, before making any decisions, I decided to conduct some research and stumbled upon an interview with a lawyer from Samfiru Tumarkin LLP. The lawyer advised contacting them before signing any dismissal settlement provided by employers and reassured not to worry about deadlines. Following this valuable advice, I reached out to the company and was connected with their lawyer, Courtney Burnett. Throughout the process, she attentively listened to my case, provided regular updates, and skillfully negotiated on my behalf. Thanks to her diligent efforts, I received a significantly better compensation than the initial offer from my employer. I highly recommend seeking assistance from Courtney Burnett to anyone facing employment issues.

  • Eden Sam

I had my free consultation with this law firm regarding my Severance Package and they were extremely responsive and helpful and reviewed it and advised that what I was offered by my employer was fair and not a low ball offer. This law firm is not all about making money and even though they could've said they can fight this for me and get a better offer in the end they said it is my decision and in no way pressuring me to sign on with them. I truly appreciate that this law firm is not all about making money and they truly reviewed my Severance Package and took my interest at heart and made sure what I was offered was fair. I truly appreciate the free consultation they offered and I would not hesitate to recommend this law firm again on any of your Employment Law needs. Please keep up the great work, it is truly appreciated!! Eden

  • Milan B

We took the advice of a friend and went to see Lia. After the first half an hour of our initial meeting, she made us feel supported and comfortable. She took our case on and made us feel as though we were her only clients with how thorough, caring, and confident she was the entire time. Both Lia and her assistant Courtney have been extremely diligent, thoughtful, and responsive throughout the entire process. Both of them are extremely professional, quick to respond, and attentive. We would highly recommend Lia if you need an attorney. She has ubiquitous knowledge and is one of the best attorneys in her field, from our experience. If you have any questions about your case, she will give you her honest expertise on whether it is worth pursuing and if she takes your case, you will be in trusted hands. Milan & Neb

  • ray alires

I came to Samfiru Tumarkin with a problem I wasn't sure how to address. There are so many reasons I would recommend Samfiru Tumarkin to anyone with an employment matter. A few of them are as follows. * I was not pressured to do anything. * Everything was explained to me allowing me to make a better decision. * I was given great advice, * once Lia took my matter on sheL went above and beyond with my situation. * The firm supported me in what was in my best interest. * Lia brought another team member on board during our mediation who was very helpful. As a result of all this we where able to resolved my matter without having to go to trial. The results where more than I could have expected. Lia has followed up with me since mediation and I can't say enough how thankful I am for all of her efforts.

  • Cally Phillips

Throughout many of years in the same field, I have kept my integrity and respect in all situations. I came to a crossroads coming closer to my retirement and needed to take a stand for principal and what is right and fair.. I am so grateful I was recommended to the law firm of Samfiru Tumarkin. I was contacted by Taran Dhande-Sidhu together with Krystin Cowling, who would be guiding me along the process, they were kind respectful and understood that it was an emotional journey as well as a legal one. I was always informed immediately of anything that transpired. They were efficient and professional in all matters. Most of all, I was heard and they made a difference by standing for me and with me. I am thankful, Kukwstse’tsemc te sknu’ncwentsemc, Thank you for helping me Cally Phillips

  • steve McRitchie

steve McRitchie 1 review a day ago- After being down sized from my job of 16 years and offered a poor settlement I contacted Samfiru Tumarkin . There response time was within hours of my inquiry they responded to me and a phone call was arranged, Lia my lawyer was sympathetic and very understanding, well versed in the labor laws of B.C. . From the moment I hired Her service I was totally relieved , Lia and her team (Courtney) were always available day or night for any and all of my inquiries and trust me there were many. I highly recommend Samfiru Tumarkin LLP to any one that is in this situation you will not be disappointed. Thank you so very very much Lia and Courtney you have made a very difficult time bearable.and as far as I am concerned a 5 star rating is not enough.

  • L B

I contacted Samfiru Timarkin LLP regarding a hostile work environment looking for advice on how to handle the matter and options that would be available to me. I was referred to Lia Moody, Managing Partner, in the Vancouver office and was supported every step of the way. We had an initial consultation to provide the background of my work situation and Lia assisted me through handling the entire process. I found Lia to be knowledgeable, resourceful, and honest on our approach as well as considerate of outweighing costs versus benefits when discussing options on how to move forward. I strongly recommend working with Lia Moody and also appreciate the high level of professionalism I experienced with everyone I spoke with at the firm. Thank you Lia for all your support.

  • Casey-Jo Loos

I needed Employment Law help while facing a Cancer diagnosis and subsequently losing a new job, something no one wants to endure. Courtney Burnett and Helen Ware were the support I didn't even think would exist, and helped me secure the best possible outcome. Can't recommend them highly enough. Their knowledge, compassion, clear communication, dedication, and care was on the exact level I needed. I am so grateful to receive their work and tremendous service to help me close a chapter successfully so I could move forward in healing and making space for what comes next. Whatever compelled me to reach out to them was a gift. I have learned so much and wouldn't be in this exact place without the care of Courtney and Helen. Thank you for your tremendous impact!

  • Violeta Esquinazi

From my initial contact to the settlement of my case, the firm demonstrated professionalism, compassion, knowledge and client advocacy. I was stressed out when the lawyer handling my case left the firm leaving her assistant Adrienne Wensel, an articling law student handle my case. I even considered consulting another firm, yet Adrienne stood by my side representing me with the opposing lawyer. At all times she kept me informed, and followed my instructions with dedication. The firm blew me off when they informed me that given my circumstances they were waiving legal costs. A think Adrienne is already a brilliant lawyer in the making and I wish her every success in her professional and personal life. Thank you Adrienne!! I couldn't have made it without you.

  • Jody Woof

I want to take this time to thank you for all your efforts and success in obtaining a settlement in my case. The result is very much welcomed. This was certainly a trying time for me, but Jenson Leung made me feel comfortable and gave me all the time I needed in answering my questions and guiding me through the whole process, which helped me tremendously. I am very appreciative of the help, time and effort you and your team (Sara Fahy) provided me at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP. I could not have imagined going through this process by myself and having the advice and representation of your firm was invaluable. I will be most happy to recommend and refer anyone in need of employment legal services to you and your office. Thank you all for the outstanding job! -J.W.

  • Jennifer Hoodspith

Martins firm, responded the very next day of my inquiry , respecting the urgency of my STD appeal. Martin had read the correspondence between myself and the insurance company before our phone appointment, and understood the difficult situation I faced with the appeal and potential outcomes. He knew my specialist personally, and the clinic respected him and his knowledge of insurance, disabilities, and lititigatiin. Martin was able to quickly summarize for me the apparent issues of my STD claim with my employer, and gave me some wonderful advice. Not only do I highly recommend Martin and his firm for any work/employment, injury or disability claim issues, but I also would say his firm runs a very effective, and efficient practice. Thank you so much!!

  • Jennifer Johnstone

I highly recommend using this law firm. They were so patient and understanding as it was an extremely emotional process for me to go through. Every step of the way they communicated and explained each part of the process so that I fully understood where we were at. They also provided me with options and time to think things over before needing to make my next decision. Everyone on the team that I worked with was very professional, empathetic, patient,knowledgeable, and kind. Hopefully I never have to go through the ordeal that I did again, but if I ever find myself in those same circumstances I would return to this law firm to represent me. I cannot thank Martin Willemse and Shannon Siak enough for all of their hard work and dedication

  • s wu

I highly recommend an employment lawyer Mr. Jenson Leung to represent you if you want to get your deserved severance pay in an efficient, professional and fast manner. Jenson Leung, despite he is a young lawyer, is highly knowledgeable, well-experienced, resourceful, always thinking the best outcome, and the most cost-efficiency for me. He and his team charged me very honestly, worked very efficiently, responded to my inquiries very quickly - always in a timely manner, and explained to me very patiently in great details. If you are a regular ordinary employee who is unfortunately wrongfully or constructively dismissed, go to Jenson Leung, and he will work with you to get your well-deserved severance pay at low cost and in a speedy way.

  • Adam Koreen

Sandy Chen brought me confidence, comfort and ease throughout the process, and delivered the result I was hoping for. Professional, responsive and trustworthy service. Sandy was clear about what was needed, timelines, and how to prepare for all scenarios to best ensure a positive outcome. I always felt safe that I was in capable hands. I am also very thankful for the free consultation, as everyone else in the city was charging hundreds of dollars just to talk for the first time, and I was on the fence of whether or not to move forward because of that. During my first conversation with Sandy he informed me what I needed to make a case, and saved me thousands of dollars right there. Thank you, Sandy Chen, Amy Pan, & Samfiru Tumarkin LLP

  • OB1 Training

I talked wit Darren Sall about my disability claim and my desires about returning to work. He cleared the air for me and left me feeling more confident about my decision to to reenter the workforce. Darren not only undertsnads the law but can clearly discuss it in laymens terms to us, the people who do not know the law or understand teh language. Please if you have concerns about employment and/or disability I suggest making a call to Darren. I am very impressed with his genuine concern about my situation and his desire to help clear the air regarding interrpretation of the law as it applies to my situation. Thank you Darren for your advice and will call again if I need it, I will direct anyone to see you if they need some advice.

  • Peter Y

I recently had a chance to work with Dan "The Man" Balkaran, and I want to give my utmost respect and recommendation for this experienced lawyer. He explained the legal issues to me clearly and quickly, boiling down to the "essence" of legalese to layman's terms. Besides being an excellent legal resource, he was full of compassion and I felt he was on my side both legally and on a personal level. Because of this, I was able to focus on my health issues and I felt completely at ease leaving the legal stuff to him. A few months ago, I was reading these reviews before working with Dan, and I'm glad he took me on as a client. For those interested, he also has a pretty informative series on YouTube if you want to know what he's like.

  • Bruce Russell

I honestly cannot say enough good things about the team that was assigned to me - Anna Jansen and Jenson Leung. Initially, they carefully walked me through what was once thought to be quite a daunting activity for the lay person. Professional and prompt in each and every reply, they answered all of my questions, and did exactly what they said they would do in a timely manner. As they said that I knew more about my somewhat unique circumstances than anybody else, they requested and welcomed my input with the initial documents to be sent to my employer. I actually felt like part of the team as opposed to simply being a client. Special thanks to Anna and Jenson, and their organization for simplifying a difficult situation for me.

  • Memun Ali

I found Dan Balkaran by chance on Google while i was going through a rather difficult employment issue. I was beyond impressed with his services even though I had doubts that I would get a fair settlement being it the challenging times of Covid! He responded to all my emails/calls promptly and addressed every question I had in a methodical manner, explaining all the pros/cons of every question I had and made sure I understood the outcome of whichever direction I chose. I was surprised at the remarkable speed within which my issue was resolved and at the fair settlement he secured for me without going to litigation. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone going thru a difficult work situation! Thank you Dan :)

  • Adam Wenzel

I consulted and worked with Samfiru Tumarkin Eployment Lawyers after I was served a 'not for cause' termination letter by my employer. I wanted to get legal guidance as I was not sure of what my rights were in response to this type of termination, the severance package offered by them, and my initial employment contact. I worked directly with Courtney Burnett, who was professional and empathetic during this tumultuous time. She took the time to ask probing questions to help provide me with clarity, and to understand any legal actions we could take. She provided me with strong guidance needed to make the decisions I had to on the very timeline my employer gave me to respond.

  • Neil Singh

My dad told me about your tv show which I watched and realized my situation needs representation. So I decided to contact Samfiru Tumarkin. I was then connected with Martin Willemse and Shannon. Right from the start Martin told me the "correct" process and what he feels I can expect. I met with a ton of lawyers from different firms but I was very comfortable with him and shannon, so I hired them. This was the best decision I made for my family. At mediation, Martin "showed up". His negotiation skills were exactly what I was hoping for. I couldnt be more happier with my outcome. Martin and Shannon delivered above and beyond. Thank you Martin and Shannon for everything.

  • Richard Minato

I am very happy that I found this company. I found out about this company by pure chance. After watching Global Noon News, I saw the Employment Lawyer Show. I found out that I had been given an illegal layoff. I contacted Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Employment Lawyers for consultation for my claim. I was contacted and had an appointment with Sandy Chen. My experience with Sandy was excellent, he is very professional and gave me all the options available for my claim. I am pleased with the outcome that Sandy received for me. I highly recommend Sandy for anyone needing an employment lawyer. Thank you Sandy Chen, Sara Fahy and your support staff for all of your help.

  • Jenna M

In my legal dilemma between my past employer and myself I had the pleasure of being represented by Sandy Chen. The employer changed my working status from permanent to temporary and slashed my working hours to less than a half without communicating those changes to me. Sandy was very professional and at the same time very understanding of my difficult situation, always had time to answer my questions either via phone or email. He got me settled. I was very impressed with his humanity and his legal skills. Due to COVID I never had a chance to meet Sandy Chen personally, but I would recommend him to anybody who needs help. Thank you Sandy Chen! Jenna.

  • Monique Allen

After I was denied my insurance LTD benefits, I felt powerless and vulnerable. The insurance company seemed to have all the power and atruggling with my health, I lacked the capacity to defend myself. That's when James Fireman took on my case. He and Brittany took everything off my shoulders to fight on my behalf so that I could focus on my health and healing. I cannot speak highly enough of the level of professionalism, compassion and transparency that was demonstrated throughout the entire proces. In the end I received a settlement that far exceeded my expectations and I would encourage anyone in a similar situation to reach out to this law firm.

  • Nicole Sales

After a messy end to my employment I was left feeling overwhelmed with the information I was receiving from the legal team. I reached out to Samfiru Tumarkin and was connected with Stephen. Our scheduled call was approximately 15 minutes late and Stephen was extremely apologetic, he had an earlier meeting that ran late. Stephen was thorough and took notes throughout our conversation. I was given sound advice and support which empowered me to not settle for less than I deserved. I will definitely refer any friends, family, or coworkers to utilize the services of Sanfiru Tumarkin in the event they require legal counsel related to employment.

  • Kalvin Ling

I was laid-off due to Covid-19 impact, Sandy Chen at Samfiru Tumarkin helped me generated an fair severance package by negotiating professionally. Before negotiation started, Sandy collected facts and explained to me what impacts each facts would influence settlement, then mapped out possible outcomes so I can be prepared to make decisions. During negotiation process, Sand was very quick to communicate with me within 24 hours he got any news. I was never being kept in the dark during the whole process, Sandy never made me feel I was less important because my case was minor. I would recommend Sandy to anyone who seeking for legal advises.

  • Gabriel Devries

Courtney and Sandy were absolutely amazing throughout the entire process from start to finish. Courtney was a great point of contact and extremely helpful and informative. She made sure I was aware of how everything was going to proceed and what steps were being taken and what would come next. Sandy was extremely professional during proceedings and ensured the final agreement was my best interests in structure. In our brief conversations during proceedings he was able to quickly but clearly explain matters and formulate plans of action. He was extremely calm and well prepared as well. Overall there's not quite enough praise I can give.

  • Chuck Hill

My LTD insurer stopped my benefits on my Change of Definition day without any change to the medical status of my disability. I immediately contacted Samfiru Tumarkin and was put in touch with Martin Willems and his legal assistant Shannon Siak. Both were very professional and knowledgeable. Mr Willemse walked me though my options and the likely results. We proceeded to sue the insurer and arrived at a settlement that I found satisfactory. I was kept informed during the process and Mr Willemse ensured that I understood and agreed with each step taken. I highly recommend Samfiru Tumarkin for your disability related legal needs.

  • Ashifa Ahamed

I want to thank Linda Davidson and James Hankinson. These two wonderful people are great and I thank not only them but Samfir Tumarkin LLP Employment lawyers for educating the public. And knowing who to call when you are in a situation. I was going to be unemployed and reached out to them. Situations don't turn out for everyone and these guys are here to help with information and they truly are on your side. I thank Linda and James for helping me out and giving me the guidance I needed. I would truly recommend them. At least get the guidance and know your options if you are an MOA being terminated or unemployed.

  • Raveen Gill

This review is long over due! I have had the pleasure of working with Albert Klein on my case and he has been absolutely amazing! He is kind, patient, understanding and takes all your concerns into consideration. He was available to answer any questions I had anytime I emailed him ( Even with our time difference!). He was consistently following up with me via email & phone, to keep me in the loop on where we were at and what we needed to do to progress forward and most importantly checking in on me to see how I was doing. Thank You Albert- I will make sure I refer you to anyone that could use your services!!!

  • Ryan Helferty

Thank you so much Lia! You made this very stressful situation work out wonderfully in the end. Between yourself and Courtney I felt very accommodated throughout the whole process. I truly felt like I had someone in my corner. Your down to earth demeanor made this complicated process so much less intimidating and very understandable. I was confident and informed every step of the way thanks to you. I would recommend your firm to anyone who is going through a settlement/severance dispute with their employer. Thank you for being so accommodating, understanding, and above all extremely effective.

  • Yvonne Cowden

By way of recommendation, Dan Balkaran represented me through the complicated steps of employment law. Not all lawyers have the time or patience to work with seniors and I was certainly treated with respect, patience and support at all times. I found found Dan to be honest, hardworking and definitely someone I would recommend to a friend. He has my sincere thank you for a job well done. Dan also has an amazing paralegal working working with him in Leanna Assels. Like Dan, she listens well, is very knowledgeable and was always available to answer my questions and assist. Excellent Team Work!

  • Ryan CP

Jon Davidescu and Hailey Luo from Samfiru Tumarkin have demonstrated their profound expertise in employment law, their commitment to seeking fair resolution and ensuring frequent and genuine communication. Jon and Hailey provided me with complete confidence and reassurance, a testament to the professionalism and dedication exhibited by the Samfiru Tumarkin team that has been truly remarkable. I would highly recommend Samfiru Tumarkin to anyone seeking legal representation. Their professionalism, commitment, expertise, and client-centric approach make them stand out as a top-tier law firm.

  • Dorina Ruiz

The Firm is not what used to be! I Paid $392 for less then 28 minutes conversation with Madelena V who was also 15 minutes late for the phone appointment. I shouldn’t answer! I felt she was in a hurry and judgmental of me. I did not receive any helpful information in regards my employment concerns like it happened three years ago with Eduard Matei. I had a good experience then but now I wouldn’t recommend this Firm, I felt like I was robbed! Some clients gets free consultation and some not! I think when a client has not a solid case they charge dearly ( $700/hr plus taxes )

  • Linda Mark

I would like to personally thank you Dan Balkaran for taking on my severance claim case. Your professionalism, outstanding knowledge in the field of labour law helped me through one of the most stressful and devastating times of my life after wrongful termination due to COVID-19! You deserve more than a five star rating!! I truly appreciate all the time and energy you put into my case. I highly recommend this young man Dan Balkaran, he cares about you as the client, extremely reliable, and great to work with. I wish you a very long and successful career Dan Balkaran.

  • Megan Riordon

My experience with Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Employment Lawyers was outstanding. I was incredibly nervous and Courtney was very kind and calm. She took thorough notes and when my situation escalated she promptly set up a consultation with Stephen Gillman. My consultation was wonderful; Stephen is professional, friendly, and warm. He is very dedicated and efficient and he thoughtfully explained my situation and my options. I can't recommend Samfiru Tumarkin and Stephen Gillman enough. Special thank you to Courtney for taking extra time to assist me with getting started.

  • Sorina Sabau

I was very happy to work with Stephen and his assistant, Courtney. Stephen is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable and often went above and beyond in providing me clarifications on my (many!) questions and concerns. His friendly personality makes complicated legal matters so easy to understand! Courtney is professional and was very helpful in guiding me through the whole process, always keeping me fully informed at every stage. I could not have asked for a better team to represent me and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal help.

  • Donna Land

The lawyers Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Employment Lawyers have years of experience advising employees with respect to issues relating to employment. I have recently utilized the services of Aliya S. Virani and her assistant Lisa Nguyen. They made the process very comfortable for me. Very professional and thorough. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others who may be seeking someone extremely knowledgeable in Employment Law. (and they never made me feel that I was asking a "stupid question". Thank you Aliya and Lisa. Your hard work is certainly appreciated.

  • Patrick Baderkhani

When I needed help for my dispute, I turned to Samfiru Tumarkin LLP and received the exact resolution I needed. The team that handled my case did so expertly and fought for me every step of the way. My lawyer, Aliya S. Virani, showed a consistent and relentless effort that confirmed to me of how grateful I am to be represented by this firm. The paralegals Lisa Nguyen professionalism, and the exceptionalism from the manager Lia Moody all worked together flawlessly. I know that I made the right choice and whole heartedly recommend them to represent you.

  • Gord Bull

My Lawyer was Dan Balkaran. Dan kept me very up to date on the case, Dan didn't talk 'down' to me, Dan explained points of LAW to me in easy to understand terms, In short, I felt like Dan understood my anxiety and communicated with me effectively enough to put me completely at ease. Dan made me feel like whether we won or lost, and to what degree... wasn't a big concern because Dan & the Firm are real professionals. If you have a problem with your employer not following "Employment Law," Call these guys and get some help holding them accountable!

  • Lisa Turpin Frey

Dan Balkaran was really fantastic when dealing with me and my case. This was my first time needing a lawyer and I was quite hesitant as I did not know what to expect. I am very grateful that I called and spoke with Dan. He always had time for me and was very patient and understanding when answering my numerous questions. Dan was friendly and supportive and always made me feel that he truly cared. He took the time to get to know me and to make me feel very comfortable throughout this process. Thank you Dan for being someone I could truly count on.

  • Brad Halkier

Mr. Martin Willemse has been compassionate, caring, selfless and highly professional in his direction and expertise with respect to the legal issue in our family. His recommendations were 'spot on' , and timely. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to connect, get rapid access to a thorough and thoughtful opinion, and take action. We expect to continue and strengthen our relationship into the future. Judging by the highest standards, as an independent professional in another completely unrelated field, I highly recommend Mr. Willemse.

  • Nicolay Slater

When my employer of 2 years ended my term with them and only gave 2 weeks severance, I decided to research law firms with the experience & understanding of employment law. Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Employment Lawyers explained everything in layman's terms and seemed to simplify the whole process. All I had to do was be patient and supply them with documentation and the facts. They increased the original 2 weeks severance by a factor of 6 and it required only 2 days of my own involvement. I can't say enough about my level of satisfaction!

  • DJ Chabot

I had the pleasure of working with Darren Sall from Samfiru Tumarkin LLP and I must say, it was an exceptional experience. Mr. Sall's expertise in employment law was evident throughout the entire process and his professionalism and attention to detail made me feel confident. The entire team at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP provided great service and interaction, making the process as seamless as possible. I would highly recommend this law firm, particularly Darren Sall, to anyone in need of legal assistance in the area of employment law.

  • Dave Haddad

I am very happy with the professionalism and quick responses dealing with Lia Moody, managing partner and her assistant Courtney Burnett on an employee contract matter. I emailed Samfiru Sunday night, first thing Monday I had a response and not long after we had a conference call. Lia and Courtney were a pleasure to work with during the whole process. If you have an employment issue reach out to Samfiru, you will not be disappointed. Highly recommend Samfiru Tumarkin and their team if you have any labour or employment issues.

  • Rico Sam

Martin Willemse is the Lawyer you need! I was loosing hope but this Lawyer helped me. What was once a struggle to me became a fun ride especially on that last day, the mediation day. He handled my case professionally. How he kept his cool under pressure was something every client needs. The outcome was more than what I expected for. This guy is a blessing. I'm so glad to have find this Lawyer. Look no further.. and there's only one way to find out. If you get denied of your Long Term Disability benefits, give him a call NOW.

  • David h

If there was 6 stars i would give my lawyer Martin W. all of them. Despite being a difficult situation Martin and his associate Shannon made this experience much less stressful than it could have been.Although it was a long drawn out process I couldn't have been been happier with how things turned out.I know from experience how hopeless things can seem at the time but with the right people in your corner it makes a world of difference. Thank you Martin and Shannon I can't say enough positive things about my experience.

  • Dominika Bocheńska

I had contacted the company regarding few questions related to the employment law. Every step of the journey I had experienced the professionalism, willingness to help and accommodating the client’s needs. I highly recommend this company and their paralegal, Courtney Burnett is the best. She was patient with me, positive, detail-oriented, informed, guided me with future steps to be taken, and was answering my questions very quickly. I was extremely pleased with her assistance. Highly recommend Samfiru Tumarkin LLP.

  • Lynette Cramen

Ms. Lia Moody presented a webinar to members of BCDHA. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and knowledge with navigating back to work in a safe environment. I utilized her clear directions and recommendations. Subsequently, I retained Ms. Lia Moody. We worked in partnership along with her assistant Ms. Courtney Burnett to achieve an equitable settlement. Their writing skills and employment law knowledge are exceptional. I would highly recommend this team of Lia and Courtney from Samfiru Tumarkin.

  • Nancy Harris

I had a great experience with this firm. Had my questions answered and felt that my concerns were being listened to. Was given sound advice and advice that reflected my own thoughts, giving me peace of mind to go ahead in the way that I first thought I may need to do. Thanks for your professionalism and compassion Jenson. Not an easy situation to deal with, and Jenson was persistent and patient in bringing it to a satisfactory close, while keeping my needs and mental health at the forefront of all our decisions.

  • P Evans

I reached out to Samfiru Tumarkin after watching a disability show on TV, I called for a free consult relating to being let go by employer whilst on long term disability. Emotionally I didn't know if I had the strength to fight but with the help, guidance, compassion and patience of Lisa and Sandy I received a settlement that I could never have been able to negotiate on my own. With my health and confidence renewed I thank Lisa and Sandy, and highly recommend them for your legal needs. Kind regards Paula Evans

  • Kristy de-Balinhard

I just wanted to pass along a huge “Thank you” for the legal assistance I received at Samfiru|Tumarkin LLP. Aliya and Lisa, your professionalism and ability to explain the legal process really reduced a lot of my anxiety throughout the entire process, and really assisted me during a trying time. Your extra efforts in getting my settlement restructured, to better position my tax situation, showed a high level of Client care. Needless to say, I will have no problem recommending Samfiru|Tumarkin LLP. Stewart D

  • G13 Business Solutions

I have nothing but good words regarding my experience with Samfiru Tumarkin LLP. Courtney Burnett was a joy to work toward a win with. She brought clarity, good sense and calm to my stressful employment matter. She understood what I needed to accomplish and went above and beyond it with a smile. Courtney provided great communication regarding updates and answers to questions - and was quick to deliver a favorable outcome. Overall very efficient and personable. Highly recommend. Thank you, Courtney and Lia!

  • Joyce Yong

Courtney Burnett was so attentive and provided me updates of what she was reviewing and seeking further consultation for. She was supportive, friendly and informative. I also spoke with Albert Klein and although my situation was not referred correctly to him, he took the time to discuss options and also to seek a referral for me. The service from both these people was excellent and so helpful that I’ve kept both their contacts in my list and would seek them or refer them to my friends and family.

  • Kevin Aubrey Thorpe

I reached out to Samfiru Tumarkin after being wrongfully/constructively dismissed from my job after nearly 12 years working there. They got back to me very promptly, and Taran Dhanda-Sidhu was the lawyer they assigned to my case. She did an excellent job representing me. I received the severance I was lawfully owed and everything was resolved in less than 3 months from the day I was terminated. I'm quite content with the result and I wholeheartedly recommend Taran along with Samfiru Tumarkin.

  • Mike McNulty

Dan Balkaran recently represented me on an employment matter with excellent results. I was very impressed with his ability to accurately predict the final outcome within thirty minutes of our first phone conversation. He and his team are very professional, upfront, honest, and prompt in their dealings and communications. There were no hidden fees or negative surprises. The icing on the cake is that the entire process took only six weeks to complete. Thank you Dan for bringing me some justice!

  • J Grant

I was referred Samfiru Tumarkin by a good friend after loosing my job. My first dealing with the firm was with Courtney Burnett. Courtney was professional, friendly and so quick at getting things started. I was then introduced to Sandy Chen and after my initial meeting knew I was in good hands. They both went to work very quickly and always kept me informed every step of the way. I was very satisfied with the outcome and the would not hesitate to recommend this team. Thank you, Jamie Canning

  • Paul W

Wanted to thank Martin Willemse for a great settlement. Two times what we thought it would be. From day one, Martin and Shannon kept me informed & updated on a regular basis. I was made to feel very comfortable at the negotiations. It was well explained as to how the negotiations would go. I found Mr. Willemse to be very compassionate. It was a pleasure to see him negotiate and I couldn’t be more pleased with my settlement. I would highly recommend Martin and his team. Thanks so much!

  • VA7 YSF

I was so happy to find an awesome lawyer that could help me with my case. Dan Balkaran has been tremendous. He is extremely knowledgeable and to the point. He cares about the case and his client and he done the best he could for a positive outcome for me. Communication and documentation from Dan and his legal secretaries was fantastic. I never felt forgotten or just one of his cases. Highly recommend Dan Balkaran to anyone who is looking for a personable lawyer they can trust.

  • L. Choi

Needed clarity to my employee rights and facts, aside from what was presented by my employer. Selected and called Samfiru Tumarkin from the great reviews I had read. Got a scheduled appointment with LIA MOODY, not only she provided clarity to my questions, guidance to next step and willing to follow up to review documents without charging me. I most appreciate Lia for her Empathy to my situation. So professional yet so personable! Is the reason why their reviews are high!

  • Chris Wood (0nemotime)

At first there was a hiccup when my first Lawyer left for other opportunities. Lia and Courtney however, picked up my case without skipping a beat. My questions and concerns were listened to sincerely and dealt with. Responses were both timely and friendly. I was especially impressed with their candor and honesty. It always felt that they genuinely had my best interests at heart. I would definitely use them again although I hope I won't need to.

  • Melissa DeMeda

I am so grateful I was able to work with Aliya Virani. Her kindness and empathy really made me feel heard and validated, and she always went the extra mile to answer my many questions. I had never needed a lawyer before, but I could not have asked for better guidance and advocacy in my unique situation. Thank you Aliya, Lisa, and the team at Samfiru Tumarkin in Vancouver for your support this past year. I will certainly be recommending you to others!

  • Kelly Horgan

Mr.Willemse and Ms.Siak are the “A” team right from the start I felt heard, believed and respected. They showed empathy and compassion and understanding in a time where I was drowning. Their professionalism was incredible especially when dealing with those that have none or moral integrity, They made me feel safe in their care. I would recommend SAMFIRU TUMARKIN LLP Employment Law Firm to anyone. Special thank you to Mr.Willemse and Ms.Siak

  • J. H

My experience working with Aliya Virani and Lisa Nguyen was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and most importantly compassionate. All my questions were diligently answered in a timely manner, and Aliya often took the time to hop on a call to ensure my comfort, confidence, and options in my case. I am very pleased with the achieved results, and would highly recommend her service to anyone navigating through a wrongful dismissal.

  • Zaine Steele

I had the pleasure of working with Fiona Wong and Laura Davidson. Fiona provided exceptional service in regards to some employment standard questions that I had. She was very genuine in her responses and can tell she really cares about the works she does and the service she provides. She was also very prompt with responding to emails and setting up our consultation appointment. Thank you to both for their help and highly recommend!!

  • Brent McFarlane

When I needed an employment lawyer and began asking around, the firm of Samfiru Tumarkin came up multiple times. Making a call to STLawyers turned out to be a great decision. Dan Balkaran took my case and made me feel important from day one. I knew Dan always had my best interests in mind and I will not hesitate to recommend Dan to anyone I know who might need his services going forward. Thank you Dan and the Samfiru Tumarkin team.

  • Lori Douglas

I am so glad that I used the services of Sandy Chen and his assistant Courtney Burnett for my dismissal without cause employment issue. I received quick responses to my questions that were clear and concise. During this emotional time for me, they both were calm and professional and put to rest any worries I had. Many thanks to Courtney for keeping me on track of meetings! I highly recommend Sandy and the firm of Samfiru Tumarkin.

  • Lisa St

I highly recommend Samfiru Tumarkin. When in doubt, reach out for professional, legal advice! My assigned lawyer Jonathan Margolin and his super amazing assistant Melany Gardner were professional, helpful, and highly skilled from start to finish and made a stressful time in my life MUCH easier. Jonathan will be very honest about your case and won’t sugar coat. I’m very grateful to this amazing team, they work very well together!

  • Morvarid R.

I had a great experience with this firm. Taran was so lovely and genuinely cared about getting a good outcome for me. She was so thorough and explained everything in a way that I understood. I used the one hour consult and recommend it to anyone in a position where they can negotiate their contract. The price is totally reasonable and doable for most people! I would definitely work with Taran and this firm again in the future :)

  • Jason Stephens

Five star review from my self after Darren Sall supported me during my employment situation. Darren was quickly familiar with all the content I sent him and was easy to talk to considering that the details of law are not my specialty. Darren was able to help me understand the situation and observed a number of "T"s to cross and "I"s to dot. Hopefully I don't need his support again but If I do I will be reaching out. Thanks Jason

  • Cher Adams

It was such a relief finding Samfiru Tumarkin and getting to work with James Fireman and Brittany. James was very knowledgeable with my illness and my case. He gave great advice and brought calmness during a very stressful period of time. Brittany was always very quick to respond to my many questions. I was very happy with the outcome and highly recommend James. Thank you James for getting me through this very difficult time.

  • Judy Cupskey

Lia was most responsive to emails, provided details of each step of the process, gave great legal advice and my matter was resolved to my satisfaction. Courtney, her assistant was also great in responding to emails and providing information. For top notch legal advice, do contact Lia Moody. Thanks Lia and Courtney! Hopefully, won't need your services again, however, if this did would be my first point of contact.

  • Ryan D

I spoke to Eduard Matei who was very thoughtful, empathetic, professional, responsive, knowledgeable and straightforward. I appreciated the free initial consultation, which some other law firms don't offer. I valued the advice he provided and I felt reassured that I had made the right decision for me. I would recommend anyone seeking legal advice regarding their employment to contact Samfiru Tumarkin with no hesitation.

  • Brad Palmer

I found need for Dan's services when I was let go due to covid. My experience was remarkable,I felt that Dan was on my side from the beginning,,it took a while but Dan "The Man" Balkaran used his expertise to extract an excellent settlement for me from my former employer. I highly recommend him and the firm to anyone in need of an employment lawyer. Make The Call,it will be worth it in the end. Thanks Dan

  • Randy B

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Jenson Leung of Samfiru Tumarkin for his advice. He was attentive and supportive to my situation. After speaking with him I gained knowledge that gives me the clarity, confidence and understanding of my rights in my situation. I highly recommend speaking to someone at Samfiru Tumarkin if you are in doubt of what to do when it comes to employment issues.

  • Suzanne

I am so happy that Fiona Wong and Linda Davidson represented me in my severence case. They went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable in any proceeding which was happening. I would have never have pursued it that far if I didn't have Fiona and Linda on my side. The next person they represent is very lucky and I would recommend them to anyone that needs help in getting the severence they deserve.

  • Carol & Rick deGans

Authentic, Genuine, Encouraging and Supportive...just a few descriptors of the amazing relationship developed with Lia Mooney and her Team with Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Employment Lawyers..Not only did Lia put my best interests and the heart of this matter she and her Team helped me through this process with dignity and grace..I will always highly recommend Lia. Thank You for all you have done! Amazing...

  • Ian Richard

I dealt with Dan Balkaran at this firm regarding my legal matter. I found him honest, straightforward and professional. He made sure I knew my legal options and why I had them. Dan has a policy of being transparent, he gives good advice, is very easy to deal with and very much cares about his clients best interests. Absolutely I would recommend Dan if you have need of legal services in this area.

  • Bra O

The lawyers and paralegals at Sanfiru are very understanding, patient, thorough and always respond promptly to questions and requests. My employment matter was solved within months and i was able to get a very nice settlement when my employer was trying to give me nothing. The lawyers at STL know what they are doing and are good at it. I will use them again should my rights be infringed on again.

  • Barbara Dias

Dan Balkaran worked on my claim. He was very professional, clear and concise. He explained everything to me, so i understood the process and was quick to address any issues or questions I had. Very friendly and down to earth man, and would highly recommend his services. I was very happy with the end results, I wish him much success, and wouldn't hesitate to use his professional services again.

  • Ginny Rue

I am completely satisfied with the service and the result that I got from this firm. Courtney Burnett is very nice and easy to talk to. I was anxious before talking to her but she was pretty attentive. Sometimes when the ex. employer is a big corporation we tend to back off, I'm glad I called Samfiru Tumarkin. Don't hesitate to call and talk to them, Courtney is very nice. Thank so much.

  • Mark Brett

I have been working with Samfiru Tumarkin lawyer Jenson Leung regarding my dismissal from my previous employer for a number of months. Throughout the process he has been very responsive to my needs. He was also very honest about my case in every respect and left no doubt in my mind that my best interests were always at the forefront. I would highly recommend him and the legal firm.

  • crisis m

Courtney and the firm have been nothing short of a well organized, thorough and helpful organization with the best intentions for its clients. She never once forced her opinion or ideals towards my Case but simply offered her opinion and followed with whatever I decided. I would highly recommend Samfiru Tumarkim to anyone with employment issues or any other issues for that matter

  • Rory Odam

Many thanks to Stephen, Elizabeth and Courtney for their help in getting a better settlement with my previous employer. Everyone in the office responded promptly to emails and phone calls. Stephen provided great guidance, reassurance and compassion through out the entire process and stayed true to his words. I don't impress easily, but highly recommend this excellent team.

  • Bruce Murray

Lia Moody knows her law. She was fast efficient and knowledgeable. It was great not having to keep setting up appointments to see her, everything was done over e -mail and the results were great. We chose to meet Lia and her amazing assistant Courtney in the end to receive a settlement we were happy with. Thanks for all you efforts. Keep up the great work. Bruce & Sharie

  • Danielle Zitron

I went through Courtney Burnett (paralegal, supervised by managing partner - Lia Moody) for a legal dispute and she went above and beyond expectations. Unbelievably helpful, responsive, and knowledgable. She was an absolute dream to work with and I’m so glad I went through Samfiru Tumarkin to deal with the matter. Could not recommend this firm, or Ms. C. Burnett enough.

  • Karen Claus

I had a few opportunities to speak to Emmett Scrimshaw and was impressed. He is an excellent lawyer and was able to distill complicated ideas into clear, concise advice. He generously gave of his time and was professional and kind throughout all my interactions with him. I would highly recommend Emmett's services to anyone looking seeking labour or employment issues.

  • C. F.

Courtney was lovely when I spoke to her, and although my case didn’t really go anywhere (no-one’s fault, just the nature of the situation) I only have good feelings about the firm. Comparatively inexpensive for a consultation, and they do feel like they’re interested in helping the regular Joes as opposed to only the people with a lot of money to spend.

  • Mark Read

Lia Moody guided me through my severance process. Her opinions and advice were clear and concise. Lia was instrumental in helping me get through the most challenging chapter of my thirty year municipal management career. Mark Read - Former Chief Administrative Officer for the Village of Radium Hot Springs and Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality.

  • Tim Dale

I worked with Lia Moody to help resolve a severance issue with my previous employer. From the beginning she was very helpful, professional and personable. She made it easy to deal with resolving the case. She even went above and beyond to help ensure a positive result for me. If I had the choice, I would definitely use her service again.

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