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1987 Triumph St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1K6, Canada



Reay's Moving & Storage is a Warehouse located at 1987 Triumph St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1K6, Canada. It has received 55 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





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  • The address of Reay's Moving & Storage: 1987 Triumph St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1K6, Canada

  • Reay's Moving & Storage has 4.1 stars from 55 reviews

  • Warehouse

  • "We had a terrible experience with Reay's! I have never gone through something like this with ANY company"

    "One of the movers, Wally, is an anti masker"

    "We were doing a big reno and had to empty out our entire main floor — which included moving and storing a sofa and all of our major appliances (washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher, fridge)"

    "Movers packed efficiently and were very pleasant and tidy"

    "Thank goodness for Reay's"


  • Scotti Gibson

We had a terrible experience with Reay's! I have never gone through something like this with ANY company. Basically, a $400 vaporizer went missing not far into the move. It was in the single open box in the apartment, and my partner had asked the guys not to take that one box (it was the box for passports, papers etc.). My partner told them that, should the item be returned asap, there wouldn't be any trouble. It did not show up, so he asked the movers to put everything down on the sidewalk and leave. None of the guys even offered to help locate the vaporizer. My partner had to call his father and some other people at the very last minute to help him. However, the reason why I'm writing this review is not actually to warn that they have a thief among their movers. That sucks, but it could happen to many businesses. I'm writing it because of the terrible way Reay (I'm not sure if this is his first or last name) handled the situation. Examples: - He billed us for the move - The bill wasn't 100% accurate - He tried to e-mail us instead of talk over the phone, and didn't even get in touch until 2 days after the incident - He commented that he wished I'd been there (the move was last-minute and I had to be away for it) to keep an eye on everyone - He spent most of our phone call telling me how this had never happened to Reay's before - He said that we were 'even' because the moving fees he charged us for (which we weren't going to pay) were equal to the cost of the vaporizer Do yourself a favor, and do NOT use this moving company. If something happens during your move, Reay's will not support you in any way.

  • Eli Landa

One of the movers, Wally, is an anti masker. My mother is immuno-compromised and pleaded with the guy to keep his mask on. Every time we would ask, he would put his mask on and then proceed to take it off again when he thought we were not looking. We must have told the guy to put on his mask 30 times in an 9 hour period. He eventually let us know that covid is a hoax and he won’t be getting a vaccine. Covid is not new. It has been here for a long time. I have no clue how a guy like this could still keep a job and not get fired for this behavior at this point. If this man is in your team of movers, best call the office and have them send another guy. I have never seen such blatant disrespect for someone else’s home. If you are a company owner or someone with the ability to fire an employee reading this, please consider firing this awful man. He is a danger to your clients.

  • Jennifer Van Evra

We were doing a big reno and had to empty out our entire main floor — which included moving and storing a sofa and all of our major appliances (washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher, fridge). We looked into pod storage, then hiring movers to help get the stuff into the pods, etc., but it was pricey and complicated. So we were thrilled when they found Reay's — a local company that's been around for decades, and they do both moving and storage. The moving guys were quick, courteous, cheerful and total pros, really careful with our stuff, and they took it away to their storage facility, stored it for a month, then brought it all back when we were finished the reno. Excellent service, did a fabulous job, reasonably priced, and no surprises like there so often are with both moving and storage companies. Would definitely use them again and would recommend them to others.

  • Susan Scott

Movers packed efficiently and were very pleasant and tidy. Would recommend them as movers. The star is for them. I needed Reays to store my furniture for a few months while I relocated out of Vancouver. When I subsequently had family members move my belongings over, it transpired that Reays LOST A LARGE AMOUNT OF MY POSESSIONS. I discovered this over a few days as I unpacked. The list grew as I settled in. Oh, and there was a hole in my expensive couch, about 1.5” in size. A mouse hole in the middle of one of the seat cushions. I lost at least 30 items, including a 7’ tall revolving set of shelves with full length mirror or on one side. The reluctantly gave me a cash settlement after some pressure from me. I squeezed $1K out of them. Be warned.

  • Nola Beard

Thank goodness for Reay's. 5 days to execute a move and we were overseas. Right from the estimate, they were great at communicating. They sounded great, but would they deliver? Yes, they did and they did a fabulous job. They showed up on time. They packed & moved our condo and our condo storage locker to an off-site storage facility. They called us with a good question during the move that really showed us they were thinking about the right things. They knew that 2 days later new owners were going to move in, and they didn't miss a thing. They even sent us photos of the stored items when they were done. Thank you, Reay's! You took a huge weight from our shoulders and we thank you for stepping up for this atypical move. We highly recommend you.

  • Christina Hazisavvas

This storage company is hard to put a finger on.. I've been a customer since February 2017 and I have lost items during the move which took 9 hours even though the house was prepacked. Then I lost more items when there was a water issue at the facility months later..I didn't notice for months of course. So when I bought it up to the company who does not offer insurance they didn't want to pay much. In the end a compromise was met, but because I'm still a customer I feel I was under compensated for the items lost/taken from my units. I noticed things still keep going missing... Boxes are being opened in units no one but me is supposed to have access to. I hope in the future things improve...

  • Charles ED Lindskog-Wilson

Came home too find the outer door of my building propped with no one in sight, their truck open on the road. I live in a major street with lots of pedestrians, leaving the door prepped open is and invitation to theives. I closed the door, got my dogs and went for a walk, to find the door propped open again. I stopped to wait for them to come back you their Van. Asked for them to not prop the door open again, they said of course. When I returned from my walk the door was open again. With this much disregard for people's homes I would not use their services.

  • Nandan Phadke

Janet and the crew at Reay's helped me out with storage needs as I moved from Seattle to Vancouver. Everyone from their staff was extremely prompt in their communication about my stuff as I faced cross border issues. This made me confident about their company and more importantly about my stuff being safe and intact even when I had never met anyone from their company. As expected, my stuff was in great condition at an EXTREMELY reasonable price. Working with Reay's made the across border chaotic move so much smoother. Thanks!

  • Patrick Sullivan

I used them September 27, they were late. One of the guys was drunk. And complaint about everything. They lost a rug I had. I paid to much much money. They were more concern about the money than moving me. I don't like it when your suppose to be movers, and I can smell alcohol on you, I think this company shows me, I will tell the person that recermaned them. But using my rage makes me mad. It left my room, but after that I did not see again. Don't use this company.

  • B B

Very nice staff, storage locker is a fair price, clean, well kept and good size. Bowie their GIANT dog aka greeter is an absolute sweetheart and I can see why he’s so popular. Only reason I took off a star is the hours are a bit sparse and you need to bring your own lightbulb for your locker, they have a light on an extension cord nearby but there isn’t really a good place to hang it in the locker and I always forget to bring a lightbulb from home. .

  • Martine Chardon

With a more challenging move than I am accustomed to, I accepted a friend's recommendation to hire Reay's Moving rather than doing the job myself - and I am extremely happy that I did. They were on time, they respected my belongings, and were very friendly and professional. On top of that, they were extremely efficient and completed the job in a much shorter amount of time than I had anticipated. I highly recommend Reay's Moving!

  • Karen Lewis

Moving to a new home is supposed to be an exciting experience. Working with Janet was great in that she was very accommodating, polite and professional. There was a bit of confusion during and after my move however, Janet contacted me immediately after regarding the issue. She was understanding and reasonable therefore leading us to a solution. I greatly appreciate the service that I was provided by her.

  • Jay Pig

Would not recommend. Showed up. Said stuff wouldn't fit into 5 tonne truck. Then called the office saying wasn't packed , and walked off the job. Office said would get back to me. Office never followed through. A 3 tonne truck (from somewhere else) did the move, with no problem. Was packed and ready. 900 sq ft Jobs too big for Reay's Moving. Cost me money with rebooking elevators last minute.

  • Carolyn C16

We as a family have been using Reay’s for about 20 years now. Between my mom, sister and myself we’ve probably used Pete & crew at least a dozen times (yes, we move around a lot). I book my moving day around Pete’s availability. Always professional and always fun. I refer our real estate clients to them as well. I know I can trust Reay’s to take care of them.

  • Montgomery Moving

as a mover who's been in the industry for over 10 years i have to say that there storage lockers are super easy to access and makes for a very quick unload and in return saves my customers money. dont let the look of the place throw you off its very well organized. and i recommend them to my clients of they need storage in this general area of town :).

  • Ivo van der Marel

This place is amazing. When they heard I couldn't move in one day (there was a 2 day gap between my places) they right away came with good solutions. Super friendly on the phone and the movers in person. When I suddenly could move in a day earlier, they adapted the move day and didn't even charge me for the last day. Their service is unmatched.

  • Case Managment

Reay's Moving have done many moves for our clients and they have always been very accommodating. They are reliable and provide very reasonable rates. Janet is a pleasure to work with and always very responsive. I highly recommend them to anyone looking at a smaller or larger move!

  • Bob Fulkerson

Used these folks for storage for three months and then a cross-town move. Pricing was competitive and they were simple and straightforward to deal with. Also, if you like enormous dogs, do visit their office in person. Definitely contacting Reay's next time I have a local move!

  • arlene walker

I have done 5 moves over the years and my son has done 4 - we have always been happy with the service - 2 moves included Chilliwack and the others were Coquitlam Burnaby and New West - friendly and efficient - I don't ever look for another mover - this company is first rate !

  • Korosh Sahami

Please train your drivers to behave and drive and do not block the whole road even if you put a cone in front of the moving truck. I will report to the police next time if this happens again. This is at East 11th Ave & Kingsway Ave. I've attached the photos for proof.

  • collin zwickel

Ready's moving was extremely helpful!! Needed a last minute spot for storage and they went above and beyond to accomodate from pricing to staying late to make sure I was able to move everything ! Much appreciated, Collin

  • Susan Murray

Exceptional service for the whole experience, from arranging a 3 part move through packing, pick up and delivery of sentimental family furniture to 2 locations. Highly recommend this family owned business!

  • David Griffiths

They showed up on time, got our household effects moved, and the price was good. Our move included a piano, and Reay's Moving had no problems moving it - in and out of the truck in minutes on each end.

  • Mike Williams

Used them this weekend for a move from Squamish to Richmond. A word of advise if your looking for reliable movers: USE THESE PEOPLE !! Great service/Even greater people/at a very competitive price!

  • Chuck Norris

Absolutely love the professionalism and warm friendly atmosphere combined with the utmost safety and security for storage at this place! I would highly recommend!

  • Dark Simpson

great location better staff with awesome storage rates. I love these people as they have helped me over the last 6-7 years when i needed storage!

  • Knut Hollebakken

My family has hired Reay's five times this year for moving homes. They were excellent each and every time.

  • Maalaea Humphries

Great moving day experience! Very professional movers with good personalities. Fair price, good workers!

  • David Wray

Great family run storage facility that's easy to access. Make sure to say hi to the office pupper!

  • Robert Labbe

The movers were excellent and made moving fun. They worked hard and non stop with no complaints.

  • Candy Dawn

Great customer service (and family owned, which I love), great rates, and clean.

  • Kris Minoose

Very friendly and hospitality is very high. Always welcome with a smile.

  • I_am Metisking

Mark and Brett are the biggest cons around . Both goof

  • B C

Storage space: Mouse droppings. Everywhere.

  • James Traynor

Great for on a budget. Friendly and helpful

  • D.A. Brigden

Storage without any hassles; good rates!

  • Raechel D

Good service, clean well kept facility.

  • Rudolf Penner

nice dog. cheap. hours a bit sparse.

  • Todd Rioux

Friendly staff and clean warehouse

  • Zoe Heiland-Simeon

Great place nice worker's

  • Grace Emmanuel Billikwa

Courteous teammates.

  • DvsGhosT

Great place

  • R Pete

Nice people

  • baxtyar ismael
  • Leslie Adank
  • Nick Moon
  • Michael Harris
  • John Tweed
  • Carl Hibbert
  • Graham Lidiard
  • James “Jamie” Mustard
  • Veebadd13
  • Paramjit Teja
  • Brandon Teeple
  • Susan Falon “Exoticaa Breah” Drefko

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