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Range Physiotherapy is a Physical therapist located at 2655 Main St 3rd floor, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E5, Canada. It has received 23 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of Range Physiotherapy: 2655 Main St 3rd floor, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E5, Canada

  • Range Physiotherapy has 5.0 stars from 23 reviews

  • Physical therapist

  • "Range Physiotherapy is great"

    "Let me start by saying I’ve had 6 major knee surgeries (former competitive skier and all round athlete) and I’ve been seeing Ian for for over 3 years at two locations and the last three arthroscopic knee surgeries I have had"

    "Range Physio stands out from the rest"

    "I saw Ian on a visit to Vancouver and was really impressed with the service he provided"

    "I had a great experience working with Ian Pirie"


  • Dimitrios Mylonas

Range Physiotherapy is great. The patient can expect a thorough, non-rushed and full assessment of an injury explained in a simple manner without any complicated words or assumptions. Ian's practical hands-on approach is backed up by theoretical explanations, foundations and exercises that help the patient understand the source, the cause and the development of the issue while at the same time addressing future implications and working on the problem from a holistic approach that comprise of a series of steps to tackle the injury. I've seen Ian for several injuries over the past 4 years and every time I learn more about the human body. Ian has helped me get over the consequences of stress fractures, ITB issues, calves and quads injuries; every time allowing me to return to running stronger and faster through steady built-up and monitoring with strength, stretching and massage therapy. As a long-distance runners clocking over 80k per week and running anything from 5 to 100k races, I feel confident every time I need to see Ian that I am minimizing my injuries and preventing bigger issues due to my level of activity. I recommend Ian over and over again to friends and acquaintances with excellent feedback every time.

  • Sam Mills

Let me start by saying I’ve had 6 major knee surgeries (former competitive skier and all round athlete) and I’ve been seeing Ian for for over 3 years at two locations and the last three arthroscopic knee surgeries I have had. If you are looking for a results driven, dedicated PT then look no further. From the basics of post surgery flexibility training, balance and stability, to full on hardcore sports training Ian has you covered. As someone that has endured the common physio experiences of “too much machine” and “massage it better” or “six weeks now what?” I can honestly say his refreshing approach to physiotherapy is not only cutting edge but practical, efficient and is what you need if you’re done with the basics but strive for more. If you want to get back into competitive shape with confidence you shouldn’t be reading this, you should be calling Ian. He will take the time and work with your schedule, your physical limitations and design his program to meet your needs. Alternatively if you don’t believe that some hard work and effort will get you back to where you want to be, please don’t call him because your probably stealing my appointment times.

  • Lawrence Ching

Range Physio stands out from the rest. first of all it's in a Parkour gym! But don't let that deter you. Ian makes you feel comfortable and safe in the environment. I've been to a couple of other physio clinics before and they're fine. get treated, they tell you to exercise at home, you don't do them, and repeat. Range is different. Yes you get treated like most clinics, but Ian understands not all of us are knowledgeable about proper exercise form. He teaches you the what and why of your injury and he spends the session working WITH you to ensure you're doing the rehab\exercise correctly. you basically do what you're meant to do at home there and get live feedback if you're doing something wrong. in short, this is the place if you want a collaborative experience rather than a service.

  • Geoffrey Keast

I saw Ian on a visit to Vancouver and was really impressed with the service he provided. Other physio's have quickly focussed on treatment, whereas Ian spent a lot of time having me do exercises to understand the cause of the problem rather than trying to treat it immediately. He also told me that doing exercises to help treat the issue, is more important than visiting him on a regular basis. To me this is what you want from a health professional, someone that can give you the right advice and not try to get you in for lots of treatments. I definitely recommend using Ian/Range, especially for those that are active runners/hikers/bicyclists/skiers etc.

  • Jonathan Lam

I had a great experience working with Ian Pirie. He has established a truly unique Physio practice in a dynamic environment with field side treatments. I was very impressed by the breadth of knowledge he utilizes in his work, and his display of technical skill and expertise. It was so easy to schedule an appointment on his website. If you are looking for a progressive and experienced Physiotherapist, go to Range Physio. Ian has travelled and worked with Snowboard Canada and the Canadian Paralympic Team in multiple competitions. He is also an accomplished athlete and has competed in the ITU World Triathlon Grand Finals.

  • Caroline J Ramsay

I came to Ian with reoccurring low back and hip pain. After 1.5 years of looking for a physiotherapist with answers, I finally found Ian! Within a few sessions, we were able to take the worst pain I've had and put it in remission. What makes Ian different: he fully explains what is happening to your body, and why he is prescribing certain exercises. After every session, he sends you a personalized email, recapping what you discussed in the session. Ian's personalized approach to physiotherapy has led me to recommend him to others. If you're an athlete, see Ian!

  • O Serdy

If you want to get healed, and no one else can fix you - this is the place. Unlike any other physio offices, where you feel like another customer, Ian Pirie has a very personal approach to every patient. He has an extraordinary level of expertise and is a very fun and positive person to be around. Over a short amount of time, Ian helped my girlfriend and I to recover from our injuries, and now he is our go-to physiotherapist.

  • Michael Rodrigues

I saw Ian/Range Physiotherpy due to pain and decreased mobility through my knee. Ian quickly worked out that the problem was because of extreme tightness in my quadricep. Through the treatments and following Ian’s exercise instructions in my own time my recovery period was just over a week. Ian has excellent knowledge and provides a comfortable, friendly environment through treatment. I highly recommend seeing him.

  • Geoff Sluggett

Great experience working with Ian. Along with rebuilding my shoulder back to working condition, he also helped gain back that confidence I lost with my injury. I thought i wouldn't be skateboarding or golfing at all this year. Happy to say that both are possible now. I know exactly where I will be going for the next injury that faults me.

  • Dave Roy

Ian is a great physiotherapist and an overall good person. He is invested in your success and the 1hr appointment gives him enough time to properly treat whatever your issue is. I've been a huge fan of his for over two years now, having followed him to multiple different outfits. He has truly hit his stride at Range Physiotherapy.

  • Torin Bateman

I’ve spent more than my fair share of time at physio with sport related injuries. It’s difficult to find someone that understands people with an active lifestyle. He does a great job of working through your issues while simultaneously getting you healthy and back in action. If you’re into sport, see Ian. One of the best.

  • Jonathan Lannan

I highly recommend Ian. He set out a very clear and achievable plan for my recovery and really delivered. I’d previously tried physiotherapy for the same issue without success - but with Ian the exercises made sense and I made steady progress that kept me engaged and motivated.

  • Matthew Pope

If you are serious about getting over a nagging injury, you need to see Ian. He will design a workout specific to your injury with a focus on how to re-build the muscles and mechanics around the right movement. I am finally able to complete push-ups without pain!

  • L Tacos

I have been working with Ian now for a few years, I started off with shoulder and neck issues that he helped me resolve and now he is working with me on a ski injury I had in March. He is patient, positive and a wealth of knowledge. Ian is super awesome!!!!!

  • Devan Franz

I have been seeing Ian for several years and have always been impressed by how knowledgeable and skilled he is. He has helped me through multiple injuries. I would not go anywhere else.

  • Travis Mullen

Ian is awesome. He spends the whole appointment with you. All the exercises you go through are easy to understand and easy to do at home. Can’t recommend him enough.

  • Katrina Bitkova

My son had a great session with Ian. He really understood his needs as an athlete. Very helpful and efficient!

  • Nigel Wilson

Ian is great at what he does and gives plenty of insight.

  • Steve Gou
  • Taylor Nickel
  • Justin Franz
  • Michael
  • Antonio M

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