Queensport Rocks Park

114 reviews

Murarrie QLD 4172, Australia


Queensport Rocks Park is a Park located at Murarrie QLD 4172, Australia. It has received 114 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Queensport Rocks Park: Murarrie QLD 4172, Australia

  • Queensport Rocks Park has 4.4 stars from 114 reviews

  • Park

  • "Often come here to walk our dogs when the weather is really wet, those big bridges keep the park pretty dry! Unfortunately there's no public bin or toilets, so there's a lot of litter and smells"

    "Won't even take an hour to see everything there is to see here, but it's still quite fascinating"

    "A great little spot to view the underside of the M1 Gateway Bridge also known as Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges"

    "It's a great park with absolutely amazing views during the day and especially during the night"

    "Nice basic park to enjoy when the weather is nice"


  • Emily Taylor

Often come here to walk our dogs when the weather is really wet, those big bridges keep the park pretty dry! Unfortunately there's no public bin or toilets, so there's a lot of litter and smells. (we bring poop bags and dispose of dog waste at home, but a bin would be better) Also, there are a couple of picnic benches, but not well placed (next to a boring gravel patch), and no bbqs either. For a good picnic spot, go down the road to either Colmslie beach or reserve. It is a great place to take unusual photos, the river and bridges make good backdrops, but don't plan on staying long.

  • Brendan Greenhalgh

Won't even take an hour to see everything there is to see here, but it's still quite fascinating. Not only can you see a spectacular view of the underside of the Gateway Bridges, you can learn about the history of the area and Brisbane's first ever theme park. Plus it's a relative easy walk to the peak of the bridge for great views of the river and surrounds. Well worth the trip.

  • Thiru Murugan Ponnusamy

A great little spot to view the underside of the M1 Gateway Bridge also known as Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges. The view of the bridges and their huge concrete columns are great. People do fishing on the river. There is a boat ramp/jetty to see. There is a walking path that goes around this place. After the sunset, if you are lucky, you might see some possums and other wild life.

  • N.

It's a great park with absolutely amazing views during the day and especially during the night. The walkways do have some areas that are not that well lit at night but nothing a flashlight from a phone can't handle. The walk is quite relaxing. There is plenty of space for parking which is great and the park generally feels safe and clean at all times

  • Louis Backstrom

Nice basic park to enjoy when the weather is nice. The path along the riverside has a couple of benches where you can sit and watch the river, and there is also plenty of grass as well. The path forms a part of the MBC cycleway so is well suited to bike riders but also joggers and walkers. Other than that the facilities are pretty slim.

  • Angela Frost

First time today using the footpath today, great to see so many people use it, even after being been around for some time!! Loved the water bubblers (nice surprise). If walking with a dog, be mindful the bikes definitely don't do 10 km/hr coming down - but if I were on a bike, I probably wouldn't either! Really really good, thanks BCC

  • Mosie Kiwi

Visited this spot at night. Was a few people down there maybe a car meet. Could be a nice spot to visit in the warmer months. A walking/bike track. Nice spots for fishing maybe. Picnic away from the hustle n bustle of the city. Q few car parks. I didn’t see any restrooms.

  • Dean Younger

No toilets, no bbq's, no taps, no water bubblers (there's one up the hill, but if you don't know where to look you probably won't find it), all in all it's only an open grassy space with a couple of tables that is sometimes ok for photographers.

  • Craig Turnbull

Not sure why you would come down here other than to take photos of the bridges or cruise ships. There are tables and chairs but no other amenities. Would suggest going here at night by yourself, quite secluded and dark in areas.

  • Chilli

Great little Park under the south side of the bridge it used to be the old abattoirs now it's a great place to have fish and chips on the weekend and do a little bit of fishing from the rocks

  • Wayne Bowen

This place is pretty cool. Totally different perspective of the gateway bridges. Check when the cruise ships are leaving port. Great spot to watch them sail under the bridges.

  • Daniel Wedmaier

Underrated little Park tucked beneath the gateway bridges. Great for afternoon walks, catch ups with friends or just to view that amazing sunset.

  • Andrew Nicholls

Wow, a stunning new perspective on Brisbanes twin Gateway Bridges... Well worth a look, walk, chill session, whatever.... Very memorable...

  • N Steltman

Great fishing spot for you or the kids. Beautiful surroundings. Great spot for a picnic with the family. No play equipment though

  • Brett Davis

An easy spot to access for a range of walks in the area, nice and peaceful even though it’s under the gateway bridge

  • Victa Beer

No Toilets for the public. What do you think people do when enjoying big BBQs etc?Hold it in? Poop in a doggy bag ?

  • Robyn Calverley

Great little spot for a light fish or walk but NO TOILETS! .. Please put toilets in so the whole family can enjoy.

  • Adnan Wahid

A perfect place for watching the Brisbane River as not much buildings are around except the Gateway Bridge.

  • Paul Saunders

I unique location under the Gateway Bridges. Nice spot for lunch, or even a spot of fishing from the jetty.

  • Cameron Lostroh

Great place for a stroll or a workout. Nice views and pathways. A lot of seating and tables as well

  • Green “Parts Unknown” Bastard

A differnt view of Brisbane you don't get to see everyday and a nice place for a quick quite walk.

  • Robert Dyson

Great place to chill out and watch the planes come in for landing. Also makes for great photos.

  • Tom Garnier

Great Park for a quiet walk ,exercise, yoga,picnic or even fishing over looking Brisbane River

  • joe Cool

Great place for walking, riding or relaxing with a different view of the Gateway Bridge.

  • Devon Chau

A very nice spot to take the portrait/car photos with Gateway bridge in background.

  • Stephanie Thoday

Went at night, a romantic stroll around, quiet and private. Would love to go again.

  • Ally Stella

nice place to go for a run and watch the sunrise. no restrooms though.

  • Elizabeth Evans

Super early morning walk to watch the sun come up. Really enjoyed it.

  • Stacey Ralston

Love taking photos of my car under the bridge with the lights!!!

  • Jesse O'Brien

Nice spot little rubbish surprising how little noise there is.

  • VIRTUALIZE Innovative Marketing

Awesome place to chill out and watch the cruise ships come in

  • Robyn Smith

Niice spot close to river , good breezes for hot summer days

  • Winston Fox

Needs more water taps but nice path and scenery otherwise.

  • Peter Koppman

Nice park with lots of walking tracks and fishing spots.

  • Elisabeth Coyne

Lots of mosquitos not a good place to walk this week.

  • Julian Collis

No bins, no toilets, but good views of the river.

  • Campbell Docherty

Plenty of Parking and nice spot to see the river.

  • K J

Good place to go for a jog and take in the view

  • Simo Calandra

Very nice - good place for some longboarding.

  • Mitchell Sanderson

Very beautiful park worthwhile to check out


Great view of the airport bridge …

  • Ben R

Great little park to take photos at night

  • David C Alam

Relaxing by the river with Cruise Ships!

  • Howard Kuo

Some little rocks for RC rock crawling

  • Frederick Maringe

Lovely walk/run on the gateway bridge.

  • Dissie Kruger

Unique spot under the Gateway Bridges

  • Thomas Robertson

Lovely spot for a picnic or a stroll

  • Basil Britto

Lovely place. Kids loved this place

  • Blake

Great place for car photography

  • Ravi Shankar Kadiyala

Awesome spot for riding bikes..

  • hawkmason mate

No toilets great viewing area

  • Jack Robinson

Fantastic walk and good views

  • JI

Come down. Plenty of parking.

  • jason dore

Cockatoo s everywhere.

  • Henry Tsang

Beautiful and peaceful

  • Maria C

Great walking track!

  • Craig Campbell

E32 aswsseseseee w

  • Edward Dela Cuesta

love the view!

  • Jacob

good pokestops

  • Paul Maddigan

Very exciring

  • sgt succ

Kinda dodgey

  • Mark Tavares

awesome spot

  • The Star

Small park

  • Ani

Nice walk

  • Ritesh Thomas

Very good

  • Captain Robotpenis

Its ok

  • Marina Bicanic
  • Ben Murphy
  • Mark Lee
  • Pompey Morrison (Jaydenfly1)
  • Marc Greinke
  • tommey Chapman
  • AB
  • Ryan M.
  • Glen Wallace
  • David Hadden
  • bianca moran
  • jenny snow
  • Daniel Halikas
  • Christian Robertshaw
  • Kazi -x
  • James mcgarrigal
  • Bruce Mitchell
  • Dave Thompson
  • Simon Tidd
  • Adam Wilson
  • ARNO
  • Charmaine Crosby
  • Annette Reid
  • cookeetree
  • Alan Chen
  • Peter Le
  • Junichi Oiso
  • Matthew Gough
  • Josh Ash
  • Brenden Wellings
  • Pilar Medan
  • Paul van-Cuylenburg (mapnut)
  • Sam Munns
  • Tommy Akimoto

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