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Queensbridge Group Practice is a Doctor located at 24 Holly St, London E8 3XP, United Kingdom. It has received 218 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





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  • The address of Queensbridge Group Practice: 24 Holly St, London E8 3XP, United Kingdom

  • Queensbridge Group Practice has 4.3 stars from 218 reviews

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  • "I recently joined Queensbridge Group Practice after moving to the area last year"

    "Booked to have my ears syringed 1 to 2 weeks ago"

    "The worst GP I have ever had the pain of being a member of"

    "My wife is registered with this practice and I'm sorry to say she has had a very poor level of service"

    "Best people on the market"


  • Meg Schofield

I recently joined Queensbridge Group Practice after moving to the area last year. I had procrastinated registering with a new practice as I’ve previously had some upsetting experiences in medical settings and was daunted by the prospect of trusting a new health provider. These experiences, as well as some of my health issues, mean I can struggle to communicate clearly and tend to need a little more time at appointments. I often feel guilty for this as I know the NHS is so stretched, and I wouldn’t begrudge staff if they rushed me. However, every interaction I’ve had at the Queensbridge Group Practice has been absolutely fantastic. Staff at reception, nurses, and doctors have all been so helpful and empathetic. In particular, I would like to highlight the exceptional Dr Yaganti. I’ve had a number of telephone and in-person appointments with him since joining, for a few different issues, and I can honestly say that he’s the best doctor I’ve ever had. He is patient, thorough, and takes the time to explain things to me if I want more detail. I cannot tell you how much it means to be told it’s okay to take my time. Accessing healthcare has long been a bit of a battle for me, and I’ve exhausted myself trying to advocate for my own experiences. I have several different conditions which medical professionals have previously addressed in isolation. Dr Yaganti, on the other hand, has gone out of his way to learn more about them, understand how the symptoms and treatments of each one may interact with one another, and consider how they affect my life. He treats me as a whole person, and I finally feel like I am being heard. I truly can’t recommend this practice enough; my friends and family must be sick of me talking about how great my experiences have been. Waiting times have also been so much shorter than what I’m used to, meaning I no longer put off seeking help for health problems. To Dr Yaganti and the rest of the Queensbridge Group Practice Team, sincerely, thank you. You have had a profound impact on my wellbeing and drastically raised the bar for standard of care. I feel so lucky to be registered with this practice.

  • Freedom To Roam

Booked to have my ears syringed 1 to 2 weeks ago. Having used the Olive oil as directed, I can only just about hear from my left ear which is also blocked. I arrive, I book in, I wait. I am called over- a few calls as I can just about hear. I am told that they do not do syringing and I hve to go to Spec Savers! After some protest - me asking if they were going to pay and tht it is ironic tht an NHS service is directing ppl to a private company. It transpires that a part has been ordered and they do not know when it will be arriving. I explain tht this is not feasible & wld like to know when the part was ordered. It transpires tht the part has not been ordered - do we see where this is going? I say if u order something on Amazon, they will update u on delivery. I ask to speak to the nurse for advice re what to do as I am in pain. Manager comes and tells me, they do not do syringing anymore. I ask for the document tht makes this clear to service users - there is no document.. Covid closure meant no syringing, part broken not bothered to order it. I make clear tht this has caused be severe upset and are they going to pay for Specsavers? I am so cross! I had been looking forward to hearing again, getting rid of the pressure in my ear! I feel like having a ear syringe sit in - but perhaps tht is a step too far - this surgery is generally gd but today the backtracking & misspeak is frustrating! Manager tells me they they do not get much call for syringing - I am the only one. I ask how comes you have just said you have been directing ppl to specsavers. They will order the part from .....wait for it....Amazon. Having seen the Gp. I am informed tht the NHS no longer provide this service. The Gp whom I saw was really helpful. They do not have a nurse sufficiently qualified -they r bringing the previous one out of retirement. A positive outcome. The thing is - if there is such a thing as a nurse not being able to syringe ur ears -who the hell is syringing in Specsavers?

  • Memo

The worst GP I have ever had the pain of being a member of. Myself and my partner have had a miserable time getting anything from this GP including much needed medication, much needed assesments and anything that required any sort of efficiency and common sense. The process has not been updated since covid. You phone them early in the morning. They call you back at a time of their choice. You wait for the phone call. They don't call you! You then wake up early to start the whole process again. You can not visit them, they will not allow visits, emails or anything that requires common sense. It's a groundshog day of lack of care and an insane lack of professional competency. Reception simply doesnt seem to care Abysmal. Do not join and I will leave once the 10 year wait for my assesment goes through. In Response to the reply below. 1. The email you have given me, I have emailed this same email 5 times in the last 35 days without any sort of reply, no one is looking at this email inbox. 2. Starting a career doesn't mean you have a right to ignore people and not help people with simple requests that will save them a lot of time and effort. I have taken away the expletetive but i will not take away the frustration. A lot of people can't afford Health insurance but people do deserve a basic service to help their physical and mental health. 3. You have replied to this complaint almost instantly but it takes weeks sometimes a month to reply to actual health issues. I just wish this group practice cared more about their patients and less about how they are perceived online.

  • Sam Hayward

My wife is registered with this practice and I'm sorry to say she has had a very poor level of service. It is impossible for her to make an appointment. When she calls they tell her to call early the next day but she can never get through. We tried to do it through the app, we had to upload a photo of her passport and then make a video of her saying 4 numbers which seems utterly ridiculous. She is from overseas and has lived in France and Spain and you can just call there to make an appointment even during the pandemic. She is really distressed and I keep apologising for how bad the surgeries are in this country. Our hospitals are good if you have an emergency such as a broken leg or heart attack but for a potential problem forget your GP. They try and discourage people from using walk in clinics at hospitals but that is the only way the only you can see someone. Her family live in Paris (one is a nurse) and they are shocked at what you have to do to get an appointment in Britain. The system here is reactive not preventative. You'll have to use the hospitals once it is too late. The NHS compares well to countries that don't have public health systems but compared to people that I have spoken to from France, Spain and Poland (Europe in general) it is very poor. Using apps to make an appointment and not being able to phone has little to do with covid and more to do with the government saving money and also putting people off using the service. Once it is free to travel my wife will go to France for treatment. I hope that it won't be too late.

  • marco G.

Best people on the market. I am a difficult person that is having many health issues lately especially in the last year. After having initially a little issues but nothing important I met Dr Emily Wooldridge, one of the more hands on and prepared doctor I met here in London. She pulled up with me and in the last months I could feel the attentions and involvement she has with her patients, she went beyond any expectation to help me with a difficult situation. But she is not alone, All the doctors are awesome, Thanks to Elizabeth Miller, Dr Gibly, Dr Satish and all others that helped me troughout the year, thanks, not to forget all the awesome nurses and all the people working there, Janet the diabetic nurse is an incredible person, and the nurses that carry on the blood test are always very kind. Senata the manager of the surgery is very busy, but she will find a minute to speak with you and help you. The reception team is awesome, after a bit of communications issues at the beginning now they make me feel very welcome anytime I call them. I want to say to them: Thanks to pull up with my down moments and always help me. Thanks for being always helpful and available when I needed a prescription Friday at 5 because I am too messed up to look after my own prescriptions. Thanks for the effort in providing an endless amount of documentation during this busy crazy pandemic times Thank you all. Marco

  • Grant Barmby

Started out ok but the service has deteriorated quite dramatically since receiving a quite serious diagnosis last year. Not sure if anybody at this practice actually knows what is occurring and if they do, they have not informed me of their decision making processes, which is imperative to me, as it is my body and my treatment plan. I have received some conflicting, incongruous and false information regarding my health care and medications that have been prescribed by consultants recently, which has resulted in a loss of confidence in the practice. This was highlighted in a medications review recently. Furthermore trying to get a repeat prescription for more than 5 continuous days seems near impossible for newly prescribed medications. This is not my vision of NHS heroes that gets sold to the public via the media through COVID-19 propaganda. Maybe if I had a mild illness it could and may be managed better. Very challenging system to navigate where the clinical pharmacists seem to run roughshod over the staff and the doctors, that seem to have no authority within the service. However the receptionists seem the most competent team at the practice presently, albeit excluding the ineffective administrator, who shall remain nameless.

  • Aleksandra Kloda

This place is a joke. I have rang 8.30 am and i was third person in the queue. The phone was picked up by a lady who was speaking so fast that you couldn’t even understand. Every sentence she said i had to ask her to repeat and I found in her tone that she is about to hang up. My mum had an accident and she would need a gp consultation in regards to her headaches. I was told that i can call tomorrow if i want to as there is no appointments available. How is that possible that 8.30 am is no more appointments? The lady on the lane hang up on me right away as soon as i said that its strange that every appointment is booked at 8.30 am. In a sarcastic way she said to me bye. I asked her not to hang up as i have another question. But it was too late. Its not a first time that The receptionist hang up half way of my sentence saying bye and ignoring me. Covid is finished long time ago, why they still keeping talking about it and evry failure covering up with covid Im extremely dissatisfied and looking to move to another Gp practice as queensbridge is a disappointment

  • Murat Durna

I have been with this GP my whole life and have never seen it in such a disgusting state. This GP has delayed my fathers paper works for month and so he has been jobless because of this reason I have tried to speak to someone numerous time and always get told to come in a different day and every day it’s the same answer. The receptionist blames the other receptionist and that receptionist blames the doctor and it’s just an endless loop. The worse of it all is that I am in this situation because of the GP’s wrong diagnostic which lead to a hospital appointment that showed the diagnostic was incorrect. I want a copy of the hospital report and I’m being today that no one in the whole practice is able to print me a piece of paper with the hospital report. No one wants to help in this GP and no one cares they don’t even want to solve the issue they caused, how pathetic. As soon as this disaster is finished I will happily be moving to a different GP. Me and my family has had enough of clueless receptionists and incapable doctors.

  • Louiza Cleland

Today 13/8 21,i visited the Practice atabout 11am. I tried to download the NHS app ,there were identity issues and i was advised to visit the Practice in person. There are no words to describe my experience. The nastiness ,the ignorance of administative issues the inability to understand and read together official documents,the lack of compation and empathy. To give you an example I was advised that "I need to change my birth certificate",because my passport is on my maiden name and my NHS entry is on my married name. I was also advised to "have a new passport". I gave 2 stars for the kind help of Betty who spoke with kind words and used professional and effective language to solve the matter.Very grateful to her. The advice I was given by the recepionist this morning that " I need to change my name on my birth certificate"is not legally accurate. Due to confidential reasons I am not allowed to go further on the matter. I am on the Practice 's disposal for any further discussions concerning the matters above.

  • Alex Rabotshich

I've been waiting for more than 2 weeks for a reference letter. After a week I got an email from a GP asking for the symptoms so she can prepare the letter. I didn't get the letter despite writing all the symptoms. I've been there for 3 times in the last week to ask again and again but the issue was not sorted out. To be fair I've asked for their reply: 1. After looking at my inquiry again after two weeks they said that I should fill in a Questioarie. The Questionaire was never sent to me. (confirmed by Maria - employee of the practice). 2. I was on a list to call back for 2 days but it never happened - without any reason (confirmed by Maria - employee of the practice). The practice refused to show me the list because there are "other names on the list". When I asked to see it with rest of the names blur - they refused to show it to me. This place made me understand very clearly that it is definitely not committed to my health and well being.

  • Mel Za

Been here for years this practice is now an absolute joke so bad that myself and my family and a few neighbours have all left and it has nothing to do with the pandemic as all other establishments are doing well my new practice is amazing. The reception team not all but one or two in particular are hostile and clueless the old team was the best friendly and got things done I’ll name them Betty,asma this place needs you back! You can never get an appointment here and will have to tell the reception what it is about very publicly otherwise they log it then when you do get an appointment you’ll have to chase and chase it up time and time again. Another thing is when you call according to queens ridge we are in the midst of omicrom false information I’d give 0 stars if I could a terrible place this is and needs new staff it’s a shame used to be amazing here.

  • Susana Lampert

I have no idea what the bad reviews are about. I can only imagine they are by people who are looking for ridiculous issues to complain about for complaining sake. I have been with this practice for as long as I can remember. They have helped me through depression, broken bones - referring me without delay to Homerton - severe and unexplained weight loss. Pregnancy. Immunisations for travel. After surgery care. The doctors, nurse and reception staff have ALWAYS gone above and beyond to make sure I was all right and properly cared for. Generally, people are hypochondriacs (I've had an episode or two myself) and yet they still take every care to investigate and reassure you. This is a really brilliant practice and I am thankful for the incredibly diligent and hard working staff, both medical and 'front of house'.

  • Daidree Tofano

This GP practice is responsive and has good quality GPs and nurses. During covid, it definitely felt like their responsiveness dropped but they seem to be back on top of it now. I like their online consultation request system - it saves having to wait in massive call queues in the AM. They usually call back the next day and I've never had to wait more than a couple of days to be seen even for non-urgent visits. Doctors do not seem to be too rushed and take their time during visits. If their facilities were more up-to-date, they'd have 5 stars from me. I feel lucky to have both this practice and Homerton within striking distance, as they seem to be some of the only medical care providers keeping it together as the NHS struggles.

  • Tony Duriez

GPs/nurses are nice and seem competent. However, poor follow up on patient, hard to see the same GP within reasonable time. Booking system does not suit me at all. Online booking almost inexistant. We spent more time booking the appointment than actually been seen. 10-minute GP appointment have to be booked at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance. otherwise same-day appointment possible if called in the morning between 8h30 to request a call from a doctor which then can tell you when to come... Please add more appointments online, including Same day appointment with reasons for the requested appointment, the gp can validate the appointment or call if appointment necessary

  • Wahid

I am beyond disappointed with this GP Practice - if you value your health this is not the place to be. Just for fun call the practice number - you will have to listen to the ramblings of a "Dr. Patrick Hutt" for about 3 minutes before you are deposited into a ridiculously long line of people who are also frustrated and waiting to be seen. If you can't call, just know that even though we are in June 2022 they STILL are using covid as an excuse for barely seeing any patients face to face. The 5-star reviews seem fake - they are incredibly long-winded and read like scripts which is quite funny actually given what you can expect when you sign up there.

  • Claire Perry

I've been a patient at this practice for at least 7 or 8 years but haven't had to use it about 4. Oh my goodness it has deteriorated!! After having emergency on a cyst on my back at the weekend, I was discharged from hospital with instructions to get the dressing changed every couple of days at the GP Surgery. An impossible task. An hour on the phone each time you call, they promise to call you back but don't, so another hour on the phone...Repeat. And when you do manage to get an appointment they cancel it by text the night before. An absolute shambles. Good luck with your fresh surgery wounds...Back to A&E we go!

  • Bob Jones

I've had TWO "doctors" mispronounce my last name now, then get snippy with me for pointing it out. Forget the dreadful manners and lack of professionalism, I just cannot trust someone that professes to be highly educated yet cannot pronounce a name, that is obscure yet used in many many books , company names, used by people in line to the British throne etc, and from this country. After the second time I will be changing my doctor's surgery. Conclusion, they call themselves doctors yet can't pronounce a name from this country, amazing psbob Jones is not my real name if you thought this were a joke, it's not.

  • silvio pezzana

I have been with Queensbridge Group Practice for nearly 15 and I'm so grateful for the service received. I have seen different doctors for smaller and bigger issues and they have all been incredibly professional, helpful and sympathetic. I was able to speak with specific doctors when needed and received help in booking the reception. They have been particularly helpful during the pandemic when the NHS was overwhelmed and I was positively surprised by the prompt response during such a difficult times. Thank you so much to everyone at Queensbridge Group Practice. Best, Silvio

  • Raju Ahmed

I never write reviews but I had to with this situation. I made a repeat prescription request for an asthma pump as I needed it as an emergency. I understood the wait time was 2 days but needed the pumps as an emergency as I couldn’t breathe. I called the GP and waited 1 hr 30 mins to get through. Then they told it was a 2 day turnaround, when I explained it was an emergency I was told to go to the pharmacy if it was urgent and call them to approve emergency pumps. Really is any pharmacy going to wait 1hr 30 mins to confirm an order. Poor customer service and management

  • Michael Taylor

Generally I have found this surgery to be quite good. However, today, very disappointing. My wife's blood test (3 weeks out of UH Homerton with new hip), requested by her doctor, was cancelled at the last moment – even though I had dropped in to verify the appointment time just 5 minutes before. Staff illness, supposedly. Booked new appointment in 10 days time. Surgery has just phoned to cancel. Practice Manager has to get a grip. Further to my last, I wanted to thank Queensbridge Surgery for responding and promptly booking an intermediate blood test for my wife.

  • Lydia Thompson

Having waiting for a long time to get through via phone (I do understand the practice is very busy and I'm always very patient) to gain results and next steps of my blood tests I was dealt with quite abruptly and before I could even ask my final question on how I would be contacted the receptionist put the phone down on me. I was left unsure what the next steps would be. Much more clear information about the online booking system would really help and, I am sure, prevent the amount of calls to reception. The Practice GPs are always super helpful.

  • D

Reception staff are very rude and do not do their job, they just keep people busy. I have been waiting for a report for 2 months and every time I call they keep me busy, they don't say anything well, no send an e-mail, no We will call you next week, even though I have done all of these, still no one has returned to me, every time I call, come here and fill out a form. how many times do i have to fill the forum i say i want to talk to the manager they don't connect to the manager a worthless gp especially those at the reception

  • Besim Cetin

I have been on the phone for 1 hour waiting to get an appointment a women called nusren was so rude over the phone I felt threated and scared she was shouting and wouldn't allow me to explain my symptoms I told her could you allow me to speak and she shut the phone in my face so rude worse GP ever needs to get new staff to answer the phones, disgusting how people we go for help treat you so bad. This situation has made my illness worse just because of this one women talking so horrible to people she needs to get fired.

  • Reyhan Turk (UK)

I've been with this practice for over 25 years and both reception team and Doctors have always been friendly and professional. Anything I need done, always gets done in a timely manner. Today I was told we'd need to wait 4-6 weeks but got a call back within the hour to say the Doctor has actioned my request. I thoroughly appreciate the reception staff, they're always friendly and efficient. Jenna went above and beyond today so special shout out to her ;) They also do same day GP call back/appointments - 10/10!

  • H

The doctors and the nurses are very nice and helpful but some reception staff over the phone are rude and very impatient. I wish I had known the names of these staff for making a formal conplaint. I have just been on the phone for one hour and forty five minutes and just reached to the second in the call queue finally when it turned to 6:00 pm but no one received the phone call in the end although the practice closes at 6:30 pm. Absolutely frustrating and waste of time.

  • Zirman Zirman

To be seen by a doctor is a mission impossible..if you lucky telephone consultation is your best that you can get. and also yesterday i phone up about my renewing medication which i had fill the re order prescription form on friday. and been told urgent e=mail sent straight away to the chemist. then nothing again. Right now today is 24/11/2022 Thursday im on the phone over 32.27 minutes to check what happened my medicines. its really annoying .

  • Tim Webster

Tremendously difficult to get an appointment even when you call up at 08:30 in the morning, the reception staff are rude and don’t take medical matters seriously. I have been with this practice for over 4 years now and would NOT recommend. Time after time I am unable to speak to a doctor when needed & not to mention the amount of issues I have faced with my repeat prescription. Very disappointed with this service to say the least!

  • Jacqui Dillon

Have been a patient at this practice for 25+ years. It has always provided high quality care, in my experience. Doctors are kind and committed and definitely go the extra mile. I have also found the reception staff to be kind and helpful too. The on-line consultation tool is really useful and makes getting help even easier. I'd highly recommend this practice. I feel grateful and fortunate to have such high quality care.

  • Dio G

Been with this practice for years now and I cannot praise and recommend them enough. Dr.Hutt and Dr Woolridge along with other locum medics and nurses are amazing. Never been turned away or mistreated as a patient.They’re all very kind, caring, effective, responsive and proactive. In my views, there’s only one thing that may need a tiny bit of improvement; reception. Thank you so much for the amazing work you’re doing!

  • Maya Groves

Impossible to book appointments in advance. Limited to calling at 8:30am for a call back for a same day appointment. Phone queue can take 20+ minutes. The front desk staff are unsympathetic and unhelpful. Even when you bring in your very ill 1 year old… I genuinely think my toddler could expire in the waiting room and they would say to call and book an appointment. It reminds me of the US, where I’m from

  • Clint12

This is by far the best GP practice I’ve ever experienced. The reception staff are always professional, very knowledgeable and amazing friendly! The have a lot of online and over the phone system in place that can help with most day to day services and whenever I do need a face to face Doctor, they are always friendly! It’s so refreshing to find a genuinely helpful GP practice


Dr Yaganti is an exceptional doctor, full of compassion and honesty. He has taken such calm and thoughtful care of me when I was going through one of the scariest mental health crisis of my life. He made me feel heard and understood and valid. He saved me. Thank you Dr Yaganti, I hope people going through similar things are lucky enough to have a doctor taking the same care of them.

  • Mohammed Al-Kawsar

I’ve been to this practice a number of times and the service provided by the doctors and the reception staff is second to none. The staff make you feel very welcomed and the doctors always do their best to listen to your problems whilst putting you at ease. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough, you really have to go there yourself to see how truly good it is. A+++++

  • Susan Charles

I feel very looked after by this practice. I have been a patient for some years now and wouldn't want to go anywhere else. The receptionists are very helpful and approachable and friendly too. Nosirun, the receptionist is so lovely. Keep it up, you are all a credit to your profession Dr Sophia is so supportive and listens to my concerns and helps to get them sorted out..

  • Tommy Freed

Just joined there what a pleasant surprise , First I met Betty she was very nice on the reception, Then I see a young Asian girl I did not get her name , I thought she was very good , Then today I see a Dr Ayo Oladele , I felt straight away he new what he was talking about , He put me right at ease , I cannot give the surgery enough praise ,

  • Oscar Perez

I had my initial consultation in which dr kelvin asked me to provide more information so I can get a referral to a specialist - 4 follow up emails with all the information & 4 phone calls later nothing has been done - I have a chronic illness that needs serious attention but they do not seem to care. I would rate this place a zero if I could

  • Access Allareas

After 10 years of being with this appalling surgery, it now embodies and reflects the true NHS care offered to patients by having no clinical value at all. From the numerous GP’s to the clerical staff (including ‘Yasmin’ the reception manager) you are actually better off going to a Maccy D’s to ask for your NHS care and treatment.

  • sarah thompson

Up until today I always had great experience with this practice however I have moved away from the area and although I was told by a doctor that I could continue with them, this morning when I called to get help was basically told to sling my hook. Horrible treatment when you really need some support. Shame on you.

  • keith charles

I was seen by Alian she was so respectable and understanding she asked me all the right questions and even double checked with her superior which I highly appreciated. Smiley nice receptionist has wonderful bedside manner lovely customer service and I met the reception manager Yasmin lovely lady. Thank you so much

  • Jonathan C

Terrible service. Need to book on the day by calling early morning at 8.30am when there is almost always an hour long wait and where you aren't guaranteed an appointment. Cancellation of appointments is also very frequent. Seems like they try to do everything they can to not take you in as a patient.

  • shane auguste

My mum said you people are good to her I don't think staff are racist but from my experience the immature woman on the phone that handles appointments likes playing mind games with patients this behaviour is unacceptable I don't mean no disrespect thank you for looking after my mum

  • Q&Asia TV

Its virtually impossible to get an appointment at this GP, my wife has struggled to be seen for almost 2 months because you have to fill out that stupid online form and nobody responds, worst GP in London, use to be excellent upto 2019 and now its sunk to all time lows, Appalling

  • Dan Windross

This is a great practice. They've looked after our family for over 10 years and throughout that time (including 3 young kids!) they've been brilliant; really responsive and professional but most of all caring. We've felt really lucky to have Queensbridge as our GP. Thank you!

  • Masuma Begum

Amazing service!!! better than all the NHS places I've been to, usually when I walk into the A&E the staff are so rude, the ladies in this practice are so lovely and the service is amazing!! I suggest people who isn't registered to this practice, REGISTER YOURSELF HERE!

  • Sarah George

Dr Kelvin is my best doctor as she is very efficient very careful, really caring and listens to me catering to every single health need. She always makes referrals to multidisciplinary team if there is a need. She is one of the best doctors ever as well as Dr Pikington

  • Mamun Miah

Great service and care able to always get an appointment same day with the doctors. The reception team are super helpful and polite. Best surgery in hackney! Health care assistant Rakiya squeezed me in as extra because I accidently forgot my appointment time.

  • Cerys Jones

The staff at Queensbridge Group Practice have always been superstars! Unbelievably responsive (particularly via the online consultation and it beats waiting on the phone queue), friendly and there to help. Thanks QGP doctors, nurses and reception staff :)

  • William Alexander

Ive been a patient with Queensbridge for 30 years. The Doctors, Nurses and Admin Staff are excellent. Especially loved Anna Pilkington, my Doctor for many years until her retirement. Recently they have introduced the Klinic interface and a

  • Joy Geoffrey

I would like to thank the beautiful receptionist Maya for being so very helpful towards my care and her professionalism was just excellent. I had come in to discuss my referral the GP had made for me and struggled to chase up the hospital

  • Kate Nash

Excellent treatment - I was seen very promptly, and booked in for tests. The doctor was very sympathetic and helpful, and so were the receptionists. I've been coming to this practice for decades now and I've always been treated very well.

  • Bonnie Base

I went in to check if my details have now gone over to this surgery from my last surgery and the lady at reception was so kind and polite..which was very much appreciated and welcomed as it was my very first visit to the surgery Thank you

  • Jonny McIntosh

I've been with this practice since 2017, though they made it very difficult to register. And since registering, I've not once been able to book an appointment. Their online systems make no sense: I have to login to a system, though have

  • Shona Peel

Tried to register here and was told that I fell outside the surgery catchment area however I’m within it as they show it on their website so they need to update their main site. They ask you to check you live within the area outlined on

  • Rachel Ladipo

I generally don't visit the doctors much but when I have it's always been an easy process. However, what I have encountered in the last 6 months has been the most complicated and distressing experience and I now understand the terrible

  • Zainab Afolabi

I’ve been with the practice for years and they’re customer service has always been good. The doctor always calls you back on the same day and you can always get an appointment quite quickly. The receptionists are also really nice

  • S AM

Manager Yazmin very professional. I was quite worried about a medical problem and she was able to recognise the stress on my face. She was very accommodating to my medical needs and offered me various solutions. Thank u Yazmin

  • Samira Nasrin

Lovely service, reception staff were extremely friendly and welcoming. Really wish more GP’s had such amazing staff (my previous family GP was awful) you can tell they really enjoy their job and to support their patients!

  • Natasha Patel

My sister is joined here and I help her translate but the doctors always offer their own translator which is so lovely and nice of them my sister is always left happy with her care from the doctor so thank you very much!

  • Maimuna Syed Ahmed

A great responsive service with interactive and friendly staff. Received oriented advice and suggestions from the reception and nurses on multiple counts. Thanks a lot, Rafa, Nosirun and Yaasmin for helping me out.

  • S U

Just want to say a big thank you to the queensbridge team! Came with my mum for appointments and a few other enquiries the reception team where exceptionally helpful, the GPs are very helpful and very attentive.

  • Luca Majno

Well run practice. Dr. hutt was professional, attentive and friendly throughout the visit. Ideas for improvement: The booking system should be optimised. Overall, very happy with the service provided, thank you!

  • Mani Ahmed

Doctors here have always taken the time to understand what's going on with me and have been knowledgable and honest in their approach. I don't feel rushed, I feel looked after. Great GP

  • Megan Rrrafat

very good staff and very friendly who will always bend their back to help you out! They helped me receive my prescription I was having issues with in an efficient and amicable way!

  • Nashwan Taher

I went to this gp to see my doctor because I couldn't move my hand and they are never helpful, it was an emergency, they asked me to go hospital without seeing what happened …

  • Jeila9114

Dear Carol, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help over the phone and being so patient and gentle with me. I really appreciate your time and effort. Thanks again

  • Samantha Milton

I feel very lucky to have this as my doctors surgery! The nurses are so friendly and caring, I always feel so at ease here. Always on time and very easy to make appointments.

  • Samuel Aaron

Fantastic service! Very accessible to all, amazing team of doctors nurses and reception team. Great service from reception manager yasmin and reception team nosirun and rafah

  • Abdenour Si

Very very happy with the service from reception to doctors Doctor is the best Reception manager is amazing calm helpful goes extra mile when ever needed beyond expectations

  • Nikki Crichton

I’ve been a patient at the surgery for 15 years and have always been impressed at the care, effort and thoroughness of each of the gps. Excellent service. Much gratitude.

  • Emma Nazar

The staff at this practice are so helpful and accommodating, considering how hard it is to get an appointment lately. I always feel well looked after here. Thank you :)

  • Samuel Aaron

Dr Hutt is an amazing doctor, always easy to get an appointment with him and the reception team super friendly and helpful. Spokebto to yasmon today really nice woman

  • Paul Abdul

Very busy, the staff are friendly, professional and accomadating. Been using for decades, I find the online consultation tool helpful. I get to speak to my GP often.

  • Ash Hussain

My experience is alway positive Very polite and the receptionist really take care to actually listen to you. One of the very few reputable gp practices around!

  • F Y

Extremely kind and respectful team at this GP. They take care of my family's needs and are kind and helpful. The reception team are friendly and approachable.

  • Jafar Ahmed

Had a medical scare and the practice was so good with reassuring me they got me seen on the same day and checked up on me a few days after. Best service ever

  • Melva Valencia

Gee is wonderful and very kind the whole reception team is very friendly always help me out. I really appreciate it. The most wonderful surgery ever. …

  • Sophie Edwards

A great local practice who really care for their patients. I've been there nearly 25 years, through the child-raising years. Can't recommend them enough

  • Ram Oguz

Quick and easy to book an appointment. Friendly staff from the receptionist to being seen. Finally found a good gp around this area. Highly recommend!

  • Muhammad anwar HUSSAIN

Staff are very friendly. For My PCO medical declaration form too they done very quick. Nosirun at front desk is so helpful she always helps me.

  • Hena Begum

Manager Yasmin so nice. I no speak good English but she so helpful. She sorted everything for me and family very professional young lady.

  • Lucy Hockings

Excellent vaccination care for the whole family. Efficient, well resourced and lovely staff. Good text reminders and follow up call.

  • Alan Russell

Such a wonderful practice the reception staff are so welcoming and always do everything they can to give the best service!

  • Will Howard

V fast and efficient. Filled an online form, had an appointment, and collected my new prescription all in under 2 hours!

  • Dante

Been with the practice for over 20 years and still very good. Tahmina at reception was lovely and Doctors are great

  • Kanika Merchant

My experience at Queensbridge group practice was exceptional, especially my experience with the nurse and Carol.

  • hoxton fruit

Very nice reception staff especially Nosirun so friendly and smiley it’s refreshing to see the nurse is lovely.

  • Samantha Bonnick

Spoke to reception her name is Carol. She was very nice nicest reception at the Queensbridge group practice.

  • Cloud

It's an ok practice. Kinda hard to get in person appointments, but I guess it's the same everywhere

  • Yaqoub 89

my family was able to register on the same day and see a doctor. very helpful reception team

  • Muhammad Ali

I appreciate the receptionist and specially Dr Patrick Hutt for his very good service .

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