Purdys Chocolatier

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1225 St Mary's Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5E5, Canada




Purdys Chocolatier is a Chocolate shop located at 1225 St Mary's Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5E5, Canada. It has received 172 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Purdys Chocolatier: 1225 St Mary's Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5E5, Canada

  • Purdys Chocolatier has 4.3 stars from 172 reviews

  • Chocolate shop

  • "Man"

    "I recently bought an assorted chocolate advent calendar from the store that upon review when i got home had two chocolates missing out of two of the little boxes"

    "Was there with my friend"

    "Expensive but very good quality"

    "AMAZING service!!! Last minute after another company (Rocky Mountain Co) let me down and were not able to fulfill my order on time they were able to help me with 35+ custom corporate gifts boxes, and 50+ staff gifts over the weekend before Christmas!! Jessica and Ldajete were awesome!! Would 110% use again!! Thank you!"


  • Rabid Motorsport

Man....I was super excited as my daughter has cow milk protein allergies. I called and asked about their vegan chocolate, I am very certain on the phone I explained the situation. They had 2 varieties. I also asked about custom molding an Easter bunny out of vegan and they said they don't have a separate facility. This should have been a red flag. So I bought a bunch of vegan chocolate which is excellent but as we read the packaging 2 days later it states may contain milk or made in a facility with milk so I just didn't feel confident giving to my daughter. I understand and the chocolate was great and I would definitely go back if they could have a product guaranteed not to have come in contact with milk. 4 stars only because of this. The service was great but maybe it was my fault maybe I wasn't being clear enough or maybe most vegans are fine with that but I just couldn't chance it with my daughter. But all in all the Chocolate was great. Just not for my daughter....

  • Lindy Masson

I recently bought an assorted chocolate advent calendar from the store that upon review when i got home had two chocolates missing out of two of the little boxes. When I brought it back to the store I was treated with exceptional customer service, they apologized, were very friendly and offered a free chocolate and included two extra chocolates in the two boxes that were missing some. I will definitely be shopping at Purdys for all my chocolates going forward!

  • Honest Truth

Was there with my friend. Was our first time and we asked if we could get a free sample to know what to buy. They sale rep said yes and she gave us an entirely different sample, when we asked her for the sample we requested for, she said they only give one sample and we had to buy it instead. She could hv just said that in the beginning. So rude and never going back there.

  • Ah Rin Park

Expensive but very good quality. Chocolates were rich and smooth. The flavors compliments the chocolate really well. Packahing's good too. I'll definitely get it again. Every box got different selections based with the chocolatier who prepared it. If you have favorites I recommend to just make your own box. I love the hedgehog boxes. Been obsessed with it.

  • Tara

AMAZING service!!! Last minute after another company (Rocky Mountain Co) let me down and were not able to fulfill my order on time they were able to help me with 35+ custom corporate gifts boxes, and 50+ staff gifts over the weekend before Christmas!! Jessica and Ldajete were awesome!! Would 110% use again!! Thank you!

  • Vanshika Jairath

I was there today (31st may) and there was this really really sweet salesperson working, she helped me taste couple of ice cream flavours and she was so nice and patient. Landed up getting really delicious peanut butter ice cream. I swear I have never had this good peanut butter ice cream before. Sooo good

  • Samantha B

Good quality and selection. We like going here for dairy free chocolate *it does state may contain milk* but we have been fine with it every time for my allergic son. They are pricey but the convenience of being able to get him treats is worth it. Also great no added sugar options!

  • HS B

Dangerous place, even for people who don't love chocolate. Fantastic selection with everything ranging from everyday 'safe' to creative, fun, and downright tasty. Always be sure to ask for their selection of 'nearly perfect' chocolates which are sold at discount.

  • Stu

I got a 60 dollar box of assorted chocolates and they are not edible they all taste so bad!!! I'd rather get a 10 dollar box of pot of gold!!!!!! I am sorry I'm sure someone worked hard to make them but I wanted to vomit! :( defintely not for me!

  • Brandan Oickle

There is a young woman who works here who is absolutely fabulous.y mother loves the goat cheese and chardonnay chocolates and she has done everything in her power to assist me in finding some. She Is an angel and her service is immaculate

  • Jedd Ylagan

The staff here is nothing but exceptional! Kind of sad to say, but I'm here quite often because their chocolate is so good. On top of that, you'll be pleased by how friendly the staff is. Tori and Britt will never fail to make your day!

  • Carol Allan

Best tasting chocolates and ice cream in Winnipeg. Before opening here, I relied on family in Vancouver to send me gifts of Purdy's chocolates in the mail for celebrations. Now I can indulge regularly - particularly the ice cream. YUM!

  • Dan Law

Great addition to the mall. The selection has something for everyone and tastes great. The ice cream is excellent and very well priced. Staff were great as they were attentive, talkative to me and my little one and not pushy.

  • Linda G.

Purdys is one of those places with warm fuzzy memories attached. My great aunt Mae introduced me when I'd visit West Vancouver in the summer. Since her passing I rarely get out there anymore. Thank you for coming to Winnipeg!

  • PA NA

Vegan chocolate need I say more! I would love to review all of their Vegan recipes on my YouTube Show! Over 9500 video's on YouTube to date! I have tried several none disappointed In fact I c4avd them

  • Brent B

High quality chocolates are the norm from this BC institution. Selection was a bit sparse for gift boxes on outr last visit but not unusual for a lot of things just before Chrustmas.

  • Pink Bubble

Absolutely love this location! Staff are super friendly and products are wonderful at this and the Polo location! Thank you for being the go to for chocolate lovers!

  • Jennifer Jennifer

These chocolates are different than other chocolate shops. However they are made with natural ingredients making them healthier and better. They are the best!!

  • tab bergin

The staff at purdys in St.Vital Mall are always super friendly , and it’s always stocked and clean. They have a great assortment of chocolates and ice creams.

  • Rebecca Tweed

The chocolate is okay, a bit overpriced. But the staff. The staff are relentless in their upselling efforts until they learn you're

  • Nicky Miller

Have to stay away from here as the cheery cheesecake ice-cream is delicious and will say the tub I took home didn't last long!!

  • Victoria Phoenix

Price this place. Very friendly.staff and knowledgable about products. Also everything tastes great and is a reasonable price!

  • Erika C.

PLEASE get the peanut butter chocolate bars (3 for $7) available for delivery (doordash). So sad they aren't available.

  • Lucy K Johnson

Delicious gourmet chocolate for everyone, including lots of vegan options. Staff are very friendly and super helpful.

  • Alasdair Macinnes

Fantastic service, excellent selection of chocolates and exquisite taste. Where else would you buy chocolates.

  • liz cook

Had purdys a long tume time ago. Did not find them as good now. Discontinued some choices too Very expensive.

  • Lorne Adam

My favorite chocolatier. The best customer service. Never miss a holiday celebration without visiting Purdys.

  • Tia Remillard

Delicious chocolates, they always have tons of stock, and the salesperson was super friendly and polite

  • Jon Patelle

Such a sweet and knowledgeable staff with great customer service! (And the chocolate is DELICIOUS)

  • Aneen Zaman

Loved the Strawberry and Cream ice cream w the toppings. 10/10 Highly recommend to try! …

  • J

best place for chocolate and ice cream lovers !! in love with their mango ice cream …

  • Carole Friborg

I was in there last night, the staff were very pushy, I left and will never return!!!

  • Priyansh Shah

Had a awesome experience with thick and triple layer of chocolate in ultimate bar.

  • Sarah Graham

Normally, I'd choose vanilla over chocolate but this chocolate is the exception

  • Doug M

Great variety of chocolate products. Fair trade cocoa. First store in Manitoba

  • Robyn Olivia Macleod

I love purdys chocolate Do we get a free chocolate for doing this.lol jk …

  • Antonio Bonomo

Deliciously innovative custom recipes. You'll have a hard time staying away.

  • da doc

It was there. Google thinks that because I walked past it that I went in

  • Sunny Warha

Delicious chocolates! Debbie from the st vital location was wonderful.

  • Kate Yee

Love these chocolates. And it's a truly Canadian company …

  • Bruce Madison

Chocolates were very good. Staff member who helped us was great.

  • Lise Vass

Fantastic chocolate a little expensive but well well worth it

  • Ashley

Excellent customer service and the MOST DELICIOUS CHOCOLATES!

  • Lisa Herd

As a diabetic their no sugar added chocolates are the BEST.

  • Jacqui Giesbrecht

Fantastic place for beautiful chocolates! Great for gifts!

  • Janet Dunstan

Quality chocolate friendly staff you can also get samplea

  • julie persaud

Love that they had vegan dark chocolate absolute goodness

  • j mck

The no sugar added peanut butter chocolate bar is good.

  • Dong Manuel

A bit on the pricy side but the chocolate was great.

  • Leah Mell

The best chocolate shop ive found in Winnipeg so far

  • Rosemarie Gauthier

Amazing chocolates that are ridiculously expensive.

  • Toews Printing & Office Supply Maxine Toews

Need vegan chocolate they have you covered.

  • A Slightly Disappointing Flavour of Ice Cream

Quick, very friendly, competent service.

  • Mckinley Morton

Not amazing, no rocky mountain candy co.

  • dawna palmer

Simply the best chocolate you can buy!

  • Graeme Mitchell

Crazy good ice cream bar. Worth the $5

  • 비투비의멜로디

Loved the Super Hero flavor ice cream

  • Stephen Cross

Diabetic chocolate. Great job thanks

  • Daryl Ford

Great product and excellent service.

  • Triin Kangro

Best customer service in Winnipeg.

  • Peter Sprott

The best chocolate in the city.

  • Shine Your Light

Love love love this chocolate!

  • Keith Shepherd

Great chocolate and selection

  • Hannah Anderson

Best chocolate and ice cream

  • Scott Crang

What can I say it's Purdy's

  • Jared Miskimmin

Fast and friendly service.

  • Lisa “Lisa B” B

Good quality chocolate!

  • Jonathan Goolcharan

An Amazing Selection

  • Cindy Grieve

Love their chocolate

  • Lucy L

Best hedgehogs ever

  • wanderlei grando

Muito bom! Gostei!

  • Sandra Netzel

Very good cones.

  • Darlene Strain

Nice friendly

  • Hadi parizad

Good quality

  • Margaret Post

nice people

  • Don Mauthe

Very $$$$$

  • Tommy Gabriel

Never been

  • Nazmus Sakib


  • Tamarah Al-Nuaimi

The best

  • Jeff Brennan


  • Randy Belmore


  • Reinaldo C Ferreira


  • Alvin Balanon
  • leia olien
  • Shaundra Llewellyn
  • Katie Watt
  • arpita goala
  • Joan Guirado
  • Robert Black
  • M. Zair R. Zaidi
  • olaitan abubakar
  • Anisur Rahman Shakil
  • Alex Anderson
  • Elena&Pavel Ivanov
  • Eric Hodgson
  • Don Morris
  • Junnel Z
  • Alicia
  • Jose Espinosa
  • Yolanda Tran

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