Oaksville Laundromat

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3099 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 2K8, Canada




Oaksville Laundromat is a Laundry located at 3099 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 2K8, Canada. It has received 112 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 stars.





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  • The address of Oaksville Laundromat: 3099 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 2K8, Canada

  • Oaksville Laundromat has 3.9 stars from 112 reviews

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  • "This laundromat was referred to as the 'cleanest' laundromat in Vancouver"


    "This laundry is definitely a 5 star"

    "As I was in the area to get a haircut, I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone and launder all my gym gear to have ready for the next week"

    "Today I watched a woman put her wet, unwashed, sleeping gear and her coat directly into the dryers without washing them first"


  • bouviergirl

This laundromat was referred to as the 'cleanest' laundromat in Vancouver. Many Vancouver laundromats are so disgusting that I did a search on the web trying to find the best one. This laundromat is located in a nice area, Oak & W 15th Ave. There is limited free street parking around depending on the time of day. While the laundromat appears tidy, is spacious and the machines look OK, customers need to be aware that while the facility appears clean and tidy, all manner of people with all manner of standards of 'hygiene' use the laundromat. I have been here many times and I always come equipped with my disinfecting wipes. Customers routinely arrive and, though there is ample seating space available by the large storefront window, some people immediately head to the stainless steel folding counter and park their dirty things on top of what should be the clean folding surface for your washed, clean laundry. I've observed people put the laundry basket on the floor, then lift it and park it on top of the folding counter. They put their backpacks/bags/grocery store bags (which were on the filthy grocery checkout surfaces)/jackets/you name it on top of the folding counter. What always amazes me is how people bring their smelly dirty laundry in whatever carrier they use to get it to the laundromat, then after their load is washed and clean, they stuff it back in the carrier that was used to bring the dirty laundry. Though the place looks tidy, if you take the disinfecting wipes and wipe down the laundry transfer baskets supplied by the facility (the wheeled baskets) you will see just how 'clean' the place really is...every time I do this, the wipes come away with gray dirt. Also, I've frequently seen customers put their dirty things ie such as their laundry basket that was just on the dirty floor, into the transfer basket. This place is better than many Laundromats & their equipment is reasonably up to date but you need to be aware the hygiene is far from where it should be - neither by the facility staff nor by the customers who use it. You need to use disinfecting wipes to sanitize the handles of the washers and dryers as the vast majority of customers just walk right in and don't wash their hands before handling them (or their clean laundry). The transfer baskets need to be sanitized as does the folding counter/table. One down side is they quite often have several dryers out of order. Like most commercial laundromat dryers, on high setting they are super hot and you can actually burn your skin when getting the dried clothes out. I prefer to use lower heat and allow a little longer dryer time to prevent my clothing/linens from getting scorched.

  • Morgan Lee

DO NOT GO HERE. I have never written a negative review in my life but I am absolutely disgusted with this business. I went to the Oaksville Laundromat this week and had 150$ worth of clothes ripped to shreds in one of their machines. The manager was not working at the time so I was given her contact details. When I got ahold of her today and asked as nicely as possible what their policy was regarding damage to clothing she said that they have no policy and that they wouldn't compensate in any way (or even offer a simple apology). She was extremely rude and tried to tell me that it was my fault because I clearly left something in a pocket that had caused the damage. Seeing as how my thick-denim Levi jeans were cut up into absolute shreds, I would have had to have mixed in an entire kitchen knife set for this to be the case (please see the photos I have uploaded). She also said that it didn't matter if one customer was unhappy as she had good reviews on Facebook and Google. The management of this establishment is rude, ignorant and does not value their customers. Do not go here unless you want to support this kind of business owner and/ or have your clothes ruined.

  • Elizabeth Ayearst

This laundry is definitely a 5 star. There is always an attendant to help you out and the laundromat is nice and clean. Super long stainless counter tops to fold your dry clothes too plus comfortable seating with wall outlets to plug in your computer, ipad etc. Very reasonable - top washers are $2.50 and front loaders are $3.50. Dryers cost $.25 for 5 mins. - a load with jeans and large shirts cost us $2.00 to dry. After travelling across Canada twice, we've found Oaksville Laundromat to be one of the cleanest and most reasonable laundries. The ladies working there are great too. There's a change machine too. Big Bonus - a deli is across the street so you can grab a coffee or a bite to eat while your clothes are washing.

  • John

As I was in the area to get a haircut, I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone and launder all my gym gear to have ready for the next week. I have never been here before. The place is spotless and has up to date equipment that gets the job done. Tina was there to help me with the job. I don't generally use laundromat. She is friendly, professional, personable and over all helpful to ensure I paid the appropriate amount without over spending or tying up their machines. A great place to load up the machines and walk over for coffee and pastry as well as load up on fruit and vegetables at the nearby businesses. Thanks Tina!!!

  • B Vancouver

Today I watched a woman put her wet, unwashed, sleeping gear and her coat directly into the dryers without washing them first. She was allowed to do this despite that I had alerted the attendant on duty to her intention prior to the event. This is a public health concern, especially given recent outbreaks of bedbugs in the city (I personally don't find the knowledge that both bugs and eggs are likely to be killed by the heat very comforting). I should note that otherwise, the facility has always seemed very clean. I'd like to see the owner of the establishment respond to this alert with a change in policy.

  • Danielle

Large front facing dryers have been broken for months with no signs of a repair coming. Attendant took my freshly washed clothes out of the washer and told me to read the rules regarding leaving my items unattended. Clearly she hadn’t read the rules which also state no more than X amount of ppl allowed in the laundry mat at one time. New dryers = 1 star! Attendants use 70 percent of the machines during prime time. As I type this I’m staring at a several dryers with an attendants laundry that is finished and waiting to be claimed. The hypocrisy of it all Ok I’m done!

  • Mark Because

Half the machines were out of order and they charge SEVEN DOLLARS for one wash. I left without paying those obscene prices. -They say they have "an array of machines of various sizes." But, if those are all out of order & you are forced to use the $7.00 ones, then that's irrelevant. - I went there because I had some large items (pillows, comforters) and I figured their machines would be bigger than the one I have. It turns out their "largest capacity machine" is roughly the same size as my regular size front load machine. It would have barely fit too pillows.

  • can2mo

I loaded two machines and asked the lady who was working at the time if I could get some changes(I used to go to laundromat quite regularly and I know this is one of the service they provide). The lady gave me a very funny, confused look and kept on telling me that I was asking something very extraordinary question. I then asked her again, “So you are saying you do not have any changes for me to exchange?” and she kept on going on and on... No coins to exchange? That is totally fine. But please do not give me a lecture, just simply say “Sorry, no coins”

  • Illya Swan

- $4/load for smaller than usual washing machines - No credit cards accepted/cash only - The quality of the wash was horrible in all machines; simple dust/dirt stains remained almost unchanged. Even our old washing machine in building removed them easily after this laundromat, - The laundromat clerk took out our clothes from 2 of the machines because "somebody needed to use them" ten minutes after the time was up despite half of the machines being empty at the facility. Conclusion: don't waste your money and time if you have any alternative options.

  • fidy cam

I went today 28/07/2022 just before 18hrs for first time I did not know they close at 19hrs but I learn that not in the nicest way a person (looks like a young woman) told me in a VERY VERY rude way last wash is at 17:45hrs pointing to a hand written sign (pretty small) then she said this place it’s close she made a very nasty face and a sound with her mouth as being bother while she was flipping the close sign I guess she was SO busy she even forgot to flip the sign on time. I AM SORRY for me going to this place and trying to give business.

  • Kristy Grainger

The machines are fussy and dont like to accept the coins they're given. I was actually told to put the coins in gently to the change machine ...how you drop a coin into a slot gently is anyone's guess. The washing machines often wouldnt register the coin that had been dropped in to it and you would have to get it back and try again. There are lots of washers available but only 16 dryers, and at the time of my visit 6 were out-of-order and four were being reserved for staff use - even though they were not being used.

  • María Olga

I went last week. I didn't like the service. I wasn't satisfied with the washing quality, and also because the lady that work there was unfriendly. I asked for help because it was my first time there and she wasn't available to provide orientation showing a rude attitude. Fortunately, a client so sweet called Mimi helped me and gave me recommendations. Today I did my laundry in other place, I rather go a little far from the area for a better customer experience and good vibrations from the staff.

  • Ale Dom

Please don’t go to this place, I had a very bad experience and it isn’t the first time in this place, I wanted to give it a second chance but I can't anymore, there is no good customer service, she is very rude, I understand that not every day is good but it's not fair that she treat you badly, she doesn't care about her clients, and all the machines are out of service, it's incredible, and if they are available she uses them, and she treats you badly, I will never return to this place!! !!

  • Greg Yoshida

Poor job cleaning a quilt, had to bring it back as it somehow got dirtier in their care. And then they charged me again for using more detergent?! Also the worker Tina told me they didn't accept Visa so I had to go home to get cash, however I later learned they do accept Visa. It was suspicious because when I went back another worker said there was no record of me being there as she looked through the receipts book. So demands cash but doesn't record it. Interesting.

  • Michael Jennings

You can use their huge washers and dryers and do your own laundry, or you can leave it with them and for $2.50/kg, they'll have it clean and neatly folded for you (sometimes the same day, sometimes the next - that depends when you drop it off and how much you need washed). Options at no additional charge for sensitive skin soaps, whether or not you want bounce sheets, and they follow your instructions. Leave them a tip - they work hard!

  • Sharon Craddock

16 Dryers but only 12 work. The same out of order signs have been on the broken dryers for quite a few months. 2 televisions there to help pass the time but they are never turned on (broken too??) Says air conditioning but now that summer is here it is stifling hot. Have to stand outside with the other uncomfortable customers waiting for the laundry to dry l. Too bad. This used to be a great place.

  • Barbara Megan

This place ripped me off. They quoted $45 to wash and fold a bag of laundry and then increased the price by $25 when I picked it up. The woman working there said the increase was for laundering two fleece blankets which makes no sense, they were included in the bag she weighed and had no special wash instructions. With tip we paid $70. We usually pay $45-50 for a similar service. Do not recommend the laundry service.

  • Natsuki

I was really disappointed with the quality of their service. The lady who is always there, has some rude attitude to me almost every time. When I need some coins before using the machine, she came to me immediately “did you come just to exchange money?” I just wanted to change my five-dollar bills into coins. I don't understand why I have to be treated like that.

  • Jeannette Lawson

Gets laundry done in record time Had change machine although no ATM But there's one at the market next door, A little crowded In between washers Dryers made to fit double loads!! Comfortable seating Felt my things were safe( if I was there) However the owner keeps close eye one everything and quite helpful. One downside Too many our of order washers.....

  • Life Of Why

This place has clean machines but they're usually broken, and they don't get fixed for months. The lady that runs the place is either too friendly one day or super rude the next for no apparent reason. The front door is left open in the winter so wear a heavy coat if you plan on taking the risk but otherwise skip this location.

  • Kerri wilson

I have been doing my laundry here for past year, and with family of 6 we have a lot of laundry. I am able to do many loads of laundry at once in just couple of hours. They also have free wifi if needed, coin machine, workers have always been very kind. You also have a few choices for size of washers from $2.50 up to $7 a load.

  • luisa

this place will not provide change, you have to bring your own correct coins, took my laundry and left, lady told me I could go next door for ATM and pay a service chg for that then get coin chg somewhere else or have to buy something where the ATM is, this place is not convenient

  • Tim Fung

Been having my commercial business receive pick up and drop off laundry services from Victoria at Oaksville and they've always been responsive, with pickups within 24 hours and drop offs within a very reasonable time frame. Great experience with them over the last couple months.

  • M Ho

a very nice laundromat , it's super neat and clean , people work there friendly and helpful , doesn't open on holidays though , try not to go there in the morning , too many customers and not enough carts for transporting dry or wet clothing as they only have four carts

  • P.J. M

I’m in shock with the 3.6. I think I’m incredibly judgmental but honest and fair. I’ve been here several times and I love it. I get there, do my thing, and leave. Machines are always available, quick, thorough and dam so those dryers dry fast! Excellent business!

  • R Yensen

We started taking our laundry to this cleaner and I’ve always been happy with the service . I love that they take debit and have machines for change as it makes my life so much easier. The lady, owner is always so nice and accommodating and

  • Connie Schultz

This is a convenient location for a laundromat. There is a change machine. The washers and dryers are in good condition and clean. There is space to move around and there are window couches to wait. Or, there is a restaurant/deli next door.

  • Christopher Hughes

Efficient and reasonably priced. We used them while on vacation since we didn’t have a washer/drier in the rental. Happy to get clean folded clothes late the next morning when we dropped off towards the end of their work day.

  • Troy Finnegan

This is a good place to do laundry. Hours are reasonable and so are the prices. The lady in charge there does a good job. There are several machines “Out of Order” though, that’s the only thing I’d say is a bit of an issue.

  • John Thomson

I asked for wash and fold Got my clothes back with a good smell She got them from upstairs Not sure what’s happening up there Won’t come back again. Plus pricey Kits coin 10 min up they do better service and rate.

  • Maher Kebbeh (Maher)

Located in a nice area. Establishment is clean and has newer washer and dryer machines, stainless steel folding tables, and wheeled hampers available. It has free wi-fi and a sitting area while you wait as well.

  • West Coaster

Excellent coin laundry. Always super clean, very friendly, everything works. With comfortable seating, nearby shopping, deli, coffee shop; this is a great place to take care of laundry chores when needed.

  • Kevin Kuei

Tried their self wash. Washer/dryer machines seemed reasonably clean and maintained. They also have onsite change machine, detergent dispensor, carts for moving your clothes around, and a folding station.

  • Amanda Robinson

When we needed to do laundry between cruises, this place was a godsend. Huge thanks to Tina for going above and beyond to help us in so many ways. The other patrons are also friendly and considerate.

  • Aaron Richards

Great facility. But don’t ask for change or anything! Super super rude and unprofessional. Customer service seems to be missing in many business in Vancouver. I’ll be taking my business elsewhere

  • John M Hall

Just moved in around the corner and went there last night. I found it very clean, the woman attendant was very helpful and cheerful and the prices are comparable to other laundromats.

  • Kanwar Bhullar

Used this place a few times a year. Very clean and they have replaced some of their machines recently. Staff is helpful and i would recommend this place if you're in the area.

  • Bj Woods

Clean store with a little of machines. Also seems big enough where you can go and still stay distanced from everyone else. Doesn't smell like laundry, so that is good

  • Alex Romero

The staff is very friendly and the place has free Wi-Fi for customers, bring coins, otherwise get in touch with the front desk. Parking is a little bit limited.

  • Tessa Smite (Tess)

I do my laundry here, because my building laundry room is really dirty. Friendly staff, clean machines. Hope they can fix some of the broken machines.

  • Colleen SJ

I like it there. The machines are clean and get your clothes clean. Everything you need - even to wash your duvets. Staff are friendly and helpful

  • Braeden Asp

I like this laundromat its clean, has a coin machine and the lady who works there is pleasant to deal with unlike most other places ive been.

  • 류서연

Awful customer service. The old woman talked back about me with other customers while I was still there! Never gonna visit again

  • alejandra d

Super clean and well maintained. The lady that works there is so lovely and helpful. Highly recommend this laundromat!

  • Chi T

Tina is awesome. She is friendly and so helpful. Love going there to wash my duvet. Tina keeps the place spotless.

  • Bob McKenna

Courteous staff. Very clean. Dryer prices a little higher than other laundromats I've been to in the area

  • Argya P. Budihandojo

was my first time here and the lady working the counter was super nice and helpful, will deffo come back

  • Samantha Deitz

Really nice place! The attendant was super kind and helpful, and the interior is absolutely spotless.

  • SethXX

Quick, clean and a friendly staff. I really appreciate that they have been updating the machines.

  • Paxton W. Stewart

Clean and friendly staff...The lady running it was so helpful! …

  • Patrick

Clean & Friendly, but you can expect 40% of their washing machines to be out of order all year…

  • Michelle Wake

Clean and good machines! Would definitely come here again if our in suite machine breaks down.

  • 韩宇韬

A very kind owner and good environment. Laundry machines are good and clean. Very convenient.

  • Ali Moosavi

Very clean and they have HUGE washing machine if you want to wash your duvet. + Free wifi

  • Abdulkader Charkas

Not enough washers and dryers available most of the time, always tagged out of service.

  • Victor Wong

Been here a few times this year and the place is nice and clean with helpful staff.

  • CptVein

The lady at the counter helped me and made it all easy. Would go back.

  • Angela Hobson

Clean, quiet, good prices wasn't too busy I would definitely return.

  • Astro Farmer

great laundry mat experience. maybe the beat one I have had.

  • Adrian Vega

As a first timer my experience was acceptable