OMG Bristol Club

186 reviews

1-2 Frog Ln, Bristol BS1 5NF, United Kingdom


OMG Bristol Club is a Bar located at 1-2 Frog Ln, Bristol BS1 5NF, United Kingdom. It has received 186 reviews with an average rating of 2.8 stars.





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  • The address of OMG Bristol Club: 1-2 Frog Ln, Bristol BS1 5NF, United Kingdom

  • OMG Bristol Club has 2.8 stars from 186 reviews

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  • "This has got to be the most ridiculous place I have ever been to and I'm 34 years old with plenty of partying experience"

    "First time that I felt discriminated at this level"

    "Come here if you're LGBT+ and want to be surrounded by a sea of cisgender straight people who will gawk at you like animals in a zoo and grope and harass you under the guise of "inclusiveness""

    "***THIS IS PRACTICALLY NO LONGER AN LGBT+ CLUB, JUST ANOTHER CLUB OF ENTITLED STRAIGHT MEN*** I used to love OMG, but unfortunately it's been a victim of the gay club life cycle"

    "great club - bad staff"


  • Sophia Fyhr

This has got to be the most ridiculous place I have ever been to and I'm 34 years old with plenty of partying experience. I was with 7 of my friends for a girls night/pre-hen do, so my maid of honour could meet my bridesmaids and close friends. We were in good spirits. As my feet were killing me in heels, I was bare foot at every opportunity. There was no problem with this inside the venue, I danced on the floor a few times, went the to the bar three times for our rounds etc. I left the venue for smoke breaks and I was told I need to have my shoes on. I asked why (I appreciate shoes are normally on people's feet but I can't be the only female that takes her heels off and walks around like no one cares on a Saturday night). The door guy says it's a health and safety measure inside the venue. On the second smoke break the same door man said I need my shoes on again. When I returned inside, I got my shoes back on and thought nothing more. The following smoke break I was refused entry because "I was rude, had attitude and was swearing at his colleague". I very rarely swear and would not swear at staff doing their jobs, I didn't raise my voice and had no reason for attitude. We then had this verbal tennis game of 'I did this and said that', until I finally advised that my group needs to be informed that I'm not allowed back in and I need my bag which has my phone and jacket. The doorman argued that I can't tell him how to do his job. I then replied that my property is in there and he had no right to withhold it, I have no money or phone and my group is unaware. He then agreed and said to wait, nothing happened for a while. So I said I wanted to speak to the manager, he then spoke to the doorman next to him and he went inside, a minute later returned with my bag and jacket. Needless to say I never saw any manager. Moral of the story: wear shoes at any times (you won't be warned about being refused entry), don't be alone at any time in case a member of staff make lies on what you've supposedly said/done, keep your phone on you so you can call a friend, if you see a bald doorman with attitude - salute him, for a job well done
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 3

  • Alkis Tsiakkas

First time that I felt discriminated at this level. Went with a friend and the doorman kept asking us questions, as if it were an interrogation, of why we’d choose this place. I kept telling him that it’s a nice venue with nice music and came here to dance and he kept insisting that we were there for the ladies, until at one moment I reluctantly said why not, cause it was too much. He immediately told us to go elsewhere, apparently due to us being straight, while he then continued to allow random guys in with no further questioning. There was another random group of guys behind us that he thought they were our friends and said you’re not going in either but at that moment another member of staff told him they were all gay so he’d immediately let them in. Does this venue really represent acceptance and diversity? I was denied entrance for looking straight enough, and was not even looking to pick up girls just to have a good time with friends, some of them happening to be gay as well. Terrible representation of the LGBTQ campaign for acceptance. Rude and awful behavior by staff. Definitely not going there again since I’m not gonna pretend of having another sexual orientation just to get into a club. Imagine what would happen if a gay guy was refused entry into another venue due to his orientation! Simply unacceptable!

  • Vala

Come here if you're LGBT+ and want to be surrounded by a sea of cisgender straight people who will gawk at you like animals in a zoo and grope and harass you under the guise of "inclusiveness". The management of this venue have no respect for the LGBT+ community, or the fact that people travel from all over the southwest to have a safe environment to express their sexuality and/or gender. No, all they care about is selling as many J-bombs as possible to the lads groups and hen parties who think our lives are a novelty. My queer family has been harassed, groped, violated and even attacked by the groups the door staff are letting in. Every experience I've had here in the past year has been utterly degrading. The LGBT+ community deserves better than to be treated as a marketing gimmick and as bait. We are welcoming to everyone, but please understand that if you are non-LGBT+, you are a guest in a queer space. Don't climb on stage with the drag queens and try and pull off their wigs. Don't force yourself on queer women. It's not about you. You are a guest; act accordingly. I'm going to be going to Queenshilling from now on. It's 100m down the road, and unlike OMG, actually have respect for the community they claim to be a space for.

  • Sebastian Bell

***THIS IS PRACTICALLY NO LONGER AN LGBT+ CLUB, JUST ANOTHER CLUB OF ENTITLED STRAIGHT MEN*** I used to love OMG, but unfortunately it's been a victim of the gay club life cycle. A friendly gay venue is set up, straight women start going so they have a club they feel safe at. Hearing that the club has lots of straight women, attracts the predatory, aggressive straight men. OMG was a horrible atmosphere full of loud, entitled and agressive straight men. Just going to the bathroom there were a group of them cutting queues and banging on the doors shouting "hurry the f**k up I need a p*ss", and then getting in the faces of the men that came out the stalls and being very rude and aggressive. I have so many fond memories of this club from a few years ago. I was warned by many people that it's changed and they don't go there anymore, but I wanted to see for myself. It's such a shame as I used to go a couple of times a week, and now I have no intention of returning.

  • Gabriella Wfan

great club - bad staff. love this club music is great and drinks and entry cheap(with a app on wednesday). however last week the bouncers wouldn’t let my friend in when he came later than the rest of our group, he called me and said i had to come to prove he wasn’t going in alone. i don’t see why this is a rule, i always join my friends later on a night out if i have been at work and no where else has had this issue. when i tried to stand at the top of the stairs by the entrance door (where my friend was) the rude women on the bar screamed at me and told me to use the exit door, i calmly explained that i wasn’t leaving and simply letting my friend prove that he wouldn’t be alone in the club, they whispered some things to each other then shouted at me to go to the exit, where the bouncer was confused as to why i wasn’t allowed out the front door, such a shame as i love this club and will return but the staff need some lessons on being nicer to calm customers

  • Charlie Ferny

Horrible and hostile environment to be in. For some reason I thought LGBTQI+ clubs were supposed to make us feel safe, but that was the opposite of my experience. Full of aggressive straight men looking to take advantage of girls who have come to have a good time (free of straight men), like my friend who was S3xually a55saulted. The staff were utterly apathetic to this and so we left within 20 minutes. The dance floor (if you can call it that, since it was basically just a corner) was a cocktail of hyper-masculine, salivating packs of horned up straights with someone’s ill-composed Spotify playlist screeching on the speakers. Worst £12 (TWELVE pounds) ever spent. Obviously not very multi cultural since they have brown wristbands which blend in with my perfectly bronzed skin which caused me to be stopped and questioned as to where mine was (on my wrist, love). Consider a bright purple or a non-skin coloured strip of paper next time.

  • V Mc

Place is ok but can you place watch when your told to ask your door staff not to let people like this in! I don’t care what they say this person isn’t trans he just likes to dress up as a girl any ️‍⚧️ person would tuck not wear a mini dress and let it all hang out! And again tonight Saturday 7th October they are back again with their mother even worse! You were told from another venue few days before of their behaviour also they were trading in their clubs asking people for money to take a picture with them for £5! That was reported to the police! Now to be in the club and to look up and see this person opening their legs and having it all hang out no thank you we all complained and left ! Also they hand their scamming machine on them that night with 3 of their friends using it to contactless transactions on peoples mobiles purses.
Food: 5
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 5

  • William Carter

Baldy out front needs to go. We turned up to the club at half eleven and as we turned up we saw an altercation between him and someone else. We thought nothing of it and assumed it was the guy trying to get in who was the problem. However when we got to the front, the guy out front asked me who I was with. I replied saying “oh, I didn’t realise I was meant to be with somebody” and he decided he didn’t like my attitude and turned us away in a rude way. Was completely unnecessary as I was genuinely confused to why he asked the question. We saw a few more people get turned away afterwards as well looking just as baffled as us, mainly being men as all the women were allowed in. I genuinely have never experienced such unnecessary rudeness from bouncers before and I just don’t understand why the guy was acting weird.

  • Rob Czlapka

I don’t know what to say. I come from a time where gay bars were a safe space for queer people to feel free. A place like OMG club caters to anyone whose willing to pay, unfortunately this means it caters to a massively straight audience (a lot of which don’t have the core queer values necessary to create a safe space for the queer community). I can closely relate my experience in OMG to being bullied at school when I first came out. A bar that’s clientele is predominantly straight and the music is so basic it struggles to fit into modern day society, it takes me back to a time 20 years ago where I had to be overtly queer in front of a straight audience to feel seen. This was my first time in Bristol, it will surely be my last
Atmosphere: 1

  • Alyssa Martinez

This used to be one of my fav clubs but it has gone so downhill. Was there the other night and had to see a (trans) woman not wearing underwear bouncing up and down and spreading her legs. I saw her privates many times and it made me feel so uncomfortable. After I told the staff about the public indecency they said they would try to handle it but I continued to see this persons downstairs area ALL NIGHT. The club didn’t do anything to fix the situation even after many people made them aware. I later saw this individual taking cash from people and using a card reader seeming to be selling something on nightclub premises without permission. This club really needs to take action.
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Kurt M

Use to be a huge fan of OMG.. But not so much now. Went on Friday the 8th to see Katie Price. Drinks were expensive and not the prices advertised on the OMG App. Security was rude and barged past me while I was waiting at the bar. Music was the same old - Just naff remixes of pop songs. Katie Price was almost an hour and a half late and wasn't kept up-to-date by staff.. Got so bored of waiting and being shoved around so we ended up leaving to then find out she only ended up staying for around 30 Minutes. Everyone and everything just seemed very disorganized and all over the place. Poor night out and won't be going back in a hurry.

  • Angus

the people in the club were cool and the bar staff and door team were all really nice but the dj was really disappointing played relentless hard dance ish music that people weren't responding too and it got really boring really fast. I get the whole "this is what I play and thats it' but if that's the case this guy was in the wrong venue. no mixing style to speak of uncreative unimaginative and dull there were a few bits of RnB and hip hop that set the place on fire people started dancing with each other being responsive doing silly moves and generally making a party happen this pretty much stopped when the hard dance came back on

  • Cam Leask

Went out last night with a group of friends, I stepped out the pub we were in and I wasn’t let back in so I messaged my friends I’d meet them at the club and go ahead myself. Bouncer said I can’t go in by myself (strange rule) so I said fine and waited out in the cold. When my friends turned up we went to go inside and I was told cause I came up once already and wasn’t allowed in before I couldn’t get in the rest of the night. Even though I’m complying with their rules. Never been here before and I’m never going to in the future. Stay away at all costs
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Malibu&Milk

Went with my friends to OMG bar first then went over to OMG club after as we was told if you go there before 12 it was £2.50. The atmosphere in there was good and staff was friendly. But the club itself needs a lot of work done. Most of the seats was torn or put together with tape. Ripped wallpaper on the walls. In the toilet the toilet seat was broken and there was no toilet paper. Also bad hygiene too as the soap dispenser was broken so no soap and was the hot tap so couldn’t even wash your hands properly. The drinks was a good price.
Price per person
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 3

  • Con Cons

Place was once great and a lot of fun to go to. For whatever reason however, they now (as of May 2022) employ doormen who just straight up ask you overly personal questions about your sexual orientation when you wait to go in go in and deny you entry soley-based off it. Was not causing any fuss whatsoever, was not drunk and they let everyone else around me in. I spent a good deal of money in this club over the years and brought many friends along to it . . . Never again. I'd observe the doormen you hire very closely if I were OMG, as to prevent this unfortunate and bigoted behaviour to not happen again.

  • Rosie Ashmore

Would give it 0 stars if i could. The WORST club in Bristol which was unbelievably disappointing for a gay club. Paid 12 pound for entry which is extortionate even for a Saturday night. Full of straight predatory men one of which SA’d my friend at the bar. Told the bouncers about the incident and they did not care or attempt resolve the situation. They were more bothered about continuously questioning why the skin coloured wristbands were hard to notice against my friends skin. You’d think Bristol would have gay clubs that aren’t full of horrible people, useless security guards and the stench of sick.

  • Jordan Perry

Unnecessarily aggressive doormen, in an otherwise cherished establishment. I asked whether I could take a drink outside, and was told to “f*ck off” twice. When I questioned this treatment I was chucked out. I’m not sure whether it was because my friend and I were too “flamboyant” for OMG. A doorman called Richard failed to interrogate the situation (pictured). Please be wary if you do not conform to heteronormative expectations. I will be following up with a formal letter. In my many years going to OMG, I have never been treated with this kind of hypermasculine disdain.

  • Katherine Keir

Horrific staff, the male bartender shouted at us and then refused to serve us all because we were politely trying to get his attention so we could get someone a glass of water who was feeling very unwell behind us. Don’t understand why this would warrant him screaming at us. We tried to speak to the manager about him and she didn’t want to listen to our concerns and told us we had sworn at the bartender, which just wasn’t the case at all. Paid entry and didn’t even stay for longer than 10 minutes and no refund. Awful treatment, I wouldn’t recommend this place at all.

  • Ben Price

This is a good venue with a friendly atmosphere and a superb sound system in the main room. Unfortunately the sound system is somewhat wasted (on Saturday nights at least) by having a man, who could not look less interested in the music, standing in the DJ booth, and not really DJing (no sign of any headphones or mixing!). The music is a pretty unimaginative gay club selection. Try throwing in something different! There are so many DJs who know how to mix and would be thrilled at the chance to play on a system like OMG has.

  • James Welbourn

£18 to get in? When the hell did this happen? It’s cheaper to get into heaven in London. If this was a super club, fine. However, this dump, with the same toilets since it was vibes (absolutely rancid) they don’t even have a DJ, and the disco ball doesn’t even work. Not to mention everyone in there is straight. Never again I felt robbed, hopefully they use that £18 entry to invest in the club, as I’ve never seen a penny spent on it. Instead of changing the seats in omg bar, try investing in the actual club. Bad business.

  • X “Chillin” X

Was very disappointed with this place 5 of us piled in the car for a 21st birthday celebration it was a Sunday night September 30th I am in a wheelchair so a night out somewhere that is over 30 miles from where I live has to be planned like a military operation so we checked online Sunday was a cabaret night we got there we had ordered a taxi home that was going to cost £95 on a Sunday in the early hours So you can imagine how upset we were when got out of the cab only to find it shut online it said open

  • Georgia Sydney

FULL OF STRAIGHTS. NOT SAFE SPACE. Get this club closed down and a actual LGBTQ+ friendly club made in its place. Also £12?? Music was awful and the dance floor empty. If that isn’t enough to put you off, my friend was S3xually A55ulted at the bar. I told the bouncer and she could only offer to remove the person who did it. How can you when you don’t even know what he looks like? Wouldn’t give us a refund when we were there for less then 20 minutes before the incident happened. Fuming. Livid. Disgusted.

  • Dean

I came here for a fetish evening a while back, which the venue had been hired out for. The event aside, the venue was very clean and well kept. The drinks were priced reasonably too. My only complaint is the uneven distribution of heating/cooling across the building - in some areas you can be sat shivering whereas if you get a seat under one of the heating ducts you'll be sweating in minutes! It's not the biggest problem in the world, but hopefully they can sort it during future refurbishments.

  • Kerryanne Barrie

The fact that someone was in your venue and committed a criminal act (indecent exposure) whilst posing and dancing for a video (which is concrete hard video evidence of said offence taking place) and no actions have been taken is disgusting. I would hate to think of my 18 year old sister attending a nightclub and having a creep flash their p3nis at her continuously and countless others, only for the revenue to take no action. Disgusting and unsafe.
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Julian Jones

Busiest Bristol gay club at the moment (2014), from around midnight till 4:30am (no admission or readmission after 3:30). Great mixed mainly gay crowd and friendly efficient bar staff. Have been overcharged by woman on door before, and had every item counted in cloakroom (less flexible than London clubs!). Main downside is music on the dance floor is ridiculously loud, particularly when the resident dj is on, enough to permanently damage your hearing - loudest place I know anywhere.

  • Lydia Silver

Ironic this is allowed to be called a gay club, went on a Saturday night to be greeted by waves upon waves of aggressive straight men, one of which SA’d my friend and they did nothing about. After paying extortionate entry to the club we were greeted by an empty dance floor, surrounded by hostile men, and confused by the lack of a DJ. The only escape from the hell scape of the main room was a room that stank of vomit. Avoid at all costs.

  • Miller

This club is absolutely amazing! The service here is wonderful!! However I have had to downgrade my rating to a 4 star, as this lady (trans) was being very inappropriate, not wearing underwear, bouncing up and down and I saw her private parts, which ruined my whole experience, people of Bristol please could you make sure this woman will be found and be reported.
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 1

  • Stef Green

don’t understand how a club that is specifically for LGBTQ+ can be such the opposite of its purpose of a safe space. clearly just allows anyone in to do as they please-this includes harassing girls. If this is the kind of toxicity you want to promote then fine. staff does nothing and are clearly just disinterested enough not to care. really disappointing behaviour; wouldn’t ever recommend.

  • Christopher Goers

Music and atmosphere was great. £10 entry was a bit steep now knowing that it’s extra to check your coat and the coat check is cash only. Nobody carries cash anymore! It’s time to get with the times in that regard. Include coat check in your cover, sell coat check tokens at the bar, or simply allow coat check to take card payments. Do better, please.

  • Carl Jones

Such a friendly atmosphere and a great place to go if you're new to the city. I'd like to specifically thank the lady bouncer (I'm so sorry I didn't get her name) and the long haired bar tender for being so lovely. Gave great advice on the area, where to go and where to avoid and just was generally really lovely to talk to. Assets to the place.

  • James Mack

An alright club, but when it says it's "Bristol's #1 gay club" it means Bristol's #1 club w/ gay aesthetics. The amount of straight ppl there is absurd, and I know the club can't do anything about that, I'm still annoyed. At the very least they could change that slogan.
Price per person
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 1

  • Anthony Meek

Really this and QS the only gay club scene there is on offer in Bristol. £15 entry later on a Saturday is too steep though. I have been to significantly better venues in other UK cities for free / cheaper entry on a Saturday. The music here is also really played way too loud - can hit an ear pain inducing 120 decibels!

  • Vincent Nolan

Terrible club, tiny dance floor and unsafe. Was £12 entry when it said £6.50 online. The people that they let in are aggressive and hostile, people harassing girls in the queue still being let in. Worst club I have ever been to. About time they worked on their safety policies and work on making it a safe space.

  • Felix May

The bouncer (roughly 6’2 and bold) was not respectful and rejected us (a respectful group of lads) after a 40 minute wait, he discriminated against us for being a “big group of straight lads” and continued to be rude after we questioned the excuse he gave us for no entry. If i could give no stars i would have

  • Matias

Hostile bouncers. Kicking out ppl for no reason. It should be open until 5 am but they start kicking everyone out from 3.30 am. They accused me with false allegations I proved wrong and instead of apologizing they said I dont like your attitude so you won't get back in..... Basically discrimination.

  • Jessica Phoenix

Such an amazing club, lush staff and security. These guys care, the venue is awesome and it's one of the best nights out in Bristol. As a foreigner i was made very welcome and witnessed angry customers try accusing the lovely staff of racism, which is absurd. You wouldn't meet nicer people. 11/10❤️

  • Ben Norton

£12 entry. To be fair it was quite busy, but was not worth £12. For £12 I'd expect multiple rooms and cheap drinks etc. The only reason I gave this place 2, is because of the amazing DJ! Smoking area is full of guys selling balloons, pills and lsd. Toilets had no toilet paper and drinks are £8+.

  • David Sainsbury-Wilkes

Great fun but ive been twice now where i've left my jacket in the cloakroom and its apparently not there when ive gone to collect it. These two jackets totalled £140 so im really not impressed. Id say it's a great night just don't take a jacket, or at least not an expensive one.

  • Parker Stoute

One time I was walking on my way here and I hit my head so hard on a metal bar that I saw stars. Everyone laughed at me. I still have a bump and discolouration. Honestly wasn't the clubs fault, but I still left after 10 minutes because this annoying guy was dancing with me.

  • KJ MIX

Eliza on the bar tonight was lovely! Quick service with a big que on her own. Great customer service. Will return
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Parking space
Not sure
Parking options
Paid street parking

  • Katelyn Phillips

OMG Bar not club. Love the club though. The Bar tender Millie/Milly was amaaaazing so welcoming and lovely. She was on here own and got chatting to us, had no idea that she was new!!!!! So fabulous, love that queen xx
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • A P

Letting a guy come in with a dress on. With no underwear on. Dancing around showing everyone his cocktail sausage. Then has the audacity to charge for selfies?? How you let him get away with this is unbelievable.
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Oliver bennett

OMG was fab but what really made it was Georgie, part of the security team. Made our whole group feel safe and really nice to talk to! Definitely coming back again for a good night!
Price per person
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4

  • myles lunn

Went to omg bar not club and was served by Millie and she was very quick and helpful. Sorted our drinks and made sure we had everything. Seemed like she was very together for working the bar on her own.
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4

  • Hanham Bristol

Generally disappointing. After an issue with a drunk throwing drinks over people inside the venue, the management were very disappointing in their response. The management approach was one of little sympathy and interest only in profits.

  • Kiri Horikiri-White 堀切希凛

Hostile environment, 99% straight people, was there for 15 minutes, paid about a pound per minute and then and I got touched up at the bar by a straight man, staff couldn't care less. Not a safe environment at all!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS

  • Juliet Ede

Went to this club on Thursday.had a great time, however my purse and phone were stolen. Staff were supportive and because of their cctv and quick response I was able to get everything back. Thank-you to all staff ❤ you were amazing

  • Russell Barron

This dive of a club is complacent with allowing drug use to take place on it's doorstep on a daily basis. The club, it's bouncers and police do nothing to discourage it.
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Say it like it is

Terrible place, the security guy is horrible. He is definitely biased against people of colour as he let a group of white men in and denied me and my friends entry saying this is not your scene, what does that even mean

  • Tracy Hughlock

Great music had a good dance as it's been a while lol! Felt like I was the oldest one in there though. It is more like a youth club for people in there 20s lol! But everyone was friendly so non of this mattered …

  • Matilda Gregory

Maisy Moonlove was such a lovely, kind accommodating individual who was very understanding and empathetic. Such a fantastic member of the team.
Price per person
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 2

  • Erin CMcF

Disgusting and unsafe for not only women but anyone. Staff or security couldn’t care less that straight men S / A women in what should be an LGBTQ+ safe space. Avoid at all costs. Would give 0 stars if I could

  • Angie Winter

Full of nice people and great atmosphere but pickpockets are going there. Both my daughter's on separate occasions had their phones stolen from their bags which they had on them the whole time . Just beware

  • Oscar Zienkiewicz

Please OMG, just change up your playlist. I hadn’t been to your club in 10 months, then return to find your playlist and music choices to be exactly the same and as repetitive as last time... Bit of a shame

  • Devon Muxlow

We went to the bar part of OMG on a Saturday night and it was great time. Drinks were cheap and the music was good. Would recommend if your looking for a calmer, safer place to enjoy Bristol night life.

  • Body Harvey

The best club in bristol by far, very friendly staff the manager della is very helpful, prices are decent lots of deals to!! Can’t recommend enough
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • James Flores

Would give 0 stars if I could. Terrible club, bouncers denied me entry as I "did not look gay enough". I did not realise that the clothes I wear determine my sexual orientation. What a joke of a club.

  • Aaron Williams

Always an amazing night out! Staff are always welcoming and door staff show great care for all customers. Whenever an issue occurs it’s dealt with swiftly. We all love Callum on the door …

  • bella marie

Awful place. supposed to be a LGBT club but 99% off the people they let in are straight men, some of which like to SA girls which the staff does nothing about. an unsafe environment, avoid avoid avoid

  • Lewis Winter

Had some really good nights here, but it does come a little bit mundane as the music is the same every week. It would be better if they mixed it up and had more out-there events with a range of music.

  • Tony Kirwin

Thoroughly enjoy this establishment! Always have a really good night, staff are so friendly! The bar staff at the far bar are certainly my favourite! So friendly and professional! Would recommend :)

  • Nicola Antonio Di Spirito

Terrible experience. The place is nice, but the staff needs training. The bouncers are rude and impolite. I would give 0 stars if I could!
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • alexcliffordd

really good overall vibe at OMG - attentive and caring staff/security, amazing selection of drinks (especially shots/bombs) and all reasonably priced!
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4

  • rhianna pocock

Japhy is amazing, i was really upset and Japhy made me feel so safe and secure, to the point I could actually stay. I hope to see him next time, really love like love omg, i feel so safe x

  • simon mills

Unfriendly staff and unwelcoming. No atmosphere at all. Manager and staff extremely rude. Go to BBB or castle instead.
Price per person
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Joanne Shipp

Worst place I've ever been stuck to (floor was grim). Unisex toilets were knee deep in urine with empty drugs bags all over the floor and cistern Horrible layout and worse atmosphere.

  • Kiki Saint

Extortionate to get in, and stand offish atmosphere. Intimidating for me and my friend to be the only two non-white people in the entire club. WILL NOT BE COMING EVER AGAIN!!!

  • Megan Yung

The only place me and my friends feel comfortable the staff are so lovely and it’s always lit love it !!
Price per person
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Georgia Potts

Love this place. Confused by reviews I think you only have a problem here if you cause one. The managers have been nothing but lovely and on top of things when I’ve been in x

  • Veronica Parkes

Georgie and Alex welcomed us into the club, couldn’t ask for better service. Very smiley and started the night for us so well :)
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Howard “Mike Howard” Mike

Security guard called us gay as a joke and we made a joke back and he started arguing with us and being rude, awful security work, need someone better at the door

  • gabriel martin

The doorman was nasty, he made me feel unsafe and started on me for no reason. I thought the point of this place was to make LGBTQ people feel safe and accepted

  • Uwen Yap

Great music and free entry on Wednesdays is always a bonus! Would have been 5 stars but the layout is a little cramped; otherwise always a good place to be!

  • Recep Argun

I condemn the bald security guard at the door. She didn't let me in because I was alone. OMG I don't recommend the club to anyone. 1 star is too much.

  • Hannah O’connell

Eliza was amazing so so nice and made me and my friends feels safe and welcome
Price per person
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Jeanette Williams

It's not possible to give it 0 stars but it's a 0 star club. NOT LGBTQ+ friendly as its full of straight men looking for girls to touch up!! Avoid!

  • Ellie Rodda

Woman Manager absolutely amazing so friendly and helpful
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Shy Johnson-olu

went there last night really good time with lovely staff but please stop with the repeating music !
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 5

  • amelia:3

callum and georgie are the best lots of love from the girl who eats the cameras
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Gav C-Roberts

Turned away for being Welsh - by a Welsh bouncer on a Thursday of all days. Poor behaviour, girls walk right in. Annoying and sexist.

  • Josh Shearing

Actions by staff directly lead to the creation of an unsafe environment. Attending this venue is directly putting yourself at risk

  • Matt Cox

Honestly an amazing place to enjoy yourself and meet new people or take people that you already know to have a brilliant time !!

  • ollie turner

bouncer told our whole group to leave for 'rudeness' when we were being polite and just enjoying our night whilst being sober

  • Lilly Weiss-Skjorten

My fiend was diabetic and had was not allowed in- really disappointed didn’t think I would receive this type of service

  • Ryan Mendip

Vile place to come they refused my mate cus he's disabled,.
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Madeleine Smith

Been a few times to OMG, Curtis was really sound as a bartender. Thank you so much OMG for such a fun night out.

  • 1 1

You would have thought a website would have given explicit information about what days of the week it was open.

  • Keira Stefan

really unhelpful staff that were very rude and caused alot of distress. never met a more horrible bouncer

  • Nathan Fox

Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Wheelchair accessibility

  • Gregory Thomas

We love Chris. Give him a raise. Honestly such a sweet soul. Promote this person
Atmosphere: 5

  • Euan Williams

Lost my cap in here, they had it behind the bar a week later, and for that I will be forever grateful

  • Kallie Willis

The best. Amazing DJ, great music and an all round good time! Me and my friends had the best night.

  • Oska Zaky

Great space cheap entry friendly staff and bouncers. Only dipped in for 20 minutes for a boogie!

  • E Massey

Got to the front of the queue to find out it was £15 to GET IN! walked away. What a joke. …

  • Tanishya Rigney

Georgie the bouncer is honestly unbelievable. She helped so much and is the face of the company

  • Adam York

Bodyguard of the club are definitely rude and racist !
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Finn Martinez Kirby

Entry fares are so great no matter how much you spend from £1-10 you always have a great time

  • Sam Newman

Very poor performance from the security
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Roshondae Richards

When it comes to caring about lost and found items they could at least be more co-operative!

  • Oleg MrFavo

Looks like it’s a rudest place in all Bristol area. Let’s the game begin…
Service: 1

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