New Sun Restaurant

66 reviews

2925 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Y8, Canada



New Sun Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located at 2925 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Y8, Canada. It has received 66 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars.





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  • The address of New Sun Restaurant: 2925 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Y8, Canada

  • New Sun Restaurant has 3.8 stars from 66 reviews

  • Chinese restaurant

  • "Ordered using their website and the order was never confirmed"

    "March 2019 the best place for Chinese take out in Vancouver"

    "I hate leaving reviews like this for small businesses especially for ones that I order from frequently"

    "As a Hong Kong born East Coast Canadian, I approve this Westernized Chinese food! Having just finished the Chop Suey Nation book, I crave for such Chinese food and was not disappointed"

    "I have tried New Sun twice and both meals did not disappoint"


  • Tyler Wilde

Ordered using their website and the order was never confirmed. Called a few minutes later, and was told their online ordering system hasn't worked for weeks and that I wouldn't be charged and to place the order over the phone, which I did. Paid at the door. A couple days later I noticed I was in fact charged for the online order that failed and called New Sun back. Was given a 778 number and told to call the people that made their website. Have called, left a message, and sent an email, but this is way more hassle than it's worth. If you use a third party for online ordering you should ensure you have a better method for refunds than 'call this number and leave a message'. If your online ordering hasn't worked for 'weeks' you should have it disabled or post a warning on your website stating that. Terrible. Will not order again, and may have to resort to disputing the payment with my credit card company if the random 778 number I was given doesn't respond.

  • Irish Knight 1942

March 2019 the best place for Chinese take out in Vancouver. Prices are competitive. Food is plentiful and delicious. Not greasy or over cooked like some take outs. We go there regularly and have yet to be disappointed. Worth a try. June 2018 Still one of the best Chinese restaurants in B.C. Portions are generous and tasty. Prices are comparative and in many cases lower than other Chinese restaurants. Have been going there for over twenty years and they have always maintained a quality product. Once you give them a try they will become you favourite destination for Chinese food. More importantly no MSG side effects.

  • Kevin Williams

I hate leaving reviews like this for small businesses especially for ones that I order from frequently... I've probably ordered delivery here ten times and it has been enjoyable for its price. Unfortunately this time around I had a very awful and disgusting experience as I was chewing on some sweet and sour pork and bit down on what looks like a sharp pin cooked inside of the pork. I feel sick to my stomach now. I will not be ordering from here again.
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 1
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 1

  • Andy Liu

As a Hong Kong born East Coast Canadian, I approve this Westernized Chinese food! Having just finished the Chop Suey Nation book, I crave for such Chinese food and was not disappointed. The beef wasn't soften by food tendorizer as most places often do, the broccolis were cruchy and fresh, the chicken balls were a solid 4/5, and portion was generous. I got so excited to have found this kind of Chinese food that I forgot to order an egg roll. Next time I'll try out some real Chinese food and see if they do just as well.

  • Chanel Peters

I have tried New Sun twice and both meals did not disappoint. Ordered through UberEats for delivery: arrived hot and packed well. Ingredients used are fresh including the seafood and meat. Dishes ordered: Honey and Garlic Pork, BBQ Pork Chow Mein, Szechuan Prawn Chow Mein, Beef Chow Mein. Price for meals is fair for the portions given. Considering they have an extensive list of options I will definitely be back to try more dishes.

  • Alana La Rue

First time trying this place. The spring rolls were big and very tasty. The Szechuan beef chow mein, however, was super oily and had some undercooked noodles. The Kung Pao chicken barely had any chicken! It seemed like they ran out and decided to replace half of it with tofu. Disappointed since we bought it was already expensive (nearly $18). We probably won’t order from here again.

  • K Bob

I came by hoping for some nice Canadian Chinese. I wasn't very impressed. Everything was pretty heavy and greasy. The sauce of the sweet and sour was classic, but the meat was quite tough. The fried rice I felt like the shrimp were almost under cooked? The noodles were very greasy without much flavor. The deep-fried prawn was okay. Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend.

  • Tania

Great Food ! Awesome customer service. I love their honey garlic pork here, is so very good. Was our first time here and definitely will be coming back when in Vancouver again :)
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
Broccoli Beef and Chow Mein

  • Ken James

Great Mandarin Chinese restaurant, primarily take out, but does have limited seating. Great quality. Does offer single portion combinations at a more favorable price. For instance I ordered a Sweet & Sour Chicken Ball combo with Fried Rice and Chow Mein for just over $13. No skin on chicken pieces! Regular portions for same would be over $30. Opens at 4pm

  • M N

I don't know if it's the confused decor or the weird chiming clocks, but this place is my favorite Chinese restaurant on Cambie. It's like halfway between a dollar store and a Szechuan explosion. Delicious, spicy food in generous helpings and hourly reminders that you made the best decision of your life. HIGHLY recommended!

  • trevor Michell

Great tasting food. Combo dinners. Chicken Chow Mein, Fried rice, garlic pork, chop Suey, egg rolls, Hot n Sour soup is delicious. $ affordable.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Always happy to see you.

  • sam ward

This food is awesome!!! Vegetables were perfectly cooked, chow mein was delicious, noodles perfectly cooked, not too greasy or salty. And I didn't need to keep chugging a bunch of water like I normally do when I eat chinese food. I would 100% order again from this place.

  • Jake Marcoux

We were quoted 45mins for a pickup, waited 2 hours to receive our food. We were only offered $5 off our order. I don’t care how good the food is, you should give accurate wait times.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person

  • Tara P. Rose

This place truly has the best tasting chicken fried rice & beef broccoli, & the almond breaded chicken is delicious! I’m very picky when it comes to food, I only like the best! So for me to give 5 stars shows it must be no less than excellent!

  • Kalen Holm

First time trying New Sun, ordered through ubereats and it arrived hot and well packaged. Good amount of flavor without being overly salty or oily. The spring rolls might be the best I've ever tried. Will definitely be ordering again.

  • French Martin

New Sun used to be great 10 years ago, but nowadays you dont get much for your buck. Hardly any meet in the dishes and poor variety of vegetables. Last night was the last time I was ordering food there. Very disappointing experience!

  • Patrick Farrugia

I like them but they’ve raised their prices so much over the last couple years. I remember when certain dishes were over $5 cheaper back in 2020.
Meal type
Price per person

  • Allen

I think it's alright for westernized Chinese food, I'm personally not used to the amount of oil used for their dishes though. I would try them again before I could determine if this was a one time event

  • Ryan O'Malley

Worst chinese I've ever had, ordered chow mein with beef and broccoli and got 5 pieces of brocoli and no beef. Absolutely disgraceful attempt at Chinese food if I wanted vegetarian id of gone elsewhere

  • Caroline Liu

Pretty decent quick take out. Will try more things next time. Just ordered rice, wontons and veggies for the kids.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person

  • Gary

Great food, good portion sizes. Never ate at the restaurant but always order from them. Highly recommend. Dinners for one really good value and they are willing to substitute items.

  • Dayandra Elrod

Ordered off UberEats hadn’t been here before so I didn’t know what to expect - but it was fantastic! Crispy Chow Mein and Sweet and Sour chicken were our favorites.

  • Lonely Catz

Portions are great and food is fresh. They fry the chicken and other fried foods the moment you order it unlike other places and the veggies are fresh too

  • Demetri V

I've been ordering from here since I was a kid 25 years ago. Their honey garlic boneless spareribs is 2nd to none. Amazing food, great price.

  • Azin Z

The wonton soup, hot and sour soup and crispy chow mein with BBQ pork were amazing. Did not disappoint. I'm so glad I found this place.

  • Shelly Fong

I'm a regular. The food is fresh, hot, tasty, great quality, with good portions every time. Friendly, they get to know their customers.

  • Rich Eakin

Don't judge the place from the outside, visiting from out of town and found this gem. The staff was helpful and the food was great

  • Aaron Dong

Literally best authentic Chinese restaurant! Owners are so nice and their food is great!!!!! Reminds me my hometown !!!!!!!

  • thomas fisher

Really good food, we had the dinner for 3 special, very yummy! Ordered through doordash, came extremely well packaged too.

  • S H

Been ordering here for over a decade (like other comments). It's the best chinese food (North American style) in the city!

  • Viren Dadlani

Absolutely useless trash, ordered chicken fried rice and got beef chow mein. I dont eat beef. Breh

  • Samuel Morin

I went there 3 times they cam never get the order right. Twice in a row for me. Terrible place.

  • Shizuku Mizutani

Good food, fast and yammy, nice staff!
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4

  • Rishi Rozay

Great Service Awesome Food! Stopped by after work for some din din and loved the place

  • Sandra 2

Eat in isn't possible anymore. Couldn't find this information on the internet.

  • Dan bran Mid

Would deliver too me for years all of a sudden too busy too drive too me

  • Kevin

low key place but excellent food and the lady that runs it is very nice

  • Dev Puri

Good Chinese food at good price, skip the dishes was fast.

  • A

Best old school Canadian style Chinese food in the city.

  • John Lovell

Great food, wonderful menu selection ..excellent staff

  • Mahst

classic takeout spot with decent portions

  • Nathan stark

Garbage food made by horrible people

  • J V

The taste of food was not that good.

  • Greg Yoshida

Food tastes fresh and fast delivery

  • H

Generous portion reasonable price.

  • Gia ALBU

Chicken chow main 50% uncooked.

  • Robert Kent DesRochers

Fresh and tasty takeout. $$.

  • PlasterMug Online

Nice Looking Restaurant.

  • Aidan McGivern

Bland terrible food

  • Leanne Brown

Best beef curry !!

  • Joey Godard

Great combos

  • huang eric


  • Joe Hebert (Joseph Hebert)

Worst yet

  • Hobson
  • Albert August
  • Mike A
  • Chad Rattie
  • MCC
  • Jim Pook
  • Charlie Murphy
  • Colton Zarowny
  • J Dee (Leatherback)
  • Jodi Wigmore
  • Brodie Alladice
  • Stevedavid Markovitch
  • yu choco

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