My Beautiful Laundry

63 reviews

701 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5T 2R7, Canada



My Beautiful Laundry is a Laundromat located at 701 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5T 2R7, Canada. It has received 63 reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of My Beautiful Laundry: 701 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5T 2R7, Canada

  • My Beautiful Laundry has 3.5 stars from 63 reviews

  • Laundromat

  • "For starters, I give this place 4 stars because I've been to this place regularly for years"

    "Don't go here"

    "I visit this laundry matte every two weeks, besides the limited parking options I think this is the best place to go locally"

    "Sad to see this place go down hill so much"

    "Been doing my laundry here for about 2 years"


  • Kevin Tran

For starters, I give this place 4 stars because I've been to this place regularly for years. I never really had much of an issue with this establishment other than prices going up slightly. For someone who only needs one load, my experience with this place is 4*. However, anyone who's new to this laundromat or new to coin laundries in general, may have a worse experience. For example, there doesn't seem to be a limit to how many machines can be used at one time. Sometimes, patrons will use 5 washers at the same time, which greatly cuts down on what's available to use, so u may be left waiting 20 minutes (length of a wash cycle) for a machine to open up if u come at a busy time. It's also good to know that you're not allowed to only dry upon arrival. Meaning, you can't come in with wet clothing, and only use the dryers. To use the dryers, you must have used the washers. This may have been due to long wait times of dryers in the past during busy hours, but I do not know the exact reason why. If you want to use the washers, it's 2.50 (10 quarters) per machine. The dryers are are 4min/25 cents.

  • Alexandra Montoya

Don't go here. I got in at 6:05 (sign says they close at 7:30) - lugging my laundry - as they were kicking everyone out. They told me last load at 6:00 and they would not even do me the favour, even though I would've been out in time for their advertised closing. Once I mentioned that their sign says 7:30 and I'd be out by then, she pretended she couldn't understand me - totally not realizing that I'd been there before and spoken to her in English. So disappointed

  • Donovan Loewen

I visit this laundry matte every two weeks, besides the limited parking options I think this is the best place to go locally. The woman who works there is always very friendly, I've seen her go out of her way several times for her customers and help them out when they looked confused. I like that the machines are all well maintained and the bathroom is clean. Decent seating and a tv to kill the time. Not to mention the good food options next door.

  • Ashley Cooper

Sad to see this place go down hill so much. I've been going here every week or two for the past three years in the beginning it was a great place to do laundry. Clean, cheap, and plenty of machines. But in the past year over half of the machines are broken. The price has increased and the place is disgusting. The washroom has been out of hand soap for months and the sink broken. That's unsanitary at anytime but especially during a pandemic.

  • Vincent Heslin

Been doing my laundry here for about 2 years. Open late and always friendly service. This place is kept clean and neat with detergent and dryer sheets available if you don't bring your own. I left a t-shirt in the dryer and the lady gave it back to me 2 weeks later. I didn't even realize it had been missing. Good service. Would recommend. A+.

  • Heather Caldwell

Have been in Laundromats across Canada and the US and this one is lovely. Very clean. All the machines are serviced, comfy chairs and magazines and a TV. And there's staff. Products are available if needed. Washers are expensive but do a good job and driers are very affordable. No ATM! Bring cash, they have quarters.

  • Yordi Ramos Rivera

I used to be a client of this place but not anymore. I wanted to use only the dryer for one occasion and the owner super angry said no and that you needed to wash and dry. He didn’t cared I was a regular, he was rude and didn’t allowed me to use the machines. I’m never coming back

  • Anne-Marie Connor

It feels a little strange to wax poetic about a laundromat but after my washer broke and I was in desperate need this place was amazing. The staff was helpful and friendly and provided change (you can also use interac!). With so many machines I was in and out in a flash.

  • Candice Duncan

Love this place! It's only problem is the parking. Watch out for the neighbour, a middle eastern shop owner that is aggresive with parking. I stopped coming to this place for those two reasons. If you can get past the parking, this place is inexpensive.

  • L. B.

I would not recommend using the dry cleaning service there -- overcharged for dry cleaning and got suit with stain back. Most unfriendly staff that was reluctant to give money back. Other dry cleaning service in north van was able to get stain out.

  • Kodama

Very upset. I came to pick up my laundry at 7:20 pm and noticed the doors were locked and the open sign turned off. I thought I could trust this place with my personal belongings but I guess not. I even tried phoning and no one was around.

  • Jen Williams

I do my laundry here regularly. There are lots of machines, it’s clean, and the man that runs the shop is kind and helpful. It’s also located around coffee shops so you can grab a coffee while waiting for you laundry to wash or dry.

  • Jaspreet Rai

The owner is so rude and never takes dimes and quarters to exchange for toonies and loonies. He forces to wash your clothes for you when you want to wash them yourself. The man owner is always so obnoxiously rude.

  • greg cumby

Not bad, owner can be friendly but at the same time can also be very pushy. Machines are very good. Parking can be tricky as there is a very busy restaurant beside them and not many parking spots.

  • A Albert

Owners on premises full time. It is clean, machines work! If one breaks down, the owners place a signage on it immediately. Waiting area is humane with clean comfortable chairs.

  • Stu Best

What's you do, don't bring nicklels and dimes, they DON'T ACCEPT THEM as real curancy. I've done my last load there, after doing my laundry there for more than 20 years!!!!

  • Janie Jane Bigmore

The guy working there was so friendly . Got 6 loads done in 2.5 hrs. Thank you for helping figure out how to split up my load. Sorry for the exploding fluff of my dog toy

  • Ian Crowe

Way over priced and prices keep climbing. Dryers do an awful job low heat. The washroom is in rough shape. No toilet paper, no soap and the tap has no water. Unsanitary.

  • ZiDdi MeHaR

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  • Ria Carmin

Helpful and friendly owners and lots of room to do laundry. I come to this place to use their extra-large washing machines that fit duvets and pillows.

  • Mei T.

Don't believe the opening hours, this place just closes whenever the owner feels like it. Always a gamble trying to do laundry on a weeknight

  • Andy W

Staff always friendly. They also started a loyalty card scheme for a free wash. Prices reasonable. Lots of machines. Sofa and TV to wait at.

  • Lucas Simon

Ruined two shirts didn’t fix them and three of 12 were improperly Pressed, went back to have it rectified and to no avail. Garbage

  • Trust Clean

Great drop off service! They always get the laundry done fast and professionally fold everything. Very afordable. Friendly owner!

  • Emelie S

I use the laundry drop-off service and it’s great every time. Consistent and folded perfectly. Makes life way more manageable!

  • Graham Anderson

They literally sent me home with a wet blanket because there weren't enough customers to stay open until the posted time.

  • Siu Hong Lum

Nice clean place to do laundry for a great price. $2.50 for a load of laundry and $.25 per 4 minutes with the dryer.

  • Christin R

Great place to do laundry , the man there is really nice . They fold clothes really good and good customer service.

  • Maria Vancouver

We took five items here, four pairs of pants and one blouse. All four of the pants came back shrunken in length.

  • Cole Graham

Nice joint but they won’t let you dry only. Also machines only use quarters so you have to use 20x per wash…

  • Linden Biwer

Terrible place they won't let you use the dryer unless you used the washer before hand. Doesn't make sense

  • Bob T

Worst place to dry your laundry as they don't allow you to bring in your washed laundry for drying.

  • Keiana C

Great laundromat! Large and spacious, very tidy. The man that runs the shop is so kind and helpful.

  • jaspaci01

Rude over the phone and in person. I dont even know why people go to these places.

  • Björn Baadjes

Pretty unhelpful and sarcastic owner. I ended up going to another laundromat.

  • mjean amaze

Clean laundry area and friendly owner and new friends too...

  • Tim M

Well maintained quality machines and dryers. Helpful and polite staff.

  • Tanya Culic

The washroom is dirty and no hand soap and useable sink in washroom

  • Tanya Culic

Very nice friendly people that run it. clean laundry machines

  • Tara Gregor

Close to home! Great prices. Great Laundrymat!

  • Daniela “Dani” Schroyen Francis

I have been going here for yrs love the place

  • Phone User

Clean clothes and delicious tide pods

  • Yuri Palacios

A great place to do laundry

  • 국유정

  • J Park

meticulous service

  • Brenda Liza
  • Rikki Desjarlais
  • David McAleese
  • Am Ja
  • Zane zan
  • David L
  • tracey Mcfacey
  • Riley
  • Andrew Thomson
  • Kyle Haack
  • rajett rajeev nair
  • Turner Thompson
  • Anthony
  • Mohammad Mahdieh
  • Terra Connolly
  • Laurel Krienke

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