Melbourne Airport

12816 reviews

Arrival Dr, Melbourne Airport VIC 3045, Australia



Melbourne Airport is a International airport located at Arrival Dr, Melbourne Airport VIC 3045, Australia. It has received 12816 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars.



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  • The address of Melbourne Airport: Arrival Dr, Melbourne Airport VIC 3045, Australia

  • Melbourne Airport has 3.8 stars from 12816 reviews

  • International airport

  • "Melbourne airport has to be the least efficient international Airport in the world"

    "Melbourne International Airport, a bustling gateway to the world, is a mesmerizing tapestry of sights, sounds, and sensations that ignite the wanderlust within every traveler"

    "Melbourne Airport is the main Airport servicing Melbourne"

    "International terminal resembles of a slum"

    "Melbourne Airport As other international airports, Melbourne Airport is always busy"


  • Claire Glenn

Melbourne airport has to be the least efficient international Airport in the world. We arrived to thousands of people confusedly looking for their bags, as the carousels kept changing 2 or 3 times - minimum. People were so desperate for their bags that they were practically standing on the conveyer belts. Occasionally a staff member would scream at them to step back, but they didn't. Probably because the wait time to collect bags was 2 hours at the very least. People just want their bags and to get out. But getting your bags is just the beginning of the inefficiency. Signage is poor. We went to the regular exit point where we were shouted at to move further along. So we went to the next exit spot. Only to be shouted at again, repeatedly to move along. Eventually we were sent, along with hundreds of others, to the far end of the arrival hall in an attempt to leave. Despite not having anything to declare, we were directed to the line which was not only for declaring luggage, but to also have bags opened and gone through by customs officials. I understand that this is their job, and it must be difficult. But there wasn't a single member of staff on duty that didn't shout or yell at, each and every arriving passenger. We waited in the queue for goods to declare for over an hour. Finally we were stood a line for training for the trainee drug dogs. I know the dogs need to be trained... but it would have been nice to be asked if we wanted to take part in the training, rather than just sticking us in a line for an extra hour - with a connecting flight waiting for us. It was incredibly stressful for everyone. On the way back, we flew Emirates. Our flight 2:35am. We arrived at 11:15pm. Over 3 hours early. We were greeted by an enormous queue, but no signs indicating that this was where we need to go. So we didn't know it for us. We approached a member of staff, who only spoke to my husband and treated me like I didn't exist. He was so rude. We were sent to the back of the line. We were checked in. All we needed to do was bag drop.. but all automated bag drops had been shut off for the night. So thousands of us waited in this nightmare queue for 3 overworked and underpaid staff to get our bags onto the plane. It took about 2 hours of waiting in line and dropping the bags. We went through to International Departure to find that not a single thing was open( except a skeletal Duty Free). Anywhere to get food, drinks, books, magazines, gifts etc we're all closed.. even WH Smith and the 7 11 were closed. How can Melbourne Airport be offering itself as an international Airport, run flights for 24 per day, but then close every single feature that might provide any comfort to passengers at all? It's terrible. My preference is to never fly into Melbourne airport again, which means I'll never go to Melbourne again, most likely. Oh, one more thing there are signs everywhere warning passengers to not be intimidating, argumentative, or abusive to staff. All I saw on this most recent trip back into Melbourne (4 flights in total), is that it's the airport staff doing the abusing. It's offensive. It's intimidating. It's awful. I think staff need more training, and Melbourne airport needs a complete overhaul of its policies and procedures.

  • Harvey Spencer

Melbourne International Airport, a bustling gateway to the world, is a mesmerizing tapestry of sights, sounds, and sensations that ignite the wanderlust within every traveler. As I step foot into this sprawling aviation hub, a symphony of anticipation envelops me, fueling the excitement for my upcoming adventure. The air is alive with a vibrant energy, as travelers from all corners of the globe intermingle, creating a melting pot of cultures and stories waiting to unfold. The grandeur of the terminal building leaves me in awe, with its sleek architecture and expansive windows that flood the space with natural light, offering glimpses of the magnificent aircraft soaring through the sky. The bustling concourse is a bustling thoroughfare of activity, where people scurry from one gate to another, their faces filled with a myriad of emotions - anticipation, joy, and sometimes a tinge of melancholy. The melodious hum of different languages fills the air, intertwining to create a harmonious symphony of diversity. As I make my way through the airport, my senses are tantalized by an array of enticing aromas wafting from the diverse dining options. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the tempting scent of international cuisines, luring me towards gastronomic delights from around the world. From delectable pastries to sizzling stir-fries, the choices are as varied as the destinations themselves. The duty-free shops beckon with their glittering displays, showcasing luxury brands and captivating souvenirs. The vibrant colors and exquisite craftsmanship of local art and handicrafts catch my eye, offering a tangible connection to the rich tapestry of Australian culture. As I reach the departure gate, the anticipation builds to a crescendo. The aircraft stands poised on the tarmac, ready to carry me to new horizons and unforgettable experiences. I board the plane, my heart aflutter with a mix of excitement and wanderlust, knowing that Melbourne International Airport has been the catalyst for my journey of discovery. In this dynamic world of aviation, Melbourne International Airport stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that travel brings. It is a place where dreams take flight, where connections are forged, and where the spirit of exploration is ignited.

  • Frank S

Melbourne Airport is the main Airport servicing Melbourne. Dropping off by car at the terminal entrances for local and international flights is free, but limited to 1 minute, is STRICTLY enforced with plentiful security staff who will move you on if too long. DO NOT leave your car unattended, or it will be towed! Paid multilevel parking is available and expensive, 15 minutes free, $15 first hour, $49 day. The nearest parking spots are about 200-400metres from the terminals. REMEMBER and/or RECORD where you parked as it's huge, and easy to get lost! If you are only picking up kerbside, "Arrival Drive" is the pickup point if your picking up or being picked up from the airport. You can only stop here for 1 minute whilst loading passengers or luggage. Plentiful security staff will move you on promptly if you loiter. It's about a 100-200 metre walk from the terminal depending on which exit you take and you will get wet if it's raining. Taxis, buses, Ubers etc can drive into the inside lane adjacent to the terminal so you can step straight into a vehicle from under cover. The Airports itself is large and always busy. Free Toilets, showers, benches etc are available. Lots of restaurants, cafes and shops available to the general public in the non passenger area. A few restaurants have seating near windows where you can view the airside activities.

  • Syed K

International terminal resembles of a slum. Airports of bankrupt countries are miles ahead in terms of appearance and maintenance when compared to Melbourne airport. Melbourne airport has paid it seems media/Youtubers,to not utter a word about the pathetic services and awful maintenance across the international terminal. Poor lighting Worn out seating Drinking water fountain near the toilets This afternoon, systems went down for the flight departures and my family friend was among with hundreds of other passengers waiting for check-in. No updates were given by the airport management or by the airlines for hours. Entrance itself is an eyesore having dented doors and stained floors. Ceilings are dirty so are the interiors. Footpath leading to entrances seems to have not cleaned for ages. In terms of revenue,Melbourne airport management rakes in millions of dollars by their outrageous prices for car parking, trolley and food inside the airport. Photos are self explanatory.

  • Thu Pham

Melbourne Airport As other international airports, Melbourne Airport is always busy. I arrived at morning on 24 May. Security and customs check were smooth. To base on Australia's strict biosecurity controls, all visitors must meet the requirements before entering Australia. I declared my carrying items on my Incoming Passenger Card, the Border Force officer collected my IPC and asked me questions about what I brought and then let me go through. The arrival checked-bags took 5 minutes in the collection point. Also it just took around 10 minutes from booking to get-in an UberX. Unfortunately, it was a long wait which nearly half of an hour to buy a sim card at the airport. On the opposite to my friends and others, I got a great experience in Melbourne International Airport: Smooth check-ins, quick checked-bags collecting, good airport services and polite airport officers.

  • Catherine Brown

I flew CBR to tullamarine return on Jetstar. My flights were based out of T4 Jetstar) Skybus was a great way to connect to the city. If you are travelling Jetstar, allow yourself a good 10-15 minute walk to the gate. There are travellators and there is a lift and escalator down to the gate but it can feel like quite a trek with luggage. I left from gate 47 - there are toilets and a newsagent type shop with snacks and vending machines but not much else. Not much seating either. I recommend grabbing food and coffee in the food court past security. There are lots of good options for both food and coffee, including Melbourne institution, Brunetti Cafe. There are also shops including surf shops, a pharmacy and mecca cosmetics near the food court. Overall a fairly efficient and well- run airport. Warning, Jetstar were weighing bags at the gate.

  • Tom Mackenzie

Horrible experiences here. The airport security are incompetent. There was a huge bottle neck there because they were sending the bags through the scanners multiple times with no explanation. I waited there for over 30 minutes to have my bag scanned twice. I offered to open it for inspection to speed things up and were completely ignored. By the time I got my bag it was final boarding call for my flight. Security didn't give me back my sunglasses so now I'm down a $300 pair. The lost property process is abysmal. Submitted a form, nothing heard back. Have tried to call the airport multiple times, wait in the phone queue then get hung up on. Truly one of the worst airports in Australia

  • Ashton Samuel

Melbourne Airport is a great Airport in Australia that connects Victorian’s to the world! However saying that Melbourne Airport is missing a train line to and from the city. Another problem is that Australia’s main airline Qantas, have barely any international flights out of Melbourne. I get that they are based in Sydney but that is not a proper answer (Now with the appointment of a new C.E.O, hopefully the airline will get somewhere better). Overall Melbourne Airport is a great and easy Airport that is the start of many people’s adventures in and out of Victoria!

  • Abbott Hsu

Not a very big airport with domestic and international terminals. The space for queue up in the check-in counter is not very big and you need to be patient while crowded. There are lots of cafes, restaurants or dining in places before entering the custom. You can choose what you want first before departure. The security check is really friendly, organized and strict. Be patient with the regulation. Duty free shops are awesome and provide you the varieties. You can choose wines, snacks, chocolates, toys or cosmetics. Take your time here before take-off. Enjoy.

  • 一尾

Melbourne Airport is a clean and comfortable airport. It offers electronic fast-track immigration, which helps save some time in queuing. However, there is still a manual inspection during immigration checks, and the limited number of personnel can cause delays. The SKYBUS city transfer service is conveniently located outside the terminal building. For car rentals, you can head to the building across the airport where multiple providers offer their services. Don't forget that before leaving the country, you can handle tax refunds on the first floor.

  • WS

Arrived at Melbourne Airport on 16th Sept 2023. Australia is very strict in controlling what tourists may bring in that is biohazard. Hence, it is important to do a precheck before arriving in Australia. Clearing the immigration took a longer time as Melbourne was visited by many tourists. Please ensure you have prepared the necessary visa before visiting Australia My friend picked me up at 2F near Parkroyal Hotel. It was easy as there are sufficient signage, and there are friendly customer officers that you could approach and seek guidance.

  • Teena Richardson

Well I needed help with mobility - nothing available they said... however once at the gate for what was to be a missed connection with my lungs about to fall out, there stood a bunch of staff, with a wagon, stating on their radios that they were busy.... as they chatted amongst themselves to farewel a mate - the laughing just added salt to the wound. I was not impressed at all. The flight was delayed for a long time - these things cannot always be helped, but staff clearly on the clock, not doing their job - unacceptable

  • Anastasis Kokkinos

My last favourite part of travel is going to Melbourne Airport, it's a soukess drive on a terribly designed freeway. Parking is extortionate, leading to cars parking near the entrance in the freeway creating a serious hazard. The airport itself lacks any atmosphere with ordinary furry free shopping, which is often closed if you have a later flight. No train to or from the airport which reflects Melbourne's habit of having serious infrastructure no where near public transport.

  • Regina Fugat

Flew into and out of Melbourne 6-23 December, 2022. As a USA passport holder, getting into Australia is simple. On arrival one scan the passport on one of the many kiosks and voila! Luggage collection was reasonably good, waited about 20 minutes for my luggage to come out. Leaving the country was also reasonably easy, no lines. My flight was in the evening and most of the duty free shops had closed, which was disappointing. It's really an average airport.

  • Eva Bonacci

Arriving from other countries highlights how poorly managed the Melbourne airport immigration and customs process is. Unhelpful staff who I witnessed being extremely rude to foreigners. Apparently you’re just meant to know what to do intuitively. Inefficient flow design causing bottlenecks everywhere. No signage to direct people. Broken kiosks. Drab and boring interior design with no welcoming images of Victoria to inspire tourists. Poor form. Do better.

  • Wakaka Nam

Melbourne Airport is a convenient and efficient airport. It takes only 15 minutes from landing to reach the Skybus, and if you're lucky enough to skip the double check of your luggage at customs, it's even quicker. This efficient service allows for a smooth and speedy transition to your next destination. I am satisfied with the convenience and efficiency of Melbourne Airport, which adds to the ease and enjoyment of my journey.

  • Greg Bolton

No queue in Transit but no obvious Departures screen when exiting Transit so need go looking to find which gate to go to. Great Lounge facilities but beware PA announcements don't sound in at least one Lounge so I didn't know they were looking for me and my checked bag was unloaded and I almost got put on a later flight due to Boarding pass issues. Otherwise a relaxing airport with nice countryside views.

  • Mandie L.

The airport was clean and the check-in/customs procedures were swift. There's a good variety of food options here - fast food, cafes, restaurants and confectioneries. It's also fun to window shop here as there are plenty of stores. The best part is there are heaps of perfumes you can sample. Choose the best smelling one, spray it on yourself, and TA-DA - you'll be the best smelling person on your flight!

  • Meg

Well at least you don't have to walk a long way to get your flight, process was fast and easy, nice shops but way to pricey even for a cup of coffee which was yuk, I had to giggle at the air hostesses though on their way through duty free, stop and sprey on some perfume and off they go to their flight hahaha that's why they always smell so pretty, keep up the great work all and keep smiling ☺

  • Jacinda Carey

Huge lines upon arrival (8am) for immigration, finding bags and even bigger line for customs. The entire place was chaos and it took 2 hours to get out once off the plane. Plan accordingly and bring snacks. Furthermore they said they were unable to process connecting flights faster and I felt really sorry for the people who were stuck with the rest of us, they should have a seperate line

  • Bethan Hannah

We actually slept here. We were only in Melbourne a total of 9 hours, overnight. Not much point spending $150+ for a bed. Felt very safe as there is plenty of servuirty during the night hours. Bright lights on all night, so maybe bring an eye mask or something to cover your eyes. Lots of people doing it. Nice facilities. Overall nice airport experience, arrival, departure and our nap!

  • Bob Elliott

Booked in at Qantas. The machine which scans your suitcases was playing up. The young man from Qantas who came and assisted us was great. Going through security was fairly quick. Once again I needed a wand all over the body as the replacement in my knee goes off through all security. Up to the Qantas lounge and had a lovely lunch. Smoothly onto the plane. All staff were great.

  • Saif Islam

Really nice and spacious airport with lots of good facilities for sure. The only reason not giving a five-star review because of the public transport connectivity with the airport is not so good. No train connections nor public buses, except the sky bus service, which is not so cheap either. Except for public transportation, it's an overall good airport for sure.

  • Sanador

No signage, confused people, closed desks and utter chaos with rude staff trying to crowd control without adressing the source of the problem. People cutting line by going through the shop, broken photo machines, classic australian multiple unecessary steps throughout the entire place. Traveled Europe only to be welcomed back to the worst airport i visited.

  • Jai ganesh

Melbourne Airport also called Tullamarine is the biggest one in Melbourne followed by Avalon. Srilankan airlines operate flights from here. Airport is clean reasonably big in size. Shops ranging from chocolates to Alcohol available in more numbers. Huge perfume shops with testers avl.. pleanty of food shops to cater different needs. Security check is fast.

  • Corey Allen

They need to streamline their security process better with alternatives for people that have disabilities and monitoring devices that cannot go through the body scanners. I saw a little boy have to take of an insulin pump. That's life saving medicine ripped from a 7 year old boy's body like come on a pat down couldn't be saficant. Do better Melbourne!!!

  • hali317

Efficient and spacious. Security is a breeze as long as you empty your pockets. Immigration is quick with your biometric approved passport. Immigration and customs officers could be more welcoming and friendly. Check-in Counter P is hidden. It’s not beside counter “O” but all the way to the back on the right. Require better signage.

  • d

This airport is quiet far away from city so you need spare more time to get here before your flight! Clean and simple airport! A lot of nice food and beverage stalls after baggage check (domestic terminal) ☕️ Also got some clothing and equipment store ️ Good experience!!

  • Andy Ceaser

I like this Airport, has a few bits and bobs but I like that friends/family can come with you through security, that's peak. A few arty pieces make it look modern though I feel like to change terminals there's a tonne of walking. I love the designated uber pick up zones, no need to flag drivers to say 'I'm here"

  • Sara Qian

Melbourne Airport T4 Terminal mainly for domestic routes. After finishing security check and before boarding the plane, I encountered a clean and well-organized waiting area comprised of restaurants, coffee shop, convenience stores, bookshop and even a bar. I grabbed a coffee and some fruit (very fresh).

  • Hizby Jafar

A best one of its kind huge airport with usual Australian hospitality all around . Parking lots were always filled finding one is to go round the floors till a slot is found. Some vacant slot indicator boards inside are not functioning in some areas in the parking bay. On the whole had a memorable day.

  • Ayesh Baddage

Good but would have been better. There is so much renovation going on but I guess its ambience and quality is still below par for an international airport. They could knock it down and redo it in a better way Mega project - wouldn't hurt much as whole Victoria looking like a construction site atm hey?

  • S L Chong

We had a transit flight here and it was very busy and crowded. There were hardly enough tables in the food area, although we did find some decent food. It's a pretty long walk to the gates. Strangely, people coming out of aircraft were at the same level as those entering, adding to the crowd.

  • Albert C

I bought a 11 day parking outside at the airport and a few days before my flight I was upgraded to undercover parking at no extra charge. The staff at the airport were very helpful and cheerful and knowledgeable. I cannot think you enough for a wonderful experience Melbourne airport.

  • Edwin Ang

Camped overnight for a 6am flight. There is very little to do after midnight at the airport and the seats are hard and cold. Of course this airport cannot compare with Singapore Changi Airport but I think it has all the basic necessities a human needs to survive in the airport.

  • Lyndon Russell

Plane laned 90 minutes ago and still waiting at the baggage carousel. the manager of the baggage department should be replaced with a professional who can improve the level of customer service. Better baggage management in 3rd world countries.Terrible waste of people time.

  • Siddhartha Maharjan

Melbourne Airport is a well-regarded airport with a range of facilities and services. However, parking can be a challenge due to limited spaces and high demand. It is advisable to plan ahead and consider alternative transportation options to avoid potential parking issues.

  • 张凌奔

Airport pick up area is completely chaos. I can see a lot staffs with yellow vest standing there doing nothing. Public pick up area has a lot drivers asking me if I need a ride. I booked an didi But the car is stucked in the traffic forever.‍‍‍ …

  • Rob Blackwood

Terminal 4 Jetstar very modern, heaps of vendors. Security over zealous, stripped my shirt off due to a nicotine patch. My tip, put the patch on after going through security. Had to walk across tarmac in the rain to board the Jetstar plane, no air bridge unfortunately.

  • Dr. Tanveer Ahmed

Departure terminal is Small but well organised. But the luggage trolley in the departure lounge is not free. You can drop off your guest without standing for more than 5 minutes. Inside of it you will get weighing scales and luggage wrap service.

  • Selena Rene

At the security I wasn’t sure how to stand as the karen there had heavy accent. Instead of giving me clearer instructions she sounded annoyed and her actions were unpleasant. She judged me with my appearance and assumed that I’m not good at

  • Brandon Cardinal - Dead Bird Productions

It's a small airport but easy to navigate. Make sure to pop in and get Danny's donuts. Yummy yummy. DO NOT FLY JET STAR. That airline should be called NO Star. Service is horrible, planes are garbage and the will charge you for everything.

  • A Vakauta

Trash. Toilets are disgusting (common theme throughout the airport including airside), the cleanliness of the airport is questionable and should have hazard signs around the whole airport. customs staff are plentiful yet queues are long,

  • darius savolskis

It is a bit a chaotic (in terms of directions and people guiding you and boarding itself) and fairly busy, but it works quite efficient. You have multiple shops and catering options inside. What is inadequate it is the restroom capacity,

  • Rita Angus

Qantas Club Lounge, plenty of room, food choices fine, plane delayed, but that's life. Would be a better experience through screening if there were adequate benches that we could use when putting our watches, shoes etc back on afterwards

  • Ares RS

Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport, is the primary airport serving Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is the second busiest airport in Australia and is a major hub for domestic and international travel. The airport is

  • Alyssa

As I have visited other airports here in Australia, I would say that the Melbourne Qantas DOMESTIC airport lacks selection on good restaurants. They also don’t have tables and chairs compared to Sydney and Brisbane (Qantas DOMESTIC)

  • Dane De Jager

Great airport with great amenities. Lots of decent food joints to pick from, not just fast food. Place was clean, but the bathrooms at the beginning of gates 1-10 were choc full of wee and needed to be serviced. Still a great airport

  • Shakti Nastiti

Rarely mentioned, T2 International Departures has a muslims prayer room! I'm personally happy with that and would be much better if there was an ablution area too. Hopefully more muslims will feel comfortable traveling to Melbourne.

  • C A

Lots of construction at moment and not organised. Lack of chairs in terminal area apart from eating areas forcing you to spend $s. The hire car area not well sign posted and drop off car hire needs better signage for visitors.

  • Peter Urbanec

A construction zone where the air-conditioning doesn't work properly. It's hard to find a water fountain to refill a water bottle or have a drink. At least there is The Local Taphouse, where one can have a decent beer.

  • Ali Al Alawi

Melbourne Airport is about 20 kilometers from the city. I opted for the Skybus for an affordable ride to the city, but it's worth noting that there can be long queues at security and international passport checks.

  • Samantha See

My second times coming to Melbourne here after 5 years ago. Small airport, clean and well organised. Quite fast and impressive at immigration despite long queue. Only abit messy at their UBER lane. Overall was OK.

  • Vincent Choi

I like the newly renovated airport. The colour scheme is very warm by using a lot of timber. Arrived on 1 Dec 24 in the morning at 8.30am, clearly Melbourne airport cannot cope with the numbers of ppl has arrived.

  • Ryan Ives Austria

Smooth arrival. Kinda slow in processing of entry due to high volume of new arrivals. But they handled it well. Clean facility, helpful and friendly staff. Better than most Airports I've been to, so far.

  • Siddhant Shah

This is the arrival part There’s a sky bus that’s very cheap and luxurious takes you straight to the city just for 20 AUD There are designated Uber pick up zones Vodafone store to buy a sim card at t2

  • Shoeb Ahmed Sayyed

Decent experience they tick all the box which is required for the international airport.Facilities for are traveller is good nice washroom attached bath , I really enjoyed my hot water shower …

  • John Tango

Melbourne Airport like most modernized ones has many nice shops. We had easy check-in. Security clearance too a bit of time to get through. Too many bags being flagged out for inspection …

  • Hayley Keating

Good airport, I had an early domestic flight in the t4 terminal and was impressed with the smooth operation of everything. Still enough stores open at 5am to grab a bite to eat. Very clean

  • Harsha Anjanappa

This lounge is better than many business class lounges. The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. The food and coffee were very good and the whole ambiance peaceful and relaxing

  • Hin

Unbelievable, there is not much option for food in T1. A few cafe with cold hard sandwich in the fridge. The only hot food option is Japanese food and they stop serving hot food at 7pm.


Better domestic airport than Sydney. Very neat and clean, the toilets are also very tidy and modern with sensor taps, soap dispenser and dryer all together for each person to use.

  • deepanjan maitra

Beautiful airport....smooth immigration.....friendly custom officers....just one not bring any food items from any have a hassle free exit to the city...

  • Brock Haylock

Not a huge airport so very easy to get around. There's a sufficient number of restos and shops prior to heading to board. The staff are fairly friendly and supportive as needed.

  • William. 1118

F&B outlets and basic amenities were available. That includes shower facility. If transit or late arrival traveller needs an accommodation, opposite the airport there is hotel.

  • Troy Parke

We have had challenges traveling for a month because my passport expires in 6 months. Ed at the Quantas Air desk was awesome. He helped us solve our New Zealand Visa challenge

  • Martin Warbrick

The Airport was very busy as you would expect we were looked after nicely by the air new Zealand staff. We had a good transition through security and customs which was nice

  • Dimensions 3sixty

No ATM at the airport. No person in the tourist information. Outside of the airport newly made. Inside is old. Announcements made in Chinese mostly. Doesnot make any sense.

  • Faisal Mostafa

It was a big airport like any modern international airport.The most exclusive thing was the duty free shops.Besides the management and the attendants were very helpful.

  • natni02

Simple, average and a relatively small airport in comparison to the massive airports in Asia. Serves its purpose though as the air transport hub to and from Melbourne.

  • Mick C

Incredibly busy afternoon weekday airport. Plenty of eating, relaxing, and working options. The long Qs move relatively quickly through the body scanning security.

  • Ashish Ranjan Dubey

It was okay. The airport is a bit complex, and the gates are way too far. The drop byvtaxi is made quite before, and you have to walk all the way to bag drops.

  • Dennis Tan

Nice airport with easy access to get Uber right out of international arrival hall, decent choice of eateries at the departures hall

  • Yan Olive

Thank you Melbourne airport & all staff very nice and support to us when we needs to help or any inquiry. Thank you very much :)

  • Justin Matt Leow

I'm hesitant about taking off from Melbourne Airport due to the departure security screen machines being an absolute letdown.

  • James Parker

Recently stopped by Melbourne airport for a domestic flight in the T3 terminal and had a seamless experience.

  • XZ C

It's shame to witness Melbourne Airport staff shouting at new International arrival customer onsite.

  • Kavan Applegate

Parts of the airport run really well. Internal layouts are more quite good and clean and efficient.

  • Chris Schuck

Efficient and clean. Decent food options before security and OK duty free options post security

  • Alex Hillman

Not the plushest or most modern airport in the world, but check-in was quick and smooth.