Marrickville Aquarium

80 reviews

318 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia



Marrickville Aquarium is a Aquarium shop located at 318 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia. It has received 80 reviews with an average rating of 3.3 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Marrickville Aquarium: 318 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

  • Marrickville Aquarium has 3.3 stars from 80 reviews

  • Aquarium shop

  • "This store has a great reputation in Sydney, all stocks are reasonably priced with the occasional discounts"

    "DO NOT GO TO THIS AQUARIUM, I was sold a catfish with hole in head disease"

    "I went here looking for aquatic plants (which they didn't seem to have anyway), but changed my mind when I saw how sad the fish were"

    "I also shopped at this shop and did not like it at all"

    "Great place to buy fish and I've definitely been around to all the aquariums nearby"


  • Stephen Ly

This store has a great reputation in Sydney, all stocks are reasonably priced with the occasional discounts. Although they are over 35km drive (one way), I rather travel that long distance to purchase my live stocks and dry goods than the aquariums in my area. The livestocks are very healthy and survival rates are very high. They stock one of the most varieties of shrimps in Australia, and the prices are one of the cheapest. Customer service is excellent. One of the best service I have had for a long time. Staff is very knowledgeable in terms of plants, shrimps, marines and freshwater. They are also very honest, friendly and helpful.

  • Emily Bowden

DO NOT GO TO THIS AQUARIUM, I was sold a catfish with hole in head disease. It has affected my whole tank and I have spent over a thousand dollars on meds over the past six months. On my subsequent visits I witnessed a lot of sick fish. The worse was a small oscar who had been attacked, an eye was missing the other cloudy with infected wounds covering its body. This fish needed to be desperately put down humanly but when I spoke to staff he told me "I was cazy" and refused to sell me the fish as I would have humainly put it out of its misery. PLEASE DON'T GO THERE THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEY'RE FISH

  • i hali

I went here looking for aquatic plants (which they didn't seem to have anyway), but changed my mind when I saw how sad the fish were. Betta fish were sitting in small plastic containers they could barely stretch out in, let alone swim in. These plastic containers had no form of heating or filtration, both of which Bettas need. A few were dead, and looked as if they had been for a little while. Lots of overcrowded tanks with no substrate/plants/decorations etc. Large oscars crammed in small, empty tanks. Please do not shop here.

  • Anh Tran

I also shopped at this shop and did not like it at all. I did not ask for the discount even I bought with 80.75 bucks. He said to me 80 bucks, but then when I used my card to pay, he still typed in the machine: 80.75. I did not want to say any word to him, just wanted to finish and walk off and reminded myself that I would never come back. Everything is very pricey there and not worthwhile. . . I dont trust the owners, they are not reliable. Dont know if our fish/fish tank lasts long. Not recommend at all...

  • Wendy W

Great place to buy fish and I've definitely been around to all the aquariums nearby. I'll be honest - the Vietnamese man who runs the place doesn't do customer service. You want fish? He'll grab it for you. He doesn't do advice, or niceties. But if you know what you want at a really good price, they do nice fish. I find that consistently, their fish have lasted way longer in my tanks (I mean years) than fish from some other places around Sydney. But, set your expectations. I'll be going there for my fish.

  • Jay Zu

I got what I went there for, 2 gold fishes for my son. They have all the usual stocks as an aquarium and I'm happy with what I got. But I must say that the shop looks like it is still in its very original setup probably 20 years back... It is run by an oldly couple and I do feel sorry for them that they had to compete against all the big chains out there with all the up-to-date shop fittings. The business must be hard for them. I think I'll go back there again

  • R’o’ T%#

Great variety of fishes and marine life. The shop is a little unorganized and the fish are overpriced as I have done my homework. Also, their products are much more expensive than franchises like Petbarn who have a much bigger buying power than these small businesses that are trying to survive by overcharging people who don't do their research before their final purchase. Sticking with Petbarn or Majestic Aquariums.

  • Kevin L

This aquarium shop is ok when the owner's son is running the store. If owner or his wife are running the store then don't expect any great detailed advice as English isn't their first language and they come across as abrupt. Tanks aren't spotless and could do with a wipe down and their aquatic plants have seen better days. Great if you're running out of fish food and need more in a hurry.

  • Minnie Anderson

Went to the store to look at fish to purchase, and found sick fish in their tank. The fish was laying on it's side. When I pointed the sick fish out to the store owner, they gave me attitude. All I wanted was for them to take care of the fish. Fish should be your pet for years, not days. Beware and inspect the fish thoroughly before purchasing.

  • Paul Trujillo

Do not shop here! My fish is now dead. Owners sold me a fish that is incompatible with my tank. I asked many questions of the process of introducing the fish to the tank. They gave me ill information and the fish died. Owners will say anything to make a sale. They gave me a refund on the fish but will never shop here again.

  • Cathline Zheng

very poor service. aweful attitude. No greeting, no eye contact. I bought several fish last week and one of them was sick and dead by now. The staff (maybe the owner) looked for the fish in the tank for a while and I believe he was intentionally looking for that sick fish for me.

  • Andrew Lancaster

It was well stocked ....but a language barrier very strong Vietnamese accent. The owner was helpful and friendly though. He took a tropical fish off me that a flatmate left behind. I am ignorant how to care for fish I'm grateful he took the fish

  • jim a

It helps if you know what you're looking for. So best you know what fish you want, do your research etc. However the shop does have some nice fish Mostly priced ok Have purchased quite a few fish and they're fine.

  • Jane KS

The tanks are clean . All the fishes look good . But it was my first time getting fishes for my son and I find it hard to ask questions. The owner said yes yes and seems a bit rushed so I didn’t manage to ask much

  • S Obeid

Poor hygiene and service. Was told one thing over the phone and they didn’t have what I asked for in stock when I went in person. Betta fish were also poorly looked after in tiny containers instead of tanks.

  • Daniela Belmonte

Very dodge place!!!.... fish aren't treat well!... very smelly!... they wanted to sell me fish not compatible for my tank!!!... they could say anything to sell!!! I wouldn't suggest this shop to anybody!!!

  • Dilum Bandara

Decent collection and reasonable prices. They are not the best communicators, so will find it difficult to answer any questions about fish. If you know what you are looking for it's certainly worth a visit

  • Mirri Slavin

Had a great selection of fish— mainly warm water but some absolutely gorgeous fantails and comets will be back again the man that helped me was friendly and informative, will be coming back soon! …

  • Daniel Foo

Dark and dank shop; it feels like going into a dungeon. The fish look ok, not much variety and not really anything to display as a centre piece to make the shop very appealing to customers.

  • Ken Oath

it is ok. They have a fair few fish but like other comments here, the place is dirty, disorganised and if you get the old man, he knows very little about what they're selling.

  • Simon Thorby

Good Range, Healthy Stock, good prices, not the most helpful with advise. However don't listen to the other reviews, the tanks do have algae however this is not bad for fish.

  • Alex Cassar

Absolutely rubbish shop. I would love to open my own shop and put them to shame! Such a good location servicing a large area. Owners don't care about the fish or customers.

  • Joseph Lim

Sadly, poor hygiene in this store. Occasionally interesting goldfish can be found but every so often, the goldfish have diseases. Today was white spots on Orandas!

  • Stel Vrocharis

Great Aquarium, with large selection of healthy, quality Tropical and cold water Fish, as well as good live Aquatic Plant selection, and all accessories needed.

  • Boxa Net

We purchased 4 fish here 2 months later all dead. Pre existing fish are fine. I suspect they were sold to me with “white spot”. Put my tank at risk!

  • D Harvey

Old school shop. I got some great blue dream shrimp for a good price and some awesome dragon guppy. Shouldn't be so many bad reviews

  • Ruby Nguyen

Betta fish are so pretty and get new stock often, nice owner share lots of tip when I ask. Great choices for fish

  • Nazrul Aidil

Bought a Betta fish and aquarium here. Fish is still going strong after a year!

  • Amir SIngh

More fish but less hygiene. Hard to understand to Shop Owner.

  • Bill Hatzi

Great variety of fish and equipment.

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