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Main Yan Physiotherapy Clinic is a Physical therapist located at 3139 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G8, Canada. It has received 57 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of Main Yan Physiotherapy Clinic: 3139 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G8, Canada

  • Main Yan Physiotherapy Clinic has 5.0 stars from 57 reviews

  • Physical therapist

  • "Both my feet have been painful for four months and the pain on the left foot persisted"

    "I want to let the world know about the excellent clinic professionals who work in here"

    "Kam and Cathy are amazing, If i could give 10 stars I would! I had been off work for 1"

    "I immediately knew that Mr"

    "I was waking up every morning with right side low/mid back pain"


  • Ellen Ho

Both my feet have been painful for four months and the pain on the left foot persisted. I called the clinic and got an appointment quickly, the receptionist was extremely friendly and helpful and I was provided with parking directions. She was also able to find out whether I have MSP assistance and applied the claim to my bill directly. Dr. Yan was very thorough in checking out my feet. He cautioned me that acupuncture on the bottom of the feet would be very painful before performing any treatment. After acupuncture, Mia massaged my foot and then Dr. Yan showed me two acupuncture points I can press on myself. There was immediate relief after the treatment and I was able to walk without pain. In the follow up appointment, Dr. Yan taught me exercises I could do to help with pain from the bunions. Unlike other clinics where they try to get patients to go back for multiple appointments, Dr. Yan did not prolong treatment unnecessarily. I am 100% satisfied with the treatment and would happily recommend this clinic to other people.

  • PS

I want to let the world know about the excellent clinic professionals who work in here. Today, particularly about Emily, a top class certified physiotherapist who treated me for sciatica pain. The treatment she applied is a mixed of techniques that are gentle manual massage , stretching, using state of the art instruments and educational preventive medicine. Her knowledge and experience makes me think -with due respect for other good physiotherapists- that she is the best in her field in the whole province. She did her fellowship at the same clinic under the supervision of Dr. Yan, a well known physiotherapist and acupuncturist, best physiotherapist ever. .The place is clean, welcoming front desk MOAs, Katie and Alice always following COVID 19 protocols. Wheelchair accessible entrance. Bus stops on both sides of the building, free parking underground. Deserves stars.

  • Abby R

Kam and Cathy are amazing, If i could give 10 stars I would! I had been off work for 1.5 years due to unknown arm/back pain, I had seen multiple specialist (sports med, Neurologists..etc , 2 MRI's..nothing helped. Nor did they find anything. Immediately meeting Kam he comforted me with saying "i've seen worse" and re-assured me we will work on all my issues. Kam is an IMS (dry needling specialist) decibel of Dr Gunn (creator of IMS) He has been doing this for over 20 years, while others have just started. I am now back at work (not at 100 percent - almost!). Kam has given me a second chance at life to be able to use my arms/hands again. I highly recommend anyone with chronic pain or any ailments to give Kam a TRY! I've referred over 30 friends to him already and will continue.. I hope this post will help others suffering from long or short debilitating pain. Thank you Kam & Cathy. - Abby Randhawa

  • Edward Mah

I immediately knew that Mr. Yan is very knowledgeable and experienced. He performed IMS on my left shoulder/deltoid and the soreness and pain began to subside almost immediately!! Mr. Yan was able to reduce the pain/soreness in my left shoulder in 30 minutes which others professionals have been trying for weeks. Mia was wonderful in massaging and stretching my left shoulder/deltoid and was able to increase my range of motion with reduced soreness. Cathy at the front desk is very pleasant to deal with. I had to reschedule my appointment a couples times due to being ill and the snowstorm and she remembered this and welcomed me warmly to their office. I'm definitely returning to this office to complete the remaining treatment necessary on my left shoulder/deltoid to finally be pain free.

  • Beth

I was waking up every morning with right side low/mid back pain. The pain was so sharp it would take my breath away in the morning. I would have to curl up into a ball and do a roll just to get out of bed. My RMT recommended Kam Yan at Main Yan Physiotherapy. After one session of IMS with Kam Yan I had no pain waking up that next morning. The muscle completely released in my back and I was pain free for the next 2 weeks. I am in disbelief and so happy that one treatment could help so much. I have felt hopeless for years. I travel and cycle a lot so am constantly needing body work done. I am so grateful to have found him and this clinic. The front desk staff is super friendly and welcoming. I can’t say enough good things. If you’re having low back pain - try Main Yan Physio.

  • Candace Espeseth

I have been suffering with pain in my right hip for the past year, and had tried numerous treatments to alleviate the pain… to no avail. I researched IMS therapy online and found Dr Yan through my research, and I am so thankful that I did. Two treatments and the pain in my hip is completely gone. I’m a very active person and to enjoy my activities now without any pain is absolutely wonderful. He is a truly gifted practitioner, kind, caring and knowledgeable. I have been recommending him to my friends and family, and if you are experiencing pain or discomfort, I encourage you to make an appointment. I am so happy that I did.

  • Dama Correch

Best physio experience I've had in my 6 years in Vancouver! The staff is profesional, friendly, and most importantly, incredibly good at the work they do. I went to Emily with a variety of problems including a sprained ankle, very sore shoulder, and lingering issues from a hip replacement, and she not only helped me feel less pain right away, but her holistic approach to physiotherapy has made me feel confident in the treatment I'm receiving and able to take control of my health! Every session I am seeing a tangible effect, and my body feels well on its way to recovery with Emily's expertise and guidance.

  • Aileen Ip

Back in 2013 I had severe neck and shoulder pain due to prolonged office work. I could barely move my head and even struggled taking deep breaths without pain. After seeing Kam for a few sessions of IMS I felt like a new person. Fast forward to 2021 and I'm right back to Kam to help me out for an entirely different issue. Kam has terrific bed side manners and I find myself still giggling at his silly jokes for the rest of the day. All his staff are so professional, personable and friendly. He takes his time with you and is very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend this clinic!

  • Anna Lewall

Three sessions in, and Agnes has already made a huge difference in my life! She quickly identified what was causing my lower back discomfort during certain movements, and has taught me techniques to both ease and correct it myself. We're continuing on with some foot issues, and she gives clear instructions on the 'homework' exercises and what they are intended to accomplish. I leave feeling certain of what I need to do! The office itself is clean and tidy, receptionist is lovely and helpful, and it's conveniently located.

  • doris hamel

I was in pain and getting desperate to find an effective physio treatment, after my foot reconstruction surgery. I finally found at Main Yan Physiotherapy a life saver. Very professional they do more than just talk they take action with good treatments. A wonderful team work to understand and relief my pain. What a difference with my previous physio clinic experience. I can't thank you enough for your help and your kindness. Without hesitation I strongly recommend Main Yan Physiotherapy .

  • Ricky Pang

A doctor that geniunely cares about his patients. Dr. Kam Yan does very thorough assessments and treatments. I spent years cycling through other physio, RMT's, sports injury specialists, IMS, acupuncturists, and modern medicine etc. None were as effective. Only Dr. Yan was able to cure my sports and medical related ailments which in turn, greatly contributed to my 2017 pole sport championship win. This clinic has a strong sense of professionalism. Well recommended!

  • Vally

I am so happy to have been referred to Dr. Kam Yan (highly recommended by my GP). I cannot say thank you enough to Dr Yan for helping me with my lower back pains (unable to bend, sciatica nerve pain). Within the 3rd treatment I felt a lot of improvement and less pain. I have so much more range in my mobility! Thank you Dr Yan - you genuinely care for your patients and want to see them recover. Thank you also to the staff they were very friendly and helpful.

  • jag sharma

I have been seeing Dr Kam Yan for several years regarding back pain or shoulder pain from time to time. Everytime I saw him, his treatment has made me pain free. I am so Happy that all my family members have become his patients as well because we know with 3 treatments you feel normal. My sincere thanks to Dr. Kam Yan, may God bless him. Office staff is very helpful and speaks good English. There is never any waiting time for appointments.

  • Guislen Rose

Great staff; accommodating front desk and knowledgeable physiotherapist! My first visits were almost 10 years ago and I have returned to deal with a workplace injury last year. Direct billing with sunlife insurance and works with WCB and ICBC claims. Free underground parking. I’ve since moved to the north shore and had seen a different physiotherapist for a time but now I will make the commute for this clinic only. Highly recommend!

  • o lau

After 2 visits my neck/shoulder pain pretty much went away, and after my 3rd visit I don’t need to return! I was really impressed by how Dr Yan adjusted his treatment plan for my needs, supplementing with practical exercise / posture tips. The receptionist was also really flexible, changing my appointments every time my schedule got in the way. I would definitely recommend Main Yan Physiotherapy!

  • Bin Zhu

An amazing physiotherapy clinic! The best physiotherapy experience ever... Cannot say enough well about Dr. Yan who is great listener, knowledgeable, very encouraging and patient. Acupuncture was very effective, my neck pain which got way better after three sessions, I can feel the difference as I feel like I am new again.. Highly recommend Dr. Yan based on his knowledge and communication skills.

  • John Shoesmith

After Four weeks of groin pain my wife suggested I go to see Main Yan Physiotherapy. I had just arrived back from overseas on a nine and a half hour flight and could hardly walk. Not only was I able to get an appointment the next day but after two visits the pain and mobility issues had “practically” disappeared. Nothing but good things to say….and my wife echoes these sentiments. J&J.

  • Efrat El-Hanany

I've been suffering from a shoulder injury for a year and a half, but nothing really helped until I received acupuncture treatment from Dr. Yan. I now have much greater flexibility and freedom from pain after only two acupuncture sessions. The clinic is nice and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Thanks so much for your kind assistance! Definitely to be recommended. Thank you!

  • Paul Slakov

Emily helped me a great deal with exercises to slow down the progress of arthritic pain in my hip. Compared to other physiotherapists, I learned more about my muscles and what is going on. The exercises were, clear, simple, and easy to do at home. For who I am, someone who forgets very particular and not always focused exercises, that is very important! Strongly recommend.

  • Hayden Billon

Mr. Yan has being an incredible help to me. I have received a higher level of care at this clinic than any previous physiotherapy practitioners I have attended. Staff are friendly and welcoming, with a depth of knowledge from decades of experience. A gem in our city, if you are in need of treatment, make a booking immediately. Thank you Main Yan Physiotherapy!

  • Catherine O’Sullivan

Thank you Mr. Yan for helping me to gain some more mobility in my spine. My shoulders have evened out after only a few IMS treatments too. Mr. Yan’s humour is a welcome distraction during the treatments. Mia is an amazing massage therapist and very caring. Cathy and the office staff are so friendly and professional. I enjoy chatting with them.

  • James

Dr. Yan has just started treating my mom for her sciatica. From what she has told me during the initial consultation and treatment, Dr. Yan is very dedicated and knowledgeable. My mom has nothing but praise for Dr. Yan and is confident in his treatment to help mitigate the excruciating pain.

  • Maggie Hernandez

Ms. Cathy is very kind and welcoming, making you felt at ease and cared for upon your arrival. Dr. Yan is very knowledgeable and humorous. Your experience in the center would be packful with pain relieved, related exercises for future correction as well as lots of good laughs.

  • hanz solo

Absolute professionals. They were able to see me last minute, diagnose the injury, implement therapy and provide me with stretches and exercises to perform to keep me going in the right direction. My knee feels better already, thank you Dr. Emily and Dr. Yan.

  • M B

Dr. Yan is very knowledgeable, patient and humorous. Cathy, the receptionist, is also very kind and welcoming. Also, very convenient as they work with WCB, ICBC claims and there is free underground parking. I would definitely recommend Main Yan Physiotherapy!

  • Komathi Udhayakumar

Kam is the best physiotherapist I have ever seen. I've went to many therapists to help with my hip and back pain but his treatment for my pain worked like magic, if you are struggling with chronic hip/back pain, I would highly recommend you see him!

  • Marissa Chow

I have had 1 visit. The receptionist was very friendly and clear. Mr. Yan took his time, was professional and caring. They offer such a great value for their service, with attention to detail and welcoming atmosphere. I could not recommend enough!

  • MindSmash

This place is magic. Every time I come here I leave pain free. Dr Yan is respectful and thorough, but he’s truly brilliant. I’ve sent many people to this place, and they all basically say the same thing.

  • J. Crockford

I had twisted and pulled some muscles in my lower back. With his amazing experience and attentiveness along with making sure I took his after care suggestions I was back to work in no time. Thanks

  • Amy Paterson

I’ve had a few sessions for my back injury and so far it’s been great! My back is already feeling better! Wonderful staff and an easy location to get to.

  • Peter Lam


  • Daniel John

Dr. Yan and staff have been a tremendous help. Very understanding and engaged about helping with any issues I may have. Highly recommend.

  • Cindy Huang

Kam help me a lot ! my neck caused serious headaches and low back using traction machines treatment the pain are gone! thank you so much!

  • Judy Heintz

Very friendly phone/desk staff. Physio Emily- lovely,professional, thorough,friendly. I will definitely return plus recommend to friends

  • Steven Xin

Great experience here, the doctor is very friendly and professional and great at communication super nice very patient. Highly recommend

  • Ben Fok

Friendly and understandable staff. Kam treated a very long term issue that many individuals didn't know how to. much appreciated.

  • Katherine L'Heureux

I’m very grateful for my treatment here. I highly recommend this place. Dr Yan really knows what he’s doing - Thank You

  • Marcie Mark

Kam was great and was able to fix the issue I was having with my back in just a few sessions. So glad I found him!

  • Wendy Fong

Dr. Yan is very professional and very patient . I really appreciate him taking the time to explain things to me.

  • Olvr Xie

I feel much better when I came to have the acupuncture treatment for the back pain. Recommended!

  • tominiyi kuponiyi

Mehn, the physio is really good. Front desk staff; very professional. I’ll recommend

  • 浦飯幽助

Helpful and nice staff, very professional Mrs. Anges Ku. Highly recommend.

  • zifeng z

医师都来自香港,非常专业,人也非常有耐心,精通英语 普通话 粤语 沟通起来非常愉快。机器设备也非常好,我已经康复,感谢! …

  • Pond有好消息

Kam Yan 甄锦鸿-物理治疗师 *甄品醫德父母心 *錦缎妙手除顽痛 *鸿心造福予大众 Pond Chan 2019-Dec

  • Bill Atwal

Great working with Kam. Takes on extremely complicated cases.

  • KS Garage Door Ltd.

Kam is really good he help me with my knee pain thanks a lot

  • stanley tu

医师 Emily的专业水平和耐心非常突出,我的关节和腰疼在比较短的时间里得到有效治疗和康复,很难得,谢谢Emily!

  • Helen Young

Professional helpful services & clean environment …

  • Samuel Tam

Emily的專业和耐性使我和太太的疼痛得到良好的疗效,使我们的关节活動自如,thank you,Emily

  • Kounouz Kassab

Listen to you and so kind people . Recommended

  • Dylan Wagner

I cannot get over how amazing this place is

  • Benjamin Wang

Good job, nice service, really helpful.

  • PocketBac007
  • Sophia Pilly Yung
  • Homan Ip
  • winwin K.
  • Tarkan Serim

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