Lilian To Park

74 reviews

3276 Yukon St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3R9, Canada



Lilian To Park is a Park located at 3276 Yukon St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3R9, Canada. It has received 74 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Lilian To Park: 3276 Yukon St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3R9, Canada

  • Lilian To Park has 4.3 stars from 74 reviews

  • Park

  • "It's a great little paradise to relax and stretch; unwind from the day's stresses"

    "I do believe that Mr"

    "Tiny kid-friendly micro-park"

    "Small local park"

    "Pretty typical park"


  • Katsuji Richard Mayede

It's a great little paradise to relax and stretch; unwind from the day's stresses. It deserves another star, but it's perfection was lost when the communal good servicing station was immediately stripped of bike tools.

  • spiro malamas

I do believe that Mr. Dys (rest in peace) made it possible for this park to exist. A beautiful place for kids of all ages Chin-ups are a lot harder to do on the gymnastic rope swings which give you a better workout.

  • ewan quirk

Tiny kid-friendly micro-park. Playground, drinking fountain, bike repair hub. On a bike route so be aware of Vancouver speed-demons! Nice native plantings, well done Vancouver Parks Board!

  • H Ef

Small local park. Lots of sitting space. It would be too busy for more than 3 groups of children though. Has a water fountain to fill your water bottle and or to have a sip. …

  • Albert Rothman

Pretty typical park. Seems good for kids (lots of toys and unique climbing structure)... the garbage can was stinking up one of the benches, but we were ok a few benches down.

  • Stu Maxwell

Original playground design, community gathering place, and tidy donated toys collection. It's about as good as your small, neighborhood play area gets.

  • Trevor Taylor

I personally love all parks so my comments on these matters are ed biased at best. But I do like this little patch of greenery in our fair city.

  • Andrea D

Where are the swings...why do all these new parks make it so difficult to least it's old school wood which I love not that plastic.

  • Lara Thompson

It has a great play structure for not so tiny children and a little free library. There's a bike repair station with some tools yet remaining

  • Ewan Quirk

A micropark with water fountain benches and kids playground with climbing structure. Also has a bicycle service kiosk.

  • Heather Maxwell

Small quaint park with imaginative playground equipment and landscaping that’s fun to explore. Great for young kids.

  • Mali DS

Beautiful park to go for a walk. The garden is very well maintained and looks great at anytime.

  • Ievgenii Krevenets

Lovely place, like in Holland. Small, unique playground and even box with free books near there

  • farzod darzi

Great park to hang out and enjoy the sun. Good for dog owners to let their dogs socialize

  • Sunil Gopal

Small park in the neighborhood with a little bit of playground stuff for children.

  • Avia Sharon

Great park for children to play with some less common park attractions

  • Gal N

Small park, not crowded. Lovely place. There are benches for sitting.

  • Ethan

Great playground for children with lots of community donated toys.

  • Nadica Majstorovic

Nice small playground , place for bike repairs too. …

  • Daniel Hong

Nice little peaceful park in bustling Midtown Cambie Village

  • 강명구

동네에 있는 작은 공원 물과 자전거보수 기구도 있어요 장난감도 누가 기부해둬서 작은애들 놀기 좋아요

  • Alisa

Cute park, but know that there is no rain shelter

  • Oliver Kuehn

Nice little park with a good playground

  • Peter Couch

Always good spot to finish an icecream

  • Derya Yazgan

Small but we had so much fun there.

  • Josh Weber

Top notch spinny swingy thing!

  • Mac - PC Tech Total Solution

Safe park and easy access

  • Robert Varda

Paul lives near here. :D

  • Sanjeet Athwal

Great fun for kids!!

  • Steve MacIntyre

Best swing around!

  • Min Ping Huang


  • Phoebe Tsang
  • Arthur Marques
  • Melissa Smith
  • Franklyn Cui (Frankie)
  • Paul Young
  • A D
  • Erika Saldarriaga
  • Josh C
  • Brad Drummond
  • Yann Chen Chen
  • Aruni Mitra
  • Daniella M
  • Martin Lacko
  • Spiro Reinhardt
  • Steven Smethurst
  • Tia van Deventer
  • G Gulen
  • Jordan Vandetti
  • Ruth Hartnup
  • Shaun Smakal
  • Sulaiman Hadi
  • Remy Herda
  • Christopher Porter
  • darryl humphrey
  • Ward Plunet
  • Ania Suder
  • Bosco Toa
  • Derek Furtney
  • John McCulloch
  • Halie Devine
  • SVTS
  • Val Klump
  • Dylan Fraser
  • Alfie Lam
  • Libby Park Herman
  • Graff Lai
  • Faisal Nahri
  • David and Lacey Hirtle
  • Tony
  • Matt Hughson
  • Angelina L
  • Tamara Brewster

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