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8-12 Fitzilian Ave, Romford RM3 0QS, United Kingdom



Lawton & Stoakes Veterinary Surgery is a Veterinarian located at 8-12 Fitzilian Ave, Romford RM3 0QS, United Kingdom. It has received 174 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





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  • The address of Lawton & Stoakes Veterinary Surgery: 8-12 Fitzilian Ave, Romford RM3 0QS, United Kingdom

  • Lawton & Stoakes Veterinary Surgery has 4.1 stars from 174 reviews

  • Veterinarian

  • "After being referred here by my regular veterinarian, my pet received excellent care and made a full recovery so far"

    "I described symptoms for my tortoise to the receptionist who said that the animal need to see a vet as soon as possible - then said that there were no appointments and to ring back on Tuesday! Under the circumstances I suggested he might not make it through to Tuesday so would it be possible for an emergency appointment (they had almost an hour of surgery time till closing)"

    "I travelled from Forest Gate, E7 to Romford almost a 45 minute journey with my cat Simba (who has now passed away) to see Dr"

    "We bought in our chicken, Tracy with very vague symptoms to see an avian vet"

    "I don't really know where to begin"


  • Tina Stone

After being referred here by my regular veterinarian, my pet received excellent care and made a full recovery so far. The lack of customer service from the administrative staff and receptionists, however, is concerning as well as their process for completing claim forms. On the day of the procedure, I initially spoke with the receptionist to ask them to contact my insurance provider as I was informed they had emailed the practice. I originally spoke to the receptionist on the day of the surgery to request that they respond to my insurance company. The receptionist informed me that they do not respond to emails. After discussion, the receptionist eventually said that they would try but would not promise. I left this with them until I received a message from my insurance company informing me that no response had been received. I called up the number and spoke to the receptionist, who informed me that the reason she did not respond was that she did not have my permission to do so. I highlighted that I gave my consent verbally on the day of the surgery. The receptionist said that consent has to be recorded. The receptionist went on to say that they have tried to call me numerous times as they require a payment fee of £18 to respond to the insurance company. No calls have ever been received on my phone from the vet, and no voicemails have been left. At no point was this told to me on the day I was there. After paying over £1000+, I would have gladly paid another £18 (although my regular vet does not charge a fee, so I am not entirely sure what this fee covers). I feel that the veterinary practice needs to adjust their processes to align with the 21st century and work towards a greener planet, like every business is trying to do. Asking for a paper copy of the claim form and having to drive the 18-mile round trip to drop it off and collect it is not the answer. So after a whole month, my claim form has still not been submitted (although my claim with my regular vet and the emergency vet was settled weeks ago). This review has nothing to do with the care I received for my pet. I can't thank the vet enough for helping my pet, but more around the customer service from the receptionist.

  • Maria Priddle

I described symptoms for my tortoise to the receptionist who said that the animal need to see a vet as soon as possible - then said that there were no appointments and to ring back on Tuesday! Under the circumstances I suggested he might not make it through to Tuesday so would it be possible for an emergency appointment (they had almost an hour of surgery time till closing). Without checking with the vets themselves, or other colleagues, she point-blank refused. Restated the fact that I did not have an appointment - well, of course, I mean sorry and all but I could not predict the animal would need urgent treatment on a Saturday!!! I asked her if she could recommend anywhere else and again hit a brick wall. Apparently, she has no knowledge of any other vets who specialise in reptiles (tortoises). Neither did she have any information on their out-of-hours service. It was very much a 'go away and stop bothering me' call!! I rang round other vets in the area and even though they did not specialise in tortoises they were extremely helpful and provided further contact details. In each case they said that if I was unsuccessful in tracking down a specialist I could revert to them and they would ensure I was seen by the vet on duty, and they also provided me with details of their out-of-hours services so that we could be sure our pet was seen. They were disgusted and ashamed with the lack of help, compassion and understanding of Lawton & Stoakes. Unfortunately, there is no happy ending. Our pet died that evening. Still, at least our problems did not interfere with the Lawton & Stoakes receptionist being able to clock-off on-time. I sincerely hope that whenever that young lady finds herself in dire need of help she encounters an obtuse, belligerent, impatient individual just like herself.

  • Khalid Malik

I travelled from Forest Gate, E7 to Romford almost a 45 minute journey with my cat Simba (who has now passed away) to see Dr. Lawton. My Simba had contracted FIV and it was subsequently affecting his eyes. The only cheapest and affordable Opthamologist i could find was Dr. Lawton. Compared to other vets i've seen, Dr. Lawton showed love and compassion towards me and my cat. Where he could have charged or sold more services to me, he didn't. He would advise it would have been a waste of time and money as the condition my Simba was having would come back and the whole procedure would cause my Simba more stress and discomfort. Its been almost 2 years now i think since my Simba passed away. Mr. Lawton is sometimes hard to get hold of so you need to book in advance. I also wanted to thank Mr. Lawton personally by visiting him one last time, it was only going to be for a few minutes. But i was informed by the receptionist i couldn't see him and would need to book a (paid) appointment which i thought was a shame. I hope Mr. Lawton gets to read this review. I and my family are ever so grateful to you Mr. Lawton. Thank you for being so kind and so compassionate. Khalid Malik Simba Malik (cat)

  • Lizzây Onfroy

We bought in our chicken, Tracy with very vague symptoms to see an avian vet. The vet was so knowledgeable and instantly told us all things that could be wrong with her, and how we could treat them. They gave us prescriptions and told us in depth what they were all for. I got a little bit upset and the vet was so compassionate and helped me calm down and talked me through what could happen since I was thinking if she didn’t improve we would let her sleep. We bought her home and within hours she perked up, the medications worked and she passed out a big mass. Her poos are going back to normal and she is becoming the red happy hen she once was again. The only tip I have for this vet is to possibly offer for the owner to hold and move the animal instead of the veterinary nurse, since sometimes we know how they like to be held to keep them calm and comfortable. The nurse was still so lovely to my Tracy despite her not liking the way she as moved


I don't really know where to begin... I am trying to speak to the professionals about my options in regards eye testing for my dog, for breeding... I appreciate that you might be busy, so fair enough, an appointment for Mid February... ok... have to take payment up front... oh... 40% higher than expected ... ok... then we also offer another test... oh...ok.. is this correct for my Cocker Spaniel... I read of my breading document.... oh this is £x... but having them done together £y... 14% higher than expected.. I walked away... if this is so popular then why do I need to give my money 2 months in advance.. I appreciate that there are many breeds, but please make me feel like I am the customer... I am going to try somewhere else and travel further away because I base my decisions on the perceived trust and confidence of the people I interact with, which was lacking here. Sorry, just speak as I find.

  • Smarty F

I took our pet budgie to Lawton and Stoakes following a recommendation from another veterinary practice who were unable to treat exotics. I was greeted on arrival and my appointment was punctual. In view of the current Covid situation, I sat in another room with a video link and was able to watch the examination of our pet. Mr Lawton was most courteous and professional in his approach, and handled our pet with the greatest respect, whilst also providing additional information with regard to keeping parakeets. Although I was nervous when an injection was recommended, I have to say that Mr Lawton administered the injection with such care that Billy never struggled nor made any noise when it was given. I was pleased with the gentle approach. Having now found this avian vet, I will have no hesitation in returning to the surgery in future, and would recommend the practice without any reservations.

  • Marina

Very business oriented, not friendly, not nice. After one of the doctors, who was lovely left I never felt so upset going there. I am a wildlife rescuer and brought few birds for a professional help of the avian specialist. Three times I left crying because the staff and doctors do not have any compassion towards birds. I would guess they dont like pigeons or people who care for them. Been told it would be too expensive to do an x-ray, too expensive to sedate and clean the wounds, will not be seen until contact the previous veterinarian, who wasn't available at that moment. So that was a last time I went there. I need to drive 1hour and a half to see other avian specialist in London. It's better then wasting time and to be told they don't want my money and I have to eutanize the pigeon because Lawton&Stoakes can't be bothered to help animal in need.

  • C Sansom

My wife and son were very upset after taking my son's rat to get advice from the specialist vet (at a cost of nearly £80). They both found him to be very condescending in the way he spoke to them. He did not answer the questions my wife asked, just repeated what he had already said in an annoyed tone, just wanting his answers. He did not appear to have any awareness that not everyone can afford £270 for an xray on their pet, followed by an even more expensive operation. There was no compassion shown towards my son, who was already upset about his rat being unwell, instead the vet did not appear to want to hear from my son at all, just wanting short answers to set questions from my wife. We will not be using this vet again, instead we will look for a vet who treats both animals and humans with respect and kindness.

  • Zoe Morris

We took our baby tortoise here, I wouldn't personally ever go back. From the start he was rude patronising and spoke to us with such a vile belittling tone which there was no need for. If we asked a question he wouldn't answer it just repeated what he had already said even slower. Total lack of compassion towards our tortoise or us if we wasn't so concerned for our tortoise we would of walked out. On arrival let's just say the receptionist Defiantly needs to brush up on her reception skills she's the first person people are welcomed by. after a second opinion we soon realised we totally wasted our money with this vile vets. Please spare yourself the distress. There is no excuse for the way we was treated and nothing they say can justify it and there lack of knowledge!

  • Shania Burrage

Going back tomorrow for x-rays and possible surgery on my 7 y/o bunny. Despite waiting a while to go in, Dr Lawton was extremely informative and transparent, and really helped me to understand what is going on - where other vets have not. I feel very safe for the appointment tomorrow, knowing whatever the outcome; they will do their best. Of course it is expensive, but unlike other reviews here I understand that I am paying for someone the most highly trained in his field, with years of experience and accolades, and I will pay my last penny to save my sweet boy. I was provided a full cost breakdown with an estimate for the surgery and they were very informative on the process.

  • Shabneez Dinmohamed

I cannot thank Dr Lawton enough for helping our little blue out. Blue is our parrot and had a severe injury when our macaw bit his toe off. I was terrified that blue would need an amputation and they did everything they can to save the toe. Unfortunately, after a few follow ups to check the healing process his little toe needed to be amputated. Dr Lawton was very helpful in explaining everything I needed for blue to have a speedy recovery and handled blue very well. Blue was given medicine and he is now finally off his meds and healing. I cannot thank the team enough, from the receptionists, nurses and the doctors. Big thank you!!!

  • Karen Vaughan

Brilliant, I have a couple of rescue tortoises that we recently brought home and Lawton and Stoakes have been so helpful with getting them to a reasonable state of health. They have correctly diagnosed egg retention with one and helped us to get the tortoise egg-free again and she is now visibly feeling a lot better. Our other female needed some help at fairly short notice too and the vets were very accommodating and gave some sound advice and medication. Very few vets I would trust with tortoises these days but these vets have helped me since 2006 on and off (only stopped when I moved). So highly recommended. Egg-cellent service.

  • Sarah Shadbolt

I took my two dogs to see Mr Lawton as my usual vet had referred them to see him for their eyes. He was very professional. His examination of my dogs was thorough but at the same time he was lovely to them and made sure they were relaxed and comfortable. Yes, the consultation fee was more expensive than my usual vets but I would expect this, I’m seeing him as a specialist ophthalmologist. He was very informative and appreciative of the fact that he was giving me a lot of information. He gave me treatment plans for both my dogs and will be following them both up in the coming weeks and months. I would highly recommend Mr Lawton.

  • Kat D

i called more than 4 veterinary cares who advertised as "tropical animals are welcome" and one of the veterinary nurse told me to try this practice, as this practice is more specialised. Maybe not the cheapest, but the only vet who was able to help with my pet fish. Although the doctor was unable to save my fish, we received a 5* service. The doctor had good knowledge of my pet behaviour and understood the issues. She told us we could try medications, but they won't make a difference. I am truly glad that the doctor didn't try to sell us expensive medications rather explained, why it wouldn't make any difference to my fish.

  • Sasha Nazaire

Only got as far as calling in said i needed an emergency appointment (5 hours before closing) the person i spoke to just told me there was no slots availiable and didnt even bother to ask what was wrong with my animal to try and establish if it needed to be treated as emergency or not. This was very frustrating as they were the closest open place and im pretty sure not even bothering to try and guage if its an emergency or not is against the rcvs code of conduct. Nonetheless my cat ended up having emergency fluids and xrays elsewhere! But still sadly passed away. I will be taking this up with the rcvs.

  • Michelle Hinds

Super knowledgeable and the only local practice to treat chickens - after an unlucky year of poultry accidents and illnesses they’ve been a lifesaver! However on every occasion I’ve visited I’ve been asked to pay for treatment BEFORE being given a bill or even quoted the final amount, which doesn’t sit well with me - especially when I’m already in considerable distress and concerned for my pet’s welfare. I’m more than happy to spend £150 treating my animal, but I - and most pet owners - would appreciate being told the sum total and how this has been been calculated prior to handing over card details.

  • Lil Pointer

I would not recommend this vets for reptiles as i brought in my reptile 2 times and he was given treatment that cost well over 600.00 and was told the problems that he had could be reversed by treatment but I see my animal getting no better and getting more and more weaker so i got a second opinion and they said the best thing for him would be to put him to sleep as there was no way forward he was too far gone and the vet should have known that, my poor little guy suffered just so they can have a bit of money in their pocket.

  • Rowena Parker

The veterinarian didn't once even acknowledge my dog, let alone try to settle him or show him any form of kindness. The veterinarian showed little respect for me as a human being or my dog as a living animal. The staff avoided eye contact with me at all times and looked uncomfortable. The procedure was carried out correctly, but in a very clinical, old fashioned manner. I will not be going back to this practice and can completely understand why fellow canine enthusiasts travel over an hour to use an alternative vet.

  • Tina Collins

Dr Lawton and his team are amazing....My chow chow Teddy has suffered many health issues, needless to say, he is very anxious and stressed when visiting the vets. Dr Lawton puts him at ease and also myself and my partner! Lol...we have complete confidence in Dr Lawton and know that Teddy is in the best hands. Professional, very efficient, and very reasonably priced. We are so very fortunate to have such a marvellous vet on our doorstep. If you love your pet, then only the best will do! Go to Lawton & Stoakes x

  • Harriet Dodd

If i could give less than one star i would. This place overcharged me and gave my pet the wrong diagnosis meaning she suffered a further 2 weeks before being put to sleep at another surgery when I could see she wasnt getting better. The only reason i went here was because it was a Saturday and the top vet saw me at the highest consultation price. He was rude and patronising and clearly didnt care about the welfare of my pet. I WOULD NOT recommend this vetenary practice at all.

  • Lee Rush

How very disappointing, I just tried to book an appointment for November and they are only seeing existing clients . I asked to see the Specialist Avian vet to get specific Avian testing carried out by an expert. I asked for a Specific avian vet to complete a Health Certificate required to travel out of the UK with the Bird. i was told that new clients were not being taken on and I should contact my registered vet, (who is a standard vet practice, NOT an Avian expert.)

  • Undocking Salad

A specialist diagnosed a pet of my friend saying that they had an abscess then a year later they went to the vet again, turns out the abscess was a tumour but when they found out it was too late and the pet had to be euthanized. A specialist didn't notice the difference between an abscess and a life threatening tumour.(Abscess was removed but since it was a misdiagnosis they thought they thought they were fine when they wasn't causing the pet to die)

  • Norb ea

We had terrible experience here. The vet is knowledgable, but their handling of pets are from the stone age. At the last eye checkup the nurse was so bad that I could hear my cat choking in the dark as they were so incapable of handling a 2 year old cat. I made a comment to the head nurse, let’s hope they will learn but I will not go back there. Don’t let the friendly front end staff and modern looking facade fool you.

  • Faith Cooper

Fantastic vets. The lady on reception was lovely, very friendly and welcoming. My first time visiting with any of my pets. Booked my Leopard Gecko in with Mr Lawton. A very knowledgeable vet, very tricky to find someone knowledgeable about reptiles. He was quick to diagnose, explained everything clearly and clearly very experienced. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Surgery was also very clean.

  • Darren Davison

Do not use this veterinary , and especially Dr Martin Lawton. Was trying to arrange the payment while standing at the reception and didn’t enter consultation room on time . Dr Martin Lawton made me wait for 1 hour as punishment and while I was waiting , he started seeing other patients . I have a sick pet and has to find a new vet . So unprofessional and rude .

  • Ruth Alabi

RUDE! Mr Lawton is such a rude man! I took a littler of miniature Schnauzers and mum and dad for eye screening and he couldn’t have been ruder! Wasn’t made welcome, a Very unpleasant visit will not be returning, would rather drive to Hertfordshire (from Kent) for this screening. Definitely would NOT recommend this vet. I don’t think he even likes dogs!

  • Fahmida Begum

They are way too overpriced! They said that they are a "second opinion" which is why they charged me double! I understand that vets are always costly but the amount they took on the first day was ridiculous. I still paid because my bird was very unwell and this was the only vet I could find that specialises in birds. Wouldn’t recommend this place.

  • Zahraa Barlas

Great experience bringing my baby cockatiel in for a check up over some concerns. Even with the social distancing in place I felt involved in the check up of my animal and they were very caring and handled him perfectly. Definitely coming back with my second cockatiel for an overall general check up! Thanks alot guys!

  • Kiran Ramlagan

I went to euthanize my pet cockteil today The male team nurse and the female vet today were very helpful , understanding and answered all the questions. It was quick process and they were sensitive to my needs. They took the time to reassure me that it was a painless process in my difficult time . Great service

  • Ron MILLS

Fantastic service. Even though i had to wait for my appointment i didn't mind. Nice atmosphere The reception was VERY BUSY but accepted my request for a cuppa with a smile (I phoned her whilst sitting in the reception area)If I lived closer i would most certainly register there.

  • just here

I needed to talk to a vet just to make sure that vet would of been the right one to go to ..concer8 ng the problem and the receptionist I think she said her name was Julie said no vets take calls ... this was an emergency so I didn't have to drive where no needed . Disgusting .

  • Maksimas Vinipuhas

The lady who took my ferret in knew what she was doing. She touched my ferret, found a few issues, and done x-ray and prescribed medicine. My ferret looks a lot better now. Definitely recommend if you have some special animal. Prices are high, but that's to be expected.

  • Colin Marrison

After loosing our exoctics vet in Kent we found this place and on our first visit got bloods and x-rays done for our pigeon that no where else could do, we got results and medication on the same day and everyone there was absolutely fantastic can not thank them enough

  • Tom Chambers

Contrary to other "clients", I was very happy with the professional and friendly way I and my Labrador, Bubbles, were treated. The staff were very helpful - rescuing my wheelchair from the boot of my car - and caring for Bubbles perfectly... Thanks folks ! Tom

  • Gary Watts

The greed is astounding. Charged up to three times more for meds than available elsewhere, then having spent enough on them they refused to provide prescription to obtain elsewhere unless another consultation was paid for. Truly shocking greed. Prepare for it.

  • Marie Slaney

We took our sick chicken to Dr Stoakes and she saved our girl who has made a very good recovery. Dr Stoakes was very informative and explained everything to us. It's such a relief to find an excellent vet that knows about chickens. Thank you so much.

  • Les Turpin

my wife takes our one eyed cat who has ongoing problems so attends every couple of months and our lizard here and staff are always polite and helpful. the vets know their stuff very knowledgeable. have had same day emergency appointments. with thanks

  • Joe

Extremely friendly staff. Brought in my two Common Musk turtles for a check up (all is well). Very please with the professionalism of the vet and nurse. Felt welcomed the very second I came to the reception. Cannot fault anything. Will return again.

  • Diane Townsend

Brilliant as always, Dr. Lawton has always seen all of my rabbits, he is good with them and always explained things to me and reassured me when I needed it, it is also the only vet practice that is consistent with staff including specialist vet

  • Hayley Madden

Excellent staff and vet. Looked after our elderly dog's eye problems and took the time to make sure we understood what the problem was and what our options were. I would recommend this practise to anyone who wants the best care for their pet.

  • Karl Richards

Abosolute disgrace of a vets. The reception staff are extremely rude and argue with you when you try to make an appointment. The vet, Mr Lawton talks to you like dirt. He is very rude and has no compassion. There is no interest in the

  • Nazim Basharat

Nice place nice people but called up to have my parrots beak trimmed was quoted £46.00 - 55.00 but when I got there had it done was being charged £72.00 which I was not happy with I was told that it was part of a consultation fee mean

  • Shayful Islam

Recently had a check up on my budgie and it great. They asked questions about my budgies diet and made helpful suggestions to make sure my budgie stays healthy and active. They were very careful when checking my budgies physicals.

  • Tarpon Kingy

Excellent practice. Great avian vet. I was initially worried about cost but three visits later it all worked out very reasonably. All vets seem a bit steep on syringes and antibiotics but overall I was very happy. Recommended.

  • Vaida Farid

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Dr. Lawton for saving my budgie Mimi. Dr. Lawton is very professional with exotic birds, and handled my budgie with the greatest knowledge and care. I'm very happy we found a great avian vet!

  • Kim Hayes

Very professional, clean, knowledgeable and friendly. However it is expensive. Make sure you guys with pets have pet insurance. They charge for filling out each claim form too. At my usual vets that is free.

  • David Brian hyde Hyde

Had our first visit on Saturday for my boys booster, have to say all first class from the moment we walked in to the moment we left, our boy felt perfectly at ease with the vet. …

  • Clare YDG Scammell

Looks unassuming - but a highly professional and friendly veterinary practice. Lovely staff. Great advice and felt very much at ease taking my gecko there to see the reptile specialist. Very glad I did.

  • Fernando Forjaz de Lacerda (GeneralMontana)

Great service, take my pet here for regular check-ups. Friendly and very professional team. Waiting times can sometimes be longer than expected, but they make it up to you with the service they deliver.

  • Eve Kimche

Would highly recommend they have been fantastic every time sadly my cat Tommy had to be put to sleep because of his illness but they sent me a beautiful letter after that's what I call professionals

  • Anna Bealby

Fantastic vets, My chinchillas have been getting exceptional care for years. I would absolutely recommend Lawton & Stokes. The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks to all your team

  • Libs

Don’t bother ! They wanted £129 before I even walked thru the door for my bearded dragon ! And nothing included no meds or anything where they get there prices from I don’t know !

  • Nikolay Penchev

I came to the vet surgery with dying puppy in my hands and their response was that they close in 10 15 min and they won't do anything. This is how much they care about animals.

  • Nathan Walledge

Helped with my terrapin. She was very unwell but with the help of the vets and some prescribed antibiotics biotics I'm glad to see she is doing much better! Thanks guys …

  • Vicki Martin

EDIT. This is my real name and my family were registered with you. No compassion shown for the welfare of the animals or owners concerms. Rude, arrogant and unprofessional.

  • Amanda Edwards

Great vet. Completely understands my parrots needs. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Not out for the ££'s. Only has the welfare of my pet in his sights. Highly recommend

  • Mary Larner

Excellent service as always well thought out and put in place measures at this difficult time to ensure safety for all our animals ourselves and staff

  • Reza Shahbazi

Friendly and professional team. Mr Lawton gives a good honest advice and recommendations before carrying any other extra work. Thanks again (Benji)

  • Gary Nisbet

Extremely helpful and professional, with very experienced and knowledgeable vets - great service while treating my lizard. Highly recommended.

  • Jack Armstrong

Wonderful vets, we went to see the avian specialist and he is amazing, very knowledgeable and very calming. 100% would recommend this vets.

  • Cindy Ali

They are very professional people x I took my african grey to be looked at and they were fantasic with him xx thank you will be coming back

  • Lindsey Mann

Helped to fix my rabbits leg. Very impressed with the care. Even called the next day to see how she was . Definitely recommend this vets .

  • Diamantino Filipe

Terrible service, no empathy for your pet or yourself , money is the alpha and omega of this practice , STAY AWAY IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET !!

  • James Shilingis

Lawton and Stoakes have looked after all of our parrots for years from big to small. Always helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable.

  • Denise Parker

1st class treatment, very helpful, friendly & kept me up to date on my pet after his op. Was told to call if I had any problems

  • Tina H

Excellent service and quality experience for referrals. Not a cheap a fair but you get what you pay for. Peace of mind.

  • Cristi Branisteanu

Good vet, however it was quite expensive and my cockatiel died shortly after getting an injection done by the doctor.

  • Margaret Gilbert

Was now and a half away from where I live people were very nice the veterinary was very good recommend it to anybody


Good practice, excellent attitude, patience and communication with animals and their families, valuable advice.

  • Kellie Parkinson

Amazing practice Tatiana was wonderful as was Julie on reception Cant thank them enough for helping our snake

  • ben

I take my parrots there and they are very knowledgeable about birds and are a friendly and not that expensive

  • Vivienne Hawkins

Brought my 23 year old African grey here a few times.Bit of a journey from grays but can't fault the service

  • Sean Murrells

Excellent experience in guinea pigs and a really good well laid out surgery. A+++ can't speak highly enough

  • Stephen Butcher

Good for eye tests. Place is a bit dirty and run down. Distinct smell of cannabis outside. Poor parking

  • Carla Garey

I take my ferrets to see Dr.Lawton, he is very thorough and i know they are in great hands. Thank you!

  • Sam MP

Pleasant nurses, simple practice and a steep bill. Excellent doctor with extremely good people skills.

  • Emma Welton

Had to wait 4 days for appointment. Couldn't wait that long it was an emergency so had to go elsewhere

  • Sophie Raven

Really knowledgeable and friendly service, and was brilliant with my leopard gecko! Thank you x

  • Terry Walker

Professional and efficient. Friendly. Very impressed with care of two blind kittens......

  • Leah Harvie

I took my budgie here and the vet was s superstar - definitely very wise and trustworthy

  • Taylor Shepherd

Very poor customer service, the woman on the phone was abrupt, unhelpful and conceited.

  • Peter Stanford

Offered immediate appointment and personal veterinary. Very caring and friendly staff

  • Marie King

Vet was rude uncaring opinionated incredibly expensive never use this vets ever again

  • Charlotte Merralls

Great little vet business. The vets are very friendly and brilliant with my cat.

  • Simonjantoread Read

Excellent took my African grey . Very professional great knowledge very kind.

  • Andy Cairns

Awful, condescending man. Don’t take your children anywhere near this place.

  • Graham Surridge

No face to face appointment with vet Done over video link Can't fault vet

  • Adrian Ellis

One of the best vets around being going over to them over 25 years

  • Beverley Bayes

the place to go uf you have an exotic pet. good effecient service

  • Angela Walker

Very helpful and dealt with my issue promptly and efficiently.

  • Richard Baker

Great veterinary practice, always very helpful and friendly.

  • Nicola Baldock

This vet knows his reptiles! Great place. Worth driving to

  • Paul Trew

Very pleased with the service, friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Jupiter Hadley

Well trained vets who know what they are talking about.

  • Stephen Cummins

Good service, though prices hurt the pocket a bit!

  • Clair S (Jessie's mum)

Referred for surgery cannot fault the vets here

  • Colin R

Very nice vets. Look after the animals well.

  • Tracy Bishop

Seen so quick happy with the service

  • Ginger Nut

Excellent service and care as always

  • Robert Lewis

Very good with my quaker parrot.

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