La Pache Pizza Commercial Drive

462 reviews

2082 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B2, Canada



La Pache Pizza Commercial Drive is a Pizza Takeout located at 2082 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B2, Canada. It has received 462 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of La Pache Pizza Commercial Drive: 2082 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B2, Canada

  • La Pache Pizza Commercial Drive has 4.6 stars from 462 reviews

  • Pizza Takeout

  • "I'm really disappointed with this pizzeria"

    "Authentic Neopolitan Pizza with high quality ingredients here"

    "I’ve never had pizza in Italy but I could imagine what is like after tried their pizza"

    "Thin crust and all sorts of yummy toppings in a box of 8 slices"

    "Neapolitan pizza, nice and thin crust, shared bottom, good dough elesasticty"


  • Alessandra Nunes

I'm really disappointed with this pizzeria. I found a piece of glass in my pizza... when I chewed it I noticed something hard in my tooth... when I removed it, surprise it was a piece of glass. You have to be more careful and hygienic in the area. you lost a customer and not mention the late for delivery..almost 2 hours More

  • Munchica

Authentic Neopolitan Pizza with high quality ingredients here. Tasted pretty perfect! There was olive oil, fresh onions, tomato, pesto, and mozzarella on my slice. Not generic pizza, but unique tasty flavours and ingredients. You can see the owner tossing the dough too and making it fresh so it's the real deal.

  • Heeji Choi

I’ve never had pizza in Italy but I could imagine what is like after tried their pizza. I had 4 cheese and Hawaiian pizza. Dang!! They were so goood!! Especially cheese one. Their ingredients tasted real and fresh. I will definitely come back for others. It tastes so much better if you order whole pizza.

  • Mel B

Thin crust and all sorts of yummy toppings in a box of 8 slices. However, the restaurant was too busy and they did not heat it them up properly, and they were served cold, which we only noticed when we got back to our car. Still good but nah, when you expect a nice warm slice... More

  • Talid Jalbout

Neapolitan pizza, nice and thin crust, shared bottom, good dough elesasticty. Your traditional options are all available and the slices get heated pretty quickly in the large oven. Friendly service, they ask if cash or debit, but you can certainly pay with credit card.

  • Connie Wong

Ordered online and it was ready when expected. A good selection of vegetarian options. Tasty. Should have noticed the style of crust as Napoli style which isn't my favourite but that's on me. Family likes it but I prefer a slightly thicker and solid crust. More

  • Gearoid O'Sullivan

Went in there tonight, and ordered XL pizza and add ons to that pizza my add ons was gorgonzola , red onion and extra cheese, they forgot them all unfortunately, it was a good pizza but they should've kept up with the order. Probably will try elsewhere. More

  • ulysses886

This place never disappoints, I ordered pepperoni pizza for the first time from this restaurant. The crust is soft, not doughy, cooked just right. Pepperoni and cheese aren’t made from the typical pizza places you usually taste. Will come back for more.

  • Audrey T

Solid spot on commercial drive for a slice of pizza. $4 for a slice. I got the pepperoni and they warmed it up in the oven. Added some hot sauce and chilli flakes. Dined in - they have some seats facing commercial drive and it’s quite nice. More

  • VVitch

The BEST pizza ever. Perfect crust/dough, generous fresh toppings, lots of cheese and insanely delicious. Really nicely well done pizzas and the people working there are so nice and friendly. Pizzas are always made hot and fresh. Never had

  • 毛利勝永

As a big fan for Neapolitan pizza, I can easily give 4 star minimum to any Neapolitan pizza shop, but I would give La Pache 6 stars if I could! As soon as I took a bite, I looked at the chef and asked ‘you make your own tomato sauce?’ He

  • Steven A.

I wanted a simple Neapolitan style pepperoni pizza so that’s what I ordered. My god it was delicious. The medium size is such a good size for such a decent price. This pizza was so good by the time we got home there was only two pieces

  • Dirgh Patel

I would definitely not recommend this pizza place to anyone. Their pizzas have very weird taste. These pizzas are cheap which reflects their QUALITY. I would recommend Bella Pizza as their food is 100% more tasteful than La Pache. More

  • Kathryn Choi

had a slice of chicken pesto & mushroom truffle. the dough was AMAZING, thin and crispy and perfectly chewy. the mushroom slice was a little bland but the chicken pesto was !! the garlic sauce on the table was good as well :)

  • Jean-Claude Bazinet

I hate to say that but that pizza was a real disappointment. Very few toppings on our 2 extra larges pizzas and rather bland taste. If you want a real Italian pizza in Vancouver, go to Ragazzi. Incomparably better. More

  • Crawford Family

So good! The 2 x XL pizza deal is great! Pizza are thin crust Napoli style and so tasty! Perfect amount of sauce, cheese and toppings. Quality ingredients and great service. Murrayville needed this place! More

  • Kay DeMount

I’ve lived in Napoli for 8 months and this is the closest pizza I’ve had in Vancouver to what I used to eat back there. Soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside. Gets messy when you eat it. Love it More

  • Vishnu Gattu

Firstly, if you're looking for great classic margherita, this place is amazing! The classic thin and crisp crust is delicious. On the other hand, the veggie pizza seemed a little undone and needs some work.

  • Kyle Darling

Amazing pizza with lots of taste and variety! High quality food & professional service. Pizza by the slice or whole pies. 10 out of 10, will come back and eat too much pizza again! More

  • KS B

I love pizza. Especially when I can order it at midnight. Had a large pepperoni. Was amazing ., lots of pepperoni and cheese , great crispy crust . Not soggy and delivery was fast.

  • C M

I’d been there at late night but they kept making fresh pizza and it was tasty!! It’s very fast to make and ingredients are great. I recommend this place if you wanna get pizza:)

  • Mark Loo

very good neopolitan pizza, had a chicken pesto, which was good and pep and mushroom pizza was very good, dough and crust was great, also price was reasonable More

  • Raven

Delicious pizza and I usually order from the food delivery apps. However, I wish I could select to remove ingredients like “remove jalapenos” More

  • Elizabeth Mileen Wilson

Delicious pizza. Lovely flavors, fabulous crust, crispy and tender. Needed a snack to get us through, so pleased we picked this place. More

  • Skye

This place had the best pizza I have ever had. I would definitely recommend getting pizza here, my favourite was the Chicken Pesto! More

  • Marisa Thi (Patissiere)

Great pizza. The crust is nice and crisp with a good chew, and the ingredients are fresh. Great place to grab a slice while on the go!

  • Anna Abramovych

AMAZING pizza!!!! I like it soooo much! One of the most delicious Neapolitan pizzas I've ever tasted! Thank you so much

  • Marlen Morales

Great thin pizza!! Very delicious I tried the garlic pesto and it was amazing. Would come again for sure!! More

  • Guillaume Rey

Best Italian pizzas for take out/delivery. Very nice family business. Great cousins!

  • M M

Delicious. Great for a typical take-out, by the slice pizza parlour. Thin crust with plenty

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