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Kiddie Kobbler St Laurent is a Shoe store located at 1177 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 3B7, Canada. It has received 313 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of Kiddie Kobbler St Laurent: 1177 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 3B7, Canada

  • Kiddie Kobbler St Laurent has 4.8 stars from 313 reviews

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  • "My first time at Kiddie Kobbler today with my one year old son was definitely something I needed to stop and take a few moments to write about - that’s how amazing it was"

    "Time and time again over the last 6 years, Kiddie Kobbler St-Laurent has ensured my children have comfortable shoes"

    "I have been shopping at the Westboro location for years and have always been happy with my experiences there"

    "Came recommended from a Reddit responder"

    "Never thought I'd feel the need to post a review of a shoe store, but man oh man, this place is so phenomenal I can't help myself"


  • Rebecca Field

My first time at Kiddie Kobbler today with my one year old son was definitely something I needed to stop and take a few moments to write about - that’s how amazing it was. As someone who is a faithful Amazon shopper, I didn’t realize that kids shoes are an item you cannot buy online (I know because I bought two pairs and had to return them). I was not looking forward to making the trek from Kanata to St. Laurent, but my doctor recommended this specific location so I knew I had to try it. Well, from the moment I walked into the store I knew it was different. The staff were eager to help, acknowledged myself and my son right away. We worked with Rob, who was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and INCREDIBLY good with my son. He answered all of the questions I didn’t even know I would have before I thought of them, and respectfully guided me towards the right product. He was genuinely there to help and I felt it throughout the entire experience. I left so excited about my experience, and I can confidently say that I will be a faithful return customer any time I need to buy my son shoes (or shoes for myself, or snowsuits, because they have all that too!). Thank you so much to Rob the shoe man!! Your lovely personality made my day today! I left that store no longer stressed about my son’s shoe situation. To me, that one kind interaction meant the world.

  • Natalie Levangie

Time and time again over the last 6 years, Kiddie Kobbler St-Laurent has ensured my children have comfortable shoes. One of our children has hypotonia and hypermobility, and wears SMOs. This can make finding shoes that fit comfortably, and that they can put on independently nearly impossible. We went to a store (that I won't name), and my little one left heartbroken and in literal sobs because nothing fit right and they couldn't be put on without help. We have done virtual fittings for the last 3 years since we've been in BC. We recently returned to Ottawa and were thrilled to be fitted in person. The staff have always listened to the needs of our children and found them shoes that they are BEYOND excited about. The excitement and pride of my little guy's smile today when he walked over to the mirror to check himself in adaptive footwear they had available for him filled my mama heart with so much gratitude ❤️ Thank you, Jaynie, for helping us out in person today. This is THE best place for shoes ever. The staff know how to help children feel seen, heard, understood, excited and proud.

  • Desi Zimmermann

I have been shopping at the Westboro location for years and have always been happy with my experiences there. Went to the St. Laurent location to exchange a pair of boots for a bigger size that I had bought online. While I was being helped by an employee, an older employee (possibly the owner but I have no idea) made a snide remark about how "nobody bothers to read the sizing information before buying those boots" and that's why they get returned. What? I've been buying this exact make and model of boot for my daughter for the past 4 years and she just happened to go up two sizes instead of her usual one this past year. What was the point of trying to make me feel stupid for exchanging boots that were too small? That was really weird and unnecessary. Luckily it is a brand of boot I can find almost anywhere, but I am bummed out by the experience from this small business nonetheless.

  • Erik AC

Came recommended from a Reddit responder. Rob did a lot to help me out with my frustrating lack of options for proper elderly footwear for a big man of a Dad with edema. Rob and his team made time for me despite never seeing me before and having no idea if I would actually buy anything. The prices were less or equal to what I was accustomed to but it was obvious that I was getting much more in service and no hassle exchange or return then I had risked elsewhere only to get stuck with inferior or overpriced goods. The wait time was two weeks to get my stuff from California. Rob and his team had no reservations about ordering two pairs for me despite knowing upfront I would likely only buy one. Very prompt callbacks. Very surprised to find official Crocs here for half the price Sears used to sell them for. Would shop here again.

  • John Nelson

Never thought I'd feel the need to post a review of a shoe store, but man oh man, this place is so phenomenal I can't help myself. Terrific kids' shoe selection and remarkable service. 4 1/2 years of taking care of our boys' footwear needs and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Nothing like having uber intelligent people who really know their product, and in Rob and his protege, Dan, you'll find two whip-smart gents who will shoot straight with you, listen to your needs, and do their best to accommodate with lighting speed. I felt compelled to write this after bringing back a pair of my son's winter boots yesterday, the zipper had snapped off... they called me today after having a replacement pair overnighted. No charge. Service. Wow. Intellect on top? Double wow.

  • Samantha Botelho

I wish I had discovered this place years ago! I was looking for jazz shoes for my girl, everywhere had them at $65+ not including shipping and taxes. I finally found this store through a google search and not only did they have them for a reasonable price, they also offered $5 shipping within Ottawa or curbside pickup. I received a call from one of their associates a couple hours after placing my order, she wanted to inform me that they were out of stock of the particular shoe I ordered but it should still arrive by end of the week. THAT customer service right there is why I'll be returning. Also! they have splash pants and windbreakers for kids!! I haven't been able to find those in years!! don't sleep on kiddie kobbler y'all.

  • Desmond Silva

This Kiddie Kobbler location can get pretty crowded when busy, but the staff manage to keep things going at a steady pace, so you can usually find a place to sit if need be. Customers are serviced by a number they take when they enter the store. Staff are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about thier products. The young man at the front who handles the cash register on weekends is especially good with kids and is actually in tune with the older kids' interests. After a certain number of purchases, you can get a free pair of shoes. This is especially helpful if you have more than one child. The shoes themselves are good quality. They also can send shoes in for repairs with an actually cobbler.

  • erika marion

My Mom and I went to this store to grab a new pair of winter boots for my 2 year old daughter the other day. The customer service there was literally the best I've ever experienced. My daughter was a few minutes away from pre-naptime meltdown when we walked in, but the staff literally flipped her mood and it didn't take long before she was running around in circles laughing. Still talks about that staff today, which is a little weird, but nice :) We left with a pair of winter boots, 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of bear-feet slippers. Aside from the awesome service, the selection of footwear is great and my kid is beyond stylin' in her new shoes. We are now customers for life. Thanks guys!

  • Tugba T

We are very new to the AFO world so it has been so helpful to have the team at Kiddie Kobbler guide us for the right fitted shoes. Especially with only one foot requiring the AFO, we need to buy two shoes at a time so really want to make sure we are doing it right. Additionally the team was able to make adjustments to regular shoes to make it a better fit for AFO's. They cut off the closure on the Tsukinoshi shoes (pic 1) for the AFO to go through. On the Colombia's (pic 2) they were able to adjust the velcro at an additional cost of $20. The work was very quick (1/2 business days). So glad we never had to go through any trial and errors with online orders. Thank you KK St Laurent team

  • Jennifer Nasrallah

I definitely recommend Rob and his awesome team at Kiddie Kobbler. They have been fitting my 3 children with shoes since my oldest needed his first pair of shoes 9 years ago. They are always super patient and kind with us, which is amazing when you have 3 young and busy children and!! And they really know their stuff, always recommending just the right pair of shoes or boots for our needs. They have also been great with helping us with shoe repairs, most recently with a pair of my daughter's dress shoes where she pulled off the button that held the strap in place. It was repaired super quickly and they still look new! You will not go wrong shopping at Kiddie Kobbler with Rob and crew.

  • Colleen Sutherland

Overwhelmed by options: this is your go-to! Our son recently started school and in light of covid, we haven't been to a store in many months. All week, he was getting wet feet and we needed that fixed, and quickly! Rather than "big boxing" it, we really prefer to shop local, small businesses. I am so grateful I did. We found two warm, waterproof, easy-to-put-on boots AND they were even on sale. We easily chatted on messenger. I was able to explain our situation, find affordable, valuable solutions, and THEY DELIVERED TO OUR HOME IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. Beat that Amazon lol. Our son is so excited and I am one happy, relieved mama. Thank you, Kiddie Kobbler St. Laurent

  • Padruig MacIntosh

Showed up today (Monday) to get my Son a pair of runners. We moved him up a full size but it was too much so we needed to get a couple pairs of shoes ASAP. However, I showed up only to find out that the store is closed on Monday. The Owner was present and came to the door to help me out. I apologized as I didn’t know that were closed and he said “absolutely no problem at all, how can I help”. I told him what I needed and I was out the door in no more than two minutes. STELLAR SERVICE on a day that they were closed no less. Once again, this establishment is the best and there for you whenever you need it.

  • Courtney Radbourne

I cannot express how great the customer service, passion, and experience is at this location. The owner Rob went above and beyond today to ensure we could get my son a pair of birthday shoes, even though he did not have to. Prior to this experience I have purchased all my son’s shoes at this location based on the recommendation of my son’s physical therapist. Rob and his team know how to properly fit kiddos with orthotics of all kinds. I know when I visit I won’t be disappointed and Rob’s passion for fitting kids with shoes shines each time! I look forward to future purchases! Thank you again!

  • Kara Gravelle

Highly recommend! I was in a pinch looking for cleats for my daughter and I had given a call inquiring if they had anything available . The store was not open at the time but the owner was in house by luck and was happy to answer my questions. I explained I was having a hard time finding toddler cleats, he briefly opened the store for me and had all ideal products ready for me to choose from. He even took extra time to show me how another product is used and was so easy going even though it was his day off. Thank you for going above and beyond for your clients! Will be back for sure :)

  • jessica allen

We have now bought two pairs of shoes from Kiddie Kobbler, specifically this location, and will never buy our son shoes from anywhere else except this location. All the staff are great but the owner is outstanding. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience and genuinely cares about kids feet, foot health and kids shoes. He is passionate about what he does and you can tell. The shoes are pricier than other more disposable shoes but worth every penny. I can’t say enough what a joy it is every time we buy our guy shoes. It feels like we are doing something right!

  • Yael Pfeiffer

We got a pair of leather boots for my first grader to wear both indoors and outdoors due to covid school restrictions. She was in love with them and wanted to wear them, no matter the weather. Within weeks of absolute neglect and thinking she was competing in a mud sculpting competitions (with her caked boots as the entry), a seam started coming apart. Rob got the shoes fixed and my daughter now knows that if she's going on a mud run, it has to be in her rain boots. Great service by a locally owned store. Always friendly and lovely to shop there for great quality shoes.

  • Caroline Rioux

I've gotten to know Rob the Shoeman over the years: the service is _always_ above and beyond. A few examples: One of my kids has sensory issues and he offered to open early for us so she could shop in the quiet (wow!), they always make sure my kids have the best fit, and explain to me why they decide to go up a size or not, and in pandemic have home delivered our orders, often within a couple of hours! Rob knows his customers individually and clearly cares about children and their families. I have been a customer for 12 years and don't buy kids shoes anywhere else.

  • David McComiskey

Couldn't be happier with our continued wonderful experiences at Kiddie Kobbler and with Rob the Shoeguy. Rob has been nothing short of incredible when it comes to fitting our children with the right shoes and offering his continued support should anything need to be taken care of post sale. We have brought both our kids here multiple times for winter boots, sandals, runners, you name it. Rob offers private fitting appointments as well to get you in and out as swiftly as possible. We will be continuing to bring our kids here even after we move. Thanks again Rob!

  • Derek Noble

First time customer taking my son for shoes with instructions from my wife. The experience was very positive because the staff were kind, friendly and interesting. There's lots of things to look at and top notch shoe service for kids. The manager (possibly the owner) was super friendly as well. Lots of parking. Covid-19 protocols were perfect. Witnessed staff cleaning before and after we had been served. This is what I want as customer to feel satisfied, and it was delivered by the staff at Kiddie Kobbler, St. Laurent. Would highly recommend this location.

  • Rebecca Mitchell

They were great. They go above and beyond to make sure your child has the right shoes and sandles to fit their needs. They make games up to help ease stress and worry and they know how to deal with parents as well. My child is hard to fit for shoes. They ask her what her favorite colour is and they showed her 5 or 6 different pairs of shoes and again the same with her sandles. Plus after the kids get to pick from the treasure chest. If it's your first time there they will give you a card and after you buy 12 pairs of shoes you get the 13th free.

  • Paula Gravelle

Hands down the best customer service you will ever get. The owner, Rob the shoe man, is so knowledgeable on all things shoes and he has the best trained staff I have ever met in a retail store. Amazing selection and quality. They go above and beyond on EVERY visit. I recommend this store to all parents to get quality footwear that fits and lasts, for the whole family, not just the kids . You won't be disappointed. They are also fully equipped to keep customers and staff safe during the pandemic, even offering my family service outdoors!

  • Alexander Riccio

Walking into this store was a blast from the past. My parents bough me shoes here and now i see why. Right away when you walk in, you can see toys all over the place for kids to play with while they try on shoes. The selection is really good and the staff knows what they are taking about. They helped us with different suggestions based on what we were looking for and helped us find the pair we liked in no time. Plus they have a "buy 12 pairs and get the next pair free" (based on the price you paid for the other 12) which is a bonus.

  • Jessica McDougall

I don't often write reviews but felt compelled after years of exceptional service. I don't live near this location but I make the trip across the city because the staff's customer service, quality and attention to detail goes above and beyond. Out of the about 24 plus pairs of footware I have purchased here, I only recently had a quality issue with some rubber boots. The owner, Rob, determined them to be defective and replaced them. This is one of the many reasons I come here. The staff here are truly experts at what they do.

  • Sandi S

This store has provided exceptional service. It may be possible to buy shoes at a lower price, but even there, if budget is tight, they will cater the options they show you to your needs. I have had issues with shoes and boots on several occasion (due to either my son's preference for over tightening shoes, or due to manufacturer flaws). If something is wrong, they will make it right. They know how to fit kids' feet much better than any competitor I have been to. It is worth driving the extra distance to shop here.

  • David Lefebvre

As always, staff and owner are OUT OF THIS WORLD good!! I cannot express how satisfied I am to have gone back to kiddie kobbler, in past years, money was tight so we went elsewhere to save money only to be unsatisfied with quality and service. Kiddie kobbler is a leader in the field of quality service with a personnal touch. They make us feel special. Quality is far superior. Get a shoe that actually fits your kids foot. Amazing in all aspects. These guys arent a 5 star. They diserve a *DIAMOND 5 STAR!*

  • Chris Ferraro

I continue to be impressed with Kiddie Kobbler and specifically this location. In my opinion, this is one of few true shoe retailers in which they actually understand feet, shoes, and various activities, and help you align to find the best shoe available. Special shout out to Rob as he was incredibly efficient and just a pleasure to deal with as we searched for a tennis shoe for my daughter (she ended up getting a very unique shoe to the Canadian market, which was a bonus)... ;)

  • Ann-Lori Marshall

Great experience in store today as first time parents getting our little one her first "real" pair of shoes for walking. The employee who helped us was very knowledgeable and we felt good about the shoes we ended up choosing for our babe. They shared that they had an overwhelming day, with lots of customers (good problem to have I guess) but the quality of customer service we got was top notch and friendly. We'll definitely be back and hope to be regular customers :).

  • Bianca Bragaglia-Murdock

Always fantastic service here. Shoeman and his staff are superb--not only are they well-trained and knowledgeable about their products, but they're great with kids too. Be warned... It can get crazy busy, especially on the weekend, so there is a ticketing system to ensure that customers are served in the order they arrive. Luckily, there are lots of toys for your kids to play with, and the staff are used to having kids running around the store. :)

  • Liz Therien

This is the best store to buy shoes and boots for children. The staff is knowledgeable and really great with kids. No matter how busy they are you never feel rushed. My one Grandson must have tried on 10 pair of runners but wasn't satisfied. It was finally determined that the fit was okay but he wanted black. The shoe specialist took the time to talk to him to figure out what the problem was. My Grandson is autistic. Thank you Kiddie Kobbler.

  • Jennifer Ayotte

Great service!! I shop for myself and my children here and I am always satisfied! 2023 Edit: I wrote the above review 5 years ago. At the time, we lived in Gatineau and would drive here for all of my kids' footwear needs. Since then, we have moved twice. The first move was locally, and the second move was to Manitoba. We still order from Kiddie Kobbler for 90% of our family's footwear needs, and the service is just as excellent!

  • Fernando Taglisie

Friendly and knowledgeable staff especially the the Owner and Manager. As quick and efficient as possible with a crowded store and lots of options to fill. If you want a good quality set of footwear for your child(ren) Kiddie Kobbler St.Laurent is prime shopping grounds. Staff will help you find a good fit and features. We always buy for the kids here unless we are too late in the season. Anything else doesnt compare as well.

  • Christie Ulicny

Today, I went shopping at KKSL for boots for my toddler's chubby little feet. I brought a pair of running shoes for sizing (rather than my toddler) and explained our difficulty finding something to squeeze his feet into. Dan was super helpful, pulled out exactly what I needed, gave me tips for how to get them on easily and how to make sure the fit was right. They were perfect. Easiest shoe shopping expedition ever! Thank you!

  • Mason & Elaine

I think I was dealing with the owner, but I was in a time crunch, and this dude was super accommodating and understanding of my situation. I didn't have much time, I don't live in the city and I didn't have my bb with me, so it was not ideal conditions and dude not only made it work, but he didn't make me feel like I inconvenienced him. I ONLY shop here for shoes - you know you're getting proper quality and service, .

  • Ken Fong

At the big box stores, like Sportchek, it is so frustrating when you see a nice shoe on their display wall only to find that they don't have the size you need. This store had stock of the style and sizing that I wanted for my 8 yo. I was impressed by Kiddie Kobbler's service, inventory, and better pricing than the big box stores. They have brands like New Balance and Saucony. Next time I will shop with them first.

  • Kristy Deforge

This was an excellent shoes store for kids! Not only were there plenty of options in a wide variety of styles but there was also options to suit different price brackets to fit different budgets. The staff were extremely helpful and patient with my daughter and the owner was very passionate about his store which made me feel good about my purchases. We will be back in the fall for school shoes.

  • Krysta Birch

Thank you Rob for all of your help and sizing for our daughters shoes! We have been looking forever for a pair of shoes to fit her AFO’s and you saved the day. You were so kind and efficient with finding the proper shoe and fit. Your customer service is outstanding and the shipping was so fast. It was here in a day. Thanks again we will be sure to order again soon and tell others about you.

  • Pierre Aube Jr

Walked into the store, it's busy on a Saturday morning. I grab the tool to measure my sons feet from the ground. A Man working there rips it out of my hands, tells me take a number and will get to you. I left as I didn't want to cause a scene, he then lies to others in the store and says that I tried to take it from his hands. This man should be fired. I will never go to that store again.

  • Thomas Davis

Our first visit back since before the pandemic began. We were so lucky to have Rob fit our 6 year old. Exceptional service, knowledge and Rob was smartly stocking all summer long so had the inventory - we came away with top quality winter boots, awesome running shoes and a gorgeous pair of dress shoes and one very excited (and lucky) little girl. Many thanks Rob - we'll be back soon!

  • AdeleL

I didn't want to go into a store just yet so decided to do online shopping here. Victoria was terrific in helping me make a selection for my granddaughter's shoes. Dan was great as well. I got a surprise knock on my door and there was my order delivered right to my door by Kiddie Kobbler the very next day I ordered it. Personal delivery, not by post! How is that for customer service!

  • Farrah A

Definitely the best service and selection at St Laurent compared to other locations. Employees are helpful, and can make recommendations based on what you can pay. With three kids, I am buying a lot of shoes, indoor, outdoor, winter boots etc, so their reward card is pretty good. Don't forget to ask for the twin discount because they don't always remember to mention it.

  • Julian Hutchinson

Amazing service!!! Bought 3 pairs of shoes for my 3 year old and the owner was patient and educated me on the minutia of kids hiking boots (thank you for the Bisgaards). Got home and busted the strap off my son’s Aigle sandals. Went back to the store to buy a new pair but they didn’t have the size. They took the time to replace the strap for me at no cost.

  • Scott Chesterman

Went in with my son the other day, it was so crowded we couldn't find a place to sit and had to wait for our number to come up just to be served. Also, while I was there I witnessed an older employee scolding a female employee. He said that she was stupid and that he was embarrassed for her. It made me quite uncomfortable, we'll never go here ever again!

  • Avary Williams

This shoe store is top notch! I have now bought 3 pairs of shoes (2 pairs of rain boots, 1 pair of runners) from this store over the last couple of years and I am so happy with the service each time I have gone. I have had the owner help us multiple times and he is friendly, knowledgeable, and great with my busy child. I highly recommend this store!

  • Jamie-Lynn Kraft

These people know shoes! And the only thing that rivals that knowledge is their exceptional customer service (aka patience with kiddos and their parents). My 2.5 yo loves it at this place (lots of fun things to see and play with). If you can afford to do so, skip the big box stores and online shopping and get a proper shoe fitting here.

  • Scott Benjamin

The store name can be deceptive. This store is not JUST for Kiddies. I shop at Kiddie Kobbler because they carry shoes that fit adults as well. The staff is extremely helpful and they have a selection of size 15 shoes that I have trouble finding at other stores. I always shop here first when I'm in the market for new shoes.

  • Alison K

Rob the Shoeman is the best! It was the first time getting our daughter shoes and we walked away with a pair of shoes and winter boots. He measured her feet and made sure the shoes fit comfortably. He was super knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. The staff was super helpful, and they had a lot of selection.

  • Lena Evoy

One star for service five stars for shoes quality, I just found one guy there too pushy, I shop there allot for my kids but that guy is soo annoying I might go to different location, it's just way too much...Rob, less is sometimes more! Girls are really nice and friendly, just wish I can be served by them every time.

  • Kelly Rigole

Love this location!! They are all so knowledgeable about what works for each foot/child. Our daughter had AFOs (ankle foot orthotics since she was 2 years old and this was the location that CHEO suggested we go to. We've always gotten a great fit for both our girls and they are so patient and lovely with the kids.

  • Kasandra Hoff

We had such an amazing experience buying my son's first walking shoes at Kiddie Kobbler! Jaynie was very knowledgeable and took the time to try out different shoes to see which ones would fit him best. She was very patient with him despite it being nap time. We'll definitely be back when he outgrows this pair!

  • Katarina

Excellent service from Rob and staff. My siblings and I have been shopping at Kiddie Kobbler since we were kids. Now that we are well into adulthood we still come by as Rob carries some of the most unique and limited edition sneakers. Also this is hands-down the best place to grab a great pair of winter boots.

  • Michelle Gauthier

I have shopped at Kiddie Kobbler with all three of my kids, and the service has always been good, but this week Rob went above and beyond when we were in Ottawa (from out of town) shopping for back to school shoes. I highly recommend shopping here for kids’ shoes! And, their shoes are always great quality!!

  • Taylor Clark

I took my son to get a couple of pairs of shoes that would fit well with his new SMOs. It was a fantastic experience! All of the staff that we interacted with were very kind. Dan was so knowledgeable and helped us pick out the perfect shoes quickly. We will definitely be back when it’s time for a new pair.

  • Debbi Steve

Excellent service, extremely knowledgeable and patient staff, and everyone welcomed each shopper into store with a smile and a personal greeting. Caitlin (hopefully spelled correctly) served us and was so patient, very knowledgeable about shoes and child development- thank you so much. Highly recommended.

  • Francis Mendoza

Excellent in these areas: Easy to order online Fast shipping Great quality products Very good customer service, responsive in communication and tracking provided so you knew exactly the status of your order Highly recommend buying from this store. Especially for back to school shopping. Dan was Excellent!

  • Sarah B

Always a pleasure! We go back every August for back to school, and ordered online with free personal delivery during the closure earlier in 2020. Today we got shoes for all four of our children and Rob was so supportive. Efficient but patient and spoke to each of our children directly about their choices.

  • José-Anne Wright-Roussel

Amazing service!!! After a 45 minute drive, we showed up on a Monday not knowing that the store was closed and the owner was kind enough to let us in and provided us with excellent service! My 9 month old absolutely loved him and she’s usually not good with strangers! Can’t recommend this place enough!!

  • Margaret Sambol

Wow! Amazing customer service. My son wears AFOs and the guy was so helpful and knowledgeable about fitting shoes over top of them. He brought us several options and helped fit my son properly. He is walking better already in his new shoes! I'm so impressed and would highly recommend this shoe store.

  • Jess Hughes

You will not find a store anywhere with better customer service. We have been shopping here for our child since they started walking & the saff consistently go above and beyond to make our purchasing experience perfect. They truly care about each customer & getting everything just right!

  • Deborah O'Malley

Incredible customer service! Highly recommend. Rob "The Shoeman" is super knowledgable and passionate about shoes. He'll give you the time and attention needed to choose the perfect, high-quality shoes for your children. Kiddie Kobbler is going to be my new, go-to source for kids shoes!

  • Josianne Roy

I was so impressed with the service we got yesterday. Jax (I think was her name) help us with my 3 boys find something for all off them from booths to new insert to snow suit Even tho the store was packed we didint feel rushed and was able to purchased everything we needed Thanks again

  • Catherine McLeod

I have dealt with Kiddie Kobbler for the past two years during Covid and they are so helpful, knowledgable and patient with this grammy! all the purchases have been great. All my grandkids shop here now due tot he excellent service. thank you all very much for being the best in town!

  • Sheri Burkholder

The staff at this location is always amazing with the children. Very friendly and seem to know exactly what you're looking for every time! We're always presented with several options to choose from and we're in and out quickly. Always my first choice for buying children's footwear.

  • Noha Rahal

They’re very professional and took the time to size and fit my kids for winter boots. When my son used the boots for a couple of weeks and found them very loose and uncomfortable they gladly exchanged them for a different pair and donated the first pair. Excellent customer service!

  • Sylvia Grodzinski

They were great when I was totally lost on what winter boots to get for my 1 year old. The boots are pricey but that’s because they are super high quality. The boots I got there are super warm for my little guy and very easy to put on. Really appreciated their expertise on fit.

  • Cristiana Webster

Hands down the staff at the Kiddie Kobbler St. Laurent location lead the way in the kids shoe department. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and providing the best customer service experience. Go here before buying shoes elsewhere because you'll thank them for it too!

  • Sean Cooper

Frenetic and busy spot because its service and product is impeccable. You cannot lose shopping here. Bring your wailing howling kiddoes in and they'll always be welcomed and entertained by the staff and the toys strewn about the store. Easily the best kids shoes store in town.

  • Bram Blenk

Staff was absolutely wonderful, crazy busy, but they have toys to keep the kids busy while you wait, my wife got shoes from there when she was a child and my son wore those same shoes in to get his own close to thirty years later so that should tell you all about their quality

  • Gregory Clabrough

Always an easy and friendly experience. We've been going here for 3 years for shoes/boots for every season. The owner is kind and helpful as are all the staff we've ever interacted with. Staff will help your child find the right pair of comfortable shoes every time.

  • Sheila McKeen

Had a wonderful experience today at Kiddie Kobbler! I went in with my soon to be 1 year old for her first pair of shoes. The whole process was amazing. The staff there are extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. Can’t say enough good things about the experience.

  • Quoc Phuong Nguyen (Creator)

The sales presentative told us we can return any time within 30 days. When we came back for returning they showed us the fine prints saying they would only return store credits (which is a hand written piece of paper). Very pushy buying experience too. MUST AVOID.

  • Julie Bisson

• Amazing Service • Very knowledgeable staff and helpful • We really felt like we were the only customers in the store. • They answered all our questions and concerns and were very professional I recommend this store to everyone needing baby/ toddler shoes, ect.

  • Renee LeBlanc

As a first time mom, shopping for the little one can be overwhelming. Rob was so helpful today and made our experience a great one. If you are looking for a friendly, professional, knowledgeable service, go see Rob! There is a lot of inventory in stock as well!

  • Ashley Zelmer

Incredible service and excellent selection! I’m always impressed at how great the staff is with my kids, but especially today when my toddler was less than enthusiastic about getting new shoes. He left very happy I appreciated the kindness and the help! …

  • Jay Mithani

These are kind people. Dan was legendary with my child. I gave him pertinent information, and he expertly sought solutions. He connected with my child. I had no idea how busy it gets on a weekend, so I'll do them a favour and return on a weekday in the future!

  • Missy Iffy

Wish I knew the name of the awesome salesperson who helped us. Our baby needed their first proper shoes - we gave the parameters and they curated an appropriate selection. As first time parents we appreciated being helped through the process--in person!

  • Frank G

This place is incredibly busy for a reason, the customer service is top notch. Even when there's 15 other people in the store, they still take the time to make sure you're happy. They also seem to stock a wide variety of fits and sizes which is great.

  • Lovon Green

Absolutely loveee buying my kid's shoes from here! They have the largest kids shoe selection in Ottawa. Always have the best experience here, and leave with the best fitting shoe! Thank you Rob for going above and beyond to help me out! …

  • Stayci Keetch

I have been shopping there for my kids for years and I honestly can't say enough good things about the place, the staff, the quality of the items and the owner. Their adjustment to the pandemic has been great, and their service is outstanding.

  • Jennifer McNairn

As always, the most amazing service! We go every year for back to school shoes and I'm always happy with what the staff help us pick out! So much faster than me trying to figure out sizes and colours. Rob and his staff are awesome!

  • S Graham

Excellent customer service. Brought my toddler there for her first pair of shoes. We were guided through the sizing process and were given a lot of choices in shoes. The staff were very friendly and patient with my wild child.

  • Mangla Shandal

I brought my 20 month old son here to buy new shoes, and was so impressed with the customer service. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and great with kids. They have toys and prizes to keep kids engaged while you shop.

  • Sandra Kuchta

Always a positive experience at this location. They are very patient with the kids and have a great selection. I really appreciate that they take the time to fit every pair of shoes. My kids are always happy to visit.

  • Sarah Mann

Amazing service. The 2 wonderful gents took extra care of us. I will be returning for their caring service. Update 4 Years later. Rob is the kindest man. Thank you for accommodating us when you truly did not have to.

  • John Freamo

Just like the location in Westboro, these folks are fantastic. It's such a friendly, full-service, and fast shopping experience. It's really the only place we ever go when the kids grow out of their shoes (so, alot).

  • Robert South

This really is the store to go to for shoes that fit your kids right. The staff knows their stuff and spends the time to make sure you get the right fit with a high quality shoe. We are very loyal customers.

  • Steven Fournier

We had the privilege of being assisted by the owner of the store to find winter boots for our daughter this morning. Very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful...was an incredible experience! Highly recommend!

  • Alanna Parsons

Great store and selection but the number system can sometimes result in a long wait on weekends. Go during the week if at all possible. Great selection (wish they sold crock rainboots) and excellent service.

  • Allison D Tupperware and ZYIA Active

This place is AMAZING! Very nice, friendly and knowledgable staff who KNOW what they are talking about. They also sell footwear for adults too. Plus socks, sunglasses, outdoor wear and more. BEST PLACE EVER!

  • Jan de Crespigny

What a great store. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Julie and Crystal could not have been kinder and more helpful. The store was not making much moneyoff me today but I was treated like royalty.

  • Tasneem Damen

They are always knowledgeable and accommodating. They know their brands well which helps when dressing up fast growing kids. The website has up to date inventory making pickups during covid times easy.

  • Nedko Krumov

Rob was fantastic! I strongly recommend the store to all parents. You will get not only great products but also a warm welcome and useful advice. 5 stars are too low for this particular store …

  • Caroline Kalil

Awesome service! They really take the time to talk to you and figure out your needs. So attentive to the kiddos, too. Lots of toys to keep them busy while you shop. Great shoe shopping experience.

  • Kevin McPhillips

I did not know that someone’s super power could be finding the right shoes for a toddler, but now I know that person exists and works at Kiddie Kobbler. I will never buy kids shoes anywhere else.

  • deepak jose

Best shoe store for kids. Staff always friendly and helpful, they know what we are looking for. Some other similar stores doesn't understand the special needs, but these guys here are the best.

  • Chantal Diffey

Kiddie Kobbler St Laurent is amazing. Terrific customer service and the best quality shoes! Staff are so kind and knowledgeable, I only buy my children’s shoes from them. Thanks for everything!

  • Sumi Aota

Amazing service. We were there about a month ago on a Sunday, not realizing the store did not open for another hour. Rob still opened and served my 2 girls. Can't beat service like that!

  • Amanda Ehrlich

The staff in this store are really helpful and experts with growing feet. The salesperson today really made my son feel special and happy with his new boots. Top quality products too.

  • Ashley Fallow

The only place we shop for shoes for our young kids. They know all the tricks for getting the kids to cooperate when getting their feet measured. Product knowledge is unparalleled.

  • Carol Caissie

I recently ordered two pairs of shoes for my granddaughter. Was very impressed with the quality of the shoes and fast shipping. Will definitely be ordering from this store again!

  • dhruv kochhar

Amazing service. Super friendly staff. Quality products. They put so much effort into making the experience delightful. I wish they had a similar store for adults as well.

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