Hobart International Airport

1715 reviews

Strachan St, Cambridge TAS 7170, Australia




Hobart International Airport is a Airport located at Strachan St, Cambridge TAS 7170, Australia. It has received 1715 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 stars.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Hobart International Airport: Strachan St, Cambridge TAS 7170, Australia

  • Hobart International Airport has 3.9 stars from 1715 reviews

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  • "Most efficiently run airport I have ever been too"

    "An International Airport with security that works"

    "Shockingly small for the number of passengers on a Tuesday afternoon, half of which had no choice but to sit on the floor and the other half making sure their bags were sitting on the small amount of chairs available"

    "Welcome to the most horrifically uncomfortable airport I've ever been to"

    "It is a small airport and there are a few small restaurants / cafes, souvenir shops, a children play area and fairly clean toilets"


  • simon scott

Most efficiently run airport I have ever been too. Only needed to turn up 15 minutes prior to flight time on two occasions now. Simple process to get through to your flight. Would love staff at EWR (worst airport staff in the USA) and LAX to come and experience how it is done. Baggage out within minutes from walking through security.

  • Stephen Doggett

An International Airport with security that works. It has space, easy to find facilities and courteous staff. The Express Bus to the city is great and easy to find. The security staff where great, doing a there job with a smile. The departure lounge has plenty of places to sit, drink and charge your gadgets.

  • Rjed T

Shockingly small for the number of passengers on a Tuesday afternoon, half of which had no choice but to sit on the floor and the other half making sure their bags were sitting on the small amount of chairs available. No variety of food and priced unreasonably for how plain everything was.

  • Chris Menezies

Welcome to the most horrifically uncomfortable airport I've ever been to. Where most of the chairs are wooden and not designed for you to want to sit on. The only nice chairs are never cleaned so they've got stains all over them and have no view of the departures board.

  • Noel Chan

It is a small airport and there are a few small restaurants / cafes, souvenir shops, a children play area and fairly clean toilets. Check-in and bag drop lanes were busy and at Jet Star, 2 out of 4 baggage tag kiosk were closed and made the

  • Toby M

The airport is small, but there are still seats available during the Christmas season, especially on the right side away from the terminals. The healthy eating restaurant was delicious and reasonably priced: guacamole will cost you an extra

  • Ayesh Baddage

Love this Isolated country airin the outskirts of Tasmania with simple layout design. Single storey building is so easy to navigate even if you'd be here for the first time in your life. It's got a nive food court area with coffee, food and

  • Ross Combes

This joke of an airport is easily the worst in Australia. Poorly designed, long delays at security and overcrowding in departure lounge. Constant renovations and changes to the terminal and parking, yet nothing improves. It’s a perfect fit

  • fallguy

Well, I am a very thankful tasmanian resident and I love it all... As I have seen some airports all over the world, I think hobart airport is really far behind just like overall Tasmania. I don’t know why but it is what is. I hope Tasmania

  • Romero B. Magcaling

A small airport terminal with one small baggage carousel. A hardworking dog doing the role of an inspector tirelessly sniffs at all the luggage coming in through the conveyor. We witnessed a few pieces of luggage taken out of the conveyor

  • Dor Hakimian

Disgraceful conduct of the airport. One of the x-ray machines stopped working, causing a huge queue. In all this situation, the conduct of the airport was below all criticism with incorrect prioritization of people, not according to their

  • Michael W

Absolute worst capital city airport in Australia. Hardly any seats and too crowded at peak times. Wifi also doesn't work. There's no public transport other than the overpriced skybus. Have been harassed by security guards while picking up

  • Rafael K (Raf)

Yeah, nay .. small regional , overcrowded airport without any proper room and facilities. It feel like crowded train station, not as a State capital airport. On arrival you have to walk outdoors about 200 meters from plane doesn’t matter

  • sventek

Two shops for food, one being cafe food - pies, sausage rolls, wraps, muffins, the other is a Liv-Eat franchise - healthy eating such as salads, sandwiches and wraps. So if you're thinking 'I'll just get some nuggets for the kids at the

  • F F

I heard that this airport will be expanded and renovated in the next few years, but two weeks after I used the airport last time, I need to give it a very pertinent evaluation. First of all, at present, the size of this airport is

  • Isa Allas

Very poor customer service. Doesn’t even deserve 1 star! Tiny airport with barely any shops to visit whilst waiting for never ending flight delays Toilets smell bad too despite seeing cleaner in there a few times over 2 hour wait

  • Rachel Spencer

A neat and tidy airport. I've only ever been in the domestic terminal to get to and from Melbourne on holiday. It has the standard amenities. Would love to visit Tasmania again so will be back at some point.

  • V

A small airport with all facilities you will need. There are many rental car companies at the airport, which is convenient! Currently the airport is doing some renovations, which is a bit of inconvenience.

  • Paige Maguire

Small, low tech and in desperate need of a complete upgrade. Only one luggage belt for all flights so collecting your bags is a competitive sport and no self bag drop. The Qantas lounge is a closet.

  • bhautik desai

Shame on jetstar third class seating and staff think like they are best. I want to give 0 but 1 is last option for nothing but useless all. Student still face racism there.

  • Paul_Striple

The airport looks a bit tired and could do with an update. Sitting on wooden benches becomes uncomfortable very quickly. I couldn't find any outlets to charge my devices.

  • Julie R

I am visiting Tasmania for a week to celebrate my birthday. I found it very easy to navigate my way through the airport to the baggage reclamation area.


This HBA airport is clean, well maintained, and welcoming passengers. This seems to be a bit small International airport in size, but hope people

  • Daniel Fischer

This place is hopeless if you've got young children. Rental car return area charges for trolleys which is not great but ok. but on

  • Faye B

Undergoing external renovations but easy to navigate and flat surfaces allow for wheelchairs, prams etc...to have easy access.

  • Danny Stephenson

It was fantastic scenery flying in, the airport is quite compact, modern and so easy to exit. Perfect really …

  • Steve Dillon

Quiet, comfy chairs if your arrive early enough lol. Could do with more choice for food, drink, etc. But adequate.

  • Explore with Tripti

Small airport! At arrival, Baggage sections are only two. Your flight baggage won’t start until

  • Sukhvinder Singh

Beautiful little airport, but no public transport here.

  • terry kelly

Nice small airport with everything you need