Hobart Airport Car Wash

78 reviews

3 Holyman Ave, Cambridge TAS 7170, Australia




Hobart Airport Car Wash is a Self service car wash located at 3 Holyman Ave, Cambridge TAS 7170, Australia. It has received 78 reviews with an average rating of 3.6 stars.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Hobart Airport Car Wash: 3 Holyman Ave, Cambridge TAS 7170, Australia

  • Hobart Airport Car Wash has 3.6 stars from 78 reviews

  • Self service car wash

  • "Do not go there"

    "Has all you need to get the car clean before return to the rental company"

    "The automatic drive-thru car wash is below acceptable standard"

    "Dropped by here before dropping rental car"

    "I have never had a problem with this establishment"


  • Diana Course

Do not go there. There are only 2 car washes which both take your money and are not usable. 1 had tape round high pressure hose in a pathetic repair attempt so we were sprayed with water before our flight. 1 of the 2 vacuum cleaners takes your money and does not work. So 1 out of 4 working machines. You can't get money back from BP station as it does not belong to them....they laughed and gave us a form from a big stack to contact business owner. I am guessing it is common to have problems and your money swallowed up for no service.

  • YL Ng

Has all you need to get the car clean before return to the rental company. You can choose between the auto wash which costs $18-20 or to wash it yourself with the washing wand and pressure water spray(didn’t check the prices but this should be cheaper). Unless you have weeks of mud on your car, the auto wash will suffice. Wish the instructions on which wash to choose were more obvious and visible but eventually a staff came to help and he was very friendly.

  • John Wright

The automatic drive-thru car wash is below acceptable standard. The self select and pay machine does not function. I advised the attendant I would like the touch free option. The attendant manually selected the incorrect option, the brushes were used. There was no soap. I asked the attendant why there was no soap and he explained the pump was not working. The attendant seem to guess which button to press when selecting the wash options.

  • Em K

Dropped by here before dropping rental car. Like another reviewer mentioned it leaves purple dots and dirt seemed to accumulate when washing off on the hood and it didn’t get rid of it so I had to manually wipe it, which wasn’t easy as it had the gloss on it. If I did it again, I’d prob do the manual car wash to ensure it was right. Express cost $18 and took about 15mins.

  • Trendy Media

I have never had a problem with this establishment. Every time I am there I get great service and the staff is always friendly. They even do extra touch ups for me when I ask! I have been coming to this site for years and I have never had anything come up missing or broken. Give this place a shot. They will do a great job.

  • Benjamin Ko

They have everything you need for washing your rental car before returning it! Bit pricey but good powerful water and soapy suds to bring your car to an acceptable standard without copping a cleaning fee. They also have vacuums available if you’ve had a sneaky kfc and dropped a chip in a hard to reach place.

  • Crystal Ngou

What a joke, the auto car wash did nothing !!! Like spraying water not even like hose water on your car, still as dirty and it did not do anything to the back of your car ! Not the same as Sydney bp car wash. It just spray tiny amount of water. I want to give zero star !

  • Paul Raffety

Paid $12 and the car is still filthy. The wheel cleaners missed - dirt is still on every panel but now looks worse because it’s has a pattern from the ‘cleaning’ sprays. If you need to clean your car use the wash bays only. The drive through is a total waste of money.

  • peter rogers

What a joke, $12 for tbe auto superwash and still the car has a film of road grime. The unfriendly attendant offered me $1 to take it through the manual wash and do it again myself. Avoid this place at all costs.

  • Josh Thorpe

Manual Wash ate my money. The high prussure washer never turned on. Spoke to servo staff and they said this was common. I contacted owner regarding the matter but have had no response. Do not go here!

  • ali ahmadi

Hobart Airport Car Wash is very convenient. The automatic machine is just wonderful. I was down with my family from Melbourne, the car was so filthy but the Auto machine cleaned it like new!!!

  • Liisa Grace Baun

We were happy to clean the car ourselves here for 20+$ Satisfied with the cleanliness of the car. Fortunately there was no queue when we arrived but soon after we saw a line of cars forming

  • Detlef Graevinghoff

The young lady was very nice and helpful, but unfortunately my car seemed only 70% cleaned with dirt still on the duco and wheels still black. Maybe the machine needed a service?

  • Binod Adhikari

Nice facility for quick wash. $2 gives you 3 minutes time. I did wash my car with $10 including vacuum. Suggestion: please put coin wisely so have enough time for the interval.

  • Brittany C

Helpful rep at the wash made sure to clean my wheels before I went in, to help make sure the rental company didn't fine me for a cleaning fee. Super helpful and nice!

  • Aquarius Angie

Absolutely useless $12 auto wash. Bottom half of the car and tyres were still dirty. No big brushes went over the car just water jets. NEVER use it!!! -100 rating.

  • me b

Great service every time. It's nice to see friendly faces and smiles from the staff. Great results. I am a regular customer and could not fault the car wash!

  • Steve Carter

Arrived early. Drove straight into the auto wash. The machine did a great job. Vacuum and fragrance machine is located just to the right when you finish.

  • manus schlooz

Went through the whole program. Car still pretty dirty - not even harsh stains, just easy to scrub off mud. Don't go here. Pay for the vacuum after too..

  • Savage Gardener

Attendant very vague we paid for top wash and only got very short wash car was covered with purple dots. Hire company told us it was ok thank goodness.

  • mehnaz batool

This car wash is one of the top one I have ever used. I am from Melbourne, took my car, used the auto wash and vacuume. It did a great job!!

  • Brooke O'Dea

Good quality self service car wash $5 for 5ish minutes. Takes $1 coins or eftpos. Vacuum is $1 for 3mins - takes $1 / $2 coins only.

  • Jayphen

Good place for a cheap car wash before dropping off your hire car. Has vacuums for $1/3 mins, and auto or manual car wash options.

  • William Flint

Had a good wash here! Car came out really clean from the auto wash. New brushes recently installed do a good job. Recommended.

  • yourlossmyfault

The prewash was not working at all. Couldn’t even coat half the car it kept doing bursts of prewash not one consistent flow.

  • Tristan Sweet

Subway conveniently close to the slowest car wash in Tasmania. A hint If you've been lemon tree shopping avoid at all costs.

  • MacJen McCarthy

Nat is a very friendly, helpful and intelligent young. This business is privileged to have him working here. Thank you Nat

  • Nate James

Some of the wash options did not work. If your going to leave a buisness Un attended make sure it's functioning properly.

  • Kirsten James

Automated wash a complete waste of money,as side brushes ineffective. Please fix if you care about customers returning!

  • William Sloss

Great service (staff stayed back late after we called in to wash for us). Also great clean. Would definitely recommend

  • Chris Butler

Fantastic service and a great wash. So much better now th carwash has new owners. Workers are friendly and helpful.

  • Sharon judge

Great service. If not happy with anything just let them know. They will sort it out & do the write thing.

  • Darrell Duniam

Great to find a traditional drive-thru car wash. They're getting hard to find these days. Easy to use.

  • Ian Drury

Good place to wash the car. Easy entry and exit towing a van. $1 gives you 90 seconds of wash time.

  • Mike Ashelford

Used a hose to wash down a small pooled spot, then gave me another run through to be sure!

  • Henry Motha

Hose joint leaks and the vaccum don't have enough power compared to other car wash.

  • Lucas Roe

We washed our hire car here it was bloody awesome mate as far as car washes go.

  • Andrew Huck

Bit expensive but good location and the auto wash does the job really well

  • raye daley

Broke down whilst we were in it and couldn't find an attendant to help

  • Leah Chettle

Payment machine is a bit clunky; otherwise smooth experience …

  • Liam Payne

Perfect location for fuelling up and returning the rental clean.

  • Michael Larkins

Amazing customer service by staff going the extra mile.

  • Anuradha Dissanayaka

Absolutely rubbish car wash. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • Jimmy Chong

The automatic car wash result was disappointing

  • Chris Mitchell

Close enough to the airport for the hire car

  • Mad Mick

Not too shabby. Owners need to learn slang.

  • Bruno Galdino

Good, but we have to wash by ourselves

  • Liz Blackwell

Operator was super friendly. …

  • Tina Iarossi

Small Airport with a lot to offer.

  • Ghulam Ali Andishmand

Best car wash I've ever used!!!!

  • Nazirhussain Sultani

Best service and perfect washing

  • Lexia Brown

It is ok. Good for what it is.

  • Judith O'Doherty

Does a professional clean!

  • sean wilson

Good service, nice clean

  • Shashi Upadhaya

Good place for car wash

  • Samantha Hall

It's a bit over priced

  • Mark Baillie

Quick and easy wash.

  • Andy Lovett

Handy to airport

  • Adam Bowden

Great car wash

  • Thomas De Meyer

What a joke

  • Mohammed Abdallah

Quick spot

  • Roger Tonkin

Great job

  • Chris Simpson


  • Krishan Harshana
  • Fabian
  • Aleks Long
  • Ron Andersen
  • Sarfaraz Mohammad
  • matthew carswell
  • Malcolm Whitehead
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  • laksith dissanayake
  • Dominik L
  • Ali Alizda
  • Gurpreet Singh
  • Garry Willmott
  • Rediscovering Desi
  • Kim M

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