Hi5 Pizza and Donair

128 reviews

2411 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Y8, Canada




Hi5 Pizza and Donair is a Pizza restaurant located at 2411 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Y8, Canada. It has received 128 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Hi5 Pizza and Donair: 2411 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Y8, Canada

  • Hi5 Pizza and Donair has 4.5 stars from 128 reviews

  • Pizza restaurant

  • "Service was great"

    "I had a creamy Chipotle chicken pizza slice today"

    "Ordered a Hawaiian pizza, wings and fries and 4 cans of pop"

    "There donair is fat as a blue wale, the quality of the ingredients however are less than ideal"

    "Had a donair there today"


  • Alex Q

Service was great. Busy location. I tried the donair. It was very large for the price and would be good value for someone looking to get full on a budget. There was a mix of fresh and canned vegetables. The donair wasn’t to my taste. There was a lot of liquid dripping out. I would suggest draining the liquids before filling the donair. More

  • pisces channel

I had a creamy Chipotle chicken pizza slice today. The owner suggested a ranch topping and it worked so well. The sauce was delicious with just enough spice and the white onions were caramelized to perfection. The space is beautiful tidy and inviting. Several people ordered something. Highly recommend checking this place out .

  • Brittany Colley

Ordered a Hawaiian pizza, wings and fries and 4 cans of pop. Pizza had next to no sauce, cheese was rubbery and for the ham they used full slices of deli ham. Wings and fries were mediocre. The cans of pop we received were not what we ordered. More

  • Jonathan Clark

There donair is fat as a blue wale, the quality of the ingredients however are less than ideal. Still if you want a good sized shawarma for under ten bucks no better place to go in that part of town. Just not a very roomy place to eat. More

  • Fred Wu

Had a donair there today. Didn't realize I was only allowed 5 toppings but manager put all the veggie toppings in because I said a little of everything. The donair was the size of a mini watermelon. For $9 it was tasty and I was stuffed.

  • Juan Luis Aguilar

I ate here a few days ago. My impressions of the place were that it was quite comfortable. They sell good and not-so-expensive pizza slices and also they buy them in larger sizes. You can find delicious pizzas with many toppings.

  • William Rennie

It's like a fresh slice but a million times better, crispy yet chewy crust, the garlic sauce is on another level. Can't wait to try the donairs! Also 2 slices and a pop for 6.25 is an absolute steal. Complete underrated gem! More

  • Tanned and How

Tried some of their pizzas as a take out. Wasn’t impressed. Smaller size and better options available. May be it’s my personal taste and personal opinion. The staff was friends and greeted with genuine smiles. :) More

  • Ricky Wong

great pizza staff friendly. support local. fresh slice is up the street but Hi5 actually listen to customers when say well done they nice and they care. Not much space to sit but quick bite on the go would return here

  • Karen W

Great place to grab a quick cheap bite. I love their pizza. Not too oily. Crust is perfect. Lots of toppings. They don't cheap out on a huge crust border. My fav pizza place for takeout and quick lunches More

  • Syed Ali Ahmed

If you're looking for amazing pizza or Donair , Hi5 pizza is the place The crust is crispy, the sauce is flavorful, and the toppings are fresh and plentiful. The service is friendly. Highly recommended! More

  • AK 464

The pizza was nothing to write home about. Not good not really bad. Pricing is good. But the pizza is a little tasteless. not enough spices and the cheese is really bland .no tomato flavour either. More

  • ....

Been here few times. Loved the pizza and the donair. Donair is my favorite best! The people are so friendly. I’ll definitely come back again. Special mention to Sunaima, Jass and Sanjeev. :-) More

  • David K

I have ordered pizzas here for our school. The pizza is delicious and they make a special delivery for us. Top notch customer service, good prices and great food. Complete gem of a place. More

  • Norman Mclean

I love this spot and the good is always great from donairs and to the pizzas and the poutines and than some. Great workers and service and always friendly. Jwfs is the best. More

  • Isa O'Brien

Low price, skimpy serving...guess you get what you pay for 5$ menu items. Teen had the poutine... It was a small amount of fries decent amount of curd cheese and gravy...

  • Shell Scrambles

DON'T GET THE DONAIR!! It was terrible tasting and made with subpar ingredients. I thought I'd give it a try. I had this feeling as they were making it that it

  • Ivan Colin

Literally THE BEST donairs in town, they add so many things, the staff is super friendly and they are by far the cheapest that I have ever tried in Vancouver.

  • Nicholas

The donairs here are great and reasonably priced. I’m a big eater and I couldn’t even finish the large donair (which was less than $10 after tax) More

  • Marisa Pelletier

The staff are always so kind here and the Donairs are so filling it's a great deal. Jass always asks us how we're doing its very welcoming. More

  • Alireza Razmara

Waw , it was amazing , and i went there with one of my friend , he really amazed qbout their sandwiches , i ate pizza , was good , tnx hi5 More

  • Ben H

It depends who makes your donair. If it's one of the girls then cross your fingers. If it's one of the guys you'll be fine. More

  • Steven Theodore Windsor

•November 2023• the pizza was good but the donair was delicious and full of flavour. The lamb was perfectly seasoned

  • Colin Baldwin

the pizza is perfect, the donairs are delicious, and the service is superb! Jass is excellent!

  • c samata

All the staff are extremely friendly , pizza and donair are always fresh, best price and DEAL in Vancouver More

  • Kenji Wong

Poutine was great. I took 1 scoop of gravy which was more than enough for me.

  • Tim Kinstlers

Small seating area, but the donairs are terrific and the prices are great.

  • cactus

Unbeatable value, but the pizza was a little undercooked. Toppings were a bit too salty.

  • Bernell

Decent Donair. Come try it. It is worth a visit.
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  • Nazir Jesri

Great food and great service
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