Gunaams Supermarket

202 reviews

1145 Morningside Ave Unit #33, Scarborough, ON M1B 0A7, Canada



Gunaams Supermarket is a Supermarket located at 1145 Morningside Ave Unit #33, Scarborough, ON M1B 0A7, Canada. It has received 202 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Gunaams Supermarket: 1145 Morningside Ave Unit #33, Scarborough, ON M1B 0A7, Canada

  • Gunaams Supermarket has 4.0 stars from 202 reviews

  • Supermarket

  • "Gunaam's Supermarket in Scarborough is a great option for anyone seeking authentic Sri Lankan groceries"

    "If you are looking to buy groceries from Sri Lanka for a reasonable price this is the place to go"

    "Went to get some Asian products here"

    "I love this grocery store…"

    "Terrible supermarket—wouldn’t even give one star"


  • Erosha Amendra

Gunaam's Supermarket in Scarborough is a great option for anyone seeking authentic Sri Lankan groceries. Their extensive selection of Sri Lankan produce is impressive, catering to the diverse tastes of their customers. My recent visit on August 5, 2023, to find Mangosteen was a success. As I had trouble locating Mangosteen in other local grocery stores, Gunaam's Supermarket came to the rescue. My first interaction with a staff member was when I asked for a bag to hold the mangosteen, and they promptly provided one, showcasing their attentiveness to customers' needs. The only minor drawback was the slow lineup for the cash register. Nevertheless, considering the unique selection and the courteous staff, the overall experience was pleasant.

  • Premjee Paul

If you are looking to buy groceries from Sri Lanka for a reasonable price this is the place to go. The owner is very nice and the staff are very friendly. This area gets very busy so finding parking can be a problem depending on the time of your visit. THERE ARE 3 RED LIGHT CAMERAS on the way to here so don't run a red.

  • Nisha Raku

Went to get some Asian products here. They have almost all the items whatever I want. It is a pretty clean Asian store when compare to others. But small place and the prices are bit higher than others. If you buy groceries for more than $50, you can get green berry juice bottle for free.

  • Nida IE

I love this grocery store…..their veggies are the freshest i have ever seen anywhere in canada, their packed green chillis are in my fridge for more than two weeks and are still fresh as day one….i got some nimko from there and it was also amazing.

  • Traveling Foodie

Terrible supermarket—wouldn’t even give one star. Bought “fresh” fish from their fish market that was rotten. When we called to ask about it, the person who answered hung up the phone saying he couldn’t talk. When we went in person to ask

  • Nish Rajah

Went to purchase mutton, the fish past of the market felt like there was no ventilation. It was super hot as well. The bag of mutton I got had a lot of bones in it. It's not right when there is more bones than meat.

  • Prachi Joshi

Nice store for Indian and SriLankan Grocery..helpers are always around if you need help locating anything...they are very polite. The meat counter guys are very welcoming and always ready with a smile and Jokes.

  • Aruna Christine Selvaraj

I called Gunam Super Market to find about product, some one answered and said “ come and check”, and he hung up the phone. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and he was absolutely rude to customer.

  • Maqsood Mohammed

Found a variety of grocessary items but expensive, staff is not friendly, vegitables are packed in clear polythene bags...found not good in freshness and quality, sorry - will not recommend.

  • Jena

When the owners work on the till, price they put in the till is different than what it shows on the price tag!! Be smart and know your price when you go to the till. Scammers!

  • Niluxy KS

One of the great stores to get Srilankan and Indian groceries. They have fresh groceries and staff are polite and helpful. It is pretty clean and organized well. Thank you:)

  • Ms nikhil

A great grocery store for all the asians living in scarborough. Once you enter the store you feel as if you are in local indian super market. You can almost get everything.

  • Giri Giritharan

The amount you are actually charged is more than what is posted or advertised. Don't go there because of the AD. you will end up paying much more than you imagined!

  • Praga Dsp

Please dont buy goat from here. These ppl are adding lamb in goat and selling. If i ask them they are fighting with me. Please be careful and tc of your health

  • jithin jose

Tried their new plum cakes in stock, they were amazing!!! The finish and meat are always fresh, basically this is a one stop solution for all home needs!!

  • Chris Ilanges

I been here many time so far no issues but one female customer service person here who seems not too understand the customer service side of things.

  • niranchan NALLARETHANAM

They don't mark the prices on most of the products. Price depends on the cashiers’ or owners’ (who also work as cashiers) mood and your luck.

  • ajisha fathima

Best for South Indian shopping.They have so many items that we cant imagine today we bought king Fish was cheap than any other shop....

  • S Arya

Very hard to find prices and prices are expensive compared to other South Asian grocery stores. Customer service is pretty bad too.

  • harishwaran arumugam

Expired goods still on the selfs. Rotten veggies pack with good veggies (drums stick, eggplant veggies) and selling to customer.

  • Prabha Sarang

Expensive. No price tags on vegetables. Fish department will convince you to buy as per their convenience.

  • Myuren J

No space to move in the store, very tight aisles. They need to reduce some aisles or reorganize the store.

  • Ndimurukundo Prince

They have everything you might need and they close late then other store so good place for store

  • Sangeetha Shingam

I usually come here to get fresh pandan leaves and they have good selection of herbal teas.

  • Agash Josuwa

Great for South Indian groceries, a little small but overall great selection and staff

  • Prasath VS

Great Srilankan & Indian grocery store.. they also include meat shop inside their shop

  • Mahinthan Sri

Poor customers service. owners work on the till, they have very bad attitude so rude.

  • Vivek Pathmanathan

At no cost do you buy meat from this place unless you want to get sick or not eat

  • Siva Markandu

The Best one stop place in Scarborough for all of your Tamil supplies and protein

  • Robinson Moses

This is a place where you will find all of South Indian cooking essentials

  • Salek Rahman

Bad smell inside, poor service, product price quite high. Don't recommend


Not very spacious.. bump into people everytime.. employees are friendly

  • Vasen Ma

Good service. Have everything. I like organic king coconut water

  • krish vije

Customer service is not friendly and fades vegetables meat too

  • Viswanathan Sakthivel

Not much vegetables. Place is scrambled and not enough place.

  • Vijenthan Paramasamy

Nice staff and great selections and price are within budget.

  • Mohan Thangavel

They have all groceries for srilankan and South indian food

  • Jason Singh

Fantastic service. Very helpful to find everything I need.

  • Siva

Clean grocery but prices are comparatively a little high.

  • Surya Burela

Reasonable prices, can find all type of Asian groceries

  • Balasubramaniyam Senathirajah

You can buy all south Asian groceries at moderate price

  • Murali Gnanam

Has everything you need for Sri Lankan south Indian

  • Siva Kanda

Nice stores good service everything good and fresh

  • MrMapersaud1

Good food. Bit mostly spicy. Nice people.

  • Gerard Raju

To crowded places. And so expensive.

  • STN Dx

Good place for grocery and clothing.

  • jeevan jeevaraj

Good price and very helpful staff.

  • Para Sathi

Good place for asian groceries.

  • Raj Velu

Great selection and good prices

  • james kunnumpuram Palackal

Customer friendly. Good people

  • Jay diesel

Always have a Good Experience

  • Sathiyandra Thirunavukarasu

Very nice workers helpful

  • kailas thiyagarajah

Well stocked clean store

  • arany sivananthan

Good found what I needed

  • rama thushi

Great Srilankan grocery

  • Mathy Uthayashankar

Good customer service

  • Mark Ferns

Good Asian groceries

  • Ashwin Hope

Indian Grocery store

  • Arun karthi

Good …

  • David D

Great Selection

  • Sritharan Vimalendiran

Great shopping

  • saraswati devi dasi

Great service

  • Yusuf Adam

It's awesome


Very costly.

  • Godly Mathew

Simply good

  • Vijenthan Paramasamy

Good people

  • Selvarajah Aiyadurai

Good place

  • Sivatharsan Anantharaja

Good place

  • christy easwaram Subaramaniam

Very good

  • Moses Diane

Not bad

  • Suresh Nathan


  • Audie Galvez


  • Thish LINGAM
  • sheena pylan
  • Percy Niranjan
  • Devan Shan
  • Irshad Salahudeen
  • Deepu Prabhakaran
  • Raj 454
  • marino mogan
  • mehalan chandrasegaram
  • Mahinthan Pararasasingam
  • Sachin G
  • Shamila Satheeskumar
  • janojan shanmugarasa
  • Dime
  • gokularaj Erusiyalingam
  • Brasanna R
  • Siva U. Shankar
  • Ganthithasan Kana
  • Mahin Nadarajah
  • jey jesuratnam
  • danoj anton
  • Ambivipa
  • A Miss.R
  • Milan Sunil
  • Thevananthan Dirosan
  • jose nilton
  • kumar thru
  • Priya Ling

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