Goodlife Health Clubs

133 reviews

197 Karingal Dr, Frankston VIC 3199, Australia



Goodlife Health Clubs is a Gym located at 197 Karingal Dr, Frankston VIC 3199, Australia. It has received 133 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





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  • The address of Goodlife Health Clubs: 197 Karingal Dr, Frankston VIC 3199, Australia

  • Goodlife Health Clubs has 4.1 stars from 133 reviews

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  • "Hate is a very strong word but I can honestly say I hate Karingal Goodlife Gym"

    "I have been with this gym for over 6 months now and i have to say it is defiantly on par with other gyms in the area"

    "Be very weary of this gym -promises promises promises , lies lies lies"

    "Member for over a year"

    "Been here some time now,the staff are great, equipment is on average but multiple machines cut down waiting times, some are pretty run down and could do with updating some machines ie chest press way behind its time, also seems to be a more common occurrence of now letting people in wearing whatever they like, also get used to seeing people in dirty work gear and others running around with nothing on there feet! gym gets busy after 3pm up until 8pm but if your dare to go before that expect no A"


  • Jacinta Guide

Hate is a very strong word but I can honestly say I hate Karingal Goodlife Gym. My experiences were overall so negative it is almost impossible to know where to begin but I will try. Firstly, I never received the so called promised free Personal Training sessions despite me trying for months. I finally gave up. I used the gym for a number of months but found it to be increasingly crowded and Personal Trainers using up the floor with large groups for which they charge the already paying members an extra fee, and us regular paid members have no treadmills etc. Happens a lot. So the gym is double dipping constantly, charging the PT's for rent, they use all the equipment with large groups and paying members are put out. The gym also smells really bad. The facilities are very average, but my biggest gripe is with the staff. The blonde receptionist is sweet enough, the long dark haired 'customer service' staff member is a disgrace, she is rude, arrogant and her skills are so lacking I honestly wonder how they can justify giving her that job/role. She, of course, is unable to see how bad she is, she doesn't have the (and I put this politely) insight, I blame her superiors, they are taking the *iss putting someone like her in charge of customer service. So to continue, a number of months ago I had health issues and had to leave the gym on my specialist Dr's orders, I have a private hospital that will care for my exercise under the supervision of Doctors due to my condition. When I went to cancel, she took me to the public lounge area, and I was asked why I wanted to terminate my membership by this same above mentioned customer service staff member, I told her I did not feel comfortable discussing it and did not wish to say, which I believe is within my legal rights. She kept asking and asking me until I broke down and told her my illness was terminal. And this is honest to God what happened next, she then looked at me with vacant eyes and said 'is there anything we can do so you can continue your membership'? I said, no there is nothing Goodlife Karingal can do about my terminal illness, so she went ahead and 'allowed' me to cancel my membership (in hindsight it is entirely possible she does not know the meaning of the word terminal) However, that was not the end of it, the payments continued after the one month obligatory payment termination period, ie you have to keep paying for an extra month after cancellation (mind you they sell the one month you continue to pay after cancelled and a free month when you sign up, hows that for dishonesty) so I had to call and tell them that the cancellation did not go through as stated on the receipt I received and signed. The money was refunded after I complained. My partner who is also a member, decided today to leave due to his issues with Debit Success and their excessive fees, if you miss a payment (unlike most banks and credit cards you have the full banking day to balance your account for a payment, debit success does not allow for this, so for example if debit success try to take the payment in the AM of a said date, then your pay goes in after lunch it considers it a faulted payment and charges a whopping $10 fee) So again the above mentioned customer service staff member had to deal with this issue as he was disgruntled, she was unable to deal with the problem and instead of advising a senior staff member, treated us rudely and arrogantly to the point where my partner decided to cancel his membership on the spot. I will NEVER recommend this gym to anyone and plan to take my issues to the highest levels within the organisation until my complaints are acknowledged and we receive an official apology. Goodlife need to start taking care of their customers, as without us, there would be no Goodlife gym. It would pay not to forget that, there are lots of other choices out there and people can vote with their feet, by walking away.

  • Jenai Flanagan

I have been with this gym for over 6 months now and i have to say it is defiantly on par with other gyms in the area. The reason i chose Good life was because of the 24/7 access and also the security measures they have during this time as well as their personal trainers and extensive and well balanced time table. For a small one off fee of $15.00 (unless you loose your card) you have access all year round to the gym and facilities. I have found that the cleaning could be a little better but they contract their cleaners and they come in at night so they probably don't even get a chance to follow up but it is still relatively clean, vacuumed and dusted and wiped down and always tidy. I have noticed the staff have been going out of their way to learn my name, ask how everything is going both whilst I'm at the gym and in phone calls and the staff are always helpful when i ask them anything at all. the personal trainers are great. i have used one for 6 months solid and have had a few experiences with others through that time and they have all been professional and friendly. the classes are a great little community if you go regularly, the instructors and regular people training form wonderful friendships and the instructors are friendly and always willing to help and give you any advice or suggestions if you ask. if it is a once off they are friendly and all you have to do is ask and someone will help you with any questions you could possibly have. They are very accommodating to all fitness and health levels and all inclusive to all clients. I would definitely come down and have a look around and see what they offer, when i joined they offered a 7 day cooing off period for my membership so it was a great way to experience the gym and decide if i wanted to stay.

  • Jonno Brierley

Be very weary of this gym -promises promises promises , lies lies lies. The only thing they are great at is staff signing people up ,once signed up forget about customer service there is none!!!!! Promises of training plans with personal trainers but they are all employed under abn (gym doesn't pay them)so therefore they want extra money yet signup promises of free training plan every 6 weeks, At signup whatever you ask they will say yep we do that but be weary lies . I had 12 mth contract of which have paid 13 months cancelled 8 days after payment taken but they still want another month to cancel despite this would be almost 2 months . I have had constant phone calls on daily basis to get this money from me yet during my time they never returned phone calls or dealt with my gripes. If they put as much effort into making sure members are happy as they do in signup and debt chasing they would probably then be a good gym but this goes to show it is all about money money

  • Silycr

Member for over a year. Lost my wallet so had to change card details. Initial payments processed correctly and suddenly not going through again. First call from Goodlife and guy recognised it was still trying the old card and said he'd sort it out and call back. Second call from lady and she had no idea of first conversation. Advised same and said she would get someone else to sort out and them call back. I said it would need to be after 5pm due to work and she said that was fine. Get another call today from another Lady at 3pm, saying she couldn't understand the notes. Asked if she saw the part about not calling until after 5pm. She said yes, but she finishes at 4:30, then attempted to continue with call after being told twice. Absolutely pathetic communication and disregard for their customers. I've attended maybe a half dozen times in the last 9 months and the only call I get is when the payment doesn't go through. Keep up the good work guys

  • James

Been here some time now,the staff are great, equipment is on average but multiple machines cut down waiting times, some are pretty run down and could do with updating some machines ie chest press way behind its time, also seems to be a more common occurrence of now letting people in wearing whatever they like, also get used to seeing people in dirty work gear and others running around with nothing on there feet! gym gets busy after 3pm up until 8pm but if your dare to go before that expect no A.C you'll be melting like chocolate buttons! Aside that and full of people dangling off machines like monkeys because that have no idea how to use them and sound like tennis players when there doing there 1 rep benching. Honestly it's a nice place nice people but seems any rules are out of the window you get what you get and expect nothing more

  • Jesper Lowgren

This is a great gym for weight-trainers (I don't use other facilities so can't comment on them). The equipment is a mixture of new, not-so-new, and old. It's not a problem as the brands are good and the equipment is well maintained. There is a broad selection of equipment and machines, with each machine being slightly different, allowing muscles to be targeted differently. For example, there are numerous back machines, each hitting the back differently. Perhaps less important to a beginner, but fantastic for advanced lifters. So far, I have not found any missing machines. The gym is clean, staff are friendly, the water machines always work (and there are two of them just in case), and they offer 24x7 access. Overall, a great place for a serious weight workout!

  • Felicia Le

My first time to this gym and the experience was horrible and it was really put me off. I went for a hot yoga class session on Friday starting at 6am. When i got there and i was in the room among with other people who also attending to class, we just wait and wait until 6.15am and still no instructor turn up so we contact the staff at the reception. The staff couldn't contact the instructor and so the class was cancelled. This is a very poorly organisation and no communication at all. i was very very very very disappointed and I would not recommended this gym to anyone at all.

  • Mark Wats

-no community atmosphere at all: only friendly when they want you to pay money or want you to bring them new clients, they don't know your name, trainers stand around chatting to each other when there are clients around them performing incorrect technique. - worst customer service: so many issues when wanting to suspend or cancel your membership, again they are very money hungry. - going 24/7 was so inconvenient, cannot attend the gym/classes on Sundays or public holidays unless you pay extra money to become an 24/7 access membership. Very disappointed, pull your socks up!

  • Gemma Rourke

So quick to take your money but won’t take any responsibility of when they make an error. They continued to take money from my bank during a membership freeze which put my account into the negative and my bank took money. Said they were going to refund me but never did.. but absolutely hound you for your payments. Also tried to tell me I owed $250 to cancel my membership, I had to prove to them they were wrong and I only owed $199. DO NOT sign up to this money hungry gym.

  • Clinton Kumar

This gym is amazing, the staff there are really helpful i called for some help with my account after lock down and spoke to Emma she was really helpful and made it clear for me to understand my account. The quality of the equipment is great and the atmosphere too. my son also attends the childcare that is in the gym, the childcare professionals in there are so caring and creative with the experiences they hold for the children. thank you goodlife karingal team.

  • Gregory Elliott

This is an awesome Gym to go to. The team are very friendly and willing to help you. The gym itself is always clean and tidy when we've gone in. The gym is never over crowded, which means that you are able use the equipment. The only thing wrong is, the Gym unfortunately doesn't sell gym merchandise. The only way you can get it, is by referring people to join. Its the only thing wrong. Other than that, its an awesome gym to go to.

  • Shirley Patterson

I absolutely love this gym, the staff are friendly and very helpful. It is well equipped and clean with excellent personal trainers. Nothing is ever to much and you never leave without feeling that you have had a good all round experience. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who is trying to improve their overall sense of wellbeing. The culture is great and very motivational. Everyone is welcomed, accepted and encouraged.

  • Jay M

Big spacious 24hr gym with lots of equipment and friendly staff. Different training style equipment setup in separate areas, CrossFit, free weights, fitness classes, cardio etc. There’s a crèche, which is why I joined this gym, but I’ve never used it as I work full time and the crèche is only running between 9-12 or something. Always very clean facilities I like that Grill’d is right there too

  • Ruvy Hendrix

Probably the best Goodlife club in Victoria! The staff are amazing honestly just the welcoming makes you feel at home, everyone is always smiling and the staff are always encouraging. This just makes me more motivated I feel like I should be paying extra fee for this kind of service! Welcome team I wouldn’t recommend any better gym!

  • Karen Flockhart

They need to play some different music same stuff from 2 years ago, also trainers are chatting and take no notice of people using the incorrect technique, they could also sanitize some machinery.They could offer advice especially to the new comers. People sit on the gym equipment on there phones instead of using the equipment.

  • Bgaming B

Great equipment but the cooling is never on in summer making it hot to workout. Shame otherwise i would stay there am looking at new gyms as can’t stand the heat in there during summer. Plus heating on too high in winter think the staff who aren’t working out adjust it for themselves no for people who are being active inside.

  • Luke O'Brien

Poor customer service and when you want to cancel your membership make sure you ring back and check they actually did cancel it otherwise they continue to charge you then make you go back through call logs to get proof that you called when they were the ones who didnt cancel your membership in the first place.

  • Sahin Cinar

Great gym which I actually attend myself physio on site 24/7 access and plenty of safety measures if you feel unsafe late at night NDIS assistance on site as well great place for both elderly and disabled clients to attend, also plenty of free weights and machines along with a separate cardio area.

  • Michael Gozum

Don't go to this gym. They kept charging my wife for monthly membership fee even if it already expired for more than a year. They won't bother to confirm your renewal because it is easier that way for them to get money from you without you knowing it. It felt like we were scammed.

  • Carline Pretty

Started going there solely because they had a crèche. Everyone there is so so friendly, I never have any issue getting equipment I need and it’s always clean and tidy. The women working at the crèche are absolutely amazing and my 10 month old ALWAYS has a blast while she’s there.

  • daniel tag

I have printed 7 days free visits to Goodlife Health in Karingal. They took my details and promised that they will not take any money until I make my mind and sign a contract.. After 2 visits I have decided to join another gym but they send my a bill for $1047. what the f****!

  • Nathan Pepi

I’ve been going to this gym for a few years now and I’ve never had any issues. Staff are always so friendly, the PTs they have are fantastic at what they do, all the equipment is well looked after. Always has a great atmosphere and I always look forward to coming in …

  • Georgia Durham

Really happy with good life. I’ve been a member for 2 years now. I love how friendly the staff are on the desk and also how accommodating they are if you have special requests. Being able to go to a gym where I feel safe 24 hours is really valuable to me!

  • Shaun Browne

This is a pretty good gym. For the price (about average). Has 24/7 access and is very quite from about 8pm onwards. Has a olympic lifting and power lifting area with bumper plates. Cardio equipmemt is all new with large tv screens on all the machines.

  • Daniel Randazzo

Great Gym with a good atmosphere. Staff are always very welcoming, equipment is well layed out with plenty of room. Gym users are resptful of the equipment which makes the environment good for everyone. We really enjoy this gym, keep up the good work.

  • Brittany Cooke

After providing 30 days notice, Victoria went into a statewide lockdown, so GoodLife suspended my account. When lockdown finished, they charged a backpayment to cover the payments that would have fallen during the notice period, but

  • xiaoyue zhang

Great Gym.I forgot to bring my hair band for body balance class this morning, luckily the lovely receptionist named Rafaela lent me her own band.Yeah! The staff there are always warm and nice.Highly recommend.

  • LVL R

Love the friendly staff, PT’s (Zapt is the best) & classes. My husband makes friends with everyone who goes there so the other members must be alright too! Clean ammenities & not $$$ plus Raf is a legend

  • L JPS

Overall it’s a gym and has weights , but god it’s run down compared to all the other Goodlife gyms it really needs a revamp! The floors lifting, the chairs are starting to crack its in need of help.

  • Milena Zangiacomi

I’ve been coming here since it opened, doing mostly classes. I find it a very friendly and inclusive gym. There is a diverse range of classes. Never had a problem that couldn’t be resolved. …

  • Xiaoqin Ding

Great equipment , nice cleaning environment comfortable break area , friendly staff, and plenty change / shower room . I have been recommend to my friends and they are enjoying being there. …

  • Cate B

Great gym, great price. I go to three different Goodlife gyms, and each one offers great, clean equipment and facilities, as well as friendly staff who are approachable and attentive.

  • Alyssa wright

Nothing but problems since the begining, been a member of several gyms over the last 15 yrs and never had problems but after joining them it is the last I will ever join a gym.

  • Jason A

I attend this gym to see my exercise physiologist, the staff have always been welcoming and there is no dropping of heavy weights causing loud bangs, this is a gym for everyone

  • Melissa J

I've just started with Karingal and I can say I'm absolutely loving it. Staff are incredibly friendly, there is always space on the gym floor. A very clean and spacious gym!

  • Sandra Stevenson

Great place to workout, friendly, supportive , great trainers and staff, boxing class is awesome. Cannot say enough good things about Karingal!!

  • Jayson Turner

Lost count on how many years I have been going to Goodlife Karingal. Excellent and friendly staff and all the equipment you will ever need

  • Barb J

Show casing local artists. Under the Ocean was a great experience for the big kids as well. We also met the octopus artist …

  • Evalyn Clow

Great gym, plenty of equipment. Friendly staff. Could have some more classes, but it is the best gym I have been to in years.

  • Luke Romeril

Great gym. Excellent staff. Classes are very good & well ran. Very friendly members makes a good atmosphere too

  • Bec Westlund

Only downfall is the massive window heating up one side of the gym in summer. Needs blinds or reflective outer.

  • Karen J

Great gym with everything you need, however, there should be more classes, especially in the evenings.

  • elysia morris

Ruby and the team are always so happy and friendly every morning, such a good gym to train at :)

  • Brent Skudutis

Great Club, always get a really good workout in here. Everything you need with friendly staff.

  • Omer G

Old stations, not many updates nothing really special about services and the gym.

  • maryalbert777

Well equipped gym, friendly staff & group fitness classes are great too!

  • Tony Zhao

Great gym nice and clean , I like the big window good view !

  • Wendy Anastasi

Great goodlife. Have fabulous equipment and is very clean.

  • Myha San

Great gym, friendly staff at reception. Best PT’s.

  • Deborah Schneider

Good gym! Friendly staff.

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