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2161 W 33rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 1C1, Canada



GoodVans Roofing is a Roofing contractor located at 2161 W 33rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 1C1, Canada. It has received 27 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of GoodVans Roofing: 2161 W 33rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 1C1, Canada

  • GoodVans Roofing has 4.9 stars from 27 reviews

  • Roofing contractor

  • "I recently hired GoodVans Roofing to replace my 22-year-old cedar roof with shingles, and I couldn't be happier with the results"

    "I had my roof installed by a reputable Vancouver company eight years ago (company name omitted for legal reasons), which had an impressive Google rating of over 100 five-star reviews"

    "I can't say enough good things about my experience with GoodVans Roofing! From start to finish, their exceptional service and professionalism truly impressed me"

    "I've been in the construction business for quite a while, and I first came across these folks when they were subcontracting for a well-known roofing company"

    "Recently I hired GoodVans for my re-roof project"


  • Push

I recently hired GoodVans Roofing to replace my 22-year-old cedar roof with shingles, and I couldn't be happier with the results. From start to finish, the experience was smooth and hassle-free. The crew from GoodVans Roofing was incredibly hardworking, and I was particularly impressed by their professionalism and dedication to their craft. Despite the extensive work involved, I never had any noise complaints from my neighbors, as they ensured that the project was carried out quietly and efficiently. One aspect that really stood out to me was the excellent communication throughout the process. Arvin, the director of GoodVans Roofing, went above and beyond to make sure I was well-informed. He took the initiative to send me 15-20 photos every day from the top of the roof, allowing me to see the progress without having to climb up myself. This level of transparency and consideration for the customer's convenience was truly commendable. Overall, my experience with GoodVans Roofing was outstanding. The crew's hard work, professionalism, and attention to detail resulted in a beautifully completed roofing project. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of roofing work, and I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.

  • Maninder Sandhu

I had my roof installed by a reputable Vancouver company eight years ago (company name omitted for legal reasons), which had an impressive Google rating of over 100 five-star reviews. However, my roof started sagging due to insufficient support, when I tried to contact them, they ceased responding to my calls. Facing this dilemma, I obtained quotes from six other roofing companies for the necessary repairs and ultimately chose GoodVans Roofing. Despite lingering trust issues stemming from my previous experience, the foreman at GoodVans took the time to alleviate my concerns. He provided a clear explanation, accompanied by pictures, of their step-by-step installation progress, which matched the information I found online. In the end, I am not only pleased with the quality of their installation but also with the peace of mind they provided throughout the process. I extend my gratitude to the entire team, both in the office and on-site.

  • Josefa Valdes

I can't say enough good things about my experience with GoodVans Roofing! From start to finish, their exceptional service and professionalism truly impressed me. First off, their transparency set them apart. The team took the time to thoroughly explain the scope of the project, the materials they'd be using, and the estimated timeline. It was refreshing to work with a company that valued clear communication. My roof looks fantastic, and I can tell they paid attention to every detail. It's reassuring to know that my home is now well-protected thanks to their expertise. What truly amazed me, though, was their dedication. I had a few concerns about some unfinished work on a long weekend, but GoodVans Roofing didn't hesitate to address the issue promptly by showing up on a long weekend. I wholeheartedly recommend GoodVans Roofing.

  • Sean Dave

I've been in the construction business for quite a while, and I first came across these folks when they were subcontracting for a well-known roofing company. I decided to hire them directly for my upcoming house project to avoid paying unnecessary extra fees to the middleman. With nearly a decade of experience as a home builder, I have high standards for work quality, and I must say they have consistently met my expectations. There was one incident when my roof developed a leak, which turned out to be the framer's mistake. However, they promptly rushed to fix it without charging me any additional fees. Up to this point, they have never failed any inspections, and they've always been there to support me, almost like family. Kudos to their team and the owner – they are genuinely hardworking and dedicated individuals.

  • Pranjali

Recently I hired GoodVans for my re-roof project. I have 3 words for them: Exceptionally Honest, Hardworking, and Transparent. Their communication was consistently clear and transparent, and they took the time to share intricate details about the roofing process, including potential areas where other contractors might compromise quality. This experience was nothing short of remarkable. Beyond the roof replacement itself, I found immense value in the knowledge I gained from the director. Instead of merely observing from a distance, the director actively worked alongside the crew. This hands-on approach left a lasting impression I must commend both the crew members and the director for their impressive work.

  • Sukh

Out of 8 quotes, I chose GoodVans Roofing to replace the aging roof of my 30-year-old house. Did intense research and reference check, found out that they are working as subcontractors for many big roofing companies in Vancouver. I must say that their service exceeded my expectations in every aspect, from initial consultation to the final result. Throughout the project, the team maintained a clean and organized work environment, minimizing any inconvenience to my family. They also prioritized safety, adhering to all necessary protocols and ensuring a hazard-free workplace. My experience with them was truly exceptional, and I am extremely satisfied with the transformation of my roof..

  • Carol Wang

Goodvans roofing completed my roof recently. The team did a great job and left the house and surroundings as they were when they started the work. I was not even in Canada when the completion of the work. They Updates me by emails. Arvin responded my questions by email promptly. They even noticed my siding and downpipes were rotten and they repaired the siding, downpipes and chimney. My roof is very steep, but all crews are professional, hard working and detail oriented to make a great look on my house. Excellent job! I highly recommend goodvans roofing if you need any roof job done!

  • Reagan Balcaen

Great experience with Arvin and his crew. They were called to investigate a leak coming into my window that was seemingly coming from the roof. They did a thorough assessment of where the problem may lie and were extremely polite and friendly. Afterwards Arvin took the time to explain where the issue was coming from, with reference photos, and walked us through what the steps would be to fix it. Overall it was a great experience! Arvin was transparent, down to earth and very easy to communicate with.

  • Garry San

Very Very Very Honest people. I asked them for a re-roof quotation because of the leak issue. Every other company provided us a quotations after request. But they actually took time to go on the roof and fix the leakage spot, we ended up spending $1700 instead of spending $28K for the whole roof. And they even confirmed that my roof was good for another 4 years. Thank you guys, will surely refer you to my friends and family.

  • Harman Dhillon

GoodVans Roofing team exhibited remarkable performance. They undertook a demanding project at my coastal residence, and I am exceedingly pleased with the outcomes. Despite facing substantial challenges, they displayed exceptional patience and extended the highest level of respect to us throughout the entire undertaking. My profound gratitude for their unwavering dedication and exceptional efforts.

  • Palisade Security

Hired this company for one of my roofs. They were quick to respond and made adjustments in their schedule to fit in my project, as my roof was leaking and needed an instant repair. Didn't charged me anything for repair and did outstanding job in replacing my roof. My site looks way cleaner than before, they did good job in cleaning my property. Thanks guys

  • Michelle H

I had a great experience with Goodvans roofing! They did a really good job fixing my flat roof and putting a new roof on my slope roof. They were clear about the cost, finished the repairs quickly. They were always good at keeping me updated and answering my questions. Showed up on time, and paid attention to all the little details. Thanks Arvin

  • Kal Knight

You must be really happy to have Arvin as part of the team! He was a very knowledgeable man who explained the process and the job enough for me to understand and trust the trades people on site. I am definitely going to pass on his contact to anyone who is in need of a roof over their head! Thank-you GoodVans Roofing!

  • Diksha Sharma

Started my roof fairly quickly. 5 guys working simultaneously, finished it in 6 days. Didn’t left the site until everything was finished. Cleaned my house at the end of every working day. I’m very very happy with their service and the way they explained everything I had doubts about.

  • SK

Hardworking and honest team. Did our roof repairs and gutters. Rather than suggesting full re-roof (as other companies were), they fixed the possible leak areas, and now we'll be good for winters and can do the re-roof next year after saving some money. Thank you, Gale

  • Cole Woodland

Kind and professional services. Really appreciated how Arvin took the time to clearly explain what was causing the leak from our roof and what we would have to do to fix it. The transparency was refreshing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!

  • Alex Charlton

Super impressed with Arvin! He was a very kind individual, even though he seemed quite busy, took the time out of the day to have a talk with me. Very professional, knowledgeable, and would highly recommend him and GoodVans Roofing to anyone!

  • John Housser

We had a great experience with the team, they were experienced, efficient, professional, and top quality. We're happy to have our new roof on before heading into winder, and looking forward to not having to worry about it for many years now!

  • mcshagger510

These guys are really great! They didn't start too early or finish too late, nice and clean after each day of work and even moved our potted plants to the side so they would get damaged. Highly recommended!!!

  • Serena Gallo

The site crew was extremely hardworking, polite, quiet (no loud music) and cleaned up everyday! The result is a beautiful and secure new roof that has enhanced our home’s appeal.

  • jeff brooks

I was so impressed by your work crew, their speed, efficiency and how good the roof looks. The crews clean up was also excellent. Very well done.

  • Av Gastuv

Thank you guys for repairing my roof on time. Straight on professional, showed up first day, and left only after the job was completed.

  • Candice Copeland

My overall experience with this company was great, you can tell they care about their work and customers - very professional

  • John Varga

Great communication and quality timely service!

  • Braeden Bonderud

Great team! I would recommend to everybody!

  • Jasmeen Gill

Transparent and respectful labor crew.

  • Harpreet Singh

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