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900 St James St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 3J7, Canada



Freshii is a Health food restaurant located at 900 St James St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 3J7, Canada. It has received 367 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.





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  • The address of Freshii: 900 St James St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 3J7, Canada

  • Freshii has 4.2 stars from 367 reviews

  • Health food restaurant

  • "I’ve always had bad experience with this location"

    "Don't think I'll be coming to this location again"

    "Almost 300 reviews! Thank you! We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited our store! We opened Jan 2017 and have felt the overwhelming level of support! It has been a long road full of learning and growing and we try our best to keep you all happy and coming back! We appreciate everyone who took the time to provide us feedback"

    "Food is good but service sucks"

    "Ordered a Tex Mex bowl for pickup and once I got home, noticed it was only half full"


  • Mavinder Sidhu

I’ve always had bad experience with this location. This time again I had hair in my Budha Satay Bowl that I ordered from St james location on Sep 21st 2020. I had stopped eating freshii for 6 months but I thought I’ll give it a try again but I’m totally frustrated with the food handling at your place. Also the lady who took the payment and gave me the bowl was mopping before I went to her and she left the mop and started helping me without washing her hands, when she should be wearing gloves at the first place to do mopping. That clearly explains how is the food handling done at this store. I will never ever recommend this location to anyone and will never eat here again. I’m a pregnant lady and wanted to eat something healthy but now I’m super concerned about my health after eating at this location. I also called them in few mins of picking up my order. The guy over the phone clearly said he cannot do anything and asked me send an email to the store manager. I requested to talk to supervisor but there was no supervisor working at that moment. Shocking!! I also sent an email to the store manager with the picture of the hair in the bowl but my email was totally neglected and was never contacted back. Horrible food and so is the customer service.

  • Victoria T

Don't think I'll be coming to this location again. First offense, they completely forgot my order and served 3 other customers before realizing they forgot my order. They actually burnt my burrito. They did make me a new one but I've spent 20 minutes in the store waiting for a simple order. Second time they made me a small smoothie when I paid for a large. Of course they made me a new one but at this point I'm completely disappointed with this location. Never had this issue at the Pembina location. Just be advised to any new patrons. I might consider eating elsewhere

  • Cheryl Vallance

Almost 300 reviews! Thank you! We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited our store! We opened Jan 2017 and have felt the overwhelming level of support! It has been a long road full of learning and growing and we try our best to keep you all happy and coming back! We appreciate everyone who took the time to provide us feedback. The good and bad. We understand we're not always perfect, but we continually strive to improve each day. Again, thank you for all the support and we hope to serve you for years to come!!

  • Bhabe Penny

Food is good but service sucks. I order in the store and standing in front of staff waiting for my food and watch them bagging order, they put those food aside and kept ignoring me. 1 staff is taking order, a girl that's standing by food prep ignored me when i said hello to asked where my food is, 1 is just walking aimlessly around, a girl that went to the back came back and finally saw me. I asked for my food and it turns out that it's been ready and just sitting there while they kept me waiting.

  • Berry Moist

Ordered a Tex Mex bowl for pickup and once I got home, noticed it was only half full. I went back with the bowl to show them and complain about it. I was told they are weighing all their menu items, as they were having issues with over-portioning and that my bowl was the correct weight. I'd rather pay a bit extra and get a full bowl than have them cheap out like that. I used to like Freshii but their quality & portions aren't what they used to be. Don't waste your money here.

  • Destinee Charette

I have an allergy to peanuts and almonds and others. While I was there I ordered a frozen yogurt and asked if the granola had any almonds in it. They said no but they are placed close together. They then offered to get new granola from the back as to not have any cross contamination. When I got my frozen yogurt there WAS AN ALMOND RIGHT ON THE TOP. If I hadn't noticed I could have died. Plus all their vegetables are dry and flavorless and should be cooked or whatever.

  • ML M

This Freshii in outskirts of Winnipeg was okay. The portions of the Buddha satay however, were very skimpy. Half the usual size for same price at every other Freshii. I think they need to at least fill the bowls. Getting a half filled bowl really makes us not want to go to freshii again. They may be saving a few pieces of broccoli or shreds of carrot, but we TOTALLY NOTICE, Freshii.
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Price per person

  • Navjotkaur

The guy he was nice .. the lady she was so rude , and showing me attitute .. and make different faces , what she want to show me .. , really bad experience. Even she doesn’t say any hi or no thank you ., mannerless lady . Thank you
Take out
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Price per person
Service: 1
Recommended dishes
Oaxaca Bowl

  • Jason Bruno

Better portions then downtown and Garden City locations. Fast friendly service. Keep up the good service guys. You renewed my ambition to continue eating at Freshii. Hopefully you will stop using plastic bags soon to mix your food. There is an issue ensuing on our planet with plastic and the environment. Let's keep moving forward!!

  • Dolly Charlette

Was an awesome salad but the chicken was ice cold .
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
Eat Energize
Parking space
Plenty of parking
Parking options
Free parking lot
Parking was good

  • Sean Livingstone

Often a line up but moves fast for the type of food you are getting. Make sure you indicate what ingredients you don't want on it when ordering they will offer you a substitute. Good for me because I don't like avacado so I cut it but becuase it's a premium topping you can swap for more cheese at no additional cost. Free Wifi too.

  • Adam Frank

Freshii had some very nice options for vegans and the food was good. I just didn't think it was above the average of a salad shop. I do think that the staff were accommodating to switch ingredients so that my food would be vegan. I need to have another go at this restaurant and I might bump it up to 4 stars.

  • Rhys M

Placed an order online, paid by credit card. Went to go pick it up and the store was closed. The hours were on the website. It was an hour and a half before the store closed. On the hours on the doors it had that day blanked out. What a joke. Now I have to waste time getting my money back.

  • Cece N

The tables were so dirty and after we asked someone to clean them, it took a while yo get done and there weren't other customers there at that time. While we were thinking what to order the cashair was so impatient which made us nervous to think what we want. This is not professional.

  • Les Dan

Very cooperative and polite in explaining concept and types of food and what is available. Find most of the fast food places have unhealthy options. This particular chain has a lot of fresh food options which are a lot healthier and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Ryan S

NOT SO FRESHII.....Picked up a Cobb Salad today for $15.00 -Old brown/rotting lettuce - added chicken to the salad, got a whopping 3 pieces. 1 was filled with cartilage - Ranch dressing tastes exactly like sour cream. Overprices salad by $15.00 NEVER AGAIN, YUK

  • David Jackson

Food was alright but never got the chicken I paid for on my bowl and the bowl was supposed to be there deal of the day but the supervisor could not figure out how to correct the problem. Wasted more of my time then the problem was worth and I will not return

  • Vinnie Vintage

I've always liked going here, but lately there is no contactless service which is advertised with a sign on the desk. I had to enter my banking information by hand and they do not clean the machine after each use. Please step up your cleaning practices.

  • paulo aaron

Poor attention to detail employee, st james area, Wrong order was given to me, i know it was a mistake but driving back and forth was frustrating, glad the other employee apologize on her behalf but the employee made the mistake didnt even apologize.

  • Jessica Hamm

Wow. 5 Associates standing around doing NOTHING while I wait for my order. After 10 mins I asked where it was... nobody seemed to care! The store is empty right now too! Second and last time here- proven poor customer service twice now. Bye Freshii

  • Janessa Hebert

Super busy during lunch, but lots of staff so the orders were going out quickly. They forgot to make my smoothie and no one seemed to know who was supposed to make it. They gave me free Energii Bites to apologize even though I never complained.

  • Non G

I just tried their chipotle bowl with added chicken and it came out a little over 13$ including tax. The price is pretty decent for the amount of you get as the portion is pretty big in my opinion. The rice served in the bowl was hot and

  • Dan F

Stopped in for lunch. The location itself was clean and the staff were helpful. Interesting that the bowls had considerably less food in than I normally get
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Price per person

  • Colin Lobo

Expensive but delicious! I’ve only tried the rice bowl but I will definitely be back to try other items on the menu. There is a lot of variety and you can also add protein to the salad or rice bowl such as chicken, beef or falafel.

  • Yak Man

Always a great selection and fast service. Oaxaca burrito is the best !! Fast food that's healthy scrap the golden arches and eat here. Nuff said !!
Dine in
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Price per person

  • Cheryl D

Very accommodating and willing to help staff . Love the selection and customizing options. Quality food with speed and selection. Will definitely stop here at close to Polo Park when I'm back in the area. Definitely recommend

  • Grannie Millar

This is often my go-to when I don't know what else to have. Love that they have calorie content on their website, it really helps. My favourite is the Teriyaki Twist bowl with chicken. So delicious, and they have brown rice.

  • Solomon Moore

If the person making your food is a short brunette girl that looks like she’s lost and confused make sure to give her a generous tip.
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Meal type
Price per person

  • B Johnson

The menu in the store gave 2 prices for soup essentially a small and a large. I ordered the large and was told the soup I ordered was not available in the large size because it “used the whole container”.

  • Terrance Fillips

Very clean restaurant, welcoming and polite staff and amazingly high quality food. I couldn't recommend this chain more. I'm not necessarily a vegetarian so the meat option was a very welcome surprise.

  • Garth Nickel

What happened to the tortilla soup? It used to be my favorite soup around. But now its flavourless. Why did you change it?
Take out
Meal type
Price per person

  • Cara Love

It didn't taste the way I expected it would. The chicken was dry.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 3
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 3

  • A

All around terrible experience , do not recommend, avoid it!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 1
Service: 2
Atmosphere: 3

  • Lisa Mellors

Fantastic salads and wraps with fresh, nutritious ingredients and great flavours. Not quite as fast as fast food but a much better alternative for a relatively quick lunch. Huge portions too.

  • JReviews

Visited for lunch, very impressed with the quality of the food and friendly staff. Definitely will be back!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person

  • Jeff Hildahl

I’ve been to about four locations in Wpg and this one is the BEST. Fast, fresh and wraps are full. Some locations the wraps seem to not have enough ingredients in them. Small/thin.

  • Nathan

They messed up my order but were very kind and reasonable when I called to inquire about it. Two thumbs up, have returned several times since with nothing but positive experiences.

  • Alex Anders

Absolutely love this freshii location! My new favorite place to eat. Eat here with my wife once a week sometimes twice. Keep up the great food and you have me for life. Thanks!!!

  • Scott W

Great food. Always consistent. Good price for what you get. Stores are always clean and bright. Staff is good.if you haven't tried it, you should. You'll be surprised!!

  • Karl Copp

Great experience. Super clean when you walk in! Staff is friendly and the food choices are fantastic! Healthy and quick to break up the greasy burger blues. Love it!

  • Denisse Roque

It was my first time going to freshii and the food was amazing! The service was quick and the food looked and tasted goooood. The cashier could be a lil nicer tho?

  • Mohamed Siddique

Just love everything about Freshii and this location. Great food, staff and music. Always felt light and good after every meal. Ample parking for this location.

  • Jay Hallam

Freshii is one of the top tier quick service restaurants without a doubt. It's nice to eat something on the healthy side that tastes great and is quite filling.

  • Akela Hodgson

Took a few visits for me to get hooked on the food. I suggest a person visit a few times and explore their menu. I suggest starting with the Tex Mex burrito.

  • C F Gajes

I went to this location for the first time the other day and the portions were great as well as the top notch service! I will definitely be returning!

  • Line Karpish

The cobb salad had lettuce leaves that should have been cut to bite size and there was so little dressing. Overall, hubby and I agree not going back.

  • Kyle

The food was good and I liked the aesthetic of the store. It was good if you like the green setting they are going for but can be a bit pricey.

  • Quinton Gowler

I always get the tex mex burrito, 10/10, lots of calories, and healthy, good for someone trying to stay healthy but also get calories in

  • Nathan Wild

Really nice fresh options, good food, but a little pricey.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person

  • Trevor Pranteau

Always great being at freshii, tex mex is my go to its so delicious, has variety of features from burritos to salad bowls. Soooo yummy!

  • True Crime Cafe

Thank you Freshii for catering our inventory lunch for our office. Breanna was AMAZING!
Meal type

  • Alan Stadnyk

Just not my type of restaurant. Decent food for health type food just way too expensive for the portion served. Great for rich people.

  • Steven Andrew

Great customer service and they always take great care in preparing my order and making sure it's as good looking as it is tasting

  • L F

Healthy but expensive. Funny they advertise diet coke as being healthy. They should remove all pop but it is a good money maker.

  • Cory Dyck

Took took my order I stood in line as 6 people got served ahead of me not even acknowledge that I was waiting won't go back

  • Wynelle Beltran

The wraps my friend and I ordered were delicious; the people behind the counter friendly and helpful. Would visit again.

  • Tenzo

Charges for proteins what stingey company. Barburrito is better people, they don't charge extra! Don't waste it here

  • Mitch Reschke

amazing service, amazing food, wow!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person

  • Alyssa Louise

they literally had nothing with them when we went... no hot beans, rice, noodles! what am i supposed to eat then??

  • Jacqui Giesbrecht

First time visit. Great experience! Staff very helpful and friendly. And the food was tasty! We'll be back.

  • J S

Always great food and service at this location. Consistent with servings and quality. My favorite location!

  • Mel Onickamo

My first time eating there. The portion of the price was great. Id definitely try other items on the menu.

  • Jon K

Average fast food place, good alternative to subway
Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 2

  • dennis borysowich

The food is pretty good and the service was good go for around 11:30 though to beat the lunch rush!

  • Stewart Mann

I always have the Budd's bowl which is good.
Food: 4
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 2

  • Bobbi Jo Hennigar

Good food, friendly staff. Order too a little longer then expected given its counter service.

  • Janet Elsey

Love it here!!! The philosophy, the presentation defines the whole package!! Great experience

  • Taylor Rae

Always amazing. I love freshii. The food tastes fresh and leaves you feeling nourished!

  • Kriss Rummerfield

Really didn't like the food, was bland, didn't make it properly and the bacon was dry

  • Preet Chawla

Absolutely amazing menu and great food. Cant go wrong with anything on the menu.

  • Jim Ducharme

I found it very good but that's just me. Definitely worth trying it out! Cheers

  • Adam Nielsen

I was sceptical but it turns out that healthy food tastes good and is filling.

  • Grant Kummen

Metaboost salad, sub black beans for the mangos and added chicken. Delicious.

  • Christine West

Nice location, staff is always efficient getting the food out quickly.

  • Ryan George

Best spot for healthy fast and well priced food, try the Oaxaca bowl!

  • Chris Bawden

Had a Mexican inspired soup aside from lacking flavor it was good

  • Ryan Galashan

Same price as fast food, but way healthier. Great tasting food!

  • TMH

Amazing selection! First time there and will go again for sure.

  • Arlita Madrigga

Fresh delicious and nutritious menu items! Prepared very fast!

  • Heath Hafke

Fresh, fast, and always my go to place with my food allergies.

  • Aashka desai

Healthy eating isn’t always boring. Refreshing flavors …

  • Kelly-Ann Noel

First visit....good choices but LARGE portions, be prepared

  • Stephen Ishmael

Healthy food fast and convenient. Try the Tortilla soup.

  • A. G.

Healthy, fresh and tasty food that is reasonably priced.

  • Kristen W

Love the soup! So fresh and fast and tons of options :)

  • Ginger McAdams

Awesome food not exactly my cup of tea but still good.

  • Cynthia Fortlage

LOVE the Tex Mex wrap, easy substitution or additions

  • Calvin Yong

Tasty, quick, courteous service. Great portions too!

  • Darren

Freshii is a healthy option with good food and staff

  • Kirk Delorme

Clean, fresh and fast! New healthy choice for lunch!

  • Robert Ripley-Ayers

Great value for money
Meal type

  • Don O'Hara

Very happy with the menu and the place was clean!

  • Robert Jankovic

Had a kale caesar wrap with chicken. Incredible!

  • Rhianna Browne

Delicious. For the price, you get loads of food.

  • Alyssa Arvisais

Great place for heathly food at a decent price

  • Brian Mason

Excellent service and healthy delicious food.

  • Team Victory / Spray It Away

Great healthy choices. Love the Market salad.

  • huan nguyen

Good selection of ingredients.. good service

  • Unknown Name

Great healthy food when traveling for work.

  • Gord Doerksen

Convenient, quick service. Food was good.

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