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601 W Broadway U16, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2, Canada



Form Physiotherapy is a Physical therapist located at 601 W Broadway U16, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2, Canada. It has received 60 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of Form Physiotherapy: 601 W Broadway U16, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2, Canada

  • Form Physiotherapy has 5.0 stars from 60 reviews

  • Physical therapist

  • "I cannot recommend this place more!! it is amazing! i have been to many physios in Vancouver over 5 yrs and this one was outstanding; i had a run gait analysis done by Wendy Epp and even the 'interview' she did answered so many questions and addressed so many issues; her level of knowledge, insights and instincts are impressive! the staff were super friendly, the location very easy to get to and very clean"

    "I have struggled with chronic back pain for quite some time"

    "Wendy Epp at Form Physiotherapy is outstanding"

    "Wendy Epp is brilliant"

    "I'm so pleased with how my first appointment went"


  • Vivian Davidson

I cannot recommend this place more!! it is amazing! i have been to many physios in Vancouver over 5 yrs and this one was outstanding; i had a run gait analysis done by Wendy Epp and even the 'interview' she did answered so many questions and addressed so many issues; her level of knowledge, insights and instincts are impressive! the staff were super friendly, the location very easy to get to and very clean. I felt very acknowledged, listened to and Wendy took the time to really listen to my needs, pains and symptoms and did her best to make sure I knew what the assessment meant and followed up with great insights and notes whilst being friendly and supportive the whole time!! thx Form Physio for a great all-around experience!!

  • Jaclyn Kahn

I have struggled with chronic back pain for quite some time. I have been to numerous clinics and even more physiotherapists. Wendy is the absolute best in the business! Not only is she compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and attentive, but she thinks outside of the box to individualize your plan and you can really tell that she loves what she does and is passionate about getting people back to their lives! My back has been the best it has been in years and I attribute this success to the care that Wendy and form physio has provided me. Would highly recommend!!

  • Donna Bridgeman

Wendy Epp at Form Physiotherapy is outstanding. First, she talks with you about your lifestyle and anything that might be contributing to your injury. She is very thorough. Next she performs manipulations on the injury and finally ends with exercises that you practice and she gives you a document of the exercises. I have been to several physios and none as thorough as Wendy. As an extra bonus she is nice and funny.

  • Cynthia Stout

Wendy Epp is brilliant. I could waste three months going to another physiotherapy, or visit Wendy once and she will isolate the problem and tell me how to fix it. I’ve always had 100% resolution of my symptoms within a month when I go to Wendy. I’ve been runner for 40 years and she’s kept me running injury free. Wendy is the goddess of physiotherapy.

  • Lesley

I'm so pleased with how my first appointment went. Wendy is very personable, astute, used several different methods to assess my injury, gave me some home exercises and made sure I understood the proper way to do them. I feel encouraged for the first time in two years. The wait time to get an available appointment was well worth the wait.

  • Tina Barkley

Form is my tried and true when my body needs help. Wendy is not only wildly knowledgeable, she has a "bed side manner" that is both warm and fun. She has saved me from many different injuries and today she is saving me from something that could have manifested into something much worse as I age. Best Physio E.V.E.R.

  • Maureen Chen

Nadine is very knowledgeable and helpful. She takes her time and does not rush. She has been very encouraging and patient, and provides insightful and thoughtful responses to my questions. I feel that she truly listens to my concerns. I have felt very encouraged and supported during my sessions.

  • Independent Strata

Wendy Epp at Form physio therapy is in a class of her own. Her assesments and treatments are effective and she has no qualms telling you how it is, and what needs to be done etc. Her massage techniques and manipulations are spot on. Definately one of the top physiotherapists in the city.

  • Chris Graham

I've so far taken three classes and two personal coaching sessions. They're great, correcting much misinformation I've received about my lower back chronic pain from my local physiotherapists. For the first time in a long while, I'm very optimistic about recovery.

  • Trey Levy

From years of dealing with hip issues during my football career, Ben has been able to show significant progress in a small duration of time, logical and passionate he was able to address bothered areas prior to me specifically pointing them out, highly recommend,

  • voyage 2012

Wendy is an amazing physiotherapist! She doesn’t just treat symptoms, she goes to the root of the issue. She finds exercises that fit me and that I can integrate in my everyday life at work and at home. It is always a pleasure to see and to laugh with Wendy!

  • Beverly Ball

I think this could be exactly what I need. I have been asking for something like this for the past 3 years; finally I feel that I have been heard. I think this program could give me the tools/ skills I needed to keep active with a lot less pain.

  • Marcie Powell

I like the way Nadine listened and responded to my comments, gave me information clearly and made sure I understood her. Her warmth and kindness gives me confidence, and I look forward to working with her in the program. Many thanks, Nadine!

  • Roberto Mako

Form physio and Wendy Epp are great! My sessions have been very constructive. Wendy's clear, no nonsense, and supportive style motivates me to improve and recover from my injury. I 100% support the staff of Form and especially Wendy Epp.

  • Lee JP

My visit with Nadine today was absolutely excellent. Nadine has been putting me back together for years now from minor strain injuries to two major bike crashes. Every session produces results and improvement. I can strongly recommend.

  • Nancy Newman

Awesome experience and great treatment plan! Wendy Epp is always amazingly helpful, supportive and motivating. With Wendy's guidance and exercise program, my recovery from a recent injury has been better than I could have imagined!!!!!

  • Nadine Phan

@ Form Physiotherapy, I know I'm in good hand. I have Nadine Plotnikoff for my first visit and after 45mins I'm coming out with a few exercises to do at home and next follow up appointment. Professional and experienced in her field.

  • Elizabeth Epp

Everyone at this clinic is super knowledgeable and also very compassionate. I like that they treat you in private rooms instead of open-concept. I feel like I have their undivided appointment and I am never rushed.

  • Karen Dadson

ALWAYS: thorough, efficient, effective, helpful and kind. She has it all! This was Wendy rating, but Nadine looked after me today and was very effective, not to speak of kind to fit me in. What a team you all are!

  • Laura Ramsay

Jenn has really helped my new knee with the shock wave therapy, massage and homework she has given me. I’m very happy at Form Physio!!! Today she also gave me exercises to rehab my shoulder …

  • Andrew Slevin

Friendly, informative and concise with their analysis. Promptly respond to questions and inquiries. Absolutely delighted with the level of professionalism and service received. I highly recommend them.

  • Elizabeth Theemes-Golding

Wendy is the most caring, competent and intelligent physiotherapist I have ever had. As a former elite athlete, I have been treated by many and I am grateful to be able to work with her specifically

  • ev m

after 3 years of failed attempts to recover a vertically torn, splinting, 2 courses of physiotherapy treatment, prolo therapy, shock wave therapy...Wendy gave me my life back :)

  • Barbara Goddard

Nadine's expertise and attention to detail/follow up made my shoulder injury (and other injuries in past years) bearable with an informed and successful outcome. Highly recommend Form Physio!

  • Renate Sitch

I have been going to Wendy Epp at Form Physio for over 10 years off/on and send all my friends :) she's super knowledgeable, compassionate, and a truly collaborative practitioner.

  • Darrell Gilmour

If you are an athlete, of any caliber, amateur or professional, you should see Wendy. I have never seen anyone with the this much passion and intuition for what she does. Thanks!

  • Danielle Conroy

Excellent first session with Wendy which helped me understand what has been happening in my body to create so much pain. I also feel hopeful that we can work together to change!

  • Stu Grills

Fantastic Physiotherapy clinic and I am always so impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the staff. Keep up the great work - you help to your clients is awesome!

  • Rebecca Bennett

Nadine is lovely! She is calm, compassionate, and kind hearted. No issue or ailment is considered minor or insignificant. She listens, she cares, and she gets results!

  • Joy Russell

Nadine is a very knowledgeable, experienced physiotherapist who is able to individualize treatments for each patient. She is kind and encouraging. A fantastic physio!

  • Brenda Goehring

Wendy Epp is an energetic knowledgeable physio who takes a pragmatic approach to assessing the area of concern and offering a fulsome set of exercises to address it.

  • Karina Poznekoff

Nadine has gone above and beyond in her care. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate professional. I would travel 8 hours to see her again.

  • Mary Gillespie

I always leave feeling so much better. Also appreciate that I never have to wait for my appointment. Very clean environment and friendly staff.

  • Kenny Fax

Wendy is the most thorough physio I have dealt with. Takes a lot of professional pride in her work, and isolated my issue immediately.

  • Lisa Brooks

Wendy is a great physiotherapist and makes sure you understand the exercises you need to do at home. Great with my teen kids too!

  • Erin O'Melinn

Wendy is magic. She is systematic in figuring out what the root issue is, how to relieve it and prevent it from happening again.

  • Mary Lee Burns

Nadine at Form Physiotherapy helped me to quickly recover from my injury. Her treatment and recommended exercises were perfect.

  • Susanna Quail

I would give 6 stars if I could. Wendy Epp is a miracle worker. She can fix anything. I don't even understand how she does it.

  • Janine Davies

Nadine was amazing at assessing my neck + back, making recommendations for stretches/exercises/etc. Such a great clinic!

  • Frazer Mitchell

Nadine's work is amazing and she can do so many different disciplines in the physiotherapy world!!! Aka "magic mitts"

  • Ann Alexander

Kind, caring, extremely smart and knowledgeable. Thank you Form Physiotherapy for all your help.

  • Belva S

I highly recommend Jenn as a great physiotherapist. Excellent thoughtful helpful treatment plan.

  • Vanessa Young

Wendy is absolutely fantastic! She is so knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend her!

  • Geoff Bannoff

Wendy has given me great advice for ankle and knee issues. Friendly and knowledgeable.

  • Ann Hayes

Wendy is exceptional in the care she provides. She is so knowledgeable and thorough.

  • Patricia Houlihan

Fantastic treatment-I couldn't believe the difference....will go back! Thanks

  • Raine

Excellent! Listened carefully and really thorough, inspired confidence!

  • John Blakeley

Wendy is simply the best, always in a good mood and so so helpful

  • Peter Hoffmann

Efficient, smart, empathetic, and answered my questions!

  • Amin Soltanian

Wooooow... just wow …

  • Erica Jones
  • angela coppersmith
  • Bill
  • kirsten kennedy
  • Ted Konyi
  • Kenji Johnson
  • Rodney Stewart
  • Ben Jones
  • Katia Rubio
  • Janet D

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