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First Law Solicitors is a Law firm located at 1212 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 2RA, United Kingdom. It has received 112 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





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  • The address of First Law Solicitors: 1212 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 2RA, United Kingdom

  • First Law Solicitors has 4.6 stars from 112 reviews

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  • "First, I would like to thank everyone who helped me in First Law Solicitors since the first day I dealt with this company and they give me advice and help in everything and they did not leave me for a moment"

    "My immigration matter was complicated one and previous solicitors were helpless to deal and find a way out"

    "First Law Solicitors has proven to be an invaluable legal partner in my recent appeal case, involving complex issues related to private, family life, and medical grounds"

    "Excellent service regarding my mother in laws EU settlement scheme"

    "My previous law firm told me I have no case but to leave the UK"


  • Samer Haggag

First, I would like to thank everyone who helped me in First Law Solicitors since the first day I dealt with this company and they give me advice and help in everything and they did not leave me for a moment. They were always in contact with me, and after suffering for 5 years to obtain residency in Britain, this was thanks to them and their help. They did not spare any effort in my case until I was completely safe. Regarding lawyers’ fees, believe me is within everyone’s reach and they always support their clients in all legal ways. I recommend this office to everyone and you will not regret it اولا احب اشكر كل من ساعدني في First Law Solicitors منذ اول يوم تعاملت مع هذه الشركه وهم يعطوني النصائح والمساعده في كل شئ ولم يتركوني لحظه. كانوا دائما علي تواصل معي وبعد معاناه لمده 5 سنوات للحصول علي الاقامه في بريطانيا كان هذا بفضلهم ومساعدتهم لم يبخلوا باي جهد في قضيتي حتي اصبحت في امان تام وبخصوص اتعاب المحاماه صدقوني في متناول الجميع وهم دائما يدعمون زبائنهم بكل الطرق القانونيه . انا ارشح هذا المكتب للجميع ولن تندموا

  • Amjad Sohail

My immigration matter was complicated one and previous solicitors were helpless to deal and find a way out. I was told that home office may take enforcement action against to remove me from the UK and I have no basis to live. Finally i was recommended to First Law Solicitors and they took up my case few months back. Today, they win my case from Immigration Tribunal. Thanks to GOD. First Law Solicites legal team is highly skilled in fealing with complicated cases. Specially Mr Ahmed Wasim who prepared my case in very professional manners and won my case. He is highly professional and First Law Solictors customer service is very good. I recommend these people to all my friends and those who have no hope in their immigration matters. Thank you Mr Ahmed Wasim & First Law Solicitors.

  • shafqat Ali

First Law Solicitors has proven to be an invaluable legal partner in my recent appeal case, involving complex issues related to private, family life, and medical grounds. Their expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to my case were nothing short of exceptional. From the very beginning, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of my situation. They meticulously gathered evidence and constructed a compelling argument that ultimately led to a successful appeal. Their knowledge of the law, especially in the context of private and family life, was evident throughout the entire process. What truly sets First Law Solicitors apart is their genuine care for their clients. Highly recommended in complex immigration cases.

  • nabila raza

Excellent service regarding my mother in laws EU settlement scheme. They were very professional and responsive. The case was quite complicated and we were told by other solicitors that this was a difficult case and not to bother with it. However with my husbands persistence and finding immigration solicitorsUK @ First Law soliciotrs, Mr Khan helped us achieve the impossible. From beginning to the end we were advised about documents we required, we were told in great detail what the process would be. We are extremely happy and would definetly recommend Mr Khan and his team at First Law Solicitors. Wishing them all the best for the future.

  • Esther Ashaye

My previous law firm told me I have no case but to leave the UK. I met with Mr Zia khan of First Law Solicitors, who gave me hope and took up my case. They are the best in their field and their professionalism can't be compared to none and they are very afordable. He, Mr Zia helped me and my wife over the years and he took us as part of his family. I am overwhelmed with joy now that I have received my BRP. Thank you Mr Zia, First Law Solicitors, I will forever be greatful, your contributions throughout the years is very much appreciated. I recommend First Law Solicitor to anyone, they are a Trusted firm.

  • zafar ali

My ILR entrepreneur case along with my family was pending with HO since 2019 and i was in swear stress that HO was not responding & deciding my case as i used all means to contact Home Office. Meanwhile I contacted First Law Solicitors with reference of my friend. I contacted & met Mr Zia Khan. He guided me very professionally and followed my case. He was very Helpful, Responsive and Friendly. He kept me up to date all the way for my case and finally i had a sigh of relief when i received a call from him for grant of my Settlement Visa. A BIG THANK to First Law Solicitors & MR ZIA KHAN for his support.

  • shabaaz ahmed

I was detained two times in the past and the Home Office framed allegation of 'marriage of convenience' and 'sham marriage' against me. My wife was also issued with deportation order without a right of appeal. We were hopeless due to the complications in our cases. First Law Solicitors especially Mr Zia Khan (Principal Solicitor) helps us throughout and finally I have now received my Residence Card for five years. my wife has also been issued with registration card as qualified person. happy ending. Highly recommended firm as First Law Solicitors have a very hard working and experienced legal team.

  • Qazi Nomi

I was messed up by my previous solicitors; my asylum claim was refuse with no right of appeal . I was introduced to Ahmed Wasim. He prepared my further submissions to consider my asylum claim as a fresh claim. Home office accepted the further submission and called me for an interview. My asylum was again refused but this time I was given a right of appeal. First law solicitors represented me in my asylum appeal. My appeal allowed. This is my journey from a failure asylum claim to a successful asylum. A team of hard working professionals. Thank you all. Qazi Mashood Oldham

  • aziz aslam

Exceptional Service from First Law Solicitors : As a student in Australia, I recently engaged First Law Solicitors for my UK visit visa application to spend the holidays. The team's assistance was invaluable—they handled the matter with efficiency, provided timely updates, and offered unwavering guidance throughout the entire process. Highly impressed and grateful for their support! I wholeheartedly recommend First Law Solicitors for their professionalism and commitment. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #FirstLawSolicitors #VisaApplicationSuccess #HighlyRecommend

  • ade kole

I was introduced to First Law Solicitors when my application for ILR was refused. I was really sad and depressed. I met with Mr Ziad Khan without appointment, he was very compassionate and professional from the moment I met him. He spent a considerable time with me without asking for money and told me how he will approach my case. Mr Ziad prepared a very solid administrative review for my 322.5 refusal and case was won at the administrative stage. Professional,Compassionate and outstanding firm. Highly recommended.

  • Shahbaz Muhammad

we choose First Law Solicitor on recommendation for complex immigration matters. We were in a difficult situation Beacuse my Wife was stuck out of Country and case was very complicated. so we decided to use him, and follow his advice. We are so glad we did and won an very difficult and complex case. His attention to every tiny detail and professionalism proved we’d made the right decision. visa was granted immediately! I would gladly recommend First Law Solicitor to anyone who is looking for a good lawyer.’

  • Sarwan Kumar

First law solicitors firm I came across after I have been through so many of solicitors this is the best firm and very helpful. They help me out with my application with every single step. I have been approaching to my local MP's no one helped me out and I have been struggling with with my application past 13 years and first law pulled me out of this ditch and sorted my case out. I am very delighted with their job and highly recommended thanks for everything first law solicitors team

  • Amjad Pervaz

i am very thankful to the immigration solicitors’ team at first law solicitors who provided best services for my successful visit visa applications. i apply previously three times for visit visa through different solicitors and myself but remained unsuccessful. But through first law solicitors i get my visit visa for 6 months. Thank you Mr Zia Khan and his team who worked very hard in good price. I recommend all for their services.

  • Sarwan Kumar

I'm very pleased with their service they helped me through out my ILR where I was struggling to get it done with home office and they also helped me with my wife's visa application, first law staff are very experienced and they always available whenever I needed them with any type of query with my application, I never been let down from them. I will highly recommend them I really appreciate with their work they did for me

  • Jana Helbichova

Highly recommended to everybody. Mr. Khan helped me to sort out my divorce abroad and help with a visa for my partner which was really quick and we did not expect that. Told us everything we need to get to avoid any delays, very professional and also very helpful on the reception every time. Thank you everybody in First Law Solicitors we really appreciate what u ve done for us and changed our lifes. THANK YOU

  • wajiha waheed

I came here as dependent of a student and was worried about my future. It was very hard time and uncertainty. I found an employer who was ready to sponsor me but did not have a sponsor license. First Law Solicitor ran the whole process and finally i changing my visa to a skilled worker visa. I appreciate their work and their immigration team is the best. I highly recommend you all to switch your visas there. Thanks.

  • Waseem Akram

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the care and concern you have shown me, and for working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in our favor. If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been settled by now. Thanks once again for your legal advice, time, and efforts, Specially Mr Ahmed Wasim is the best for the asylum cases, Thank you once again

  • Shahzad Qayyum

i am very thankful that through the immigration solicitors’ team at first law solicitors who provided me with best services for successful Application for skilled worker in UK. i apply through different solicitors but not satisfied but through first law solicitors and i get my skilled worker visa. Thank you Mr Zia Khan and his team who worked very hard in good price. we recommend all for their services.

  • Bilal Munir

i am very thankful that through the immigration solicitors’ team at first law solicitors who provided me with best services for successful Application for skilled worker in UK. i apply through different solicitors but not satisfied but through first law solicitors and i get my skilled worker visa. Thank you Mr Zia Khan and his team who worked very hard in good price. we recommend all for their services.

  • Danish Ashraf

Dedicated, professional and helpful staff. I pay special thanks to Mr. Waseem as he guided me very professionally and followed my case. He was very Helpful, Responsive and Friendly. He kept me up to date all the way for my case till I received an email from him for grant of my Settlement Visa and my family. A Special thanks to Mr. Waseem and other staff of First Law and Solicitors. Highly recommended.

  • Salman Nabi

I used their services on two occasions, once for my citizenship, which had some complication (pre-existing, not from the lawyers side), and once for my wife's visa. Both applications were successful, first attempt. They guided me throughout each application process, and helped me sort out all the necessary documents required. I will be using their services in the future and I recommend them to others.

  • Muhammad choudhary

My eea National wife was going to deport and had no right of appeal within the country and she was in prison but First law solicitors (MR Khan principal solicitor ) and his team provided us excellent services and make possible to get her releas from prison and Now she can attend hearing withen the UK .. we are realy happy and thanks to MR Zia Khan and his team.. what a law Firm First Law Solicitors

  • Rana Khan

I am very happy with Mr Zia Khan’s approach towards UK immigration. My matter was was very complex. British embassy processes my visa application late and then my university refused me to enroll as well. Mr Zia Khan at First Law Solicitors dealt my matter and got me new visa without applying a fresh. I was well looked after. Excellent service and highly recommended for Tier 4 General Student visas

  • Rizwan Ali Ahmad

it is happy moment for me that through the immigration solicitors’ team at first law solicitors who provided me with best services for successful Application for visit visa in UK. i apply through different solicitors but not satisfied but through first law solicitors and i get my visa. Thank you Mr Zia Khan and his team who worked very hard in good price. we recommend all for their services.

  • Brick Willis

Excellent service. Extremely professional. The team of solicitors here at First Law Solicitors really looked after my case. They were very professional and kept me up to date every step of the way. If anyone is interested, i dealt with two solicitors: Imran and Zia. Both were very professional and I was successful in my case. Will definitely be using these solicitors again if i need to.

  • Femi John

These guys( FLS) gave me a good impression the first time I consulted them. I was greatly convinced by their listening, professionalism skills and great awareness of the latest immigration laws, guidelines and policies. They are so straightforward and open-minded, hence their goal and result oriented advises. I will recommend First Law Solicitor to anyone facing immigration challenges.

  • Shahzad Ahmed

My previous solicitors messed my immigration case and I had left with no hope. I came to First Law Solicitors for initial consultation and they represented me in my case. Within 12 months I got my visa and it is all due to Mr Ahmed Wasim efforts and hard work. Thank you First Law Solicitrs team and especially Ahmed Wasim. Highly recommended in complicated and complex cases.


Thank you very much for dealing with my complicated case Just got my BRP today with the help of all the team Special thanks to Mr Ahmed Wasim who has been very helpful and patient throughout the case and guided me step to step. No doubt i have never met a professional solictior like Mr Ahmed wasim before Again thanks alot for helping me in the case. Nomi

  • Ebi Aldore

My immigration case was very complicated. I was introduced to Mr Khan the principal solicitor. He is a kind and very professional solicitor who handled our case when we had almost lost all hopes. Now we have received visas for all family members and thank you team First Law Solicitors. I hilly recommend First Law to the people with complicated matters.

  • Nanni Xx

I am very pleased with the work done by First Law Solicitors in my immigration matter. They have helped me where previous firms have failed. A very friendly yet professional team who are willing to listen and assist you whenever required, Specially Mr ahmed Wasim Would recommend anyone in need of legal help to contact them and seek their advice.

  • Nick Dayton

Had an amazing experience With first law solicitors. I thank Mr. Ziya and Mr. Saeed for their guidance. They helped me with FLR and SKILLED WORKER applications which were successful. Throughout the process they gave genuine suggestions and advised me thoroughly. Highly recommend First Law Solicitors for your immigration applications. Go for it.

  • Anthony Brereton

I worked with Mr. Khan at FLS who was extremely knowledgeable and spent time with me walking me step by step through a rather intricate visa application. I had contacted several similar Immigration solicitors and found First Law by fare the most helpful and supportive and I am very happy to provide a 5 star rating. Anthony Brereton, Dubai

  • abbey arowolo

They are extremely friendly and professional in dealing with their clients. My experience with them is second to none ⭐. They are the best solicitor in the Northwest. I had complications in getting my ILR on 10 years lawful basis but First Law Solicitors and their Immigration lawyers made it happen. I recommend them to everyone. …

  • Bazm E Pothwar

A very professional law firm provided me an excellent service. They dealt with my complex asylum matter successfully. Hat down to their hard work and high standard. I travelled all the way from Leicester because of their reputation of high stander professional work. I would definite recommend my friends and people around.

  • Kaiser Mahmood

I had been struggling for my immigration status for the last more than 20 years through various law firms, but at last I found First Law Solicitors who genuinely helped me out and now I have got my visa. I am especially thankful to Mr Zakir Hussain and Mr ZiaKhan. Highly recommended

  • Inevitable “Inevitable”

I searched for 5 best immigration Lawyer in Manchester and First Law solicitors came up and I decided to patronize them for my Visa application and it was very easy and straightforward. I will always recommend them for any immigration issue, they are one of the best in Manchester.

  • Muhammad Hamza

First law solicitors help me out in changing my student visa to a skilled worker dependent visa. My student visa was about to end they helped me timely to switch my visa as dependent. I recommend you this best place to brighten up your future with first law solicitors manchester.

  • Mani Aujla

I recommend you guys choose First Law Solicitors for you legal matters. They provide 100% best service and advice. FIRST LAW SOLICITORS TEAM IS VERY PROFESSIONAL AND HELPFUL ALWAYS GIVE RIGHT ADVICE. I AM GRATEFUL FOR THEIR SUPPORT. BLESSINGS TO ALL FIRST LAW SOLICITORS TEAM.


Many thanks to Mr. Zia and the team! My family and I got an extension of Entrepreneur Visa Tier 1 without any issues. He made a very difficult process easy and handled it in a very professional way. I am very impressed with their consultancy and would recommend it to others.

  • Banke Shaba

After my previous lawyer messed up my immigration case, I was introduced to Ahmed Wasim at the First Law Solicitors. He was very thorough and provided all the needed information, handled my case with great professionalism and Within two months, I got my application approved!

  • Doke oladiran

I would highly recommend this firm. They keep you updated on the progress of your case, and they do not mind going the extra mile for your case. They are very knowledgeable on legal matters. Also, very affordable for the high level of service and professionalism you receive.

  • Fatos Hamati

Mr khan dealt with my Travel Document application. Their service is very good, They also dealt with my partner's visit visa application from Albania, and is received approval decission in few days for her visit visa, Strongly Recommended for UK Immigration...

  • salman khalid

i salute first law solicitors who provides with best services for successful Application for spouse visa in UK. People are satisfied with first law solicitors . Mr Zia Khan and his team who works very hard in good price. we recommend all for their services

  • Samira Jama

First law Solicitors help my husband get his indefinite leave to remain. We got first class services and advise would strongly recommend this company. Especially Mr Zia Khan sorted all the legalities and the issues and made this happen. Highly recommended.

  • Farheen Zaki

I am very happy with first law solicitor . Mr Zia Khan dealt my case . He worked alot on each case tried his best to get success . I recommend that if you people have any immigration problem go to first law solicitor . I am very thankful to Mr Zia khan .

  • Summer Fatima

Mr Khan dealt with my Entry Clearance settlement application as a dependent of skilled worker and i got my result with in a week after my bio matrices enrollment. The service of First LAW Solicitors is very impressive. I strongly recommend First Law.


Really thankful to First Law Solicitors team for my son's private life ILR application, especially Sir Taimoor. They provide a very clear, and accurate information and guidance throughout the journey. Completely satisfied and recommended!

  • Saman Rana

I recently applied my relative visa through them. It was a complex visa application and still waiting decision. But I am confident and happy with service provided and handling of paper work regarding presentation . Highly recommended!

  • Muhammad Majeed

First law solicitor is best I recommend to all friends to go to first law solicitator They are friendly and coaprative Specially MR AHMAD WASIM is very healthfully He heaped me a lot in my immigration matter And got successful results

  • Abi Tesfa

If anyone need a lawyers about spouse visa firs law solicitors are the best option. They are humble and they take care of your case neatly and shortly. Mr. Khan and co. Mr . Rana completed my case without any delay and problems.

  • Munir Muhammad

Very happy to receive approval of my settlement application on the basis of Tier 1(Entrepreneur) Migrant. It has only been possible due to the flawless and impeccable efforts by the team First Law Solicitors. highly recommended.

  • Apna Kitchen

I came to UK as a spouse of British Citizen with my daughter we needed extension of our visas. Mr Zia khan and his imigration lawers helped us both time to get our visas. They are expert and very helpfull. Highly recommended .

  • Rebecca Bivolaru

I was in UK for last 7 years without a visa. Mr Zia Khan solved this in 6 days and it is unbelievable.Tgank you Mr Zia Khan for this help. I will remember you for life. Everyone should go to to First Law Solicitors

  • adil munawar

Great professional services! My complex immigration matter was dealt with an amazing skilful manner by First Law Solicitors. I have achieved the desired outcome and feeling relieved. Many thanks for the effort..,

  • Arfan Ilyas

Friendly staff, Good work, no one disturb me for document again and again, review my file and in single meeting gave me list of deficient documents , So its a good experience for me with First law solicitors

  • Syed Zaki Hussain

First law solicitor dealt the case of my family and we succeed . Mr Zia khan is an excellent lawyer i will highly recommend that for any type of case regarding immigration contact first law solicitor .

  • Muhammad Saqib Latif

I am very pleased with there professional and skilled services. They handle my case in a very professional manner. Definitely recommend to every one seeking any immigration services from them.

  • Imran Hayat

Most of the reviews are fake . You can tell from the same pattern of English in their reviews . Second most of the immigrants do not have good English but here the things are totally different

  • atif iqbal

First Law Solicitors are highly professionals. Their legal team is very skilled and they handled my case in a very good manner. I am very thankful to First Law Solicitors and its team.

  • Charles Chizea

I have received a reault far better than my EXPECTATIONS DUE TO THE HARD WORK OF Mr Khan and his legal TEAM. I will recommend to everyone. Highly professional and hardworking people.

  • hafeez ch

The best Law firm in the UK. I recommend this firm to all my friends. Their work are much appreciated. ESpecially Mr Ahmed Wasim' dedication to his work and hard work is amazing

  • Ruth Gomes

I enter in contact with First Law for British Citizenship of my children and less than 3 months I had received. I recommend first law solcicitors for their legal sercices

  • Jawad Khan

Amazing Services received by First Law Solicitors. Efficient and quick delivery of all services. Thanks to Mr Khan and Mr Evan Pritchard specially for all their help.

  • Sajdah 22

It's been more than 9 months that me and my family applied for family reunion visa we've been waiting for so long but since then we haven't received any response

  • Dema Ak

Ms Mahmoona handles everything very professionally with confidence, she has an amazing organisational , communication and customer service skills. Thank you

  • Aysha Takolia

Great service. Would greatly recommend. Shopped all ocer but First Law were reasonably priced and worked around my budget. Absolutely fab

  • sadikul alam

really good with their service . thanks to mr zia khan and all those who were part of solving all my immigration issue. will recommend

  • olubanji fagbeja

Excellent service, Its been a pleasure working with Mr Khan and the nice lady at the reception. I will definitely recommend them.

  • Rehan Baig

I am very thank full to firstlaw solicitors team for my successfull application of visit visa thanks again to firstlaw solitors

  • Rana Aziz

Very professional firm in UK would highly recommend this firm they are the specialist in immigration in UK, Manchester. Ever!

  • Saleem Shabir

Totally professional and very knowledgeable team with a relaxed consoling and lateral approach Highly recommended Top marks


I am very thankful of first law solicitor for my successful visa application . The staff is also very help ful and polite.

  • Ella Jones

Very helpful and friendly. Received more then expected highly recommended lovely people to speak to and get help from!

  • Mohammed Alawami

Excellent communication and professional work. The fees were overall reasonable compared to other law firms.

  • sa trader

I just applied visa by first law solicitor for my wife. Very friendly and professional staff. Recommended

  • Muhammad Khan

Will not recommend Even to My Enemy this place, not profesional they are here just for money

  • Mohammed Rasul

Mr kan im really happy today I got my limited leave to remain thank so much god bless you

  • Mehwish Sohail

Professional with right attitude to give constructive advice with feasible solution.

  • Kamran Yousaf

Professionalism at its best especially Mr.Khan..........Highly Recommended.

  • Renown Ideas

excellent professional service, will be recommending to others definately

  • Muhammad Asjad

They are excellent and doe my spouse visa smoothly. Highly recommended

  • adeel akram

Very competent,trusted and friendly team. Highly recommended.

  • Anwara Begum

They are a good law firm and provide fantastic service!

  • Bakhtiar Gul

Best immigration solicitor for business Immigration.

  • Shahid Malik

They only help if you are their client

  • H. awan

Brilliant service by Mr Zia

  • Mitty Ahmed

Needs refurbishing



  • Gareth Jones

good food

  • Waqas Butt


  • Maham Usman
  • rai sarosh
  • Azam Baba
  • Fehzan Ahmed
  • Imran Hayat
  • Mohammed Hassan
  • Zara Kanwal
  • abdul moeez
  • Kashif Hameed
  • Yasir Adnan Qureshi

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