Family Store Stafford Op Shop

48 reviews

FAMILY STORE OP SHOP, 32 Hayward St, Stafford QLD 4053, Australia



Family Store Stafford Op Shop is a Thrift store located at FAMILY STORE OP SHOP, 32 Hayward St, Stafford QLD 4053, Australia. It has received 48 reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Family Store Stafford Op Shop: FAMILY STORE OP SHOP, 32 Hayward St, Stafford QLD 4053, Australia

  • Family Store Stafford Op Shop has 3.5 stars from 48 reviews

  • Thrift store

  • "My partner and I visited the store on Monday 21st March to source some books for our nine grandchildren"

    "this op shop gives all op shops a bad rep! i have gotten all my clothes from op shops since i was 12…"

    "Honestly the worst experience"

    "I am a regular at this store and I will continue to be because they really listen to their customers"

    "Great range of everything from clothing to games to knick-knacks to bicycles and furniture, but rather pricey"


  • timew 29

My partner and I visited the store on Monday 21st March to source some books for our nine grandchildren. The children’s area had toys strewn all over the floor and not a child in sight. There is an oversized sectional lounge suite cluttering most of the space in the children’s area, making it almost impossible for anyone with a walking aide, which includes me, to access the area. My partner cleared a path for us to get to the bookshelf and whilst he was doing this, a male staff member decided right at that moment, with not another customer in sight, to arrange more books on the bookshelf. He saw both of us and my partner clearing a path around the oversized lounge suite and continued what he was doing even though there were NO OTHER customers in the shop. He placed a crate with some books on the oversized lounge and he took up the only space available near the bookshelf due to the lounge and other toys and furniture strewn around the children’s area. I made a comment to my partner that it was useless as we were not going to get near the bookshelf. We ended up leaving the shop without getting to the bookshelf or making any purchases. This is a store, not a playground and whilst it is nice children can play with the toys and hopefully not break them for potential buyers, staff could make an effort to keep the area clutter free for their customers. The oversized lounge suite definitely adds to the clutter of the children’s area of an already small, cluttered space. The shop itself is okay and most of the staff are friendly. Prices are mostly reasonable. We are disabled aged pensioners and op shops prices suit us well.

  • Stella Johnston

this op shop gives all op shops a bad rep! i have gotten all my clothes from op shops since i was 12…. i’m now 19, so i have been to almost every op shop in brisbane over the years! they have ridiculous prices for half their stuff (others however are fairly priced) but this isn’t the extend of the bad experience. the manager is rude and very unwelcoming and on top of this every second item in there is not for sale. i love when op shops decorate and make their shop appealing however the difference is they still sell their great pieces and replace them with something new when they sell. this is the biggest thing for me personally, op shops get their things for free and the money they earn go to good causes! however it’s hard to raise money for things as such when almost nothing is for sale!

  • Evillyn K

Honestly the worst experience. The manager made me feel rly uncomfortable when I was shopping, I had a fair bit in a basket and he kept saying "omg look how much she's got, woah, wow" over and over as I walked around. Then another older man came out and they literally started talking about me while I was in ear shot!!!! I tried to pay and the manager refused to acknowledge their own loyalty card system and made me feel horrible again. I ended up just leaving without anything and I won't be returning to this shop. Please do not shop here, there are plenty of other good op shops around that are honestly trying to do the right thing. Absolutely disgusting behaviour imo.

  • Eric Pitt

I am a regular at this store and I will continue to be because they really listen to their customers. I had an issue with the radio station they were playing having inappropriate content on it during a few visits with my little people. I spoke to the manager and she listened, shared her own concerns and even asked what station I listen to and changed to it right then and there. The prices may not be the lowest, but the lovely staff and great area where my kids are actually allowed to play with the toys (unlike some other nearby opshops) makes it a positive shopping experience.

  • Gabriel

Great range of everything from clothing to games to knick-knacks to bicycles and furniture, but rather pricey. $3 for a miniature vase and $45-75 for dresses on the new arrivals rack (though the $75 dress probably cost a couple hundred originally). Some household items for sale for regular/cheaper prices too, like air freshener, shampoo, soap, dishwasher tablets ($15 for 52) and standard black clothes hangers. Parking available in front of the shop. Entrance near Anglicare and the politician's office, across the road from the police station.

  • Paul Austin

Prices are very fair, staff are really helpful and friendly. However, finding the Family store can be a little difficult. Study your Google map well so you can find the front of the store where there's plenty of parking. Best to turn down Barbarra street and make a right turn and then right again and follow the drive around adjacent to Webster rd. You cannot park on Webster rd.

  • Isaac Nichol

I unfortunately think this op shop is extremely overpriced. There was a jumper that had a tag on it for $50, the condition and brand was no where near it. Even with the winter sale on at the moment the jumper wasn’t worth it. For the normal person the prices are fine but i can’t imagine a family in need of clothing would be able to buy some clothes. Staff were nice though.

  • Debbie Wright

Great big salvos shop lots bargins staff are so kind and helpful but have notice that they have put up there price's buy a lot only will lose customers this way as it is you have got to drive down a side street then in a wide drive way then drive around to the front entrance to get to the front door of the shop

  • Jean Seah

Excellent range of household goods and clothes plus toys, books and furnishings, crockery and ornaments. Pretty expensive clothing though, and the knick-knacks range from affordable ($4 for a horse and lady carving) to a tad overpriced ($3 for little vases). Friendly and helpful staff.

  • Joyce Barthem

This Op shop is a great example of why people are giving up Op shops and buying new. Outrageously priced clothing and used shoes, often priced high because they are brand name, forget they have been worn to death and are 3 seasons ago. Store manager is rude to customers and staff.

  • Deanna Murphy

Would give 0 stars if I could. Price is absolutely ridiculous and staff are some of the rudest people I’ve met. Will not be back and do not recommend at all. Very disappointed …

  • Rodger Morris

Disgusting experience. Blatantly rude and judgmental staff whom were not helpful and watched over us as if we were going to break everything we were interested in purchasing.

  • steven paech

Whent in for a look and left with a couch,table,chairs and a washing machine all for $200 ❤❤❤ …

  • Nick Dorogavtsev

Awesome place, brand new store very welcoming and good service. The Best Salvos store i have ever seen

  • D Brown

OK wide selection but sometimes some volunteers or staff don't seem that warm or friendly.

  • Cassie Bingham

Heaps of women's clothes and accessories. They also have a few good items of furniture.

  • Michele Gray

nice clean store with a good variety of clothing and furniture and bric a brac.

  • Elizabeth Y

Lovely staff, well priced. Found something great for my daughter and me.

  • Dennis Schinkel

I loved this shop. Lots to choose from, prices good, staff helpful.

  • Claire McKenzie

Great place, something's a little over priced for what they are

  • Matthew McDonald

Convenient location with plenty of parking and a large store.

  • Jasmine Connell

Absolutely disgusting customer service and outrageous prices.

  • Dr Gail CC

Well displayed. Good selection of clothes. Old and new goods.

  • Sam Mortimer

One of the most expensive op shops in North Brisbane.

  • Fabrizio Bonara

Good price and the staff are very polite an friendly

  • Rebekah Prosser

Lovely spacious store and great service from staff

  • Shepherd

Lovely moderately sized salvos with great staff.

  • Jorge Ortiz

Note on door closed. Google should update

  • Nyerie Rose

Friendly staff and nice range of clothes

  • ML B

Utter rip off on second-hand jewellery!

  • Mat Fawcett

Great op shop for a good cause

  • Maxine Hembrow

Awesome to browse and shop

  • Brooke Clarke (girlvsdata)

Small, but good range.

  • Brett Noack
  • Katrina Bleier
  • jason weier
  • Connor Hirning
  • Stewart Swaffield
  • mia barton
  • Marina Varney
  • Cas Rob
  • Susan Liyanage
  • Benjamin Leung
  • Casey Whight
  • Donna Campbell
  • Sally Cripps
  • Dean C
  • Keely Taylor

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