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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a Car rental agency located at 1964 Eastchester Rd, Bronx, NY 10461. It has received 846 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 stars.





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  • The address of Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 1964 Eastchester Rd, Bronx, NY 10461

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car has 3.9 stars from 846 reviews

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  • "This is an awful place to do business"

    "I made a reservation for a premium Suburban for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving"

    "I frequently rent cars to go on day trips and run errands in NY, so I feel certain of what an excellent 5-star experience should look like"

    "This is the most unorganized place I have ever been in contact with"

    "I wish I could give zero stars"


  • desmond the songwriter

This is an awful place to do business. Went to return a car. Overheard the rep telling the customer ahead of me to give him a 5 out of 5 on the survey because that will help with their promotion. He spent 10 minutes arguing with the client who appeared to be overcharged for the level of fuel in the vehicle he returned. The rep appeared to be giving the customer options all of which would make the customer unhappy. He then tried selling the customer a car before closing the rental contract, while I waited my turn. Then it was my turn. He told me he had to get the "manager's" permission to accept my return at their location because I had picked up the car in Manhattan. He came back shortly after to tell me the "manager " refused me give permission so I had to return the car the next day in Manhattan. I asked what was the reason and he said the "manager" did not give a reason. No surprise there. I had picked up the car in Manhattan because when I had tried picking up the car at that same location in the Bronx, the "manager " cancelled my reservation because I told him that his line of questioning was making me uncomfortable. When I went to the location in Manhattan my experience was totally different which confirms that I was getting the ghetto treatment because I am in the Bronx. I left the car anyway after taking pictures and videos and bringing it to the attention of the "manager " and the rep. The "manager " told me he would continue to charge me for the rental because I left the car there without his permission. I called the insurance company who was paying for the rental and informed them immediately. I dropped the car off at 11:03 am. At 1:41pm, 2.5 hours later, the "manager" called me to tell me he would be putting in a claim for a missing windshield wiper on the vehicle. Before I could address his "claim" he hung up on me while I was talking to him. I received a response from Enterprise to my review asking me to contact them with further details. The email address they provide does not even work. Enterprise Car Rental is claiming that the insurance company only paid for 22 days and that I am responsible for a remaining 2 days. Erie did extend the rental and I returned it on 1/29/23. They are also charging me $300 for dropping the car at the East Bronx location instead of at the Harlem location. The agent refused to rent to me at the East Bronx location because I told him I was uncomfortable with his line of questioning. I got the car from the Harlem location without any issue. The agent tried punishing me by refusing to accept the return at the Bronx location. He also tried charging me for a missing windscreen wiper blade although the car was not inspected in my presence when I picked up and when I returned it. When the missing wiper blade charge did not stick with the credit card company he decided to charge me for 2 unpaid days and a drop charge for dropping the car at a different location. As far as I know rental cars may be returned at any location.

  • George Torres

I made a reservation for a premium Suburban for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I waited six hours and had to travel to Valley Stream, NY from the Bronx, NY in order to finally get the vehicle I resevreved in Spetember. Its like an old Sienfield skit in which Enterprise knows how to make the reservation but not have the vehicle you want when you go to pick it up. Moreover, they tell you to download the app to make the check-in process quick. This is not true. I had to wait on line ouitside in the cold to let them know I was there. The Eastchester Road location did not have my vehicle. After waiting an hour they drove me to the Yonkers location where they tried to rent me the Suburban with only the rear license plate. Vehicles registered in NY require a front and rear license plate. This Suburban onkly had the one plate. They apolgized and then tried to rent me a smaller vehicle. I started scouring the net and found a Suburban from Alamo Rentals at Laguardia Airport. At this point it was already three hours later and I was still at the Yonkers Avenue location. It wasn't until I found the rental at Alamo that they said they found a similar vehicle in Valley Stream, NY. I traveled to Valley Stream only to get a lecture from them beucase once again I had to stand on line outside to wait to rent the car I had been patiently waiting six hours for. I do not wish my experience on anyone. I was anxious the whole time beucase I did not trust that they would have the car in Valley Stream. I am ultimately grateful that it worked out but it is six hours I will never get back. If you choose to rent from Enterprise make sure they understand which vehicle you want. They tried several times to put me in the smaller Chevy Tahoe. They are not the same vehilce! The final thing I will add is that they need a better Customer Service telephone service. The whole time I tried calling the number only to be told to deal with the local shop. They are the ones that created this hot mess.

  • Rox Javadi-Kashani

I frequently rent cars to go on day trips and run errands in NY, so I feel certain of what an excellent 5-star experience should look like. The Enterprise on Eastchester is in my neighborhood so I was excited to check it out--but WOW did it disappoint! Stopped to fill the tank 20 minutes later, realized I was not handed the key--its a push button engine so the engine ran, but I would need a key to properly lock the car. Called customer service which was automated recording so didn't get help. Had to have someone sit in the car unlocked while I went to get groceries, and run errands. It was annoying and stressful to me and my family. When I called the next morning to get help finding the key, the person on the other end was rude and patronizing. Still no key! While driving back to return the car... my wife called for help and was left on hold for 40minutes! We were caught in traffic and alerted we would be arriving 10 minutes late, but persons on the phone Eugene and Mustafa lied about who the manager was and stated we would have to pay for another day. We arrived at 1:07pm... Place closes at 1pm. Gates where locked and Eugene (manager?) stated he didn't have the keys to Enterprise, so we would have to take the car home. We explained again that we could not locate the keys and would have to leave the car unlocked in the streets. It took another 10 minutes before he found the keys wedged in and under the seat. After he suggested we drop the car off in Yonkers---which I would have done if I was given that option! I had to take off work the next day to return the car. Had to pay for another whole day, and then was told by Kyle (manager?) if I had come at 7:30am he wouldn't have charged me.... ?!? Again something that would have been awesome to know the day before! I have zero trust in this place. No one was actually helpful. Rent at your own risk.

  • Joann Streppone

This is the most unorganized place I have ever been in contact with. I waited 2 hours for my rental when I had a reservation. I was misinformed and miscommunicated with the staff there on several occasions about the pricing and information. I was charged initially and have the receipt to prove it and after my rental was returned on my card to an address and phone number that doesn’t even belong to me as well as for Enterprise tolls after the rental vehicle was returned and is no longer in my possession. I interacted with Kyle my first time and closed off with Ashley and in between dealt with the staff there where I was misinformed and miscommunicated each time I spoke with someone. I had the activity marked as fraud as well as alerted the credit bureaus of fraudulent activity. This is very unprofessional and against the law for a business to conduct themselves in this manner by fraudulently charging my card on file for a vehicle that was already returned. I would not recommend this place to anyone due to my experience. The Eastchester Road location is committing fraudulent activity and an ongoing investigation will continue. This type of behavior is against the law under penal Law 170.10-Forgery in the second degree, Larceny, theft, emotional distress, so on and so forth. You would be ashamed of yourself for ripping people off. I will press charges if this issue is not resolved in a professional manner, investigated, and people being fired or I will sue.

  • tianna taylor

I wish I could give zero stars. This was my first time ever getting a rental, my experience was horrible. I received my rental from the enterprise in the bronx, near waters place eastchester. I don’t know if it was the location I received my rental from but this will be my last time ever considering this. When I arrived at the rental location I was greeted by a enterprise employee and it started good until another customer arrives which seemed like a friend of the employee. This employee takes my required documents and then hands me the tablet which they use for customer signatures. He then walks off to converse with this customer and tells me to inspect the van by myself when I’m finished with my signatures. After I inspect the van the best way that I know he then gives me the keys and goes back to that same customer. A day later I return the rental van and I’m greeted by a new enterprise employee. He then inspects the returned van and then spots out a semi dent by the left back above the tire of the van. I then explain to him that the dent did not occur on my time. He then blames me and sends out a incident and damage report. He later finds out that the dent occurred prior to me receiving the van and that it was never documented by any of his enterprise staff. I feel like because I was a female that did not how a male present at the time of receiving and returning this rental van ,I was treated this way. I will never think about getting a rental again.

  • Debra M

THEY DO NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY -TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Our rental reservation was thru Geico, $50.00 per day. Was told this is the only car we have $73.00. Took the car home within the same zip code. Called Geico wanting to change the rental reservation to another company due to the $23.00 per day charge TO MY CREDIT CARD. Geico said, they have a contract with Enterprise, if there is no other car available, the fee is $50.00 per day with no additional charge to me and when a $50.00 per day car comes in, I am to switch the car. I called Enterprise, explained this, no one was aware of it. The next day, less than 24 hours, I returned the car and went to Hertz up the street. Now there is a charge of $59.88 on my credit card. I called, spoke with Markies, he said $23.00 was for gas option. I explained we drove home and back, now way did we use $23.00 in gas. He said he would send and email and take care of it. NOTHING, I called again, placed on hold 44 minutes, spoke with a woman saying it will be taken care of, NOTHING. Called another Enterprise office number to complain, was told and email would be sent, NOTHING. I called again, now told they cannot help me, THE RESERVATION HAS BEEN CLOSED. The rental was on May 30th. BEWARE!! THEY PUT CHARGES ON YOUR CREDIT CARD AND DON'T REFUND YOUR MONEY. Save yourself this aggravation and frustration, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

  • Willis Cunningham

Giving 1 star because you can't give it negative ratings... The worst experience with a rental car agency in my life. Firstly, when an insurance company rents you a vehicle, you're still on the hook for $300.00 deposit at this location, which they say you're getting back, but you don't, even when the vehicle is returned as the way you got it. I told the rental agent that I didn't want to pay nothing else out of pocket besides the difference in upgrade costs. They slipped in additional coverage that I clearly turned down because she stated that the car wasn't insured. I told them that the insurance company is covering the rental and they still put those additional charges in there and made illegal unauthorized charges to my account putting me hundreds of dollars in the hole. The charges took the repair money and now the insurance company refuses to pay for the vehicle repair. Now I am out my job because I have no vehicle. It is part of my highway work equipment. They stole my repair money, my vehicle and my livelihood. You're not getting nothing but the truth and this negative review. I hope that no one else will ever rent from you thieves and you go bankrupt. This isn't over as I am seeking reimbursement through civil channels. You'll suck and so does that insurance company you're in bed with...sick

  • John Gleeson

Initially, I was given a vehicle with absolutely no gas in it at all, I was told that I could return it without any gas in it, but that really should never be the case in my opinion. Now, when I began driving the car I immediately noticed an blinking light on the dashboard blinking indicating low fluids. I turned around and went back to have the car checked out before taking it home. The guy told me he was giving me an upgrade from the vehicle I reserved, but if its not in good working condition its really not an upgrade at all. When returning they checked the vehicle and told me everything was fine. I drove the car for about 230 miles without any major issues, however, when I brought the car back to another location, the employee told me the light, which came back on during my trip, was a oil change needed light. The vehicles backseat was filthy and the car wasn't clean at all, but it was late when I picked it up so it was immediately obvious. i only discovered the following morning when I began my trip. I complained to corporate and they gave me a reduced charge for the inconvenience which kind of made up for all the other things, but they really shouldn't have occurred to begin with,

  • Abu Salim

This was by far worst experience I’ve had with renting cars. I had a reservation I made online I showed them the email confirmation but the person said they can’t find my reservation so I had to wait a bit then I was like ok just give me the cheapest car you have because I had an emergency, he gave me a Hyundai Elantra he said per day it was $73.98 so I’m like sounds really good then he didn’t say much his like ima finish the process then You put your initial here and there. He didn’t explain anything else he basically just added any extra fees possible. I asked what about the gas his like you good just bring it empty and I’m like oh thats nice but I didn’t know he actually charged me for a full tank without even mentioning it. I was charged for almost every other thing my $73.98 car per day total came to $163.23. Only because I had an emergency and I needed a car that’s why I had no option but to take this car but it is very unfortunate because I rented cars from other places they explained every single extra charges so we know what we paying. It’s crazy a car that was $73.98 per day and my total came more than double of that.

  • sorangie sanchez

Where do I begin. I went here because my car accident and got a claim with Geico. Unfortunately not all employees work here, Kevin (short, african american male with usually a blue shirt on ) is the only one I saw outside check-in people and dealing with everyone outside, Chris (tall, hispanic male, glasses) likes to handle specific people, you will barely see him outside. The female manager is amazing, her and kevin are the reasons for the 2 stars if not I will gave a zero. For the past month, I had to deal with them charging me for everything from gas to tolls (which I paid using my own ezpass) to different cars cost. If you got a reservation, don't means anything, you will be outside close to a hour or 2 hours...bring your own chair. The cars are not clean at all, I had to return 3 cars because 1. had dirty all over the seats, 2. smell like weed and cigarettes, 3rd one had ashes all over the cup holders and drive stick. The male manager comes outside for a few mins, take like 2 or 3 customers and goes back inside. Don't come here unless you are dealing with Kevin. Glad my car is finally fixed.

  • Irene Diaz

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Had a reservation for today at 10:30am when I arrived. They had no vehicles Taelor was rude from jumó in the sense he had shades on the entire time and was texting while gathering my info. Once he takes my license and credit card details he tells me I would need to wait as they have no cars available. I ask why is that if I had a reservation for 10:30am. He says I made a last minute online reservation online to which I replied what does that matter of your website allowed me to make the reservation for today. i told him they have horrible customer service and he os rude with shades on etc. he then told me I could wait or leave. I decided to have a seat and wait as I need the rental. After having me wait for almost an hour he calls me to the counter to tell me they would be u able to rent me a vehicle. I asked why and he said my attitude which I said I had a reason to have since they just kept me waiting. This is an unprofessional staff. Never have I rented a car from them where it goes smoothly and they are professional. Never will I rent from them again.

  • Edwin Rivera

When i went to pick up my rental it just happened that the computer system was down. After waiting for more than two hours and with just a couple of sorry and you could leave and we'll call you when the system comes back i decided to leave. After trying a couple of other rental places without success i decided to call back. At this point they told me that the system came back. I was able to get a car but wasn't able to get my choice of car. By the time i left enterprise it was almost four hours which instead of leaving for my trip in the morning i had to leave at rush hour. This was not only frustrating but made me loose a whole day of my vacation trying to get my rental. It also made me get to my destination by morning of the next day. By the way the only thing they offered me as compensation was a free upgrade for the next time which you can get any way if you ask. Also they gave me this car with less than three quarters of a tank full. I returned the car with three quarters of a tank full and was charged a refueling fee. This is unacceptable.

  • annisa davis

i was extremely disappointed.....not only was the customer service recieved inadequate but also unprofessional. i was told i would be picked up from a temporarily closed location and taken to the alternate location, only to find out after an hours wait that this was not true. i was then given a rental that was damaged because i complained. when i asked about the billing of tolls at the time of pick up and again at drop off i was informed i would recieve yhe bill in the mail in approximately 10 days., so you can imagine my surprise to see a debit charge to my account a week later which cause my account to overdraft and incur and overdraft fee..i have never had a problem with past rentals and will not be using the eastchester, btonx location for any future rentals. some of the staff are rude and unprofessional and seem to lack basic knowledge of company policy. there was also no social distancing being practiced or enforced which made me very uncomfortable will definitely be contacting corporate office.

  • Tree O'Donnell

I had a horrible experience at enterprise rental. I called their office the week before I went to Rent-A-Car because my insurance company made a reservation for me and I wanted to check the pricing. I was given one price on the telephone by Christian. I made sure to ask him about pricing several different ways so I would be sure I got it correct. SURPRISE SURPRISE when I was finalizing the reservation everything changed. The same car I was quoted a price on (compact) was now $30 more PER DAY! UNBELIEVABLE. KYLE brought over his iPad and tried to WOW me with his computer skills, I was not impressed in the least. I shouldn’t have been surprised because I have dealt with them before and wound up spending about $600 for a two week rental when all was said and done. I chose to walk about 1 block west on Stilwell Ave. to the HERTZ rental office and got a nice rental for under $15 a day. Don’t go to this place if you don’t have to. I will never go to Enterprise again, they charge mileage and Hertz doesn’t.

  • Sev Sin

Kevin was awesome. Did his best to help me get a good deal on a rental and helped me out when I couldn’t get my new car on time. He helped me extend and worked with me. Amazing customer service on his end. Was happy with the car and his service. He gets 5 stars. However the manager Rasheeda was so nasty and rude. She charged me 200 because I was 5 minutes late and called me to rudely ask me when I was returning the car because she wanted to rent it out to someone for a higher price. Mind you, I was renting for about two weeks. I spent a lot of money with them and instead of her being courteous and kind, she was more concerned about her profit/commission. She was so bitter and rude and you can tell she hates her job even from the way she looked at me when I would come in to extend or to return. Wouldn’t come back to this enterprise location ever again. Thanks to Kevin for helping me out. Maybe the manager needs a few lessons from him.

  • Imraan Khaleel

I have rented many cars including renting from Enterprise. Today I experienced the most unprofessional conduct from the Branch manager at Enterprise located at the East Bronx Office at 1964 Eastchester Road Bronx NY 10462. He said his name is Kyle however he does not have a business card and refuse to give his last name. He even refused to write his name down. He said that he doesn’t care that I was going to write a negative report. I had a reservation and Enterprise was supposed to pick me up however they did not show up, when I called them they say they could not find my reservation. I finally took an hover to Enterprise and they found my reservation. The rude branch mananger found my reservation and then used an excused that there was a glitch in the system. The car that he tried to give me was over price. I would not recommend anyone getting a car from this location. I am 55 years old and served 27 years in the military.

  • Carlos

We got a Buick SUV. I never felt so secure being in a vehicle in a long time. My wife and kids were super comfortable and relaxed. The kids had access to wifi and USB ports, our GPS gave us access to listen to music while giving us directions on the expressway. It was so spacious that I was also able to bring my brother, his daughter and my nephew back with us, along with their luggage and still have a comfortable ride back. I know for a fact that I will be using the Enterprise on Morris Park and Eastchester in The Bronx. We dropped the SUV at 8am this morning and felt as if we were leaving our personal vehicle behind. I was sceptical about Enterprise at first but I stand corrected. I read some negative reviews; but everything was perfect from the representative who handled us to the vehicle we got, our trip and security. I will be using Enterprise again and referring it to others. Thank you for a great service.

  • Marianne Mba

Enterprise is responsible for giving me one of the worst customer service experiences of my life. I could type up my incident in detail but it would be pages long. From the rudeness of the employees (both store & corporate) to the lack of communication/consistently to the unwillingness to accept fault & come to an agreement with paying customers, my experience was one that I don't wish on anybody. A dime of my money will never be spent here again. Please do yourself a favor. Instead of going here, go to the Hertz a block way. They have better rates, policies & staff. (Also, I can predict that Enterprise might respond to this review to make it look like they want to take my concerns "seriously." Don't be fooled. They're just trying to save face. This incident happened in July & I tried since then to fix things through them & even my bank. They were of no help & they don't care to be.)

  • LD M

I have not had the need to rent a vehicle in so many years that I was worried. THIS experience was the BEST movement thru a process, that I've experienced in a long time! The staff at this location are the most pleasant, accommodating and helpful all around. So, I give my props to Marcus, Marquis, Selene, Dana and the young lady "in training". These are some of the best employees doing great customer service. A great blueprint for other service industries!!!!! One extra thing I will say though, there is a need to have a better supply of more economical vehicles. I happened to luck out that Kia was sitting in the cut. But if not, higher priced SUVs and an Audi is all they had. My previous knowledge too was that Enterprise offered a service for patrons to be picked up or dropped off somewhere Guess it's not the case at the Eastchester Rd location. So 5☆'s for customer service!

  • James Thompson

I have been a loyal customer of Enterprise for six years, however, after receiving an inflated Bill with a number of optional charges which I did not agree too, such as (Roadside Assistance) which I would never agree too, because I’ve been a AAA member for over 40 years. Secondly, I was charged for fuel, even though I returned the Vehicle with more fuel than I received it with. For a 3 day rental I was charged an additional two hundred plus dollars for Taxes, Optional Fees and other miscellaneous Fees. Their initial Receipt states one price, yet, their final Receipt have difference charges. After speaking with several Representatives regarding this matter, I was assured my Bill would be corrected. Unfortunately, this never happen. I have rented from Enterprise for the past six years without a problem. I am disappointed in the service I received at your Eastchester location.

  • Darius Peacock

Due to Covid-19, I would say be prepared to wait in line outside of the facility. The staff was very efficient in checking us in while waiting on line, and then once you got to the front your car is being brought out to you. The only snag was that because of the way they have to handle service, whatever car you reserve is the car they are renting you. There was absolutely no switching vehicles once you were at the facility. I did reserve a Chevrolet Tahoe, which was unavailable and I received a Ford Expedition which is bigger but still a premium SUV which made it okay for me. The cleanliness of the SUV is why I am giving this experience 3 stars. In renting any vehicle, especially during COVID-19 times, I was expecting a clean car. Not to mention it was a premium class. I believe that was unacceptable. Aside from that, the process was easy and charges were straightforward.

  • liz mart

I rent a car from them too I am really disappointed with them only because they are holding my money from my credit card 300.00 I had a accident it that was not my fault this has nothing to do with my insurance I was told I get my money back in three days once I return the car back and the guy told me you will get your money in three day guess what happened three days pass ( I returned on Monday) I had up to Tuesday to return it now it Friday no money in my credit card now I have to wait next week they’re waiting for one day payment from the other insurance who is responsible. I don’t have a lot of money i am on budget , they told I will get my in three days which it was today Friday. Very disappointed no good bad business. I don’t get it not even a call back either to let me know what going on .


Normally my experience with Enterprise is 5 Star. I'm giving it 1 star because the staff was professional. Now for my experience. I rented a Chevy Suburban (which seats 8). There was none available at this location so I had to go to another location and was given a Chevy Tahoe (which seated 7 so one person was left behind). This car had not been cleaned and smelled of cigarettes. The trunk lift didn't stay up (which the staff member knew). I, of course, forgot and hit myself a number of times whenever I went to retrieve something. Worst part of it all was when I returned the car and explained my issues I was told SORRY ABOUT THAT and still charged the original price of the more expensive SUV! Wrote to customer service regarding all this, I was told someone would contact me. I'm still waiting.

  • Naty C

For me it was not a good experience with this company. Everybody has it different with these people and you have to be careful when they are explaining the payment to you. They charge to $300 but they want to keep it. They don’t explain your insurance pay a part but we don’t have any car on the price they pay, you have to pay the rest out your pocket. $13 extra it’s nothing but if they charge it to you for 2 weeks plus $50 the insurance pay plus an insurance the offer it’s to much. When an employee explain to you how much a car cost per day, you can make a decision to take it or not but the one who took care of me did not said anything even though I told him “ I want a car that my insurance pay” so if you don’t have a $50 dollars a day car explain and I can decide if I want it or not.

  • Nikki Ledbetter (nikki nicole)

This was my first time renting from ENTERPRISE - I had to call the office 2 days prior to my pickup and spoke to Josh - who was extremely patient and helpful with my numerous questions - and when I arrived 2 days later to pickup my car -he remembered our conversation and had already made the requested changes etc - Upon returning the rental car this morning 9/6 - the entire office staff was quite pleasant, professional (and might I add a very well groomed, handsome group of gentlemen ) however beyond that each person was friendly ,and I was impressed. They greeted each customer indivually and they have quite a few repeat renters that they quickly acknowleged- I was impressed - I will rent here from now on - thank you to this staff and location!

  • Anisa From Breuklen

An African American or Black male said he thought I was coming to rob them. I told him you might not want to say that to a Muslim. I reported him to customer service. Though, I had in sunglasses & a mask. An employee, a black male had on sunglasses. I also was wearing a hot pink & white scarf. Where's the logic? When I made the reservations the total was less than $500; then, when I was in the car the fees including Sirius radio that wasn't available in the economy car totaled almost $1K!!! They also asked for a credit card & utility bill while at the location NOT WHILE making reservations. Find another option for car rental or transportation. I do not recommend or suggest Enterprise car rental; Especially, not this location. House Negroes !!!

  • Izzy Jov

Horrible horrible horrible , I returned a car an hour early … I asked to speak to a supervisor before docking my car. The two men which one is a manger and unfortunately I don’t have the names to , decided to take matters into their own hand . All I asked for was to speak to a supervisor and again it was 4:30 pm and my rental was not due until 5:30 pm. While the employee was at my window talking to me the manager a Hispanic man opened my passenger car dooor and threw himself on top of me and his elbow against my neck while he twisted my fingers to get the keys out of the ignition then afterwards started throwing up gang signals ( Patria) which is a Dominican gang . Disgusting behavior and the man still works there after numerous complaints.

  • Lynda Feliciano

Went there to get a rental the manager was really rude never took off his shades couldn’t see his eyes kept on telling me that Allstate is gonna dispute the charges when that is false , false and false kept giving me negative feedback and false information idk what he was trying to do but he wasn’t trying to rent a vehicle to me that’s for sure he made me very uncomfortable so uncomfortable I will never go to that location again , Fordam road treats you like a person this guy at east chester is a real jerk who gave him a managers position?? I really need to speak to his boss cause who wears shades at work while u dealing with customers didn’t anybody teach u that’s rude asfk don’t rent from him !!!!!!

  • Latoya Terrell

Horrible experience, lied to about the condition and safety off the car. When I got there , no vehicles for more than 7 customers waiting, I was given a car that the runner was using to see if they can locate more vehicles. Once car came back, it was not cleaned, the “supervisor “ and staff were spraying under the hood of the car claiming it just had an oil change. Which is complete false and lies, as I got on the highway I noticed the breaks squeaked the entire way and the tire gauge light came on shortly afterwards. I had to swap the car at Newark airport which they were nice and accommodating. I am still waiting for a reply from the area manager days after this incident. Completely disappointed and won’t ever go to this location again.

  • NyC Princess18

Today I visit Enterprise and there are new staff I been attending this location for years. However, I will not be attending any longer. I had a billing issue that the manager refused to give me a discount based a billing error. Not only that, this manager was very unprofessional and not only being unhelpful to me, but to others. Also this location doesn't answer their phones, I'm not sure if this location is under new management, but I''m very unsatisfied with my service here and won't attend again. Do yourself a favor and don't attend this location. You will be disappointed. I believe the manager name was Jermaine, he didn't have his name tag on and when I asked his name and manager name he said "he can't give me that information."

  • Norma Moulier

Horrible place. Charged my credit card almost $200 when they didn't honor the price of my reservation! They allow u to reserve a small car online and when you get there, they dont have any small cars available and you have to take a larger car if u need it to get to work. My car was hit and totalled through no fault of my own and now I have to deal with this extra charge on top of all the stress from the accident? I also had my insurance company contact them to resolve the overcharge and Enterprise refused to honor my reservation price, and charged me the overcharge anyway. ENTERPRISE: We have enough scams going on in the world for a large company like Enterprise to be in on one of their own, especially during a Pandemic. Its sick.

  • Kapiolani Laronal

Gabi P. , the representative who helped me was very friendly! She checked in with me when I arrived (in line with others) to make sure I was being helped. She got me through the rental process quickly and made sure that she walked through all the policies with me, as well as answering any questions I had about cost, and other requirements for rentals. All of the representatives were very friendly. I even called regarding extending my rental and they were VERY helpful with helping me decide if I should extend my rental or not. During Check-In and Check out - all of the representatives were hard at work assisting other customers and making sure cars were checked in and out as efficiently as possible. Thank you!

  • rose quinones

Reservation were made through a corporate account for a buiness trip schedule for pick up at 9a the car was dirty inside and out when asked if I would get reimbursed if taken to a car instead the agent attempted to vaccum the car and a quick whip down of dashboard. Indicated unable to traveler's program to reservation. Did not leave location til 10a was advised by agent that in the future I should call 30min prior to scheduled pickup time to avoid delay. I find that response ridiculous when a reservation was made weeks ahead the vehicle should have been ready plus spoke with the location 1hour prior to confirm pickup time. I another business trip next week and made my reservations with National.

  • Renata Vizental

The autobodyshop confirmed my reservation with this Enterprise. We were told that there is a car available. I spend money on an Uber to get there, stand on a line and check in only to find out that there are no cars in the price range that is covered under the insurance policy available. Then the worker tells me to just wait around because they should get cars back by the end of the day. So now they expect me to just stand around for 2 hours. Something told me to confirm myself because this Enterprise is always an issue, but for over an hour they did not pick up the phone. Then I had to pay for another Uber to get back. I would NOT recommend this Enterprise to anyone! Go to Hertz down the block.

  • Erica Droz

They deserve 100 negative stars for their LACK of service. Wasted an hour waiting outside, for VERY bad service. Went with my boyfriend and he never even left with a rental because his card had a small crack on the bottom, so the lady worker who swiped the card, swiped two times with a decline. She waits until AFTER swiping twice to disclose that he would have to wait 24 hours before he can use his card there again. Sluggish with many workers. Awful overall! They really made us feel like we were standing outside of a welfare office, like if they are doing US a favor. I pray to God that I would never need fo go to them EVER. Worst experience I have ever had with ANY company in my entire life.

  • mario hernandez

One of the best enterprises in the area, maybe the best in my opinion.The staff are respectful, professional, and friendly. The managers also make sure everything is taken care of, and I promise they will make sure you are taken care of. They work with you, not against you. If you want a clean car reliable car come and rent at this location. They always have so many varieties of cars, if you also like nice high end luxury car. Make sure you come to this location. I hope they continue to do such an amazing job because now days is so hard to find great staff that welcome you with kindness and respect. Can’t wait to rent my next car. All the best.

  • Francesca Conte

Just left the location on Eastchester Road and it was one of the worst experiences renting a car I have ever had. My car is currently getting work done to it at a nearby auto body shop. so we do not have any choice. We waited for over an hour for the car to be set up, then when we received the car it had not been cleaned. The very unfriendly female employee ignored when I asked if it would be cleaned as if I was being ridiculous. The man, Edward, was friendly though, and apologized for the wait. It is unbelievable to me that they actually charge people so much to use a car in such poor condition! Terrible experience, avoid this location if you can!

  • Johnna Collier

Always a pleasure working with Enterprise Rent-A-Car! Car worked great, and it made errands run a pleasure. My only complaint is due to Covid-19 the lines are RIDICULOUSLY LONG! Guys i know its not your fault, attempting to keep staff and customers safe! But please assign more staff attending to the lines!! My pickup time was at 1pm, I stood on line from 12:55 until approximately 2:15 before my car pulled up, in the blazing sun! Not a good look! Of course I realize it's due to safety measures, and I completely understand. But now let's look at how you can learn from this and make it more customer friendly, PLEASE.

  • Aminah Jones

Insurance company paid for a rental while my car was getting repaired and assigned me this location. The car was given to me with a quarter tank of gas. About a week in, several maintenance lights came on. One morning, I couldn’t start the car because the battery was completely dead, even though no lights were left on. I called and they sent over AAA to jumpstart it, they took about an hour to get there, then charged me $55 for the service. I also told the agent about the maintenance lights and there was no follow up about a replacement rental. This was my first rental car experience and likely my worst.

  • Denise Evans

Rented a vehicle through my insurance company, contract has ended, after multiple attempts and speaking with multiple people I am unable to get a receipt or a refund of my initial deposit. After holding a line for 15 minutes I spoke with Tahir another 10 minutes I spoke with the manager Darnell. He assured me that he was making an incident report and would be closing out my contract and submitting my refund. This process has been going on now for 5 days. I have no faith in the customer service provided by the employees here and I will not be returning my business to this location.

  • D D

The "People" working there are pleasurable. However, the car I got had a lot to live up to their level of service. While I blame myself for not observing this, the car I got had really bad tires which I pointed out to the clerk when I returned it. Anyways, I "may" go back there. Their hours are not very convenient but I guess you would go there expecting that. Additionally, not providing EZPass as an option is no good in this day and age. All these things they can improve, which would easily give them a 5 star rating in my book because they obviously have the "people skills" down.

  • Sarah Collier

My personal experience with Enterprise staff during this visit (Friday, July 14 - Monday, July 17) was very professional, friendly, and helpful. The staff member, Mr. Marquise was very patient in explaining the cars features, and proper use along with answering all of my questions before I left the garage. I have always appreciated Enterprise and their service over the course of many years being serviced by them. Including their willingness to drop me off at home, or at train station in the pass before the pandemic. Professional service appreciated. Ms. Sarah Collier

  • Waleska Santiago


  • Lefty Morales

The place would have received 5 stars. 1. Windshield wipers were broken not a good thing during the storm that we had several weeks ago. 2. The inside of the car did not smell good and seats were dirty. It can also be blamed on prior customers that decide to return the car in that condition. 3. Cigarette burns on the driver's side, again, not the fault of the agency when customers decide to smoke. Aside from those few mishaps, I love the car especially the features that it has. I would rent again and price was not too expensive. Thank you Enterprise.

  • Shanta Harris

My overall experience was good. I have no complaints other then the phone number listed on the website was either a)out of service or b) the technicians NEVER answer the phone. I did inform a technician when upon return of my vehicle. Upon returning my vehicle there was a zero balance, now 2 weeks later and I check my credit card statement and notice an additional charge on my account. Yes, it's less the $15 but if's they take (less then) $15 from everyone that rents a car it adds up. I'm not happy about an additional charge weeks later.

  • Christina Baez

The employees are very nice. But the rental they gave me was not clean. I actually had to wipe it down myself. Before leaving I was installing my son’s car seat and found a juice bottle cap inside the seat and gave it to the woman helping me and she made a face like ‍♀️. The car was dusty and full of stains. There was dried up juice or soda on the consoles. There was food inside the seat crevices and under the seats. It’s was just gross. And the fact that they say all vehicles are cleaned before they rent them is not accurate.

  • Kristen Landi

I have used this location multiple times over the years and just returned my latest rental car after my car had to go into the shop. I have always found the people who work here to be responsive, courteous and gave me the exact vehicle I want. The facility is clean and distanced and the staff use iPad like devices to get you in and out. When I needed to extend the reservation because my car was not done yet they did so seamlessly and dealt directly with my insurance to cover payment. I will definitely us them again!

  • Jill Felix

I had to rent a car that my insurance covered. The people there were nice, curious and knowledgeable yet there were very few to no vehicles to choose from. I got stuck with an electric car I had to figure out the second I sat in the driver's seat. That was the smallest compact I had to wait for. My other options were huge SUVs that I was also not used to handling. This was at the Fordham Road location, which I also had been given a ride to from the Woodlawn location. Neither had many vehicles available.

  • Ilonaluna

I had a wonderful experience with this particular enterprise Jermaine the manager Went above and beyond He gave me an excellent rental hybrid easy on gas. I also had a little situation He Went above and beyond helping me resolve my issue I can't say anything bad about EastChester road enterprise. staff is professional supernice patient ready and willing to answer any questions if you're looking for a rental please bypass all the negative comments and go see eastchester enterprise you won't be sorry

  • Darren Taylor

The Enterprise-Morris Park location is staffed with agents that value their customers and want to retain their patronage. Although, in my case, the booking took longer than expected, the staff apologized profusely for any inconvenience caused and efficiently processed my reservation. However, I would suggest that management investigate their contract with SiriusXM because my request for that service during my rental was not fulfilled (which a rental agent confided was a common occurrence).

  • C D Renfro

They were short handed the day I picked up the car, and it took 1 1/2 hrs to work through the line before I was sitting in the car. In addition, they said at checkout that mileage was limited to 150 miles per day though my confirmed reservation (made thru Orbitz) stated unlimited mileage. The mileage issue was not a problem because we drove less than that over the 4 days we had the vehicle. All the employees were pleasant and professional, but they sure could have used some help.

  • Ibukun Towolawi

This was my second time renting at this location. They have some good personnel here, well dressed and sharp. It's a clean facility and the wait time if fairly quick. The car was clean and smells good. The only negative review is that they don't pay details to the tires. This is the second time I have rented a car and one of the tires need air. I really don't know why they clean the interior of the car but fail to check the tires. Any way outside of that, I gave them a thump up.


Check in was smooth just took a bit but understood due to the times we are living now, car was clean and exactly what I expected. Staff was very friendly, professional and to the point. Car did Exactly what I needed it to do, get me to and from my destination with no issues and great on gas!!!!!!! Check out was even smoother, they checked car and gas and emailed receipt and I was on my way. Funds held were immediately placed back to my account. Will be back!!! Thank you

  • Carmen Quinones

I have rented 3 separate times in the past month while my car has been in and out of the shop. Each time, the staff here has been nothing but attentive and professional. They are all well-spoken and professional in their attire. Each time I was picked up on time and was processed relatively quickly. The one time I wasn't, they immediately acknowledged it, and were apologetic. I have to recognize Jesus and Dante, Eugene and Raashida for their professionalism.

  • T Wheelwright

Customer service is always top-notch at the Morris Park Facility. I have been renting from Enterprise from all over the US for years. No one makes me feel more valued than these guys. Even through the pandemic the service was stellar when people were stressing out. I always felt at ease coming to this location and they always made my reservations smooth. They usually call me before I do my pick up to ensure that everything is ok. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Marshella Walker

It was decent, they take care of you. There's a clause of you paying an additional $250 on top of your total but that's for enterprise protection just in case anything happens with the car or if you need an extra day. But that's not including with protection coverage for yourself. But yes, for the most part....they explain to you about the car of your choice and the terms and conditions. My car was clean and smelled great !!!! So I'm straight !!!

  • chainel collado

I had a bad experience here. After waiting 30 minutes due to them being understaffed i was told i wasn’t able to rent a car due to my driver’s license being expired. I showed them the renewal paperwork with a temporary license and they still refused. I went to a different enterprise and they accepted my temporary driver’s license and i was in and out with a car in less than 5 minutes. Avoid this place unless you want to waste your time.

  • Jennifer Mena

I rented 2 cars from Enterprise. The 1st time was on 86th Street, NY, NY. The place was not packed due to the day being a Tues. Customer Service took care of everything swiftly with no interruptions. The 2nd time i was provided with an upgrade; however, the car did not have gas & had to be cleaned inside and out. On top of that they took 45 minutes to provide me with the car. I also did not receive any discount for my inconvenience.

  • Lanani Tej

Place did not have available $50 cars that was allowed by my insurance. I had to wait then take the only car that came in and pay extra. Make sure you know all the extra charges that they charge like; 12% tax on car rental sales tax, local 4.50%, state 4% this is over the charge that is already tax on top. Also they charge $5 per day for each extra driver. Which they didn't explain to me. I am very stressed from this experience.

  • Raymond Low

Some workers were helpful, others wasn't. One female representative told me that the car I am asking for is available. I told her I'll be there in 5 minutes, which I was, and the car was given rented to someone else. They did accommodate me with another car at another location because the one I rented smelled like cigarettes, but I had to go myself and pick it up. They did give me the car for the price of the class below though.

  • Joanne Joanne

From the first day that I walked in 8-3-23 everyone was very helpful and polite. Freddy showed me the car and explained everything to me. He was very knowledgeable. On 3-10-23 I returned my car and the young lady that took care of me, forgot her name she wore glasses was very pleasant and courteous . She explained everything to me and sent me an invoice. I would recommend this enterprise to everyone. All the stall was fantastic

  • Christian Madalengoitia

BAD EXPERIENCE. This is going to this location in specific. I did not know that each location has different polices. Jay (the manager) and Tiffany ( customer service) they did not help me with a ride back to the dealer ship (15 mint away driving) to pick my car. I payed $600 for the rental of their car and they can not give me a ride like the other location do. They said that they can call a taxi and I will pay for it. Funny!

  • Tom Ward

Everything about the experience with this Enterprise location was impressive. The staff was professional, efficient, and friendly. The car was in good shape, and the walk-through upon receiving the car was thorough. Returning the car was easy, fast, and simple, as it should be. Dealing with different staff members when returning the car brought the same great experience professionalism and courtesy. I highly recommend them.

  • Demon King12

Great car, great setup and everything but if your rental gets towed for any reason make sure you don't have anything valuable in the rental. I had multiple items stolen either by enterprise or their tow truck company, nobody seems to know where the items went. All items equaled up to over $500 and don't leave house keys either they'll be taken also. No itens weren't thrown out because all other belongings were retrieved

  • Christina Dixon

Easy and quick. Rented a full size but when I got there they didn't have any so I got upgraded to a SUV. :-) Took all of 15 minutes. Unfortunately coming back into the city was a hassle so I had to take the car back a day after it was due. Because I returned it before 9am, I wasn't charged for keeping it an extra day. Staff was super friendly and extremely helpful. Will definitely rent from this location again!

  • Izzeldeen Musallam

I take a car for one week paid 1500$ and I told them I'm going to drive from NY to Florida with my family i have three kids after I get the car and left I find out the car needs breaks and rotors no spare wheel and they charge me for 7 days and they text me to send it back after 6 days when I ask them why you charge 7 days they said it's the week price but they want the car back on the day 6th that was so bad

  • Tom Imperati

The staff is as helpful as can be but with a limited inventory of vehicles they can only do so much. You should not have to wait over 2 1/2 hours for a vehicle that is flipped instantly to you the second it comes in. I drove 5 miles and the low pressure tire light came on as well as had to clean the inside windows of the car to get foot prints off the windshield and handprints everywhere else.

  • Tensia Auguste

This location is my go to location for all my rental car needs. They are courteous, knowledgeable, respectful, and do their very best to accommodate the customer. Yes I've had to wait on line for a vehicle that I placed a reservation for. Yes it was frustrating but they were working as fast as they could. I can honestly say that it was worth the wait. See you all next month for my next rental.

  • Karina Williams

Enterprise is the only Rent a Car company that we use. The people are very nice and accommodating and the cars are in great shape. The current health crisis has created a need for different practices. The only issue i have is a long wait for a car we had reserved. Perhaps, they book too many people or don't prioritize reservations, I am not sure. Other than that I highly recommend.

  • Jeremy Ruiz

The Team over at the Bronx Eastchester Enterprise location were great! They were able to accommodate my rental needs quickly and efficiently! They have excellent customer service and will answer all your rental questions. The car was clean and sanitized when I picked it up, these days that’s very important. I appreciate the attention to detail shown by the Eastchester team!

  • Patrick Lugo

The employees were very polite but what I was charged was $75 more than the quoted price online, and that was at a discounted price from my insurance company. I feel that a good sales person would have told a customer that they can save them self almost $100 if the reserve the car online. Especially during covid time when money is short for most people. Bad sales practices.

  • DJ Panduhh

The service was AMAZING, the team and chris the Manager were extremely helpful and patient with me especially with the fact that I am a young driver recently licensed. They gave me the opportunity to prove others that I indeed know what I am doing. Thank you for all you've done for me and I'll make sure to come back if I'm ever in need of a rental. Keep up the great work!

  • Gary Brooks

People were very attentive and helpful. The manager was particularly excellent in making sure my needs were met. The administrative time could be improved, particularly when I entered the reservation via computer and most of the information should already be available. Cars were not readily available so the checkout time was unreasonably long compared to your competitors.

  • Laura Mosquera

All of the staff are very professional and kind, 5 stars for them. The negative part of renting with them is you are going to wait, and then wait some more and then a little more. Both time we waited an hour and 10 minutes after we checked in to get our car. Again, the staff is really great, but the pick up process is ridiculously long and I won't be going here again.

  • Devastating D

I know what's great service when I see it, and this is what you'll get when you come to this location. The workers are caring, friendly, the cars are well maintained and also clean. These workers are doing a wonderful job and I'm happy to make it known. I even appreciate the bottles of water they give out. I love to rent cars from here..... thank you enterprise!!!

  • The Viewer

DO NOT USE THIS OFFICE. They are the worst. Ms nappy hair Maurice and no fukin nothing Fred are useless AND UNPROFESSIONAL. Use the other sites White Plains ny has mature decent well groomed respectful customer service. P.s. I called state farm to be only told I'm the claiment and should have never been refused after a reservation was made. AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE

  • Athlan Lathan

Awesome experience. We stopped here instead of going all the way back to LaGuardia to get a car and I'm glad we did. Joe Beirne, the Branch Rental Manager is the best. He got us into a great vehicle, quickly, provided first class service and we even had a laugh along the way. He exemplifies what customer service means and whatever you're paying him isn't enough.

  • Adrián Macho González

Bad experience. I went to rent the car and after waiting in line for 30 mins, I am informed that my international driver's license is not valid for this establishment. I went to another Enterprise branch and rented the car quickly, with great attention and without any kind of problem. Don't waste your time on this site and go to another Enterprise or company.

  • Francisco R

I called 20 times to verify a reservation made with my insurance company but they never pick up the phone. I called twice in the morning about 15 minutes after they open, then 2 hours later again twice, 1 hour later twice, 2 hours later twice and 3 times 1 hour before closing. This was on a Friday. I tried again Saturday and Sunday, nothing.

  • bay mechanical

Full dumpster by the entrance of Enterprise Rent a car. This dumpster probably sitting there fo r a while. Smell is terrible inside of the garage and in the offices. Huge disrespect to the customers and to themselves. How is it possible to work in such as unhealthy environment. Insight of the office carpet haven’t been clean for years.

  • Eduardo Mendez

I returned the vehicle in perfect condition, paid my bill in full, yet I have Called, Voicemailed, emailed, and can't get a hold of somebody to resolve my issue with my do not rent list and i want to be removed from it. This has been one of the worst customer services i have ever experienced. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

  • Mrk K

Great place to rent a car for a week in the Big Apple. The car was clean inside and out. The staff members were chipper and helpful. We were practically paid to rent the car as there were hundreds of pennies scattered on the ground, great fun for my coin-collecting son. Still a great place with helpful and cheerful team of employees.

  • visnelda morales

The staff at this location is very pleasant and professional. All its explain in detail and there are no hidden fees.i often get an upgrade on my vehicle at not extra cost and the drop off it's usually smooth and quick. I appreciate that since I'm usually short on time.overall the staff at this location it's the best! Thank you all.

  • CJ Hendri-Browne

Claimed I got an upgrade which was the same size. No one introduced themselves at pickup or drop off. Vehicle was expensive and dirty, especially outside. They had nothing but water to clean off the dead bug stains. Tried to nickle and dime me for everything. I've been renting with this company for a long time. This was the worst.


I love the way things worked out. The car that was reserved wasn’t available my representative made it possible for me to drive out with a car that was right for me to feel comfortable to ride in. Isaac. Thank you for your services. I will go back for another rental and I’ll make sure you take care of my reservation. Thank you

  • Helen Lee

I've rented multiple times with this Enterprise and had a great experience every time. Every employee is very respectful and will acknowledge / check you in, even when lines are incredibly long (due to holiday weekends and the new cleaning procedures). The cars are also always in tip-top shape as well! Excellent cleaning jobs!

  • Edison Vargas

The staff here is very helpful and go out of their way to make sure that your car rental experience is a very pleasant one. I was helped by a guy named Jesus who pleasantly explained the whole process and got us on our way right away. Thanks to him and the rest of the staff, my experience was a very good one. Will recommend.

  • Dammag Nass

1. You can’t get anyone on the phone. 2. Once you get someone after few hours of call they will lie to you with anything to make sure you get to their place. 3. Once you get there they will tell you your reservation is cancel but we have these luxury SUV for $200 a day. …. Don’t waste your time and money with these people.

  • Richard Weiss

Pickup was quick and convenient. Return was similar---they called and invited us to return the vehicle before business hours. Upon reviewing our receipt, we realized we had been charged the wrong rate. A quick phone call resulted in a refund of the difference, without question. Everyone was very professional, and helpful.

  • shavonne Tyler

Checking in the vehicle with Edwin @ Eastchester Road, Bronx location was a great experience. The process was quick. He was very accommodating, nice and respectful. Returning the vehicle with Marquis & staff was also great. They were able to provide transportation to the auto body shop so that I can pick up my vehicle.

  • Brandon Milanes

As always with every Enterprise I go to top quality customer service. The office is clean, the staff is friendly, professional and polite. The staff does their absolute best to get the customers in and out quickly so they go about their business. Enterprise is definitely top notch and so is their selection of vehicles.

  • Rose Herrera

The gentlemen that work at this Enterprise location are helpful and provided me with great customer service. I had a small issue with the tire on my rental and I was able to return it and receive a replacement within minutes. Thank you to Isaac and Edward who helped me with making the return process quick and easy.

  • Lisa Santiago Sarig

Just picked up a car, yes it was easy it was quick but they handed the car over on empty I had to go directly to the gas station. I tried to get through the 800 number and the local #. They'll probably charge me if I don't bring it back full. Getting someone on the phone shouldn't take herculean effort.

  • aniel bhagwandin

I must say. From the minute I walked in, I was greeted and told that someone will be with me shortly. Within 4 minutes of waiting on line, Marcus helped me with my rental and explained everything thoroughly and was very patient with me. 10/10 stars for Marcus. I received a comfortable and affordable rental.

  • Nyehma Terry

My first time renting from this location and the service was great! I had no problems with my reservation, or return deposit. The 2020 SUV I had was beautiful and clean. I will definitely use them again! Thanks to Chris and Dauntae for the wonderful customer service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ …

  • Mayra Cruz

I must say everything went smoothly as can be the morning of picking up my rental. The staff remained professional and attentive to my needs and request. I really appreciate being heard and explained what would be expected. Thank you for the service and time. Looking forward to my next visit.

  • Derrick Obodai

i rented a car from this place in August 2019. i have to say there service were fast and smooth. i reserved my car few days before my trip and i got it. I highly recommend this place but please reserve earlier on before your trip because they get booked very fast. Excellent customer service.

  • Mac Ry

Stood in line for an hour, didn’t have the van that I reserved. Was told I can get a big suv but have to pay more which was unacceptable. Wasted an hour. Went to Budget near the airport and got in-out with a van after within hours of booking it on a Sunday. I’ll never rent from enterprise.

  • Juan Lopez

I have always rented from Enterprise till my recent experience with a rental in the Bronx had a very bad experience the cars were not safe customer service was bad and did not get nothing in return this is my last time renting from Enterprise never again what I rent from Enterprise again

  • Victor Vasquez

I have been a customer if this location for several years and whether my trip was for business or personal, i have had the best service a persin can ask for, each and every time. The staff are amazing and the vehicles are always will maintained. You can't go wrong with this team.

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