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Dentistry By Dr. Sferlazza is a Dentist located at 3985 Grand Park Dr h, Mississauga, ON L5B 0H8, Canada. It has received 573 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of Dentistry By Dr. Sferlazza: 3985 Grand Park Dr h, Mississauga, ON L5B 0H8, Canada

  • Dentistry By Dr. Sferlazza has 4.8 stars from 573 reviews

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  • "I recently had the pleasure of visiting a dentistry place that exceeded all my expectations"

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    "If you ever wanted to see how an inept apathetic front desk and admin staff can lose your business customers, look no further than Guiglio (Admin) and Kim (Financial "Controller") at this dentistry"


  • Nupur Warke

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a dentistry place that exceeded all my expectations. From start to finish, my experience was nothing short of exceptional. The combination of a pristine environment, outstanding service, attentive staff, and thoughtful amenities made every visit enjoyable and stress-free. First and foremost, the cleanliness of the facility was remarkable. As soon as I stepped in, I was greeted by a spotless waiting area, which immediately put me at ease. It was evident that maintaining a hygienic environment was a top priority for this dentistry practice. The service provided by the doctors and dental hygienists was truly outstanding. They were not only highly skilled and professional but also genuinely caring and attentive. Throughout the entire process, they took the time to explain each step, ensuring that I understood what was happening and addressing any concerns I had. Their patience and willingness to answer all my questions made me feel comfortable and informed throughout the treatment. One of the highlights of my experience was the massage feature on the chair. It added an extra layer of comfort and relaxation, making the entire dental procedure much more pleasant. It's a small detail, but it truly made a difference in enhancing my overall experience. What truly impressed me was the level of care they provided to my son, who accompanied me during my visit. The staff went above and beyond to ensure his comfort and entertainment. Their attentiveness to his needs not only relieved any worries I had about bringing him along but also made the visit more enjoyable for both of us. Consistency is key, and I'm thrilled to say that my positive experience was not a one-time occurrence. I visited this dentistry place on two separate days, and on both occasions, everything was top-notch. The excellent service, attention to detail, and comfortable environment were consistent throughout, solidifying my trust and confidence in this establishment. I highly recommend this dentistry for all your dental needs. If you're looking for a clean, attentive, and comfortable dental experience, this is the place to go. The exceptional service, knowledgeable doctors, and caring staff will make you feel valued as a patient. I am excited to make them my regular dentistry provider, knowing that I will consistently receive the same outstanding level of care. Vivek & Nupur

  • Johnny Star

A bad experience. First, office waiting area full of fruit flies, very unhygienic for a dental office. I called and booked an appointment for an exam. When I arrived, they told me they have me booked for a cleaning appointment. I was a first time patient, how do you just book me for a cleaning when you didn't do a preliminary exam. After I said I don't want a cleaning, I came for an exam, they said we will do both, first a cleaning then exam. Again I said no. Very obvious tactic to get me to pay for a cleaning. After much waiting, I was taken to an exam room and a dental assistant did exam to prepare for doctor. After a bit, Dr sferlazza comes in wearing the worst fitting mask and food grade gloves. Like the clear ones they wear at subway. Why?? What kind of dental office is this? So he asks why I came and I tell him the specific issue I came in for. He proceeded to point out everything ELSE wrong with my mouth except the issue came in for. After I tell him, I understand all the other issues but I'm here for a more urgent one, he gets all snippy with me and gives me half answers. At this point I knew I made a mistake come to this place and I told him to send me the estimate of cost to email. He says you will have it in 2-3 days. Another thing is he took his mask off several times while talking to me as I am unmasked as well for the exam. We are in a pandemic, you don't take your mask off when you are inches from your patients face. He might be doing that with every patient. So come at your own risk. I paid for the awful service and left. I did not receive an estimate at all. While the office looks nice, it's service is not. I suggest you look else where.

  • Edyta Bourgoin

I recently had a dental cleaning at Dentistry By Dr. Sferlazza and it was an outstanding experience! The dental hygienist provided exceptional care and attention to detail throughout the entire procedure. From the moment I arrived, the staff was welcoming and professional. They took the time to update my medical history, recognizing the vital connection between oral health and overall well-being. This demonstrated their commitment to comprehensive care. The extraoral and intraoral examination conducted by the hygienist was thorough and informative. They meticulously checked the health of my gums, tissues, and teeth, ensuring that no abnormalities went unnoticed. I appreciated how they measured my gum support, as it provided valuable insights into the overall health of my gums. The cleaning process itself was exemplary. The hygienist skillfully used a combination of hand tools and a water jet to eliminate plaque and calculus from my teeth. The expertise in removing calculus from both above and below the gum line was truly commendable. To conclude the cleaning, the hygienist polished my teeth to perfection. The hygienist at Dentistry By Dr. Sferlazza emphasized the significance of adequate home care in maintaining oral health. Overall, my experience in Dentistry By Dr. Sferlazza was exceptional. The hygienist's professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to oral health left a lasting impression. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch dental care.

  • rawas matt

I’ve been under the care of Dr. Leny Sferlazza since I was a child, and I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with my dental health. His unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his practice. From fixing my chipped tooth to seamlessly handling complex procedures like implants, Dr. Leny Sferlazza showcases unmatched expertise. His skill and precision are truly remarkable, making even the most intricate procedures seem effortless. What truly sets Dr. Leny Sferlazza apart is his genuine compassion and dedication to his patients’ well-being. His warm and personable approach instantly puts you at ease, creating an atmosphere of trust and comfort. With regular cleanings, my dental health has been impeccable under his guidance. Dr. Leny Sferlazza pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the best possible care at every visit. It’s not just his technical skills that impress me; it’s his continuous pursuit of knowledge and innovation. Dr. Leny Sferlazza stays updated with the latest advancements in dentistry, a testament to his commitment to providing exceptional care. In all my years as his patient, Dr. Leny Sferlazza has consistently exceeded my expectations. For anyone seeking top-tier dental care from a professional who truly cares, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Leny Sferlazza.

  • Mandar Gokhale

If you ever wanted to see how an inept apathetic front desk and admin staff can lose your business customers, look no further than Guiglio (Admin) and Kim (Financial "Controller") at this dentistry. I have been a loyal customer with this dentistry for over 3 years and the dental hygienists particularly Samaira and the dentist Dr Rupa Bhatt have been nothing but brilliant. However the front admin staff and the financial controller are the exact opposite. Dr Sferlazza you lost me as a customer because of them and you know what your admin had no regrets about losing me either. So much for treating customers right and the usual bla bla bla. Also, please tell your financial controller that we live in 2022 and email is preferred over snail mail when it comes to communicating rejected claims by the insurance provider. Just because you live in the 18th century don't expect your customers to do the same. We check our email regularly but not our snail mail. And please don't threaten to report your trusted long time customers to the Collection agency over 130 dollars and change because they did not check their snail mail. Has your team heard of call text or email? Not sure you will ever get to read this but I think the managed rating of 4.8 has gone to your staff's head.

  • M. G.

By far the BEST quality for all dentistry services! Tried and true and consistently superior, always delivering the most attentive and committed service. Dr. Sferlazza and his team truly care about their patients. We feel like we are family every time we have an appointment! I've been a loyal patient to this clinic for approximately 20 years and there is a strong reason for my loyalty: the incomparable quality of service and the people in Dr. Sferlazza's Clinic. I found Dr. Sferlazza and his team in my early 20s after a traumatic experience I had at a local clinic with an unprofessional practitioner. Scared of the dentist and quite apprehensive after my experience at the time, I was lucky to walk into Dr. Sferlazza's Clinic. Ever since then, through two location changes and many relocations on my part, I kept my Dentist the same because I couldn't be happier or more grateful with the level of care and service I receive. The quality of the work is impeccable and the dentistry I received has lasted the test of time. I am one of the happy patients who wholeheartedly recommends Dr. Sferlazza and his amazing team to everyone looking for quality dentistry. I'll certainly be a patient for life! :)

  • Sabyasachi Nag

Avoid Amir Gorgui. He’s unethical. Non serious about patients. First he forced me into an advance-paid ‘pre-consult’ where he offered to remove even fully functional teeth so long the insurance paid for it. When I said I wanted to extract only the problematic wisdom tooth he gave me an appointment 3 months later. Had he not been recommended by Dr. Sferlazza who my family has been seeing for the last 20 years I would have gone elsewhere. Then, after the 3 month wait his secretary called to cancel the appointment 1 day prior as he had to go somewhere at 3:20 when my appointment was for 3:10 pm. When I requested for refund of the pre- consultation fees first they ignored, when I emailed and pointed out that I had to make accommodations at work for the surgery and hinted at coming back to recoup a possible loss of pay because of the accommodation Amir Gorgui called to say that he could perform the surgery in the 10 minutes. When I declined and requested the refund he made a promise of immediately refunding and forgot about it. I am approaching the regulator to inform them of this unethical dental practitioner. Save yourself the trouble. Stay away.

  • Clam

Great dentists, hygienists and office team. Everyone is pleasant, professional and takes great care of their patients. I've had 4 different hygienists (due to scheduling on my part) who were all great. Excellent attention to detail and very caring. They give me tips and inform me of problem areas to focus on. The dentists are great, kind and there is hardly a wait to see them. The office staff are always very nice and precise. The actual rooms where you get the dental work done each have TVs playing CP24 or friends or some other sitcom. The chairs have a massage feature which is a lovely touch if you're anxious when visiting the dentist. The waiting area has a tv and is decorated with modern, minimalist decor. There used to be coffee or tea served pre-COVID which has been removed. The staff do an excellent job keeping the staff and patients safe. My teeth are in the best health ever. Can't say enough good things. Come here to be taken care of.

  • Lilly T

I was a patient of Dr. Bhatt. With her I got many fillings done and had a crown installed. The problem I had was with the endodontist in 2021. I paid $200 for consultation, he confirmed the tooth was good enough for root canal. The day of the surgery the tooth cracked. He said "this sort of things happen all the time" I was shocked then he corrected "it could happen because" and gave some reasons. Dr. Bhatt took over the situation by pulling out my tooth. She was nice, so I did not complaint about the lost of tooth or ask for reimbursement of the $200 fee I paid. Now with the tooth missing she recommended implant. But I did not find the clerk who took care of the implant issues personable (I don't know if she was manager or not of the dental clinic). Because of her and the lost of tooth I may not go back to Sferlazza. I think for the price you pay here you can find way better dentists elsewhere and with much better service.

  • DTH

Worst dental experience! Do not book a cleaning here. They gave me a price of $200 for cleaning and $250 with polishing. Went for my appointment early and waited over 30 minutes before they let me see someone who WASN'T EVEN A DENTIST. After 30 minutes of light cleaning the assistant told me she was going to charge me $200 for a partial cleaning and I would have to come back again to see the actual Dentist to finish my cleaning and polish which would be another $250. WTH!?!?! I have never had this experience for a simple cleaning before. And I got regularly. This person was obviously not skilled in doing cleanings and even said she didn't want to go near my gums (probably inexperienced). Why do they have non dentists doing partial cleanings alone and then charging you more to see the Dentist? So unprofessional. I will not be returning to this scam office. You've been warned.

  • Heather Grogan

Dr. Sterlazza has been my dentist for about 29 years! I first met him while he was practicing in Brampton and followed him when he moved his services to Mississauga. I wouldn't have anyone else look after my teeth. He is a kind, considerate and understanding dentist. He is especially patient with me, as I have severe anxiety about attending appointments. He and his staff always make me feel at ease and are compassionate to my anxiety needs. His dental work is amazing, as I have had MANY dental emergencies that he has fixed, making my teeth look new! Dr. Sterlazza gave me my beautiful smile with my veneers 29 years ago and they still look great. His staff is also very kind, caring and incredibly knowledgeable. The office is so clean and very well maintained. To me, there isn't anyplace better than "Dentistry by Dr. Sterlazza." I just love them!!@

  • Larry Titus

I am a new patient and was searching for a new dentist. My first visit was very welcoming. Staff were very friendly, professional and helpful. The office was very clean with air filters in each room. My assessment came back with some work that needed to be completed. Dr. Sferlazza pointed out some concerns that needed to be addressed but reiterated that his job was to point out concerns for the well-being of my health/teeth and it's up to me if i choose to have the procedures completed. I decided to have the work done and was very impressed by the professionalism of the dental team. The procedure was painless and the dentist asked me several times if I was doing ok. The best part was the massaging dental chair! It was so relaxing and helped me forget the work that was being performed on my teeth.

  • Jon Marsella

I have been a client of Dr. Sferlazza's for many years now and I've always been super appreciative of the great cosmetic work he did. After all these years my crowns & veneers remain solid and I continually get compliments on the natural look of them. I recently had a cleaning done by one of their longstanding hygienists (Kim) and I appreciated how pleasant and professional she was. The whole team I've ever met here I can say the same about. They are always on time with appointments (something I find very rare, where other dentists in my past used to oversubscribe themselves and keep their patients waiting far too long). I highly recommend everyone to Dr. Sferlazza as he does incredible work and he and his team truly care for their patients.

  • Shane P

Dr. Bhatt is the most gentle, kind and caring Dentist in the World( I don’t even know who Dr Sferlazza is but I’m so happy Dr. Bhatt works there). I couldn’t chew on one side for years because of excruciating pain. Every Dentist I have ever went to couldn’t fix my problem. One day my wife was looking for Dentists on google and she found Dr. Sferlazza ( best reviews and a great reputation for being gentle and professional). That’s where I met Dr. Bhatt and she took way all my pain. Now I’m not terrified anymore of pain and I really enjoy going to the Dentist. I can’t say enough amazing things about their incredible staff/hygienist. Hands down, the greatest Dentist/ hygienist and staff in the World.

  • Sven Rowaert

If you’re in need of a dentist, look no further and get your dental issue resolved by a highly professional team at the Dentistry By Dr. Sferlazza in Mississauga. The office is conveniently located close to Square One and the whole office has a great modern look and feel and is professionally run! Over the last several years, I’ve had several interventions, including a crown, and each time, the preparation, actual intervention and after care was 100% what you hoped to receive at any dentist, but only here they actually care about you as well as your long term dental health. I would not hesitate to recommend this dentistry to any friends or family, because you know you’re in good hands!

  • Silvana Bruzzese

This was my first visit to Dr Sferlazza’s office and I was very pleased at the way the office made me feel comfortable and not judgemental. I am anxious when I go to the dentist, but more now as my family dentist retired after 20 years. I am in the health care too and I feel that it is important to make patients feel at ease and safe. That is how I felt on my first visit. Asra, is so friendly and thorough. She explained step by step what she was going to be doing. Front desk is professional and friendly. Dr Sferlazza’s answered my questions and concerns. He is very patient and I look forward to being a new patient here. I would recommend them for sure!.

  • Splash Racer07

My family of 4 switch to this dentistry 2 years ago. We find staffs are always caring with smile and happy especailly Laura. My hygienis, Kim, very profressional and gentle; never rush on you. Not to mention Dr. Sferlazza will always *takes time* to explain any issue and concern with you not just run and go. All specialist on site. High class facility, all well maintane, nice and clear and with underground parking. Every room equiped with high tech air filter system to ensure enviroment is safe without virus. Chair have massage function too! Before covid they give out movie tickets for kids and lots of other fun stuff. Will higly recommend for anyone.

  • Anas Khalaf

Worst place you would go to. They will do all sort of exams except the exam you request. I requested a dental cleaning, and they stopped in the middle of cleaning claiming that my teeth needed more time. They wanted my 90 min appointment taking stupid pictures pictures and spent 15 minutes on cleaning. At the end I was charged full cleaning and too many unnecessary exams that were not needed. The funny part is that they finished lower teeth and didn't touch upper teeth. And I asked for a Male dentist, but I got an female dentist. These people have no moral.

  • Edwin Chan

I very highly recommend this place and have recommended other people who have gone here and they love it too. I think it’s a very clean office, organized team and honestly the staff is my favourite part. Even after covid the office feels as clean and open even after adding many glass door, air purifiers and plexiglass shields. Ive gone here for over 10 years and the staff has been welcoming, friendly and understanding (also comforting whenever I need to get a needle lol). Writing this review has also reminded me that I gotta book my cleaning soon!

  • Charles Egbulefu

Dentistry by Dr. Sferlazza is a clean, friendly, and professional place to go to and register with. You always feel good coming in and leaving. My last experience last week was nothing short of their good, gentle and professional treatment. I recommend this Dentistry to anyone wanting a very good Dentistry. It is one of the best in town - if not the best one. Thank you to Dr. Sferlazza and his wonderful friendly and professional team. Thank you too to Margaret my current Hygienist. They are all very good. God bless them. Fr. Charles Egbulefu, CCE

  • Evgenii Andreev

I am a client of Dr. Sferlazza dentistry for many years and I am always satisfied with the service. I had many issues with my oral health in the beginning, but step by step I was able to fix most of them thanks to the guidance and treatments at the dentistry. My recent visit went well too; Dr. Park did a good job of explaining my issues and offering suitable treatment options. As always, all the staff is very polite, extremely professional and respectful. I highly recommend Dr. Sferlazza dentistry to everyone who wants a high level of service.

  • S S

Had an appointment with Hygienist, the appointment process, gentle reminders are all well organized (just proves private medical care trumps anytime vs. public care!). The Hygienist is quite friendly, performed with due care and attention. The Doctor examination was also good experience. The billing process and the professional approach in explaining the billing and the estimate for next appointment is very much appreciated. The clinic overall is quite clean, fresh and customer-friendly. Highly recommend Dr.Leny Sferlazza Dental clinic

  • Jameel Amer

I have been a patient of Dr. Sferlazza for over 20 years now and I won’t stop recommending him to everyone I know. Everything from routine cleanings and check-ups to cavity fillings and wisdom teeth removal feel seamless and uncomplicated. I’m always appreciative with both the professional care that I receive at his dental office and with how superb the administrative team works to make my appointments fit my work/life routine. Special shout-out to Dr. Sferlazza, Jessica, and Giulia for making my last visit as perfect as it could be!

  • Vee Perry

This was my first visit, and I was amazed. This office had a welcoming environment. Cree was my first point contact and she was all smiles and helpful by ensuring Covid measures were followed. And she kept me abreast of what to expect that day. Steph was so efficient with my x rays and was very knowledgeable in answering my questions. Now Dr. Sferlazza gave me amazing advice about Invisalign and was honest enough to weigh the pros and cons. If you’re looking for a dentist office with integrity. This is it!

  • Samina Talat

This clinic had been recommended for administrative professionalism and good clinical care. I made an appointment for regular cleaning. The reminders were most helpful and appointment process was well explained. The hygienist, Asra, was par excellence! Her polite professionalism, explanation of step by step process, regularly asking about any pain or soreness during procedure, and a very gentle hand led to an absolutely painless, excellent experience. The massage feature on the chair was a double bonus!

  • Janet h

I have been very pleased with my experience at dentistry by Dr. Sferlazza. Kim is an excellent hygienist and so gentle but thorough with my care. She is attentive and seems to understand the needs of her clients well. I never have to wait for my appointment, the office is immaculate and has all the latest equipment and comforts. Dr. Sferlazza replaced a filling for me that was perfect! The front desk staff are always pleasant and i love the text messages for reminders for your appointments. Thank you!

  • Natalie Chow

Fernanda my hygienist is always gentle and caring. She talks me through each step and we work together to do what's right for me -- what I'm comfortable doing. Dr.Sferlazza is such a skilled dentist who is also compassionate and gentle with his patients. He is understanding and transparent so you can make informed choices in your own time. There is no pushing to have this or that done. I've been with Dr.Sferlazza for 25 years. This is a testament to his clinic and team!

  • Maria S.

Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dentist. The staff is absolutely amazing - professional, courteous and kind. Everything is clean and organized as well. Special shout out to Guransh at the front desk who was extremely patient and kind. Also made insurance billing a breeze - no fuss at all. In addition, the dental hygienist Jessica is just awesome. She has such a cheery and warm personality that makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience!

  • Yakub Sus

I do pass by the the dental office as I live in the next building, I used to say to myself is this just another dental office like the many ones in town till I went in to have the doctor have a look at what another doctor who has done havoc to my mouth earlier in the day. This moment I realized the difference between the two. I say to myself never make a judgment before you try. Oh neighbors you deserve the praise for your professionalism in its full sense.

  • Yvette Pillay

In all my years of visiting a dentist rooms I have never had such a thorough examination and first assessment of my teeth. From the time I stepped into the practice I was greeted and treated with warmth and friendly smiling faces and as if I was not a first time patient. Dr Sferlazza's team is equipped with the best and latest technology, they are extremely knowledgeable and take the time to explain exactly what they are doing every step of the way.

  • Vanessa Ricci

The absolute best office. Have been going there for years and the staff is just phenomenal from beginning to end. Recently my 3 year old had a dental emergency and they were absolutely wonderful. Took their time, care and patience with her ensuring she was comfortable throughout the entire process. When my 3 year old is asked about Dr. Leny's office her response is 'They're so gentle!' Can't say enough amazing things about them all. THANK YOU!

  • Margarita Niszcz

Very friendly and helpful staff. Made the visit comfortable during these tough times. Extremely detailed approach to customers - fully explained and demonstrated all possible issues and suggested a reasonable plan for the resolution. Moreover, the visit was followed up with a message in regard to future visits and all the information on insurance follow up. Couldn’t wish for a better dentist to find in Mississauga after the recent move.

  • Farhad Shahla

My wife and I have been patients at Dentistry by Dr. SFERLAZZA since 2009. In spite of moving to a different town we have decided to keep this office as the only location for our family dental needs. Furthermore just recently had Melanie for my regular cleaning and she proved to be a great selection, added member to the team with her professionalism, great feedback and making the visit quite comfortable. Thanks Melanie!

  • Bradon Levalds

Incredible experience all around. I recently moved to the area so after doing some research and looking at reviews I thought I'd try them out and they definitely delivered above and beyond my expectations. The staff was so friendly, the hygienist was unreal, did such a great job. Dr. Sfrerlazza so was also so kind. Best dentist experience I ever had. The office is also really nice, which helps put you at ease.

  • Chris Boodhoo

This is by far the best dentistry I have ever been to. My cleaning with Samara was very pleasing because she was kind and very professional, she did her job with no pain on me. Also Hema is an amazing receptionist and she helped me with ease when I arrived at the office. I would definitely recommend any who wants a professional experience and a peace of mind when getting their teeth looked after.

  • Amanda Richards

Dr. Sferlazza and his team have been amazing throughout the years. My father has been going to him since the 90's when he was at Kingsbridge!!! I have recently returned to his clinic after after moving. Dr. Sferlazza is highly skilled and has a genuine interest in your dental health. The clinic is very modern and his staff is friendly. Clinic has Covid-19 protocols in place! Highly recommended!!!

  • Vanessa Spadafora

I’ve been going to this office for a few years now but the hygienist I had been consistently seeing has since retired so, today I had my first visit with Daniela and I couldn’t have been more happy! She is so sweet and extremely gentle when she performs her work! She did such an amazing job and I’m so glad that I booked specifically with her. Highly recommend for everyone to book with Daniela!!!

  • Jean Pierre Beuses

Been going to Dentistry By Dr. Sferlazza for several years now and I would highly recommend that you pay them a visit for your next dentist appointment. The oral hygienists are experienced and very nimble with their work, it’s night and day from my previous experience at other dentists. I honestly could fall asleep between how well they are at being careful with my teeth and the massage chairs.

  • Mariam Yousef

The place is clean. The reception were very kind and friendly. However, my doctor she doesn’t keep attention if am comfortable or not, I am pregnant and she make the chair in an incorrect position. It looks she doesn’t has any experience yet. The first time I go to dentist make the head very down like that. Finally after her several attempts she was able to put the chair in a correct position.

  • Balmeri Martinez

Excellent service and outstanding facilities. I changed to Dentistry by Dr. Sferlazza after a bad experience, and it was one my best decisions. Super comfortable, modern and clean. But for cleaning and dentists, this is the best place you will find. I had a bad filling that was very painful, and they solved it in one appointment. I moved to Oakville, and I'm not changing my Dentistry. .

  • Lauren Wetherell

I'm so happy I found this dental office! From the moment I made my first appointment I've been impressed. The office is bright, clean and has great covid procedures. This office has dentists that specialise in an assortment of dental fields. All the staff from start to finish are beyond pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. Already have my next appointment set up. 100% would recommend!

  • rosemary sauerwald

I’m surprised and disappointed that a health care facility feels compelled to seek a rating or feedback re the service they provide. I understand that my rating may be used for marketing purposes. My family physician, cardiologist, and ophthalmologist do not seek a rating after I’ve had an appointment. The service my dental hygienist provided was excellent and I thanked her for it.

  • Omey Samaroo

Dr Sferlazza and his Team, including Dental Care Technologists, and staff at Reception are incredible. I have been a patient for over 20 years and have always had excellent care. I recently had some urgent care done by Dr. Bhatt and she was exceptional. I would highly recommend Dr Sferlazza and his top level team to any of my friends and family who want that exceptional care.

  • Maria Ferrin

Dr Sferlazza and his team are simply the best! The staff is always welcoming. The office is super clean and organized. Dr Sferlazza is extremely professional, he is very thorough in explaining the procedure to you, and puts you at ease, he truly cares about his patients. My entire family has been going to Dr Sferlazza for many years and I highly recommend his dental practice!

  • Haritha Venkat

Service was very good and staffs are very friendly. Dental exam was done thoroughly and there was no pressure on expensive treatments. Dentists were kind and explained the problems I had in my teeth and advised appropriate treatments.I also claimed insurance without any trouble. Appointment timings were managed properly and was attended by the dentist on time without delay.

  • Julia Benjamin

Dr. Sunny was very good. I’ve been looking for a dentist, and I will be seeing her again. I give her 5 stars. However… The technician was not so good. It took several attempts to get a mould - 3 tries on top, 2 tries on the bottom, and she was shaking constantly. Then, as I was paying my bill, she brought me back in because she forgot to do the bite mould. Yikes!

  • Amanda

I have been going to Dr. Sferlazza for over 20+ years! I've moved 2 cities over and still refuse to change dentists. I know I'm in good hands and well cared for, as they genuinely have their patients best interest at heart. Excellent Dentists, Hygienists & Staff. Start to Finish, this is the place to go for any dental care & maintenance.

  • Maris Freeman

Just got back from my most recent visit in December. Pleasant as always and no cavities. Always good when this happens. My regular dental assistant was fantastic as usual. To put things into perspective, I am patient #2 or 3 so I have been here from the start some 35 years and no complaints. Profesional treatment from the start.

  • Syl B

Dr Sferlazza and staff are amazing... always very courteous and glad to see me. Impeccable bed side manners and first rate service with my benefit and well being in mind... I inherently hate going to the dentist ... as most people do ... but they strive to make my visits as painless and enjoyable as possible... good work guys

  • Sergio David Spadavecchia

The utmost professional and courteous staff I've encountered. Spotless, clean, and put me ad ease the moment I walked in. I fully recommend Dentistry By Dr. Sferlazza and if you are in doubt when choosing a new dentist, I would say give them a shout and I hope that this review might help to nudge you in the right direction.

  • Ligia Reyes

My experience with Dr. Sferlazza is always excellent. The personnel is professional, attentive, accommodating and respectful to my needs. Beatriz, attended to my concerns with care and consideration. She was knowledgeable and capable in doing the job. I will recommend Dr. Sferlazza to anyone that care of dental health.

  • DWBBroker

The best of the best!! I’ve been lucky enough to have Leny Sferlazza as my Dentist for the last 25 years. His entire team is top-of-line and you can feel the sense of ‘team’ when you walk into their office. I constantly recommend my close friends and colleagues and they always come back singing Dr. Leny’s praises.

  • Teresa Chu

I have been going here for a little over two years now, and I love the staff. They are all really professional and caring. Edit: My father in law encountered an issue recently at one of his appointments, and Dr. Sferlazza called to follow up. I would give him 10 stars if I could, for being so kind to everyone.

  • The Visionary

Dr. Roopa Bhatt is amazing. The entire team is amazing. I’m impressed by the courtesy and professionalism of ALL the staff and appreciate their processes from booking the appointment to follow ups. The dental assistant, dental hygienist and front desk staff were great as well. I highly recommend this clinic.

  • nicholas melnyk

My wife went a couple of days ago for a free consultation. The receptionist was polite and the waiting room was very nice and very clean. Dr. Sferlazza was very thorough and explained the best options for her. No 5 minute meeting just what she wanted to know with a lot the information that my wife needed.

  • Kevin Da Encarnacao

Best team of Dentistry professionals I've had the pleasure of dealing with. From working around my busy schedule to making sure I'm feeling comfortable while having any work done, the team really does a great job of making me feel welcome. I'll be a client for many years to come, keep up the great work!

  • Julie Pereira

My first visit was a great experience. The first thing I noticed was how nice and modern the office looks. The front staff were very polite and welcoming. I had hygienist Stephanie cleaning my teeth and was very happy with the results and how friendly she was. Looks like I’ve found my new dental office!

  • ghazal b

I’ve been looking for the right dentist near me in Mississauga, and I believe this is the one! I had a bad toothache and they made time to see me the same day, take an xray and give me a prescription immediately after and explain what was going on thoroughly. Highly recommend for their service and care!

  • Sharaf Khan

Excellent customer service and care, great professional atmosphere. They looked after my teeth very well. I have 2 implants and there were no problems at all. After surgeries, they always called to check if all was well. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr Sferlazza and associates. Thank you.

  • Tharindu Samarasinghe

It was my first dental appointment in Canada and I've never felt so comfortable like the experience I had in here. I recommend Dr. Ryan Campbell for the most pleasant and smooth teeth restorations. It's a must to note that the staff were very friendly and Joy at the front desk is very kind.

  • Terry Lee Milligan

I was given an appointment in timely manner. Dr Campbell was informative and discussed various dental treatment options and explained as he worked, which was appreciated. The administrative team were most helpful. Highly recommend for professional and skilled approach, with thanks.

  • Annick Vignon

My family and I have been going to Dr Sherlazza dental office for the past 25 years. It is a very clean environment, friendly with a professional trained staff . It is a pleasure to get my treatment each time . Thank you again for your services. Annick Gottwald

  • Sparsh Samir

The lady at the front desk Ms. Guransh Brar was very kind and helped me to a great extent while booking and adjusting my appointment. Also was very patient answering my insurance queries. Would definitely visit again. Services were good and thorough.

  • Stephen Losco

I am here to publicly announce that this is by far the best Dentistry in the business! Beautiful environment along with a comfortable setting while they clean your teeth! Pain-free teeth cleaning services since they hire the best of the best!

  • Danielle Campion Dejczakiwskyj

Kim is great with our youngest daughter and Dr. Bhatt has been amazing with our oldest and the traumatic injury to her tooth. She’s been so gentle with her that Emilie is very calm when going to the dentist now. I appreciate the whole staff.

  • Leena

Dr. Ryan was super patient and helpful. He made my daughter feel very comfortable and explained everything to her. The admin staff were all helpful and very polite! I moved my family from Brampton dentist because it is worth the switch!

  • Melanie Brison

I have been seeing Dr. Sferlazza and his wonderful staff for 25 years. My husband and my adult daughters continue to see him. A huge shout out to Fernanda who has been cleaning my teeth for years. I won’t go anywhere else. …

  • Aria B

Took my 6 year old daughter, the staff was great with her, Jessica was great with her, made her feel so comfortable and not scared. Dr. Bhatt was great , took her time and was patient with a crying toddler... thank you very much!

  • Sierra Johnson

Absolutely fantastic place to go! Had a filling come out from another dentist I had and they got me in as soon as possible! Great dentist, staff, and office. Will be going back and making him my new regular dentist.

  • Russel Dixon

I saw Kimberley the hygienist. She is hands down the best hygienist I’ve ever seen. Nothing hurt yet my teeth were so clean after. Amazing job. Plus she’s really nice and friendly. Would definitely recommend Kim.

  • Amr Elnaka

It's the first time for me to visit Dentistry By Dr. Sferlazza but it's definitely not gonna be the last. They were so friendly and nice. The doctor was so informative and descriptive of what my options are.

  • Nanyu Jiang

I had a great experience on my first visit. All doctors and hygienists are professional and caring. They also toke care of all my needs and addressed all questions. Will come back for regular cleaning!

  • GF

Have been cared for By Dr Sferlazza and the team for over 30 years. Always a great experience. Kim who has been my hygienist since Julie's retirement is excellent. Highly recomnended.

  • Tracy Neerangan

Love the entire team. Everyone from the front desk, to the hygienists all the way down to the dentists themselves are so warm and friendly. Staff works well with the little ones too!

  • Ena Angeles

Have been going to Dr Sferlazza for over 10 years now. The staff is wonderful and friendly. Highly recommend it to anyone. They also do excellent cosmetic dental work.

  • Oriana Freitas

Professional, friendly, knowledgeable. Kim & Dr. Sferlazza are extremely compassionate, informative and caring. I always feel well taken care of. Excellent service!!!!

  • Rabih Hamed

Excellent and professional! my experience was one of the best I’ve ever had in a dental office. Thank you to Dr.Sferlazza for making an amazing experience painless.

  • Dawn Corsetti

Dr. Sferlazza and his staff are amazing. I have been going to his office for almost 30 years and even drive over an hour to go to my appointments. Great service

  • Rohit Damodar

The Dr and the staff were great, and I had a very good experience. Will have no hesitation in recommending the services. Thanks, and keep up the good job!

  • Ashwin Thomas Kavunkal

Dr. Rupa Bhatt and all who assisted her have been excellent.The office is well managed and insurance claims have been smooth.Would defenitely recommend.

  • Pamela Graham

Had an emergency broken tooth, called in a panic, they made room for me and Dr.Sferlazza gently and skillfully fixed my tooth. Feels great, thank you!

  • Candace De Jonge

Very patient knowledge experienced dental technician. Made me feel very comfortable and did a great job. The dentist was very warm and knowledgeable.

  • K C

Great experience and wonderful first impression. Everyone is very kind and professional. Would definitely recommend this dental office to others

  • Lynda

I’ve know Dr Sferlazza for many years, excellent will cosmetic dentistry- great bedside manner; very friendly and kind clinic staff!

  • Analiese Lonelle

Dr. Sferlazza has been my dentist for 20+ years. Over the years the office staff, hygienists and dental assistants are great!

  • Shivam Kumar

One of the best dentistry I have visited so far. All the staff members are very helping.Doctors and hygienist are amazing.

  • Violeta Lopez

The service is very good. People are very attentive and friendly. Always ready to meet to all your needs

  • Ana Pereira

Great dentistry!!! Margret is an amazing hygienist!!! Would totally recommend this place!!!

  • Fatima Miranda

Very experienced, very friendly. Have looked my and my family dental needs for 30 years

  • Leroy Forrester

My Hygienist was wonderful and she took her time and she was very friendly

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