Crystal Palace Aquarium Five Dock

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48-50 Ramsay Rd, Five Dock NSW 2046, Australia



Crystal Palace Aquarium Five Dock is a Aquarium shop located at 48-50 Ramsay Rd, Five Dock NSW 2046, Australia. It has received 276 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





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  • The address of Crystal Palace Aquarium Five Dock: 48-50 Ramsay Rd, Five Dock NSW 2046, Australia

  • Crystal Palace Aquarium Five Dock has 4.5 stars from 276 reviews

  • Aquarium shop

  • "I had been in previously to buy a couple of fish with my wife"

    "A good customer service ,the guys are great informative and friendly not to mention very helpful the guys know exactly what to do when your needing help keeping your aquarium and fish "

    "I'm not sure what shop previous reviews have been to but it's not the Crystal Aquarium I have been to over the past 6-12 months"

    "The most upsetting experience I've had in 25 years of living in Australia"

    "Very overpriced stock"


  • Yan An

I had been in previously to buy a couple of fish with my wife. One died so I took my 6 and 11 year old boys to buy another. Walked in and guy behind the counter was on the phone. Made eye contact with him and we went to the back of the store where the goldfish are. We waited for some minutes; I wasn't counting so cannot say how many. At not one stage after walking to the back of the store did he ask us if we were ok/needed help.......after some minutes, I turned around and looked directly at him for over a minute (this time i checked my phone), literally stood staring at him. His back was turned the whole time chatting away. At this point I told my boys that we should just go to a different place. As we were leaving he finally asked if we were ok. I told him it was fine, he seemed too busy and that we will go elsewhere. It was at this point the worker hung up the phone and in an exaggerated and quite comical tone said words to the effect of 'Well excuse me sir is there anything I can help you with now?' sorry buddy; too late. As we were leaving, he uttered words that all parents enjoy hearing in front of their children. "Oh F**K YOU" Both kids looked at me in disbelief. I turned around to let him know exactly why we would not spend money here. As the door was closing we also got a "F**K OFF" to send us on our way. We all have bad days, days where our mind is far away, times where our concentration is not where it should be. Who knows, maybe he was doing massive deals that required his full attention. If it were only this, there is no way I would have written a review at all. The person in the shop may have a different interpretation of what transpired, although with his back constantly turned to us, I cannot see how this would be the case. What cannot be refuted is that he said 'F**K YOU' to a father in front of his 2 young children and then told us all to 'F**K OFF'. Hence this 1 star review. If the person working in the shop disagrees about using such language in front of my children, he is a liar!

  • Adam Stone

A good customer service ,the guys are great informative and friendly not to mention very helpful the guys know exactly what to do when your needing help keeping your aquarium and fish . One of the best aquarium in sydney. I advise you to stop in at crystal palace five dock. I do advise you however to have the guys order you a tank from there tank builder as the aqua one tanks and product on offer are not worth the money you pay . The guys attempted and tried hard to get me a refund or a free replacement tank from Aqua one after a catastrophic failure in the first 6 months of owning my 980 .The curved glass just split an absolute disgrace on Aqua ones /Kong's behalf and some of the worst customer service you could imagine . So when shopping for a tank or any aquarium product remember there is always an alternative and that alternative has usually been around longer and has proven it's self with its reliability , quality and willingness to back there product making it better than its black yellow and blue competitors poorly constructed with limited warranty and fine print excluding them from any responsibility after you purchase there product. It is in my eyes always better to spend a little more than that of an Aqua one product as your fish and you deserve quality .I own a 6ft,5ft,4ft,3ft,2x2ft & 2x400x400 tanks all stocked with fish from crystal palace happily breeding living together . They were once also stocked with Aqua wont give a warranty or stand by there product equipment .Defiantly go in and see the guys you won't be disappointed unless you buy a Aqua style 980 for your 40th birthday from you daughter and partner. laugh out loud .

  • pjjt (Pjjt)

I'm not sure what shop previous reviews have been to but it's not the Crystal Aquarium I have been to over the past 6-12 months. The team are so knowledgeable and could not be any more helpful, they are a great bunch of blokes, stock a fantastic range of fish and have been so full of fantastic advice. One aggressive fish I mistakenly bought they even offered to take back and credit me for a replacement! Find a another shop that'll do that! I have seen them deal with some very difficult and demanding customers over previous visits, maybe it's these twits that have posted bad reviews....Yes I have seen one dead fish in one tank of many full of thousands of fish. Anyone who owns an aquarium knows that sometimes they die...this is called nature.... and fish food! After finding them I will not go anywhere else. only one is that this shop can get very busy and the staff run off their feet helping everyone. The solution is patience. Well done guys, your help has been invaluable and of the dozens of fish I have bought off you I am yet to have any issues.

  • Annez De Sahntis

The most upsetting experience I've had in 25 years of living in Australia. I am very reluctant to leave negative reviews as people work hard to build and grow their businesses. However, being customer who had spent hundreds of dollars in this shop, I was terribly embarrassed to be shouted at and told to leave the shop by the person who was behind the counter. This is the second time I encountered this person and the first time spoke at me but I just left and thought maybe the person had a bad day, but when I visited a shop 2 days ago to purchase 2 tropical fish to be shouted at just because I didn't know what type of tropical fish I have it was beyond what I imagined someone in business would ever do. I tried to explain but this man was so triggered by my accent that he couldn't manage to control his anger. I am very disappointed as I have been a regular customer, I purchased my fish tank and all accessories, and fish from this shop and I recommended it to my friends. I will share this experience with as many people as I can.

  • F Zhou

Very overpriced stock. And by that I don't mean just a little bit more than other shops, but a lot. Can't believe rental costs can be so high in this part of Sydney to even try and justify this and I've been to plenty of other aquarium shops during covid to know they're not really struggling. Owners attitude as I left the shop wasn't so good. Trying to make conversation as I left after browsing but made to feel he didn't appreciate me just having a look and not buying. Look at some of the other negative reviews here and you'll find a pattern of the owner trying to justify his behaviour (apparently he's never wrong). No doubt he will leave a comment wishing me luck in my fish keeping adventures but I won't be missing going back there. Plenty of much better similar shops in Sydney to go to.

  • Carl Naessens

I've heard really mixed reviews from three close friends on Crystal Palace ranging from 'will never visit again' to 'extremely helpful'. Being a new and proud fish owner, decided I would visit for supplies. After three visits, I am leaning more towards the former. While they have excellent stock/range and accessories, this should not be a reason to provide condensing comments and rude service. We come to you because we don't know and welcome constructive input - not all the things we did wrong. Imagine what you could be if you had amazing service combined with your current stock. Unfortunately, its the largest and closest shop to me and while I had the customer experience, I still visit to ensure I get the right products for my fish... Shame. I think its a missed opportunity.

  • Marcus Towning

The variety of freshwater fish is quite good, and prices are decent. However, the staff member I have seen on several occasions is very rude. I overheard him arguing with one customer, making snide comments to another, and he was sarcastic and passive aggressive when talking to me as well. If it was a one-off I would have attributed it to him having a bad day, but I have noticed his attitude on at least 3 separate visits. It's only after the third time that I am leaving a negative review. If he doesn't like dealing with customers, he shouldn't be working there as he is bringing down the business. It's unfortunate, as the fish are nice, but I am deterred now as I want to feel welcomed when I enter an aquarium, not anxious that I am going to be talked down to.

  • Greg Minors

This aquarium has been open for over 50 years and was originally owned by Reg who eventually retired back to the land of the Crystal Palace football team who he named after this business. As a kid Reg employed me for one day because another employee flicked some water in my face so I lifted the water hose put of a tank and sprayed him and unfortunately Reg. It was the shortest period of employment I've ever had because Reg suggested I seek another career immediately. I'm supposed to have visited the establishment last week but I did not call in. However, over the years I have purchased fish, plants etc and have always found it a good well stocked aquarium shop. Haven't been in a few years so just be aware my knowledge is not current.

  • Patrick El

Seems like an awesome shop, been a few times but never went inside as I wasn't able to find parking. Recommend a visit though, looks promising. Times I went was after school pick up, so maybe try to avoid that timeframe. From what other reviews say, it looks like there are free street parking spaces within hundreds of meters away from the shop. Unsure what days or times are better for parking but will update if I find out There is a servo across the street, so you may be able to arrange with a friend to pull into the servo if you're buying/carrying heavy items like a new tank or gravel. Don't forget to buy something from the servo though if using their parking! But it could be a workaround as it's just across the street

  • Chris Bell

These guys are helpful, knowledgeable and come recommended. The tanks are generally in excellent condition, which is the first thing you should look at when visiting an aquarium shop. Very clear water and only the odd casualty. On both occasions that I've visited I've seen evidence of ongoing tank cleaning. A great variety of species, good deals on plants, and they were kind enough to help with my water testing (brought my own kit just because it's polite) and offered useful advice as to how to tweak my settings (I am re-establishing a tank). Not my closest aquarium by any means, but I'll be happy to stick to this one for now.

  • Khiem Luu

Came here to start our aquarium for the kids. Had a good range of fish for beginners and decent range of ornaments and accessories. Staff are friendly but advice given isn't the greatest after I visited a few other aquariums to get some other stuff. Parking is difficult as there as you most likely need to park quite a distance from the shop, so might be difficult if you are picking up a few things and have to walk the kids back to the car. Prices are a bit higher than other comparable stores and definitely more expensive that Pet Barn, but good to support local small businesses. Overall good experience with friendly staff.

  • bronwyn williams

I can’t help but think the advice they gave me about cycling new tank was wrong. He told me that fish in was the way to go cos how else was I going to get the ammonia needed to start the cycle? Since then I’ve had sick fish with bacterial disease, had to treat it and will be back to having to fish in cycle from the start.. if the fish make it that is. Now I’ll have to throw away my filter media again and the medication wasn’t cheap. He wanted to make another sale. I should’ve got scared away when I saw him selling 2 red tail sharks to a guy ahead of me. He was friendly but gave me a bum steer which still pisses me off.

  • Jesus Morecroft

They may have some beautiful stock, but their customer service is horrendous. Most of the staff do not know how to properly and safely cycle a tank. They insist that the only way to get good bacteria in a tank is if you sticn a fush in there. No. They argued with me and tried to tell me I didnt know what I was doing. Selling a school of barbs to a person with an uncycled tank without bacteria is harmful to the fish. Also please take note from the RSPCA website on how to keep goldfish and fighting fish. Keeping them in bowls is outdated and cruel misinformation.

  • Laura Duesbury

All the staff have been so helpful, patient and accommodating with my 6 and 8 year old children getting tropical fish and now fancy goldfish. Their knowledge is exceptional, they are very generous with their time and the fish are extremely high quality. They care for the tanks and won't sell you a whole lot of fish at once either. They do gift vouchers too. They charge less than the big pet shops or amazon so not sure where everyone complaining is shopping. The plants are particularly great value. It's just a really lovely shopping experience.

  • Rhett Clayton

This place is top notch. The staff are enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable. They are generous with their time and advice and I never feel like I’m being pressured to buy something I don’t need, in fact I feel the opposite. As a beginner with a fledgling tank set up they have guided me through the highs and lows of setting up a new tank, getting things stable and building off a solid base, rather than throwing it all in to see what happens. Those guys are great!

  • the_cate_lady

I visited today and the guy working was fantastic. I found a little ornament on a bottom shelf which I didn’t realise wasn’t actually for sale, he gave this to me! He also gave me some helpful advice regarding discus and PH levels. I was able to buy everything I was looking for and products were priced decently. The fish all appeared healthy and the tanks were well maintained. Thank you for the ornament, I’ve attached a photo, it looks perfect in my tank.

  • Aaron C

Great little aquarium shop. The owner is always very helpful and full of knowledge. He goes out of his way to answer questions from fish, plants to accessories he knows his stuff. Fish are always quality compared to a shop closer to where I live. It’s worth the drive for me. Huge range of plants also which is awesome. The parking can be a pain, but that’s not the businesses fault. There’s always ample street parking and a short walk won’t do ya no harm.

  • Will S

This is an amazing fish shop. These employees are expert and they clean their whole shop at least once every week. The fish live in a lavish life. They sell coral, tropical, saltwater, freshwater and betta fish! Go here for every fish need. The price you pay is very worth what you get. Everybody here knows everything about fish and give expert advice. And they care for their aquariums so good. There is a $7000 tank in there for saltwater fish

  • Spike Mikki

Hard to find parking for this Aquarium. Once I was in I found the pricing of the African Cichlids simply unreasonable. It's crazy how much they are overpricing the fish. Most fish products didn't have pricing on them. Unfortunately the tanks are also unfavourably presented with large filters on the customer side of the tanks easy for kids to trip over. I was looking for a new aquarium and this certainly won't be it.

  • michelle

The most rudest customer service I’ve ever experienced. Eric was extremely rude and tried to push products on me that I didn’t need . They are over priced , rude and don’t know what they are talking about. The shop has no air conditioning and it’s so hot in there and the workers are just hot, angry and sweaty . Lucky I found a fantastic aquarium just a 10min walk from them .

  • Wendy Jiao

Amazing service. We have bought all our kids fish from here and they are so helpful. Even tested the water for us once and even ran out to meet my car one day when I needed a new fish and had a sleeping toddler in the car. Diagnosed what I thought was an issue via email. They have the most amazing tropical reef setups.. One day I would love one! Highly recommend.

  • Ella Seebeck

Great selection of fish, amazing staff who helped me find what I want, good aquariums at cheap prices, fish a little expensive but the staff are well worth the extra money! Love this place, all fish are happy and healthy. All of the aquariums are absolutely shining and you can be sure that you are going to find a best friend for life at this place !!

  • Tom Burd

Anthony, Eric and Angus are always super helpful and are very friendly and knowledgeable. I've got lots of shrimp, fish and plants from them always with expert advice, but no up-selling or sales pressure. They've even recently specially ordered some Apistogramma in for me from overseas and I'm loving the new additions to my tank! Thanks guys!

  • Jaya Chelkowski

Great range of fish, plants and anything else you might need to keep your aquarium happy. Whether you’re a newbie or not, the staff are super helpful and will be happy to offer suggestions and advice so you walk out with the best option for your setup. Good prices, great staff and healthy fish! My go to aquarium shop

  • Michael Romer

I've been going to Crystal Palace Aquariums now for many years and seems no matter who is running the place, the service is always outstanding. I'd encourage anyone who's interested in having a great hobby should go and visit the shop for a few hours and have a good look. Tropical fish are better than you think!

  • Josh Pantano

Super helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, started up a new tank recently and they were more than helpful in pointing me in the right direction. Started off with 6 Tetras; 3 glowie 3 penguin. Today a week and a half later got my first anglefish and dwarf gourami ! Awesome place couldnt recommend it more

  • Abhishek Tiwari

I would definitely recommend this place if you are less experienced on maintaining Aquarium in your home. Their customer service is awesome, either in person or over the phone. I had some, in fact lot of issues during my initial days but these friendly people guided me property. Thanks guys.

  • Ollie Price-Reeve

Have consistently gone here since I started this hobby. Hands down the best Aquarium in Sydney, providing terrific customer service and high quality fish. Additionally when a tank I bought off them had silicone problems they fixed it free of charge! Would recommend this place to anyone.

  • michael

Great aquarium shop. As you acquire knowledge about fish keeping, the staff continue to extend your knowledge. The main bloke here really knows his aquariums. Their fish and plants are always very healthy. Today, they had all the HC Cuba i needed, in pots, with solid roots, ready to go.

  • Adam kearns

What a great store! First visit today they have a great selection of fish and all the tanks are super clean.wasn’t going to buy any fish today but walked out with a few bags couldn’t help myself. Just a great old School Aquarium thanks Anthony I’m sure I will be back soon

  • Kristen Sclater

Great selection of products and sea life at a reasonable price. Angus was very informed and assistive, going into great detail for any queries I had in a polite and friendly manner. Will definitely be returning as well as recommending to friends and family :)

  • Jessie Kesby

I love Crystal Palace Aquarium. My husband and I have been visiting nearly every fortnight preparing our new tank adding more and more fish each week. The guys are always helpful and kind and happy to explain things to us. Thanks for always being helpful! :)

  • Aaron Blatter

The shop was nice and clean. Tanks were clean and fish looked well cared for. I've bought fish from a dirty shop once and they died a week later so after that incident I've been picky where I go. Only criticism is the prices could be a little cheaper.

  • Phillip Pendleton

Great shop. Fish always look healthy, and the tanks are always clean. Eric is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about how to solve occasional problems we've recently experienced in our tank. A great place to buy fish, plants, and supplies.

  • Christopher Yardin

A bit of an institution in the aquarium / fish keeping hobby. Great range of cichlids and freshwater fish. A good selection of underwater plants too. They are always helpful in tank setup and guidance.

  • Alex Har

Great place, bought cichlids, plants and equipment from there and never had a single problem with anything I bought. All fish are extremely healthy and the guys working there are extremely helpful

  • Billy Chan

This is my local fishy store. Owner is always there (when ever I visit) so I know the advice are consistent and i know he stand by his advice... customers likes to come in for a chat with him...

  • Bev Maunsell

Excellent advice when I was setting up an outdoor pond. The fish are in good condition and thrive. Can always rely on their advice to maintaining health pond and fish. Highly recommended.

  • Sean Bostock

Very Good aquarium store. Been going there ever since my first tank to get supplies and of course fish. Very friendly customer service, and would seriously recommend this aquarium store.

  • Aleksandar Tomovic

Great shop, my favorite and the best I've visited in Sydney so far. Healthy fish, great selection of plants, decor and shrimps. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended!

  • Cyrille G

Super friendly staff and great selection of fish. It's our local aquarium and one of the best around Sydney. I highly recommending having a chat with the guys if you're in doubt.

  • Nick

Very helpful service, didn't try to upsell me and took time to explain to a new aquarium owner 'the ropes'. I live two suburbs away and this is my new go-to aquarium.

  • Every Size Comparison

Bought some macro algae on Saturday. All the staffs there are super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Plenty of saltwater fishes and corals too. Will visit again.

  • Ting Gu

When I checked on the fish I got, the shop owner asked me a very interesting question "what are you looking at?!" So people don't normally check the fish they got?

  • jumanen UU

I like the staff working there on Sunday. He is very honest and helpful to all sort of questions. I will keep coming to this store as long as the staff is helpful.

  • Linda L

Amazing variety of fish and plants. Very helpful and patient staff with great experience and advice. All fish I’ve purchased have been happy, healthy and bright.

  • Michelle Hutchins

As always such a helpful place with fantastic fish for sale and really friendly staff. I have been coming to this aquarian for over 20 years …

  • Bryon Boyd

i am extremely happy with the fish have purchased, the detailed information, and the friendly service from all staff members. I highly recommend this shop

  • Iris Tan

This is the best aquarium shop I've been to in Sydney! A great range of healthy looking fish and the guy really knows his stuff! Will definitely be back!

  • Daniel Fortescue

Been going here for all my fish needs for 6 years. The crew is always helpful and knowledgeable. Keep coming back, even now I've moved out of the area.

  • Sophia T

Really nice aquarium! Great selection of fish and a really nice coral area. Staff are very keen to help out and answer any questions. Would recommend!

  • Ben Moore

The fish are great just wish they weren’t so much and the people that are there they are the best they give you the best advice and are very friendly

  • Amber Hinton

Top notch aquarium. Eric & Anthony are awesome to deal with and if you follow their advice, you will succeed. Thanks for all you help and patience.

  • Ben

The best LFS. great range, and prices. These guys know their stuff and really go above and beyond to help you out. Won't get my fish anywhere else.


Eric and Anthony are super helpful and an amazing wealth of knowledge!! Always a pleasure going to get livestock, plants and advice from the boys!

  • Phil Ilmo

Brilliant staff, Great variety, Reasonable prices. They go above and beyond in helping you out no matter what the problem. Can’t say a bad word.

  • Jen Blockfort

The guy behind the counter is abrupt and speaks to down to you - its like he hates speaking to people. Not the friendliest guy. Wont be back.

  • Ana Prusina

I love it. Really nice place, beautiful aquariums and you can tell all the fish are looked after EXTREMELY well.

  • Winnie The Pooh

Amazing place with wide selection of healthy fish, worker is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

  • Charlie

Very helpful, knowledgeable and patient, will definitely be back! Awesome shop with some really cool fish!

  • Marilyn Moore

Has everything you need .... knowledge of aquariums and animals is vast Great people Eric and Anthony

  • Anna Dw

They are every helpful and they have a good range of fresh and tropical fish . I would be back again.

  • Vanessa Lindenau

Love this place! Great selection of fish, plants and equipment. Staff is super friendly and helpful.

  • Nat G

Good quality stock and good advice. Broad range of stock choices. Always healthy.

  • Jabbar Rinol

Staff were patient and helpful in giving advices for beginner. Good pricing.

  • Andrew Sporle

Friendly staff, informative, great range of tropical fish and plants.

  • Meep R (Meep)

Helpful staff open to answer questions, nice selection of livestock

  • Ryan

My 5yr son loooooves this place, and we try to take him every week.

  • leonard thomson

It was good I got what I wanted the staff was friendly and nice

  • Bahareh Rahmanian

They are amazing, great advice and beautiful fish …

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