Costco Gas Station

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222 S M.L.K. Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89106



Costco Gas Station is a Gas station located at 222 S M.L.K. Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89106. It has received 1077 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





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  • The address of Costco Gas Station: 222 S M.L.K. Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89106

  • Costco Gas Station has 4.5 stars from 1077 reviews

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  • "Oops"

    "I love Costco gas prices and usually don’t mind waiting in line for gas but today was not the day! They state on the pumps to honk your horn for assistance…"

    "I only get my gas from Costco for the great prices"

    "Costco Gas a blessing and curse"

    "Great gas station, where’s the employees helping cars pick the right side their pumps supposed to be on, someone should be getting paid to do this"


  • Patrick Smith

Oops.... Somehow this review of the Turlock CA Costco got tagged to the LV one. But I have been here a few times as I came to enjoy driving the fancy expensive go- fast cars at Exotic Racing. (A place I highly recommend) It's pretty good in n out here but can get backed up. They keep an attendant here a lot of the time to help direct the cars. It's a bit clumsy going through but it was never meant to handle a lot of traffic. The attendant really helps to keep it flowing smoothly as you cannot see around the curve to the pumps very well. Overall though it flows well. I do recommend stopping here for gas. Arrive here before 8AM and you're in and out very quickly. You absolutely save a LOT of $ at the Turlock store if it's in your travels. A bit different layout from the Modesto store (think flip right to left) but well laid out. The food court is inside. RECOMMEND USING THE KIOSK FOR FOOD ORDERING - you go to the front of the line. Great on/ off to the freeway! Highly recommended for travelers! Better prices than the Modesto store (less taxes).

  • W M (Traveler)

I love Costco gas prices and usually don’t mind waiting in line for gas but today was not the day! They state on the pumps to honk your horn for assistance…. Not only did I honk, I whistled, waved and yelled and still NOTHING!!! Had to call the store so they could radio them outside to tell them that someone needed assistance at the pump!!! After 15mins and 3 car rotations of cars getting gas and leaving around me the guy come to me and says “oh I didn’t hear or notice that anyone needed assistance over here” there was 3 if not 4 workers outside “ supposedly” working the station!!! Totally disappointed. Do better!!! And with that said…. I will take into consideration that it could have been seasonal employee hires but still…. Teach them Costco has standards!!!

  • Breanna Phillips

I only get my gas from Costco for the great prices. This specific gas station, though I don't like as much as the others. It's the way they have it set up. It's really small, especially those set of pumps that are closest to the street on MLK. It's awkward and hard to line the car up without almost hitting the railing. Also, the whole parking lot is just way too small. You have to drive around the back of the building to line up for gas because there is no way the parking lot could handle the number of people that line up. I guess all of the Costco's have this problem. It's still the only place I'll get gas. You can't beat their prices.

  • Theresa Luna

Costco Gas a blessing and curse. I personally take the effort to drive all the way to Costco because it is worth it. Pros: - The biggest plus is that Costco Gas is usually at least 10 cents cheaper than most gas station. - They have unleaded and premium as options. - The quality of gas is great! - Plus it is Costco and Costco is great in general. Cons: - You need a membership. If do not have a membership, you won't have access. - Lines can be pretty long at times. - This location is pretty small so you might be on the street before entering. Those are my thoughts and you can choose if Costco is worth for you. To me it always is.

  • Michael Morales

Great gas station, where’s the employees helping cars pick the right side their pumps supposed to be on, someone should be getting paid to do this. Because the paramount amount of people on this planet lacking common sense riddles that gas line and when a spot is picked, they themselves have trouble putting gas in, please help save the embarrassment of having half of your pumps putting gas on the wrong side from open hours of operation to closed hours. I remember in old movies people used to work in gas stations, SOMEONE out here will do it for a job so yeah, stack up the scheduling for that station sheeeeeeeeeee


This is a BIG shout out to Peter, who works at the pumps. I accidentally got locked out of my car without my purse and phone (SOOO EMBARRASSING). Peter first tried to help me unlock the doors with a wire go. He then let me use his phone to call road assistance and my kid's school to let them know I was going to be late. We had a great conversation while I waited and great customer service to everyone else when needed. I just wanted to "THANK YOU" for making the whole ordeal bearable. And a big "SO SORRY" for all the other customers who had to wait a little bit longer in line.

  • Jimmy Pham

When it gets busy here for gas, expect to wait a while. Honestly because there are only 2 pumps on each side, it takes A LOT longer than the other Costco gas locations that have 3 pumps per side. Plus they have rerouted the line from behind the building, and man can this line get stupid long! The savings in gas is not worth the time it would've taken me to go to a regular gas station nearby instead. Be warned if you get stuck in a long line and then get upset about how long it takes to pump gas. Over 20+ minutes to save about a buck or so is not worth it. N

  • David “The R10TMAK3R 117” A

If waiting 30 mins to 1 hour to get gas is your preference then by all means be sure to stop by this Costco or any Costco in general. I love the ridiculously low prices on gas so therefore it’s a win. I will say for Costco to please properly create a route at every Costco gas station for every customer to be able to get into line without conflicting the path for other drivers looking to shop. Despite that, there’s very little to disapprove of here with Costco. Overall l, I love the affordable prices they have the offer with quite an abundance of locations.

  • Greg Dennler

It's gas! What I like about it: you can pull to either side of the pump because it has a long pump hose, which helps with the lines. The price is usually the lowest in the area. What I don't like: I kept sliding my credit card and it was being rejected. It took me a while to remember that Costco doesn't take credit cards! There should be a sign on the pump (maybe there is an I didn't notice). Honestly, its a fuel station, not a convenient store. For fuel I give it 4 stars. Start taking credit cards and that would increase.

  • Jennifer Zerkel

Quite different and difficult to locate upon 1st visit since you only see cones, causes traffic jams which I have seen people get really frustrated.. lol ..well played for the "Karen's" have phone video ready if you accept THIS challenge....LOL, however, you DO have to drive all the way around the entire Costco to figure out how to get to the entrance since there are not any signs posted for the "Entrance".. well played... Lol. Best place to people watch and road rage for this cluster.....ummm... HAHAHAHA

  • Pam B

Busy at all time so if you are in a hurry to fill up, do not come here as there is always a line. The line on the right is always slower due to the limited space on the outside lane. The second pump doesn't have enough space to get passed the first space so they have to wait until the 1st car pulls out. The outside lane is extremely narrow. This location also seems to have people coming up to you saying "they forgot their card at home" and ask if you can scan your Costco card.

  • Wayne Fluharty

Very clean and very efficient. The workers there are friendly and helpful. There are no extras so you can get in and get out. this particular gas station meat is also less crowded than the regular Costco gas stations. It is the cheapest gas in the area as well as being high quality top tier. you do have to have a Costco membership in order to get the gas but that works to your benefit because this Costco also has items at the regular warehouses do not carry.

  • B Bombey

Usually fill up at this Costco location. Since I did need a few Household items decided to see what the Business Center had to offer me. Was pleasantly surprised what I could shop. They don't have a large selection of Vitamins/Supplements, no Clothing, Linen... none to slim Home goods. No Snack Bar. But Food items ie Meats, Diary, Produce, Beverages, Snacks, Batteries... Worth a visit if you're a Costco Member... just check it out. No long lines

  • Nasty Dubs (Nasty)

The gas station is open from 6AM-7PM Monday-Saturday and is open 9AM-6PM. The line goes around the building and usually the max wait time is 17-20 minutes. The lines are not that long especially for the area. The other Costcos have more pumps because they’re newer and usually busy. This Costco is older, and is not wholesale focused. If the line is so bad as other people in the reviews say, simply go pay 70¢ more a gallon at other gas stations.

  • Kennon Bacon

The gas is pretty much the cheapest around, but the way these stations are set up is a huge hassle. It's a mess trying to get cars in queue efficiently. The entrance from the main road is right by the entrance to the stations, but you have to almost do a U-turn to get in. They don't have any garbages or window washing fluid. Basically go here if you want cheap gas and are willing to fight to the death for it to get in line.

  • M V

The big brain geniuses who run this location are happy to let you guess which entrance you need to take to enter the winding maze that may or may not eventually led to the gas station that's easily visible from the street. If you're lucky, they may drop some hints in the form of easy to miss parking cones placed within the store's parking lot. But if you've never been here before, good luck to you, because you'll need it.

  • K. V.

It is an oddly placed gas station. The very right lane is hard to exit from and lots of drivers exit SO SLOWLY because they think they're going to scrape their cars on the railing and the gas pump. Also they have like 3 gas attendants instead of investing in the sensors that tell you which pump is open because it's impossible to see the center pumps... but that's cool I'm all about the job force

  • Elizabeth Frazier

This is by far the worst set up for fuel I have ever seen!! 2 rows of pumps, 2 cars a side, a line that was so long you couldn't see the end, people coming from so many different directions, no one wanting to stop. The parking lot was overly busy, difficult to leave because of congested traffic in the lot...I will never go here again. I regretted it soon as I pulled in and saw the pandemonium.

  • Richard Connett

Total waste of time for overseas Costco members. Drove an hour on the I-15 to get some uber cheap gas here. My overseas Costco card wouldn't work. Attendant swiped his card, then my US credit card wouldn't work.. Turned around and got gas just south of the strip for virtually the same price. Overseas Costco members... don't waste your time... its an hour of your life you'll never get back..

  • Kelly H

A super convenient place to get cheaper gas but it takes a long time to get through line. We've been here twice now and both times had to wait 30 minutes to get gas (in the middle of the day). Compared to other costcos this one has two pumps per side (instead of 4) and then instead if being able to pick from 8+ lines you actually have 2 lines to pick from.

  • Gamera Monster

Hi, The Mighty Gamera here. I wanted to give 2 stars but the prices are the best in town. I just don't like the location and you have to drive all the way around the building to get in line. There's not enough pumps to match the volume. We waited almost 15 minutes for fuel at 7:30 am on a weekday. Yikes... Good thing they are cheap or I'd never go there.

  • Tim Phipps

It's a tight spot for gas pumps. I've never has any issues. Windshield squeegees and a trash can would be helpful like everyone else provides. The costco employee just stands there. They could make better use of their time. Oh I forgot it's about the employees at costco not the customer. One day fellows someone is going to put you out of business.

  • Robyn Jimenez

Enter from the north side of the store and line up around the back of the store! Only 6 pumps, but the long lines moved relatively fast. We started in line behind the store and waited maybe 15 minutes. There is a staff member directing cars to each pump, so it moves fairly quickly. The line at the Henderson Costco was way longer.

  • Pheobe Alverson

I will NEVER get gas here again. You can’t even find where to join the ridiculously long line. Then, again, it’s ALWAYS a gigantic line. I’ll give it an extra star only because it is a good price once you get stuck in the line with nothing to do but wait it out. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else for gas. ANYWHERE else.

  • Y T

Need more signs for directions. You need to go behind the building to enter the gas station. There is also construction going on. Only 2 lanes while waiting. Total of 6 lanes for gas and 2 cars each side. Left lane will lead you to 4 lanes and right one will allow you to access 2 remaining. Around 15-20 mins on weekdays.


Well, if you don't mind waiting in long lines like it was in 1979 during the fuel shortage, this place might be for you! Especially if you're looking to save a nickel or two on a gallon of gas. I'm trying to see whether the meager savings on Costco gas will justify the $60 annual membership fee. The jury's out.

  • john alexander

Getting gas when you need it is always a hassel, not so much here. The other Costco's tend to have long lines, although they have added more pumps at some, the business center is smaller, their hours a little different, but the lines, not so much. Price is always good to better than other brands. Go Costco.

  • Evgeniya Bozhko (KoriAndrTheCat)

Unbelievably long wait times made us spend almost 40 minutes in this location. The organization is very poor here because the way to the gas station does not allow you turn around if you decided to purchase gas somewhere else. The gas is reasonably cheap though, but that is the only advantage.

  • Jill D

With the current construction, it was very difficult to find the entrance for the gas line: I entered the parking lot three times because I kept finding myself funneled out of it. I had to ask someone how to get to the gas station. The line was very long too but that seems to be how it always

  • A P

The setup here is hella bad!!! Like the gas station was bought off by Costco. It causes so much traffic when there's not even a lot of cars Anyway thank you to the gas attendant for being friendly plus assisting us since we forgot our Costco membership card. Thank you again!

  • Wm Underwood

The lines may be long at times but the price of the gasoline is definitely incentive to staying in line. The business center has items in bulk. and the prices are very good. I live much closer to the Henderson Costco but if I am anywhere the business Costco I will stop.

  • Charles Mui

When getting gas at Costco be prepared to wait. There us often a long line to gas up. The quality of the gas and the cleanliness of the pump area are great. I did not like that there was no trash cam at the pump. Most gas stations have a trash can near the gas pump.

  • William Gao

Need to drive around the back of the business center to get in line. The clerk said it will probably take 15-20min out of our day when we arrived at 1pm on a Wednesday. I think from start to finish (waiting included) it took 10-12minutes. Great price for the area!

  • Sterling K

Love the Costco gas. We love it because I can trust that is for gas for a great price. We also use the Costco CC and get cash back too... Best deal around and really the best part is I can could count on it almost anywhere in the US. Thanks for the great gas.

  • Gaby Williams

They changed the gas line and wouldn’t let vehicles wrap around in the parking lot like they usually do. so instead they thought it a good idea to let the line of cars back up so far it was a line in the street and blocked the intersection. Great design guys

  • Sparkle Blu

It's a different experience, long lines, a few choice words, patient customer attendants then you get to the pump credit card only (Costco membership card needed) then no glitches just gas. We. When is Costco.hoing to bring back their weenie and pizza cart.

  • Israel Esquivel

Lines can be a lil long, but they do move at an decent pace. Will say though, staff will set up the route for people to get in line. So, there's no confusion... Which does help. Not a good place to go, if you're in a rush. Otherwise, definitely recommend.

  • Eric Kent

Great prices, but huge lines and wait times. Also the pump closest to the street is impossible to pull away from in anything larger than a motorcycle. It's so close to the railing you have to back out into a huge line of cars. Who don't want to move.

  • Mike Soda

Costco always has the best prices on gas, but this one is a challenge to get to. You have to drive past the opposite side of Costco, then all the way around the building, but we never saw any signs until you're already behind Costco.

  • adriane sāra price

I like how they have the Costco workers direct you to the open gas station pumps. Currently they are doing some remodeling so hard to see if you can pull up to the pump. Seems small compared to some of the ones we been to in Utah.

  • gregory martarano

This is were all the go for gas now that they have made it so expensive. Wait in line for and hour with car running and these think they are saving money. My time is worth more then you save in gas at Costco ⛽️ station

  • Paul

They're apparently doing some kind of construction that forces you to drive around the Costco. Very inconvenient and I wish there were signs or notifications on where to go. I would avoid this gas station until they fix this

  • Monique Jose Duvall

Bravo for this location for finally changing their gasoline queue to one that makes sense! It now wraps around the backside of the store. Also great place for drinks, snacks and large choice of meats. Not open on Sundays.

  • TzUp

Best gas in the city. Be careful going into the far right lane. I've seen a brand new 4 runner put a huge dent in the door. The way to avoid it is come in parallel with the outside gate and not parallel with the gas pump

  • Amanda Sue

I love Costco gas prices, I just wish that this location had the light notifications like the one on Decatur and the 215, it's hard to see sometimes when the cars pull out. Other than that its good gas prices though.

  • Jeremiah Lindsey

Do not like the fact of credit/debit cards only. Ot does make it simpler and you don't have to wait for change. Line moves pretty quickly and they have extra long hoses, for fueling either aide of your vehicle.

  • Johnny Ipina

I decided to fuel up my car on this location this time .I love how is set up and coordinate I paid attention to one of the employees helping and old lady from beginning till she was back in her car .

  • Colleen S

Good gas prices like all Costco gas stations. This one is a bit difficult to get to as the lines take you around the back of the store and you're zig zagging through the lane markers confusedly.

  • Emily Christine

Waited an HOUR in line to get gas! And there was no way to get out of line, I was just stuck. I think I spent more money in gas idling on the way to the pump than I saved by coming to Costco!

  • Eric Gossger

Do not stop here! Line goes around the entire building. Its worth going to any other station! 2 lines (from the back of the building) feed 12 pumps only! 3 islands with 2 pumps on each side.

  • Jeremy Lucas

This Costco Gasoline has a large entrance separate from the store. This is nice so you don't get caught up in all the traffic and can go in and out even if gasoline is your only purpose

  • Douglas Miltenberger

It’s closed every time we try to use this station recently. Two for two. …It says open on the website. Before it’s always so busy. Very long lines. The other Costco gas are bad enough.

  • Kiesha Phillips

They don't open at 6am on sunday they open at 9am and monday-saturday they open at 7am they need to change there hrs when looking online but it is definitely worth the price and wait

  • Taylor M

Dont let the line wrapped around the building scare you! It goes pretty fast. The gas attendants are extremely friendly and helpful. You must have a costco card to use the gas pumps.

  • Alpha Boötis

In the age of inflation, gas price at its best. If new to here, prepare to drive around the building with a possible line of traffic. 2 lanes only I think. No trash cans available.

  • cristobal cardona

The gas was not cheap 5.21 the same I can get nearby, plus if I use getupside I get 2 cents back! 5.23 -2= 5.21. I went cause it said 4.79 don't believe the hype!

  • Shawn J Burke

Costco gas ⛽ is my regular go to. While I might say Chevron has the highest quality gas, Costco's premium tier performs well and regularly saves me $20+ a tank.

  • Erick Mendoza

Gas is the cheapest in town! No pun intended. Is it only me or Costcos winter blend burns quickly? I get 300 miles a 17 gal tank and with this gas I get 200!!!

  • Cheryl Dee

Even though gas is outrageous Costco's helps a little bit with a little bit of pennies that they save you they're doing their best and I really appreciate them

  • Dana Carrasco

Great prices for primeum gas. Great service helped. Usually a long lines of cars waiting. We got lucky first time putting gas here and didn't have to wait .

  • Ali

Convenient location for cheaper gas prices, really awkward entry point for the gas station. You have to drive around the back of the Costco to pull in.

  • Silvia G. Montelongo

I can't tell you what location you are asking me to review. But if it's Las Vegas NV yes I love this place. Gasoline is cheaper and the lines move fast

  • joel sarlot

Opens early 5:30 am during the week usually no lines come midday can be long wait but always a great price usually save compared to other gas stations

  • R.A. Grimes

Great Costco Gas! The lanes are wide. Fairly good layout! Pumps have extra long hose and pump quick. Line was huge but did not have to wait too long.

  • Gene Feng

Dropped off people at the North outlet and come to Costco Business Center to fill up the gas. Price if gas was way more cheaper than in California!!!

  • MM CamFej

I guess it's the closest to the strip and freemont, but geesh they need to make this gas station BIGGER line took forever to get to the pumps.

  • khizar hayat

Much busy station of costco due to business locations, they needs to install few more filling stations people are waiting for long in line.

  • M M (Matt T)

Not the lowest prices but the longest wait, and finding the correct entrance is also a pain. I don't see much reason to visit this place

  • Carolina Trejo

I loved the design of this station… they have digital signs to let you know what pump is available, the lines were easy to get through

  • Charles Bazaar

Always the least expensive option for gas. If it's relatively convenient and have a bit of extra time, Costco gas is worth a visit.

  • Lisa Agramonte

Make it easier for people to get the gas! Lines in and out. Miserable after a long day at work to sit there and be so frustrated.

  • serena sla

Getting Gas here is fast!! So glad they have helpers out there to guide you—makes a big difference!! Thanks Costco helpers!! :)

  • A stork

Must be member. Need membership card and credit or debit card to shop. Low prices make for crowds, but lines are fast-moving.

  • Lawrence Harada

Depending on time of day, it can get crowded. But its convenient as Costco is next door. Across the street from Home Depot.

  • Ted Gomez


  • Kevin Dennert

How is the gas station not open sooner? I guess I'm used to other locations where the gas pumps open at 6am, not 9am.

  • Michael Skoluda

I had to wait in line for 15 minutes but it is 50 or 60 cents cheaper than any other gas station in town

  • R Micks

Kind of hard to find and it only has two pumps per unit, two units per island and four islands. islands

  • Brady Bernhart

Quick lines. I'm not 100% sure about gas quality yet. Trying premium to see if my mileage improves.

  • Kuangchih Lee

Very bad experience. Waiting for almost one hour. There is no way to exit if we don’t want to wait.

  • M4 Design

Only Costco WITHOUT a food court! ;-/ I went in to grab a slice of pizza after filling up on gas...

  • charlie compton

Best local prices, few pumps, sometimes long lines. Go at off hours for best experience.

  • Paula Fialkoff

Well set up. Let's you know when there is an open pump. Line moves fast. Pumps 3 deep.

  • Gilles Uzan

There is always a line but the gasoline prises are better then anywhere else.

  • Pon C

Low prices but dang that line!!! Avoid first thing in a.m.,lunch time or 5p

  • Steve Sipple

Only go going to work 6 AM no problem most people don't so makes it easier

  • Karen Land

Sometimes a little wait but always moves well. Prices are reasonable.

  • Nancy Leal

So nice since they expanded. You're in and out in no time. I love it.

  • Paul Simpson

Line was a little long, but despite Bidenomics best fuel price !

  • Marcus Ce

Always fair, where else can you find premium at this cost ?

  • George Knight

Best place to fill up your gas tank. Best price in town.

  • Michael Torres

Great news station with Newark and upgraded pumps

  • FerrerPhotoStudio FerrerPhotoStudio

Great service for years I recommend

  • Paul Hottle

Long line but quick to get threw

  • Bob Harris

Best prices and clean location.

  • Rafael Barahona

Full like usual but affordable.

  • Toby Chavez

Long wait but good prices

  • Alec Stump

Best tasting gas in town.

  • Mike Padwa

Best place to get gas

  • John Drop

Best price in town!

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