Clinton Park

445 reviews

2690 Grant St, Vancouver, BC V5K 3G9, Canada



Clinton Park is a Park located at 2690 Grant St, Vancouver, BC V5K 3G9, Canada. It has received 445 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Clinton Park: 2690 Grant St, Vancouver, BC V5K 3G9, Canada

  • Clinton Park has 4.4 stars from 445 reviews

  • Park

  • "Cute kids playground"

    "It's alright"

    "What a park! Great views, beautiful fields, playground with swings, shady picnic areas - something for everyone"

    "Great local park"

    "Older park made for toddlers to about 11"


  • Alyson Pickett

Cute kids playground. Basketball court is shade covered but is partially coated in sand and the nets are the really rigid bouncy type. The north soccer field overlaps with the baseball diamond, but the south field is nice... Unless you kick the ball on to 1st Ave!

  • June Tulips

It's alright. It isn't particularly pretty or anything but it does have large sports fields and a play structure for the kids. There also seems to be a little community building and I think bathrooms in that. There are a lot of pokestops to

  • John Pozer

What a park! Great views, beautiful fields, playground with swings, shady picnic areas - something for everyone. North Shore mountain views are spectacular. Soccer goalposts, baseball diamond, basketball hoops - all well-maintained. 5⭐️

  • Elsy Chow

Great local park. Soccer field. Baseball diamond. Lots of green space. Washrooms. This park is great and it shows. The community is drawn to the park, young and old. Big playground. Lots of walkers. A great park on the East side.

  • Mandie Dee

Older park made for toddlers to about 11. Wading pool (chlorine) basketball net, soccer and baseball fields. Public washroom. Fair bit of seating around park. 3 picnic tables. Some shade is offered from trees surrounding park.

  • Arthur Savage

This is a little park with soccer and baseball fields. There is a children's play area and a mini splash area as well as washrooms/changerooms. Older ladies can often be found dancing to music in the evenings.

  • Fergus Cafferty

Average park. Not pretty or worth a visit for scenery. Poorly laid out. It has a baseball ground on the lower section, with the dirt diamond part encroaching on a soccer pitch, which appears slap dash.

  • Simson Simson

Excellent family park in trendy East 1st Avenue. Clean facilities with touch less door opening! Just water fountain needs replacing as dangerous with glass broken. Told Vancouver Park already.

  • Shelley Anne Shorter

All of my childhood memories are from this park. From the swings to the wading pool to watching softball games. Such a great family park. Now I walk around the perimeter for great exercise!

  • Patrick Montgomery

Nice park, very well kept. Would give it 5 stars but the catholic school interrupted our chill time. Shouldn't they have a place to do their sports that isn't a public park?

  • Luke Minaker

Fantastic splash pad, and a really nice park. The washrooms are pretty sketchy though. Watch out for used needles there! Or better yet - go to Wilder Snail instead.

  • Ed Holmes

Nice park with a very pleasant atmosphere, lots of people relaxing and enjoying the neighborhood green space. The playground isn't fancy but the kids love it.

  • Ariane Cruz

Nice playground for kids. A good place to just relax in the grass or having a picnic with friends/family. We also enjoyed the water park too this summer!

  • domenica misiti

Cute park with large field to play sports, basketball court, and playground for children to play. There seems to cement pool/water area but it was empty

  • Wall Street President

Very clean park. Owners pick up after themselves . The top level soccer field has been well kept. Bright green grass. Lower level can use some care.

  • Hector

Best park ever. People are always in abundance. You should check it out. In the summer you are play soccer with really friendly people …

  • Alnoor Mawji

Huge open field. Amazing park for the kiddos. Even a full basketball court with 10ft hoops. Lots of residential street parking available.

  • Janette Shearer

Great place to burn off some energy before bed and if you're there late enough to catch the dancing, you're in for a real treat!

  • Petra Ludde

Loved this park. My grandson has his soccer practice there and we wound up staying 2 more hours. New universal washroom as well.

  • Kevin L

Great park, with great turf for soccer and tumbling, as well as a sizable kids playground and more rare clean public washrooms.

  • Paul “Big English”

A great large open space for soccer, base ball or just plain laying around in the sun. A fun playground for the children. More

  • Diane

Huge park with public washrooms basketball courts, semi baseball field, and playground. Perfect to bring the dogs it kids!

  • Fahza WCH

Great park with lots of shade trees, small playground ,very clean washrooms . Soccer and other field games played here.

  • Derek Jay

There's no place like home. not a bad park. it's too bad that the teeter totter / seesaws were removed years ago.


It is actually a playground and park of course. You may come for an exercise. Playground for your dogs too. More

  • Speedy Gonçalves

Cute little park with lots of families and children selling Popsicles and lemonade. Cute little community

  • Rizwan Kheraj

Nice big park but requires better landscaping and structural organization to support multiple activities.

  • Nasir ANSARI

Took my grandson to Clinton Park playground. Nice playground, with all the kids needs swing, slides etc.

  • Yuri Palacios

Great community park for softball, kids playground, soccer, grass volleyball. Has public washrooms

  • Sonia S

Beautiful park by 1st Ave East. It has a soccer court and playground for kids.

  • Arpit Gulati

A good for evening stroll and take yoir dog for a park or kids to play

  • Andrew Kirkbride

Decent place to ball. Also the evening Tai chi is delightful.

  • Ryan Devlin

Lovely urban park. Soccer fields, basketball, nice playground

  • Anne Jo

Great park with a playground, washrooms and a water fountain.

  • Erick Cheng

Nice clean park with a soccer field and baseball diamonds

  • IWanderOften

Great place for families, picnic, volleyball and soccer.

  • Robert Price

Nice open park great grass good place to walk

  • Melih Ozbek

Lovely, clean atmosphere. Loved it

  • Steven “Bungeecow” Elford

Very nice little park.

  • Wayne Lee

Nice park for a walk

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