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Canadian Tire is a Department store located at 2830 Bentall St, Vancouver, BC V5M 4H4, Canada. It has received 3520 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars.





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  • The address of Canadian Tire: 2830 Bentall St, Vancouver, BC V5M 4H4, Canada

  • Canadian Tire has 3.8 stars from 3520 reviews

  • Department store

  • "I recently had an extremely unpleasant experience at Canadian Tire while availing myself of an oil change service"

    "CT is not what it used to be"

    "Today's visit to this store was incredibly disappointing, to say the least"

    "A week prior, I brought my daughter’s car hoping to get shaky steering wheels fixed"

    "Canadian Tire brand is heavily promoting online services but fails to deliver"


  • Jason Liu

I recently had an extremely unpleasant experience at Canadian Tire while availing myself of an oil change service. I am writing this review to express my deep disappointment and dissatisfaction with the misleading tactics employed by the establishment, particularly in regards to their handling of a coupon promotion. I had received a coupon in the mail offering a discounted oil change, which clearly stated that conventional oil was an option. Excited about the offer, I visited my local Canadian Tire branch and presented the coupon to the service representative. However, much to my dismay, the service I received did not align with what was advertised on the coupon. Without any prior notification or consent, the service technician proceeded to perform the oil change using synthetic oil instead of the conventional oil as stated on the coupon. It was only at the end of the service, when I was handed the bill, that I learned about the substitution and the inflated cost associated with the synthetic oil. The lack of transparency and disregard for customer choice displayed by Canadian Tire in this situation is simply unacceptable. I should have been given the option to choose between conventional and synthetic oil, and I certainly did not provide consent for the use of synthetic oil, which comes with a higher price tag. To add insult to injury, the staff did not justify the change in service or offer any explanation for the discrepancy between the coupon and the actual service performed. I was left feeling cheated and taken advantage of as a customer who had trusted Canadian Tire for many years. It is disheartening to see such a decline in professionalism and customer service at Canadian Tire. The absence of proper communication and the failure to obtain consent before proceeding with the service is simply unjustified. As a loyal customer, I expected to be treated fairly and with respect. I strongly urge Canadian Tire to reassess its practices and ensure that customers are provided with accurate and transparent information regarding the services being performed. Customers should be given the opportunity to make informed decisions and give their consent before any changes or substitutions are made. I hope that my review serves as a wake-up call for Canadian Tire to rectify its deceptive practices and improve its customer service. Until I see tangible improvements, I cannot, in good conscience, recommend Canadian Tire to others. My trust has been broken, and it will take considerable effort on their part to regain it.

  • D R

CT is not what it used to be... this isn't a commentary on this particular store, so much as the entire franchise. They used to have cheap products for cheap prices and they did this by hiring cheap labour. While the quality of staffing hasn't changed, the prices sure have. This is easily exemplified by the tool section. Prices are twice a reasonable rate and products are willfully designed to force you to spend more money. For example, their 9 piece metric combination wrench set is an $80 set that you can often get for half off... a fair price... rest assured they're making their money at that price... but lets have a closer look. It comes with sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17 and 19. Realistically, 7, 9 and 15 are basically useless... this 9 piece set is really a 6 piece set. Worse still, it's missing 14 and 21: two very common sizes. If you want to buy just those two wrenches so you actually have a useful set, you end up spending another $45... not such a great deal after all... you've spent $85 on 8 useful wrenches... not even counting the fact that you will also want to have 22 and 24, which will cost you another $50+. imagine that... a 10 piece set with all the most useful sizes... that'd be great for the customer, but CT wouldn't get that additional $95 out of you. They also have a metric and imperial set of double ended box wrenches. (They have different sizes at each end.) The metric sizes are 10/11, 13/14, 16/17, 19/22. They're missing 12 and 21... both very common, and you won't get far without them - especially 12mm. 10/11 makes sense, but it skips 12, and only 12... going to 13/14... that means there is no 12... the most common metric size of all, willfully ommitted... same with 19/22... there is no 21... again, willfully omitted. This is a clear effort to appear as though it's good value at first glance, then force you to buy key items at inflated prices later when you're stuck without them... and with those key sizes missing, you WILL be stuck without them... a pretty sleazy tactic, if you ask me.

  • Daniela

Today's visit to this store was incredibly disappointing, to say the least. If I could rate it a 0, I certainly would. My husband and I stopped by to purchase some items, including supplies for his coworkers. We paid separately at the self-checkout, and my husband also exchanged a measuring tape, which he started using right away, given his construction outfit. As we headed towards the exit on the first floor where we had parked our car, the security guard requested to see our receipts. We dutifully presented every single bill for all our purchases, even down to the 10 pens (which were just 50 cents each). Despite our cooperation, it seemed the security guard was not satisfied. He meticulously counted the pens and scrutinized the bills. What baffled us was when he asked my husband to remove his jacket. We complied, revealing the six bills we had presented earlier, everything perfectly in order. He cited it as a company policy, but was it really necessary to ask about the jacket? Did they have to count the pens too? It felt excessive and, frankly, quite ridiculous. We had just spent $100 in the store that day, but this experience was far from pleasant. We used to be regular customers, but today's incident was beyond embarrassing. It's frustrating when you consider the prevalent issue of theft, especially by homeless individuals, and it was clear we weren't the ones they should be concerned about. Regrettably, I have no intention of returning to this store. Their insistence on checking receipts has always been irksome, but today, they truly took it to another level. Note: I can attach the bills here, in case you really want to double check.

  • Clarence Ross

A week prior, I brought my daughter’s car hoping to get shaky steering wheels fixed. Was told it will cost $65 just to check the problem. I came back 4 days ago and was told this time it will cost $150, apparently they have to drive the car to check. It may be a valid argument but I should have been told the first time because I did tell the whole problem. For that part, they need to sort their procedures and perhaps expand the information to potential clients to avoid confusions. I did not proceed due to that ‘flaw’ on their part. I then bought 4 new tires and was asked if I wanted an insurance. I declined but asked if it includes tire punctured by a nail or damaged caused by hitting a curb. I was told it is included and when I asked for certainty, he said he could not find the brochures. While waiting, I googled and found out that tire manufactures do not give a replacement for punctured or curb damaged tire. 2 hours later after they replaced the tires, I spoke to Nathan the manager. As much as I was satisfied with his professionalism, friendliness and knowledge of my concerns, the whole team should be in sync with what is standard with Canadian Tire. We can’t change employee’s personality but customer service can be learned. Giving a simple smile is free and acknowledging that you need us more than we need you is what separate Canadian Tire from many independent businesses that value the customers sincerely. I truly hope you’ll take this as a charity to your company because I plan to return. When a company does not receive constructive criticisms, it means only one thing; customers may not comeback.

  • Arthur Lam

Canadian Tire brand is heavily promoting online services but fails to deliver. Staff are friendly and nice but a shake up is needed to improve overall customer service/customer satisfaction based on changing needs of customers. I ordered a snow shovel and ice scraper at 9:17am on January 13. At the time, the website showed plenty in stock (15+) and the website promoted a “ready after 4pm on January 13”. I didn’t even receive a receipt confirmation of my order via email until 1:57pm. I head down to the store after work around 7pm and walk to the online order pick up station. I push the button for assistance and the store PA system is announcing someone to head to the pick up desk for a solid five minutes straight and no one is coming. Waiting impatiently, I decide to walk over to the customer service desk and ask for an update from the nice staff member. She said my order isn’t ready. I already knew it probably wasn’t ready because I didn’t receive an pick up email but decided to try anyways. To add to the frustration, by this time, everything is sold out. I drive to another Canadian Tire and find what I ordered. Management should take note of other big box stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, and see what they are doing differently. You get an order receipt confirmation immediately and orders are processed for pick up almost right away as they have staff members constantly checking incoming orders to pick things off the shelf swiftly. Times are changing with online shopping and Canadian Tire needs to get with the times or there will be no more Canadian Tire.

  • Luke Weng

5⭐ customer service 1⭐ triangle master card 2022: seems like the pandemic really messed things up. Now that covid is being managed, the store has returned to normal. The staff as usual, were 100% great. The girl at the customer service desk with the ponytail braids was very helpful when I asked where the ball pump needles were, she gave very clear and concise directions. I found it within 5 minutes! The prices were back to normal. But it was quite upsetting to see prices double during the pandemic. 2020: I'm conflicted to rate Canadian Tire since I've been a customer since little. But I'm enraged that they would use the coronavirus pandemic to make profit instead of helping the world. Their flu masks were originally $20 but after the epidemic, they raised it to $40!! That's double the price. We spent almost a thousand dollars buying masks for my family when it would've been just a few hundred dollars. Turned out they weren't even real flu masks, but dust repellent ones. How can you be trustworthy if you sell a product for double the price? The only thing I actually like in Canadian Tire are the staff. I'm surprised by how sweet they are. They're like angels! The thing that made me angry were the diamond rewards members. They came up to me and forced me to buy in. When I said no, he said, "ok sure! If you don't want to save money, that's your problem". Was there a need to blackmail me? The disrespect of the triangle rewards team and the jacked up prices of the masks are why I struggle with giving a 5 star review.

  • Albert Song

I wish I could give 0 star. I was shopping at your store at 7:45pm Nov 2nd. One of your staff, Joe from the hunting department, he yelled at me and insulted me at front another customer because of my color. Experiencing racism in any context is unacceptable and deeply distressing. I contacted your store today to inquire the store manager contact information, a lady who was on the phone, hung up my phone immediately. As a long-time customer of Canadian Tire, I have always valued the brand's commitment to customer service and inclusivity. This incident has, however, shaken my confidence in your company's ability to provide a safe and welcoming environment. Complaint letter filed. Update on Nov 17th: Despite my initial attempts to address the issue and seek resolution, I have not received any response from the company. The manager, Hellen, assured me that the incident would be promptly resolved and that I would be contacted on November 15th. Unfortunately, no one from the store reached out to me at the agreed-upon time, resulting in a significant sense of disappointment.It is disheartening to perceive a lack of seriousness and concern regarding racism within one of the largest retail stores in the country. Customers should not be subjected to disrespectful treatment by a employee, Joe from the Hunting Department providing racist services. As a member of a minority community, I find it necessary to share my experience and concerns with my community and neighborhood.

  • Die cepi

The sales assistance (cynthia) was so rude with me. I can't understand how in canadian tyre they have this kind of person in customer service, is unbelievable. I was there to pick up one snorkeling set which i had bought from the website, when i arrive and this person give to me another one completely different to the picture that i had bought, she said me that was the same but different colour, thing that was completely false saying all the time "is the same number". I don't know who committed the mistake but in the website is one product and when you come to the shop, investing your time and is another thing i felt like i had wasted my time. Of course, the only solution she gave me was, return the product but when i tried to explain all of before she only said "telephone number, telephone number..." And "visa, visa..." Just asking that i didn't remember with wich one i paid with my credit or debit one and both were visas, but she only said "visa, visa". This one has been the worst experience i ever had in Canada and of course is the last time that i try to buy in canadian tyre. In the pictures you have what i bought and what they tried to give me. i had better expwroences in aly express. Once again, her name was CYNTHIA, and she was in customer service, is a shame with a lot of people looking for a job with a very good attitude, you have this kind of person in this position.

  • Goldwin Chan

The wife wanted to shop and support local and brick and mortar businesses as opposed to always using Amazon. We ordered items for curbside from this specific Canadian Tire but when we showed up there were 2 cars that were empty parked in these spots. So we still had to go inside to grab our items. Very pointless and completely unacceptable to allow your own employees to block the curbside pickup spots. With service like this Amazon will be taking your lunch money every day of the week and twice on Fridays. UPDATE: October 31st, 2021: I haven't been to the Bentall Complex in about 3 months now, but as I drove up and parked my vehicle I noticed a car that was familiar, which was the same Mercedes-Benz parked in one of the curbside pick up spots, but this time he was only parked in front of one of the bay doors. @CT Grandview Team this guy either loves parking terribly in this complex or he is one of your mechanics. If you had told me that you had spoken to the individual about parking in the curbside pickup spots I would have accepted your apology. UPDATE: November 13, 2021: Just posting another picture of this same car at this Canadian Tire Location. Obviously, this person is parked approximately this time, but the fact that I keep seeing this exact same car with the same license plate tells me that he works at Canadian Tire.

  • Relaxnsip

Shed: 5/5 Delivery pricing: 1/5 My review wasn't accepted for Canadian Tires website, apparently it did not meet all guidelines. Purchased this shed a while ago and had it delivered by CT. Independent delivery guy, hired by them. He charged quite alot for a short trip ($85.00). On the invoice, it stated $50 within Vancouver. Anyways... The shed took around 6 1/2 hours by myself with short breaks in between. Quality is quite good. Install is pretty easy. Tip - one person install - when fastening the two pieces of the roof to the sheds frame, I placed a heavy rock on top of the roofs edge, where the screws were to be fastened inside. This helped with getting a more tight fastening of the screws to the frame. Shed door hinges are good. Additional screws are not included for the extra mounting hole on each of the door hinges. I added a secondary locking hinge myself for better security. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this 5×6 shed. Shed quality: 5/5 Delivery: Pricing 1/5 mainly based on questionable pricing. Delivered an hour earlier than expected and without damage 5/5 I'm confident this shed will last many years to come.

  • KWOK L

Avoid this Canadian Tire auto service at all cost! I took my vehicle for out of province safety inspection. I was informed that my brakes has failed the inspection. While the so call general manager was showing me the conditions, I asked whether they will at least try to turn the rotors first and then move to the next options. His adviser said the grinding tip is too costly to use! I decided to cut the loss and paid for the inspection and go elsewhere for other honest garages instead. I asked to make sure the wheel lock nut has been returned to my glove compartment, the adviser said they did not use it. The inspection report has measurements of front and rear brake pads thickness and front and rear rotors thickness. How did they measure them without taking out any of the wheels??? I asked the mechanic and he said he can tell from his work experience. What a liar!!! No wonder this place was not busy. Obviously, all their previous customers had been cheated and will not return.

  • Dave J J

Three year old product sold as NEW at CT! Extremely disappointed in a purchase at Canadian Tire 6 days ago. A purchase of a Napoleon BBQ. Many parts damaged. After a lot of hassle with customer service numerous holds on the phone I took a number of damaged parts back Now I see that this BBQ was acquired by Canadian Tire 3 years ago and sold as a new product. ******UPDATE management did contact me and offer a resolvable solution and apologized for the inconvenience. I appreciate the customer service I received. Previous....... Is Canadian Tire in the habit of selling products 3 years old at full price...Verified with manufacturer this product was sent to Canadian Tire 3 years ago. They don't even make this model any longer but I bought it new just days ago. Not even a clearance price or anything that would indicate it was this old. No wonder so many parts damaged now being replaced by manufacturer. What else is Canadian Tire selling that is old/discontinued ?

  • Scott F. Thompson

Brand new battery exploded and destroyed my backpack. It cost me a taxi ride, a full day of work, baking soda and what was a really good and expensive backpack. The battery sprayed acid all over our entrance room/kitchen. There was no movement or anything that could have caused this, the battery was carried from the store and placed in a backpack to take to the vehicle the next day. They basicly sold me a bomb that destroyed my stuff. It was one of the common canadian tire brand batteries. The staff was friendly and nice about replacing it, however a refund was not an option in thier store neither was covering any of the damage. They sent me out with another battery of the same... It's very clear that they are good at selling things here, but they don't care at all about the buyer. There are other stores that sell batteries that actualy have a warranty to support them and their buyer as well. That dosnt exist here.

  • Donnie Dong

I was doing tire rotation and inflation 2 days ago. I asked for 37 psi for my tires where 33 is the factory's recommendation. The counter also asked me the reason why I wanted to be 37 which was noted on the receipt. I answered my outer treads are lower and I have a heavy-duty to do. I hadn't been told anything when my car was ready to pick up. I found my tires were still 33 this morning as I felt my tires were so soft and called them, they replied they only did the factory’s recommendation. I said I requested but nobody mentioned that when it finished. They said you could do it by yourself if you wanted to modify it. I respect your standard for any reason, but something I requested and no one replied to that until I found it by myself. (At least I have been told my tires could not be inflated up to 37 when I pay for my service. What do you think?) Never come back with a robot service. Not recommend.

  • Jason

Rude staff and rubbish return policy. I was given 4 different answers from two employees when I asked about returning a product. At first I was told no problem which then changed to “as long as the product is not damaged”, pretty obvious that one. That was immediately amended to “it depends on who is working”. So basically if it’s a bad day for someone you’re out of luck. Finally I was told if the packaging is damaged they won’t be able to resell the item. Damage was defined to me as “opening the purchased item”. Apparently there is no packing tape on hand. The final nail in the coffin was watching the employee return a customers purchase to their credit card and then telling me I could not do the same thing. Clearly I got the person having a bad day. Don’t bother shopping here, go to another Canadian Tire franchise where they value their customers. Basically any other store.

  • Kelly Taylor

This is specifically for the Party City section. I went to get a balloon bouquet for my daughter's birthday. First, I had to go up to customer service and ask for them to send help to the balloon area because there was no one in sight. Finally a young guy came to help and he was great. Friendly and helpful. He made my balloons which consisted of a 36" number, a small foil heart, and 5 small latex balloons. So far so good. It was 10 minutes into my drive home that the number balloon started leaking air. By the time I was home, it was deflated. I was gutted, but just removed it from the bouquet and kept the others. They were cute and my daughter loved them. I was most disappointed when all helium balloons were totally sunk by the following evening. For $40, I got balloons for 1 day. I certainly won't be getting balloons here again.

  • JunadiJuna

I went into Canadian Tire with a gift card. The staff helped me with the card, and then said if you need us to help you with your purchases you can bring them here. I thanked them, then asked were some products were. They helped me happily. A lot of friendly people helping me. I go to the aisle and am wondering about something, and there is a staff member who explained everything I needed to know. I have my purchases, and go to check-out. I tell a young man I need help because of my damaged gift card. He says I will help you. He is fun and friendly, and BOOM everything is taken care of. I have my "stuff" and he says Happy New Year early madam! SO cute. It was a very good experience with a lot of very helpful and friendly staff. Thank you, because you were super SUPER busy.

  • Sha. Vahid

I had a very bad experience at this location Canadian Tire. When I went to the store to buy a four-wheel cart. I asked for help, but no one showed up. then I asked for help again, and someone showed up and they did not have any clue I was asking. He did not help and left me standing there. I took the last unit to the front desk with missing bolts and washers and bent corners. I asked for a discount, the cashier manager said $10 off. then she gave me $15 off on a $150 damaged unit. Asked for a bag or a box to carry all the bits and pieces, and the staff brushed me off. They were very rude to me. eventually, I returned the unit due to more missing parts. I felt unwelcomed by the store staff. I will never come to this location ever again.


Product quality at Canadian Tire is generally low. A few examples: 1) I bought a bicycle, but the chain broke apart within 4 months; 2) I bought a travel adapter, but Best Buy had way better quality for the same price; 3) I bought this "durable" (as advertised) frying pan, but after half a year, it started to get sticky; and after 1 year (I used it for no more than 20 times in the entire year), it's totally un-usable. I called in to seek for a solution (I always use nice and friendly tone), but a man spoke with an arrogant and rude tone. I still said "thank you" at the end while he hang up without saying anything. I will never shop here again, nor will my family.

  • Ray Taylor

Ever wonder why the product reviews are all good? Because they won't publish anything critical. Purchased an expensive name-brand item that was made of flimsy sheet metal. Returned it the next day. Recieved an email stating they could not publish my honest 2 star review because it didn't meet the google guidelines (there was nothing offensive) and I am welcome to edit it by clicking a link but that link said that I already submitted. Can't even edit it. Spend your money at businesses who are willing to be accountable. Update: Phoning them is also a circular waste of time. It is obvious that they simply won't publish poor product reviews.

  • Kat Jenkins

Definitely the place to shop. I could spend hours here. Easy and centrally located. So many and sometimes very surprising at the wide range of products at good prices. It only lost a star in my books to locate a staff member even with using their paging system but I've never had a staff member unwilling to be friendly and helpful when one is located. On the lighter and slightly amusing note, use the paging system! You might be delighted with the good conversation with others waiting as well. Strike up conversation. Bring coffee. You may just find a new friend or the love ❤️ of your life.

  • marco Tan

My girlfriend and I went to Canadian tire to buy work boots. since my girlfriend needed US 6, we only found the last boot in the store(it also sold out in other stores). However, the boot and boot box had been damaged and dirty. We went to customer service to ask discount. The manager came to tell said no with a lousy attitude. He said:" no, we can throw it, but no discount for it," I felt so confused with that. If you did not want to give us a discount for it, you did not need to be rude. Other staffs in the store were good, and the manager is so bad.

  • Saurabh Moghe

Yesterday I purchased some stuff. All the stuff were scanned by Canadian tire associate at self check out. As I was leaving the store, security guard stopped me and search everything from the cart. He was of kind suggesting that we have stolen the stuff from the store. I also noticed, he only stopped us , few people came & gone but he didn’t ask them or check them. After checking the cart, i thought he was gonna to do strip search. People avoid this store , they have discriminatory policies towards certain group of people.

  • Khalil Chahian Borujeni

Giving the service department 2 stars because: 1) Went there today, bought my own light bulb for my Honda, and only asked them to change it. Was told cost is $45 just to change the bulb, because it takes 20 minutes of labor. 2) Took my car to a different auto shop, all they needed to do was to unplug, turn counter-clock wise, bring the old one out, put in the new bulb and done! It took less than a MINUTE! and they only asked me to tip for what they did for me! You guys are liars and veryyy unhelpful!!!!

  • Doug Foggin

Went shopping the day before the so-called "Black Friday" sale not expecting anything but average pricing. Was absolutely thrilled to have spent no more than my budget could afford and managed to buy the name brand products I intended to purchase at amazingly low discount pre-sale prices. I saved enough to complete my project and then some. Staff encountered were available, friendly and helpful answering the questions I had for them. No hassle check-out and I was out the door for curb side pick up.

  • Zhen Lu

Our experience in the auto service were so bad. We bought 4 tires for our car in this Canadian Tire store and ordered installation services. Before we went, we were firmly told the total were tires, installation fees, taxes. But when the job done, I was told that I have to pay extra $300+tax for alignment and it has already done for me. I feel that I've been robbed, felt so bad. Why did you tell me beforehand, especially I asked you how much the total to install the tires would be? So sneaky!

  • ray green

COUNT YOUR CHANGE IF YOUR PAYING WITH CASH becareful yall i bought all purpose cleaner and the cashier shorted me 2$ 100 people she does that too there you go she makes a lot of money i called her out and she acted like oh whoops lol its a very sad day when a cashier trys to rip you off over 2$ that was the only time in the 5 years ive been going there i actually decided to look at the reciept and make sure that i didnt get scammed if you hate your job dont work there simple use your head

  • brian ladouceur

This is the worst place I've ever shopped at. You can't return things after you use them even If they don't fit your liking And if you get a refund they try to give it to you in store credit. They don't even want to give you your money back. I'm boycotting Canadian tire if you buy something from Canadian tire you have to keep it. That's just the way it goes That's their policy but if I don't like something why would I keep it and spend my money that doesn't make any sense?


I walked out. They had no cashiers open and were relying on customers using the self-checkout. This is a way to eliminate workers and funnel more profit to the top. I won't be a party to that! Three CSRs were torn in every direction trying to help people who were having problems with the self-checkouts. Had they put those three people to work behind cash registers, things would have been far more efficient! I'll not shop at a place that values their workers so little.

  • Chi T

I popped into Canadian Tire to look for a few bedding plants. I couldn't believe that they actually had some that were still alive and flourishing. It took me a while to find my Begonia's and I went in to pay. I was approached by a lovely young woman who helped me ring through the plants. It was obvious that she had done this before and it made the transaction so easy. Thanks for all of your help. This location is way out of my way, but definitely worth going to.

  • Henry Lio

Reply to CT Grandview Team: I placed an online order for pick up. When I arrived at the store and at the pick up counter, I rang the bell and called the number numerous times and waited for 5~8 minutes, but still no one was there. I had to walk back to the front to ask someone for assistance. By the time I walked all the way back to the pick up counter. The customer representative was not friendly and not even slightly apologetic for the unnecessary wait.

  • Ray Ng

Every time I'm here it's always a wonderful shopping experience. Love all the products they sell, especially the heater in the pictures. I own multiple units of this model. (Works well) They sell lots of great brands known as: Honeywell Mastercraft Noma. Quality of their products are great. (Their stuff is better than Walmart) Good prices! Excellent customer service! Convenient Location! What more can you ask for...PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucian Wolfe

I've been an avid user of this Canadian Tire for years and never had any issues until yesterday me and my partner were buying new camping stuff and basically got followed around the store by security and he wasn't shy about showing he was following us.. asked him what his problem was and he just walked away .. we walked out without buying anything and went somewhere else.. sucks for you guys I guess that was a lot of new camping stuff

  • Dana

Automotive department: Purchased tires and the sales person drew up the paperwork. On day of installation appointment, we were told that the tires we purchased were defective therefore we had to pay more money upfront for another set of tires they had in stock. Why should we be paying more when the purchase was finalized and we were told there is something wrong afterwards? There should have been a price matched due to your mistake.

  • Matt Chan

I have to give a shout out to the parts department. The person working there had excellent mechanical knowledge of cars and had great customer service, I had a no start issue with my truck and it turn out his suggestion about the starter coils was correct. Especially since my Dodge dealership failed to understand the issue and find the fault. Also want to commend him for his patience with the number of customers requiring his help.

  • K Cee

Store that has everything. The one at Grandview Hwy is big and clean. Their displays are always fully stocked. 2 levels of fun. I always enjoy strolling through big box stores and this is one of them. There's always a wait to pay here, though. I dont know why as you can see lots of CT associates floating around the store. When they have a sale though, they really give a big discount, as you can see in my picture.

  • Celeste

I mean, it's Canadian Tire. The aisles are crowded. There's no staff on the floor. Pushed the button at customer care and waited a few mins and finally gave up as no one came. Had to buy wiper blades and the guy in service said, "there's a two pack over there" and waved vaguely towards the aisle. If you know what you need, and where it is, you're good. Just don't expect anyone to come help you if you don't

  • Ben Mak

Automotive Department is very good. Yesterday I had problem with my van. Technical Advisor took care immediately and communicate with me by phone. Even with busy schedule put my van through services and all diagnostics and repair was done by end of the day. On the end he suggested 24 months, equal payments. I'm very happy with work done and customer service. This department still makes me happy.


Feeling betrayed. Manager was useless. Hey Manager, there is a reason why we shop at Canadian store. We always have an option of American companies in the market. But I don't want to give my money to American companies. I think the management has to look into these things carefully. As a customer, for me small things matters a lot. WHEN TRUST IS GONE EVERYTHING ELSE WILL SOON FOLLOW.

  • mail attics

I'm here to say thank you to the wonderful customer service lady-Mia- for being extremely helpful. I hadn't brought the receipt of something that I had to return, unfortunately. Although it was my wrong to show up without the receipt, she went above and beyond to find the item on my account, and was nothing but exceptionally nice. Great customer service.

  • Chris Rolleston

Went to look for touch up paint stick for some scratches for my Ram truck. Black crystal pearl. “ Associate” quite condescending as I didn’t know paint code. Told him I had got before but without eye contact told me he couldn’t help?….. funny I went the very next day to your marine drive Crossing store and Byrne road and got the product. Not very good

  • Rob Livingston

Lots of parking, the store itself is organized chaos. There is stuff everywhere. The seasonal section changes frequently. If you are looking for something in particular, search their website first and check quantities for your location if they only have one. It's likely they don't have it. The people at the automotive parts counter can be helpful.

  • Dusty Martell

Bill Clarke Service advisor @ Granview Hwy's location was able to source parts on Easter Monday , after carefully diagnosing Battery-Alternator was the issue .we had a Game plan & an exact price .The Team including Nathan were all pros and the car was back by suppertime. EXCELLENCE on a Holiday Weekend That deserves a GOOD Review !

  • Louis Yu

Great store for lots of items we can’t find no where. But the attitude of the staffs here are really getting worse. When we asking for something they just pushing you around. And if we don’t ask a few times they never able to find nothing. But if we ask more than a couple time they started to share attitudes. “Great” experiences.

  • Paul Turner

It's Canadian Tire. Tried to buy replacement windshield washer sprayer nozzle, which the old internet said they had in stock. They would have to order it in and would be $48! I said no and drove a block to Walmart and purchased the exact item that came with more fitting for $15.99 It's not a deal just because it's Canadian Tire.

  • gino Nahorniak

I took something back, a plastic cheese grater. Paid over $30.00 for it. The lady at the return gave me hassle about returning it. She turned the handle and said it works. I said, well put some hard cheese in it, then tell me it's easy to turn. Very rude. I won't be going back there again. There are alot of other places to go.

  • Anita Crampton

Good help in store even if your acting blind like I sometimes do, having the looked for item right behind me. They have products you can’t find anywhere else like Noma heaters. Effective and low on electricity usage. They will deliver if you need them to. The delivery fee is in keeping with the current gas prices.

  • M Vancouverite Reviews HerExperiences

Well my first experience is good - but i think they forgot to put my air filter back. I didnt know this until a friend helped me put on my new wiper blades on 4 months later. When i called today, the guy that answered the phone was a real jerk. So i am taking my 5 star review and giving them a zero


The Garden Center at Canadian Tire this Year is Superb. Better Prices and WAY more selection and variety than the Lowes and Home Depot close by. A shame Canadian Tire is associating itself with the Retail Failure London Drugs in a shared Flyer. Makes me not look at it and throw it out.

  • Infinerdy

Convenient location, just off the highway. At a major intersection yet Still provides plenty of parking spaces. The store is sprawling and spans three floors - not the easiest to navigate. The staff is efficient but with few members it is best to look things up yourself on the website.

  • Anthony Wong

Big location with a huge selection of everything! Lots of parking! They mainly have things in stock in sync with what it says on their website which is good for seeing if the item is available in-store before heading over. Service is generally good if you can find someone to help you.

  • Richard Harding

This location is straight trash. Lazy floor workers that don’t want to look for products or do their job and help you locate items. Only has self check out option to pay, absolutely ridiculous and frustrating location. I will do everything I can to avoid having to use this location.

  • Ralph

Giving this store a 1 star due to poor management and general incompetence in labelling their product properly online. The item was listed as in stock on a specific aisle but was not found. Employee says it's in storage but they couldn't find it. Revolting experience overall.

  • James Locken

Why is A simple 19$ Bluetooth speaker locked up behind glass doors . I clicked the button for help been waiting over five mins now . Feel like smashing this glass here and just getting the product in trying to buy instead of being a prisoner of the store waiting for service

  • rodney pullman

Auto Service and Parts department staff are arrogant, disrespectful and confrontational. Made me stand with my heavy car battery in the long lineup for parts. I had to either carry it or push it along the ground. Service reps wouldn't allow me to even put it on the counter.

  • Paul Bagry

I phoned auto parts one particular morning asking for a price on a car battery. After work I went to buy that battery based off the price I was told only to be given a different, higher price than I was given that same morning for the same battery. Very frustrating.

  • Tomas Frank

Even though this store is part of the Canadian Tire chain, they refuse to accept return of items purchased in a different Canadian Tire store (Nanaimo). Claiming their policy for returns is different. Edit: Charger was returned without any issues in North Van CT.

  • Marco Poon

Came all the way here to check out the portable BBQ and find that all the display models are on top of the shelf, u have to be 9 feet tall to check them out. Employee said that's the way they display. What's the point of displaying them that nobody can reach?

  • micheal chan

The Asian gentle Tao in part department was really helpful. I was very confused and he helped me with all my parts and explain to me. My first time buying parts for my car. I bought the wrong oil but he helped me find the right oil and many other parts.

  • Spike Quick

Stop coming here couple of years ago the floor Walkers outnumber staff 10 to 1. be better if it was the other way around I can't justify going to or coming back to a store it treats me like I'm a criminal transients employed as floor walkers. Too bad

  • Eileen Hung

We made an appointment for changing engine oil. Was being told to wait 1.5-2 hours. Ended up waiting for 2.5 hours. Don’t know what’s point of making the appointment if they only started working on our car more than 1 hour after we dropped it off.

  • Ahmad Wasfi

I recently had the misfortune of visiting the auto repair department for battery replacement and I must say it was an incredibly disappointing experience. The efficiency of the department were severely lacking. Nobody seemed to want to work.

  • Iris Wu

This was a great store but today we had a really poor experience in the store with their credit card sale representative. My husband and I were walking around for holiday shopping when the lady came to us and said “do you know you can get

  • Jay Macapinlac

Do not recommend this store - management are big babies that have 'hurt feelings' for customers asking for help or proper service and then refuse to assist any reasonable request. This store is short staffed, staff are ill trained, and do

  • Barry S. Boivin

You cannot trust the online stock counts. I wasted a whole day driving from store to store chasing a particular Corelle plate, three different stores showed enough of the item in stock to meet my needs. None of them could find them, not

  • Crystal Costa (Crystal)

Sadly the worst customer service I've ever had. It felt like the two managers were on a power trip and one of them was actually aggressively rude towards us. The experience started by previous wasted trips to the store - after having

  • Nolan Peters

This place never has anything in stock, the parking lot is a nightmare, and you're all in all wasting your god damn time going to this place. Literally go anywhere else and you'll have a better time than this god forsaken place.

  • Max Nadeau

Biggest Canadian Tire I have ever been to! Good amount of free parking as well which is nice. Also located with several other stores nearby. Had the bolt i couldn't find at homedepot. Easy to locate product and cheap! Thanks!

  • Liliana Lau

Today they have great sales everyone is working so hard to keep the place nice organized and shiny lots of sparkling lights it feel like x'mas i was so excited, they have x'mas flowers every where I wanted to buy all of them

  • Greg Elzinga

Typically good prices, especially when on sale. Little known company policy, if the product is going on sale within 15 days or the sale was in the past 15 days they will honour the sale price. Be sure to ask the staff!

  • Peter Pi

Very happy with my purchase of their tool Cabinet at Canadian Tire Grandview. Shout out to Kelsey for sorting my issue out and thanks to their sister location at Cambie for supplying the replacement. 5 star service.

  • Enson Yan

Nice environment. And some tips for you: You can search the item you want on their website, they will show you clearly which aisle and which area you can find the product. Way better than asking a staff.

  • Frank Hannig

Whatever you are looking for you can likely find it here. Sporting goods, home renovation supplies, plumbing, paint, lighting, small appliances, hardware and more. An iconic Canadian shopping experience.

  • Tagir Farkhutdinov

Wasn’t able to find some things I was looking for where they’re supposed to be. Employees try to lure customers into signing up for credit cards, by approaching people and advertising in a scam fashion.

  • John Pozer

A big, busy store but when I connected with an employee the service was earnest and helpful. The garden center is good. Always a seasonal section of deals. And you can shop with your dog! Bonus Points!

  • S P

If you're claiming items are in stock, they better be on the shelves and not on a pallet in the building that no one is willing to retrieve. Wasted my time coming down. Your staff is lazy and useless.

  • Jamie H

Awesome customer service and the supervisor at the key replacement booth saved my butt. They were able to duplicate 5 different keys (mailbox, pad locks, drawers) that the minutekey machine couldn't.

  • Christy Wingrove

Is there anything more Canadian than going shopping at a Canadian Tire on a Saturday morning for things you don't need but that all make you happy and improve your home & garden? I think not!

  • S. C.

Found some Christmas lights. Sale on certain items was worth the wait. I waited months for this item to go on sale and the price was a bit better than I'd expected. GREAT Christmas present.

  • Sara brown

SUDDENLY very expensive! There is also waaaaay too much aslie displays you can hardly navigate the cart through the store. This used to be my favorite place to shop... now I'm not sure

  • Max HUNTER

Biggest Canadian Tire ever visited. Like other Canadian Tire, lots of life supplies covers most of filed, a very convenient store to shop, and always has goods on sale. Parking lot is huge.

  • Andres Leon

I had to go to CT Vancouver because they had the tires I wanted for my car. Great service worth the trip, they have plenty of stock, see through window to shop and lounge to wait and relax

  • Billy Hammond

Inventory #s consistently inaccurate. Multiple times wasted my time going to this CT for an item listed as in stock online (i.e., 35) only to get there for them to be out of stock.

  • Geoff Tolman

I really appreciate the store for putting the location of each product on the website! Makes the shopping experience less stressful. Same experience everytime, consistency is good!

  • Nadia von Hahn

So hard to find anything because there are no employees around. Really frustrating. If you have to get something here leave a lot of extra time for walking around the giant store.

  • Shane Delaney

A wonderful place filled with tools, camping gear, kitchen gadgets, car parts and toys. They sell kids toys too. Only thing that would make it better is if they had a bar in it.

  • J Gedak

I bought outbound running shoes for $39.99 clearance price. I went to cambile location it sold for $24.99 the same running shoes.. Two locations has difference clearance prices.

  • Johnny Smith

You have to know what you buy. Ex Sample the frying pans are way over priced. The sale price is close to the same price at other stores. And that for all Canadian Tire store.

  • Henry Huynh

Nice place. Good location, but the way store organized items are a little confused for guets Price looks like jump to super high and then get big discount which is not real

  • Eliondes Silva

There are many differents products in this store. It's big and if you don't know what you want you will spend a little time because you could change your opinion always....


Very often you can get discounts on wheels in this store.Also, you don’t have to wait long, you can register for literally the next day.The staff was polite and courteous.

  • Steven Green

Good experience getting all weather tires. They were upfront about timelines and stock issues during the busy tire change season. Reasonable prices on tires. Will go back

  • Nicole Topping (Nicki)

Their Machine wasn't working properly so I almost wasn't able to pick up my order I did on-line and it was also my very 1st time making and picking up something from

  • Nima Kohandani

Just don’t waste your time going to this store; scammers, super rude and impolite, and make sure do not apply for a card, they lie to you. The WORST store in Canada.

  • Katrina Fast

No human cashiers, just malfunctioning self-service kiosks. Most of the things on my list were out of stock, despite having checked online first. Never coming back.

  • Nik Buechert

Bring back some cashiers, the self checkout sucks, it’s always chaotic at best and make some room at the Christmas section. Can barely fit a cart in the area.

  • Zo

No staff on the floor to ask for help at all. Finally found one person who’s standing around greeting people and he asked me to go line up at custom service.

  • Button Switch

They had what I was looking for and for a reasonable price. It's a dog-friendly store, which is great. Isles can be a bit crowded around holidays and such.

  • des williams

Only self check out, and they can pay a security guard to ask for a receipt, but can't pay for cashier at all. If possible, would give a less rating

  • Matt

I ordered a set of tires, and an email told me it was ready to pick up. However, I went there and told me there are two tires still in transit.

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