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971 64 Ave NE #112, Calgary, AB T2E 7P4, Canada



Calgary Dental House is a Dentist located at 971 64 Ave NE #112, Calgary, AB T2E 7P4, Canada. It has received 147 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of Calgary Dental House: 971 64 Ave NE #112, Calgary, AB T2E 7P4, Canada

  • Calgary Dental House has 4.9 stars from 147 reviews

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  • "5 stars all the way"

    "First off, I just wanted to say that I really don't like going to the dentist which stems from many bad (and often painful) experiences"

    "My family and I just moved here from the states and am so happy I found this dental practice"

    "I LOVE going to these dentists! The ENTIRE staff is incredible! They are both efficient and welcoming during all tasks…from booking your appointment, to walking in and out of the door, and basically in any and all interaction you have with them"

    "I have been going here for 3 years now, originally going due to proximity to workplace but continuing to visit even though I don't work in the NE anymore because I like this office"


  • Kristine Dunning

5 stars all the way. I hate going to the dentist so much I avoided it and ended up with very bad teeth, lots of pain, and major anxiety. I tried other dentists in my area but would only go once and always leave feeling worse than when I went in. They didn't care and were condisending, they made me feel afraid and ashamed. Anyway my friend told me to come here and I felt like a million bucks the second I walked through the door. They made me feel like a normal person. It's a beautiful office. The staff are genuinely caring, sweet and friendly. The dentists are even better. They're nice and they're very confident, genuine and honest. I would never go anywhere else. They explained EVERYTHING to me and didn't at all make me feel stupid. It felt like I had been friends with them for years. Even with my bad anxiety I was calm. Probably because they didn't think they were too good to educate me on what was happening in my mouth. And they maintain all of this the whole time you're there until you walk out the door. They also don't over charge or do unnecessary work which was an awesome surprise. I've tried tons of other dentists don't go anywhere else.

  • Dustin Degenstein

First off, I just wanted to say that I really don't like going to the dentist which stems from many bad (and often painful) experiences. This has changed dramatically since I started going to Calgary Dental House. I've received different work from both Dr. Crawford and Dr. Reddy who are both easily the friendliest and most helpful dentists I've ever dealt with. Dr. Crawford pulled 3 of my wisdom teeth out which I had been putting off time after time and even cancelled an appointment to do it with my previous dentist. I went into their office thinking I was going to be put to sleep, only to find out that I was going to be frozen instead (that was because of my own misunderstanding, nothing on their end). Dr. Crawford and Dr. Reddy saw that I was visibly nervous and they talked me down off the ledge and we were able to get the work done by splitting them between 2 separate appointments. They never pushed the issue and knew exactly what they were doing and I had 2 completely pain-free procedures and recoveries. Just wanted to say thanks to both of you!

  • Allison G

My family and I just moved here from the states and am so happy I found this dental practice. I live near downtown, but it was easy to get here! First of all they took images of my entire mouth and explained to me things I have never been told in the past. It was very cool to see pictures of each individual tooth. Seeing these pictures I was able to better understand what was going on with my family’s teeth. Dr. Reddy was great! She fixed a cavity for my son the same day of our first visit! My son wasn’t scared at all and she helped him stay calm and walked him through the entire process. I was so happy she fixed this the first day because at our last office, I often had to wait months in between treatments needed. We highly recommend this practice for your entire family! My favorite part about the visit was that because no treatment was needed (no cavities) they made me free whitening trays! This cost me at least $200 at my last dentist! I highly recommend this dental practice!

  • lookworks TJ

I LOVE going to these dentists! The ENTIRE staff is incredible! They are both efficient and welcoming during all tasks…from booking your appointment, to walking in and out of the door, and basically in any and all interaction you have with them. The dental hygienists are always pleasant, knowledgable and highly skilled. Both Dr. Reddy and Dr. Clark are amazing dentists! Their work is thorough and their manner is welcoming and pleasant. I actually truly love going to see my dentists! I have such a wonderful time there, (crazy to say about a dentist; but true!!) I notice myself hanging around not wanting to leave. The office atmosphere is that pleasant. It’s clear the staff is well treated as everyone is warm and relaxed. If you’re in the market for a new dentist - or even if you’re not - I HIGHLY recommend Calgary Dental House. These dentists are simply fabulous. They are so so good at what they do - and they are truly amazing humans. I’m only too happy to support!!

  • Kim Nicholls

I have been going here for 3 years now, originally going due to proximity to workplace but continuing to visit even though I don't work in the NE anymore because I like this office. Service here is great and everyone I've encountered has been friendly, professional and do their best to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Crawford is great and explains what he is doing and why and does what is really needed to keep you healthy without pushing things that you may not necessarily require such as replacing fillings that don't really need to be replaced yet or whitening; I have annoyingly encountered this with previous dental offices. I've been pleased to find that Calgary Dental House is pretty much in line with the Alberta Dental Fee Guide for insurance purposes and Dr. Crawford is more than willing to answer questions about fees charged. I will continue to visit Calgary Dental House and have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

  • Kevin Nguyen

I recently visited Calgary Dental House for my routine check-up and I am compelled to share what an outstanding experience it was! From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The reception staff was friendly and efficient, making the check-in process a breeze. Dr. Crawford and the entire team were not only highly professional but also genuinely caring. The dental hygienist, Jimmy, was meticulous and thorough during the cleaning, ensuring my comfort throughout the entire process. The experience was exceptional, and I highly recommend this dental office to anyone seeking top-notch care in a friendly and professional environment.

  • Ryan (GreasyWeenus)

I avoided going to the dentist for 25+ years out of fear and not wanting a lecture. But after having enough of a painful toothache I had no choice. Every single staff member was very kind and professional. Dr. Crawford quashed all fears I had within seconds. He gave me options on how to deal with the toothache, but due to limitations with my insurance, I decided to have them pulled. I cannot believe how painless have my teeth pulled has been. From when the freezing wore off to even the next day, there is no pain at all. I can only attribute to Dr. Crawford's skill as a dentist. I HIGHLY recommend this dentist office to anyone and everyone!

  • Terri Lin

AMAZING!! I have experienced many dentists in Calgary -- I have not liked any of them. This lead my search for a new dentist. At Calgary Dental House, they are thoughtful, caring, attentive, thorough, understanding and knowledgeable -- just to name a few. This of course is the top of the iceberg because they are amazing and talented dentists too. I honestly never thought I would ever recommend a dentist in this city but I tell EVERYONE to come here. Oh and they are amazing with children, my children have literally no fear of the dentist because of their patience and skill. Trust me, just go in for a consult, you will not be disappointed.

  • Megan Strickland

Such a great dental office. I am SO HAPPY A co-worker recommended them to me. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Dentist offices can often be kind of scary and intimidating especially if you haven’t been in a while but Dr. Reddy and Dr. Crawford and the best husband & wife team. They are really kind and professional while making you feel super comfortable. They are wonderful at explaining everything about your mouth health in a way you can understand and now I look forward to my appointments. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist or looking to switch dentists. You can thank me later.

  • Tessa Stubbington

Genuine , caring , and compassionate . I would highly recommend this dental clinic to anyone who is in search of a dentist , or who isn’t thrilled with their current dental office . From the front end staff to the lovely dentists themselves , they make going to the dentist “ easy “. My children beg me to take them here every six months for a cleaning and check up - maybe it’s the toy chest ,the gentle hands and smiles or the fact they can have a movie distraction while sitting in the dental chair . Whatever it is, I’ll take it ! Go see this lovely husband and wife dental duo . I can’t recommend them enough

  • Danny Nguyen

The staff is super welcoming, and everyone is incredibly friendly! I had an absolutely amazing experience, and I would totally recommend this dental clinic to others. The level of care they provide is exceptional, and they go above and beyond to ensure patient comfort. The clinic is also well-equipped with modern technology, making each procedure efficient and effective. Moreover, the dentists are highly skilled and knowledgeable, putting any concerns or fears at ease. Overall, this dental clinic sets a high standard for quality dental care and creates a positive and comfortable environment for patients.

  • Damian Archer

Absolutely a great experience! Coming in I was a bit nervous as the last time I was at a dentist was 6 years prior. The staff made me feel welcome as soon as I walked in the door. The clinic itself was very clean and very modern. The dentist and assistant were very professional. As they cleaned my teeth they were very informative as to when I would feel any discomfort if any. When I got my X-rays taken the Dr was very informative as to the shape of my teeth and explained in a matter I was able to understand easily. I would recommend this dental practise to anyone and everyone! Very good job!

  • Anish Chand

I have recently switched over to the Calgary Dental House for my dental needs and all the staff there are very welcoming and kind from start to finish. They took care of all my needs and help keep you on track yearly so that I never miss a check up. They are always tentative and caring when dealing with their patients. Christine is one of the dental assistants there and she has helped me numerous times. She is always friendly and you can tell that everyone genuinely puts their best effort whenever we walk in that front door. I am happy that I came here and I will keep coming back!

  • Chermaen Lindberg

I have seen many dentists over the years and going to my appointments have always been a torture. Since going to Calgary Dental House, my perception of dentists has changed dramatically. Both Drs. Crawford and Reddy have been so patient with me and they always ensure I am well taken care of at every appointment. In addition to the fantastic dentists I have, I loved the clean dental facility with state-of art technology that makes my every appointment easy and comfortable. I would totally recommend Calgary Dental House for your entire family!

  • Brenda Mikkelsen

The staff were friendly, efficient and were more than happy to take the time to answer any and all of my questions. My first visit was a checkup and cleaning and both the hygienist and dentist were thorough and listened to my dental concerns and addressed them all. When I went back for dental work they ensured I was relaxed and explained what they were doing at all times. They remembered my concerns from the check up. All and all it was a good experience and as pain free as possible and I will make Calgary Dental House my regular dentist.

  • Colin Forsyth

Beautiful new facility is clean and well maintained. TV screens at each of the chairs to watch while they are working and also used display the x-ray and other images of your teeth as they explain what is going on in your mouth. The staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Clark Crawford was friendly and open in his discussion about what work needed and did not need to be done on my teeth. He was frank about the risk of unnecessary work causing tooth sensitivity and wasn't looking to do such work. Overall an excellent experience.

  • Melissa Halderman

What a fantastic experience! I chose Calgary Dental House because of the location but I was blown away by the entire experience. Dr. Reddy was friendly, thorough, and great at explaining what she was doing. The offices are beautiful, their evening and weekend hours are helpful for my schedule, the support in dealing with my benefits coverage was fantastic and the dental work and cleaning I received were great. It is a joy to visit a dentist office where everyone is friendly and visibly loves their job!

  • Carly Zeleny

Dr Crawford and Dr Reddy are amazing. The entire staff team are professional, helpful and just generally amazing. When I found them years ago I had lots of issues, between braces for years and cheaply done work previously, my mouth was not in good shape. They completely fixed my dental health and explained everything and worked with me to get the most severe issues done before worrying about everything all at once! I no longer have tooth aches and my rate of cavities is almost zero. Thanks!

  • jettes valerio

I am so happy with the dental care I received at Calgary Dental House. Dr. Clark and his entire staff(Coralee and Khahan) are incredible clinicians. The moment I walked in the door I felt the professionalism and energy. I received first class dental care and could not be happier. Dr. Clark is meticulous, thorough, and masterful. Thank you Dr. Clark and staff for making my dental experience pleasant. I love my new smile. And also, thank you Miss Dental Hygienist(I forgot the name)lol

  • Darren Crawford

One of the most friendliest offices that we've ever been to the staff and the doctors both Dr Crawford and Dr Reddy are phenomenal they cater to their patient's needs they make you feel like your family when you come to the office I highly recommend Calgary dental house as a place to come and get your teeth done you won't be disappointed we've had one of the best experiences ever coming here and I refer as many as my work colleagues and my friends as I can as they are 100% top notch

  • Kimberly Noble

Hands down the best experience I've had at a dentist. Great combination of modern facility/technology and the human touch. I've seen both Dr Reddy and Dr Crawford and each of them go out of their way to make you feel comfortable on all levels (as do their staff). I appreciate that their fees are fair and reasonable and I've never felt like they've recommended work that wasn't necessary. I've referred several people there and we all agree - great experience, great dentists!

  • Jonathan Dardon

Very friendly and accommodating staff and dentists. They genuinely care about their clients, and take concerns that their clients may have seriously. They are super patient and compassionate with children and do everything to ensure they have a good experience so they are not scared to visit the dentist. My girls love coming to this office, and I appreciate the positive and friendly relationship that everyone in this office strives to establish with their patients.

  • Sandy H

Everyone here is very courteous and friendly. They take the time to explain all the things you’re getting done. Their offices are conveniently located with tons of parking. They answer emails and phone calls promptly. The inside is super clean and new. Honest recommendations were given, they didn’t try to up-sale any services you don’t need. They made sure I knew what to expect in terms of discomfort (if any). I would recommend their dental office to others.

  • Carolina Meza

Took my boyfriend for a tooth ache and turned out he needed more then just a few teeth pulled. Both Dr Reddy and Dr Crawford were amazing. What seemed to be a scarry situation of having to have 8 teeth pulled, both Doctors helped to make his experience great. They brought comfort and ease to my boyfriend who does not speak English well, as Dr Reddy even tried her best to speak to him in Spanish. The procedure was quick and painless and just overall amazing!

  • Irene Rudnyk

Just finished my root canal and I had to give a 5 start review ( would give a 10 start if it was possible). I am super terrified of any dental work and root canal was giving me major anxiety. But to my surprise I felt zero pain. Even the numbing needle didn't feel like much. The whole thing took about an hour and I'm at home right now feeling really excited to not feel the horrible tooth pain anymore. Thank you so much! Can't wait for my cleaning.

  • Christine

Great service! The best experience I ever had at a dental clinic! I would recommend Calgary Dental House to everyone. Cindy is an excellent hygienist and made my cleaning absolutely painless. Dr. Crawford also went above and beyond and cleaned up some of the pesky stains on my teeth. I love how white my teeth look and can't thank the team enough. Everyone at Calgary Dental House is professional, courteous and makes sure that you are comfortable.

  • Caity lyons

Absolutely amazing staff! They are so welcoming! I had a ridiculous amount of dental work done! I honestly hate going to the dentist but they make it bearable! They did a bunch of work while I was pregnant and made me so comfortable! I highly recommend this place! Even whilst having financial issues they helped me figure out different options and programs I could try and apply for! Not one bad thing to say here! If you haven't been here go!!

  • Anne B. Burgess

I chose the Calgary Dental House because of its location. However, after my first visit, I quickly found out that the staff is second to none! From the moment I was greeted by Michelle to my appointment with Dr.Crawford, it was an excellent experience. Following my initial exam, Dr. Reddy took care of a cracked crown. She was fantastic! Friendly, but very professional and reassuring. I highly recommend the Calgary Dental House!

  • Jason Phuong

This is my 2nd time back for a scaling service since the last visit in Dec. 2021, everything went well, the appointment was punctual and proper, it was booked for 3pm and I was in right away, the staff were friendly and welcoming, the office is well decorated and kept to a clean standard. The hygienist was efficient and informative and did a great job, I would continue to make visits to this office for my dental needs

  • morelia roberti

Honestly I am terrified every time I go to the dentist and have never found one that I feel comfortable. But since I found Calgary Dental House I am beyond happy, both doctors are amazing and sweet . They really understand your needs and make sure you get done what you need not what it's better for them which it's extremely hard to find. I take my toddler there as well and she is always happy. I highly recommend it!

  • Corinne Harbidge Sefton

Love this dental practice! It is clean and efficient and all of the staff are friendly. It is modern and the technology is state of the art. The husband/wife dentists are excellent and gentle with both me and my kids (who are always happy to go for the treasure chest). I never feel like I'm being sold anything I don't need at this practice, and that's a testament to their ethic as professionals. Highly recommend.

  • Issa Sab (Issa)

Having moved back to Calgary was in search for a new dentist, and sure glad I found this place First time recommending and reviewing a DENTIST. But Dr. Reddy & Dr. Crawford are two amazing dentists, who truly care about their patients, never rushing through and always taking the time to explain the various options and procedure at hand .. Now I look forward to seeing my dentist. BONUS – They offer refreshments!!

  • Lloyd Ko

If you are going to get your teeth cleaned and x-rayed or any inquiries then I highly suggest that you get it done here. Christine and Clark were very professional and informative when it came to the process of getting the teeth cleaned and x-rayed. They ensured that my teeth was fully cleaned and they thoroughly went through the examination of my teeth letting me know if there were any cavities or any growths

  • Jennifer calwell

I absolutely love the service that I receive when I am at Calgary Dental House. I have never liked going to the dentist before but after my first visit I was sold through their world class customer service and the amazing staff! Every time I go there they remember my name and take an interest in me personally. I can't enough about this team other than I won't see another dentist again that is for sure!

  • Sarah Grant

My first visit was an emergency, and they were able to fit me in & help me right away. I've come back for all my dental needs since then. Dr Crawford is by far the best dentist I've seen. I'm terrified of the dentist, and my wisdom tooth extraction felt fast & easy. The pain level during & after was minimal, and the healing afterwards went very well. I would recommend Calgary Dental House to anyone!

  • Francesco Piscionieri

Many places talk about professional courteous service however this team understands how to treat people. Their approach to providing an aesthetically pleasing clean environment as well as the 5 Star service is an abnormality in this day and age. The hard part is maintaining this level of service but they have earned the right to our family’s business. Also very helpful with direct billing insurance.

  • Marci Rif

I had never had a good experience at the dentist until going to the Calgary Dental House. The entire staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Reddy was really thorough and explained everything to me in detail. My comfort and satisfaction were their top priority and they did everything in their power to make sure I was happy. If you're looking for a dentist, this is the place to go!

  • Bernard Carter

I was looking for a dentist and my friend Kim said go here. They are wonderful people and gentle. My spouse is deathly affraid of dentists, and for him to go once and then go back again is something. He also highly recommends them for all your dental needs. They have made us feel comfortable and went above and beyond to assist us. Thank you Dr Crawford and Dr. Reddy for all your support.

  • Amy Ostapchuk

The Dental House is by far the best dental clinic I've ever been to. It feels like I get luxury, personal treatment, every single time. The dentists and hygienists make me feel like family. It's never crowded and you get to feel like the whole place is all for you. They have TVs in the room to watch while you're in the chair, and it's just a clean, modern, beautiful place in general.

  • Wish

By far the best experience I have ever had. Staff are professional, courteous and answer all your concerns. Dr Crawford is very informative and only does the necessary work. He personally goes through all x rays and photographs with you of your teeth teaching you along the way. No pushy sales tactics here.. if you need a reliable dentist, look no further. Will be back again!

  • Kimberly Girard

This is the best dental experience I have had. Dr. Crawford and Dr. Reddy are really amazing people, and their customer service is superior. They come across so genuine and caring while ensuring you understand what needs to happen in your mouth. I really appreciate and enjoy visiting them and will never hate the dentist again. Thanks guys, see you in six months!

  • Alyssa-Jade Paul

Best dental office I have ever been too! I’m 38 weeks pregnant and was in a lot of pain, also very nervous about having dental work done while pregnant! They made me feel very comfortable, eased my anxiety and reassured me they would help and baby would be okay. Procedure was done very quickly and I’m already feeling so much better!!! Thank you dental house.

  • Rachel Peters

I love the team at Calgary Dental House. They are not only friendly but calming and reassuring during all dental processes. Dr. Crawford is gregarious, thorough and quick. The goody bag at the end is always appreciated... just make sure to ask for a sugar free lolipop. I never dread going to the dentist anymore! I refer all my coworkers, family and friends!

  • Linden R

Guys, they have tv's to watch NHL playoffs while they work on your mouth! I hardly noticed them working. Also, Clark is probably the most truthful, down to earth dentist I've met. He told me straight up what needs repair and what can wait. I feel like he takes care of me. The hygienist and front staff also provided excellent service.

  • Nancy Kuot

The Calgary Dental House is a great dental office. Very professional and friendly, they made me feel welcomed and they also offer refreshment and have a comfortable lounge area with a television and magazines. The office has a nice ambiance and a beautiful clean modern design throughout the space. I recommend everyone to go there.

  • Matt M

I'm a new patient of theirs and they are amazing. Compared to my last dentist, Dr. Crawford is super nice and caring, I used to have major anxiety going to a dentist, but now its very easy. Front staff are also super nice and accommodating to any financial needs/payment plans! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new dentist

  • Shaila Johnston

Service is good and prompt. Nice atmosphere when you go in, and enjoy that it's often quiet. I've been to some places that are so packed and full of people and you feel like you're rushed around. Not the case with this place and the staff spends time making sure all is well and you're satisfied with the work before you leave.

  • Nina Bruce

The Calgary Dental house is a very welcoming, clean and comfortable place. All of the staff are friendly and considerate. My kids and I have been going here for awhile now and have never had any problems. Dr. Crawford & Dr. Reddy are both very knowledgeable and kind. If you need a new dentist, I would recommend them 100%!

  • David Genovese

This is far and away the best dental practice I have visited. The office is very clean and the staff very attentive and professional. Both dentists are clearly very knowledge and have great bedside manner, but most importantly they will take the time to listen to and address your concerns. I highly recommend this office.

  • Todd Richert

The dentists and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They have high tech equipment (including TVs used to help explain dental issues). The office is clean and comfortable. The dentists carefully explain what they are doing and why. I am very glad to be a patient at the Calgary Dental House. I would highly recommend it.

  • LD

My first visit two weeks ago, everyone from the lady at the front to Dr. Reddy made me feel welcome. It doesn't feel like a dentist office when you walk in. Dr. Reddy is awesome and I've never had a dentist sit and thoroughly explain everything that is going on with my teeth to me. I'm happy I made the switch.

  • Lauren Lehman

Had a botox treatment with Clark and received tremendous attention and care to ensure the optimal outcome. He really knows the facial musculature for very effective targeting of the right areas. The staff were also very kind and efficient. I would highly recommend visiting with Calgary Dental House for botox.

  • Ibrahim magdy

I never really leave reviews but for this one I felt like I had to. Had the best cleaning session of my life here. This is hands down the best place to get your teeth cleaned professionally in Calgary. The session was extremely informative and you can tell the dental hygienist genuinely cares about her work.

  • Nisha Simpson

Love love this dental office. So family oriented. Welcoming feeling as soon as you walk through the doors. Very modern and updated facility, Dr. Reddy is very patient and explains treatments thoroughly. I have been to few dentist in Calgary and this is by far the best one yet, wish there was a six star.

  • Richard Nguyen

The staff here are very friendly and professional and deliver the best service every time I visit. My last few visits have been nothing less than exceptional. They really take the time to listen and take care of their patients. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to get dental work done!

  • Misty Swimmer

I don't like dentist. I try to avoid them but I gave this place a shot and well I'm impressed. the staff was kind, sweet funny and most importantly gentle! the dentist is knows his stuff and took care of my teeth. ps I love the fridge with the water and juice. I'll recommend this place to everyone

  • Zlathy Fallwell

I met Dr.Crawford in Mardaloop practice and followed him here because he is a great caring dentist. They have lovely and friendly front desk staff, assistant and hygienists! They do DIRECT BILLING! It is always a pleasant experience!! Would definitely recommend coming here!

  • Chandra Swanson

Calgary Dental House, simply is the best! It's the only place for myself, my husband, and my daughter. The staff are beyond friendly and cheery. Both the dentists, and the hygienists, do excellent work, and keep you comfortable and informed. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

  • Scott Sera

Professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Time after time my family has had terrific dental hygiene experiences at the Calgary Dental House. We will continue to entrust Dr. Nikla Reddy & Dr. Crawford for all of our families dental needs in the future. Thank you!

  • A P

Best dentist I've been to. Clinic is very friendly and receptionists are terrific. Dentist took her time to explain everything in details and answered all my questions. On time and punctual. Thank you for making this a pleasant experience for me. Highly recommanded.

  • vivian dang

Great dental hygiene experience! I have been going here for over a year now and the staff are very friendly and welcoming. They always made sure that I was comfortable. The office is beautiful, modern and clean. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone!

  • Rylee Fougere

Everyone at this office is very friendly, helpful and makes you feel very comfortable. Dr. Crawford cares about each of his patients and their well being and does a great job. Very handy that they are open evenings and weekends as well. Highly recommend!!

  • Katie Dyer

Super friendly staff. Honestly if I could give them more than 5 stars I would. I have a terrible fear of the dentist and have since I was about 5 years old and had an experience. I honestly look forward to going in now knowing that I'm in good hands.

  • Sabina Licious

I m fairly terrified to go to dentist but at Calgary dental was amazing experience thats why I always come back Dr Clark was amazing, patient and understanding. I also took my 3 year old for his first check up and he loved it !! Highly recommended!!

  • Danielle Pertle

I took my son here today for two fillings. They fit me in right away and Dr. Reddy was amazing. The office is beautiful and they offer refreshments. My son felt very comfortable as did I. Great office will refer to all my friends and family.

  • Christina Le

My first time ever at this dental clinic and I would say I am very impressed and would most definitely be returning. The staff here are all so welcoming, skillful and very knowledgeable in what they do. I would highly recommend coming here.

  • Kelli Younglove

I went in for dental hygiene today after a long absence and was a bit apprehensive . (I’m sensitive!) Elle was so gentle and attentive, yet very thorough. I knew I was in good hands with her and actually enjoyed the process. Thank you Elle!

  • Helena Baptista

I’ve been to dentists in the past who have been really judgemental. I mean, not all of us floss. But I didn’t get that here at all. Super friendly; Super helpful. Made my kids feel comfortable and happy. All of the staff were great!

  • Amna Ahmed

Dr Crawford and Dr Reddy are awesome. They’re great with kids and make sure you feel comfortable during your visit. The receptionists, hygienists, pretty much the whole team is always so kind. Highly recommended!

  • Mylo C

Great experience. Spotless interior - gives a sense of sterile and professional environment. Didn't wait for my appointment to begin. Appreciated the complimentary pro forma summary of services before we began.

  • Jimmy N

After moving to Alberta 12 years ago. I tried 6 different dentist. This place is definitely a step above every other places I tried. Now I can say that my search for a family dentist is over. We will come back.

  • Samantha Gallant

Love coming here for my dentist appointments. All staff are super friendly and always go out of their way to make sure I get what I need, and make sure I’m comfortable. Best dentist I’ve ever been to by far!

  • Ash D

I took my 6 year old daughter to this place. They are amazing staff. They are very nice and professionals. They made my daughter comfortable and did amazing job. Very clean and nice facility. Thank you guys.

  • Regan Crawfordsera

Highly recommend this office and staff. Amazing dentists and absolutely awesome with kids. All staff are very knowledgeable and will ensure you have a positive experience. You will not be disappointed!

  • Jay Seel

My sister had to get emergency dental work in Calgary while visiting from California and Dr. Crawford did such a great job with the grafting and dental implant. Highly recommend their dental practice.

  • Stephanie Bitango

Was an awesome dentist experience; the dentist was really friendly and thorough with explaining everything! Will definitely go back and tell my friends and family about this new dental office.

  • Kurtis Pattison

Who knew a dentist office could feel home-like. Calgary dental house is a clean and welcoming space. The staff are great, well trained and you can tell they enjoy their job.

  • Mike Richardson

Best dentist office I have ever been to. The folks that work here are true professionals, and know how to take care of their patients. 10/10 I cannot recommend them enough.

  • Erin Wilson

Dr. Crawford and his team make going to the dentist a great experience. If you are hesitant to go to the dentist you should choose this clinic, they will put you at ease.

  • Z S

Professional, high quality, yet very friendly and easy going service; great responsiveness, they provide options and practical approaches to problems. Highly recommended.

  • Pardeep Kaur

Best Dentist I have ever met. The team gives the best solution and never try to make money from your pain. Work is par excellent. I do not dread dentists anymore :)

  • TheImpoliteLoneWolf

Super friendly staff, got three wisdom teeth removed and they made me feel extremely comfortable and the procedure when flawlessly. Would highly recommend this place

  • Mathieu Ferland

Dr Crawford goes above and beyond for his patients. I have severe anxiety about dental work and he has done everything to make it as comfortable as possible for me.

  • lisa l

Dental office is very clean, and all the staff are very friendly and professional. Would recommend this office to anyone looking for cleaning/dental services

  • Talia Curley

I've always had an awesome experience at Calgary Dental House. The dentists are super friendly and professional! You will definitely not be disappointed.

  • Joanna Debosz

Excellent care. I have a lot of anxiety going to the dentist but feel very comfortable coming here. I highly recommend the team at Calgary Dental House.

  • Poni Nyarsuk

The staff is very welcoming, and everyone is so friendly! I had a wonderful experience, and I would definitely recommend this dental clinic to others.

  • Micayla Rose

This is the best dental office in every way. Everyone is friendly and caring, there is never a long wait, and they explain everything. 100% recommend

  • Dave Nabeta

Dr. Reddy, Dr. Crawford and their wonderful staff are exceptional and stand out far beyond other dental specialist I’ve encountered over the years!

  • Meri Pogosian

Had a great experience at Calgary Dental House. Extremely professional and welcoming staff. I was looking for a new dentists and I have found one.

  • Sergio “Checho77” Medina Jr

Best dental experience, my son (8) years old was not scared has no problem going back for yet more cavities . Calgary Dental House great . …

  • Tammy Le

Clean and friendly dental office with staff who are knowledgable and equipped to handle all of your dental concerns! 10/10 would recommend!

  • N S

I had a really good experience here! The dentists and the entire team are very caring and knowledgeable! Highly recommend this office! :)

  • Rebecca Crawford

Great service and kindness from both my hygienist and Dr.C. I left feeling better and a little more comfortable for future appointments.

  • james wakeham

Hands down the best dentist office I have visited. Zero pressure atmosphere and plenty of options suggested. Would highly recommend.

  • Abhi Shah

Excellent service. A bit pricey and goes over alberta average so insurance probably will not cover entire cost but still worth it.

  • Jillian Angus

Wonderful experience - my favourite dentist and dental staff. Not a bad thing to say about it. Love that they have evening hours!

  • Justin S

I've been coming here since they opened a few years ago. They have phenomenal staff and provide such a high quality of service.

  • mitucker

Staff are always friendly and eager to help. Never recommend anything unnecessary, and ensure my comfort throughout the visit.

  • Jeremy Bessey

Phenomenal work, your teeth feel and, look great after! Experienced and, as much comfort as ,possible at the dentist. …

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