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CVS is a Drug store located at 3349 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133, United States. It has received 35 reviews with an average rating of 2.6 stars.





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  • The address of CVS: 3349 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133, United States

  • CVS has 2.6 stars from 35 reviews

  • Drug store

  • "This is a new CVS so it’s well stocked and clean and I’ve been coming here for my medications since it opened"

    "It’s unfortunate to have to write a terrible review of this nature"

    "We were excited when CVS opened up a new store and pharmacy in Coconut Grove walking distance from our home"

    "I love this CVS but yesterday I had a really unpleasant situation"

    "With everyone else here"


  • Fayruz Escaf

This is a new CVS so it’s well stocked and clean and I’ve been coming here for my medications since it opened. I just finished reading all the negative reviews on the pharmacy manager and can not disagree more. Granted, he is not chatty but he is very professional and cares more than most pharmacists I’ve come across and I’ve been to many pharmacies throughout the years. CVS chooses to just have a limited number of staff in the pharmacy and that’s not his fault or decision and I’m sure he’d rather have help than a bunch of unhappy customers/patients waiting in line pressuring him to rush. So If you want to be friends with your pharmacist maybe this isn’t pharmacy for you but in regards to just getting what you’re there for I think he does very well. I actually think he’s very nice and pleasant and many other pharmacists I’ve come across are extremely rude too so go figure. Chris makes my life so much easier by reducing the stress it causes to not have your medicine in time and I’m always very appreciative of him. Now, the store manager imo is super rude and not helpful whatsoever and that one I don’t understand how he got the job but the pharmacy has been a pleasure to deal with always, for me personally, with the numerous medications I take regularly and have been using this specific store since they opened. So if it’s a convenient location for you, try them out for yourselves and be understanding that sometimes understaffing can be the problem and that’s not the pharmacist’s fault.

  • Sandra Madjdi

It’s unfortunate to have to write a terrible review of this nature. With having to hear it or see it in group chats across our community and various local community apps are speaking on this. All the way to corporate apparently. However it needs to be addressed somehow. We moved closer to this particular location of CVS. With in the few months of us being here we have been in this location on a weekly basis. I have come to find I am Not alone in my experience with the pharmacist and how extremely rude, short and unpleasant he is. Not just to me, but to anyone that comes in his presence. I was so so so nice to him and always smiled but he’s just miserable I feel. I spoke to the manager who’s a lady and she was also aware of his mean and unpleasant attitude and behavior and said there is nothing she can do or corporate. Because if you complain to corporate they come down on the store and the employees they’re not the actual issue which is the PHARMACIST. I can write forever the amount of times and encounters I had with him and how rude he is. I have to now drive farther to go to another location. How sad. What can be done

  • D. E.

We were excited when CVS opened up a new store and pharmacy in Coconut Grove walking distance from our home. The grove has tripled in the past 10 years, plus it’s a great location with easy parking. The store is new, clean, and pleasant; however, I do not recommend the pharmacy because of the under-qualified awkward nature of its pharmacy manager. This individual is the main person working with prescriptions, hence the person that you will have to deal with for anything pharmacy related. The position this individual holds requires customer service qualities/skills and unfortunately that’s not the case. My family decided to give up convenience for quality customer service or at least a normal/typical pharmacy experience. Ultimately, we decided to go back to Walgreens until a more qualified employee takes over at the CVS pharmacy in Pan American drive.

  • Jania Consuegra

I love this CVS but yesterday I had a really unpleasant situation. I asked for help from a white-skinned Hispanic with black hair and gold chains to show me how a Goli brand supplements offer worked. It was a buy one, get one free deal. He said he would assist me. Since my phone was unlocked for Apple Pay, once he finished scanning all the items, it automatically charged me. Without much willingness to help, he told me that he couldn't apply the discount and directly blamed me for "paying too early." This has happened to me in other places, and the issue was easily resolved. In this case, the person had no intention of helping. This is not the type of service I desire, especially in a place like Coconut Grove where you don't expect to encounter such unhelpful and uncooperative individuals.

  • Wade Glot

With everyone else here. I’ve tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was having a bad day but man he is unpleasant to deal with. Never filling prescriptions here. He told my wife to “be careful” while getting a flu shot when she signed the paperwork. We asked him why and he just shrugged. She was also filling another prescription so we left confused if the flu shot would interfere with her prescription (he forgot to order the 3 month variant anyway so we just left the store as he insisted she do a 1 month instead) He also keeps his AirPods in and if you come up to the counter you have to wave and raise your voice or else he won’t look up at you and when he does, he’s annoyed. Avoid. The staff at the CVS on grand in the grove are so much nicer and a joy to deal with.

  • Juan Penuela-Velez

DO NOT STOP BY FOR YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS !! Is a shame they have the best location, a beautiful store and managed to hire the worst Pharmacy Manager they could find. I tried twice as I though the guy had a bad day the first time but then again, on a second occasion the same, rude and with an attitude. I was derelict in posting this to warn other nearby residents and stopped today, he was not there. As I asked if he was replaced and we started talking I shared my thoughts on the man and the fact that I will continue doing business at the old CVS until he is replaced, and they acknowledged they have received many complaints so this prompted me to share.

  • Laura Nunez

I can honestly say that the most unkind , rude person I have ever met is Christopher Harris the pharmacist at the CVS pharmacy on Pan American drive in Coconut Grove. I had just left the hospital and needed prescriptions refilled , for no reason at all, other than that is CVS service standard he made me wait an hour for my prescriptions . This is a sick woman that just left the hospital. He should not be behind a pharmacy counter or any counter for that matter. I do not know when CVS will finally realize this and take action

  • Paula Busta

Horrible customer service here, Maria working at front cash register or at the front has insulted me many times while shopping at the store Very unprofessional and lack of customer service This employee can’t get a grip of their emotions and attitude at work Many times I was asked unprofessional question and there’s no way to stop this from happening The harassment in this store it’s unacceptable and unprofessional from your employee Maria (black hair Hispanic brown skin black eyes)

  • Christopher Loughlin

Pharmacy has very few medications and only ever one person on staff (not helpful) = long lines. It’s a joke. The rest of the place is fine but staffed by first time employee - avoid at all costs - it’s a joke - go to Grand Avenue location or the drive to Key Biscayne would be faster. Update: Jan-17-2022 - The Pharmacy Manager (Chris) called me today to ask what went on and ended-up hanging up on me. The reviews of this property are accurate - rude and unhelpful.

  • Ana Maria Kausel

This pharmacist is the rudest human being I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. I’m a physician and I called to check on a prescription and he literally started screaming at me on the phone. When I’ve been there for a flu shot or to pick up my prescription he literally ignores me. I’ve waited 10 mins or more and finally have left because I haven’t been assisted. And I’ve heard him screaming at other patients on the phone. This man is HORRIBLE.

  • Adriana Del Vecchio

Beautiful store and location. The pharmacy is the worst ever. The man taking care of the pharmacy is very rude and disrespectful. Avoid coming into this pharmacy. I really DON’T understand how this man works here. He should never work with the public. Terrible experience. Would never come again here. Unfortunately when its about health and medications, sometimes there is no choice on where to buy them, just need to buy where the stock is.

  • Alison Garcia

Whoever the pharmacist is that i spoke to today at 9am is the absolute worst ever! Unprofessional, rude, nasty, and wrong. He should be fired! I get it gets busy and frustrating at times but his customer service is horrible and he should find a different career if he hates his life so much. Horrible horrible horrible and I never writes reviews but this guy needs to be else where!!!!!!

  • L. B.

New. Clean. Fast. Convenient. It’s a shame all of these qualities get overlooked once you hit the pharmacy. This is my third time picking up at this location and the service from the man behind the counter is absolutely horrendous. Plain out rude. How is this even possible? Does CVS offer customer service training? He should take a few of those courses.

  • Chris G

The pharmacy manager Chris needs some coaching. He comes across as aggressive and distracted, and doesn’t manage the counter effectively. He always has headphones in and doesn’t speak to customers waiting at the counter- letting them know you’re busy for a few minutes goes a long way. Perhaps he’s overwhelmed but he’s doing himself no favors.

  • Mariofan00001

Listen I like to say thank you to everybody there. Specially the young lady that helped me so much there. Her name is Maria the one with the black hair she just doesn’t know what I was going through. Thank you so much and thank you to the staff that help me. And I can’t forget the manager there. Cool guy.1 /24 2023

  • Vivek Varki

The only pharmacy that won’t entertain a conversation with a physician and with out letting me speak or finish my sentence sends me to voicemail. Avoid sending your patients and loved ones to this pharmacy if providers (pharmacists and physicians) are not given the opportunity to communicate with each other.

  • Bill Renaud

3 strikes your out. 3rd visit to this location and 3rd time the pharmacy can't fill pretty basic subscription. 1st time was Covid antidote and didn't have. This time basic antibiotics told will have to order. Save yourself time go somewhere else a larger store. Not helpful nor friendly staff.

  • A C

Guy at the pharmacy is rude and unprofessional. Not surprised to see so many complaints on this site. @CVS, Dr Harris (as it says on his name tag) has to go! Beautiful store tarnished by a horrible and abrasive personality.

  • Paloma Gallardo

I was looking to change some of my cosmetics and received a lot of help. A young Asistant was nicer and more sweet that some people at other professional cosmetic stores.

  • P B

Do not get your prescriptions from this pharmacy at Pan American Drive! Worse possible service from the pharmacist who is very rude and disrespectful, goes by Dr. Harris.

  • Kai Colucci

at the risk of alerting others to it and ruining it, this is best CVS i’ve ever been to. happily will go twice as far to this location than to the other location near me

  • Jesse Parsons

Needed a medical item for my wife. Store closes 12 midnight. Doors were locked 11:50 and the guy inside “waved me off”. Captain Ahab would spear this guy.

  • Alla Stewart

Great store, very clean, good inventory and attentive employees

  • Fernanda McMacken

Rude pharmacist, I will never come back to this location.

  • J G

Cleanest CVS I ever went into, impeccably clean bathrooms

  • Nirisa Lustre

I'm Satisfied.they are friendly!most the cashier lady!

  • Lori Mansene

Great new addition to the area..

  • Bruce Salamon

The cleanest CVS in America

  • Francisco Vallejo

Horrible pharmacist.

  • Alicia Constain

Very good service

  • so to say

점원이 잘생겼고 친절해요..

  • J. Lalonde


  • Yaquelin Mendez
  • Miguel Angel Larach
  • Vanessa N.

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