Bridlewood Mall

4757 reviews

2900 Warden Ave., Scarborough, ON M1W 2S8, Canada



Bridlewood Mall is a Shopping mall located at 2900 Warden Ave., Scarborough, ON M1W 2S8, Canada. It has received 4757 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Bridlewood Mall: 2900 Warden Ave., Scarborough, ON M1W 2S8, Canada

  • Bridlewood Mall has 3.8 stars from 4757 reviews

  • Shopping mall

  • "One of the malls my family and I use to grocery shop and stores that we would visit back in the 80's"

    "I've been living here for 12 years"

    "I had never been to this mall before"

    "One of the prime locations in Scarborough and a go to place for everyone around since its home to everything you need"

    "Went there for Asian culture Food festival and it was a one time great experience"


  • Patrick

One of the malls my family and I use to grocery shop and stores that we would visit back in the 80's. I loved how it still has it's old charm but it definitely needs a face lift and update. I hope owner invests more or shop owners put more into the place so more customers will come there and make it thrive again like it did back in the 80's. It is definitely in a good area and has some nice stores but needs more to attract people there. Loved the Burger Palace back in the day and surprised the Chinese food restaurant is still there.

  • Sarah V

I've been living here for 12 years.. and the mall is not the same how it used to be. Zellers used to be there years ago until they closed down until years later they replaced it with an asian supermarket. Many stores like home hardware and some handy stores used to be super convenient. Since they've added asian restaurants and yours foodmart supermarket it's been way too overly crowded. People are stopping in front of the stop sign thinking it's some kind of drop off spot and it's not! Just ridiculous behavior nowadays.

  • Vivian Arnold

I had never been to this mall before. It features a sizable parking lot and is in a decent location. It has a good selection of various stores for shopping. There are numerous eateries to choose from in the food court. The mall's centre is where you'll find Tim Hortons. Banks, ATMs, convenience stores, lotteries, Fit4less Gym eyewear retailers, telephony, and many more things. Although the door opens at 7:00 am, the majority of the shops don't open until 9:00 am. The mall is kept up nicely and is tidy.

  • Gursimran Singh

One of the prime locations in Scarborough and a go to place for everyone around since its home to everything you need. You don't have to go to downtown anymore. It has Toronto public library, fit4less, metro , Dollarama. If you're a foodie, you'll see tims, mcd, pizza pizza, nanthas, subway , lobster King , chicken Shawarma,etc. Also has Scotiabank, RBC, Royal Bank of Canada Has all kinds of medical facilities too from eye specialists to dental care. Also.home to shoppers drug mart and other spas.

  • sandeepa sara titus

Went there for Asian culture Food festival and it was a one time great experience. This was conducted in birdlewood mall parking lot. There was variety of food stalls and other stalls. I tried beef skewer and passion fruit and Mango green tea. It was tasty but priced since it was the culture fest. Shopping mall is small which has shops like metro, restaurants and salon. Restaurants which offers Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian restaurants. There are few Chinese shops as well.

  • Kawasaki Moto

Nice mall there are a varierty of chinese foods with a wide price range but I wish they would switch one or two of the security guards one of them and older seems to be in his fifties fallows me arround without cause and another fat bearded one always shouts at me to put the mask even though I had it on seems they should focus more on the muliple thieves that I seen with my own eyes steeling purses and lotto tikets plus other stuff although now seems to calm down.

  • F C

July 2023 this mall hosted circus. Disgusting smelled pee and poop when walked beside those trucks and trailer van for those 'artists' slept. They took over that pedestrian walk to the mall at Warden Finch to the supermarket by putting big trucks on the walk path. People need to walk down on the road where cars enter!!! So dangerous! . This mall made money without concerning the people safety! BE CAREFUL!!!

  • Karimkhan “derpman013” Balouchi

There are 2 types of Janitors 1) Not There 2) There but don't do a good job at cleaning or don't do it at all Plus cell service there is about the same as living on a farm in the middle of nowhere without any cell service. Pretty garbage and unbearable, if I were having some medical issue, I bet my entire life not one person be able to connect to a cell service to call the Paramedics. That's how terrible it is, fix it.

  • Diamondzz Diamondzz

This mall needs to enforce a code for all students who go to that place Those kids run around inside and make pure noise and sometimes run right into older seniors and constantly starting fights and all over the place They take up the food court and create long lines in McDonald's and they have no manners towards people just out shopping !!!!!! That mall needs to do better when it comes to giving those kids access

  • Alex Chan

Located at the North West corner of Warden and Finch. This mall has revamped itself within the last few years from a down and out mall to a lively mall with 2 supermarkets, shoppers drug mart, a gym, a decent food court including a McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Subway to name a few along with a handful of restaurants. There is plenty of parking (no covered unfortunately) and very accessible by public transportation.

  • Jorge Richard

This is a mall is a mix of small businesses and ethnic restaurants. Here you will clothes and sportswear, cellphones dealers and providers. The food court does not have many places to choose but they are popular like McDonald's, Tim Hortons and Popeyes. There is a Chinese supermarket with different international options, most oriental and south Asian. But also some Latino and Filipino food, offers good prices.

  • Robert Ferrolino

The mall is a nice place to go. However, it seems to lack a lot in shopping stores besides Ones. This mall is mostly centered around food and the gym, which is fine, but it's not really a go to place due to the lack of variety. If you want to eat here, this is the place to go. But if you're here to shop for clothes or games, best find another mall since this place doesn't really give you any options.

  • A Yee

This mall is great. It has everything. A gym, dollarama, metro, popeyes, McDonald's, tim hortons, shopper's drugmart, all the cell phone companies and that's just the ground floor. Even more stuff on the second floor. Chinese grocery, one's, general home wares, lottery, Scotiabank, BMO, RBC, and more. Definitely has whatever you're looking for.

  • S Amalan

It's a small mall, and attracts less of a crowd than it used to two decades ago. But it has many of the services we need, such as restaurants, bank, grocery stores, dollar stores, hair cutting service, library, drug store (with a post office within), and even a gym! What more do you want? Very convenient place for most of our needs.

  • Arcade Anna

I know for a fact this place changed ownership a very very long time ago. How do I know? This mall used to be amazing with so many brand name stores and so much excitement coming here. Now when I check this mall out it's really dirty, majority of shops aren't brand name and it's very depressing. This mall is not what it used to be.

  • Andrew H.

Years ago, this mall was devoid of life, with no stores open and a terrible food court. I'm glad that the new owner renovated the place -- it's actually quite nice now. Quite a few restaurants, one which serves Japanese all-you-can-order food, another services noodles, etc. Overall, great place and good food selection.

  • Wayne Cheng

Not a big mall, but well designed and good combination of stores and shops. A lot of people inside. Quite unique to have two supermarkets inside, Metro and Price chopper. The restaurants inside this mall attract lots of customers as well. Very nice for customers can walk or shop around before or after meals.

  • B C

Went to checked out the new Yours Food Mart. Lots of parking available. Store layout is logical. Plenty of brand/variety choices. You have to know which prices are reasonable though. Wide isles. Long lines at check-out, moving fast nevertheless. Almost all major mobile phone carriers are present.

  • Mary Chatz

Hadn't been to this mall in over 15 years and it has changed a fair bit. There are a number of small shops worth browsing through and various other establishments. It is well-kept and clean. We were there on Wednesday afternoon and there were quite a few older people in the mall. Lots of parking.

  • annie long

Cute mall with convenience of grocery stores like Metro and Yours Food Mart and a small food court. A few great restaurants to choose from. I go there because it's close to home and I love it. My kids have fun there too, they love dollarama... there will be a kids playplace opening up soon.

  • A Person

This mall used to be good decades ago. It's been getting worse and worse...lacking interest now that many chain stores are gone. Aside from SDM and Metro, the stores here are mainly budget or ethnic. Very similar to Woodside Mall. There are some restaurants here but nothing too rave about.

  • Shawn P

This is the biggest dump in all of Scarborough. No working men’s bathroom so there is feces and urine everywhere on the exterior of the building. Property manager should be fired for gross (no pun intended) incompetence. Hire a plumber and stop failing at life please

  • Killarney Shields

Bridlewood mall is one of those malls that is 'technically' a mall. If you need groceries, a bite to eat or to pick up your prescription. It's perfect. Would I go here to buy clothes or shoes? No. Also it has a public library and a fitness place so that's neat.

  • Arjun Sethi

This is more of a senior citizen mall I would say.. Most of the crowd is in their late 60s and 70s. If you have parents who are missing their communities back home and want to socialize, you can bring them here and they will be able to make few connections..

  • Ambrose Chan

This mall doesn't offer too much in terms of stores that sell clothing, shoes. It's a great place to do your mall walking. There is a fair amount of fast food places to grab a quick bite. There are a few restaurants that offer nice Asian cuisine food.

  • Ehab El Romaisi

It was my first time visiting this mall. It’s in a good location and has a huge parking lot. In terms of shopping, it has a good variety of different stores. The food court also has many choices of restaurants. TimHortons is located in the

  • Guerlande Prevalus

This place is great , it is my neighborhood you can latterly got everything u need in one place.Bridlewood mall. A month ago they open now a new Chinese supermarket and that's make it even more awesome. Bridlewood mall is awesome …

  • Peter Suk Sin Chan (Peter Chan)

Well, a very interesting Neighborhood mall, they had upgrade it recently. There is super market there, some restaurants, and shops. It is kind of different than many other shopping mall, this one seems have more small individual private

  • E T

This place used to be great, but it's sad that a lot of stores here closed down. I've visited this place since my early childhood, back when there was still a Zellers, and KFC - both being among some of the many that moved out. The most

  • Omar Myers

Great location for the L'amoreaux community. A wide selection of stores with everything from banking to restaurants, gym, library and day spas. It also regularly plays host to special events like barbecues, concerts and carnivals

  • M Shing

Features several Asian restaurants, a small food court with KFC, Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Presotea. Neighbourhood mall of a decent size and variety. Has Metro and an Asian Grocery. RBC Scotiabank. All right for day to day needs.

  • Niranjan Maria Selvamanickam

This mall looked like it belonged in a third world country. Only good thing about this mall might be the metro store. There is a McDonald's and Tim Hortons which is good. The library here is small and not so good to spend time.

  • Julia Escobedo

My dentist is located at this mall. The mall is catered to a specific clientele. No real fashion boutiques or stores to capture patrons interest. One positive note is, you can find seven nail spa's (manicure) under one roof.

  • David Huang

Can't say it's the best for shopping in terms of clothing or compared to other malls but if you're doing grocery shopping, hitting up a bank, or want to grab some food it's not a bad spot. Also got your 24 hr gym

  • Joey Shiu

LOVE this mall, Asian food restaurants and retail stores, major chain stores and take out foods in foodcourt like Shoppers drug marts, Dollarama, McDonald's, Popeye's, coffee shops supermarkets and MORE ! WOW !

  • Mel Taylor

Large, tons of parking and next to TTC bus lines. Usually busy, clean and calm. An awesome bakery. Several nail salons and many more stores including Tim Hortons, McDonald's, etc. Great mall to walk around.

  • Cpt. KD

I enjoy frequenting THIS Mall, as it's not too big, yet contains pretty much ALL that I typically need. The Mall can be accessed from various locations & Different access points around

  • Deepak Dongre

More of a mall for the Chinese crowd. While ample options to spend time as regards dining and shopping, but pretty average as compared to something like Fairview Mall at Sheppard Ave.

  • Niluxy KS

A great mall with many stores inside. Food court is open with dining (need to show COVID vaccine passport). It is clean and looking very good. Friendly customer service! Thank you:)

  • Parsa Man

There is a variety of stores/restaurants in this mall. It gets pretty crowded during the day but a good place to do some grocery shopping from metro or go the Fit4less gym at night.

  • DoC

Property management needs to do a better job. The mall stinks especially the upper level southeast entrance. When you enter the mall the smell of rotten meat hits you in the face.

  • Daryl Kachin

Bridlewood Mall offers more unique type of stores than a traditional mall with brand name chain stores. The food court is not bad and parking is easy to navigate at this mall.

  • carmen ispas

Great ideea with dinosaurus for kids!! Washroom for women kind of not so clean ... Missing some garbage bins.... i think ...along the upper floor …

  • Waffles

Mall selection is good with supermarket, dollarama and pharmacy. Only problem is the ventilation. The mall is always stuffy and hard to breathe.

  • David Lee

I haven't been to this mall in a DECADE! Wow how time flies when your having fun... not. This mall hasn't changed much except for the stores.

  • Anthony

Was at the Rogers store to get my screen protector replaced, in my opinion the service was excellent and the staff were exceptional.

  • Lewis Lombardi

This mall feels ancient and the store variation hasn't aged well at all. The only thing it has going for is a decent food court.

  • Christoff Alfonso

A Medium size Family Oriented Mall with great Facilities ☺ a place to spend a day shopping and cruising around. …

  • Daniele “DannyBoy” Montuoro

The retail options are acceptable but it has potential to be better. Overall though I do enjoy the experience shopping there.

  • TheSeema333

This whole mall looks like food court. They need more other stores like Walmart or super store, freshco. only metro is there.

  • Kuma H

A convenient neighborhood Mall offers banks, supermarkets, restaurants, dentists, walk-in clinic, and many family stores.

  • Jack Tsai

A small mall that felt like missing something ..movies? Good restaurants? Not sure what it is but it's missing...

  • Mike Leung

Clean and organized. Usually there will be special events on March break, Easter, Halloween and Christmas, etc.

  • Ashu d

Less rush.....not as that of Eaton centre, STC, Fairview...I would prefer these 3 instead of bridlewood mall

  • Mariam Hanna

They have nice shows in every event and in March break. Has 2 big grocery stores metro and price chopper.

  • Itohan

Nice community mall where you can shop and hang around with friends, Bridlewood Mall can be improved on.

  • Angela You

man i miss price chopper used to peak back when i was in third grade idk what's up w that mall nowadays

  • Mahassin Jameel

Many shops specially Chinese one near OW is good, I catch winter suit for my child only 25 CAD, amazing


A nice mall at Warden and Finch. It has a variety of shops, restaurants and a big Asian supermarket.

  • Julian Sinniah

The best mall for all your preference, reasonable prices and cheaper compared to the other malls.

  • Arshia Fatima

We were at the circus at the mall. Awesome experience watching them perform, very thrilling.

  • Cassie Escoffery

it’s fine. has a like 2 grocery stores in there. the food court is cool and it has boba ^_^

  • Kin Chan

Happy to visit this mall again after the pandemic. Good shopping options for Chinese here.

  • Crs Spence

Got my mixed tea coffee Hong Kong style from Kin Kin.. buns are fresh baked early morning.

  • Ashish Kadam

Great little place find mostly everything u might need suburban setting. And great Parking

  • nijitha Shawn

Love the mall it has Various stores. From fresh groceries, salon, food court, and to gym.

  • Gordie Hanna

A small shopping mall with some unique Asian stores. There's a good community vibe here.

  • Joel Jacob

A decent mall in the area. No significant big name brands but a good place to hang out.

  • DK5TY

Used to be an ok mall but feels empty and the mall filled with banks and restaurants.

  • ad cap

A Smaller mall for when you are on the go and know exactly what you are looking for

  • Girish V

Nice small mall for day 2 day shopping. They also lot of eateries around the mall.

  • Tony Tao

Haven’t been here for ages, but the mall has renovated and everything looks clean.

  • Ivan Nanton

Small mall. A bit dated. There is a reasonable selection of stores. Decent layout.

  • Shawn Yu (两个人的一日三餐)

There is metro, yours food mart inside. Very convenience for local people.

  • Ian J

Nice since the renovations. Small food court but has some decent choices

  • Andreas

Food court tables are disgusting they never clean them always dirty

  • Gulamali Mawji

Nice multinational crowd and good variety of services and stores

  • Nazmul Kazi

Great little shopping mall. Mixed of everything you will find.

  • Alvindein Express Global Ltd

There are different stores for anything you want in the mall.

  • Rabiu Olabimpe

Lots of shops to get various item. Parking lot available

  • Linda Huynh

Went there today for the Asian Heritage Cultre Festival

  • Ramesh Devkota

lots of Chinese stores are there actually pretty good

  • Joanna Au

Excellent, clean and had various shops for your needs

  • Lpgixxer Gixxer

Ok mall Small Nice Asian grocery store next door

  • Stanley Kwan

Vendors are very pleasant throughout the mall

  • Nargis A.

Over priced items and with low quality

  • thevarajah senthilkumaran

It has lots of things you might need.

  • Michelle Sylvester (Sexiememe)

Love the smaller plaza great deals

  • Alexander B

Great mall to get what you need.

  • bart barcewicz

Small. But a good mall

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