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Baptist Medical Center is a Hospital located at 111 Dallas St, San Antonio, TX 78215. It has received 1001 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.



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  • The address of Baptist Medical Center: 111 Dallas St, San Antonio, TX 78215

  • Baptist Medical Center has 4.1 stars from 1001 reviews

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  • "This has to be the worst hospital ever"

    "If you love your family do not allow them to be taken to this facility if they need ICU care"

    "Stay away from this place"

    "I am actually disappointed that I have to even leave a one star review"

    "Went ER Sunday night, front desk, professional and caring but once I was taken to back, went downhill, Im about to sit on gurney, nurse lab lady with faded pink/red hair was rude and rough"


  • Lajuana Jordan

This has to be the worst hospital ever. My husband was transfered there from another hospital. It was a massive heart attack that sent him to this hospital. I'm am thankful that the procedure saved him but the hospital and some of the staff were downright terrible. This hospital is nasty. One morning I arrived at the hospital to find trash all over the floor of his ICU room. It was trash from the nurse. It was disgusting. This same nurse was being so rude to my husband (cardiac patient) that my daughter heard her and asked for her to be removed from his caregiver. This created a ton of incidents the rest of the day. This nurse kept coming to the waiting room and just staring down my children. At shift change my children were in the hallway waiting for me to come out and this same nurse began to say ugly things to them and once she got I. The elevator made herself cry and told the supervisors that my children cornered her in the hall. The truth is she came to them. The head nurse for the night shift did not even want to hear my daughters side of the story and just outright banned her from the hospital. On fathers day. There are many more complaints I have about this hospital but I won't go into them. I will say that my children were literally afraid to leave there father at this hospital without one of us being there. If you ever have to go there don't touch the hand rails in the halls. They are totally disgusting. He got a staph infection and had a fever. They just kept giving him tylenol and said it was normal. They didn't bother to clean an IV that had been bleeding and nasty for several days. We did get him transfered to another hospital. Thank God.

  • Cherry Smith

If you love your family do not allow them to be taken to this facility if they need ICU care. They’re absolutely negligent. They didn’t feed my loved one for four days- no nutrition what so ever. One week later they still hadn’t done a test supposedly ordered within the first 24 hours of being there, breathing treatment not ordered after being told it would be for a patient who was so congested he was asphyxiating on their own phlegm with pneumonia, IV entry wounds weren’t cleaned for five days, bedding wasn’t changed for five days, sponge bath not performed for a week. Doctors, nurses, and head nurses were completely unresponsive to nearly all requests and continuously lied, when caught in their lies got defensive, and more aggressively negligent. Then retaliated on the family by enforcing rules and regulations ignored the week prior. Absolutely disgusting, horrifying people. The best part of the entire experience was the compassionate and caring cafeteria staff. This wasn’t just my experience, it was every family I spoke with in ICU. If I could rate them separately I would, however I would like to give credit to the staff members who were in particularly extraordinary. Frank in ICU was very kind to the family and understanding, still came in to say hi when he wasn’t assigned to the room. The cardiac unit’s night shift was amazing, Nurse Gabby in particular, as well as the day shift’s staff in the critical cardiac unit, Nurse Nick. Thank you to the staff that were different.

  • carmen hall

Stay away from this place. Their RNs are incompetent and if you question anything they do they get defensive. My husband was sent here by the BAPTISTS EMERGENCY CLINIC for a heart procedure, . they told us we would have a room ready and a cardiologist ready to see him. Not true. We waited a day to be seen by the cardiologist. After the procedure was done we spent another nite . The next morning 2 doctors came to speak with my husband and told him he could be discharged right away. So we waited for 3 hrs for our discharged documents. When i finally questioned our RN , station secretary and the charge nurse Ms Celeste (they were all just sitting around at the station) about specific timing, they started making phone calls and came to find out they were waiting on discharged orders from a doctor that was OFF that day and he wasn’t answering his phone. Another RN overheard our conversation out by the station and said they needed to contact a different doctor. They told me I had to get back to our room and wait. I asked for how much longer Ms Celeste said we were free to walk-out without any paperwork. I told her we didn’t want to leave without the proper medical instruction and meds. She said if I d didn’t go back to my room she will call Security to escort me out !!! wth?? I told her I just wanted to know how much longer we needed to wait. She said she was calling Security on me!!!! She lost her temper and slammed the phone . So they quickly discharged us within an hour.

  • LeAnn Kendall

I am actually disappointed that I have to even leave a one star review. My husband and I were visiting San Antonio for a conference and I was having severe hip pain. I needed to find a hospital because I could barely walk. We took an Uber to Baptist Medical Center mainly because it was the closest. The care was average at most but the charges for the visit were the biggest surprise! There was literally nothing done except a shot of morphine. I was seen by the ED physician for less than 5 minutes tops. I live in Virginia and even ask if I could get some pain medication for the trip home and was told “ NO” immediately. My bill of 6,379.00 actually beat me home. I am a Registered Nurse and I was there for the visit. I was fully aware of what was done. There is no way that was worth that much money. I have written letters to dispute the charge and they have all been rejected. I had a total hip replacement on March 15th and I have already paid my bill. I feel very taken advantage of and this is stealing. I’m just so sorry that I ever even went to this hospital and I’m even more disappointed that nobody has really taken the time to listen to me.

  • Yadira Robles

Went ER Sunday night, front desk, professional and caring but once I was taken to back, went downhill, Im about to sit on gurney, nurse lab lady with faded pink/red hair was rude and rough. I told her wait, why are we doing bloodwork if doctor has not seen me, well she mustve been bad mood, tighten the tournquet so tight, and told her I may pass out because I panick with being poked with needles, lab lady could careless, while Im being poked other RN dude trying take my temp while they see me freaking out and hyperventaling. Then she makes joke oh where should I put second IV, RUDE SICK EMPLOYEE!! One other RN started my IV, my arm was in so much pain, from insertion of IV site, the male RN had readjust. Lady who drew my blood change your profession!! While my CT scan was being done, my body was buring like it was on fire, I waved my hand for asian tech with heavy accent to stop, but he said hold it was almost done. To finish it off doctor never came back for plan and discharge, the RN Josh, hands me discharge notes and 2 rxs didnt do anything for my problem. Dont send me bill, I will dispute with insurance and billing.

  • Rick Perez

I think the staff here on the third floor I'm in room 375 I appreciate all of y'all taking care of me while I was here they're always nice very compassion people especially Kenya and my nurse Raquel and I am glad to have conversations with him because in real life we have to communicate with each other in order for us to know what's going on among Us but I do appreciate them very much even the doctors I would come in and explain to me what was the best thing in me and what was going on with the procedure I appreciate Mr Blake doing the procedure along with his colleagues and I had a wonderful experience to meet Miss Shweta I was under her care on the first week I was impressed because of her kindness and patient with me everybody here second and third floor there were wonderful I just like to add that God bless their lives and this hospital everybody in it it shows me that all of y'all care never saw one single face that were mad or unhappy day all treated me good I think today it'll be my last day just wanted to say that in this report thank you all and God bless you all.

  • Angel Gonzalez

My sister in law was taken there by ambulance there wasn't any room for my brother so I ended up taking him to the hospital to meet them. We get there we wait to speak with the triage they tell us to have a seat someone will come get us. 30 min go by I go up to triage again ask them if my brother could go in because his wife is back there and is not doing to good. They tell me to wait another 15-20 min. You would think they would let a spouse or parent back there to answer any questions on what happened being she was not with it. My brother finally gets back to the after 40 min and his wife's nurse told him they should have let him in when she arrived and confused why they made him wait. Communication needs to be better. The only reason we came here was because her doc she was seeing was from there. Other than that we try to avoid this hospital because of the reputation and with our experience today we will continue to avoid this place

  • Crystal Skies

Most of the staff were sweet and accommodating. The doctor was a life saver. Then there is the one nurse who thinks she’s a doctor. Today was such daunting day. This was an emotionally draining day with a sick child. There was a nurse who kept repeating not to eat spicy food for the instructions because we have a Latin last name. No where in our paperwork does it say not to eat spicy food. She went on to preach about soda impairing kidneys and turned her nose up at seafood as I mentioned we eat that. I called to report this shocking problem. My paperwork does not mention any of this conversation. I am grateful for the work of my doctor. This has nothing to do with a nurse who wanted play superior for the day. I’ve worked under many great nurses. Be aware of this nurse. Follow your paperwork and compare what you’re told to what your paperwork says. You might have a great case to work with!!

  • Kathy Blackshear (Toy Lady)

The good news is that my dad is still alive. The bad news is that the hospital is incapable of ensuring that the patients actually get the prescriptions they require when they are discharged from the hospital. My father had open heart surgery with a quadruple bypass. He has been home for 4 full days and has been in lots of pain and having issues with coughing and breathing....probably because he is missing the medications we were told to pick up at the pharmacy for pain and breathing. I've called the hospital 6 times (told several times that someone would call me back...never happened), I've talked to two pharmacists and nothing has helped. Hopefully, calling my father's PCP will help. He almost called 911 because of the pain. I am not happy with the doctors and nurses on the 7th floor who didn't follow through with ensuring the necessary prescriptions were called in.

  • Saniya Mcknight

Well my name is Tina, and I was well on my way out the door just due to rushing. An ER intake associate by the name of Laura, rushed to my rescue :) she said she didn’t want me to leave without being seen, and got me very prompt care! She was busy and made the busy look so easy! She tended to several tasks and still took the time for me! And her courteousness was AWESOME! And not to forget, Mark, Jordan, and Sue! Mark, amazing personality and very kind. Great customer service. Jordan, great personality as well, super duper kind! They both made me smile :) Sue. Last but not least. Her care, her promptness, her level of expertise, amazing. I left a review because the staff genuinely took the time to care for me! I definitely don’t look forward to needing the ER again, but if I ever need urgent and GREAT care, I’m coming here! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

  • Cha-Cha Pena

My daughter and I are in the E.R. , MARK , warmly welcomed us. As we were waiting which was not a long time , JORDAN was very welcoming calling my daughter to the back. We were nervous. It as soon as we got the the back—- DR. COLEMAN—came to see my daughter she was super kind and warm bedside manner. Approachable with questions and her response was respected. When she entered she had MS. MACKENZIE with her and they both were informing my daughter and I of much needed information.. MACKENZIE HELPED me relax and I am not the patient but her knowledge was helpful to calm my nerves. I truly appreciate the way we were rec’vd. Makes me say If I have any issues I would come here. Overall this is the first time I can say they were zero stiffs on any employee in the emergency room attending us.. thank you BAPTIST FOR CARING FOR MY DAUGHTER..

  • Que Retro Arts

I suffered a horrific fall and I broke my knee over the thanksgiving break. I was beyond sad and depressed because I wasn’t with my family. The nurse staff at the hospital went beyond to make sure I was ok and actually made me feel loved. I had knee surgery and was told that I couldn’t bend my knee or I would go back to surgery. Baptist staff nurses Rosie and Kenya saw that I was feeling very uncomfortable because I desperately needed a shower. They asked me if I wanted to shower and that they would help me.. I was so scared of injuring my knee but they both assured me that I would be safe. Something so simple as a shower makes a human being feel human again. I was so blessed to be with these wonderful ladies. They are true angels and I am thankful to the Baptist hospital for having such wonderful and amazing staff!

  • Peter Blue

Honestly I want to thank the staff like Miriam and Jennifer who were quite the duo in the 7th floor. Then hours later they sent me to the 3rd floor room 384 with Craig, Esmi, Hans, Maria, Noemi and Laura. I was transported there Sunday around 1:30 pm after the South Park Mall neighborhood hospital told me I was having a heart attack. On Tuesday I was discharged around almost 2:00 pm. I was a little sad that I was leaving cause they gave me delicious healthy food, assisted me for the bathroom and gave me a lot care and support. With a heavy heart I want to thank the staff who treated me well and supported me and I will miss them and won't forget what they did, I'm deeply grateful. If something like that we're to happen again, I'll turn to you Baptist Downtown.

  • Patricia Garcia

Too bad I cannot leave 0 stars. This hospital's ER showed no empathy nor support for our experience with our dad who was suffering from a dementia episode. Upon discharge, my dad refused to go in the car. We asked for Security to assist us and the transportation nurse or aide stated Security could no longer get involved because he was discharged and no longer a patient. Instead, she was instructed to cut his hospital band and ran inside like an idiot with the wheelchair while my 84-year-old dad was laying on the ground. We're like hello!!! We have the discharge summary as proof he was a patient. And this is how they demonstrate empathy at Baptist Medical Center. I welcome the hospital administration to provide me with contact information for further details.

  • Valerie Ann

No complaints on the staff all my staff were great I love the kindness of all the people that work here however… I was on a liquid diet for two days on the third day I was able to eat solid foods, for dinner they serviced Salisbury steak mashed potatoes and carrots, it was horrible the meat was spoiled, they were black spots in the mashed potatoes ,it was not the skin…. The carrots were also old and black so I sent it back to the kitchen ,and then they brought me a sandwich that had a little bit of ham bread had mold on it fruit was old didn’t taste well at all, It would be nice if their food service was just as great as their nurses and staff caring for people I would not suggest eating here it made me sick

  • Patricia Johnson

I’m here at Baptist Medical Center 111 Dallas hanging out! Where one of the best doctors in the world resides, Dr. Abuabara has just did two surgeries on me thank you Jesus he saved my life and I’m so grateful to God! For allowing me to be under his care ! This God fearing man of God is amazing the best! Big shout out to all the staff here who has treated me with the upmost respect throughout my wonderful stay here 3C floor Alejandra my beautiful Queen RN nurse took great care of me and Gisela was amazing I would recommend Queen Nurse RN Alejandra to any patient top notch she was all that to me I thank all the other staff God bless all of you abundantly

  • Cici Cerda

Trash. I've been really disappointed by towards Healthcare. Most nurses have been great but these doctors are so condescending, incompetent and for lack of a better word rude. While trying to explain what I'm feeling I've had doctors roll their eyes, smirk, or even laugh. Most have blamed it on stress or anxiety. I've recieved so many misdiagnosis and even when they see things as not normal they have no answers. US Healthcare is failing... when speaking to doctor directly she misinformed me and at that very moment I knew she was definitely not qualified for her job.

  • Matilda

All of the Babtist personal did a good job while my almost 93yr old uncle was there. The surgeon Martin was super nice and explained everything in detail to us. The nurses all did well but Jackie & the nurse who was there the first day who’s name began with a R were attentive and really nice. He had a different nurse daily but the assistant to the nurses was Kenia whom he did have daily was OUTSTANDING!!!! She cared for him as if she was family and went above & beyond her duties to attend to him. Please thank Kenia as she deserves to be recognized.

  • Benjamin Samudio

(01-28-2019) We celebrated a the Reopening of one our departments. Administration provide some snacks for us to eat. It's very nice. There are some before and after pictures. The hospital is definitely turning around. (12-06-18) BMC had and Christmas employee lunch and a Ginger Bread house contest. The food, music and atmosphere was excellent! It's nice to see administration appreciate their employees. All the departments made their own Gingerbread house for display. It was so much fun to see all the different designs. True pieces of art.

  • Patricia Trujillo

I just got home from my 2 night stay and I am so grateful that I chose Baptist hospital. From the moment I went into the emergency room and then my private room the experience was amazing. For as much as I wanted to go home the staff was welcoming, caring and incredibly helpful. This was my second visit to the hospital, my first visit was 2 yrs ago and let me say... I will always come here for any and all of my physical emergencies. Thank you for providing such excellent care and service!

  • Leticia Medina

I had to bring my 85-year-old father to the Baptist ER downtown due to chest pain and tightness. From the moment we walked into the ER until discharge, the hospital staff was very attentive to my father's needs. I would like to give a shout-out to Alyssa and Tracey from the ER. Your professionalism, attentiveness, and compassion provided a much less tense situation, appreciate the excellent care you provided to my father. We would also like to thank you for your service and dedication!

  • Rosa Avila

Just want to share our experience, my husband's stay here has been pretty long, due to his health problems. The doctors and nurses attending to him,have been wonderful I would like to recognize a PCA,Noemi,on the 7th floor, she is simply wonderful, cheerful and very caring. She will ask us if we need anything, if I have questions about anything, she is very knowledgeable and will set my mind at ease. Baptist Hospital is very fortunate to have her as an employee.

  • Austin Webb

Kenia is absolutely amazing! She was my grandmothers PCA and while she cared for her she treated her as if it was her own family member she was always on top of things and just the way she talked and treated my grandmother was just amazing I don’t even have the words to describe how it made my family feel. She went above and beyond and even when she wasn’t with my grandmother she would come and check on her. The hospital needs more staff like Kenia.

  • Kelly Brownbrannon

Hi my name Kelly Brown-Brannon a patient here,I would like to take the time out to thank all the nurses and the the aids especially Miranda Garcia she is very kind and takes good Care of me she never shows signs of getting upset and has made my stay here great it's really comforting knowing that there is still good people that will go out of there way to make sure that you get the care that you need.Thank you so very much!!!!?!

  • Blanca Fonseca

My husband is currently inpatient. He has had a few rough months and it has not been easy. There have been some great people helping with his care. He is in 3C right now and I want to thank Dan and David for the patience in dealing with him. Ruth and Nicci have been angels. Kenia and Gisela have been so kind and caring in helping him along in his healing process. I’m sure I am missing some people but THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!

  • Would you Like2knw

Every encounter I've had from security to kitchen staff especially mz Yvette. To the regular people to nurses and Dr's and aides. Yall have been amazing. Having my significant other there for almost a week. Having to go be with him everyday b4 work has been more enjoyable. It's not enjoyable seeing my other half there, but u guys make me feel so much calmer, safer and just good all around. Thank u guys. Thank yall so much.

  • Sara Cox

I had high expectations coming here. The ER nurses were wonderful and very caring. A bed became available quicker than I expected. The nurses on 5C were awful, so rude. Kristoper acted liked a little boy who didn’t get his way. I have never seen a nurse act so immature. He’s lucky he wasn’t my nurse I would have sent him out of the room and demanded someone else. I’ll choose somewhere else next time.

  • Francisco Gutierrez Jr.

I was here for two weeks and the service that the hospital provided was great. Each person watching over you is friendly and very kind. I was watched over and cared for very thoroughly and would return if I have another emergency health issue. Team on Floor 4 telemetry and Floor 3 monitoring were some of the nicest folks I have come across and they show they do care for you as a patient. Thank you,

  • Megan Bustamante

Do not come here no one knows anything, they all say “ Ask the Doctor” “ Ask the nurse” and no one seems to know anything at all. My grandfather was here for a stroke and no one knew what to do, what medicine he was taking or what needed to happen. They said the Doctor was going to come and the Doctor never showed up. Don’t ever get nurse joy she was so rude and and never helped with anything.

  • Krekre Wils

Called to speak to a case Manager/worker today to get a referral for my parent and the customer care in her voice seem not caring. Why do you have people whom you hired and need their job have a bad attitude. Is there discrimination in your case managers? Only their family matters? Y'all have to do better. She should work in a field where she leaves her personal feelings outside her work.

  • Keith Carter

have been a repeat i n and out of the hospital ever since ive been treat with the best care and this time team 3c and all the nurses on team 3c has helped me and took the time to explain everything that i had questions about there very freindly staff i give the a 10 out of 10 there the best staff thats has helped me out so far if i returend i hope i come bace to 3c team

  • Jaelyn Pacheco

Do not come here unless you want to feel like a bother or a burden on the nurses. Most of the time when asked questions the nurses don’t have a clue in the world. You will hear one thing from one nurse and another thing from a different nurse. It seems like no one communities to eachother and they just want to give up on their patients. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

  • Santana Castro-Juarez

Kenia(PCA)on the 3rd floor is amazing she goes above and beyond for her patients and she comes and checks on you regardless if you call for her or not!!! I love that, she’s supper nice and I’m glad I got to meet her while I was staying here for the time I’ve been here! Gracias Ms.Kenia porque tú eres muy buena persona y me encanta …

  • mario torres

Overall they got what they needed to do done, although there was miscommunication on my procedure so I had to wait a whole other day , because doctors and nurses didn’t communicate I was skipped on 3 meals for whatever reason and no one could answer why. Joanna night shift nurse and crystal day shift nurse were nice and helpful, did amazing.

  • Catrina R

If I could give no stars, I would. I waited in the Emergency room for over 7 hours to be told that I was not a priority case. That they would get to me when they can but they sure didn't mind getting every crackhead that walked in. Will never go back to this hospital again. I went to another doctor and turns out I have a cracked rib

  • Sally Calderon

5c , has been so great in attending my mother. My family and I are very pleased and feel at ease to know the staff here are amazing. Nurse Jacob took great care of my mother knowing we couldn't stay the night with her. I was able to feel at ease at home knowing he was caring for mom. Thank you staff for your hard and dedicated work

  • Margarita Deanda

This is a very gd hospital was transfered from Mission Trails and when I got here in the evening my room was ready and all the nurses and cnas and my doctor have been great kind and very respectful and tend to me quickly when I use the nurse button food was delicious and healthy for being a soft blend. diet.Idietwould recommend

  • Mary Ventura

I will never bring family or myself here again! They never cleaned my husbands room it was filthy for days... dirty linen I had to go get everything he needed myself and he didn't get breakfast they only brought 6 damn trays for the whole 5th floor he is diabetic n sugars dropped low cuz insulin was given that's ridiculous

  • Kris Wilke

The reason I am giving 1 star is because I can't give 0. This hospital does not listen to the patients. They are trying to force 2 seizure meds on my brother which he has told them repeatedly that he has had a bad reaction to. They won't listen. And when I try to call, no one answers the phone. This is a terrible facility.

  • Julia Castillo

Just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to 5C staff for making my grandpa's stay a great one. Thank you to TAMERA,AIDA,DEBBIE, BRIANCA and ANNETTE for taking exceptional care of my grandparents and catering to their needs, going above and beyond to make them as comfortable as possible. You are all greatly appreciated ❤️ …

  • Tracy Gonzales

I want to give a Huge thumbs up to all the staff at 3C at the downtown Baptist Medical Center. Everyone I encountered during my week stay were very helpful, patient, and caring. They were as accommodating as possible and always answered my calls very quickly. Thank you for your care at such a difficult time.

  • Jazmine Olivarez (Jazdamom)

Went in yesterday June 16, 2023. Was helped by Nancy, and Sara. Was very nervous for my procedure but the nurses made me feel so comfortable. Talked me through the pain. Very satisfied with my visit. It was my first time coming to the hospital. I will say this location is very scary at night with homeless:

  • Oscar Murillo

Ms. Kenia n Randy were two of my best nurses that took care of me. Actually all of the nurses were great, Ms. Raquel, Jessica to name a few. My PT nurse Paul n OT nurse , forgot her name, tall with long perm curly hair. They were great. Overall the whole hospital staff was great. Thank you for everything.

  • Vee

Im giving my review for the ICU. If I can put 0 stars I would. This is the worst hospital. If you want to die this is the place to go to. The nurses and doctors could care less about your health. Being in this field of work should be a passion. You care for patients the way you want to be taken care of.

  • Jacqueline Gonzalez

Staff needs a lot of training on how to treat patients. I went in for a procedure and was treated like I was being a burden to most of the staff I came in contact with. I was still feeling woozy from the anesthesia when they rolled me very fast through the hallways for me to wait outside for my ride.

  • Jeanette Molina

I've been here for 3 days and the service is wonderful. I was well taken care of by my nurse Ms Connie and Ms Liliya and the pcas Gisela Kenia and Mony. Miss Alice was also a big help when I needed things. Overall my experience was wonderful and these sweet ladies help make my stay easier.

  • Amparo Shoop

Robert RN and Gina RN at the emergency room were extremely attentive, polite, and helpful towards my brother, we appreciate their service. We need more employees like them, they are valuable at this time that medical professionals are in need. Great job you are appreciated. Thank you.

  • Cathy Nicholson

Mom was a patient on the 2nd floor from May 22 to June 1, 2023. She received the most wonderful care. The entire staff on 2nd floor is amazing. They seemed to anticipate her needs even before they arose. Thanks so much for hiring caring, compassionate and friendly people.

  • Monica Gomez

I came in it was clean and barely any people in the waiting room. It was super fast & Nurses and staff were very attentive and so sweet. Doctor Coleman was the BEST she did an awesome job for what I came for. Thank you all very much I will definitely be coming back.

  • Romelia Perez

Our LVN Jackie and PCT Kenia from the joint club where amazing. There will to help our grandma out was very touching. The fact that they where very attentive and showed empathy towards my grandma means we can come back and know she will be very well taken care of.

  • Quinn Barbie

Connie the RN on 3c was the sweetest, Caring nurse I have ever met. She actually cares for her patients, the doctor FIGUROA on 3c and Michael in the E.R they made me feel so comfortable and showed they cared. From the bottom of my heart thank you guys.

  • Nikki Gonzales

Room was very big and both Nurses were soo sweet and nice. This was in 3C. I also wanted to add that all my nurses and assistants have been so nice but especially Alejandra and Kenia. They have been very caring and so nice and attentive. Awesome job!

  • David Lopez

PCA Kenia and RN Connie were very, very helpful today helping me all day long staying with me and going way out of their way to get me every single thing I needed and assisting me with my shower and medicines. The Baptist needs more nurses like them.

  • Karen Cervantes

Went to emergency for breathing problems and was in and out. Very friendly and attentive. Quick exam with x-ray of my heart and lungs. Diagnosis was bronchitis flare-up. Everyone was very efficient. I'm going to make Baptist my go to hospital.

  • Mark

Working for BMC was not the greatest experience I had. The pay is not great at all. You can do your best and work so hard at this place. At the end you feel so exhausted and overwhelmed. At time it was not easy to get text messages back for

  • Angela Winters

The staff here in 3C has been phenomenal! Always attentive and checking on me throughout the day. If I need help or anything else, they are in my room within seconds. PCA Kenia and LVN Roseline have gone above and beyond with making sure I

  • Evelyn Rodriguez

My mother was transferred from university hospital to baptist rehab due to a stroke. Her room was small and ac didn’t work. Had to bring a fan from home. Her food was the same for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. We asked for

  • Curtis Winkler

On Oct 21 my wife and I had a great experience with the Downtown Baptist Medical Ctr . This was a first time visit. I was having foot surgery. From admitting with JoAnn. She welcomed us and made us feel at home. Great explanation of what

  • Phillip Acosta jr

I was here for a week staying in the C unit of the 3rd floor while recovering from a surgery and everyone was very nice and extremely helpful. I never had to wait for anything that I asked for and the Doctors, nurses, and PCA’s were all

  • Randy Fonseca

Our experience was really nice, Ms Alyssa E.R treated us very well and welcoming and made our visit a whole lot easier and comforting..over all other staff treated us really well, and the wait time was very reasonable ty

  • Martin Escajeda

I had a great nurse in the ED named Amber. I’m a really hard person to start an iv but she was wonderful and started it on her first time. She explained everything step by step that she was doing and was really friendly

  • Joseph Fonseca

Thank you to all the staff that is taking care of me right now. Kenia and Randy and Gisela are great. All the nurses that have helped me are super. Thank you to Dan and David and everyone else involved in my care.

  • Jerry Hernandez

My stay at this hospital has been in and out but here recently I have had some amazing nurses and PCAs. But two that stand out this time around would be PCA-Kenia and LVN-Deena on the 3rd floor joint club.

  • Bart Dominguez

Just got out of spending a week here I was very nervous of staying but all the nurses and everyone made me feel welcomed and informed me of everything that was going on shout out to everyone on 3rd floor.

  • TA Gutierrez

I cannot thank Amber, Stephanie and Eric enough for their patience and compassionate care. They ensured my privacy, made sure I was comfortable and informed every step of the way. They are truly the best!

  • Ashlee Cook

Discharged me with a full hip fracture and ended up having surgery somewhere else a lil over 24 hours later horrible experience, thank God for the officer and the nice people in the waiting room. …

  • Klocksmail

Came into the ER and wound up getting admitted. Staff got me into a room quickly. The experience exceeded my expectations for an ER. Everything was pretty quick and I am on my way to getting better.

  • Daniel Sannicola

3C staff is great. My favorite nurses RN Alejandra and RN Raquel they took great care of me and my pain after surgery. Great experience during my stay in 361. Thank you for everything. 5 stars .

  • Christian Gonzalez

371C Great service from Kenia and was very attentive and overall like a superhero for the care of my grandmother as well as all the other nurses. Could not be more appreciative of this staff!

  • Laura Gunn

My husband came to Baptist fearing he was having a heart attack. This hospital was efficient, thorough and calming. Alyssa was very professional but friendly, patient oriented and capable.

  • Michelle Monsivaiz

Raquel is one of the nurses on the 3 Rd floor she is amazing with her patients and makes u feel comfortable and not scared I love her and wish her good luck I was blessed to have her

  • Cecilia A Macias

3C Raquel Kenia and Jada were superior in taking sincere care of me. They took their time and listened to me, being very patient. My family and friends were also impressed.

  • Brandy Cook

While my husband was getting treated at baptist he had very good pcas and nurses but the two that stood out this time was Kenia-PCA and LVN-Deena very good bedside manner.

  • Diana Redington

PCA kenia was most wonderful person and very attentive she was very caring and friendly All of the Babtist personal did a good job while my 83 yr old dad was there. The

  • Melissa Castro

Kenia 3Ç great public relations knows her job goes over to make you comfortable and makes you feel the best you can body and mind working together helps recovery …

  • Larry Moreno

Kenya PXA, was very very compassionate and caring for my mother Gloria Mendoza, she's very helpful and professional, she goes beyond what here job requirements …

  • *KARMA*

I must say that the doctor's here are really into saving lives and helping people. But the staff is far from the same agenda.ive been left without water and even

  • Moses Perez

A shout out to all the Nurses at the downtown Baptist Hospital on the 3rd floor C371taking care of one of our co-worker Mom thanks a lot for the care of her


371C very good service Kenia & Dulce & Dan & Jessica & Jackie Deanna but overall kenia was awesome how she treated mom with excellent service.

  • Marion Martinez

Took my father in for pre-op testing. Alexandra and Michelle were very informative, patient, friendly and professional. Fabulous service.

  • Anna

Mike he has exceptional customer service skills. He’s really nice and courteous and he put my IV in on the first try no pain.

  • Alexis Montelongo

My nurse Jackie and my PCA kenia were absolutely great. And they had the best bed side manner the whole week I was here

  • Kimberly Gomez

Awesome medical staff! I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery. Kenya, Jackie, and Raquel were absolutely amazing.

  • C Orosco

The nursing staff and doctors are awesome and Kenia, the PCA is super attentive and took care of my mother's needs!

  • Angel Reyes

Kenia and Connie took real good care of me. Thank you for your kindness and the great care you provided me.

  • Valerie Cisneros

Kenia was awesome very nice and attentive to me. I had my gallbladder removed and she was so awesome.

  • Joann Perez

Alyssa ER nurse ER nurse was awesome very professional cared about my health. I love her.

  • Flora arguello

Very good staff beth RN on Cvu 7th floor was very nice,Dr Figueroa very sweet

  • Anthony Cucksey

Very good nurse from 5C Beth DeLeon RN was so nice thanks Beth!

  • Rose Murillo

RN Connie and PCA Kenia excellent!!

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