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60 Marion St, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0T1, Canada



Anderson Animal Hospital & Wellness Center Winnipeg is a Veterinarian located at 60 Marion St, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0T1, Canada. It has received 80 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





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  • The address of Anderson Animal Hospital & Wellness Center Winnipeg: 60 Marion St, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0T1, Canada

  • Anderson Animal Hospital & Wellness Center Winnipeg has 4.6 stars from 80 reviews

  • Veterinarian

  • "We have been taking our posse of 4 legged kids here ever since we had problems with competence from a vet out in Westwood"

    "Don't bring your pets here ‍ Showed up for my appt, they knew I was running late at the 10 min mark"

    "We took our dog here to be spayed, but we didn't know that she was pregnant"

    "We feel incredibly fortunate to have found Dr"

    "I waited several months to get my new puppy into this Clinic as a new pet client"


  • S Adam

We have been taking our posse of 4 legged kids here ever since we had problems with competence from a vet out in Westwood. That experience still saddens me to tears... We came to Anderson Animal with Charlie, he had just been diagnosed with lymphoma and had been offered a "matter-of-factly" grim outlook from our previous Westwood Vet. Not willing to accept virtually a zero-sum option my wife got on the Google and found this Anderson Animal Hospital. I thought a second opinion wouldn't change anything... BOY WAS I WRONG!! We were introduced to this young good looking guy named Dr. Ron Worb. The good doctor confirmed the previous diagnosis much to my praying for it to be something else. BUT Here's the difference! He spelled out an option called the Madison Wisconsin Protocol. This simple effort showed a sign of light at the end of a very dark tunnel we were slammed into. The Protocol was not a cure nope not at all and that was explained to us (hard to accept that reality). However there was a possibility of another decent 6 months of mostly quality life, that WAS what we needed, enough time to do the things we could do knowing an end was coming. I've been in spots to witness surprising human compassion, you know the kind of compassionate things that you never forget. We found that here at Anderson Animal Hospital for "OUR" little speck of a dog Charlie. Charlie was embraced by the Doctor's and the staff their compassion and sympathies are real and genuine. We felt that we were treated like we were their only patient. The treatment plan is rigorous and there are some tough days but well worth it on the scale of time. Charlie is no longer with us but I will NEVER forget the extra time we were provided due to the care and compassion from Dr. Worb and his highly compassionate colleagues and staff. Thank you :o)

  • Lorie McArthur

Don't bring your pets here ‍ Showed up for my appt, they knew I was running late at the 10 min crisis. I get there and am told because I'm 20 mins late they can't give my dog her shots. Great. Thank you for the lack of compassion and understanding - she didn't need an exam, she's an absolutely healthy 2 yr old pup (they just saw her for Lyme and heartworm treatment in May) and is already late on her shots due to my own health issues, etc., the past few mths. So during one of the most difficult times of my life, and them knowing I'm on my way at 1:10, apparently at 1:20 - nope can't have the appt cause it's 30 mins blah give my dog shots that she NEEDS. Truly appreciate it Anderson Animal Hospital. You should have just told me at 1:10pm when we were on the phone, not to bother coming! Dealing with a family crisis and still bringing my pup in for the care she needs, only to be turned away even after there was a phone conversation, etc., was horrible of you! I won't be bringing my pets back here, not after this. Awful

  • Courtney Peters

We took our dog here to be spayed, but we didn't know that she was pregnant.. The doctor's were amazing with handling the situation. She was only roughly a year old, so they gave us all of the information and facts about her carrying out a pregnancy at that age, and we deemed that it wasn't safe for her, and opted to have her litter aborted (toughest decision I have ever had to make in my life). Not once did the doctor's judge us, give us looks or lectures, or treat us indecently in any way for making that decision. I really appreciated that. And she also developed a little bit of a post-op infection, which the nurses were nice enough to have me send pictures of her incision site to them to deem whether or not I would need to bring her in. It turned out that I did need to bring her in, and they looked at her, gave us anti-biotics, and had us out the door in less than 20 minutes. The meds worked perfectly, and she is A-OK now. I really appreciate the professionalism of this vet!

  • Mary-Jane Debreuil

We feel incredibly fortunate to have found Dr. Worb! Cocoa was assessed by our vet to have cancer and was sent to another vet who confirmed it. This vet could not have been more cold and we decided to look for a second opinion. We were recommended by a friend to see Dr. Worb and his approach was the complete opposite! From the first 'meet and greet' to subsequent visits doing the treatments and follow up exams, she was like one of their family. Every time we received a follow up call to see how 'our little Cocoa' was doing and after her first treatment, we received a selfie of Cocoa with her nurses, just to show us how well she was doing. If you told a staff member something, that information was communicated accurately to the next individual, like the right hand actually knows what the left hand is doing. Dr. Worb and his team are beyond amazing!

  • Lesley

I waited several months to get my new puppy into this Clinic as a new pet client. I wasn't very happy when my puppy had a high fever from ear infection and was told to go to another clinic because they couldn't see her for 3 days. What? Why did I wait to get into this Clinic? When I brought this up their reply was its busy season (due to appt for nexgard etc) I guess there is no allowed time for sick dogs in their business model. I tried to bring it up to Dr Green yesterday and when she didn't respond I commented that maybe she's not interested in what I have to say. Totally ignored my comment. A sincere apology to display some caring would have smoothed things over a bit. I told someone at the Norwood dog park who's lived in this area for a long time about the incident and they stated that they have heard that the Clinic isn't how it used to be!

  • Shelley Adam

When our Charlie was diagnosed with lymphoma in nov 2016 by our former vet, he was given the prognosis of a few weeks- with the only option of possible treatment for his cancer in Saskatchewan - we were devastated. In my research we found this AMAZING vet Dr.Worb - with truly compassionate, caring, friendly and knowledgable team of staff- that made the impossible possible. They went above and beyond in treating our beloved Charlie, making his chemo treatments more than tolerable. All the extra phone calls and time spent with us, guiding us through this difficult journey - we can not thank you all enough! They gave Charlie months of life to be the dog we all knew and loved so much, playing ball until the end. Our heartfelt gratitude to this most wonderful team of people!

  • Janelle Fillion

This team was so honest and caring for our pet and respectful of the decision we made for ourselves. Over a prolonged phone conversation after a visit, we were informed of all the risks and benefits that came with our bassethound's issues, and were made very aware of potential costs and unknowns of procedures. We've had the opposite experience with another vet in the past which was more infuriating than anything else and has made us very skeptical. But here, it's so refreshing to see a team be so professional and understanding of the pet's owners' point of view and concerns. We are fully convinced that Anderson Animal Hospital is our dog's new go-to hospital.

  • Lea Kichak

Super happy with the service we received, I was having a struggle of a time finding a clinic that would spay my cat Penny during this challenging time. After booking an appointment a couple weeks down the road, we were called with a sooner opening the next day! I sincerely appreciate their professionalism and information as to what to expect with the whole procedure, everyone I interacted with seemed so kind and caring. Needless to say Penny is recovering well, and I couldn’t be happier. I will definitely make sure everyone I know knows about Anderson Animal Hospital! And we will definitely be going back there for all our appointments!:)

  • andi cook

Our Family has been taking our 3 doggies to Anderson Animal Clinic for 8 years. Each staff person at Anderson is so important to making the visits go smoothly and taking care of our pets. Each staff person is patient with us “humans” as we express our concerns either over the phone or during a visit. That’s so important: listening! And from there, after explaining what the concern is ... the staff are wonderful and kind problem-solvers! Dr. Worb has carefully selected a dedicated Team. We feel secure that our 3 doggies are receiving the BEST care at Anderson Animal Hospital and Wellness Clinic!

  • Crystal Gale Bartolome

My furbabies both go to this clinic. We have been going there regularly for the management of my pup's allergies and my cat's weightloss program. Every staff I met were friendly, polite, professional and very patient. I have met 3 vets already and each of them is great! Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and skilled. I am a paranoid furmom and all of them had stayed patient with me even if i have a gazillion questions and concerns. You can never go wrong with any of the veterinarians in the clinic. We will definitely continue going here as I am very satisfied with the care my furbabies get.

  • Hannah Guttormson

Anderson Animal Hospital goes above and beyond! My dog had an allergic reaction earlier this week with some extreme facial swelling. Anderson got me in right away and took such good care of my boy. Then when I took him home, I received a follow up call the next two days to see how he is doing. No other vet clinic has ever done this type of curtesy call for me. The staff is efficient, intelligent and extremely kind and understanding. Highly recommend Anderson Animal Hospital to everyone. They take such amazing care of our fur babies. Plus Vet Tech Vanessa is amazing !

  • Anakin

My wife and I have been bringing our family pets to Anderson for 16 years. Everything from new pets getting shots and checked out, general health, treatment for serious health conditions with thyroid problems, and unfortunately, near the end of their lives. Our experience with the 4 or 5 vets we've met over the years, the technicians and the front desk staff have been consistently above and beyond our expectations. Their competence, friendliness, sincere love of pets and most importantly, their compassion has kept us life long customers. The Hayes family

  • Ian Lohrenz

I have had good experience with them before, but I recently went to pickup some insulin for my cat and they would not sell me any because they hadn't seen the cat for over a year (he's been healthy and ant there has been a Pandemic on). "Great I said, when can you see him?" I asked. They replied they "are booking into the middle January [2.5 months away] for checkups." So I asked "What am I supposed to do? He needs insulin now." Their response "Try another clinic, maybe" ...... Yeah, I'll do that, and I suggest you do too.

  • anastasia kiva

I've been bringing my ten-year-old fur baby to Anderson Animal Hospital since moving to Winnipeg a year ago and the service is always very friendly, accommodating and professional. I feel confident that we are in great hands whenever we come here. The hospital offers nail trims and for a couple of dollars more the results are much better than any we had gotten at a pet store. Anderson Animal Hospital also has the coolest mascot - a counter-cat named RJ! He is definitely a must-meet and a highlight of our every visit

  • B T

Our family members have brought numerous pets (dogs and cats) to the folks at Anderson Animal Hospital over *many* years. These folks are the gold standard for compassionate, caring and skilled treatment of pets. From the front line staff to the techs and doctors, everyone is just so darn helpful and empathetic. Nobody there has an easy job, but they go out of their way to make your day better and do everything they can for your pet(s). Can't say enough, and should have said it sooner!

  • Hannah

Anderson Animal Hospital is amazing. Vanessa and Dr. Green care so much, and have gone above and beyond with treating my cat. Check-ups are always a pleasant experience, and they are thorough and transparent with everything going on. My cat had to be transferred to emergency, and Vanessa kept in touch, calling to check in on how my little guy was doing. I am so happy to have such a great Vet Tech and Vet. I know that my cat will get the care he needs and is in the best hands :)

  • Amanda Cowie

My kitty has been puking often for almost a year, I took him to a different vet back in May and was told he was allergic to something in his food. I've been buying hypoallergenic food and he was still puking, and getting thin. I brought him here based on the high reviews. They were patient, I waited for multiple tests, was there about 3 hours and he was properly diagnosed with bowel disease. I'm so relieved to know what's wrong and properly treat my little guy

  • k bot

We just started here with our cat Gus after not having the greatest care elsewhere. We were recommended by a friend and she was spot-on with her great review. During Covid, coming and going from has changed in so many ways, but from what I have experienced, Anderson has got it figured out. Everyones health and safety is a priority, as well as the excellent care my cat received while with them. If he had thumbs, Gus would give them 2 thumbs up!

  • Nadine Speirs

I've been coming to the clinic for many years and many pups! The staff were exceptionally compassionate and supportive when saying goodbye to my Abby, wonderfully excited and loving saying hello to my new pup - Annie, and all the while affectionate, tender and caring with my old boy Gibbs. I know they're all there for me when I need them and that me and my fur babies are well respected and cared for. I know we're in good hands!

  • Karen Barnsley

The holistic resources of Anderson Animal Hospital and Dr. McKay gave us precious extra months with our beloved Ollie. She, and all the staff, showed genuine friendship, and compassion when we had to say “goodbye”. Dr. McKay’s knowledge of both Western and Eastern medicine is a real asset in pet care. They have been a staple in Winnipeg forever, but remain at the top of the list for all aspects of care. THANK YOU ❤️

  • Jennifer Anderson

This hospital has gone down hill. They lost most of their vets and have jacked up prices. They impose #prescription status to non prescription drugs and literally tell you to go to a drugstore or pay for an exam fee. This is for a 4 year patient that has been on these meds for years. Plus they are super expensive and rude. Still insisting on not letting anyone into the building while everyone else is.

  • Richard A. Weiss

I have been bringing frank to this clinic ever since he was rescued 7 years ago. To say that the care and attention frank has received there is excellent would be a gross understatement! They are amazing here! Everyone! From the people at the front desk to the technicians, and all the way up to the veterinarians! Frank loves coming here, and I love bringing him. Keep up the great work

  • Britt K (Chief Brittbo)

I was nervous taking my one and a half year old cat there as he's never been to the vet before. Not to mention how panicked he was when I was packing him up to take him there . The staff were incredibly caring and totally out my mind at ease. They made the whole experience so much better for me and for Albus. I'd highly recommend this place!

  • Rose K

It seems others have had the same poor experience as I did. Unfortunate. I was treated terribly, staff were extremely rude. There are much better veterinarian offices that listen, provide credible answers from qualified professionals and truly care about the health and well-being of animals and not just money. So sad that it went so downhill.

  • Keith Lamoureux

Great staff! Very compassionate and caring when I had to put my dogs down. I brought them both to the Anderson Animal Hospital, about a year apart from each other, to have them euthanized. The staff was very helpful about making the right decision, and eased the pain a little for me during this very difficult and emotional process. Thank you

  • Linda Blahut

Anderson Animal Hospital is an amazing veterinary clinic! All of the staff are welcoming, happy and treat you and your pet like you are family! The front office staff and technicians are very friendly and helpful. The vets are so knowledgeable and go above and beyond to ensure that your pets are well-cared for. We wouldn't go anywhere else!!

  • Susan Crayford

Staff are so caring and loving with the animals there. They treated our cat Scooby for a number of years always with kindness not only to him but to us as well. When it came time for him to cross the rainbow bridge they were so compassionate and made it as easy for us as possible. Wouldn’t take a pet anywhere else.

  • melissa marko

I have been taking my pug Pugsley here. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Worb. He has helped me with all my dogs allergies and skin conditions. He is so compassionate and the best vet I have ever had. I would never go anywhere else. The whole staff there are so helpful and friendly. Love this place!!!!

  • Jana Mayara Miranda

My dog have an heart disease, that unfortunately don’t have cure. The vet hasn’t push and gave options to me decide witch treatment was best according “Money and expectations”. And they really live what they do, you can tell, about the love that they show. Reception and vets are amazing.

  • Chantal Marion

I have been taking my dog there for basically her entire 9 year life. They are always very friendly, respectful and very knowledgable! My dog is currently going through some skin issues and chronic ear infections and Dr. Andree has been nothing but helpful in trying to find solutions.

  • Mandipa Sy

Dr. Paquin is so incredibly thorough and kind. She made time in her schedule after a poor experience at another Vet and saw me and my cat immediately. She provided so much information and options for how to make my cat more comfortable and I just can’t thank her enough for that.

  • Sarah Lawrynuik

I can’t recommend this place enough. The vet would call me before and after a procedure to walk me through what to expect, how things went. He went above and beyond to track down diet information and other supplementary support. Truly the best vet clinic I’ve ever visited.

  • Jane Golovenko

My tiny chihuahua and I are super happy with this hospital. Over last five year we had health checks, couple of emergencies or some unusual requests like specific tests or uncommon travel documents. Staff here never disappoints! I highly recommend Anderson animal hospital

  • Hope

Called this morning ( January 14th ) and the lady that answered the phone was rude and unprofessional. Many other clinics in the area that would be more than happy to take your pets in as patients. If you're looking for a New vet, this isn't the place.

  • A

Nothing but good things to say about this clinic. My dog Baylee had surgery here and we were in great hands. Dr.Worb did a fantastic job updating us and keeping us informed every step of the way. The staff is very caring and professional. 10/10!

  • Celine Brandt

I’ve always had a good experience here. They lay out options clearly and always support your choice. The staff were all very compassionate when it was time for me to say goodbye to my cat. I will definitely go back when I get my next kitty.

  • dave yesiam

the best vet office i have ever had the pleasure of visiting. friendly and happy staff. a really adorable orange fluffy ambassador greets you upon arrival, and loves to get head scratches. a wonderful experience.

  • Melanie Fraser

We see Dr McKay here. We were referred from my vet to see Dr Rita for her Holistic approach. She has reduced Rascals seizure activity without the use of harmful drugs. I am so happy to have her work with us.

  • Chantel Swiston

My cat MJ has been to Anderson twice and they were wonderful both times. I was even offered a coffee while I waited. They explained what was going on and were very helpful. Thanks to all at Anderson.

  • Heather S

Best vet Ive ever been too! I have six pets, and they all go to this clinic and I will never take them anywhere else! The staff here are all so amazing and I'll always be grateful for them.

  • Jordan Dunlop

My dog has been going here since she was a puppy. They are currently booking into July for Parvo Virus vaccine. I guess it doesn’t matter to them if she gets parvo in May or June.

  • john cowan

I had my cat taken care of here from the time we arrived in Winnipeg until his death of cancer. everyone here has been kind, caring, knowledgeable and supportive.

  • M D

Staff are kind and helpful, from the front desk to the veterinarians. Clinic is clean and cheerful and I feel 100% confident bringing our cats to them.

  • ryan boyes

although they aren't accepting clients at the moment they were very helpful and willing to get my dog an appointment! very respectful staff.

  • Sarah Vadeboncoeur

Dr. Worb is amazing! Definitely an expert in his field! Have brought both my dogs to him on multiple occasions and i'm never disappointed!

  • Brandy Howells

My dog is not the friendliest with strangers but Dr. Kavanagh is always so patient and accommodating with the special needs of my pet.

  • Joy Migwans

Take their time with you and your pet and are very patient with new dog owners. Highly recommend and much appreciated!

  • B Ngee

The staff and the doctor were all very friendly. I appreciate all the help they could provide me while being there.

  • Danielle Gorrell

The most caring staff. Dr. Worb always goes above and beyond to make my dogs feel comfortable during their visit.

  • Amber Doyle

Everyone was incredibly kind and knowledgeable. I’ll be recommending them to as many of my friends as possible!

  • Catherine Nadeau

Every time I've come here my pets and I have been treated with exceptional kindness. Highly recommend!

  • caszydlak

Best vet we have ever gone to by far! Very friendly and extremely kind towards our cats

  • Richard

Dr. Worb is a very kind man. He and his staff will take very good care of your pet.

  • Evan Heine

Great service. Paid close attention to our concerns. Thorough care provided.

  • Rose B

Excellent help here! Kind, patient and informative FULLY RECOMMEND!!!!

  • Glen Davies

Not a fan. Over priced and found them to be somewhat condescending.

  • Michelle Shiroma

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Lovely!

  • Donna Kowalchuk

Always kind and very knowledgeable.

  • jason slote

They treat my Abbey dog very well!

  • Rae Lauer
  • Delia Ceballos Sáenz
  • JungleHyjinx
  • Evaa Kittyy
  • RampageSi
  • Eleni Tiginagas
  • Bettina Seville
  • Mare Nadeau
  • Nicole Deniset
  • Ben Pointer
  • Katherine Balacano
  • Danielle
  • Danny Clemente
  • Chris Sleeva
  • Chantée Meilleur
  • Mark
  • Mike Cohen
  • Tori H
  • Annick
  • Alan Miller
  • Sonya J

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